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Youtube Channels of note / interests and (if possible) cameo muscle

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Hi guys



I was not sure where to put this vid, so I decided to slap it on here, or link from here:

Interesting experiments + some nice incidental size.




Otherwise, I'll list some of the channels I like here, and you are welcome as well.




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Okay, so other channels I love to watch (not all of these have muscle content) are:


I absolutely love them!




Another couple I watch would be two young guys (I think from Texas), I guess the reason I like watching them is because they represent a generation who has had a somewhat "easier" and more accepting society in which to be open and true to themselves. Also I love to see the difference age (and obviously personality) makes in how these relationships express themselves differently.

Also Nikolay is hot:    : )




Anyhoo, as time goes by I'll add to this list for those of you who are interested or want to share your fave channels with others.

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