Hi This is my first story. it is 1000% fiction and I hope you like it.       My name is Ryan. I'm 19 years old from Sydney and I study physiotherapy at the university. I've been playing rugby for a few years now, I'm 6" 200lbs athletic and lean, a gym jock, always hook up with different girls I meet either in university, parties, at the bar or at the gym, sometimes on tinder as well. I love girls, I know that. I've been feeling kind of funny ever since I've started taking physiology class with the new professor. His name is Todd Ivanov. He's a very handsome guy, in his early 30s, looks to be as tall as I am but more massive, not fat though, just bigger, I mean his shoulder look broader then mine and each of his thighs looks more massive then my own thighs combined, and mine were pretty thick and strong (I NEVER skip leg day!). I could never really tell though because he always wore dress shirts and pants that seemed to be one size larger. I realized I would always get nervous every time he got to class and during class I always kept telling myself how handsome he was and that he must be a powerlifter or something. Something strange happened to me. I felt like I was attracted to him or something... I've never felt like that before, I mean I have had ONE experience with a guy when I was in high school but I was drunk and maybe a little curious but that was it. I always felt attracted to girls and I'm a very masculine guy, there's really nothing gay about me but this new professor always made me feel like having butterflies inside and turned me on and I would even get a hard on during class every time he smiled towards me. I felt that the weird feelings I got from him were too much for me to ignore. I couldn't stop fantasizing about kissing him. There were rumors about him that he was divorced and I felt like I had to make a move, a BIG move, more like a plan actually. I felt like I had to seduce him somehow but how? I had a plan. I was going to ask him for help, pretending I'm having hard times in class and that I needed tutoring. I went online and looked for substances that I could put in his drink when I would offer him one at my place. I found a strange kind of supplement I never heard of before. Ultra Titan Vitamin Y Uber something... Something based on a mixture of testosterone and growth hormone and some many different Latin names of all sorts. "FOR PROFESSIONAL WEIGHTLIFTERS ONLY" The reviews however were actually all  very bad claiming the product increased their sex drive too much so  it wasn't worth the muscle gains. This actually sounded pretty good for my plan. I was already very attracted to Prof. Ivanov the way he was but this substance could make him gain a little bit of muscle (not like he didn't have any, he looked like he could be a strongman) this could only be a plus. I got the package and it had 5 pills inside of it.    The next day I approached Prof. Ivanov and asked for help, he gladly said he would be happy to help. I told him my address and he said he could be there tomorrow, which was Thursday, at 6:00PM. I was lucky my parents were out of town on vacation until Monday and bought a few beers. It was Thursday and the doorbell rang at 5:50PM and it was him. I tried to not look surprised when I saw him because he was wearing a rugby shirt a pair of really short rugby shorts that exposed his amazing legs, so massive, so beefy and muscular, nicely hairy but not too much. His legs looked so powerful and it wasn't easy to keep it cool but I did. He said "hello, sorry about wearing these shorts, I was at the gym and realized I forgot my jeans after shower and didn't want to be late so I came here right after instead of driving back home to get them, I hope you don't mind" he looked slightly embarrassed. "No problem at all" I said, thinking how the hell am I going to think straight when he looked so sexy in those shorts.   So we went up to my room in the attic. My room had a low ceiling at 9 feet but was very spacious and had it's own shower and exit. We spent almost an hour studying which went on very seriously actually. I would peek to his crouch for a split second every now and then and it seemed pretty big but I was too afraid he might notice me and get mad. We actually became kind of friends, he told me about his parents that came to Sydney from Russia and we talked a little bit about bodybuilding and he said he comes from a family of weightlifters and that he used to be more professional before he got married when he was in the military and recently got back to it now that he and his wife got divorced. He said I could call him Todd now as long as we're outside of university.    We finished studying and while walking down the stairs I made the first part of my plan. "Oh I'm so sorry!" I said. "I totally forgot to offer you something to drink! I feel terrible about it". But he laughed and said "it's okay, don't worry, but I could use a glass of cold water, thanks". "I'll give you some good ice cold beer instead" I said.  "Well I actually haven't had alcohol in a long while now probably since I got married and I don't want to get drunk or something so I'll have to pass buddy" he laughed. Oh no, I had to say something, "c'mon you're a big guy and you're Russian and Russians are immune to alcohol" I joked and we both laughed. "Well maybe one bottle couldn't hurt" he said. I took two large 20 oz. bottles from the fridge, opened them, gave one to him and turned on the tv, there was a rugby game and Todd started to become a little focused on it since he also liked rugby a lot like me. He tasted the beer a little and really liked it, and finished almost all of it in one sip. "Wow it's pretty delicious!" Todd said. "Of course it is! That's why I offered you one" I proudly said. Todd said " hey I don't mean to be rude but can I have another one?" "Sure, it's my pleasure" I answered. I noticed that Todd was really focused on the game now and I had to be quick. I open the bottle and put 2 out of the 5 pills and dropped them inside of it, they quickly dissolved in a couple of seconds. I handed him the bottle. "Thanks buddy that's really nice of you" he smiled. "That's the least I could do after you helped me" I smiled back and drank some of the beer in my own bottle from before and I was so scared he might notice a different taste and get mad or something but apparently he didn't notice anything. Now before he even had the chance to finish the second bottle, I went to the fridge and opened up a third bottle for him and quickly dropped the remaining 3 pills I had left and handed him the bottle without him even asking for a third one. He hesitated first but then said laughing "okay but it has to be the last one haha" and drank it all. I went back to the kitchen for a moment, just to read what was written on the package, it said: "recommended use: take one pill once a week for five weeks after a workout" "may cause a high surge in sex drive" "duration: about three hours", thinking to myself okay so far so good. "WARNING! DO NOT EXCEED THE RECOMMENDED DOSE" but how bad could it be? He's a big guy... I was sitting next to him watching the game with him, still drinking from my first bottle when he said "hey Ryan can I use the bathroom real quick?" "Yeah, last door to the right".   On his way back I noticed he was walking funny like he was in pain or something, he was trying to massage his shoulder. "Are you okay Todd?" "Eh kind of... I think my shoulders feel sore from yesterday's workout but they never feel so intense like this and I only used light weight yesterday. I usually like feeling sore after my workouts but this pretty intense and it's projecting to my back as well. I also feel a little dizzy from all the beer" he said. "Sit down here and let me get you some water". He drank it. "Now I also feel sore in my chest and arms, probably from today's workout though" he said. I put my hands on his shoulders a gave him a light massage. "You should see a therapist one in a while" I said and we both laughed because I was about to be one. He then said "yeah I know, I actually have an appointment but it's three weeks from today, I guess there aren't many physiotherapists in this area". As I kept massaging his shoulders I asked "does it feel better now?" "Maybe a little bit, I don't know".    I realized he was getting tipsy and hope I could take advantage of it.  "Let me give you so good massage, I can feel your muscles are really tense, you can't just wait three weeks with your whole body sore like that" I urged him. He was perplexed "well are you sure? Do you really think it's okay?" "Yeah! It won't take long! I guarantee you wont stop thanking me later!" Trying to sound as friendly as I could. "Well alright, I guess I could give it a try" he sighed. We got back to my room and I pointed towards my bed, which was thankfully sturdy enough for a massage session. He sat on it, slowly taking his shoes off since he was very tipsy and now started talking really slowly. Seeing him laying on my bed turned me on even more now with my raging hard on struggling to keep calm in my underwear... Ha laid on his stomach and I had to tell him to take his shirt off. He hesitated and then took it off but I didn't dare to say anything about his shorts, afraid I might get exposed. He looked so beautiful with his shirt off, his upper body looked so strong, not a lot of definition like my body but bulkier and more powerful almost like a pro strongman. His muscles were actually really tense and he said he could barely feel my weak massage and I had to use a lot of force to make him actually feel something. It was only when I started rubbing his shoulder and back really really hard when he said "there we go" and I struggled not to get too tired from it. I stopped for a second and had to take my shirt off because of the heat in my room (though not as hot as Todd) and all the force I had to use and we laughed at how massaging him is like a real workout.    "Feeling better now?" I asked. "Yeah a little bit but I'm feeling my chest more and more sore even though my workout was a couple of hours ago. You see when I do feel sore, it only starts at least 24 hours after the workout. It's really strange Ryan, I hope I'm not getting sick". I noticed his muscles all over his body kept contracting for a few seconds and relax rhythmically. That was weird, I thought. "Well get on your back for a second and let me massage where it feels more sore" I said. He had a hard time rolling on his back and I had to help him at this point. He said his body felt a lot heavier than usual. "It's probably from all the beer you had", I laughed as I didn't want him to feel too uncomfortable. He looked embarrassed, "Ryan I'm so sorry about this situation, how I'm tipsy in your house right now". "No big deal Todd, it happens to me too once in a while at my friends' houses". He looked slightly better now. U started massaging his broad shoulders. Todd was so tipsy he was too tired to open his eyes. "Does it feel better Todd?" "Barely Ryan, I feel like there's a lot of pressure building up all over my body... it's hard to describe it..."  