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Always want AKA to continue his stories.  Always.

I also think this chapter works pretty well as a final installment.  There seems to be a sense of fulfillment in that thank you and blackout to me.  Though there's also a motif in AKA's stories of leaving us hanging at those moments hinting at dramatic changes, so he could just get a thrill at the thought of leaving us with blue balls.  

Either way, he's one of the best writers on here and consistently manages to deliver high quality work.

Keep it up, man.  ...Please.

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I... hum... dunno what to say.


Yeah, that's appropriate. Thanks for sharing this story with us, AKA.

This is one of the most sexual well-written mouth-opening-in-amazement and boner-inducing stories I have ever read.

I like a bit of sex in growth stories and I'm usually not that interested in stories that focus so much in the fuck and less in the growth. Until this story came. And boy, did it came! (so did I, but that's not the point... I think?)

Srly, this... has perfection. The perfect balance of horniness, anticipation, humor, description and I dunno what I'm even saying.

I had been away from the forum for more than a month and I came to find this gem I had paused in chapter 5. Brilliant. You made my day (and night).

And I kinda agree with handomegrad up there. It gives a vibe of ending that last part of last chapter, but at the same time I am curious at how big Lance can get (and my size queenish also wonders about the main character's cock ending size and how will he deal with it and clothes when he's back in college or at home for next christmas), which would be perfect for an epilogue. 

I hope you keep on gifting us with more of this amazing story.

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Part Eleven


Ever had a sex hangover? It feels a lot like a regular hangover only when you wake up you’re still naked, you’re still hard, and someone’s mouth is on your cock slowly licking, sucking and kissing you.

So, all things considered, it’s not a bad thing, I suppose.

I had never felt so tired in my life, but I was still horny. It was growing pretty obvious that I was gonna always feel that way, no matter how much cum I managed to pump out of my balls. My new, improved super-cock was always going to be delivering those happy, throbbing tingles of desire and my new, improved super-balls were never going to run out of cum.

There are, all things considered, worse curses one might have to put up with.

I groaned or something, which drew the attention of the very friendly dude who was currently blowing my joint. His hand moved off my dick to my chest, where he started to caress and sooth me while never stopping in his ministrations to the monster for a second.

I had to say, the dude knew what he was doing, as far as blowjobs are concerned. Even passed out, I must have been pumping a load into his mouth and he was greedily swallowing it all. “Dude,” I said groggily, “I appreciate the attention but could you maybe allow me to come back to reality?”

He took his pretty, swollen lips off my cock and swallowed thickly. “Sorry, dude,” he said, his mouth coated in my cum. “But you just kept going and it seemed like a shame to waste any of it.”

I raised my head and looked down my prone body towards his face. He was cute, I’ll give him that, with tousled brown hair that hung into his eyes and a pair of lips that looked like they could be attached to a blow-up doll, thick and soft and red. My cock was drooling a stream of cum down its long neck and he continued to milk me with strokes that traveled from the root to the head, drawing forth fat guzzles of warm cream.

I didn’t recognize him but I realized I was still inside Motherfucker and there was sun streaming in through the rafters of the huge space, reflecting in the floating dust. I sat up and his hand moved onto my belly, still warmly comforting and caressing me even as his other hand continued stroking my hard-on.

“Fuck,” I said, seeing my erection. It was…absurd. Not just huge, now, but almost unbelievable, like a cock that someone designed for another body twice the size of mine. It was beet red and shiny with his spit and my cum, and it throbbed with hard, deep vibrations of pure sex as I continued to pump my unending load from my buzzing balls.

“Where’s Lance?”

His head tilted and the hair shifted from his eyes. They were caramel-colored, and he licked his lips and said, “Huh?”

“Really big dude?” His eyes narrowed. “Lots of muscles?” His brow furrowed. “Really big muscles?”

“Oh! That dude.” He licked his pillowy lips and swallowed thickly. “He went outside.”

“Outside?” I felt a deep rush of orgasmic bliss and shook with its power. I sent a fat gush of cum along the thick, hard inches of my giant prick and felt it sizzle with sex all the way up. “Could you…sorry…could you, like, stop playing with my dick for a minute?”

“Really?” He tightened his grip and stroked me with a slow, potent motion all the way down my heavy, hard inches, then pulled his grip back up and drew forth another of my endless, heavy gushes of cum, applying his warm, wet tongue to the slick surface of my prick and licking me from stem to stern.

I came again with a satisfying groan. “It seemed to me like you were enjoying it.” He put his talented tongue against me again and sucked off the thick stream of cum draining down the long neck of the beast. He swallowed it down and licked his lips and smiled.

“Yeah, I gotta… I gotta go find him.”

