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muscle-growth Uncle Matt's Farm - Chapter 5 (The Recruitment of Gods)

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Chapter 5 – The Recruitment of Gods.

October 5th (Today):

Sam smiled broadly at seeing the two massively thick men that stood up ahead. The anticipation in him was overwhelming. He had been waiting for months to see this day come. As he drove the patrol car closer, he was able to make out which one was his brother, Lloyd. He was so happy that Lloyd had completed his task as well; really well in fact as Steve was such an amazing specimen of his new self. 


The broken up cop car splashed through the white glowing puddles of liquid as if the clouds had just burst uncontrollably, only it had not rained in over a week. The intensely strong smell of sweat and sex  in the air was so overpowering that with every breath Sam took in, his cock lengthened and rose up toward his chest. He looked over at his 2 hour old, new lover, Jake, who was fast asleep, resting from the incredible excursion that he had just gone through. Sam smiled even broader at the beauty of Jake. He remembered how only a few hours ago, everything was different since Jake and Steve hadn’t come into their own. He remembered when he himself first had the change and how much he wanted to have his partner by his side. He remembered how Uncle Matt had told him and his brother, Lloyd, that they were the ones who would bring the “New Breed” (as he called Jake and Steve) to life and begin a new colony. Both men were not only changed, but had become their lovers.  He remembered all of Jake’s feelings and thoughts and all that he and Jake had gone through to get to this point.  He looked at his watch…8:28pm…yep right on schedule.

6:14 pm, (the same night):

It was just after dusk when Jake and Sam had pulled behind the bush-covered guardrail to set up their radar. Their little speed trap had become quite successful. Lately there had been a lot of traffic on the old country road of 35 mph that was going well over 50. The mayor and sheriff had ordered the speed trap in hopes that it would slow everyone down, by the quick word of mouth that always was around town. But to Jake it seemed that it wasn’t the town folk that were doing the speeding, it was only a few travelers. Most of the time, the partners would just sit there and talk about their lives. Every now and then they would get to pull someone over for speeding and Jake really enjoyed it when they would pull over a huge hulking man from that farm over the mountain and across the county line. Their body frames were enormous and positioned on bikes that could barely contain their massive weight. Jake loved pulling these huge men over and always would be semi hard, by the time that he would walk up to these gladiators of steel. Some of them would check out Jake’s own nicely worked out body and flirt with him. He loved their attention and he LOVED men that had huge thick muscular bodies. Lately he had been hitting the mother load; especially with his partner.

March 4th (7 Months ago):

Jake was new to the town and the job. He had moved from Louisville about 6 months ago. Right before moving, or rather part of the reasons for the move, his now ex-girlfriend left Jake for some trucker she had met at the diner she worked at.  Thus, Jake had just graduated from the Louisville police academy and had seen that a position for a cop had opened up about 20 miles out of city, in the town of Flatbush.  He also found only one apartment that was available in town.  He immediately called for the apartment and talked to a guy named, Zach.  Zach told him the place was only a small one bedroom place with not even a full kitchen, but Jake told him he’s take it.  Then Jake called the station’s Captain to talk about the job.  Without even much effort, Jake got the job.  So he packed up his stuff and headed for a new adventure.


Jake had always thought himself to be bisexual.  He had had sex with guys and girls, sometimes at the same time, but he realized that they guys that he wanted always seemed to be huge and muscular.  Even as a child, Jake had always felt a certain…closeness to bodybuilders and superhero types of men.  Women were okay and basically were safe in a conservative town as Louisville was, but Jake always knew that huge muscle was what he desired. 


When Jake arrived in Flatbush, he noticed how everything was really neat and tidy in the town.  He noticed that there was no trash in the streets and everyone there looked happy and healthy.  Some actually looked “Really” healthy, like fitness models.   No one seemed overweight and if they did look big, it wasn’t because they were fat.  Everyone was very friendly and when Jake stopped at the local bank, he asked the teller if there were any places that he knew of where he could get a good workout.  The teller told him that there was a gym in town, next to the barber shop and that is where most everyone went to stay fit.  He also mentioned a farm on the outskirts of town, but that not many people went out there, since it was a little far out.


When Jake arrived at the apartment building, which was above the gym, the teller told him about, he met the landlord, Zach at the door.  Zach was a small skinny, pre-Captain America Steve Rogers type of guy.  Even though he was small and thin, he looked very healthy and Jake couldn’t help notice the enormous bulge in Zach’s pants.  Oddly, this stirred up Jake’s hormones.  Zach had not only owned the apartments upstairs, but he owned the whole building, including the gym.  They went into the apartment and it was perfect.  Just the right size and it was just as neat and tidy as the rest of the town.  Zach invited Jake to his place, down the hall for some coffee and they could go over rent and stuff. 


Zach and Jake talked about the rent and the town some, but then the conversation shifted to their personal lives and family.   Jake told Zach about his ex and Zach said what a shit ass punk she was, which made them both laugh.  Then Zach started talking about his family and he said that all he had left were two brothers.  One of them had left the town and he thought that he was living out on a farm of one of his friends.  The other brother, Sam, just happened to be one of the cops that Jake would be working with. 


The police force for the small town was very small itself as there wasn’t much going on in the town of Flatbush. But, that there always seemed to be a lot going out on the outskirts of town.  After about an hour, Jake got the car and trailer unpacked and he was moved in within a few hours.  That night, Jake had the most restful sleep that he could remember in a long time.  The next morning he was to report to the station and start his new job.


