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“I’m close anyway, and I’ll definitely be there in a few days. You’re gaining like mad yourself. There’s over a hundred pounds more of you than there was a month ago, and its just going to get faster and faster. Where’s your fantasy mass at now, Ronnie?”

Part Two

  “I can’t believe how much I’m picturing myself grow- It’s like I can SEE it, even FEEL it sometimes. I’m up over five tons in my head now!  When I zoom in on that, my body feels bigger than a house, literally! AndDan, you know what?”  


“I think I’m actually gonna get that big!”  

“OF COURSE! You’ll do it! We all will. But There’s only one problem with getting that big.”  

“What’s that? I guess we’ll need new houses and stuff,” Ronnie speculated.  

“Well, there is that, but I was thinking of something else. I was thinking of how we’ll just want to get even bigger- we’ll never be satisfied with a few tons of muscle when we can have millions, billions of pounds of muscle. Ronnie, we really are going to grow bigger than anyone can even imagine. We are going to be bigger than mountains! The technology to make it happen is being built now at one of my labs in California, just for us. Computers will be able to connect to our bodies and brains that will make our will power and physical abilities expand beyond anything that has ever existed. Our bodies are going to expand up and out over the landscape. We will become GODS of muscle!”  

“Think of it, Ronnie. Your body growing vastly huge, bigger than anything that ever lived, exploding, billowing out with steel hard muscle by the ton, the megaton, the gigaton, the TERATON!  the YOTTATON! know that We’re on our way there Ronnie. It’s only a matter of time, and not that much time at that.”  

After they saw the results Ronnie and I got, Doug and Colin decided to tube every night as well.  The tubes were specially designed to be easy to swallow and extract when not full of liquid, but to expand to just the right diameter to supply food and allow a second tube to supply air to the right point in the throat. The tube system delivered thousands of calories into the digestive system every night.

The next week, Ronnie gained 75 pounds of muscle, reaching 417.  His muscle mass had almost tripled since he got to Columbus. Colin and Doug had blown up similarly, and were each at 380 pounds. My own gains were a mind boggling 93 pounds, putting me at 545, over a quarter ton. I was reveling in it.

Every morning, I could feel my muscles completely engorged with new mass and energy. I could feel my lats spreading out wider and becoming so thick that they were swelling around my ribcage when I lay in bed, pushing my massive arms up off the bed and out further from my ribcage. My muscles were so thick I could feel every move as a battle between them. They were hard and dense and mapped over with veins that kept pouring more nutrients in, making me swell even thicker.  “We should each try to gain over 125 pounds this next week” I urged matter-of-factly, as if it were the most ordinary thing. It was beginning to feel almost ordinary to gain and expand so much. No one reacted negatively. They all nodded, assuming that we would do it.

We did. Colin, Doug, and Ronnie each gained 140 pounds of hard muscle in less than one week. “we're piling on twenty pounds a day!” Ronnie enthused. “At this rate we’ll be actual giants in no time!”   He had no idea. I was about to introduce something that would make everything up to then seem like warm-ups, like practice. 

Scientists working at my lab in San Luis Obispo had found a key to completely reconfiguring human genes. They had formulated a supplement designed to break the limits of scale and proportion on the human frame. Computer trials had shown drastic increases in both the expansion of bone structure and muscular anabolism. I was preparing to administer it through our feeding tubes that night, with a double dose for Ronnie and myself.  I was already at three eighths of a ton, 755 pounds, after gaining 210 pounds in the last seven days. Now I was ready to explode to a size never before conceived.   That night I set the system up to feed us each the dose immediately after we fell asleep. It became fully integrated into our bodies almost immediately. Then the system increased the food uptake of Colin and Doug by a 450 percent, and mine and Ronnie’s by 1100 percent.

By the time we woke up we were already drastically bigger.  Doug had put on 92 pounds over night and weighed 472 when he woke up.  Colin had gained 108 pounds, now pushing the scales to 488. Ronnie was over 215 pounds heavier, 632 pounds, at an increased height of 6’5” and I was also taller. I was over 6’3” and had gained 342 pounds! My mass was so extreme that it was all I could think about for hours. I’d grown to 1092 pounds. My shoulders were over six feet wide and my pecs were 31 inches thick.  

Both Ronnie and I were growing visibly bigger when we woke up. Our bodies were throbbing and bulging with power never even imagined by most men, and we were totally mentally pumped up with the idea of growing and gaining even more.  

“Dan, I can hardly believe it! We’re really turning into muscle giants, right now! When did you figure out that we could do this?” Ronnie asked excitedly.

