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How do straight bodybuilders worship

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35 minutes ago, CentralNJmuscle said:

Absolutely you can - any time. If you haven't noticed I have really explored this in a great deal of depth and my advice to all is this: being open to explore and be 100% honest leads to incredible levels of health happiness and confidence. 

Last night is worth sharing......

so this picture was in my Facebook feed. I'm sharing with all of you because as I build the context on this topic it will give you insight into what drives me as someone who can see strong bi curiousities

look in the lower right corner of the picture...Check out the size and hardness of her lat/ delt/ and upper arm. We can't see her glutes or quads but when I look between her legs I drool I get instantly hard and I so badly wanted to use my tounge on the insides of her thighs up to her pleasure center. So much so I could literally taste her. So I called a female swimmer friend that's trapped in a horrible marriage and we met at a hotel last night. I was up front about what I wanted and needed and she told me we couldn't meet up fast enough. 

Shes now a crossfit chick on top of the swimming (she was a D1 college swimmer). She deadlifts 365. She's 5'10" 180 and muscular enough to see her abs. She's big and intimidating. She's also a fucking animal in bed.

i got down between her massive thighs in under 15 minutes and she reeled of three orgasms. By the time I flipped her over on to her knees she was soaking wet and I smacked that big strong ass. As I looked down at her massive back you had no way of knowing (other than where my cock was) if she was male with long hair - that I Was Pulling- or female.) I worked her over better than her soon to be ex ever could. She had six O's in round 1 (before I had to explode) It was intense and physical. 

We agree we have outrageous sexual chemistry and she always asks me what it is that I see in her because "most men think I'm too big and intimidating " and I tell her that is exactly what draws me to her (plus she tastes so good she makes my mouth water and my dick hard just thinking about it) and she gets the biggest most amazing smile. 

I have to remember to tell you about going as her date to the formal awards banquet when we were in college 

i share this because as I've explored my sexuality on my journey therapists have said I like women with masculine features (I have pleasured clitorises the size of small penises - you want to talk about HOT) - it has been described as being like dark chocolate with sea salt. The combo of sweet and salt and then the combo of strong yet feminine ( like breasts and a wet vag) 



Awesome experience, @CentralNJmuscle I'm jealous!  All of my experiences with women have always been with the soft and mushy type.  One thing that you will notice if you ever check out some "strange" is how different from women men smell and taste.  I guess I'm curious as to how different athletic chicks smell and taste verses non-athletic girls.  I can tell you that a muscle guy is totally different from a non-muscle, squishy guy.

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Ok wow- now you have me major league curious. My next frontier to explore is muscle worship with a muscular guy. I've had brief encounters but they never crossed the line into being sexual. I just can't see myself kissing another man or doing anything at all around the back door (I always wonder about the hygiene aspect of that) I do however see myself being capable of stripping down with someone at least as muscular as me (don't need a massively huge jay cutler type of physique but does need to be hard defined and the horny jock type that is just into his body and showing it off) and after some flexing and feeling I can see myself on my knees (while he's standing over me) allowing him to slap me with his cock and then force it into my mouth while his hands clutch my skull. But I would like / expect to do the same to him. Do you have any experiences like that? As for the taste of female jocks....lots of variations but the big difference with a female jock is their sex drive / libido/ confidence and adventurousness.....swimmers were always my favorite- oh what that chlorine does- but the strongest chicks that liked showing off their strength: soccer field hockey lacrosse....I liked volleyball and basketball because of their height made them love to be very dominant in bed.....did bang a bisexual softball player 

as a strong guy that is bigger than average (I am far from "huge"- I am 210 when I'm ripped ) I prefer strong girls who like it rough - the soft feminine type can be fun but I have to be careful and remember they are more delicate and I need to be more gentle....I have had really bad sex with prissy super hot girls who were absolutely boring as hell in bed. But I do love curves too though.

