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immobile The V Files: Busted Behemoth

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The V Files: Busted Behemoth

by F_R_Eaky


It was one of the more unusual and yet normal looking cases Agent Schinnee and myself have ever investigated.  From the outside the house appeared normal, and so too did most of the inside.  Schinnee and myself had been called to this address.  Apparently a neighbor had heard some kind of crashing and rumbling the night before as if the walls were falling in.  He didn't do anything then, but came over the next day, he stopped for a visit and found his neighbor lying on the floor.  That's when he called the authorities.  The local police came in to investigate and immediately called the FBI.  The Bureau sent over an agent who came back to the office so flustered, even without any information, they decided this needed to be investigated by my department.


Upon our arrival, Schinnee and I got out of our car and approached the front door.  Everything looked normal, nothing out of the ordinary.  Even for the ordinary this place looked very bland and, how do kids phrase it today?...meh!  We entered the living room, which was very clean and organized.  To the left there was a small dining area and then the kitchen.  It too was very clean save for a tray full of Cheesy like crackers and a large mug full of tepid tea.   Continuing our search of the house, Schinnee took the room to the left and back, while I took the one to the right back to .  It was slightly askew.


A computer room it was,  but it didn't look like the computer had been touched, nor anything else on the desk.  There was a tall shelf to its side against a wall, now it had its papers and books knocked down and strewn about the floor.  There was a bit of indentation in a couple of the shelves and not much else.  This wasn't a mess generated by a search through here like a robbery, ... this was possible a fight scene.  But there was something else odd about the room.  The ceiling looked very real and solid with intricate crown moulding, yet appeared slightly flimsy and almost gave the feeling of a drop ceiling.  The door was a bit smaller than the rest of the doors and doorways throughout the house, and the furniture seemed almost child sized.


Glancing at the computer, I clicked through a series of windows opened up on the desk top.  Most were several pictures of men.  Large men, in one way or another.  Some were highly endowed penis wise, as if their mother had bred with a horse.  Others were very tall, so as to have redwoods for their paternal parent.  Still others were descendants of Hercules or some other man with extremely large muscular genetics and build, while some were well done photo manipulation combining several of the men together.  The other windows were chat rooms and sites for tall men, large penis support, big feet, bodybuilders, and bears.


"I'm not sure why we were called in, Schinnee.  This man has fetish for big men....really big men.  Total alpha male junkie.  Probably was attacked by some man he met on-line whom he had given his real address."


"Boulder... I think you better come in here."


"Why, Schinnee?"




It was then that I heard the sound of a man moaning.  I got up from the desk chair, opened the small side door to the room Schinnee had first entered, discovered a larger door behind it, opened that and entered the room, turned, walked through, and discovered two other rooms.  These were a couple of rooms though, that looked thoroughly destroyed, as if a demolition team had come through and performed their job on just an eighth of the house.  And there, there in the middle of the room lied their wrecking ball.




"That's what I said, Boulder."


There, in the middle of the room, rooms so to speak, was the man the neighbor was checking on, moaning.  The police, the agent before us, Agent Schinnee and I had all automatically assumed that this man would be dead, but there he was lying naked on the floor.


"Uhm... Good morning.  It's ok, sir.  I'm Agent Boulder, this is Agent Schinnee of the F.B.I.  we're here to help you."


"You gonna be any better help than that last agent who wouldn't do anything for me but run out the door?"


"No... no.  ... we're gonna try and do our best to help you any way we can.  You just sort of took our last agent and the police before him by surprise.  Why don't you start telling me your name."


My partner called in for assistance before the man spoke up.  "...This is Agent Schinnee we're going to need some back up and medical assistance here. ... ...  A lot of back up, sir.  I'm going to need a structural engineer, a few contractors and some of their equipment, especially quite a few tarps and a large flat bed truck."


"My name is Gerald.  Gerald Milstadt, but you can call me Gerry."


"Alright, Gerry." I responded while Agent Schinnee went to go find a towel or blanket to try and cover Mr. Milstadt up.  "You are on the floor, taking up quite a bit of space, and have several large bruises, some lacerations on your body, and your nude. Can you tell me how you wound up like this?"


"Yes...a man by the name of Blaise, Blaise Hanson did this to me, although I am to blame for why it happened."


"Did you meet this Mr. Hanson on the internet and invite him over?"