“I knew it from the beginning, This has always been my plan, to get huge beyond the limits of human size- to grow into a physically superhuman being, to be a God. So now we’re doing it Ronnie, turning into giant Muscle Gods. Doesn’t it feel great?”  

“Oh man! I feel so strong, so huge, way more than I can even feel! It’s like I’m having a muscle orgasm, a muscle orgasm that just keeps growing and never ends!”  

“Yes! Exactly Ronnie, and you know what? We really are just getting started. We’re gonna grow so much faster and so much bigger you won’t even believe it. We’re gonna tower over the whole human race. We’ll bulge thicker and heavier, and our strength and power will expand so much we’ll be completely engulfed in muscle orgasms on top of more muscle orgasms. We are going to explode into mountain-sized hulks, crammed with muscles so huge that when we flex our biceps they will cast shadows over whole cities. Our abs will each be bigger than city blocks.”  

“Wow! Dan. That is totally beyond anything I ever thought possible, but I know it’s gonna be real. I can feel it coming, my body expanding and expanding and expanding! The muscle! Oh god, I’m gonna be so massive, so hulked up! I can already feel the tons and tons of muscle that are gonna pour into me like liquid steel!”  

“Yes Ronnie, we are on our way. The rate we’re gaining is already over a ton every three days, and its just going to get faster. We’re soaking up musclemass like crazy, and it cannot be stopped now even if we wanted to. Our bodies are now hardwired to multiply mass bigger and bigger, propelling us up and out  in all directions. We’re about to go supernova! I can feel the gigantic hugeness beginning to unfold more and more inside me. I know you can too, we’re going to fill up vast expanses of space with our bodies, our muscles blasting out to more and more massive scale. Feel the power of your body! Feel it commanding more and more to grow faster and faster, to absorb more and more power. Its UNSTOPPABLE, the ascension to Godhood we’re gaining. Gain, grow, expand! Gain, grow, expand! Gain, grow, expand! YEAH! I want it more and more every second!”  

"Oh YEAH! I’m gonna be a giant Muscle God!” Ronnie roared.  “We’ll be huger than anything ever! I feel myself getting bigger and bigger, I SEE it happening, Dan, I can literally see my muscles bulging thicker and thicker! WOW!”  

After a while of talking and marveling at our growth, I was able to focus on doing and thinking again. I explained what was next.  

“We have to concentrate on eating as much as possible all the time, to fully exploit this potential. It seems to me that we ought to keep the feeding tubes in all the time, and turned on to the maximum flow, except when we’re working out. That way we can keep our guts crammed to absolute maximum with nutrients to force on more mass. So that’s our next step for now. We’ll have to forget about talking for a few days while we see what we can do with the continuous forced feeding.”  

Nobody complained about it. We could still text and email, and we were growing at insane rates, getting visibly huger by the minute. By bedtime that night we were all dramatically, drastically even bigger.  Doug gained another 522 pounds, reaching 994 pounds at a new height of 6’4” tall. Colin grew to 6’5½” and gained 590 pounds, totaling 1078 pounds. Ronnie gained 974 pounds and was now 7’8 inches tall at a phenomenally muscular weight of  1,606 pounds, over ¾ of a ton. I exploded with 1400 pounds of new muscle, and reached 8’ 4” tall, 2,592 pounds.

I just gloried in the feeling of my muscles visibly swelling, the arteries pulsing to each heartbeat as they shoved more energy and mass into every muscle. My abs were tingling with nearly orgasmic pleasure as they thickened and hardened, their vascularity sprouting more visibly by the minute. The same sensation began to overtake all of my muscles. The feeling of size and power was intoxicating. I wanted it to intensify and keep my body expanding forever.  

“I’m now more than twelve times the size of the average bodybuilder!” I texted to the other guys, “Just wait ‘til we get up tomorrow, think how even more gigantic we’ll be!”

It was true. Our growth was accelerating like mad, especially mine, and Ronnie’s.  The next morning Colin was 2,275 at 8’ even and Doug was 2,100 at 7’11” tall. Ronnie was ten feet tall exactly, and weighed 4,055 pounds. He looked like the Hulk on steroids. He was drenched in immense loads of physical power.  I was 11’3” and had reached 7,393 pounds, a gain of  4,801 pounds, but minute by minute, I was growing even bigger. By mid morning, I was forty times the size of a bodybuilder, over 8,000 pounds. “I’m the size of 40 bodybuilders! And we’re gaining more and more muscle by the minute!” I typed.

“Wow, Dan, we really are getting God-like, especially you!” I looked at myself in the mirror. Ronnie was right. He was beyond huge himself. I’d never seen anything like us. No one had ever been even near as big as us.

