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FUCK yes ok, first off I gotta get all poetic here but this was a beautiful story, the imagery and prose just seemed to be so melodic, so fantastic for painting every single scene! The frustration of Paul getting more and more out of hand until the fantastic reveal, it was beautiful to read! Now to beastly stuff god DAMN it was hot, the fucking GROWTH as always was so well done man, and I just..i love it! Thanks man! You are, as always a fucking legend!!

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A wonderful rework. ^^

It kinda reminds me of a fairy tale i used to read when I was little. It was rather similar. ^^ Though the story went with the narrator not happy with his life; finding a wishing well/fountain; making a wish; enjoyibg the wish the day after; soon after he realized that people he loved or loved him were so different than he knew them to be tgst he did not like the new workd anymore; he made a wish at the wishing well/fountain but it didn't come true; he learned the moral of the story (which was that you should be happy with what you had, and not complain about what could have been if you nade a different decision in the past or was someone different) and only than the wish worked and he returned the world to normal and he lived happily and contented for the rest of his life. 

I do not rememver the name of the fairy tale but thus story definitely reminds me of it. ^w^  <3 <3 Thx for that.


I do wonder how big Pail will end up becoming though. >;3 Or will he become a litteral god and be able to float through space with his friends living on him as he grows infinitely? >;3

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Thank you, GB. Appreciate your praise as always. (blush)

Omiganda, yes, lol.  I guess I am.  I've got a whole page saved of various ideas for stories.  I think I've still got about twenty-thirty or so back logged.

Thank you, Convolution.

Hanugumo, thank you very much.  The story I kind of based it off of was "Too Much Noise."  I'm not sure how big Paul will become.  I'll let the readers decide that in their own minds.  Sometimes it's best to leave stories with just enough hanging.  Btw I have ideas to rework to other children's classics.

Boy2beat, thank you, and you're welcome.  I have fun writing my stories and enjoy sharing them.  It's always interesting to see who enjoys what kind of plot line or discover yet another friend who likes a particular fetish. 

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