He rubbed the pad of his thumb under the swollen helmet of my cock. A surging throb of delight thundered through every inch and erupted inside me like fire. I gasped and gripped my hands into fists and rewarded him with another fat flow. “Okay,” he said, releasing my throbbing meat from his grip and sitting back on his heels. His own dick stood straight up from he loins and was throbbing with dull beats. “I gotta say, dude, that you have the most awesome cock I have ever encountered. How do you just keep pumping cum like that?”

I sat up and opened my mouth to answer, but my head swam for a moment. I guess my body was still catching up with my newly grown dick, and maybe it took so much blood to inflate the things that my brain was left dizzy.

“You okay, dude?”

I nodded and said, “I’ll be fine.” I sat there as my dick began slowly to subside. It felt like I had a fucking lead weight attached to my groin, and my balls ached like I still needed to unload. I looked down at myself and had to smile nonetheless. It was huge, for sure, almost impossibly so, but it was gorgeous and grand and perfect. I stood up rather clumsily, my half-hard monster swinging from my groin, and asked, “Which way?”

He was staring at my dick, still, and simply pointed.

The thick monster tugged at my loins from its weight and wagged like a heavy limb. It tingled with its own power, like it had a mind (and libido) of its own, and kept constantly reminding me of its insatiable hunger.

There were few dudes left at Motherfucker in the morning, but every eye watched me make my way through the filtered sunlight and I was reminded of what Sam had said earlier, about feeling me nearby like some kind of sex call. I saw a few what you might call questioning glances asking me silently if I was “up for more” and I shook my head. I mean, yes, I was up for more, or at least my dick was, but I wanted to catch up to Lance and see what our latest round of Lance-building had accomplished.

The sun was…way, way, way too bright and I was blinded for a minute when I made it outside. Then I heard a familiar voice, saturated with power and as deep as two boulders fucking. “Hey, baby,” Lance said. “You look like you got hit by a bus.”

I laughed lightly and squinted against the light, and then something big and wide and tall blocked it out like an eclipse and all I could see was his silhouette.

“Fuck,” I said.

“Any time, lover,” he replied. The giant shadow raised its arms and bent them. Hard, round shapes jumped out from his shoulders and upper arms, and his upper torso widened to a mind-bending degree. “Not sure I can get much bigger, though.” Then the shadow approached me and my body was surrounded by a bunch of rocks coated in suede and velvet, and something hot and thick and firm and decidedly cock-shaped was pressing against my belly. Lance’s strong, masculine scent, like sweat and steal and ass and sex, shoved itself inside my head and my prick pulsed happily in recognition. He pressed his lips to mine and I could feel their softness countered by the rough whiskers sprouting from his upper lip and chin. His body was as warm as it was hard, and he held me so tightly he squeezed the air from my lungs.

“Oops,” he whispered darkly into my ear, “you did it again.”

Then he released me from his strong embrace and stood back so I could see him fully.



Nothing could have prepared me for the sight of my handsome lover now. That dude stroking my stiffy could have said something like, “oh, you mean that fucking huge dude who looks like someone took Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympus and squashed them together into a single body, and then coated that guy’s enormous chest in a forest of dark curls and gave him the face of a fucking Greek god and the dick of a horse and made him, like, eight feet tall? You mean that dude?”

And I still wouldn’t have been ready for what Lance looked like. He was freakishly beautiful. His blue-green eyes dazzled like jewels and his smile could make a dead man cum. His arms were larger than his head, swollen with rock-hard melon-sized biceps and horseshoe triceps that stuck out with mind-bending definition.

He was just standing there, not flexed, not pumped, not anything, and he was the most beautiful, most powerful, most muscular, most sexual man on the planet.

I’m sure my jaw dropped and my tongue hung from my mouth, but once again it was my cock that demanded all the blood and energy my body could produce as I inflated to full power in a matter of seconds, the sight of my muscular handsome lover driving my libido into the red zone and making my whole body heat up with perfect laser-focused lust, and I blasted a thick, massive rope of cum from my heavy balls, feeling the load sizzle along every inch of my fat cock and spray from its mouth like an explosion.

Lance groaned with bliss and spread his arms wide, creating a muscled canvas for me as I splattered a fat load on his huge body. He sighed and dipped his thick fingers into the part of my delivery that splattered on his impossibly huge chest and sucked my cum between his full, warm, soft, kissable lips. He smiled that fucking beautiful smile of his and I came again, pumping an even thicker load that coated the world’s most insane eight-pack abs and dripped down the world’s second-most impressive cock.

He bent his arms into a crab pose and presented me with his “most muscular,” and of course I shot again, groaning in ecstasy and unable to stop pumping cream at the sight of this…this god among men. The size of his muscles - all of his muscles - was so big, covered with veins like his whole body was a dick and he was getting bigger and harder by the second.

