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Recent Behind The Scenes Updates

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I have been very busy with some behind the scenes updates to help make the browsing of the forum even better, For those of you not tech savvy: 


TL;DR - I made everything faster. 


But for some of you who want to know what I've been doing lately, it has been a lot. First, the IRC servers are now all online and working correctly, there are four servers placed around the world to give you the best connection based on where you are in the world, the system behind the scenes picks the best server to connect to via geolocation of your IP and connects you to that one. We are using a new IRC daemon and a new IRC services daemon that is a bit more modern and is a little bit more active in its development meaning continued work on it. 

I've moved the web chat over to a self-hosted option, this gives more flexibility plus the added protection of controlling the encryption of the protocol through our own servers for more security. I am to customize the layout of the chat in the future but for now it's just the default setup until I learn more about Node.js. 

But for all the users I have made some critical updates to the website to make loading much more faster. To start this one off I have enabled server-side caching of content meaning the server won't have to go to the database and generate a web page every time you go to it, this saves considerably on access to the database making it run faster. 

Additionally I have implemented the CDN that I've been wanting to do for the longest time, while our Patreon goal hasn't hit the benchmark to make it self-sustaining I decided to roll out the feature now and already the server is loving the performance boost it is getting. This works as a direct benefit to you, just like the IRC the images of the website are grabbed and sent out around the world to a high speed server closest to you, so next time you need to access an image or large static file from the website you'll be loading it from a server much closer to you, allowing for better download speed to you and reduced page loading time. It's a win win!


I'm sure I probably forgot something else, right now I'm still in the middle of finding replacement plugins from when we upgraded the forum, I have a backlog of 5 right now that I want to test and that will be coming later this week. 


Thanks again to everyone, especially everyone who has donated and supported on Patreon. 

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Thanks, Craig. I know there's been a lot going on, not to mention the constant updates to the IPS forum software itself, which I also have to deal with. The improvements to the IRC chat and the server-side content cache are pretty significant! Thank you! 

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