college was one big fucking orgy. I think almost every guy on my team either fucked almost every female on the team with a few guys fucking each other and some guys fucking at least one player on every team. That was my goal and I only missed by one team : tennis. I did watch a 7'2" basketball player (make of course) fuck a really small dude 5'5" ish and get a standing blow job (both were standing)!from a girl so short she didn't have to get on her knees. (He was my room mate for a few weeks one summer and he was into having people watch so he'd bring them home and tell them I was asleep and I would pretend to snore). I found that so hot I got him to bring back a chick with huge tits and had him tit fuck her while they were both standing.  He used to find short girls in the campus bar that had a height difference so that it was chest to cock and he said he would get instantly hard and  if the bar was crowded enough to make it seem innocent, he would pretend to be working his way through the crowd and would brush or poke them with it. That was how he found little blow job girl. He said he was trying to work through the crowd and she turned and could feel his hard cock on her chin. His favorite way to pick up girls went like this:

girl: "wow you're huge " (or really tall)

him: "no really- I never noticed "

girl: "how tall?"

him (he'd either wear boots with heels or would lie): seven four

girl: "I've always wondered- is EVERYTHING big?"

him: "let's go somewhere and you can find out for yourself 

he said that worked about 70percent of the time and at least got a hand or blow job out of it and sometimes sex

if he was drunk and the bar was crowded enough he'd show them in the bar and got a few blow jobs right there. I had to shield him a few times. We had a code. He would palm the top of my skull and turn me in a different direction and position me to block the view. A very different kind of cock blocking that's for sure

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The best kind of muscle worshipping,  @CentralNJmuscle imho, never involved any intercourse but rather me being with another guy my size and musculature  (I'm not that big, but I am ripped and proportional).  We're both naked and we do enough to each other cock to remain hard as steel, but the main focus is in exploring the hardness of each other's muscles and how each muscle group connects with other muscle groups.  A lot of times there is doing sets with dumbbells and barbells, checking out how hard the muscles are after the sets, then making sure the other guy gets and keeps his hard cock.  Then it's the other guy's turn.

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On 4/13/2016 at 1:35 PM, Gymaholic84 said:

I've come to not identify myself as straight or gay. I'm not even one to say maybe I'm bi. For me, muscle, muscle growth, muscle worship, all that has BECOME sex for me. 

Granted I've only had sex with women, and I really can't picture having sex with a guy, so that in itself may lead people to say I'm just straight, but I also prefer male muscle. On women, I love a fit and toned look, but not the look of a female bodybuilder. 

To answer the question, I know I for one fantasize about mutual muscle worship a lot. The feeling and admiration of each other's muscles. Getting off together on it. MAYBE some sexual fooling around, but the muscle aspect alone is more than enough to satisfy my sexual needs. 

So I'd say it's definitely possible for straight guys go get into this, but they need that part of them that gets off on having muscle. Not all of them have that. 

I think when you combine the aspects of muscle worship with sexuality, there's a lot of gray area that can't be easily defined as one thing or another 

What an incredible find, this thread really does clarify a lot for me. Muscle is and always will totally be sexual for me, and as a straight guy, (meaning that without muscle I am 100% into women with very few exceptions) having this muscle thing has been a weird thing to somehow integrate. When I grew up I was pretty much interested in girls and also crushed on them pretty intensely, and had no interest in men because I thought they are just hairy and ugly. But when i discovered weight lifting and started to see that guys could be smooth skinned and look like a greek statue, some weird sexual arousal attached to envy developed. I remember buying my first fitness hunk calendar at 16 and jerking off on the guys I wanted to look like. But I was never interested in their genitalia, just their muscles, and I never once even considered that it had anything to do with my sexual orientation. 

On 4/13/2016 at 1:45 PM, Muscleinatl said:

Great idea, Gymaholic84.  It's as if "muscle" is its own sexual orientation.  You have gay, straight, and muscle.  I feel like I'm a lot more gay than straight, but more and more I'm realizing that a lot of my gay attractions are actually muscle attractions.  It's like a muscle man emits a different type of pheromone than a non-muscle guy.  And the muscle guy doesn't have to be a big god, either.  It's something about the tight muscle that is its own power source.  If that makes sense. 

