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growth-without-effort Uncle Matt's Farm - Chapter 3 (Revisited & Revised)

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Chapter 3 - The Gift of My Re-Birth

The second the warm glow of the headlights hit my face, I felt better. I was so glad that he was here and I could just hop in and tell him to “go, go, go”.  I didn’t want to see my father anytime soon and the sorrow and loneliness that would be on my mother’s face was going to be a little too much to bear.


My clothes felt tighter. My gym shorts were literally hugging my ass with skin tightness due to the pulling of my hardening cock. My tank shirt was slowly tearing at the seams, centimeters at a time, as it was straining to hold me in as well. God this felt so fucking good, but I had no control of it at all. Even though I was still so angry at my father, I felt like a million bucks.  My body did whatever it felt like doing. I wondered that if my intense emotions inside had triggered this new growth spurt, and if calming myself down, would make me return to normal, just like David Banner? I tried to think of anything neutral, but my clothes just felt tighter.


I ran around the front of the truck and I peered into who was driving the Ford F150. The figure behind the wheel was huge and he literally filled over half of the front seat. My god, this was my Uncle? The door opened from the inside and pushing it was the most massive hand and arm I had ever seen. Some fear, more over an intense desire took over and my shirt tore a little more.


“Come on and get in and let’s start this thing right, little man,” the extremely deep bass voice said from inside.


“Sure, let’s get outta here, I’m done with this place. They’re driving me nuts and I’m not little.” I exclaimed with a renewed confidence, as I threw my stuff in the back bed and jumped in the passenger side. As I stretched to get in the big 4x4 I heard and felt a larger tear in my shorts. This time the cool night air snuck in the opening of the tear and it gave me an added pleasure-jolt.


I shut the door as his massive arm shifted the gears and we were in reverse and on the road in a flash. I was somewhat afraid to look at much more than the arm in fear that I would either scream in fear of the “Monster” that dad had called him or cream myself immediately as I’m sure I would explode out from my clothes, all from just being in his presence. Only as we would pass a streetlight would I get a quick glimpse of this mammoth man. God, my uncle was HUGE! I knew that having feelings for a relative wasn't looked upon with affirming eyes of the public, and I know how wrong it was that I was excited about my grandpa, and how my anger turned me on in front of my father, but I didn’t care if the man seated next to me was related to me or not. I wanted him.  I wanted him so much my heart was racing and my body was starting to react even more so. Hell, he was only related by marriage, I thought. So Fuck It. I felt two more tears in my shorts.


Then he laid his hand on my lap and said, “Steve, I’m not your Uncle. The Name’s Lloyd. I’m you’re Uncle’s…a…partner at the farm. We are really looking forward to getting to know you out there. We have a lot planned for you and it should be a lot of fun and good times, but it’s not gonna be easy either. I’m sure you’ll be leaving there a changed man.” He squeezed my leg. “Hmmmm, very nice quads there. Your uncle said you played football?”


Any feeeling of apprehension of him being my relative was now gone and this boosted my arrogance level,  “Yes, sir I do. I’m 1st string, All-State and now one of the top ranked centers east of the Mississippi.” The back of my tank ripped along my lats.


“Center…aaay…. well that sounds just about right. With those quads…I mean. You have to be really strong in your legs and all. But you could plow through just about anything, huh?”


“I sure can, sir. Really strong, see, “ I said as I flexed them as he squeezed. The left leg of my shorts instantly shown more skin as my shorts ripped some more. Even though I could tell he was holding back his strength, the pressure of his squeeze was like a vise. My cock got harder yet.


“Wow, very, very nice. I bet your ass is rock solid too, huh. The girls must love that ass.”


I chuckled and said, “Yeah they do sir. But I’m not too sure they’re ever gonna get a crack at it.” I put my hand on top of his and gave it a squeeze of my own. I’m usually not so brazen about my come-ons, but there was something about this man that made me feel very comfortable around him and besides that, ever since the encounter with Billy the night before, I had been horny as fuck. Not even my massive orgasms in the morning had calmed my urges. Hell, for even a moment, when I had him in my face, I probably could have fucked…well…you know...dad. Thinking about what he had said, about not being able to take it again, made me wonder about my Uncle Matt.  Did my Uncle and my dad have a go at it?  Then flashes of my father's tight little ass, zipped through my brain and felt my shorts rip under my balls. I shook my head to get the images out and I looked back at the monster of man next to me.