The first time Jake saw Sam, was at station when the captain introduced Jake to the officers in the department.  There were only 15 total including the captain and Jake.  Jake noticed, though, that he only counted 14; 12 guys and 2 girls.  He also noticed that almost every male on the force looked as beefy as most men in the town, but none of them were huge, just built a little bigger than most, like a cop should be.   That’s when another figure came into the building from outside.  Jake’s mouth went dry, his knees went weak, and his cock started to involuntarily grow. Sam introduced himself in a low commanding voice and walked…no swaggered over to shake Jake’s hand.  Sam smiled as he could see that Jake was visibly shaken by his size.


Sam was all cop, with his jargon and lingo and the way he was so hyped up about “catching the bad guys”, but physically, he looked like he had played for a professional football team all his life. He stood a little less than 6’8” and was enormously proportioned. His whole body was thick and big. He looked like a cross between a Viking and Scottish Highland Strongman. When Sam and Jake met face to face…rather, face to chest, Jake could hardly think straight. Sam noticed Jake’s staring but to him it was only admiration in his new partner’s eyes, instead of the lust that Jake had felt. Being a straight guy, Sam took it was one Hell of a compliment coming from a good-looking guy, like Jake. Sam had a girlfriend that he loved and they had plans to get married.  Even though he loved his fiancé, it didn’t stop Sam from being a chauvinistic jerk as he was always talking about how much she loved his super thick 10” cock ramming her wet pussy.


When they were on patrol, just the two of them sitting in their cruiser, Sam would get as graphic as a porn novel telling Jake his escapades with Lucy.  Jake could tell that Sam would also get turned on by his own stories. Sometimes as he talked about it, Jake would notice Sam’s huge pant snake start to burrow down his partners leg. Scared of Sam noticing his own impending 9”er making a pants tent, Jake would cover his lap with the ledger for the day. Then after every shift, he would go back to his apartment and beat his cock for hours imagining Sam’s huge body pressed against his and causing him to have some of the most powerful orgasms of his life.  Lately, it was becoming almost a daily ritual and Jake really never thought about girls much anymore.  It was beginning to be all about Sam.

Jake and Sam had been partners for about 3 ½ months now and Jake was feeling his way with his new partner. He fantasized doing that literally, feeling all over Sam’s big muscular, thick body, but he knew Sam was homophobic, so he had to take it easy with any hints or allegations. Sam was always talking about how disgusted he’d get seeing two guys kiss. He said that he would never let some guy kiss him. He’d rough ‘em up good. Make them pay for being such a pansy. Once he talked about how he’d fuck the hell out of em, just to teach those “fags” a lesson. The idea of Sam fucking Jake to teach him a lesson, made Jake almost cum in his pants.

As their time together on the job progressed through the months, Sam’s stories of the past chicks he had banged, plus his girlfriend’s ability to deep throat him and getting his cock so wet she never needed lube, seemed to get more intense, and more off the straight and narrow. Sam seemed to be getting turned on more and more every time he’d talk about it. At first it was all about the girl’s breasts and tight asses, but slowly the details of the girl’s bodies changed as it got less and less about their bodies, and more about how he loved watching his cock, seeing it growing and cumming in buckets when he was filling up the bitches. Once Jake thought he heard Sam almost cum in his pants, as he was really getting into it, talking about his muscles, body and cock so much that his breathing became heavier and heavier, till he seemed to moan under his breath. It was really dark in the car, that night, so Jake only was able to hear Sam, which actually made it worse for Jake, since he almost came himself at the lusty sounds of Sam right next to him. God, he wanted to touch his godlike partner, so bad, but he knew that it was impossible.


August 5th:


Then it happened, Sam came into work that day and he looked like something was on his mind, but he also looked relieved.  As they were changing in the locker room to get ready for patrol, Sam told Jake that he left Lucy.  He said that she wasn’t satisfying him like she used to and that he needed something…more.   He said that after he told Lucy, she freaked out and went ballistic.  He pulled down his pants to show Jake his thigh, where he said that Lucy had taken a salad fork and tried to stab him with it.  Jake looked at where Sam said she stabbed him, but he didn’t see a mark.  All he saw was the biggest most scrumptious thigh he had ever laid his eyes on.  He asked Sam, where did she stab him and Sam quickly pulled his pants back up and said that she was such a weakling that she didn’t even give him a scratch.  He said that for the past month he had been getting stronger and stronger and that he had no use for her pathetic ways.

As a matter of fact, Jack thought that Sam actually did seem to be getting larger every day, growing from that thick mass to a chiseled muscle god. They both worked out together at Zach’s gym, but Sam seemed to take off like wildfire, getting all cut and growing even bigger, so much so, that it made his uniform skintight and strained the fabric to the point where you could see every nook, mound and crevasse of his tightly muscled frame. At the gym, there was a height tape against one of the walls and one day Sam happened to be standing next to it. Jake’s eyes bugged out as he saw that his partner was over 7’ tall and barefoot, nonetheless. In fact he was 7’ 3”. Most men increase their size slowly, but Sam was packing on 10-20 pounds every week. He had to get several new uniforms. This growth spurt started about a month before, after Sam went camping up in the mountains with his other brother and two of his buddies from out of town. Jake also noticed how different Sam acted around him since the camping trip. It was almost like he was flirting with Jake at times, but that was impossible, with Sam being such a homophobic dick.  Jake had met Sam’s other brother, Lloyd and he was just a big as Sam was when they first met.  Lloyd lived on a farm with a few of his friends. 