I have to concur with this. Personally I lump this thing into bi-curiosity, since I have a genuine curiosity on what it would be like to fool around with some hot chiseled perfect muscle hunk. But at the very least, it hasn't translated from getting off on images to seeing people in 3-D in the gym locker room. What's even weirder is that when it comes to dudes, I fantasize mostly about admiring and comparing muscles, but the genitalia just doesn't come into play. Seeing a picture of a guy flexing is hot, when the picture includes him naked with his dick, it no longer works for me. Not sure I could actually give a guy a blow job without throwing up. Seeing a guy flexing is one thing, but once it's no longer a flex thing, I just see the guy and there's too much that throws me off.  I am not homophobic, I used to be, because I was somehow afraid my muscle thing made me gay and I would be doomed to a lonely life without women, but I've since mostly gotten past that and realized I can just enjoy that part of me without having to have a sexual identity freak-out. I've tried to look at gay movies, and I get a little arousal on some stuff, but for the most part when there's no muscle it's not interesting to me.


On 6/22/2016 at 2:08 AM, Ashk said:

Some random thoughts here but it I reckon you're onto something with the muscle-as-a-kink thing.

I know that as a totally gay man, a lot of my sexuality is driven by muscle, size, and growth. At the same time, some of my kinks play out in ways I can imagine myself being potentially turned on by a woman in certain scenarios even though I've no desire to actually, you know, be with one. Sexuality is weird.

So in that regard I figure it's just as likely that a straight guy can be attracted to another guy's muscle as part of a fetish or kink without necessarily wanting to do anything beyond touching. I'm not sure how common that would be, compared to non-sexual admiration, but I guess it could be an (awesome) thing.

Ha ha, this is exactly me but in reverse, so I can imagine myself being turned on by a man in certain scenarios even though I have no desire to be with one. 


On 6/26/2016 at 5:36 PM, Onyx said:

Straight guys with a muscle fetish mostly worship female bodybuilders, and I think that they far outnumber gay guys who worship male bodybuilders. http://saradas.org/ has a pretty large forum just for FBB session reviews.

I've always wanted to try a FBB worship session but don't have the guts.

I have an interesting comment on this one.  When I felt shame around my own attraction to male muscles, as a straight guy I could actually totally get turned on by a lady muscle beast. However, as I've come to terms with my muscle fetish and at least honor my bi-curiosity, I have no more interest in those ladies. When it comes to women, I am totally into fit women all the way up to the cross-fit hotties, but past that I'd rather admire a well built male. But with male muscle I am mostly turned on by a chiseled greek statue look more so than the guys who juice. Most of it is just being able to imagine being them and feeling their pump. 

On 11/6/2016 at 2:07 PM, flexicon1 said:

Just checking out posts and ran across yours.

I wanted to weigh in since I am a (mostly) gay, non-muscle guy in an ongoing worship relationship with a (mostly) straight friend who wants to be bigger/stronger, but stay pretty lean. He got into this because he knew I was into muscle, we get along great (he's 30, I'm 50), and he liked the idea of being something of an object of desire. It was his idea, as I would not have imagined this would be something he would have been interested in. He is not aroused by our interaction, but he enjoys it enough that he works out at my home once or twice a week for the last 9 months, and lets me watch, feel, and otherwise get myself off when I feel so inspired :) He does not seek worship from others, muscular or not, nor does he engage in worship with his girlfriend, who knows about and approves of our arrangement. I think our situation is a bit unusual, but I thought it might contribute to your understanding that there are probably lots of permutations and iterations of the muscle worship theme. Generalizations will not be found. But use the ideas that excite you to stir the energy, and direct the energy to serve your highest well-being, and that of those in your sphere of influence! That's what I'm doing!

Be well!