"Yes...and no.  I did meet Blaise several years ago on line, but I didn't invite him over.  He...he hacked and traced my computer, discovered where I lived and came over.  He took me by surprise."


"Are you saying he broke into your house and you were unaware of his doing so?"




"And then he attacked you?"


"In a manner of speaking, yes."


"How big is Mr. Hanson.  What's his physical description?"


"Uhmmmm" and Gerry let out a long sigh with a soft smile.  "He's about 5' 11", 180lbs of some nice muscle, salt in pepper hair - short cut, ice blue eyes, strong jaw, and the cutest cleft chin you ever saw.  Gawd, he's one handsome man."


"You'll have to beg my pardon, Mr. Milstadt, but I find it hard to believe, even taking you by surprise that a man of that stature could take a man your size down, let alone out."


"He had some help and he didn't actually take me down, not directly."


"I think you had better tell me this story from the beginning, Mr. Milstadt."


"Please, Gerry, and I'll tell you but I'm not sure if you'll believe me, agent. ... ... ...




It started several years ago, at least for myself and Mr. Hanson.  Despite what you see right now, I was a man of little stature and build.  5' 6" to be exact and although cut and defined, but muscles weren't that large.  I was lucky to be a swimmer's build at best, if that.    I've always wanted to be bigger, and I've admired, in some cases lusted, after men of great size.  In fact, if you've looked at my computer before you came in here, you can tell it's my fetish.  Downright obsession to be truthful.  Doesn't matter how a man is big, I look at it: towering men over seven feet tall, men with huge feet size US men's shoe twenty or larger, bodybuilders with arms bigger round than their head - reaching 22, 23, 24, or even 25 inches around, men endowed with a cock that can measure out exactly one foot, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.  The point is if they're above average in some way, I look at their pictures and drool over them.  Many times I wish I could be them.


And that's what I did.  My obsession took over.  I lost control.  I not only enjoyed looking at the pictures of these men, but I wanted to be them.  I wanted to talk with men and hear them praise me for how tall, muscular, or endowed I was.  I wanted to hear them jack off to my voice, because they believed me to be a giant muscle god.  I wanted to jack off listening to them praising and worshiping me for the same reason.  However I couldn't do it as fantasy chat, some kind of role playing crap.  That wouldn't work.  I would know automatically it wasn't real and I wanted it to feel real.


Instead I began to collect photos of my favorite men and I began to use them.  I put them up as my profile pictures in chat rooms for tall men, bodybuilders, giant hairy bears, and large penis groups.  I even began to swap my face for theirs on the bodies, use that for the pictures for my avatar, I began to craft smaller furniture to sit in to make me look larger when chatting live, to use homemade large dildos as a penis prosthetic to make me look hung, and even began to use a cgi program to create bodies to super impose over mine while talking live on video streams.


Well, one of the first people I ever talked with was Blaise.  He was just as turned on by big, Big, BIG men like I was.  He was even working out to add some muscle to his frame.  He talked with me for hours about the beauty of the human male form and how much prettier, handsomer it was the bigger it was in height, development, or endowment.  Of course, looking at the pictures I posted of myself, he praised and worshipped me for my outstanding physique.  We sent emails of files to one another, photo of my large hand, then he'd print it out and place his hand on it and send me the picture of that back so I could see the size difference, the same for footprints, and shoe sizes.  He bought a shirt tailor made for my "body" wore it  for a whole weekend and then sent it to me so I could wear it.


Of course, what was happening was he was falling in love with me.  And to tell the truth, I was actually falling in love with him.  He was taller than me, becoming larger built than me, from what I could tell, was even a little more hung than I am, and that face.... oh that handsome face.  Not to mention his personality and his soul....  True he wasn't actually a giant bodybuilder with a cock the size of a fire hose, but, he was large enough for me and I would be happy with him.  However, in order to be in a real relationship with him, I had to come clean.  I had to tell him what I had done.  Needless to say he didn't take it well at all.  Can you blame him?  I mean I basically cheated him out of the man of his dreams.  He thought I was all that and a mountain side, too, and it turns out I'm just this short, lithe, little twink.  He was furious.  He wrote me letters wanting stuff back, repayment for items purchased.  He called repeatedly.  I apologized a couple of  times, but he wanted more...he wanted something.  I eventually changed my phone number, email account, and nick on all the chat boards I frequented.


