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A College Weight Room Story: The Path to Gains Part 8

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Guess what day it is?? Wednesday! and that means another chapter! I'll try to keep it up and post every Wednesday. It has been very convenient with my Summer schedule. I am estimating about 7ish more chapters in the future and then a possible spin off. Please enjoy and as usual, read the first parts if you haven't.

A College Weight Room Story: The Path to Gains 

Sunday: Recreational Sports Part 8

            It’s 3:30 when Ethan messages me to meet him at the gym. I quickly change into a pair of basketball shorts and a tank top. It’s always nice to show off your bicep gains, especially after arm day. I walk from my house to the gym. The sun coats me in a blanket of heat. I immediately start to sweat and I can’t wait to make it to the gym. I see the building in front of me and I notice a head of black hair and a thick muscular back walking in the same direction towards it.

            “Yo Ethan!” I yell. “Wait up bro.”

            He stops in his tracks and quickly turns on his heels. A smile is already on his face.

            “Sup dude,” he says. “Ready for some b-ball?”

            I quickly catch up to him now that he has stopped walking.

            “Yup. I’m ready to kick your ass,” I say and laugh. “How was the Spring Festival?”

            “Hot as Hell and don’t think I have forgotten about your “ass kicking” comment. The festival was interesting. Plenty of great food. I ran into an old friend of yours too.”


            I knew the answer before I had even asked.

            “Troy, and boy what a conversation we had!”

            “What? Tell me, man!”

We made our way into the gym and are approaching the basketball court.

“Okay, okay!” he says.

We sit by the wall near the basketball court and he begins his story.

“So, I was at this food stand that sold strawberries when I noticed he was standing beside me. He saw me too so he approached me…”

Suddenly Ethan stopped talking and just stared at my face.

“Dude, what happened?”

“Haha, I’m just seeing if you are paying attention.”

“Yes, I’m paying attention! Fuck!”

“Okay ok lol,” he says this with a smile. I’ll add “love of torture” to his list of redeemable character traits. “So he says to me, ‘Oh you’re Vonny’s friend that wrestles right?’ and I can tell that he is checking me out as we talk, dude. I swear his eyes were rubbing me down.”

“That does sound like Troy,” I say smiling. I miss the way his eyes used to admire me. If only he could see me after all these weeks.

“I decided to be a bit nosy and prod so I asked him if he still trains with you.”

“What!? You already know that his girlfriend banned him from working out!”

“I know, but I wanted to see what his opinion on his situation was and if he would tell me anything at all.”

Smart. When the hell did Ethan get so smart?


“So what did he say?”

“He told me he didn’t work out with you anymore because he was so busy with the last few weeks of school.”

“That’s a huge lie,” I say.

“I know,” Ethan says. “It really sucks that he feels that he needs to lie about it.”

“He probably lied because he’s embarrassed. I would be.”

“After that he asked me about what I had been up to since he last saw me wrestle you. So I told him I had been to the gym with you and man his eyes lit up so much!”


“Yeah, it was like a mix between excitement and jealously. Like maybe he didn’t really know what he was feeling.”

“That’s also typical of Troy.”

“So I go on prodding and I ask him if he wanted to play basketball or wrestle at the least.”

“What did he say?”

“He said yes. Sports technically don’t count as bodybuilding so he wants to give it a go, but under one condition.”

“And that is?” I say.

“He wants you to be there,” Ethan replies.

“So that means—”

“You get to hang out with your buddy again and while you won’t be getting pumped at the gym, you still haven’t lost your friend!”

“Shit, Ethan, you’re amazing!”

“Yeah I am. Now let’s play some basketball, man!”

He jumps up to grab a basketball off of a rack and tosses it to me. I quickly catch the ball and he starts to strip off his shirt. Ethan’s thick pecs hover like a shelf above his eight pack abs. My eyes make my way down his muscled obliques and to his v line. He’s ripped and vascular opposed to my thick and stocky look. I haven’t stopped staring at him since he took off his shirt and he notices. He slowly walks towards me and we are standing a few inches apart.

“Like what you see?” he says. I remember when Troy asked me that once.

“Huh? Oh… Uh I’m just wondering how much you weight. You’re ripped, dude,” I say. I hope I saved myself. I don’t exactly know where Ethan stands sexually and I don’t want to ruin our friendship over something as dumb as me admiring his body.