Even though I could see him only in shadows and glimpses, I was getting completely rock hard for him and I’m sure he could see my cock making quite a tent out of my gym shorts. I continued my forwardness, “With a grip like yours, I bet you could have a crack at it.”


With that he took his hand off my leg. "Hmmmphff," he said and then he shoved his hand under me, literally picking me up off the seat with just that one hand squeezing my ass so hard it pushed my cock through my torn shorts, shredding them, springing it out into fresh air. I almost immediately came thinking about the Hulk. “Oh yeah, really hard ass and muscular too. OH, what do we have here, what a fucking nice piece of boy cock too. You think I could handle that, too?”


“God, I fucking hope so, sir.” I said as I started to buck my hips.


“The thing is boy; I don’t think you could handle me.” Lloyd said as he pulled his hand out from under me and flexed his huge bicep instantly ripping the tight tee shirt he had on under his overalls. His bicep kept getting bigger and bigger the longer he held the flex and as it did, my cock got harder and harder. God I wanted to feel him growing. I involuntarily put my hand up to feel his growing muscle. My eyes must have been huge looking at him, because I could see his teeth as he smiled really broadly. I turned toward him in the seat and started to lick his massive gun. I have no idea, how Lloyd was able to keep the pickup on the road.  I would have put us in a ditch by now. 


As I held it, I could’ve sworn that it continued to grow just like Billy did last night and I did today. Now I knew there was a connection with Billy, Lloyd and Uncle Matt and I couldn’t wait to find out what it was. I heard him moan and he put me in a headlock and pulled the truck off the road skidding to a halt. . “GET OUT”




“You heard me, get out and get in the bed of the fucking truck, RIGHT NOW. I can hardly fucking drive with this going on.  Get in the back and I'm going to take you somewhere that will be more private.  Steve, it's time to show you something.”


“Okay,” And I did as I was told. I didn’t want to piss him off; I just wanted to obey the huge muscle animal.


“Also, you better not touch that cock of yours and get off, boy, or I’ll fucking tan your fucking hide. You hear me?” He started the truck back up and pulled back onto the road.


“Yes, sir, I promise, sir.” God, was this really happening?


We were only on the road for less than a mile when we came upon a gated dirt road that went into some of the thickest looking forest I’ve ever seen.  Lloyd turned off the pavement and told me to open the gate. I did, as I was told, not so much that he told me too, but that I was hoping for my fantasy to come true.   Still, being ordered around by this behemoth was very erotic and enticing, maybe even a big turn on, since my cock was still half hard. As I opened the gate I noticed a sign that had been grown over, but I could make out, "erty of  Mat  ew Trah  ne"  I got back in the bed of the truck and we went down the long dirt road. About 3 miles down he turned left and we stopped at a small clearing next to a pond. I had no clue where we were, other than I had a sneaking suspicion.  Still,  I knew that there was no one for miles around. With his massive size he could beat the shit out of me and leave me for dead and no one would ever know, but I knew deep inside his intentions were totally on the up and up. Growing up, I hoped.


I stood up in the truck as he got out of the truck.  I stared amazed as he just kept getting out of the truck;  more and more of him slowly coming into sight and by the time he had squeezed himself out of the cab, he stood about 8 feet high and about 3 feet wide.  With a swiftness, he grabbed me under my shoulders and lifted me effortlessly out of the truck bed and over his head. As he lowered me down he stopped where my cock was right as his mouth and he engulfed my entire prick down his throat. He had suction like an industrial Hoover and I became instantly hard as a rock and then with a loud POP, which almost made me cum, he released my cock. Laughing, He set me on the ground and said, “Follow me, son. You’re going to get a birthday present you’ll never going to fucking forget. Young Billy was only the beginning.”


BINGO, I fucking knew it. This was all connected.  God, this is too much.