 But, I have a problem.  My obsession wasn't just an obsession, it was an addiction.  I kept returning to the chat rooms, posting other men's pictures as myself, upgrading to cgi, green screens, furniture and object props so I could appear more live, more realistic as a giant, muscle mountain, male porn star.  I've been doing it for fifteen years.  FIFTEEN YEARS!  I've broken a few more hearts and I've used quite a few men's bodies.  Last night is when it all caught up with me.  Blaise must have used an alias to get to talk with me, and once he figured out the giant he was chatting with was really me, he began to trace my system and discover where I lived.


Sitting at my computer desk last night, I had every chat room open scanning for someone looking to talk to a "big man."  I finally found my chat mate on the large penis support group page.  I was talking with this man in open chat, telling him about my fourteen inch cock on my seven foot tall body.  I'd sent him some still shots.  We chatted in some p.m.'s and agreed to do a video chat.  It was all good.  I was in my reduced sized furniture, which made me look really tall, and I had on my homemade dildo so I looked hung like a mule.  But just when it started to get all down and dirty, all complements and worship, suddenly there was a new person in the chat room posting up in conversation to attract my worshipper's attention.


The new chatter was posting things like, "The man has got a four and half inch dick in real life."  or "He's lucky if he's five and half feet tall, let alone seven."  He also typed up "He's as hairy as a baby's bottom!", "He's just playing you to get his own rocks off!"  I tried to defend myself, tell him to fuck off, and that's when he typed in, "He's going to talk to you while sitting on baby furniture so you think he's some damned basketball sized fucker!"  I responded with "I do not!",  and that's when he typed, "Yes you do, you're sitting in your Barbie sized furniture right now, I can see it!"


I froze and then turned my head to the window to look outside.  I thought I might have caught a glimpse of something, but by the time my eyes really adjusted from screen glare to night time darkness, there was nothing there.  I sat there, heart pounding, beads of sweat beginning to form on my brow and then that's when I heard footsteps on my back porch. Then I remembered ... I had left the door unlocked.


WHAM!  Suddenly the door flew open and in stomped Blaise looking every bit as hot and sexy as he did before.  He seemed to fly into my computer room and smacked me right out of my chair, into the bookcase, and then onto the floor.  He stood there legs straddling over me, and although I kept my eyes focused on his hot tempered gaze, I could see under and through his legs, via my peripheral vision, that several men of varying largeness has strolled through my open door and was filling up my computer and living rooms.


"Tonight, you insensitive fuck, your charade of being a big man ends!  Why did you keep on doing this?  How many other men have you built up and then broken their hearts because you weren't the man you physically described or showed?"


"Oh....gawd.... Blaise.... I'm sorry.  I never meant..."


"Shut up!" Blaise said as he delivered another slap to my face.  "There's no excuse for this!  You have the same kind of fantasy, the same obsession, the same fetish as so many other men like myself have, and yet you betrayed us all by portraying yourself off as some muscle bound, hung, giant of a man, one with a great personality.  You get our hopes up that by chance some porno Adonis of the Nephilim in the real world not only exists but is willing to converse with us, have a relationship with us, and then we discover you're nothing more than another average milksop like the rest of us."


"I'm sorry.  I wish... I could do something..."


"DO WHAT?!  Pay me back?  You ought to pay me back. I SPENT MONEY ON YOU!  Spotted a pair of size twenty-three sneakers, two pair in fact, bought and sent them to you, to help ease the inconvenience your giant-size life had to go through in finding clothes that fit.  Do know who makes those size of shoes?  It's not the el cheapo company.  It's only the expensive name brands  that can make the really giant sized shoes.  You know, the ones who at a normal size 9, 10, or 11 cost around $85 a pair!  $150 if there is a bidding war.  How much do you think those rare sizes went for?  Do you know there's enough actual tall, tall, men with big, big feet that are clamoring, fighting to get a hold of those size shoes?"


"Blaise... I never meant for you spend..."


"TWO HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS!  That was the one pair.  The other was three hundred and twenty five.  And look at you.  What... what size shoe you wear?  I think even my size eleven and halfs are huge compared to your shoes.  What size you wear, huh?  WHAT SIZE DO YOU WEAR!?!"


Blaise dropped down to one knee, which rested on my stomach.  He then reached up and grabbed one of my feet and pulled my leg up in the air towards me.