He straightened and pivoted, almost dancing before me, and turned fully around. He straightened and planted his hands on his narrow hips and opened his wings, flaring his insanely wide lats, thick and beautiful, and showing me his ass.

No one had ever owned an ass like his. Thick, muscular, perfect, like two balls mounted on his backside and jutting proudly out, fuck engines that would drive his bigger prick deep inside me. I grabbed my hot, hard monster with both hands and splattered a fat fountain of cum all over him, glazing his butt with cream.

He turned back around and winked, then he raised his arms over his head, smiling that smile, his green eyes twinkling, and pushed every fat, veiny muscle out in a brain-melting flex. It was like his body was expanding, like his muscles were inflating, and his deep, hairy puts were pumping out waves of his heady, masculine musk. His cock was dripping honey and his skin was stretched paper thin across the superhuman mass of his muscular development.

My hard-on started spraying him down like I was painting him. He closed his eyes and moaned as my thick, warm load splattered against the world’s most powerful man and I came and I came and I came. I came because I wanted to, I came because I could, I came to display for him in a manner he could not deny how fucking amazing he looked, and how fucking turned on I was just looking at him.

Was he growing, still? Or did I imagine it. Maybe he was just hyper-flexing, pushing his muscles to their new limits and swelling with power.

Fuck, I was turned on. Would I ever be able to come down off this sexual high? How was I expected to just go on day to day with him by my side? Wouldn’t I just be cumming all the fucking time?  

He reacted - as much as he could - and stood there as I came all over him. He was being bathed by my sexual release, my balls were pumping cum up the heavy inches of my monster dick and I was shooting it at his naked perfection, Jesus I’m amazed I didn’t pass out all over again.

But he approached me and pulled me into his embrace again as I shook with orgasmic release and pumped warm, musky cream like a fountain. “You’re amazing,” he told me, kissing me and stroking me and holding me in his strong arms. “And I like the changes on you, too!”


He smiled and stood back. “You didn’t notice?”

I looked down at myself. “Notice what?”

“You’re bigger.”

I wrapped my hand around my huge cock and wagged it at him. “Oh, this?”

“Not that. Well, not just that. You’re bigger.”

“I don’t….”

Lance came close again and placed his large hand on my chest. “Here.” Then he moved his hand along my body to my upper arm. “Here.” Then he kneeled and put his hand on my thigh and ran it down my bare leg. “Here.” Finally, he moved his hand behind me and grasped a fair amount of my butt. “And here. You’re bigger.”

“I am?”

He rose again and nodded. “A lot bigger. You didn’t even notice?”

I shook my head and started to more closely examine myself. I wanted to look in a mirror to see if I could see what he could see. Simply looking down at my chest and at my arms, I hadn’t even noticed, but now that Lance had pointed it out…it was true.

I was bigger, too!

Not to the enormous extent of Lance. I wasn’t like some towering wall of bulging muscular perfection. But…yeah. I was bigger.



We walked to the ocean and he washed his naked body of the thick wealth of cum I had showered him with. He charged into the water and dove under, coming up all slick and wet and shaking his great mane of dark curls like a lion.

He really did look like a god, now, emerging from the sea to gift us all with his beauty. What did it feel like to be that large, that powerful? I could only guess, but I had my own superhuman physical properties to deal with.

I washed the smell of sex from my skin and tried, gingerly, to rub my dick without pushing myself to another cum explosion. As I moved my hands around my body, I could now note the size increases of my muscles. I started to flex and try a few poses, pushing my muscles into stark relief. My chest looked bigger when I pressed it together. I didn’t own the gigantic globed of cabled glory that Lance had, but I did own distinct plates now, swelling forward slightly more than before. My belly seemed more defined as well, and my arms looked bigger.

But as usual it was my dick that was the most noticeable change on my body.

Dudes, my dick. It’s like so…sensitive now. Like, fuck, totally amazing. When I’m not at full power, it’s probably around nine or ten inches of thick meat. When I inflate to a boner, the head rises nearly to my mouth and the thing is like an arm attached to my groin. Eighteen inches? Nineteen? Fuck if I know. And fuck if I care. When you’re as big as I am, measuring seems like a waste of time when you could be coming.

My balls were now exactly as sensitive, and could take a fuckload of torture. You can pull on those suckers like you want to pull ‘em clean off, and all they do is swell fatter with cream. I couldn’t wait for Sam to get his mouth all over my ass and balls, I could practically feel him slobbering and tonguing my hole already.

I was a fuck machine, built and primed to plug myself into Lance’s tight, warm, perfect butt hole and start pumping muscle-building cream inside him until he was overloaded. I think I was finally understanding how this worked, and all I needed was to be serviced by a lot of over-sexed dudes who wanted to suck my dick and I would get supercharged on all that sex and male energy and my balls would swell with power that I could deliver directly into Lance’s welcoming ass.

