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Growing the professor - 2

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Part 1 is here 

Part 2:

When I woke the following morning I was naked in bed, save for a skimpy shiny silky blue poser that I wear for competitions and kinky sex. It took me a moment to come to. I remembered posing in the mirror last night in my UA compression gear… fuck my biceps looked so huge. The memory of them rippling made me gasp. I remember feeling power – a surge of power that grew from within, making me wanna flex and swell and explode my cum; like nothing I’ve felt even in the horniest of horny moments. I had to catch my breath now just thinking of it. I remembered cumming real hard, with a massive release and extreme orgasmic pleasure, nothing I’ve felt like before. My body looked perfect in the mirror and it felt right to cum so hard looking at it. I remember falling to my knees with the effort, and then…

I sat up straight in the bed… that student! He flashed into my mind, which had previously only been occupied by my muscular body and reflection. How did he get here? What was he doing? My last memory of the night was falling to my knees, the student standing behind me, rubbing my shoulders and caressing my neck. I can’t remember what he was saying, but it felt good. I just remember feeling good. The posers and how they got on me… no memory at all.

I moved to get out of my bed, but I felt different. I pulled back the cover, and saw that I was… thicker all over, like the swell and the pump from my workout hadn’t gone. Damn, I have to try high reps more often. I hauled out of the bed and not used to the additional size, waddled a bit to the big mirror alongside my wardrobe. It took a second to focus from slumber, but they were definitely looking a bit more swollen. In the tiny posers, they quads looked really massive, arcing out in a larger than usual curve. I rubbed my crotch absent-mindedly while admiring them, flexing from different angles. I started to jerk a bit, but my phone buzzed, to remind me of a work meeting. Damn, hadn’t much time.  

No time to wash, I pulled out a pair of freshly laundered pants and one of my work shirts. I had them professionally laundered each week, as I liked to look pristine at all times. Concentrating on balancing, I lifted my leg into one of the trouser legs, and pulled it up. When they reached my thigh, it was tight, tighter than usual. I liked them snug, but it seemed the extra pump was making the snug fit tight. I wiggled a bit and pulled them up over my quads. In the mirror, I saw that they looked more like spandex tights than trousers. The tightness across the quads was causing them to shine a little in the light.It looked so fucking good. My phone buzzed again: email from my head with material to prep for the meeting. Dammit, it would have to do – I had to go. It was the same with my shirt. I noticed pulling it on that the sleeves were tighter, and closing it across my chest meant that the buttons pulled apart a little with the strain. I looked in the mirror. It was faintly ridiculous, but the tightness and the sense of exhibition turned me on. I rubbed my crotch again until my phone buzzed again.


I moved as fast as I could through to the kitchen. The additional volume of my legs and the restraint of the pants meant that it was hard to walk right. In the kitchen, there were two shakers filled on the table. Strange, I don’t remember leaving them there. Beside them was a note:

“Hey BIG MAN! Great fun last night… you’re getting bigger all the time. Bet those pants are a bit tighter this morning haha… Here’s some fuel for the day – remember what I said – drink it all down. We want to get you as big as possible don’t we? See you later for more fun. Ken xx”

Ken. That was his name! I think I remember that. I looked at the shakes. Something was going on, but while I tried to think about it, I just thought of my reflection in the mirror, the tight pants and the shirt ready to burst. Ken was right. I am going to get as big as possible. And these things will happen. It’s a natural part of being a bodybuilder. I’ll just have to upsize my wardrobe sooner than planned. I picked up the first shaker and knocked it back in a few gulps. Man that tasted GOOD!

I picked up the second. I took it into the trophy room. My huge mirror there was where I liked most to look at myself. I took a few gulps of the shake. Damn these clothes look so fucking good on me. I gulped a bit more. Love how they show the full volume. Look at the swell on those biceps! I took out my smartphone and took a picture as I gulped again, flexing as I did (of course). I looked at the photo, and a bit shocked, saw that I was really pumped. I was looking really huge! Ken said I would feel the effects. Which reminded me! Ken. I was meant to send him a photo of me posing. He made me promise. I better do it quickly, he will be really disappointed if I don’t. Ken loves my muscles and understands how much I need to grow. I tapped on the phone and sent him the photo. “Enjoying the view” I thought that was a good caption. Ken would know what I meant.

I looked at the photo again, and got horny thinking about my size. Soon these clothes won’t contain me at all! Damn I look so freaky right now. I wanna….

The phone buzzed again and more work shit came through. Cursing, and taking one more glance in the mirror, I left for work, enjoying the tight feeling of clothing on my body as I sat in my Audi’s leather seat. Fuck I felt so horny and it was only 8 am.


Ken woke to the sound of his phone buzzing. It was a message from his latest acquisition. He looked at it and grinned. Damn that man was big. Such potential! Little did he know what he had in store. He forwarded the message to his client. “Acquisition 5A-2 is now in Stage 2. Will confirm when Stage 3 is complete and he is ready for processing.”

He hit send and then lay back in the bed, looking at the photo again. Jerking off to it, he came quickly at the sight of his prey bulging in tight clothing. Damn he was gonna have fun this week. Maybe he would delay Stage 3 and the inevitable handover for a while. But he knew his client was an impatient man. And he paid a lot of money for things to happen quickly.


I love to hear comments and suggestions.

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Good chapeter. I hope to see some show of strength, more self worship, sex and hulkout ;)

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