"AH-HUUUUUGH! ....[cough cough...sputter] eiiight...."




" [cough cough cough]  EIGHT!  I wear as size US Men's size eight shoe."


"Fifteen sizes.... FIFTEEN SIZES!  Fifteen sizes smaller than what you claimed to me." Blaise laughed and threw my leg back down to the floor. "three and half smaller than my own shoe."


Blaise turned and grabbed the chair near my computer desk and sat down in it.  It was custom made smaller than average furniture to make me look taller, and at almost half a foot taller than me, Blaise looked huge in it.  Especially the way his muscular form, even though small, so to speak, filled out his tight t-shirt, making the wing span of his lats look like they were really flaring out massively over the arms of the chair, while his ample thighs and knees were sitting high and being pushed up towards his chest.  He only has the build of a soccer or rugby player, but he nearly looked like the hulk sitting in that chair and the sight of him, despite my fear at the time, turned me on something fierce.


"OH MY GAWD!  Are your shorts tenting?  Are you developing an erection over me?!"


"I'm sorry Blaise, you've been working out.... you've always looked so handsome...."


"If I'm gonna make you cream your pants, better give you a good show for that deed."


Blaise got up out of the chair and stood over me again, straddling his legs once more on either side of my waist. 




He began to bend over at the waist and growl at me.  He kept making a most muscular pose over and over again while screaming at me.  He'd flex his arms in a frontal double bi and then go back to the most muscular, eventually ending the posing session by grabbing his t-shirt collar and ripping his shirt down the front revealing his chest and abs.  Between being scared and the arousal I felt at the site of him playing alpha male, the site of him ripping his shirt off revealing his muscles, and the thought of him maybe growing larger, taller, broader, stronger, I ... ... ... I couldn't... ... ... I couldn't help it. ...I ... ... ... I blew a load on the spot.  It wasn't long before the wetness showed through my shorts.


"Did....did you just blow your load?  Week little fucker!"


Blaise flipped the chair over back towards the desk and walked around to me.


"Well, that's okay.  It's fine because I'm here to help you with that little problem.  In fact, we all are here to help you with your lit-tle pro-blem."


"What...huh...huh... do you mean?"


"Well in this case, right now, it'll take you, the average sized man, what?  Three to four hours before you might have enough sperm built up to have another really good toe curling orgasm with a full load of spunk blowin' out the pipes.  But see... tonight, we're gonna turn you in a man.  A big man, Gerry. ... ... ... or will we call you Demitri?  Or is it Padraig?  No?  Albert? Jeremy, Eoin, Ricardo, or any of the other fifty some odd names you've used as a mother fuckin' alias! ... .... ... doesn't matter.  The point is, we're gonna make you so huge, even in the balls department, that when you blow, just one shot... one shot, from you orgasm might be enough to coat a wall in this room.  The entire wall."


Still breathless I lie there looking up at Blaise, who now had turned the chair back over and sat in it again.


"What...what do you mean?  What are you saying?"


"Karma, buddy boy.  It's payback time, and the way you're gonna pay us back, is by growing.  You're gonna become our big man, but not the way you think.  You see, we're not going to make you a good sized jock, or a superstar athlete or a professional bodybuilder.  No... we're going to go beyond that.  We're going to make you a freak!  You're going to become a giant, muscle bound, overly hung, man that is so thick and broad he nearly looks perfectly square.  You're going to become so fucking hung, you'll need to arrange for a blood transfusion so you won't die of lack of blood to the brain when you get an erection!"


I sat up, shakily, not knowing who these other men were in my house, but I kept my focus on Blaise.  I began to unsteadily stand up, while looking at him, and tell him to his face... "You're...crazy..."




He sat there, his chest heaving in anger, the movement of his pecs stretching outward with each breath now pulling the split part of his shirt slightly more open every time it expanded, allowing it to close when he exhaled.


"Do you recognize any of these men?"




"They are your inspiration for your body.  For your alias' body."


I looked around the room and my eyes opened wide in horror.  These weren't, as I assumed, the men whom I had turned on and led into believing I was a runway model version of the hulk.  These were the men who pictures I had used and stolen their physical identity.  I had no idea why they were there or what they were going to do, but I soon found out.  I stood up and attempted to make it to the side door of the computer room.  It would give all of them, including Blaise, more than enough trouble to get through because it was made for me to look tall.  I just get through it via ducking my head, most of them would have to bend at the waist due to height, or turn to the side due to musculature.  Blaise, however, had other plans.