As we walked toward the water, I was now able to see just how huge this man really was. He was by far the largest being on earth I had EVER seen. I think I was initially wrong with my estimated measurements, because, he actually must’ve stood almost 9 ft. tall and was completely packed with muscle. He was as massive in muscle or more than Jay Cutler or any other bodybuilder that I could recall. I could see him involuntarily flexing his ass muscles with ever step he took. His shoulders must have measured about almost 4 feet across and his thighs were as large as an oak tree. His chest looked completely ripped under that white t-shirt and it spread across him like two humungous mounds of granite pillows. Billy would have looked like a mere weakling compared to this man. Quite honestly, only my grandpa came close.


Lloyd stopped and turned around. His face was the most beautiful face I had ever seen. He had dark hair that was long and flowing and the finely chiseled features everywhere. He had a scruffy, but manicured dark brown beard.  I could tell his eyes were Dark Ocean blue and his lips were full and pouted a little. He put his hands on his hips and motioned with his head, for me to come closer. I did so and when I got about 3 feet in front of him he said to stop. He didn’t say anything for about 2 minutes. He just looked at me with such an incredible lust in his eyes that I felt totally drawn to him. My whole body was excited at the prospect of even being within a few feet of this God. I started to walk towards him. To look into his eyes I had to hold me head up as if I were looking at the sky.


“STOP, DON’T MOVE ANY CLOSER. Stay right where you are. I’m getting a good last look at you. You are going to be one of the best, I’m sure of it. WOW! You Uncle said you were a sight to behold and you’re really beyond that.”  


“Thank you, sir. But I’m nothing compared to you."


Lloyd chuckled, "Actually, you will be so much more than me.  Your Uncle knows this. He's been with you your whole life." I must have looked a little bewildered because he followed up, saying, "You probably don't remember or maybe you never even saw your Uncle, but he would sit in the stands, disguised to look normal and watch you play your games.  All the way from little league to your high school games.  He is so proud of what you have accomplished.  He would come back and tell us all about some of the great plays that you would make.  He's really your biggest fan.  And now I can see for myself, why.  You are magnificent Steve.  Perfection. I can see just what you are going to become and it's colossal. I hunger for you."


"God, I just want to touch you; to feel your magnificence. What do you want me to do for you, sir?”


“Steve, I want you to see, feel and be something that’s beyond your wildest fantasies. Today you’re a man and it’s time you know why your father thinks your Uncle Matt is a freak or monster. Your Uncle is not the type of freak that your father has made him out to be. He is a giving, generous and loving man who only wants the best out of this life. I’m about to show you the most amazing gift that I have ever been given, and that gift was from your Uncle. I am not of your bloodline, but because of your Uncle, I am now a part of him and as well a part of you. I am chosen by him to become part of the bloodline.  He has chosen me and others to reap the benefits of your family's gift.  He sent me to get you and begin this gift to you as well. But before I could I had be sure that this is something you have wanted all your life. Billy was the test; the beginning to get you acclimated, so you would be able to really get your gift from me if we thought you could handle it. I now know you can. Your Uncle can’t do it himself, at the moment, because he is tending to other men to be in our bloodline, just like you. He will meet us back at the farm, when we get there and then you will get your final gift from him. The rest of us, non-Tranherne's, will never get the final gift.  Only those that are born into the bloodline, like yourself, will get the final gift.  Now this next bit is very important so listen carefully.”


“I am, sir.”


Lloyd literally shivered and said, “I fucking love it when you call me sir. It shows respect and you are definitely going to respect me for the next 2 ½ hours. You will do whatever I want and you will be obedient. Do you understand this and do you agree?”


“Yes, sir.”


“Good...nevertheless, it really won’t matter, because once we begin because you won’t have a choice. First off, whatever you do, I’m telling you that the most important thing is that you don’t move or say anything unless your told or made too. Second, whatever happens to you, go with it. Do not resist it, even if you are in uncomfortable or in pain.  It will make things that much easier on you if you totally give in to what is going to happen. Don’t fucking fight this, OKAY!”


“Yes SIR. I want this, sir. I want whatever you have to offer me.”


“Good boy!! Now, you’re going to witness something that you have never witnessed before. What happened to you last night is minuscule compared to what you’re going to experience now. Then you’re going to go through something that only a very few men on this earth have ever felt before. Billy gave you your first stage last night. I’m sure you’ve noticed some BIG changes in your body?”