What I did notice was that as I was massaging his shoulders, Todd was doing his best not to moan and grunt. I likes those sounds he made, they were turning me on like crazy but I pretended like I didn't notice anything.   As soon as I started working on his upper pecs, I notice how the bulge in his crouch was actually getting bigger!! And in a matter of only 10 seconds, a huge tent was showing up! But still, I pretended not to notice anything and kept myself focused on his pecs, his beautiful pecs, telling myself how badly I wanted to worship those big nipples while he was moaning and grunting. His moanings kept getting longer and more obvious as he wasn't able to hold them any longer and he started grunting more loudly now like when lifting heavy weight at the gym. So hot.  As soon as I reached his lower pecs, he stopped me with his hands, breathing heavily, saying: "can you avoid that part? (Meaning his nipples) I'm just really sensitive and it's probably better you just avoid touching it". I pretended not to understand but kept the super friendly attitude and joked: "well how am I supposed to massage your chest then? It wouldn't be possible Todd". "But really Ryan, I don't think it's a good idea... Please... Just skip it... So much... Pressure... building... Inside..." His mind was getting slower and slower from the alcohol. His chest and his shoulders were suddenly getting more pumped now, and his arms too, and then I remembered the pills were also supposed to build some muscle mass on him. "Just let me try it for a few seconds okay? Don't worry Todd, nothing will happen to you" I joked. "Nnnngghhh...But... But... Ryan..." His moaning and grunting couldn't stop and I liked it. "You're a big boy Todd, you'll be fine" I joked again as my hands were traveling down his beefy pecs towards their lower part, focusing on his big hard nipples.    The second I barely touched his nipples, I saw his chest and shoulders expanding like they were inflating or something, but with muscle bulk instead if air.   Todd looked even more nervous now that I was touching his nipples but I didn't care and he was doing his best not to stop me. I was pinching them or doing anything sexual with them, just massaging his pecs without skipping them.   After ten seconds, something happened. Without any warning Todd grabs me in a bear hug and grunts loudly like when doing the last rep of a workout. As he does, the slight gains I saw he was having were actually accelerating.    It took him a minute to catch his breath and I saw the cum stain in his tiny shorts which were now even smaller then before. I felt in heaven. Todd realized he just had an orgasm and felt so ashamed and raised up his upper body "ON NO! I'M SO SORRY RYAN! I DON'T WHAT HAPPENED TO ME! I'LL LEAVE RIGHT AWAY!" He felt panicked. I knew I had to make him feel calm. "Haha don't worry Todd! I heard this thing is normal to happen to people during massage all the time!" I wanted him to feel that I see this situation in a funny way. I don't even know how he COULD leave, I mean he was so tipsy and his body was getting heavier and heavier with that thing running wild inside his body. I took some paper towels to clean the inside of his underwear without even thinking...  My boner was raging inside my shorts. I lowered Todd's shorts a little bit so I could start cleaning, Todd didn't even stop me and just looked at his crouch, I thought it was funny how Todd just came in his shorts without even stroking his cock and how he felt and urge to bear hug me during his orgasm. As I was holding his now soft cock in my hand to clean the cum I saw it quickly getting hard again becoming almost fully erect less then two minutes after his orgasm. I looked at Todd and smiled. He was about to smile back to me but then just realized that his orgasm caused his body to expand and become more massive, adding probably 20-30lbs to his large body.    Todd started to panic again "what the fuck just happened to me Ryan?"  "Well, you hugged me really tight and had and explosive orgasm. It felt really good actually and your face looked like you were in heaven" I winked. "No Ryan, I didn't mean that, I meant my body! Why is bigger now? What the hell?" He was confused. "Hmm well you're just having a growth spurt? You said you come from a family of Russian powerlifters, it's probably just part of your genetics" I joked. "Yeah everyone in my family is big but not this big! And I can tell you for sure no one gets growth spurts like this! It's not normal!"  "Try to calm down and relax first, how's your body feeling" I asked while slowly stroking his now rock hard cock. "I feel like there's a lot of pressure building up in my body like before! There's... So... Much... Tension..." He started moaning and grunting again as I was stroking his huge cock which I assume also got bigger during his orgasm. He started breathing very heavily again. "I think you should just let go of all this tension you're feeling in your body Todd, just release the pressure, I think you'll feel much better". "No I can't Ryan... Ohhhhh it feels... So good..." "I think you look very handsome Todd, you have an amazing body", I felt like it was safe to finally say it by now. "Yeah I think you're so cute Ryan... Ooohhhhh... I'm glad I got a hot stud.... Nnnnggggghh.... like you in class... if it wasn't for this massage... Oooohhhhh fuck... I would have never had the courage to tell you this" Todd admitted. My hard on was rock hard like crazy and I was leaking pre. Seeing how Todd was having a hard time talking without moaning and grunting was driving me wild. "Let me help you release all this unneeded tension in your body Todd, you could thank me later" I smiled like a hungry boy. "Oh no.... I can't Ryan... Ffffgggghhhhnnnn.... You see... I can't stop feeling intense pleasure.... All over my body... OH FUCK YEAH... And I think... Pleasure is... Accelerating my growth...hhhhhgggggnnnnnnmm....   And he was right.  I could see how his body was slowly adding more and more muscle bulk while lots of precum was oozing out of his pulsating cock. And I wanted to toy a little bit with the idea of how much muscle he could gain. unfortunately Todd was doing his best to resist his growth.  "I think I should leave Ryan... I should see a doctor..." Todd sadly said, but he didn't look like he was going anywhere, I saw how his pecs, which were initially just a little bigger then my own were now almost twice their size, almost as big as two basketballs! Each of his shoulders was now as big as my head! His nipples growing a little bigger and getting farther away from each other!   He tried to get up but couldn't.  His head was spinning by a mixed sensation of alcohol and intense pleasure. "Oh no Ryan... I can't get up... Can I... Just rest here a little bit... Ghghrrrrrrrnnnnn....." He said, still trying to resist his body. "Of course you can Todd!" I said. "Thanks Ryan... Just let me rest.. I'll get better... and leave...oooohhhh..."   "But Todd, I don't think you'll get better if keep resisting the pleasure that you're feeling, just let it out, you'll feel much better, besides, you're really turning me on right now, I really want to help you relax, just let me do the work" I smiled and put my mouth on one of his nipples, sucking it aggressively, triggering a loud moan out of him which accelerated the growth of his lower body. His massive quads were struggling with each other as their growth made the space between them smaller and smaller, forcing them to spread more to the sides of the bed,each glute  muscle was also bigger then my head now but hard as steel, his shorts were now too tight to be removed normally lol.   The accelerated growth cause by the suction scared Todd and he gently pulled my head away from his nipple, begging me now to stop. "Please... Ryan... I'm scared..." "You don't need to be scared of anything Todd, I'm sure this whole growth thing is completely healthy". I knew it was bullshit but I didn't know what to say... "Did it feel good or bad when I sucked your nipples"? I asked him. "Oh it felt like heaven... But... The growth..." Todd was now even dizzier then before, I knew I have to be a little more assertive now. "I'll just suck your cock a little but Todd".  "No... Please... Should... Not..." Todd looked like he was too dizzy and tired to stop me. I took my shorts and underwear off, completely naked now.  I reached the head of his cock, lick all the precum, it was the first time I tasted it, it tasted sweet and salty.  I liked it. "Damn... Ryan... Stop.......... Stop....." But I ignored him and started sucking his big cock like a mad man, I went up and down, making sure my tongue licks every single part of it's surface.  "How does that feel Todd? You like it?" I teased him. "Ggghhrrrrnnnnnnn..... Yes..... But......" He tried to close tight his lips from opening, thinking it would slow down his growth. Todd could only raise his heavy arms just a little bit but wasn't able to pull my head from his cock. He then pathetically tried to ignore the extreme pleasure he was getting from his blowjob. I wanted him to reach another climax already but he was still able to prevent himself from cumming. "Come on Todd, just let your load explode in my mouth, it will make you feel much better" I teased him. I then noticed how big his balls became and started massaging them aggressively, hoping it will help him reach climax already. And it did! "Ohhhhh..... No.... Stop.... You'll.... Make...... Me....... Cum........ffffhhhhgggggrrrr......" And I felt explosive torrents of cum rushing through my mouth towards my throat. I tried swallow as much as I could but there was just too much. His arms ballooned with even more mass, each bicep was now way bigger than my head. His pecs where as big as beach balls, strong and powerful. His shoulders kept growing and getting farther away from each other. His huge back spreading wider and wider. His shorts completely ripped by the pressure from his growing gigantic quads. He looked ecstatic during that orgasm, as if it were the most intense orgasm in history. He needed a few minutes to catch his breath, all warm and sweaty. He must weigh at least 400lbs by now and I also a few inches taller. I crawled to his monstrous chest and wanted to kiss him but had to bend my head over as his pecs kept pushing forward, I started kissing him with so much passion he could only kiss me back though not as passionate since he was still tired. That kiss felt amazing! Better then any chick I've ever kissed.   