In the past month or so, Sam’s brother, Lloyd, seemed to be gaining a lot of mass too, as did their two buddies, Carlos and Penn, both of which were smaller than Jake a month and a half ago, but now they were visibly larger than him. All of them seemed extremely touchy-feely with each other as well. It was getting to be more than Jake could take. He wanted Sam so bad, that he started to bone up every time he saw the man.  There were days that Jake would jerk off 2 or 3 times, just to get his hardon to go back down. 

September 20th:


Then two weeks ago, the two of them were at their normal “speed trap” spot when Sam had an idea. He said that they should bust a bunch of those “fags” at the local rest area on the other side of town. He said he knew that men frequented that place a lot at night and there never seemed to be any chicks. The thing that was strange to Jake was that Sam was the one to come up with busting the place in the first place. Sam knew right where it was and what took place there, but Jake hadn’t ever heard of the spot being cruisy, much less had been there for some cock, himself. The only time Jake ever got sucked off in public was in the local Wal-Mart restroom. Sam seemed actually excited at the prospect of rounding up some “faggots”. At first Jake thought that maybe Sam had been propositioned there and wanted to get even, but he questioned that later, too.

The two of them caught about 6 guys there, that were fucking and sucking, but as they were handcuffing them, 2 of the purps got away. Sam ran after them. Jake finished cuffing the other 4 and strangely he knew every one of the 6 guys, a couple were from the gym under his apartment. After Sam took off after the 2 escapees, Jake apologized to the other 4 and “accidentally” let the men go free. One of them was one of Jake’s best friends from the big city. He told the guys to stay away from there since the cops were on the hunt. The men thanked him and took off, leaving Jake alone. While he waited for Sam, he heard what sounded like trees snapping and the ground seemed to shake. Then there was the sound of what he thought were animals attacking the men, but it was over too quickly to warrant him to chase down the sounds.

Still, Jake still was worried about his partner. So what if the guy was a muscle god, he could have still gotten in some type of trouble. He started to walk into the woods just as Sam started showed up with the two purps over his shoulders. Their pants were around their ankles and each had huge hard-ons with bodies that were all red and appeared swollen. Neither one looked upset, but rather content and satisfied. Their bodies were almost thick, which was strange since one of them, Joshua was the local barber and had always been quite thin. Jake saw Joshua, just about every day, since the barber shop was right next to his building.  Sam set them down on the ground and without a word; both men pulled up their pants, gave Sam a strange look and freely got in the back of the patrol car.

What shocked Jake even more was that Sam himself looked bigger, everywhere. His uniform was slightly torn and tearing more, since it was so extremely tight on him. The men had a fluid of some type that glistened in the moonlight, all over their faces and bodies and the inside of the car smelled like sweat and bleach. Sam told Jake that he had caught them in the act and that they put up a good fight but of course they were no match for him. Jake pointed at Sam’s crotch as he looked at his partner huge wet mound of fabric around his cock area.

Sam replied, “Hey, since I dumped that bitch, I guess I need to get somewhere. Heh.  Oh well.”

Then Sam finally noticed something was missing and quickly changed the subject. “What happened to the other 4?”

“Oh they got away. I guess I didn’t have them restrained as well as I thought?”

“Oh well, at least I got two more of them for my trophy case.” Sam laughed hard and loud.

“Yeah, I guess so? Bet you want to mount em, huh?”

Sam threw Jake an evil look that told him to take that back.

“I’m sorry dude, I was just kidding.”

“No harm, let’s get these two back to the station.”

Both men got in the car and Jake suffered a massive hard on the whole way, smelling the mixture of sweat and what he now realized was cum. The rest of the night was surprisingly uneventful and Sam kept pretty much to himself, which certainly wasn’t like him. After the two were released from jail, Jake never saw them again. It was if they had just disappeared. That was only two weeks ago.

6:14pm, October 5th (Today):

Tonight though, just like clockwork, they had set up their speed trap and were anxiously waiting the night’s “kill” as Sam would call it. Strangely though, they hadn’t seen a car for over an hour.  The only passing vehicle was a pickup truck that had Sam’s brother Lloyd, driving  and a kid in the passenger seat that Jake thought he recognized but wasn’t really sure about.  Still there was something about the young kid that made Jake’s cock jump and throb. There was something strange going on in Lloyd’s truck as they passed. It was all too quick, but it looked like the kid was rising up and down as if getting fucked from underneath. It was really weird but extremely erotic looking at the same time. In fact, there was something about tonight that had Jake’s libido supercharged. It was almost like the air that he breathed could turn him on.

The patrol car was getting really warm inside and as usual, Sam started talking about getting his big cock getting wet, but this time, he never spoke of a girl; his girlfriend had moved out back in early September.  No...all Sam would take about if he was referencing someone other than himself was that they were just a “hot hole”. He was getting into such detail this time; visually describing his horse cock to such extend that Jake was so hard and in pain from the pressure he had to physically hold down his clipboard to his lap to hide his excitement.

Sam kept hinting to the fact that his story telling to Jake was making himself really horny, causing Sam to constantly and blatantly grabbing his crotch. Jake began to sweat as his own hormones raged for his partner. The sexual tension in the car was becoming completely overpowering, more-so than ever before. Sam began to slowly and erotically rub his massive legs, going down toward the knees on the outside of his giant quads then rubbing even slower up his inner thighs brushing his lengthening cock like it was a magic wand of power and lust. Over and over he did this as he very descriptively told Jake just what his cock could do to a person. He talked about the power it had like a mighty warlock’s scepter that caused anyone it gets in contact with to do his will.

