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Call for stories - Metabods

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This is just a quick note to remind everyone that Metabods is always looking for good stories in all different kinds of genres—growth, size, extras, anything that evokes the possibilities of the male form.

If you've written stories that share that kind of vision, send them in. Or drop me a line and talk to me about it.

Now that Metabods is overhauled for mobile platforms and has reached the (for me, unexpected) heights of over a thousand stories from hundreds of authors, I'd like to keep trying to make the site a great, free place to go for alternative gay erotica. 

Thanks for listening. —BRK

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[Nothin to see here, just shameless flattery]


TL;DR: You're site rocks.

Your range in interests sets a nice tone for the site; the simple tag setup makes it easy to find the sweet spot between old and new.

I read somewhere that the relationship between writer and reader is one of trust: the writer is supposed to give you what you came for but should occasionally surprise you as well. I think the same applies to most curated collections and it's what make Metabods one of my favorite remaining places to read growth/transformation stoies. The potential to come across something new [but sexy] is an essential part of [erotic] storytelling. 

Between your curating and that refreshing sense of possibility, I can usually be sure to find something that hits the spot (and then some.)

My own writing isn't up to your site's caliber just yet, but I hope you keep that bar nice and high. Readers from around the net will respond in kind

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