“God, yes, sir. It’s been amazing. I feel so big and powerful and turned on all the time.”


“I know that feeling well.  I must've cum over 100 times when I first went through the change.   But now you’re going to go through the second phase with me and the third stage with your equal, which is someone, in your bloodline, who has been predestined to go through this with you. You’ll find that out later. Then you will have the final stage with your Uncle. Remember, you’re going to change, Steve. You’re going to become something you’ve always dreamed of. I’m also sure that you have figured out that your grandfather was one of us, correct?”


“Yes sir, I knew he was someone special and now I realize just how special.”


“Well he is a very special man. You’ll soon find out just how amazingly special he is. I want you to remember how you feel about him, and how badly you want to be big, because it’s not going to be all fun and games, either. You’re going to feel massive amounts of pain, but even higher amounts of pure pleasure. Don’t scream or run, because there is no one around that will hear you. I’m not saying that to scare you, but this will be quite a shock. Are you ready?”


“I…I guess...Yes...Yes I'm ready, sir!!” Inside I was saying to myself. ‘If it’s what I think and am praying for, then HELL YEAH I’m ready.’ My cock was again on its way to becoming hard as a rock and it was beginning to poke its way out of the new hole that Lloyd had made for me, in my shorts. He looked down and noticed my growing cock.


“Yeah, I think you’re ready, son.”


I was ready for anything. I’ve wanted to be with a mammoth muscle man all my life and I was finally going to have my dream come true. Little did I know that it was going to change my life forever and cause me to never see my Mom's loving face again?


Lloyd smiled and closed his eyes. His put his hands on his hips and started to softly chant a dialect that I couldn’t understand. I immediately noticed that the birds and insects became silent. I couldn’t hear the crickets anymore either or any noises at all except what sounded like a low rumbling. Very soon, I started to feel the ground shake all around me. I thought Kentucky was experiencing its very first large earthquake. My first instinct was to run for cover but I remembered what Lloyd had said about not running and then I saw Lloyd’s eyes open and I realized where the shaking was coming from. It was coming from him. His eyes were no longer blue, but had completely gone white. I could see no iris or pupil, only the clarity of white.


Then, Lloyd’s body started to tremble. This must’ve been turning him on too as I noticed a huge bulge snaking down his right leg underneath the overalls. It stopped for a moment just below mid-thigh and I thought to myself, “Dear God, He must be over 15 inches long.” Then it started back up again. The thickness was over one-third as big as the thickness of his massive leg. His body started to shake and vibrate even more. Then I noticed a dark trail of wetness coming from wherever the head had been and his flowing precum was accenting the shape of his leg even more. The ground was really shaking now as he began to vibrate intensely. His cock finally stopped growing, just below his knee. My mouth watered and my asshole puckered for his jean snake. The vibrations were so intense that his body was actually making a humming sound. I know what you’re thinking and your right. His body and the ground weren’t shaking with a violent type of sensation but more of a continuous vibration, like a vibrator. It made me snicker when I thought about it, but I quickly became serious again, when I saw that the lower half of his right leg was now soaked with all the precum pouring out of him, making a pool of it under his foot.


The ground was vibrating so much it started to tickle my feet. I felt a strange sensation go up my legs to my pelvis, hitting my cock and balls, causing my own cock to begin precumming like crazy, just like Lloyd was doing. Then the feeling went up my torso till my entire body was vibrating almost as much as his. The sensation was overwhelming and I felt completely relaxed and invigorated at the same time. My cock was more rigid than I had ever known it to be and as it stood out of my shorts it was flinging huge amounts of precum all over the place. I couldn’t resist the feeling and I was just about to cum when he yelled the word “TRAHERNE” and I realized my prayers might be right, as my all-time fantasy was about to happen.


The vibrations slowed and stopped but the will to cum in me was stronger than ever. I took a couple of deep breaths, trying to relax and the feeling of an explosive orgasm slowly went away. Then I saw Lloyd start to actually pulsate. His entire body was beating like a heart would, pumping itself up like a bodybuilder did before the big contest. It was really strange though, because Lloyd wasn’t actually flexing his body; his body was flexing itself. Lloyd hadn’t moved his legs or arms at all since all of this had started. Larger and larger his muscles became as they filled with blood like he was going through a massive workout, but all he was doing was standing there with his hands on his hips. He wasn’t actually growing taller, but it really looked like he was getting a massive pump.