The more Sam talked about his cock, the more Jake’s breathing became incredibly deep and strong.  Jake was starting to lose himself in Sam’s story and the scene that was playing out.  Then, just as Jake thought he could take no more, Sam started to tug on his massive cock. Harder and harder he began to grab it and move the fabric of his pants over his cock. With every squeeze and pull Jake could see it thickening and slithering down Sam’s muscular thigh almost to his knee. At this point, Jake figured that if Sam was going to put on a show, who was he not to sit there and watch in enjoyment, but he was still very worried that this was a trap and Sam would beat him to a pulp if he found out how much in lust Jake was for him.  His barrier was breaking down very quickly, though.

“God this fucking feels good. I’m sorry dude, but I just can’t stop it. You can join in if you want. Go ahead and work that pipe of yours, partner. I know I got to work mine. Mmmm yeah…God I’m so fucking horny!”

Still hesitating, Jake started to involuntarily rub his rock hard cock in his pants, but he kept the clipboard over it as he stared, mesmerized by Sam’s blatant display in front of him. Sam switched on the interior light and he looked up from his own lustful indulgence of his cock and over at Jake, “Look at that thing buddy, what hole wouldn’t love having that huge pipe opening it up. Tearing into it and filling it up with my fantastic spunk.” Sam squeezed his rod hard and almost instantly there was a huge wet spot where precum shot out from the piss hole soaking his leg and pants. He shook it some as if to wave it at Jake. “Damn, I’m so fucking horny tonight, I think this cock really does have a mind of  own cause it wants to fuck and get sucked anyway it can. I really want to get off tonight. I’d let anyone that wanted it, have it.”

Jake knew words out of Sam’s mouth were like that of a bad porno, but it seemed natural coming from him, since he loved to always talk about his sexual life.  Jake looked up at Sam’s face with that last comment and Sam was looking straight at him, licking his lips and motioning with his eyes, for Jake to look back down and marvel at his God Cock. “So Jake, do you think I could make a cave outta someone’s tight hole? Make them never want to stop having me fuck them and give them a gift like no one has ever given them before?” With that comment Jake noticed Sam’s pants start to rip apart slowly where the wet spot was as if his cock wanted free from its prison. In fact most of his pants were straining to start ripping apart, ever so slowly as this God of a man began to grow.

Jake couldn’t hold out any longer as he blurted out, “Damn, Sam you are the most impressive man I’ve ever met. You’re like the fuckin’ Hulk. I…I bet anyone would love having your ramming them. I know I…”

Sam interrupted Jake before he could finish what they both already knew, but Sam wanted to play with Jake a little longer, “Probably any guy, too. What do ya think? You think some faggots ass could take my super dong. I bet a man’s rock hard muscle ass could take my giant cock easier than any nasty pussy could, huh? I'd make him cum without even touching himself, don't ya think?”

“I…I dunno. Maybe, it could.” Jake was still playing along as well, even though he didn’t consciously want too.

“Because right now; I just want to get off. I don’t care who I’m with. I just want a warm body with a tight hole to fill with my super cock and its special sauce. Like I said, I’d let anyone do me right now. Whattya think, partner? You know of any takers, or maybe you think you’re up to it…” Sam toyed with him.

Still guarded, Jake said, “Why are you asking me?”

“No reason, just thought…well…you might want to…at least…see it…maybe I can show you something even more amazing with it?”

In a last ditch effort to hide his true desires, Jake said, “What are you crazy? I think I’ve seen plenty, already. I’m done with this, I’m no fag!! I’m sure some girls gaping gash would be just fine…” As Jake said the words out of his mouth, he turned away and grabbed the door handle, hoping to make a quick escape, before he gave into the lust that was inside of him. His heart started pounding as hard as his cock. His head was reeling and reality was dreamlike.  He was fighting his desires as best he could, but deep inside, he knew it was a losing battle.

For a moment, Sam was alarmed. “HOLD ON, DUDE!! It’s okay, seriously. I don’t think you’re a fag, man, but I know you’ve got to be curious. I know you are, everyone’s always curious. Lately, there have been a lot of people that have wanted to see it. Even some of the other guys on the force have seen it and almost all of them that have seen it were glad they did. They all said the same thing that you just said, but once they saw it, they knew they had wanted to see it all along, even if it was just for the penis envy and curiosity alone. Hell, until a month ago, I would’ve said no fucking way and kicked the piss right outta them, but lately I’ve seen a new outlook and it’s fucking awesome. Come on Jake; it’s cool. No one’s going to know. Hell, you should know by now, how much I enjoy the attention from you. I’ve noticed how you look at me with admiration and longing, but tonight...tonight buddy, you have a hunger in you, I can tell you are just full of desire and that's cool.  That's totally cool. We’re just two horny guys showing off what we’ve got. I’m sure your cock is really nice, too. By the looks of your pup tent, I’ve noticed that you have a pretty big package as well, especially when you try and cover it up when it gets hard during my stories. Yeah, I’ve noticed it all the time. And in some weird way, it makes me even hornier when I see that you are all horned up over me.  You always get really excited when I talk about fucking and all the sex I have. It’s cool, dude.  I bet you jerk off thinking about me.  I do. I fucking love myself and I love getting off on myself.  I love you getting off on me too.  So....let’s just show off what we’ve got to each other and get all this chicken shit out of the way” Sam could tell, Jake seemed a little more at ease. He tried a friendly challenge next. “Still you’re no match for my monster, but you look really good all hard and shit. Hell, I bet other guys are jealous of you too.”

Jake looked embarrassed and turned his gaze away.