"Oh... no.  You can't go running off.  I think it's time for the first installment of improvements, and let's start with his feet.  Gentlemen?...."


From the crowd of men gathered in my computer room and living room, a young man, just barely out of his teens, stepped forward.  He was a handsome lad, kind of tall at 6' 1" but his feet were enormous.  He turned and looked at me and simply said, "Size Nineteen."




I was nearly out the two doors and was going to be able to sprint and run towards the freedom of the back door and then my car, but suddenly there was this incredible pain that shot up through my body from my feet to my brain.  It was so strong I saw stars immediately and fell just outside of the second original, normal sized, side door.


I lie there, staring at my feet, feeling them pulse and swell.  I could hear bone braking and sinew snapping, tendons stretching.




The pain was incredible, but the worst part was, it now began in my hands; they were joining in!  I watched in horror as my feet kept on swelling, larger, longer, wider, thicker, the form of my shoe becoming lost as it began to look like the shoe was actually formed to the size and shape of my foot.  And then along with the popping and snapping of my musculature and bones, the pops and snaps of the seams of my shoes began to be heard.  This was followed by the rips of the fabric, and soon my feet felt the cool air caress them as my toes and the balls of my feet began to grow out of my shoes and shred my socks. When it was done my feet were poking out of my ratty-tatty shoes, having grown almost four inches longer in a matter of minutes, maybe seconds.  The heel and sides were nearly blown out as well.


I turned face down, placing my hands on the carpet.  They were in proportion to my feet now, these huge paw sized hands.  It was only slightly difficult using them to help push me up to stand, but once I tried to walk, I was tripping over my huge ass feet.  I wasn't sure how to walk with them.  Size nineteen shoe, 13.66 inches of foot on legs for a 5' 6" body.  We're talking my foot was now the length of my entire shin.


"Oooh those look a little disproportionate on you.  Let's help you out."


Next to step up was a man.  I remembered his name and his height instantly. Alexander, 82 inches.  He didn't have to say it. I knew this was going to hurt like hell.


"Six foot ten inches."


Instantly the air was filled with the sound of breaking bones, snapping sinew and tendons, stretching skin.  I dropped to the floor again wracked with pain as my body started lengthening, becoming taller and taller.  Sixteen inches taller to be exact.  Blaise was certainly correct, my feet would become more proportional on me now than they were on my original body size.


"In case you should be able to develop a resistance to pain of growing bones, let's add the rest in."


And now two more gentlemen came forward, Joseph and Miguel.  I knew what both of them were there for.  Joseph, an armature bodybuilder, I had used his body to tout me as hugely muscular once.  Miguel, I had pictures of his ample cock that I proclaimed were mine.


"215 pounds."


"Eleven and half inches."


Once again pain overloaded my senses as I began to feel my muscles inflate and stretch a bit, becoming denser, thicker, harder, stronger.  But I also felt my cock begin to ooze out further and further from my groin becoming longer and slightly thicker.


Despite all the pain and the sexual feeling of my cock growing, I managed to clear my head enough that I stood and stumbled towards this, the back to rooms.  Blaise had followed through the door, directing smaller men though it and telling the bigger men to go around through the other side room.  He took a leg swipe at my feet and set me sprawling to the floor.  It didn't help that I smacked my head on a wall, right where a stud was located.  But that wasn't painful.  Not by a long shot.  Not compared to what was in store for me.


"You're going nowhere, Mr. Big Ass.  You see we've got all these gentlemen to go through and here's the kicker.  When they state their stats, you're not going to go into their stats like you have done with the first four gentlemen.  Noooo, no.  What will happen is life, karma, this spell, or whatever it is I managed to find, will subtract your stats from theirs and add it to your already new body form.  So say, after you're done growing from this, and a guy who is 7' 6" inches tall comes forward, the universe will subtract your 5' 6" and wind up with two feet.  This will then be added to your six foot ten inch frame making you  eight foot ten.  The other gentlemen will work the same way.


And now began the parade of men, all of whom looked angry as they approached, but then smiled with a pleased sneer after they were done.