I was glad he didn't fight that kiss.   I felt so horney I pulled away from his mouth and went back to his cock which was still rock hard and full of his cum and my saliva and place my ass right on top of it. It easily fell down all the way on his pelvis and it was a little painful but only for a few second and turned to an AMAZING sensation of extreme pleasure I never thought anyone could feel while Todd let such a loud roar I thought he might break the windows.   I placed my hands on his pecs and started bouncing up and down on Todd without letting go of his cock, keeping it inside me.   Todd managed to raise his upper body a little bit. His eyes were rolling and he couldn't stop smiling with his tongue out but still tried to tell me I should stop. "I can't stop it Todd, it feels amazing!" I teased him. He tried to reach me with his hand but failed. I kept bouncing faster and faster trying to force him into another orgasm. I was curious to see how another growth spurt would change him. "Ohhh...... Must...... Not...... Cum....." Damn it was he still fighting it?! "Just cum Todd, you'll feel better, trust me just go with it" I teased him. "No........ Can't........"   That anal stimulation was beginning to be to much for me to handle and I felt like my cock is about to cum hard even though I wasn't even touching it.   "Oh shit you're getting me close Todd! You're gonna make me cum!!"   That was my biggest explosion ever! I felt an intense electric charge of extreme pleasure running like wild all over my body! It left me paralyzed. Todd stopped moaning and started grunting harder and harder like a powerlifter trying to lift an impossible weight, until it turned into a loud roar. It then appeared that the contraction of my anal muscles on Todd's cock actually forced him to explode inside my ass. It felt beautiful. Rivers of his warm and powerful cum were filling my ass until they pushed me out of Todd's cock leaving me on his torso.   As my own orgasm was fading, I could notice how his third orgasm caused yet another growth spurt. Inflating all of his muscles simultaneously with more muscle mass. He also looked like he was more almost 8 feet tall.   After a moment of me resting on his large torso and letting him catch his breath, I noticed  his face got all red and looked pretty angry, with what looked like hot steam coming out of his nose.   "Are you okay Todd?" I asked, being a little scared now. He didn't say anything, just looked angry and suddenly full of energy.   He just grabbed me and got off the bed, he was almost two feet taller then me now.    He's angry face suddenly changed into a smile and he started kissing me with so much passion I quickly got hard again!   He place me on his cock and said: "thanks Ryan, you were right, I really needed it, I feel so much better now that I let the pressure out! I had no idea your ass on my cock would feel so perfect, it feels amazing!"   "You see I told you..." I had nothing better to say....   He started bouncing my on his cock up and down and we kissed. We then noticed his head was getting farther away from me as he was getting much taller now that he stopped resisting growing, but we just laughed about it and I started sucking his nipples, it was driving Todd wild making him fuck me faster and harder now as he was moaning happily.   A strange sound made us both stop for a moment and wonder what it was about as I looked up and said "look above you Todd", he was growing so tall his head now reached the ceiling but we both laughed about it.   I knew that time was almost up before his growth completely stops and wanted him to go through one last growth spurt. I said "let's get back on the bed".   He placed me on my back, lifted my legs up and started fucking me.  Slowly at first and then went faster and harder.... And harder.... And then even faster! I felt like a train was being charged at me! I wanted to tell him to slow down a little but he couldn't hear me.   Suddenly he said "oh fuck Ryan I can't stop!"    I couldn't pay attention as I was reaching climax and exploded with an orgasm way stronger then before!   I guess my post orgasm contraction did the trick again as he was grunting now like a mad man and was about to roar like the hulk again "HOLY FUCK KKKKKKKGGGGG!!!!!!!" with a blast of rivers of cum that push me forward like before, and an explosive orgasm that inflated him one last time as I saw his whole body expanding in all directions, covering more and more light in the room.   He then gently push me out of my king size bed, collapsed on it, rolled on his back and placed my on top of his torso.   We both need some good rest now. He kissed me and said he was sorry for being a little aggressive. I just smiled and kissed him.   "You know what? I think I'm going to like being 11" 700lbs.   We couldn't stop touching each other. He ended up spending the week end at my place.   We're best friends now, he comes over every time my parents are out of town and I often tell my parents I go sleep over at friends' houses.   Only in the university we pretend not to be friends.       
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