The Magnate and the Monster

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Please continue!

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It was all too much. The pick up line at the bar, the big car, the bazillion dollar view, the elevator monologue, the creepiness of this total stranger seemingly knowing so much about me. I couldn't take it.

Instead of stepping out of the elevator into the penthouse, I reflexively poked the lobby button. Jay stood motionless, watching as the doors closed, cutting us off.

Compared to the slow climb to the top of the tower, the 88 floor descent felt far more rapid. In mere seconds, I was in the lobby, then on the sidewalk, then standing curbside, hailing a cab.

A cabbie spotted me and pulled over. I opened the back door and, just before I could get in, heard his voice.

"You have great potential," he said, repeating his first line to me. "And I'm sorry, Billy."

I sighed and looked down at my feet. Turning back to face at him, I asked, "And what, exactly, are you sorry about, Jay?”

"I came on too strong, and I dumped too much on you at once. But I couldn't hold it in, and I wanted to be honest with you from the start," he said.

"Hey, man. You getting in or what?" yelled the driver.

I looked at Jay. Gorgeous, huge, hungry for me. I looked at the cab. A ride home, a night alone, and a big, unresolved mystery. I hesitated.

"C'mon. I can't wait here forever,” the driver said, pissed at my dallying.

I slammed the door closed and the cab sped off. I turned back to Jay and looked up at those intense eyes.

"You have some explaining to do," I said as I stepped up to him. "And don't leave out a single thing, because I have all night."

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Are there any words to describe this? I'm trying to come up with something, but I don't think anything I said will be able to fully do this piece justice.

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This is SO hot... simply perfect, by every word.

That Jay calls him meat made me cum. I want more of it!!!! A bonus is that Jay fucks Bill, I hope you will keep it that way, no matter how much weight Bill will gain.


Make Bil immobile by muscles, but please don't let him gain too much height. 


Thanks for that peace of art.

One of the peststories for a long timeu


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Woo, great start!

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Sunlight was washing over my face. Daytime. Not morning, but daytime. I opened my eyes and looked around, but was unable to get my bearings. A cavernous bedroom. Gray velvet drapes pulled open to reveal floor-to-ceiling windows. A massive bed that smelled of musk and sex.

Oh. So that wasn’t just a hot dream.

Jay opened the door, and was visibly pleased to see me awake.

“Ah, good. I don’t have to deal with a zombie again,” he chuckled.

“Huh?” I asked, my head still a fog of exhaustion and disorientation.

“Billy, it’s nearly eleven. You’ve been out for eight hours.” He sat on the edge of the bed and set down the large metal pitcher he was carrying.

“Wow,” I responded. “Well, I seem to remember someone drugging me before reaming me out like a fuck toy.”

Jay laughed and rubbed the bulge of his crotch. His sweatpants did little to disguise the thick log hanging between his pumped up thighs. “You just let me know whenever you’re ready for round two. Not bad for an old guy, eh?”

“More like fucking amazing no matter the age. How old are you, anyway?”

“I’m fifty one,” he responded, tugging absentmindedly at the strap of a form-fitting tank top that strained to contain his broad pecs. “That a problem?”

I laughed. “Are you kidding? You’re the hottest guy I’ve ever met. I just wanted to know. I’m sure you already have my birthdate in your files, don’t you?”

He cracked a smile. Of course he knew. “Turning thirty four in a month. If I’m lucky, maybe you’ll want to spend your birthday with me. It’s time for your meal.”

“What meal? Is that it?” I gestured to the pitcher.

“Yep. Sit up.” He grabbed the pitcher as I swung my legs over the side of the bed. I still felt sore and kind of doped up, like my limbs were made of lead.

“Honestly Jay, I’m not very hungry,” I said.

He shot me a look. “Of course you’re hungry. Your brain just doesn’t know it yet.”

He placed his left hand at the back of my head and raised the pitcher to my lips. The metal was cold and covered in condensation. “Drink it. I know you love it.”

“How do you know I…” I started to say until he tipped the pitcher and began pouring the shake into my mouth. It was thick and subtly sweet. And he was right. I did love it. I couldn’t drink it fast enough. And I was hungry. Painfully, achingly hungry. I demanded every drop.

“Two liters like a pro,” Jay said as he watched me lick the last drop from the rim of the pitcher. “Good job, Meat.”

“What the hell is that? Some kind of crazy protein shake?” I asked.

“It’s an amped-up meal replacement with a shitload of calories.”

“Is that going to make me fat?” I couldn’t ignore the way my gut was bulging out after consuming so much at once. The skin over my abs felt pulled tight and the weight of all that liquid in my stomach was uncomfortable. “If it’s got a ton of calories…”

“Don’t forget. Everything you consume goes to muscle. You’re not going to get fat. Trust me.” Jay stood up and walked to the doorway with the empty pitcher. “Anyway, that’s the fifth one you’ve had this morning.”

“What the fuck!” I shouted as I jumped to my feet. Instead of being surefooted, I was still fuzzy and off-balance. I stumbled and started to fall. Once again, Jay’s reflexes and brawn jumped in as he dropped the pitcher and steadied me with a powerful grip.

“I’ve been feeding you every two hours, Billy. You need to eat constantly to grow.”

“Why don’t I remember?” I asked.

“The growth serum. It knocks you out. But I can wake you up enough for your feedings,” he responded. “You may not remember them but I sure do.”

“You… you didn’t get any sleep, then,” I realized.

He smiled down at me and pulled me into a hug. “I don’t need much. Anyway, this is my job now. Like I told you last night, I'm dedicating my life to growing you.”

I was overwhelmed.

“Look,” he directed me towards a full-length mirror in the corner. “You’re already bigger.”

He wasn’t wrong. It was subtle – a friend or co-worker probably wouldn’t have noticed the difference – but I could see it. My shoulders were a touch broader. Lats just a little more pronounced. Legs fuller. I flexed an arm and saw the biceps draw up a bit higher. It felt like a great, all-body pump. But…more, somehow.

“Five pounds, probably,” he said. “I think we can ride the first day wave and get you another fifteen by the end of today.”

“I need to kiss you now, Jay. I need you to know how much this means to me.”

This time, I was the one who pulled him in. He moaned as I held him tight.

“So,” I said with a smile as I grabbed hold of his hard cock through the sweatpants. “What’s for breakfast?”

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