"250 lbs"

"6' 8" "

"Size 16"

"Size 23"



"Ten inches"

"Fourteen Inches"

"Size  20"

"7' 2" "

"6' 6" "

"7 foot"



"Bear hair...grrrrr!"

"ten and half inches"


"Nine and three quarter inches."

"6' 11" "

"Nine and half inches."


On and on they came.  I can't tell you how many men's pictures I used over the last fifteen years, but Blaise had identified and located them all.  He must have had copies of all my profiles using their actual or modified pictures and shown each and every single man.


My mind was now completely non-functioning.  I was in so much pain my vision was lost to something that looked like a t.v. set with a picture with reduced vibrancy or saturation that was becoming tunneled by white noise, but I could see and tell what was happening to my body - I was growing!


By the minute, by the second, my limbs and torso became longer and longer, taller and taller.  I was becoming a giant of the first order.  It wasn't too long before I was as long as one of these rooms and going for both of them.  I just kept feeling myself slide across the floor without any push from me.  I just watched as my arms pushed my hands further and further away from me, while my legs did the same to my feet.  My head meanwhile kept on rising higher and higher until it seemed that even in a sitting down position it would meet the ceiling.


My hands and feet kept on throbbing and pulsing, getting longer, wider, thicker.  I could see my hands as I writhed on the floor, compared to things that were falling off of shelves and tables my growth was knocking over.  I could see over time I would be able to palm a basket ball, a water cooler jug, a double sized laundry basket.  Meanwhile my feet were stretching and growing across the floor taking up a whole tile length wise, two tiles length wise, three tiles length wise and a tile and half width wise.  My frame was simply becoming gigantic. Colossal!


Swollen is what my muscles became.  In mirror and window reflection I could see my body as it became a little swollen, a little bit built and what fabric that remained of my clothes after the height growth, were now becoming tight, form fitting, second skin like as my muscles grew and inflated.  I went from swimmer to basketball build, then onto soccer and rugby players.  Moving into gymnasts, then American football players, then power lifters, the amateur bodybuilders, then professional, then Mr. Olympia.  My body kept breathing out inflating with muscle and then cutting back and defining.  Ribbons and streamers of veins began to pop up on the top of my muscles and course over them this way and that, feeding them with the oxygen and nutrient filled blood.


I could feel myself rising slightly off the floor: My calves rose my shins, my thighs rose themselves, my butt became rounder and firmer rising my head a little higher in a seated position.  My lats, back, and deltoids made my torso rise, while my triceps lifted up my arms.  More and more I was developing mounds and crevices, hills and valleys, all up and down my body as my muscles kept on inflating.  My calves were becoming as big around as my upper arms.  My upper arms were becoming bigger round than my head...than some folks waist....than my waist!  My thighs were becoming as big around as my waist as well, each!  Yet still they were so cut and defined you clearly saw these three monstrous tear drop shapes the size of dragon tears.  My biceps became so full, rose so high the peak was taller than my head, and what a peak it was, split double head fully developed and defined.


Meanwhile my chest kept on barreling out, becoming wider and thicker, fuller and rounder.  So fucking huge, so heavy I thought my lungs would collapse due to the weight of them.  Flat chested to slight ridges, ridges to crescents, crescents to plates, plates to slabs, slabs to globes, globes to oil barrels.   So full, so hard, so wide, so thick, so high.... my nipples were damn near pointing straight down.  My chin was being held up by my pecs. Then there came the bunching and scrunching of my abdominals and obliques.  In mere moments I went from having a lower torso that was a smooth and flat as a baby's bottom to being covered in ridges and groves marking out a herringbone pattern on the side and straight pattern down the middle.  Further and further my waist tightened and my abs and obs bunch and grew forming pebbles, rocks, bricks.


From that swelled out my lats, growing wider and wider thicker and fuller.  It met my back which was doing the same.  Constantly growing broader and bigger, pushing my shoulders straighter, taller, but the bone growth was making them become broader, wider as well.  My deltoids were rounding out fuller and harder growing into globes the size of bowling balls, cannon balls.  My traps mounded and mounded ever taller, thicker, higher, threatening to pinch off my neck, despite its lengthening and thickening into a mighty marblesque column of power.