“We’re not god-like Ronnie, We ARE Gods! and we’re just getting started. We’re gonna grow taller, thicker. heavier, STRONGER! And it’s gonna happen faster.”

By the end of the day, I was 14 feet tall and weighed over 10,000 pounds. But I was not satisfied, I wanted literally to tower over the landscape. That night I gave us each much bigger doses of the genetic rewiring supplement. Colin and Doug got 5X doses, Ronnie a 10X dose, but I gave myself a 75X dose. I also initiated the programs for nanotechnology in our bodies that would allow us to absorb every kind of energy at will. Then I deleted all information about the technology globally. I sent the research team travel orders dispersing them to different parts of the globe that were technologically backward and isolated from communication networks. No one else on Earth would have any access to the origins of our power. We would grow and grow and rule the planet  as we grew even more vast.  

The next morning, Doug and Colin were each over 30 feet tall and weighed over 45,000 pounds each. Ronnie was 60 feet tall and weighed 260,000 pounds. Yes, over a Quarter-of-a-MILLION pounds.   When they woke up they were psychologically transformed. The teanscended the physical and moral limits of humanityThey felt like the actual GODS they were.

Until they saw me. I was 215 feet tall and weighed 18 million pounds. A skyscraper of mega-hypertrophy. I was taller than all but a few of the buildings in the skyline, wider than any building in the city by far, and growing faster and faster. I could feel my body easily absorbing sunlight and heat and converting it into my muscle mass. Every muscle was vibrating with almost orgasmic power, pulsing and swelling, flooding my brain with gleeful lust to grow even more.   I flexed and tensed my muscles as they pumped bigger by the second, so everyone for miles around could see me, and I spoke so the city could hear me.

“This is how the world will be. My friends and I will continue to eat more and grow more. We are now your Gods and you will worship us and serve us. Start growing as much food as you can. If you grow enough, there will be enough for you to live decently, but WE eat before anyone else, and I EAT FIRST AND MOST."  

"Keep in mind that I’m going to get MUCH BIGGER than I am now. I’m going to be dozens of times bigger than this big very soon. All four of us will continue to get more and more gigantic. Start setting up grids of solar panels to produce power. We will absorb much of the electricity they produce. The rest can be used to help you grow our vast quantities of food. If you have any free time, use it to watch our bodies grow endlessly more massive and powerful. We will spread out across the land and put all of the human race into our service."  

"Know this! The Earth and everything on the Earth belongs to us, you belong to us, and your lives, and all things on Earth, exist only to grow our muscle mass and power. Beliefs and actions that interfere with our gaining endlessly more power will not be tolerated at all.  We were not always Gods, but all of the future will exist only to serve our growing egos, our growing power, our exponentially growing muscles. We can absorb energy. Soon we will be able to absorb matter directly into our bodies, and instantly convert it into more of ourselves. The sooner we get to that point the better off you humans will be, because we will be able to move out into space. We will make any matter into the air we want to breathe. But we won’t have to breathe. We will exist in the cosmos, and eventually we will grow to cosmic dimensions, consuming planets, stars, and whole galaxies as we grow endlessly more muscular, more powerful, more willful. We will gleefully revel in our eternal lust for more mass and power. Everything that exists will succumb to our bodies. It turns out that all of existance has just been a prelude to our gaining infinite mass and power! Our muscles, especially MY MUSCLES, are the only meaning of reality. I am converting reality into my muscles. Watch me fill universes with my mass and power!"

My mind was reeling with excitement about what I was saying and doing. As I thought about how I was intimidating, even terrorizing the population, I felt thrilled by it. I was empowered, and determined to accelerate my power. Waves of orgasmic pleasure swelled through my muscles as I continued growing and effortlessly flexing every muscle more and more. I began to envision all the ways I could use my power to make myself even bigger. 

I like being a God, And I'm going to like being the Whole Universe even more!


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Is 5his really the end of it? =( I had hoped that it would continue until his actual dream of being the universe became true. =3 <3 <3 Wanting to see how they would actually become that massive. ^w^ <3

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This is seriously the hottest story I've read in a long time. The protagonists' sheer greed for more and more mass is intoxicatingly erotic. This story's definitely one I'll be coming back to for many years to come. And while of course a Part 3 would be insanely hot - just to clear up some questions, like how Dan and Ronnie are settling into their new roles as Earth's expanding gods, or how big they're getting thanks to the help of all the little people on the planet, and of course how big they're going to eventually become - I can totally understand if you want to leave it the way it is. I guess that's what happens when you craft such a kick-ass narrative; much like Dan's and Ronnie's growth, we never want it to end ;)

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