I noticed that Lloyd had closed his eyes and I could tell he was in some sort of trance. His breathing increased with every breath and his inhales were becoming so powerful that I could feel the pull towards him with every breath, but amazingly his exhales were only normal size. Where was all that air going? As I looked closer I could see that he was actually using the oxygen to inflate himself. “But that’s impossible.” I thought…or was it? The more oxygen he brought inside him, the more the blood would flow into his muscles, and the bigger those mammoth muscles would become. I noticed that his cock was getting thicker too, as well as the bulge in his crotch was showing more and more as his balls must have been increasing. The fabric of his overalls was straining like crazy trying to hold in his massive tool.


Again the earth around us rumbled, but this time it was due to the incredibly low bass sound of Lloyd’s moans in between his awesome breathes. His moans became louder and louder to the point of massive growls. Even the sound of the man before me was effecting me and my body. If were even possible, my cock was harder than ever in my life. I was actually in a sort of blissful pain that my cock had reached such a rigid state.  Never in my wildest fantasies, I thought that I could be more turned on then I was with Billy, and then I surpassed that this morning when I was satisfying my own self-indulgence. But now, my cock literally ached with a sexual magnitude and insatiability that was growing beyond a normal realm of erogenous pleasure.  I could feel the cum in me raising and filling up my cock, but nothing came out.  Still, no matter how much I wanted too, needed too, had too, my cock would not release any fluid other than precum or give me what was the normal meaning of an explosive orgasm.  Instead of shooting loads of cum, I was bound by my desires and in a constant state of a euphoric orgasm. I heard myself screaming as the pressure in my cock intensified.


Even with all that I was feeling now, my anticipation of what I was hoping was going to happen was only taking me further on my journey and everything I was experiencing so far was beyond my wildest fantasies already. They say that there are levels of consciousness that some are lucky enough to achieve when in a certain metaphysical state.  I had not only reached that, I was well on my way of surpassing those levels of almost God like feelings.  In fact, I no longer thought about only myself because at this moment, I was so completely enthralled with this being before me that I was becoming something else. I started to get dizzy from the colossal surges of power I was experiencing and I had to close my eyes for a second.  With my eyes closed, I could feel the sound of his booming voice hitting me on my chest and actually feeling his voice as a physical thing, sinking into my flesh. My cock felt like a balloon that was being filled with water to the breaking point, but ,God I felt more fucking alive than ever.


When I felt sturdy enough again, I opened my eyes back up as Lloyd s massive arms suddenly rose sharply above his head and there was a type of an invisible shock wave that blew out from his body which knocked me on my ass as well as toppling over a couple of 30 ft. trees. It was definitely loud enough to produce a huge, long echo that bounced off the valley walls. The blast of energy felt like a Mack truck had hit me.  It didn’t hurt me, but as I stumbled back to my feet I could feel the actual energy from the shock wave start to radiate through me. It felt like my own body was expanding but I couldn’t see any physical changes. My balls began to pulsate just like Lloyd’s body had been. It felt like I was having the most intense workout and sexual experience of my life. Every muscle in my body was tightening and becoming harder and harder, to match the hardness and fullness of my cock, though I still wasn’t growing bigger. My arms felt like they were going to explode in size and even my face felt tighter. I could feel my skin tightening around the follicles of each strand of hair.  My legs were becoming as strong and hard as tree trunks and my ass literally felt like a rock.  I felt my abs tighten and I pulled up my shirt and looked at my stomach, but other than feeling tight and hard, there was no optical change. In fact, there was no change, other than my plump cock, anywhere physically on me, but the feeling inside of me was exploding with power and ecstasy.