Sam continued, still afraid that he almost lost Jake for a moment, “I know you’re not a fag, man. Anyone would get hard listening to my porn stories.  Besides, you’re a guy, and guys love to see what someone else has, don’t they? Hell, I've had guys ask to suck it, too.  And I don't judge, I just love getting off.  Here, just take a look at how big, thick and long it is already here in my pants and I’m only half hard.”

“HALF HARD!!” Jake thought and he turned back to look at it and he could clearly see that Sam’s cock must have been well over 10” now. “What does he mean only half hard.” The two words and the sight of Sam’s growing cock made Jake even more intrigued and horny. The voice in his head said, “I thought he was only 10” long, period.” Jake was embarrassed but kind of relieved that Sam knew he got hard during the sex stories. He was happy that he wouldn’t have to hide his rock hard cock anymore, but he still was extremely leery that this was a trap that Sam had set to bring him out. So he apprehensively said, “I don’t know, Sam. This is pretty weird. But…”

“But what?! What’s the big deal, bro? I know you’ve GOT to be curious. You have to be.  It's okay...I wanna see yours too.”

“Well, maybe…”

“You want to see my big shaft, don’t ya? Everyone does and I’m happy to oblige. They’re always very satisfied after they see it. I make sure of that. All I need is for you to tell me that you want to see it in all its glory.” Sam’s voice deepened and softened to the point of a low grumbled whisper, “Tell me, Jake. Tell me that you wanna see my huge cock. I know you do. Let go of your fear, Jake. Let go and give in to me.  Listen to my voice...Listen to my cock telling you to want it.   I’ve known you’ve always wanted too, haven’t ya? I’ve known that for a while now. My brother showed me a better way and now I want to show you.  I know you love my massive muscles and I can feel your desire for it. Your body's on fire for me.  Look at your own cock. It’s going to bust through your uniform, you want it so bad.” Sam pointed down to Jake’s throbbing crotch that was now wet with his own precum.

“I…I guess I am. Maybe it would be cool to see what you’ve been talking about for the past 6 months. You always cover it up in the lockeroom.”  Both men chuckled. 


Jake’s mouth was dry, but his lips and jock strap were soaked. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He was finally going to get to see what Sam had been teasing him with for the past 6 months. He knew he had to keep his cool, though, but he wanted to see that cock in “all its glory” as Sam put it. Hell, he wanted Sam in all his glory too. Jake’s asshole began to throb and pucker. His cock ached in his pants. He was so hard that Sam was right in assuming that it felt like it would bust through his uniform. God, what he wouldn’t give to be able to do that. Still, he was embarrassed that Sam had seen his trouser tent, but he thought, maybe it’s for the best since Sam was clearly interested in Jake seeing his monster. He knew he wanted to say yes. Yes, to see Sam’s incredible body, Yes, to Sam’s incredible cock. Yes, to whatever may happen. Maybe Sam would let him play with it, he thought. God, that would be a dream come true. Just the thought of that made Jake’s cock jump and shoot some more precum into his already drenched pants. He wanted that huge cock in his hands or better yet in his ass, which was puckering up even more. But he was still unsure if Sam were testing him and that he would kick his ass, if he tried anything. But now Jake’s passion had gone over the threshold.  His inhibitions left him like a new morning.  He felt free and clear of the barrier that was holding him back.  Sam had got the best of him and he blurted out, “Yes, Sam, show it to me. Show me your big fucking cock.  I want it!! I fucking need it!!! Give it to Sam. Give me your huge cock!!!”

Sam heard the words he longed to hear from his partner, which caused a burst of energy inside him and suddenly there were more rips in his pants, not only where his cock was, but in the thighs, calves and ass. Sam’s whole lower body seemed to be expanding inch by inch. Soon Sam would not be able to control the growth in him and it would take over his mind and body and he would only be able to go along for the incredible ride. Since his change at the farm, he would long for the growth to hit him every day; sometimes 2-3 times a day.  His training was finally over and he was able to finally control his body and its growth. There were times, such as now, that the growth would begin to get away from him, but he would regain his hold on it as best he could.  The growth was like a drug and he was hooked. Now he was about to have the ultimate high, since he was going to feel the growth but as well, he would have the love and lust he had felt for his partner.  It was time to bring Jake into the family.

Jake’s mouth dropped open and began to moisten as he could clearly see his partner growing. It was as if Sam’s body were a balloon of muscle that was slowly getting blown up, expanding and the muscles getting larger under the stretching skin, becoming more pronounced as they grew. His shirtsleeves began to rip. A few buttons popped off. One cracked the plastic glass covering the speedometer.

Sam slowly worked the split open in his pants, but instead of using his hands, he let his cock control itself as it tore through the fabric like a wild animal slowly escaping its cage.

Jake could see that the naked monster pushing itself free as it was actually pulsating now, expanding and contracting through the confines of its imprisonment. He was in awe of its ability to tear through Sam’s trousers. It shimmered with all the precum and sweat that had enveloped it. Yes, it was huge, but he thought that it was the most perfect and beautiful thing he had ever seen. Envy and curiosity were true understatements for what Sam said other men must have felt, for Jake was in complete admiration and yearning. He knew it needed his worship. Thoughts ran through his head as if it seemed to call to him, telling him to want it, to treat it as an Idol or a God’s tool for which he was to serve and please. He started to become hypnotized by it. Inch by inch he could see the beauty of it come into view. He started feeling dizzy and lightheaded. His palms were sweating, as was his forehead. He felt a hunger for it in his stomach and his asshole started to twitch uncontrollably. His cock was almost continually leaking precum in his jockstrap, soaking it. His eyes were wide and his chest heaved as his breathing become increasingly deeper and stronger. He developed a thirst in his mouth and throat to coincide with his mounting hunger. Jake was completely enthralled now, but he still had his wits about him. He knew, or rather quietly prayed that this cock that grew before him was going to be his to play with and to serve as was the growing man before him.