Not aroused? How? I am a lean well build muscular bodybuilder mostly straight and when I was in college a skinny guy asked to massage me. I had no interest in him and could not get aroused by touching him. but boy I sure got aroused from being touched and worshipped. This guy couldn't get enough of my muscular thighs, which are naturally major erogenous zones for me. Now that was when I was a teen, so hormones raging and I could probably hump a sheep back then. But it's a well known fact that many straight bodybuilders can totally get off from attention from a man. 

On 9/1/2017 at 1:33 PM, CentralNJmuscle said:

6th-8th grade is when bodies start developing and each season a team mate would come back and shock the rest of us when he'd come on deck in a little speedo with 10-20 pounds of new muscle or a few inches in new height and of course a healthy bulge. 

Wet hard athletic bodies full of raging hormones- we had no idea what we were doing or what was happening but for me I knew I was getting into girl jocks but everyone was passing me by and I started developing insecurities 

i arrive at high school at 5'2" (my younger sister is 5'10 at this point HORRIBLE!!!!) and 140 but the one thing I had going was speed in the water and definition so I was pushed to give wrestling a try. But I wanted to swim. But I reluctantly agreed for a few months. First practice I'm hanging out with my friend Chris who was the smallest kid in school - not even 5 ft and under 100 lbs. we are nervous siting there and the coach starts talking about what he's going to do to us if we commit. He says, let me give you some examples of the champions i build....he turns and looks to the door and says "men come on out" and out struts 4 massive chiseled upper class men one of whom won a state bodybuilding title that summer. They stood there no shirts on, unitard tops down, cocky as hell with that smug arrogant grin arms folded in front of their chests to make their biceps look even bigger. Then the biggest (he wrestled at 210) pops a double bi. I was hard as a rock. I jerked off like 6 times that night. Confused thebshit out of me because i was into girls but I could not stop that adrenaline rush imagining what he felt like  standing there in complete superiority and domination I thought to myself THATS what I want and I want it bad. 



Wow and I thought I was the only straight guy with a bad muscle fetish. Obviously I am in good company here.


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On 9/2/2017 at 10:49 AM, CardiMuscleman said:

It is all absolutely fascinating indeed. When you have finished, may we ask questions on aspects of it?

Of course you can

you can ask anything you want

not is off limits- I never judge or get angry

i used to think I was a pervert and a deviant but once I gained confidence and acceptance and opened up and became honest I found it opened a lot of doors for me sexually 

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On 9/3/2017 at 11:40 PM, CentralNJmuscle said:

 I just can't see myself kissing another man or doing anything at all around the back door (I always wonder about the hygiene aspect of that) I do however see myself being capable of stripping down with someone at least as muscular as me (don't need a massively huge jay cutler type of physique but does need to be hard defined and the horny jock type that is just into his body and showing it off) and after some flexing and feeling I can see myself on my knees (while he's standing over me) allowing him to slap me with his cock and then force it into my mouth while his hands clutch my skull. But I would like / expect to do the same to him. Do you have any experiences like that?

I define myself as bisexual, and I perfectly understand your concerns about the back door and all the preparations the bottom guy has to do beforehand, but the same awkward delay in the bathroom happens to straight couples who do backdoor business, too.

I've tested (top), and it was mostly disappointing (except for the closeness and the domination-play), and I have never really understood the allure of bottoming. Oral, muscle-worship, cuddling, frot and kink is much more fun than activities in the disposal unit, and to me that applies to both men and women, though I think kink is more fun with men and cuddling is more fun with women (There are traces of that distinction in some of my muscle-growth stories). I'm not sure of what that says about my psyche. 

There are several things going on simultaneously in my mind when I worship another man's muscles (Well, the few times it has happened). I guess many* straight, bi and gay men share the feeling of being impressed by someone's gains and by the self-discipline he has invested in order to become like that. I also guess, that many of us share some sort of yearning to attain something similar: Bigger men inspire and become examplars to others.

* Personally, I believe that "straight", "bi" and "gay" are conventional labels used to denote three rather elastic spectrums of orientations, and the borders between the three can be rather blurry. It's unrealistic and unwise to generalise, so I prefer to write "many" rather than "all".

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