The more turned on I was - the more charged up and oversexed and orgasmically energized - the heavier my delivery of muscle- and sex-building power would be. And then all I needed to do was walk toward my handsome, giant lover and shove my majestic and impossible dick inside his tight, hot, perfect ass and make him get bigger and bigger and bigger.

Lance moved through the surf towards me, a towering god of beautiful muscle, and put his great paw behind my neck and pulled my lips to his. My cock responded as it always did, now, swelling to full power almost instantly and I felt my balls swell and throb as a thick delivery of hot cum shot up my cannon and splattered on his cobblestone belly.

He laughed and dipped his naked perfection below the surf to wash my latest delivery of cream off his furry skin. “You’re amazing,” he said.

All I could do was look at him now, nearly eight feet tall and built like no one else in the world - maybe even growing new muscles just to soak in what I was giving him, now - and shook my head.

I was amazing?

Holy fuck!



The walk back that morning to the motel was…other worldly. After whatever happened that night I couldn’t find my clothes and Sam had and disappeared, so I adopted Lance’s mode of clothing and we both performed the sexiest, nakedest, most awesome walk of shame that the world had ever witnessed.

I was horny as fuck and trying hard as I could (heh) to stay limp, but being that close to the world’s most powerful and sexy and handsome and muscular dude was making my balls buzz like a fucking hornet’s nest. I could feel his heat like some kind of wind that surrounded me, and his sexy, musky smell was overwhelming my senses.

My dick was throbbing and tingling like a motherfucker and my balls ached with their load. It was like they were working overtime manufacturing more cum to shoot, and my dick was drooling a slime trail along the sidewalk that even a noseless bloodhound could trace.

“You okay?” he asked at one point, maybe feeling that sexual vibration that Sam said I was projecting. I was probably throbbing like a siren as horny as I was.

“Gotta fuck you,” I replied. “All I wanna do right now is push my cock deep inside your ass and fuck you until you scream.”

He smiled that smile that always made me want to cum - I mean, made me want to cum even harder - and winked. “Hold that thought,” he replied, “we’re nearly there.”

Pushing my cock inside Lance’s ass was the most perfect feeling in the world. My engines revved up and I started pumping rivers of cream and he would moan and twist his shaggy head on his muscular neck and run his hands all over my body, lost in some deep orgasmic bliss of his own as I slowly moved myself deeply in and out of his tight chute, feeling all the thick, hard, hot inch of his warm, wet, perfect butt milking me of every fucking drop I had to give.

Sure, blowjobs are great and I fucking love seeing some dude’s face as he’s trying to manage all the meat I have as I pump my endless rivers of hot, sticky cum inside his mouth, but there is simply no better feeling in the world than to be plugged in to Lance’s magic ass with his strong hands all over me as I press my mouth against his and our tongues dance around each other in warm wetness. I mean, if I wasn’t able to fucking cum endless fat fountains inside him, I’m sure I’d be delirious from sexual overdrive. The man is just sex incarnate.

Sam dropped in around dusk - Lance and I had been flip-fucking all day long, and I wondered what felt better, my dick in his ass or his monster inside mine, drilling away as I looked up at his immense muscular perfection - and lent his talents to our final night on vacation.

My muscular growth was much more apparent to me now that I was looking at Sam’s small, lean body. Now that I had someone else familiar to measure myself against besides my giant boyfriend, I realized I had also somehow gained an inch or two in height.

How was that possible? Hell, of course it was possible, considering what had been happening to Lance for weeks on end! The dude was beyond massive and beyond beautiful. My cum was capable of making him grow bigger and stronger and more handsome, and maybe his cock in my ass could do the same? Or something else?  

“Jesus,” he remarked as he ran his hands over my body. “You look amazing!”


“No, dude, you look…fucking amazing! Like…like an Olympic gymnast or something.” He circled behind me, running his hands all over, caressing my shoulders and back and cupping my ass in his hands. “Holy fuck.”

Sam brought a friend with him, and why not? I mean, he knew what Lance and I were capable of and the more the merrier I always say. He introduced his friend as Charlie, and the dude was naked in a second and showing off his well-trained bod. He had wicked hot tan lines and when asked he said he lived on the waves, loved surfing and body boarding and being out in the sea and wind. His body was practically fat-free and I could see every muscle on him.

The dude was fucking drooling just looking at my cock. I’m normally the second-most-exciting thing in the room when Lance is there with me, but the dude was a cock fiend and my huge tube had him super horned for action. I was now even bigger, of course, after last night’s super-pump into Lance’s muscles, and now my dick was stretching a good fourteen inches long when I was at my steeliest, and right now I was harder than ever and shooting streams of cum like a fucking Sooper Soaker.