That's when I realized exactly what Blaise was doing.  What he had done.  He was giving me too much of a good thing.  I was blowing up with muscle and power beyond human recognition.  My arms both upper and lower swelled so big they became locked in place.  I could reach straight out, but I could never bend them.  But I couldn't ever reach out directly in front of me.  My lats had grow so they pushed my arms up higher and higher until even standing relaxed, my arms hang as though I was making an imitation of an airplane all the time.  My legs became locked as well, the muscle size growing so full, but even if I could bend at the knee again, I couldn't walk as my thighs were so huge they pushed each other out so far I seemed to be always attempting the side splits.


And then it happened.  My muscles were becoming so thick, so defined, so dense and heavy, my body began to break the floor tile.  I could hear all this sound like thousands of tiny pieces of glass breaking, shattering.  I could feel under my naked body all of the tiny cracks forming, growing getting longer, becoming fissures until the tiles were all these broken bits, pieces, and shards, and then they too began to crack and break apart until they became grit and finally powder.  It was soon after I began to hear the moans and groans of the floor boards and the support beams.  Soon slight cracks were heard and I sunk slightly into the subflooring.


My muscles, my body then began to have slight convulsions which caused my legs and arms to move uncontrollably.  Smashing and thrashing into the wall boards, the door frames, the support studs.  Soon plaster dust and wood splinters were flying everywhere.  The room, rooms, were coming down on top of me.  But that's when my saving grace occurred. My cock grew.


I guess I shouldn't say that my cock grew now.  It has been growing this whole time, as well as my testicles and scrotum.  It was a good thing that my thighs had ballooned so and pushed each other away for my junk needed room to grow.  Larger and larger my balls became: size of jack balls to billiard, billiard to baseball, baseball to basket ball, basket ball to bowling ball, bowling ball to medicine ball, medicine ball to.... to....well there aren't any balls really much bigger than that unless you get to a wrecking ball and I'm certain they might have become that size.  But snaking over them was my cock.  It keep oozing and oozing out of me, tickling my insides right where the cock base joins the body.  I kept feeling it's slow growth as it lengthened and stretched becoming longer, swelling thicker, becoming veinier, developing more skin so that it was once again uncut.  Growing and growing, the head reaching over my massive balls, half way down my thigh, three fourths, meeting my knees, my claves, caressing the underside of my calves, my ankles. ... ... ... My pecker and nads had been made overly disproportionate to my body.  I might due to blood loss if I became erect.


And there, amidst the falling plaster, the chipping tile, the creaking beams, Blaise came and stood over me, smirking and nodding in approval.  He had one last thing to do.


"Now, I get to add to you.  Oh yes.  One bit more.  No, if it was me, you wouldn't increase that much, but I'm not using my stats.  I'm using your stats.  The stats of the man you said you were.  The man I thought was real.  The man I thought was the answer to my fantasies.  THE MAN I FELL IN LOVE WITH!"


"No.  No no no no no no.  Please, Blaise I'm already so..."


"Seven foot eight inches tall!  Five hundred forty one pounds!  Size US 32 Men's Shoe Triple E! Fourteen inch cock!  And you were a hairy bear!"


I started growing again, just slight compared to my new size, but the fact of the matter is, I didn't need any more size.  I couldn't have any more size.  My chest on its own was so heavy now, I could hardly breathe.  But, grow I was going to do, and grow I did.  This time it was enough power and strength and size added that I slightly outgrew these two rooms, lying askew as I was.  Had I been lying in a straight line I wouldn't be in this perilous predicament.  However, I was lying off kilter and thus one of my legs grew into that door frame and wall and took out what was a major support beam.


Now I am a giant beast.  I am actually nearly as broad with muscle as I am tall, but even at this size I can't live through an entire house collapsing on me, which is what would happen should that support beam give, and I just kicked it, so to speak, right on out.  Broken it clean through.  Luckily for me, I was also aroused by all this growth of muscle and body and cock and feet, so my willie began to grow again, this time becoming erect.  It grew and grew, lengthening, thickening, hardening, showing all the world I wasn't just a shower, but an incredible grower as well.  Nearly doubled in length my penis did.  I could tell.  And guess what happened.  It grew at an angle that my cock head touched the ceiling spot where the support beam was.  The reason why Blaise and all those men, and myself, survived was because my cock had grown large enough it was bigger than the support beam, and was now carrying the weight of my house.


