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" I rushed this one out when I felt I had enough text.  Not sure how well it will go.  I need critique on this. "

Yeah, it was so AWFUL we're waiting for the next chapter with bated breath. ;)

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The long awaited PART 3

Sorry it's kinda short.  I couldn't wait to post it.   I also figured out how to stop writer's block, but I have to let the story develop to that point.   Enjoy!


"So you really wanted me to go with you?"  Ryan asked getting back to the point.  
"Of course bro, I need you.  And now that I see what you've been doing, the commanders back at base may like you more."  Rhys replied happily.   
"So wait, you mean you still want me to go with you?"  Ryan asked dumbfounded.   
"Uhm, bro, I just said that.  I think you'd be a good asset to the team they built."  Rhys paused.  "I mean, literally."  Then Rhys flexed his mountainous arm.  That was followed by the straining of his shorts as his massive cock threatened to rip right out of them again.   Ryan was almost drooling as he gazed upon the magnificence of his brother's arm.   
"53 inches?"   Ryan stuttered.   
"Last time I checked, that was about a couple weeks ago.  I've been growing them about an inch every two weeks I think."  Rhys replied smugly.  After a minute of silence Rhys leaned in and whispered...
"How long do you think it will take mom to make dinner?"  Rhys asked.
"I dunno, maybe 2 hours, you want me to ask?"  Ryan replied back.  
"Yeah, I'd like to be with you alone for a while without the parents barging in."  Rhys answered back gripping his brother's arm and rubbing his chest with his thumbs.  
"What are you doing?"  Ryan was surprised but was getting horny with the way his brother was stroking his chest.  His hard calloused hands rubbing against him practically covering a pec each.  His nips were being stroked hard and it was driving Ryan wild.  
"You know we need this bro."  Rhys spoke in a commanding lustful growl.  
"Fuck Rhys..."  Ryan moaned.  "Stop for a moment.  I'll go ask and then you can take me where you want."   
Rhys stopped and let Ryan go.  Rhys stroked his bulging cock as Ryan went in for information.   A couple minutes later Ryan came back out.  
"I was right, about 2 hours."  Ryan relayed.  Rhys smiled back.  
"Okay then bro.  Get in my shorts."  Rhys commanded.   
"What?"  Ryan asked tilting his head confused.  
Rhys pulled out the waistband of his shorts and his giant cock sprang out.  "Sit on my cock like a horse and put your legs inside my leg holes and I'll take you to one of my favorite spots."  Rhys smiled at Ryan, watching his brother staring in amazement again.   
"Well, don't just stand there."  Rhys commanded again his tone a little more forceful.  
Ryan jumped onto Rhys's cock with a little help and put his legs through the leg holes.  After that, Rhys stepped outside of the garage ducking his head dramatically to get through.  With one swift movement Rhys jumped into the air.  Ryan was looking at the ground one moment and in the next instant that ground was shooting away from him real fast.  Rhys was holding onto him.  His massive arm like a giant lap bar holding his cock and Ryan tightly to his body.  
"Holy shit bro!"  Ryan shouted over the whistling of the wind as Rhys shot into the sky.  
"I know right?"  Rhys replied smugly.  After climbing to an eye popping height they both began to fall back to earth.  Ryan felt his body start dropping and clutched the giant cock in front of him.  Rhys moaned as he felt Ryan's small body clutch to it.  Rhys's massive cock belched a bucket of pre.  Ryan was soon covered in it.  
Rhys was continuing to fall at terminal velocity.  The ground kept getting closer and closer.  Ryan shut his eyes as they came near impact.  Rhys's body tensed up.  Ryan knew that had to mean they were about to land.   Ryan heard a loud boom and he felt his body come to a full stop right into the hardness of Rhys's titanic forearm.  Ryan felt Rhys straighten up.
"We're here bro, you can open your eyes now."  Rhys laughed.  
Ryan did so, and when he did the first thing he noticed was that the both of them were in a modest sized crater, no doubt left by Rhys's impact.  
"Holy shit!"  Ryan whispered, barely able to speak, but only for a moment.  Ryan was then wracked with an intense orgasm as he took in the sight and contemplated the power that Rhys was.  Ryan moaned and then bucked his hips against Rhys's cock his impressive muscle flexing and bulging with each thrust.  This caused Rhys to moan as well as Ryan did so.  Both of them heard a rip causing them to stop before Ryan jerked one more time and came hard.  The first volley shooting up Rhys's pre covered cock, then Ryan leaned back and the next 10 volleys slapped against Rhys's herculean chest.  Rhys's body then lurched a bit as he adjusted his stance.  Rhys's body felt hot and he was starting to shake a bit.  Ryan turned himself to face his brother so he could see his face.  This caused Rhys to moan even louder as his cock was being stimulated by Ryan's every movement.  Ryan bucked his own sizable cock against Rhys's abs greedily rubbing and licking any part of his brother's body he could.  
