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Gaston and the Beast

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So I was reading through some old forums and came across one that was talking about Disney Princes and fantasies relating to that. One member brought up Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, but many people condemned him (as he's not a prince). But it got me thinking. I was always infatuated with Gaston and must have rewinded the VHS so many times to watch him flex and show off. Might have been the start of my little fetish haha. Well anyway, felt like writing a story about, felt cheesy writing about a Disney character but I couldn't help myself. Let me know what you guys think. 

Gaston and the Beast

As Gaston pushed kicked open the last door in the hallway, he knew he had entered the Beast’s domain. He scanned the large dark bedroom, the smell of wet dog and man musk filled his nostrils. His muscles in his strong arms contracted as he pulled his bow taut. Gaston knew the Beast was near, he could feel it. His heart quickened as the thrill of the hunt took over. Gaston loved that feeling. He was a natural born predator and nothing got him as excited as overpowering something... or someone. For the first time, he felt as though he was hunting something truly worth his time. It was an intoxicating feeling to him, so much so Gaston could feel his pants tightening as his cock began to swell. It was a very familiar feeling to him. Gaston was almost hard. But this was an all new rush to him. He had never been so turned on by the hunt. All he could think about was dominating this Beast and being the one true Alpha Hunter. He looked in the mirror as he passed it. Gaston always had to pause and admire himself in any reflection he passed. It was the main reason he was always hard. He was the biggest and strongest man in all of France. No one in any of the surrounding villages even came close to his brut size and incomparable strength. His eyes traced the outline of his huge horse shoe tricep in the mirror. His massive arms and shoulders bulging out of his shirt as he kept his bow ready to shoot. He loved the way his long dark hair was wet and framed his square jaw perfectly. He loved how the top of his hairy pecs were pushing the top of his shirt open as they tried to burst through his the fabric. That’s when he noticed a faint glow behind him.

As he turned, he saw a floating rose, almost wilted away covered by a glass dome. Gaston was mesmerized by the small flower. As he walked toward it, the ambient temperature in the room began to go up. He had no idea why he was so drawn to it. He could feel the magic radiating off it in waves. He walked closer and closer, being bathed in its light. He forgot why he was there, it was as though the magic was calling to him, reaching out to him. Gaston felt the warmth of the rose's power washing over him like waves at the ocean. He wanted to get closer... No he needed to get closer. He needed the magic for himself. As he reached the table, he lifted the glass dome off the rose. Gaston stared at its beauty. Even in its withered and dying state, it was a beautiful sight to behold. It was so pure. The magic pulsed faster and faster at him. It was like a siren's song, completely captivating. He let his bow drop to the ground as he reached out for the rose, slowly closing the gap between him and the plant. He stroked the petals with his finger and admired how soft they were. He hand traveled down the stem as a thorn cut through his calloused finger. Gaston barely noticed the blood dripping out of his finger as he wrapped his big brute hand around it. The rose sent a wave of energy surged through him as though they were connected. He felt a warmth start to travel up his arm and rush into his chest. Gaston had never felt anything this incredible before. The power surged through him, following his veins down his other arm, down his body, flowing through his legs, into his toes. He could feel every vein in his body engorging themselves on the power of the rose, open wide and expanding. He felt drunk, almost euphoric on the warmth that was engulfing him. The magic began to seep into his muscles. He could feel the power rushing into them. Just as Gaston felt he was reaching the apex of what the rose was doing to him, a gigantic hairy hand grasped around his fore arm. It brought Gaston out of the bliss he was feeling. He looked up to see the Beast staring down at him, his hulking frame looming over him. He was twice as wide as Gaston and had at least 5 feet on Gaston’s nearly 7 foot frame. 

“DO NOT TOUCH THAT,” the Beast growled at him as he began to tighten his grip on Gaston’s arm, ready to crush it if his demands are not met. 

“Unhand me... you... beast!” Gaston snarled back, trying to break the Beasts grip. The Beast tightened his grip as his other hand shot up and gripped Gaston's thick neck. 