Then, if was even fathomable, stronger feelings of lust came over me. My mind went blank and was instantly filled with visions of hugely muscled giant God-like men. But unlike the dream I had after being with Billy, every image of every man was a version of Lloyd. I didn’t care about anything or anyone else in the world at all. Not my Mom or Dad, not Billy, Grandpa, or even Uncle Matt. All I knew at that point was Lloyd.  I wanted to be huge like him. No, actually, I wanted to be a complete part of him. My entire body literally ached to be like him and to have him. My cock started to pulsate like crazy and even stronger and more intense huge waves of pleasure over took me, completely. I had to be a part of this man. I had to feel him. I yearned to be him, to touch him, to experience all that he was feeling. I could feel an even larger buildup of an explosion in me and I embraced it. I gave myself freely, remembering what Lloyd had said.  I lost myself in him.  I was no longer Steve; I was a part of Lloyd.


Then, my body started to become as hard as I was feeling inside.  Not only was my cock like a rock, my body became very rigid and as I relinquish any control that I had of myself. The energy blast from Lloyd had taken complete control over me and I had no choice whatsoever to fight it. I didn’t want to fight it.  I only wanted it to take me over and I was more than eager to let it happen.


Levels of ecstasy were building one on top of another. My whole body, no my entire being was in a state of orgasm. Wave after wave of sexual intensity filled up so much inside of me that I couldn’t control myself, nor did I want to. I welcomed the impending result, whatever it may be.


I watched helplessly as Lloyd’s arms fall back down by his sides and then to shoulder height. As he outstretched them towards me, a blinding electrical current shot from his fingertips and targeted my crotch.


The electricity hitting my balls sent then into another sort of overdrive. They weren’t only pulsating, they moving around in my sack and I could tell they were growing. Again, there had been the intense pain of being shocked, but it quickly went away. It was replaced by a feeling that was amazingly even more powerful, like it was energizing me more than I already was. Now I had come to a point that there is no way possible to explain what I was feeling in my entire body.  There are no words and it was beyond any comprehension of our human psyche of explanation.  I looked down just to see if, like the non-optical changes of the rest of my body, the same thing was happening to my balls. To my joy, it wasn’t. I could see my balls getting larger. I felt them against my legs pushing them apart, as they needed more room to grow. Bigger and heavier they became, filling up with so much pressure I could feel it turning and boiling inside. The pressure that was already on my cock was now matched to the pressure in my balls.  Then all of the lust and euphoria I was feeling through the rest of my body went straight to my balls. I started to scream in pleasure, and with each shout, my voice seemed to get lower, till I was shaking the ground myself with my own moaning and groaning.


I couldn’t contain the new intense feeling and I let out a type of sonic boom scream as I started to finally have a physical shooting orgasm.  Although, it was not in a normal way with shot after shot; it was more like one continuous flow of cum coming out of my cock like a fire hose.  I was hitting and pouring it all over Lloyd’s body over 6 feet away.  Whatever he had done to me, I was in the purest possible form of euphoria, being his concubine of muscle and power. I involuntarily arched my back, throwing my arms back and I embraced what was happening as I let my seed stream out from my body and soak the wall of muscle in front of me. Up and down his body my white cream flowed soaking his clothes against his body, showing me every curve and mound. My body moved around like an unmanned fire hose that was spraying everywhere. My cum was soaking not only Lloyd, but also 20-30 feet all around us.


After a few minutes, I regained my stability and instinctively aimed back at him as he opened his mouth and inhaled again as my large stream of cum was sucked into it by the incredible vacuum force. His inhalation was so strong, that my entire body started to be pulled toward him and by the time he closed his mouth to swallow I was only about 2 feet away from him. He let out a huge growl and then he began to actually glow. His entire body underneath his clothes was actually radiating a dull soft auburn light. It was getting brighter and brighter, but not blinding. I was being enticed by him like being a moth to the flame. Since his sonic boom of energy hit me, nothing that I did or thought of differ from what Lloyd had wanted me too.  He had completely entranced me as I was only a pawn in his endgame.


It was also still his will that I was now seemingly able to freely move my body.  So therefore, I or rather, I should say, HE raised my hand to touch him on the arm and the millisecond that our skin met I felt additional continuous bursts of energy, which started the most amazing transformation I had yet to see.