I was pulling my meat out of Lance’s prime hole inch by mind-blowing inch, my entire heavy meat wrapped in a network of throbbing veins and slick as an oiled pipe, then shoving myself back inside with heavy, sex-scented splashes of cream that kept Lance’s tight chute well lubed and my heavy balls from exploding with their load. I looked at Sam and his friend as I fucked my huge muscular lover and felt the unstoppable waves of orgasmic bliss radiate all over my sweat-coated skin.

“Can I…?” Charlie asked, licking his lips as he watched me fuck Lance. I was reluctant to pull myself from his accommodating velvet vice but then I saw that Sam was licking his own lips looking at Lance’s hole and I knew that our favorite rimming expert wanted some of that amazing ass for himself.

I pulled out and Charlie nearly lost it. No one had a dick as big as mine, and even as the plump helmet of my beast popped free, I was still shooting long streams of hot, sticky cum.

Charlie fell on my prick and wrapped his lips around the shooting mouth and started swallowing down what I had to give. Maybe Sam had warned him about my magic fountain but I doubt anyone could be prepared for me when I was going off like a fucking hydrant. He gagged and coughed and coated his chin and neck and chest in streams of warm cream, running down his skin thick and wet, before he re-applied his mouth to my hose and started sucking for all he was worth.

Meanwhile the sound of Sam’s very eager eating out of Lance’s well-used hole sounded like a pig at the trough, and he shoved his talented tongue inside that muscular butt and lapped up all the spunk and juice the two of us had managed to create.

Lance’s deep, feral groans of pleasure turned into those weird high-pitched squeals that only Sam could make him produce. It always turned me on for some reason, hearing him coo and sigh and whimper as Sam lapped at his hole until he was begging to get fucked, and I could swing back in and shove my fat meat inside and make him grunt and groan like a bear.

So the four of us spent the rest of Spring Break together, before Lance and I had to pack our bigger selves back in the truck and get back to college life.



There was no way Lance was gonna fit inside the cab of the rental truck. He was just too fucking huge, now. The only answer was that the dude would have to ride in the back, out in the open, and I knew there was no way I was going to be able to convince him to wear even a jockstrap to cover up that magnificent cock of his, plus he said he “wanted to feel the sun and the wind on my skin,” so I just crossed my fingers, turned the key, and pointed the pickup towards home.

The bed of the truck was high enough that most of the other traffic on the road would only see this giant mass of muscle from the chest up, and Lance was his usual gregarious self waving at the people who honked at this amazing giant with the pennant of hair flowing like a flag in the wind, and for a while the only way I knew he was even back there was when his heavy bulk shifted and the truck wanted to shift with him. He weighed probably close to three hundred pounds now - if not more - so that was a rather ample load.

Speaking of ample loads, it was probably good that the dude wasn’t up front with me because I know that he would never be able to keep his hands (and mouth) off my dick and as huge as it was now, it would have likely been a real challenge to be able to steer the fucking truck with what amounts to a forearm sticking straight up in front of me with his handsome, shaggy head bobbing up and down on my pumping cum fountain.

My uninflated dick was “only” eight or nine inches long so I could still operate more or less as usual when I wasn’t aroused. But the beast was so easily stimulated and incredibly easy to rouse to full power, and it was going to be a long trip home.

Night was falling and I just flipped on the headlights when Lance slid the window on the back of the cab aside and said, “I think he wants us to pull over?”

“Who does?” I didn’t take my eyes off the road to look.

“Dude in the eighteen-wheeler next to you. I was…I was kind of playing with my dick because, you know…” Suddenly, a long, thick, fat, spit-slick length of muscle cock slid in next to my face as a very visual and drool-worthy illustration of what he meant. My own monster throbbed and tingled and stretched in chorus with his gorgeous length of meat. He rubbed himself on my cheek and he was hot and hard and wet. I pictured the view of his perfect butt flexing as he shoved himself through the window, and I had a hard time keeping my cock from ripping through my shorts.

He pulled his prick back out of the cab and said, “Yeah, the dude pulled up and he was kind of keeping up with us and I kinda think he wants a more…personal performance.”

“How can you tell?”

“By the blow-job motions he’s making with his hand and mouth.”



I took the next exit with the lights of the truck staying close in my rearview, and we pulled into a truck stop. Lance jumped out the cab and practically pulled me out of the driver’s seat, encasing me in a muscular embrace and kissing my mouth with obvious desire and eager need. “I feel like I could fuck a whole through concrete,” he moaned into my ear, pushing his throbbing cock against my belly. His huge body felt like boulders encased in velvet, and his skin was warm and soft and smelled like sex.