Sam was right, it WAS bigger than 10” now, and in fact it was almost 14” and still growing. It was incredibly thick, too; like a baseball bat. There was a thick vein snaking all the way from Sam’s thick forest of pubic hair to under the hood of the massive cock head that looked like a fully ripened, delicious apple. It was as if a snake was crawling out from the bushes to engulf the forbidden fruit. Jake could see the movement of life fluid through the massive vein, giving Sam’s super monster all the nourishment it needed to grow and extend into its God-like status. As the huge appendage came more and more into Jake’s view, more and more of the real world melted away and all that Jake could think or want in this life was Sam and his giant cock. With every deeper breath of air into Jake’s lungs, he could smell the pungent aroma of Sam’s fuckpole; sweat mixed with pre-cum and Sam’s pheromones. With each whiff, Jake felt more alive and went deeper under Sam’s spell. His own way of thinking was gone, now and all Jake could think and pay attention to was Sam’s humongous cock and body expanding for his own private show. The lust in him rose with every thread of fabric that tore away. He had never in his life been more turned on. He began to hit a constant state of euphoria.

Sam could tell that just as all the others, Jake was almost completely conquered to be his disciple of servitude and to become a muscle god himself. Sam knew he had to start the process of sealing the deal that Jake was unknowingly starting to sign. So, in one swift move, Sam took his hands and quickly tore his pants completely off and down over his huge column causing it to spring up to an almost 90 degree angle standing straight up at over 22” long and 9” around. This happened in just a matter of seconds and it was fully hard enough to stand more rigid than a steel pipe. There was so much precum already spurting out like a fountain from the nickel sized piss slit that when it sprung up, it shot large globs all over the car and one in particular flung over onto Jake’s face partially covering his right cheek, chin and lips. Jake felt it tingle on his skin and he left it there as he was now completely under Sam’s power.

There was a large vein on top of Sam’s cock that was almost ¾” thick and pulsating with waves of a dark purple fluid flowing through it. The precum flow began to slow as it came out like a leaky pipe cascading down the shaft, completely covering it like posing oil for a bodybuilder.

Jake felt his own cock jump hard in his pants and he had his first orgasm as it shot so much cum that it felt like he’d pissed himself. His voice cracked, “Oh God, I’m Cumming. I can’t help it…Jeeeezzzzus. Holy Shit!!! God, you’re so fucking huge and beautiful.”

Sam let Jake have his orgasm and after it subsided he said, “It is, isn’t it? It feels so good to let it out. It loves being free from the confines of my uniform, where it can breathe. So what about you, Jake? Let’s see your cock buddy.”

“I’m…I’m nothing like you, man. I’m just a little over average.” Jake moved the clipboard away from his cum soaked pants and pulled down his zipper. Normally he would have never been so blasé about showing his cock, especially since he had just filled his pants and he imagined he would begin to go soft, but not tonight. Tonight, he stayed rock hard and he was too far under Sam’s domination now. He dug down and fished out his normally impressive 9” cock, but, like he said, it was rather insignificant, when compared to Sam’s snake. To another normal man, though, Jake was very ample in the cock department. He began stroking it while looking at Sam’s anaconda that had consumed him. The pleasure running through him was so strong he began to softly moan. Only a few more strokes and Jake would have his 2nd orgasm.

“STOOOOOOOOOP, DON’T CUM AGAIN,” Sam commanded. “I want this to last. Take your hand off your cock and close your eyes.” Jake did as he was told. He could feel his cock pulsating and pleading for the release of an orgasm. In fact, he was stalled at that state of euphoria just before your sperm comes rushing out of your cock.  Sam knew that Jake was completely his now, but he still loved to play the game and in order to take over Jake and help him start the change; Sam had to get Jake into complete submission, first. He slyly spoke, “So Jake, very nice piece of meat there, buddy. You’re doing really well. I want you to keep your eyes shut and remember what my cock looks like in your mind. Remember its sheer beauty and size and tell me what see? Do not, I repeat do not hold back. I want your true feelings: Your true desires.”

“I see something more beautiful than anything I have ever laid my eyes on. I see sheer joy and ecstasy in your cock, Sam. I see an Idol of worship attached to a God of a man that I have longed for and needed and wanted to worship and be with since the very moment I met him walking into the police station. I see my complete longing and desire for you. I see a life dedicated to you and I see that I WANT YOU.” Those last three words came out of Jake without any remorse or fear of being outted. Jake, finally gave Sam all he needed to hear. Now it was time for the “kill”.

“Open your eyes and look at me.” Sam commanded.

Jake opened his eyes and looked over at Sam. Every fiber in his body longed for the Man-God and his gaze showed every facet of complete submission.

“Go on and touch it if you want, partner. Don’t worry about it. I don’t care. Everyone wants to touch it. Once they see it, they have too. It calls to them, just like it’s been calling to you. Don’t fight it, Jake. It wants you to feel it, to worship it, to make you one with it. Take it in your hand and feel its awesome power. It wants to give you its power and strength. It wants to make you huge.”