Blaise could see what was done, and what was going on.  He smiled evilly and began to pole dance on my cock.  Using his whole body to rub and slide all over while the other men assembled began to beat and kick the sides of my body.  They didn't last long.  My dense muscles and sheer size made it impossible for them to make a dent and their own hands and feet took a bruising and a beating more than my body did.  They soon resorted to using bits and pieces of broken boards and two by fours. 


Although I knew I was a complete freak now, never able to move, being locked into place by my own muscles, I still was highly aroused by the fact that I could take a beating from some of the biggest and strongest men on the planet all at the same time.  That my cock was large enough to support the house.  That was supposed to be my downfall.  Soon I let out a deep, guttural, low moan and I spewed a load of spoo so large my cock looked like a busted pipe with a crack in it.  A tight spray of cum came squirting out ever direction from between my cock head and the ceiling.  Looking like a gigantic sprinkler system, spunk sprayed everywhere showering down on the men and Blaise.  Blaise stood there pleased with himself and glanced down at me.


"I hope you deflate fast, you bastard."


And that's when and where he left me.  They all left me.  I've only been able to survive, not being crushed because the feeling of the weight of the house pressing on and into my cock head.  It rubbing the piss slit all night long.  Adding thoughts of being the strongest, most muscular man in the world.  It kept me aroused enough all night I've been able to keep my erection.  I'm growing tired however.  Afraid I'm drifting asleep, and will become flaccid soon.


"Boulder, somehow he's had enough blood to keep his brain functioning, but he's still going to be light headed, and there are other problems that can occur having an erection for more than four hours let alone more than twelve."


"You're the medical expert, Schinnee.  What are you saying?"


"As soon as the structural engineers get here, we need to put up temporary, replacement support beams, and then we need to cause him to ejaculate.  Hopefully his penis will become flaccid.  Besides, we can't have him tenting the tarp on the flat bed truck when we take him to the local base."


"Not all of the task force are gay.  They're not going to be thrilled with this assignment when they get here and find out what it is."


"To bad for them."




There was a lot of complaints by some of the task force when they got there, but it's a dirty job some had to do.  Agent Schinnee and I took point directly rubbing his cock near the head, and we became covered, coated in sperm from head to toe. Took us over an hour and a half to stroke him off.  Very odd to feel something one's mind is perceiving to be a marble column, yet radiates heat, feels like flesh, and has a large pulse to it.


The engineers of course we able to get in the support beams before we went to work on making Mr. Milstadt flaccid, and the government sent in workers to repair all the damage done to the house so Mr. Milstadt could sell it.  It's not like he was going to be able to live there anymore.


No, he's under the care of the government as they try to figure out exactly what was done to him and if there is a way to reverse it.  That doesn't seem possible though.  We've got the top geneticist working on it and although they've had some hopeful results for some cure, they didn't work on him.  He's been taking it very well though, for although he's completely immobile locked in and down by the weight of his own muscles, which hopefully over time will shrink down by themselves without a workout, he still gets aroused by the fact of how much bigger he is than all the staff, especially some of the bigger built, larger grunts of the troop.  He springs massive boners all the time that look like a totem pole.


Any finger prints of the men who attacked Mr. Milstadt were destroyed by his cum and the water from busted pipes.  We will try and locate and identify them by going through Mr. Milstadt's computer and see if we can trace where he got the pictures, but he's obliterated most of the faces on them.  As for Blaise Hanson, he's disappeared without trace.  We've not been able to track him down at his house, place of work, or on any of the chat rooms he frequents.  We figure he's probably lying very low in the fetish community right now, and has probably moved to another country.


I must close this report now.  We've taken on hiring, after some auditioning, a man who gets along with Mr. Milstadt.  His name is Hansel Blair.  He's an average, middle aged sort of guy, salt n pepper hair that's very long, average height and build, with a little bit of paunch, soft kind of musculature that shows he was probably a wrestler or something back in college.  He's got an amazing smile though, just above a chin with a handsome cleft.  The main duty of Mr. Blair's is to whack off Mr. Milstadt so that he can be relieved and flaccid at least some point during the day.  Mr. Blair has been very good at this.


Will keep you posted on further developments.  Agent Boulder, out.

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this is super creative, kinda reminds me of another old x-files themed hyper story that was posted on the defunct freakin-huge site. love it!

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lol I'm never going to get any of my art done if you keep being creative FREaky T .T

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Yay new Freaky story :3

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I love this story! Never enough immobility stories! Keep going man, you are awesome!

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