First, his groans and growls became louder and he began to grunt like a wild animal. He actually snarled and gnashed his teeth together almost biting me. I pulled, or rather was commanded to pull my hand away as I started to notice his shirt beginning to quickly shred from his body exposing, in a matter of seconds, inch by inch of golden moonlit skin and a huge and sensuous chest that I yearned to touch. But for now my arms were locked at my side.  As his t-shirt quite literally exploded off of him, it hung out of his overalls. He must’ve known how much I wanted to touch him, to feel his immense body, because suddenly within in instant, I felt his hand behind my back as he pulled me into him, burying my face between his massive mounds of what was his chest. I hadn’t really noticed so much with my eyes before, other than seeing his shirt rip off of him, but he wasn’t just growing, his body was multiplying. Muscles on top of muscles were getting larger, longer and fuller. I could feel him getting larger and larger under me. A few moments after my face was buried in his chest, I felt my feet leave the ground. My mouth tasted my own salty cum as licked the mounds of his open chest. When my tongue found one of his succulently enormous nipples I felt a huge growth spurt that caused me to almost suffocate as his nipple extended and filled my mouth.


His overalls no longer had any room in them for his body either. Both straps broke without hesitation off of his shoulders. As they popped off, one of them had so much force that it shot out one of the trucks tires over fifteen feet away. The rest of the jean fabric of the overalls became as tight as a drum skin as it pulled across his growing body.  Then, the overalls begin to dig into his flesh as if his body was the muscular dough in a Croissant roll can. Very quickly, the overalls weren’t able to contain him anymore and the fabric exploded and shredded like cheesecloth. The tightly woven material ripped apart with strands of white and blue threads flying everywhere. It literally was an explosion.  His entire chest heaved around my head as I clung with my teeth to his giant sized nipple. In fact his whole body seemed to engulf mine. I felt as though I would smoother in ecstasy. When his body finally rebounded he had instantly grown larger than Billy had been. His large hand that was holding me against him went down under my ass and as the last bit of overalls fell to the ground, the man was completely naked and still growing beneath me. I licked everywhere I could reach my mouth. His massive arms, his chest, his stomach and his armpits all were licked clean of the mixture of my cum and his sweat.


Next I felt his other huge hand on my back again, grabbing what was left of my shirt as it was ripped from my body. Then in just as swift a move, off came my torn shorts. It was completely effortless for him to strip me, shredding my clothes in the process, instantly, while he held my now 282lbs body up with his one hand under my ass. The cool night air added yet another tingling sensation to my naked body. As I felt us skin-to-skin, it was becoming too much for my senses to handle. I felt as if I was going insane with so much elated power, divine lust and an exuberant hunger for more, but amazingly I knew that this was my destiny and that I was made to become this…this Mighty Omnipotent of Power that was before me. With all the God-like awareness and titillation that I was experiencing, I was still ready for more and I instinctively knew that more was yet to come.


Lloyd’s hand that was under my ass wasn’t just to hold me up. There had been another serviceability that he had in mind.  Suddenly, I felt his middle finger begin to play with my hole.  He rubbed my taint back and forth putting the perfect amount of pressure to make it feel so good. Then he began to softly vibrate his finger as he brushed in a circular motion around my bud as to entice me into what was inevitably coming.  I began to moan, biting my lower lip, which was his invitation to enter me. With a force that was instantaneous and to the hilt, I screamed in pleasure and pain as his already 8” finger shot up inside me, invading my ass, sending me further and further into a frenzy of an animalistic magnitude. He finger fucked me with such force that he would sometimes exit my ass entirely and then plummeting his appendage to the hilt, literally punching my butt. As he continued to grow, his finger became over 12 inches long.  He was now well over 20 feet high and his finger-cock pushed so hard against my prostate that I almost passed out from the intensity. The pleasure was cosmically more overflowing than the pain was excruciating. His massive finger continued moving in and out of me with an increasing, ferocious pace and without even touching myself, I was helpless to resist as I started to cum in huge violent bursts that were soaking most all of me and more of Lloyd’s enormous torso. With every internal thrust deep into me a huge volley of cream would cascade out of my piss hole.  After about a minute of completely soaking us to the bone and muscle, my orgasm finally stopped, but Lloyd didn’t stop growing or fucking me with his expanding fuck tool. I was in such a state of enraptured awareness that I didn’t realize that he had inserted 2 and then 3 fingers up my ass as he was opening me up for larger things to come. I was no longer in a normal state of consciousness.  In fact, I was quite literally a rag doll that Lloyd was playing with.  My state of utopia was so much so that, any coherent thoughts were gone and there was no ebbing of my pleasure. My orgasms hadn’t even phased out any of my insatiable lust. If this was what it felt like to be a god, it was completely incredible.