The Mack truck had to stop in the area reserved for eighteen-wheelers and Lance in his naked glory and me with my quickly swelling monster walked towards the big vehicle. Lance’s prick was still hard and slapping his eight-pack as he walked, and my own was crawling down my leg and starting to send hard throbbing vibrations of sex through my body.

The door opened and this…huge dude swung himself out of the cab and stood there above the asphalt like Tarzan or something. He was wearing a fucking cowboy hat and wore a thick, heavy salt-and-pepper beard on his weathered face.

Even though he wore blue jeans and a kind of cowboy shirt with pearl snaps and red piping, I could tell that the dude was fucking jacked. This wasn’t no beer-guzzling good ol’ boy, this was like some wet dream of your favorite daddy fantasy, and as he jumped down to the pavement to meet us, I could practically feel the ground shake.

“Fuck, boys,” he said, his voice a deep growl coated in a thick Southern accent, “you’re like some dream come true.”

He already knew what he was in for with Lance. My man was 100% naked and 100% hard, and even if his dick couldn’t hold a candle to mine in the length department, it more than made up for it in girth. The dude had a fire hydrant sticking out of his groin, a 10-inch monster that was at least eight inches around, thick as a fucking tree trunk and rigid as steel. I could still manage to suck him off and believe me, there was no better feeling than Lance’s hod rod filling up your guts, but I kinda had the impression that the only man who could still accommodate my monster was Lance and his ever-expanding body.

The trucker’s eyes were practically eating Lance alive, consuming every inch of his massive muscular frame, dancing from bulge to bulge and a smile lit his lips when they finally landed on his fat, firm dick. I watched the dude’s dick swelling in his worn denim jeans like a water balloon inflating. He reached down to rub and adjust himself and his smile brightened with teeth in his thick whiskers. He took off his hat and tossed it on the driver’s seat, revealing a close-cropped flattop of white hair on his noble head, looking like some old soldier. His skin was leathery and deeply tanned, and his had bright blue eyes the color of the sky.

Lance, as usual, did away with introductions and pretense and simply strode up to the dude, wrapped one hand behind his neck, pulled their mouths together, and pushed his other hand under the waistband of the trucker’s pants to grip what looked like an ample piece of meat by way of greeting, kneading and squeezing the trucker inside his pants.

If the dude objected, he didn’t show any signs of it, attempting to surround Lance’s broad bulk in his embrace and grinding his crotch against the intrusion, his own rough fingers grasping a handful of Lance’s thick mane of dark curls and pulling with gusto, making Lance growl like an animal.

We were standing in the gloomy parking lot of a truck stop. Traffic whined by on the highway. The wind was warm and smelled like gasoline and tar. Lance was a seven-foot-high mountain of naked raw muscle, massive and solid, kissing the trucker while the other dude moved his hands down Lance’s broad back and each of them grabbed a handful of hard, muscular ass and started kneading my boyfriend’s butt. My cock started to hurt, caged in my shorts and swelling to its full power, stretching and bulging and inflating as gallons of blood poured into it, making the veins pulse and throb and my balls were already heavy with the load of hot cum I needed to start pumping.

It was fucking crazy and fucking hot, watching Lance and the trucker making out and groping each other with such obvious lust and need. I unzipped and pulled out inch after inch of my dick and spat in my palm and started stroking as I grew fatter and harder, gasping for air and feeling myself grow dizzy as my brain tried to make up for the blood loss my cock was causing.

My eyes stayed focused on Lance’s ass, being so firmly squeezed by the trucker’s strong, rough hands. He was was pushing his fingertips inside, against the tenderness of Lance’s hole, rubbing and teasing him. I could almost feel Lance’s soft warm bud, almost taste his sweet salty tang, and a fat sizzle of pre erupted up the length of my prick and drooled out, coating my hand in wet warmth.

Lance pulled his hand out of the trucker’s pants and set his fingers to the other dude’s shirt and pulled it open, the pearl snaps giving easily. The trucker’s had a broad, strong chest carpeted with white fur. Lance dipped his head down and sucked a nipple inside his mouth as the trucker gasped and shut his eyes tight.

I came, hard, shoving my first eruption out violently. It was like someone grabbed my balls and squeezed hard, and I pushed out a fountain of pearly white cream that splattered against Lance’s muscular back.

My load trickled along the deep creases between Lance’s muscles and dripped down his crack towards his ass. I came again, another fat delivery, hitting the trucker’s hands and his eyes opened and his gaze met mine and it was like lightning and I came again, even harder, and watched his shock and lust register seeing what my monster cock could do.

He bit down on Lance’s mountainous shoulder and pushed his fingers inside Lance’s ass and I shot again, a thick jet of cum across Lance’s muscles. The trucker kept his eyes on me as he finger-fucked Lance’s butt and Lance chewed on his nipple and I came another load, my thick cream making my strokes easier and slicker and sending heavy, brain-bending shocks of orgasmic bliss through my body.