"Flex for me bro!"  Ryan moaned.   
Rhys moaned again sounding even deeper before he went into an explosive double biceps pose for his brother.  Ryan's body was pushed outward by the expanding muscle causing him to look up.  Ryan took in the breathtaking sight of his gigantic brother.  Rhys's face was half covered by quivering flexing muscle pecs.  Ryan looked over to the side to see a majestic upper arm that rivaled his entire upper body.  Rhys's bicep was double peaked and it rose half again higher than the length of his forearm.  
"Awww fuck bro!"  Ryan moaned again.  "So fucking huge....  so fucking strong... I can never match you're muscle.  You are a muscle god!"  Ryan screamed as he experienced another brain blowing orgasm.  In that moment Rhys's body started to rumble and shake dramatically.  Ryan felt a jolt go through his body as he felt himself being jostled and pushed.  Ryan looked around and noticed Rhys's body was flexing harder than ever.  
Rhys's yelled in bliss as his whole body seemed to energize.  Then it happened.  Rhys's body went into a massive explosive flex causing his entire body to grow.  Rhys flexed and bulged and grew slowly his muscles twitching and rumbling.  Ryan began to feel hot as he straddled his muscle god brother's cock feeling it spread his legs apart even further as he grew.  Ryan frantically moved his body trying to stimulate Rhys even more.  Ryan flexed and unflexed his legs around his brother's massive throbbing tool as his hands roamed around his brother's flexing cum covered abs and sides.  
"Aw fuck!"  Ryan moaned again unloading yet another torrent of cum from his cock and up the valley of his brother's mighty abs.   It was all Rhys needed.   Rhys's cock lurched upward and swelled dramatically.  Ryan's legs were pulled apart even further as he could feel his brother's cock expand.  Ryan felt the rush of cum through his brothers penis as his balls drew up quickly.  Rhys roared loud enough to ricochet off the trees.
"FFFUUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!"  Rhys roared and flexed again as cum blasted out of his mighty flesh cannon straight into the air by the gallon.  Rhys's hips bucked violently.  Ryan bounced off of his abs and with each bounce his cock bounced in and out of the ab valley of his brother causing him to cum again.   Rhys continued to cum for over 5 minutes before he grabbed his cock and milked the remaining amount out letting it drool down onto his brother.  Rhys laid down carefully letting his brother lay on top of him.  Ryan took some of the cum that drooled out of Rhys's cock and licked it.  
"Sweet."  Ryan said softly.  Rhys smiled in return until his face contorted into surprise.  
"LOOK OUT!"  Rhys shouted but before Ryan could react a huge torrent of cum came raining down on the both of them.  Ryan took the brunt of it.  The thick white spunk feeling heavy against him as it fell on top of him.  It all came down in a minute.  When it was all done, Ryan raised his head.  
"Damn bro!  You're fuckin bigger and hotter than Superman!"  Ryan was surprised by his sudden openness.  
Rhys's body had blown up to 1/2 times bigger than his brother.  Whereas Ryan was 6'9"  his brother had to be almost 14 feet tall and he had be way more heavier than the 1500 lbs that he claimed he was earlier.  Rhys just simply rubbed his brother's back which caused Ryan to give a small moan and let his body move against Rhys's hand.  
"You are too bro.  And you'll be even better soon enough."  Rhys said softly.  
"I feel so good right now bro.  I feel like I'm high or something.  I have this tingling."  Ryan moaned lustfully.
"Hmmm, sounds like you're already reacting to it.  I can tell, you're body is heating up and I can feel your cock throbbing against my abs again."  Rhys confirmed softly and lustfully.  
"What do you..."  Ryan began but was suddenly caught off guard by a grip of pain starting at his stomach which spread to his chest and groin before travelling to his extremities.  Ryan wanted to scream but his whole body had seized up.  Rhys grabbed Ryan gently and set him on the ground next to him as he leaned over and continued to rub his brother's body.  
"Don't worry bro, it will soon be over and it will be worth it."  Rhys said and with his other hand started to stroke his cock.  


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