“I weigh 145 pounds, bro. What about you?”

“I’m 155.”

“What!? You don’t look like it!” I would say 140 at the least!”

“You haven’t seen me bare all of my muscle,” I say. "So how would you know?”

“True, true. Take off your shirt and show me then.”

I freeze up. That was a bit unexpected. I just stand there and look at him.

“Go ahead then,” he says.

“Aright then.”

I try to speak nonchalantly, but honestly I am a little excited to see what he thinks of my progress. I slowly begin to peel off my shirt as he watches. Once it is off I remember that I am standing in the middle of an indoor basketball court and I am immediately conscious of 2 other students playing basketball on the court parallel to ours. I nervously watch them as they play.

“Damn, dude!” Ethan says. “You’re thicker than I thought!”

He then reaches up and softly connects his fist with one of my pecs. His eyes widen as the firmness of it. I’m not gonna lie, I was flexing a bit. Probably because of the cold. I continue to watch the two students playing basketball. One of them, a thin Asian girl, has noticed that we both have our shirts off and stops playing. She points for her friend to look at us and I am even more self-conscious now. Ethan sees where I am looking and turns around. The two girls immediately look away embarrassed.

“Looks like you have some admirers, bro.” He says this while he continues to stare at my body.

“Nah, I think they are looking at the both of us,” I say nervously.

“Oh I don’t know. They were looking at us until your shirt came off. I mean look at you. A thick, juicy piece of smooth alpha male chocolate. I bet they want a bite.”

 He says this and winks and me and I am beyond surprised. I don’t even know how to react, but I acknowledge that he described me as smooth chocolate. No one has ever described my skin that way before and it makes me laugh.

“Smooth chocolate?” I say. “Really?” I can’t help myself from laughing.

“Hey man! I’m just describing how good your muscles look in contrast to your skin.”

“I know, I know. Thanks. I don’t really see myself as huge, but at the same time I want to be more lean. It’s confusing.”

“Trust me I can see that you are huge. You are stocky and beefy looking. That’s hot, man. Now let’s play some ball!”

Hot huh???


We start playing basketball and luckily we took off our shirts because we are already sweaty after 15 minutes playing. Ethan is really good at basketball. Well, at least he is so much better than I am that he seems really good. As we play Ethan begins to speak again.

“Oh right so I just remembered something else Troy said.” He dribbles around me and goes for a shot. It bounces off the rim and I catch it. He immediately rushes in front of me in an attempt to block my shot.

“What’s that?” I say.

“He said he was preparing for an internship to Superset City. Bro, I was so confused when he told me this. If he can’t workout, why is he going to torture himself in the biggest fitness capital in the world?”

I go for the shot. I make it and Ethan catches the ball.

“I know about that internship. He asked me to sign up and see if I could be his roommate.”

“Did you?”

 Yes, but they haven’t responded yet.”

“Well if they respond,” he says as tries to rush past me. His sweaty chest bumps up against mine, the two slabs of thick meat make a wet smacking noise as they make contact and he slips around me. “What will you do?”

“I know I will go and I guess we will be roommates.” Ethan makes the shot and catches the ball.  “It would suck to not be able to lift every day with him though. I don’t understand why he is still going, but I don’t know if Troy wants to be my roommate anymore.”

“Well, the best thing you could do is ask,” Ethan says.

I guess so… but why Troy would go to a city that revolves around working out. Does his girlfriend know? Is he unwilling to give up such a great opportunity? I have so many questions. What exactly is going on with Troy?


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13 hours ago, Ro20316 said:

Like i said before. I love the slow burn of this.

All your characters are great

Thanks man! I'm trying hard to keep the characters realistic by giving them individual character traits and personalities. 

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3 hours ago, Muscleinatl said:

Good story development as well as physical descriptions of the physiques of the guys.

I want the story to last a while so I've been slowly developing it. I'm glad you like it. I'm also trying my best to describe the characters physically in every chapter. It's not a muscle story without descriptions of their swole physiques. 

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8 hours ago, convolution said:

Great story!

I wish I had these guys problems ☺

I would be fun if like was like this for real. I have had a few similar experiences though. 

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Just now, Muscleinatl said:

I also meant to say that you're keeping it "real", in that it could all realistically happen.

That's actually been a goal of mine. I want to keep it super real. It really could happen and that's what makes it so fun to write. 

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