Lance dropped to his knees and began to open up the trucker’s jeans, pointing his ass at me and shaking it. He wanted me inside him. Needed me there, filling him up with muscle juice.

I walked with an unsteady gate, trying to kick my shorts off, pumping out shots as I approached, watching the trucker’s face register amazement and desire and hunger. My cock was at full bloom, a fourteen-inch monster as thick as my forearm with a head like a plum shooting long ropes of cum from its mouth, fat deliveries of powerful, muscle-building cream that would pump from my balls in long, thick streams and drool from the tip until my next huge pump.

Lance’s body was hot and he started sucking the trucker’s dick almost at the same second that I pulled the hard muscular globes of his ass open and started pushing myself inside.

He was tight, but I was hard - hard as steel - and I wanted inside his heat, to feel him squeezing against me, to make him feel every inch of my hot prick inside his ass as I fucked him so deep he’d feel me in his throat, right next to that other dude’s puny meat.

I had no illusions that I was gonna be able to make Lance bigger again so soon. I just wanted to fuck him, and I wanted the other dude to watch. It was hot, doing it out here in the parking lot with the traffic rushing by and anyone could stop and watch. The trucker was fucking hot with his polar bear fur and grunts of pleasure, and Lance was a broad landscape of muscular bulges hungry for my dick.

I was pumping fat deliveries of cream, feeling every drop of my load as it screamed along the thick inches of my huge prick, riding the orgasmic waves that cascaded through my whole body as Lance grabbed on tightly, hugging my meat like a vise as I shot over and over inside his ass.

The trucker was shooting, too, judging by the way he was grimacing and pinching his eyes shut. Lance was swallowing every drop and unlike me with my seemingly endless supply, the old dude was done after a few squirts and pulling his limp dick from Lance’s mouth while I was still shooting thick ropes of cream.

“You still..?” His voice was a deep growl. It fucking turned me on. I just nodded and smiled. “Got some for me?”

Yeah, I did. Of course I did.


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Part Twelve



Getting back to college, I knew it was gonna be weird. How could it not be? We’d only been gone for a week and my naked roommate was noticeably taller, wider, thicker, stronger, and bigger everywhere. He was now much larger than anyone else on campus, and still perpetually naked as the day he was born.

He was an overt and overwhelming display of masculine power and beauty. Swollen with perfectly developed muscle, sporting a horse cock and a pair of lemon-sized balls, and giving off some thick fog of testosterone-spiked pheromones that circled around him like a storm and left a trail of wet pussies and drooling hard-ons wherever he went.

And everyone’s reaction to Lance did change, but not in the way I thought it would. I expected people to freak out or to, I dunno, call the police or the FBI or someone in authority to report that there’s this dude wandering around getting bigger and bigger and bigger for no apparent reason. It wasn’t like he was a threat, exactly. I mean, even with all that size and muscle the dude was still a sexy pussycat when it came to everyone he met, most often giving out deep kisses and allowing - or more like admonishing - everyone to put their hands all over his naked body and stroke and caress and pleasure him.

I mean, I’m sure everyone knew he and me were fucking every chance we got, but Lance was still fucking everyone - and he was getting fucked at every opportunity. I could tell who he’d just plugged himself into because they had a habit of walking funny for a few days afterwards. Maybe I was the only person around capable of easily (and gratefully) handling every fat inch of his near-constant erection, now.

That’s the change I was talking about. Weirder probably than the fact that no one freaked out about him, he was now having sex whenever, and wherever, and with whomever he wanted to. Or with whoever wanted to with him. The dude didn’t seem to have the word ‘no’ in his vocabulary.

Plus, he was like some fucking sex totem or something. That highly sexualized scent he normally produced was almost visible in its strength as it leaked from his pores or whatever. And everyone was constantly touching him, and stroking him, and kissing him. And he was fucking hard as a rock pretty much constantly now, sporting his veiny red 10-inch boner that stayed steely and rigid pretty much 24/7.

In a very real sense, the whole college was turning into Lance’s personal orgy.

It started out kind of secretively. You might hear this pounding from somewhere and then Lance and his latest paramour would emerge from, like, a janitor closet or a bathroom and he was all naked and handsome and sweaty and his partner would have this dazed look on their face like they’d just seen a ghost or had some religious experience.

Lance looked…incredible. Or whatever it is beyond incredible. The muscle I was packing onto his frame was thick and lean and massive, huge bulges of striated fibers and cables that shifted and flexed under his skin with his slightest movement, and every shift was an invitation to touch him and stroke him and squeeze him. He’d smile that fucking sexy smile and offer up his arm to try to apply pressure to his rock-hard biceps, or push his incredible chest forward so you could move your fingers through that thick forest of dark curves and experience the size and power of his gigantic pectoral globes, or turn himself around and move his hand over his muscular glute as invitation for you to do the same.