Jake shook his head in agreement, casting his gaze back from Sam’s dark blue eyes to his giant pole and Jake was thrilled that he no longer had to hide his feeling for Sam and he would never again have to deny how bad he wanted the man of his dreams. A tear slowly crept down his cheek. He would never have to forgo his primal desire again: A desire that he was no longer in control of but it was now in control of him. He was happy to be completely in Sam’s control. In fact he was getting off on it.

“You want it. You want to feel how heavy and huge it is. I know you do. In fact, Jake, I know you always have. I knew even before the night my brother and I changed your friends at the rest stop. Yes, you were right in suspecting me. They hardly put up a fight when they saw my cock. It called to them, just as it is calling you now. At that time I wasn’t fully able to change them myself, so my brother had the honors and they are reaping huge rewards for receiving our gift unto them. They are well on their way to becoming more than just great men; they are becoming GODS, like me. Go on and give in to it. It needs your worship. It needs your lust. It needs your hunger. I want you to be part of it. I want you to be a part of me. I want you to become a God, Jake.”

Wide-eyed and trembling, Jake looked up from his gaze at the huge fuck pole due to that last comment and looked into Sam’s eyes. Tears were now streaming down his face. He was completely happy and relieved. He was more turned on then he had ever been in his life: Mainly he finally felt, free. That was the last moment that Jake would ever remember being a normal human. He was on his way to being one of Uncle Matt’s Godlike men. His hand trembled as it moved toward Sam’s giant cock.

The monster glistened in the moonlight as Jake touched “glory” for the first time. He wrapped his large hand around Sam’s cock and still his fingers couldn’t touch due to the thickness of it. He began to slide his strong hand up and down feeling the power of it. Jake could tell that its weight was well over 15lbs. It was rock solid and throbbed of life. The precum covering it was like sheer seethe of thick oil that actually made Jake’s hand tingle and become increasingly warmer. Saliva escaped out of the side of Jake’s mouth. Then he realized how hot the side of his face was remembering the glob of precum that had hit him just moments before. He rose up his other hand, collecting some of Sam’s incredible potion mixed with his own tears and licked it with his tongue as he brought it into his mouth. He swallowed and a bolt of electricity immediately shot through him. Waves of a powerful new feeling and sexual highness more intense than he had ever felt before poured through him like an internal orgasm and he lost all control as he lunged at his idol of worship. With a deep breath, Jake took the entire head of the monster in, stretching his mouth to its limit. His lips cracked at the edges and started to slightly bleed.


Jake swallowed as much of Sam’s mammoth rod as he could, which at first was only a mere 2 inches, but with every push of his mouth down, it seemed easier to go further. Sam’s endless supply of precum was mixing with Jake’s own bodily fluids of saliva and blood causing his change to begin. Soon he had over half of Sam’s gigantic cock down into the back of his mouth and beginning down his throat. With every suck he swallowed more precum, energizing him even more and helping his body become more elastic to take the huge prick in him. His entire body was warming up and feeling more energized.

“Yeah, Bitch, Dammit Mother Fucker, swallow my cock. I’ve been waiting for over a month for this. You are going to be my best. You are going to be colossal.” With that, Sam grabbed the back of Jake’s head and simultaneously rammed his hips up and his partner’s face down shoving all 20 inches of God cock into the back and then down into his new bitches’ throat. “Fuck yeah, bitch, you are going to make Matt one very happy man.”

Jake was so into Sam’s cock; he thought Sam had said ME instead of Matt. Little did both of them know that this was just the beginning of Uncle Matt’s master plan. You see, Jake and another of Uncle Matt’s men were to meet later and change mankind. But good things come to those who wait.

Jake was amazed at how easy it was to take all of Sam down his throat and how good it felt. He felt that god cock pulsating in his throat as it continued pumping Sam’s muscle juice into him. His body took over, beginning with his throat as it massaged Sam’s huge cock on its own. Jake felt consumed with lust and the need for more from his partner was becoming overwhelming. Just when his mouth seemed to stretch wider and his mouth cavity was even fuller of cock, something more began to happen.  Was it his imagination or was Sam getting bigger, AGAIN? Another large stretch and Jake noticed that even though he hadn’t moved up or down on it, there was an added 4 inches from his face to Sam’s pelvis. Then Sam screamed and the whole car jumped as Sam’s orgasm began, flowing huge amounts of cum deep into Jake’s gullet.    So much cum was pouring into the smaller man’s body that it began to flow out of his mouth and all over them and the inside of the care.   Sam’s massive cock seemed to continue to grow inside and down Jake’s throat as his body seemed match his cock growing at a fast rate as well. Jake held onto Sam’s cock the best he could and then he began to realize that it wasn’t only Sam’s body that was increasing.

Wave after wave of Sam’s cum flowed into Jake, continuing the process of Jake’s transformation. His body was on fire and his skin felt like it was soaked in sweat and cum.  Suddenly, his clothes felt extremely tight. So much so that he felt the ass of his pants rip with force up the center and continue to rip completely around the waist and down the right side first and then the left of his legs till they fell onto the seat below him. His socks and his boots started to rip off of him. Then his shirt and the rest of his pants literally exploded in the car, shattering the passenger window with his holster.


Meanwhile, Sam was accelerating in his own growth and beginning to lose control as well. He realized that if he didn’t maintain himself that they would both grow to insane proportions and quite literally be unable to function, let alone return to a normal human like size.   In a desperate attempt to stay in control, Sam quickly unbuttoned his shirt before he ripped through another one. He usually was able to control the speed and mass of his size, but this time even he was almost out of control as his new subject was. He had been yearning to get his partner to join him as a huge muscle god since the day after he had become one himself.