He grunted some more and as I looked down below I noticed the ground getting further and further away. I thought that he must have now been almost 25 feet tall. By the feel of his 3 fingers, the middle one must have been over 14” now, my asshole was now going to be able to accept the huge size of him.  The electrical shock, the vibrations, all of it, must have been him priming me for this process since the moment we stepped out of the truck. I never had a man in me as big as Billy up my ass and I now realized how I had even managed him, before Lloyd was doing his invasion of my ass. These men, no…these Gods, had the ability to change not only their own bodies, but others as well, and all by a means that was still uncultivated to me. But now all I wanted to was to be completely filled by him. I shuddered at the prospect of that main appendage of his. A cock that was now well over 3 feet in length and by all plausibility, completely negate of being able to enter me in any way.  


Still, he continued to ram his finger in me with such force my cock was getting a hand job from the muscles on his torso. Then in one huge thrust to his knuckles, I shot a single huge glob of cum straight up and over his head. This must’ve been the right signal for him, because he exited his fingers from me when the middle was about 16” long. I was beginning to become somewhat frightened at the thought of his cock. I didn’t even want to look down at it, just yet.


He was now bigger than some of the surrounding trees but there was no one for miles so any passersby wouldn’t notice him. He not only was getting taller, but I could tell that he was getting wider and bigger everywhere, because the next thing I felt was something hard and large as a tree trunk against my right leg. I looked down and saw his 3 and a half-foot cock rising and pulsating under and beside me. There was enough precum coming out of it to fill a large mortar bucket. In fact the puddle it was making on the ground looked large enough to fill a kiddy pool. My cock was still pulsating and hard as a rock and the need for more was still as strong as ever.


I looked up at Lloyd’s face and his eyes were open and looking down at me with the same intense lust as before, but something else that made me to continue to look into them. He spoke in a low giant’s size voice. “NOW IT SHALL BEGIN FOR YOU. YOUR NOW WILL BEGIN YOUR NEW LIFE.”


I was unable to look away as the power Lloyd’s piercing eyes looked deep at me, no rather into me. At first I didn’t realize it but he was actually hypnotizing me to be ready for what was to come next. As Lloyd later told me, he had to “hold me” as he put it, which basically was his way of saying hypnotize me, otherwise I never would have been able to carry through with everything. Also that my encounter with Billy was to begin the process of giving my body the elasticity I would need now. If I wouldn’t have been hypnotized and made unaware of the excruciating pain and changes that my body was about to undergo, I probably would have died.


As I looked into his eyes, his mind control on me was amazing. He spoke with his mouth for the last time, “YOU MUST WANT THIS WITH ALL YOUR WILL AND SOUL. DO YOU MY BOY?”


“I do sir!”




I nodded yes, not so much that I was answering his questions, it was that I had wanted this all my life and I did not want resist him, in any way at all. Still even if I had wanted to resist this, the power he had over me right at that moment was so strong; that I was completely useless to deny what was about to happen next. The feeling of yearning for this was more than I could bear. I felt my eyes begin to water and a tear of joy run down my right cheek, as I was able to hear him even though his mouth did not move.




I never once thought about trying to look away or escape what was happening to me. All I saw was a paradise there that I had never known before. My entire body was exploding with pleasure. I longed to be there, to be a part of this God; of my family of Gods.  My Grandfather, my mother, my uncle and Lloyd were my family.  I had found my true calling.  I was beginning my true life. Lloyd eyes were all that I could look at and I felt a complete peace within them.  This was my creator and my lover.  We were connected. Somehow, all of us, were connected. 


And it was now my moment to find out how...

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wow i loved this series a lot, but what about the 4th chapter?  it was posted up on the old website and it was told in the perspective of a new character, an officer whose partner was growing and becoming a part of Uncle Matt's Farm before the officer himself grew.

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Hey there MuscleMan166. Chapter 5 is a revised version of  just that.  Chapter 6 is going to be completely new and has never been seen by anyone.  I think there will end up being 10 chapters in all.

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