Gaston was impressed. No one had ever been strong enough to contain him like this. He had never been over powered before. “I need to be stronger,” he thought to himself, “I will not let this beast over power me!” Gaston felt the rose growing hotter in his hand. The heat pulsed through his veins, surging into his muscles. He struggled against the Beast. He kicked his powerful leg right into the Beast’s chest. The animal’s grip faltered and Gaston pushed off him, flipping his body around and landing a few feet away, the rose still in his hand. He looked down at the rose and it was glowing brighter than it had before. The warmth in his hand started to travel up his arm. It was an overwhelming feeling. The Beast charged him, but as the monster clashed against him, Gaston did not move. It was as though the Beast had hit a wall. The power of the rose was seeping into Gaston. Gaston back handed the Beast, sending him flying across the room. 

“The power of this rose! You have squandered it. You’ve just left it sitting on a table for years! Ignoring the gift it had given you!” Gaston whispered. The Beast stared in astonishment as the glow crept up Gaston’s arm and across his entire body. 

“Not I. I embrace your magic. Make me bigger and stronger than this Beast! Let me show him what real power is!” Gaston boomed out. His voice was lower than before. He let out a laugh as the power spread. He looked over in the mirror to stare at his perfect body now glowing with the power of the rose. His shirt was growing tighter across his already massive chest. He flexed his arms, watching his bicep peak grow bigger and bigger with each movement. The fabric of this shirt being stretched to its limit. It ripped first down his lats as his back expanded and his shoulders groaned as he became wider and wider. The v neck of his shirt was next. It ripped down his chest as the mounds of his pecs became mountains of hairy muscular beef. Gaston looked down as they grew out from his body, inch after inch. Two gigantic pectorals he couldn't see past. His nipples were hard and thick. He looked in the mirror as he bounced his chest. He watch in amazement as the striation of the muscles showed deep through his curly chest hair. He reached up and rubbed his growing muscles, feeling the deep crevice forming between his pecs. His shoulders ballooned to the size of boulders as his deltoids raised further up his thickening neck. 

“I’m fucking GLORIOUS,” he said out loud as the magic took a deeper root in him. His shirt was now shreds hanging from his growing gargantuan muscle body. His abs were massive with deep gorges separating them. His waist barely growing in size yet his belt felt tighter. His pants were the next to rip as his thighs quickly filled the fabric. His quads exploded out of the pants. He could see every muscle in his leg as he flexed. He rubbed his hairy tear drop thigh as he looked down. Gaston was so mesmerized with his muscle that he didn’t realize his boots had met their limits. His toes shot out of them as his massive calves ripped them to shreds. He looked down at the Beast who was not sitting on the floor staring up at him in astonishment.

“Look as me now Beast,” Gaston mocked as he rubbed his chest and and flexed his arms. “I am a muscle God!” he reached down and grabbed the Beast by the neck, lifting him off the ground. He struggled against Gaston’s iron grip to no avail. 

“You are nothing.” Gaston whispered to him. Light began to emanate from the Beasts body. Gaston’s eyes filled with lust. 

“Give me the magic you have wasted! Make me even more powerful Beast!”

The light rose off the Beast body as it flowed into Gaston. He was transforming back into his human self. Gaston dropped him to the ground and stared back at the mirror. He was so intoxicated by himself. His cock was growing so hard in what was left of his pants. He watched as it grew thicker and longer in his pants, a giant wet stop appearing in the fabric. Gaston looked down to see the Beast was now completely human. 

“So this is Prince Adam,” he said in his booming bass voice. 

The man had long light brown hair. His body was naked. Gaston could see he was in very good shape. He looked up at the muscle God with deep blue eyes. 

Prince Adam stood up as stared at the muscle God before him. He was the most perfect muscular specimen he had ever seen. He was intoxicated by the heat that was radiating from his body. Adam reached up, his hand shaking, and touched Gaston’s massive hairy pecs. Gaston grabbed Adam’s head and pulled it to his nipple. It almost filled Adam’s mouth and he had to stand on his tip toes to reach it. Gaston’s man musk filled Adam’s nose. He had never smelled anything like it. He was enthralled. He slowly began to lick the massive nipple, rubbing his hands through the fur on the gargantuan pectoral in front of him. The feeling of his tongue on his nipple sent electricity through Gaston’s new massive body.


“Fuck yes Adam, WORSHIP YOUR GOD,” Gaston demanded.



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Great story!

I was always disappointed that Beast turned into such a willowy dweeb when he returned to human form. Simple conservation of mass would suggest that he'd still be the same size, just human, and more than a match for Gaston!


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