That was when Lloyd, his brother, took him by surprise one evening after they had closed up the gym. He had been working out extremely hard that night in anger and frustration, due to his girlfriend’s cold, rigid attitude toward sex with him. She said he was getting to rough and when he fucked her it hurt instead of arousing her. Lloyd took Sam’s frustrated body to the message room to “calm” him down. Sam was so horned up that even his brother’s touch got him hard. Lloyd told Sam to hold on for a moment as he made a call and in about 15 minutes later, there was a knock at the gym garage door. Lloyd answered the door and Sam saw what looked to him like a human wall. Within seconds, this beast had Sam’s cock in his mouth causing Sam to go into overload and the next thing he can remember from that night was waking up the at Uncle Matt’s farm with his huge hard cock and his body completely massive beyond belief. The next day he learned how to control his morphing and began his training as well as helping to recruit others for the farm. Within a few weeks he had recruited more men than anyone else, combined; over 57 men were given a new life because of Sam.

Now, 2 months later, his lust for turning Jake was so much that he, again, was going into sexual overload and knew he couldn’t control himself much longer.

He got the shirt off just in time as his chest and arms expanded to Herculean proportions, causing the roof of the car and the driver’s door to bend up and outward. He knew he had to move quick or his already 8 foot high massive frame could inhibit Jake’s newly developing body if they stayed in the police cruiser much longer. Since his partner was over the top of his pants with his growing cock filling him up, Sam just let them rip to shreds. He loved the feel of shredding his clothes; his favorite moments were the initiation of a new member and exploding out of his clothes with his massive body. There wasn’t much room left for Sam and Jake to grow in the car so he tore off the car door and pulled his cock out of Jake’s hungry mouth leading him out of the car like a dog to a bone. Jake had already grown over a foot everywhere and was shredded from his own clothes. Sam was almost completely naked too, with only tattered pieces of fabric hanging off of him, but he knew they were too close to the road and would be noticed, so he led his prey into the woods. The car on the other hand, looked totaled.  It wasn’t going to be easy to explain that to the captain, but he shouldn’t mind, since he went through the change last weekend.

Once he felt at a safe distance from the road, Sam grabbed Jake’s expanding body by the ankles and pulled him up so they were at a vertical 69 position and Sam inhaled Jake’s own throbbing and growing 11” cock. It had grown 2 inches in a matter of minutes. For a moment Sam let go of one of Jake’s ankles and realized that due to both of their incredible strength, they were able to sustain this position without holding on to each other by their arms, hands and legs. All they need to use was their super strong suction and jaws. Both men were well over 10 feet tall now and Sam decided that he himself was tall enough, but to let Jake continue to grow. It took almost all of his concentration to stop his own growth. They held on like this long enough for Jake’s expanding body to grow well over 12 feet tall, causing Jake’s head to reach the ground, Sam’s eyes widened in awe as Jake’s massive growing frame lifted Sam off the ground as it continued to gain height and mass.

Jake’s cock had now also surpassed his mentor and was a good 22” long and over 9” around. Sam began to gag some and again was in awe at this since he had never gagged on another cock.

Just when Sam felt that he either would need to begin to grow himself or die from suffocating on Jake’s humongous cock, Jake stopped growing. His body immediately started to convulse and thick gushing streams of cum poured down Sam’s willing throat. Sam drink and drink for what seemed forever until Jake’s giant orgasm’s finally subsided. Sam could hold out no longer and he erupted so much cum out of his cock that Jake felt as though he were drowning. This was the point when Jake passed out and both men fell to the ground causing a minor quake to rip through the forest. As they were unconscious, they proceeded to change back to their normal states, but for Jake his normal state was now that of one of the largest bodybuilders in the world.

Twenty minutes later, Jake woke up in the arms of the man he had secretly loved for over the past 6 months. He looked over at Sam, who was still out and kissed him on the cheek. He realized that they were both naked and then every memory of his change came rushing through him as he saw his new “normal” body. His new massive godlike body was somewhat equal to his partner’s but his cock was noticeably larger. He quietly released himself from his sleeping lover, standing up and began to feel what yearned to have his entire life:  A God’s body.

Sam woke up shortly after and both men kissed.  They walked back to the car.  As soon as they reached the car, the ground began to shake and from over the hill that was part of Uncle Matt’s Farm, they saw a shock wave barreling toward them.  Both men instinctively knew the cause of it and instead of shying away or hiding from the impending burst of energy, they embraced it and faced it head on  with their arms outstretched behind them and the welcomed the approaching blast. 


As it leveled trees and most everything it came in contact with, the two men were in their instinctive trance and ready for the next phase of Uncle Matt’s plan to begin.  The shock wave hit them both head on, causing the patrol car to overturn and the billboard sign along with most of the trees around them to be mowed down.  Neither of their super strong bodies flinched, all that they felt was what was needed for the continued genesis of the evening.  Both men instantly came as the rush of euphoria unlike anything they had ever felt passed through them.  Visions of two colossal men who they both recognized as Sam’s brother Lloyd and his passenger, changing into God’s even larger than they had become. 


When the shock wave passed, each of them walked over to the car, Sam picked it up and turned it back over as Jake watched in amazement.  Sam told Jake to try and lift the car, which he easily accomplished, sending a rush of sexual excitement through him.  With the roof torn off the car, the both got it, started the car to their amazement and drove to the epicenter of what would be the beginning of a new race on Earth.

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Thanks so much.  The last Chapter (5) was the last of the revised versions of the original story.  Chapter 6 is going to be completely new and has never been seen by anyone.  I think there will end up being 10 chapters in all.

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