No inch of his body was off limits. You want to reach down and surround his thick prick with your grip? Run your hand up and down his warm, thick shank of sex? Drop to your knees and kiss the moist tip his his cock and suck him inside for a quick b.j.? It was all good.

So his liaisons quickly moved from being hidden trysts to standing in the corner of the classroom while half-a-dozen fellow students worshipped him. Or seeing him on campus under some tree shoving his dick into someone while they moaned and whimpered and screamed from sheer bliss.

As for me, well, my dick was on constant vibrate. I had the unfortunate side-effect of owning what was easily the biggest piece of equipment on campus - maybe even in the world - at least when I was at full power.

Maybe it was good he was so much bigger and such a sex machine, because it took all the attention off of me and my new, bigger, more muscular body. I was a bit self-conscious about myself at first, but mostly about the ‘how am I supposed to explain this?’ part. Looking at a mirror for the first time since I’d grown, my new more powerful appearance made my giant cock grow rock hard. I looked fucking amazing, just like Sam said. My body was most definitely taller, and my muscles were all bigger and more defined. “Olympic gymnast” hit the nail on the head, as a matter of fact.

I was kind of lanky before. I mean I had some muscle on my bones, but there were more bones than muscle. Now I had very definite, very defined, very prominent bulges of thick, hard brawn swelling from my limbs in balls and wedges, and two plates of muscle hanging off my chest pushing against my shirts (and rubbing two larger and more sensitive nipples against the material as well) - not to mention an awesome six-pack of abdominal muscles lined up over my once-flat belly.

Even so, I craved more. I felt strong and powerful and swollen with muscle, and I only wanted more of it.

So I was back in the gym a lot, after that, and my gains were awesome. It felt like I was getting bigger every day. Maybe the huge cargo of testosterone my balls were now producing was going a long way to helping my muscles grow.

But, Jesus, I fucking hurt! After that last huge growth spurt I delivered to Lance, it was like my body needed a recovery period or something. He’d swelled up to something approaching super-human size, bigger than any bodybuilder I knew of with all that power packed onto a towering frame that rose head and shoulders higher than almost anyone else on campus. Initially only my dick ever grew bigger - not that I was complaining - but now it seemed like something else had changed, or maybe I was growing Lance too big or something and was getting, like, feedback.  All Lance had to do was wait for me to get recharged and then I’d happily pump him full of new size and power with a few heavy pumps of cream, but maybe my dick and balls were in overdrive and I was making so much of…whatever that after I made Lance bigger and kept pumping out my super muscle cum I was making myself bigger too?

I mean, it wasn’t like I could go see a doctor and ask something like “my cum makes my friend pack on size, muscles and height and strength, even his libido swells bigger, and before the only outcome for me was this giant humungous insane awesome donkey dick and super balls, but now it seems like I’m getting bigger too so what’s the deal with that?”

I was growing bigger and stronger and sexier every day. I didn’t really see a problem with that, and it certainly wasn’t something I was anxious to find a cure for.



About two weeks after we got back, me and Lance were hanging out in the dorm room - which now seemed to be about half as big as it was when we met so many months ago - after our latest round of amazing flip-fucking after he’d shoved his thick meat deep inside me and I’d pumped another couple of gallons of hot cum inside him and he said, “It’s time.”

I glanced at the clock on the laptop next to the bed. “Time? Time for what?”

He stood up, his head nearly brushing the ceiling. His huge body seemed to bloom with power, as if his muscles were swelling with size and strength just standing there. He smiled and my cock pulsed hard. He put his hands above his head, against the ceiling, and I got a strong whiff of his extra-potent man-scent. His biceps and triceps bulged and he pulled in a breath and made his pecs swell forward. “I wanna grow again,” he growled, and his awesome collection of brawn tensed and bulged. “I need to.”

“Yeah?” I scanned his collection of mind-bending muscular perfection. He was beyond huge already, but he said it like he really did need to. The dude was gigantic, swollen with more muscle than any other man I’d ever seen, either in the flesh or on fantasy, looking like what Superman wished he could look like after spending a few years doing nothing but lifting weights, and he wanted to be bigger. I almost couldn’t believe it was even possible.

But he smiled that cock-hardening smile of his and his blue-green eyes twinkled. “Yeah. So you know what that means?”

I sort of sighed and nodded, because that meant me saving up all my super juice for one big blast. That meant that I had to somehow manage to rein in all this overwhelming horniness I felt  every second of every day and allow my magic balls to grow swollen and painful with their magic supply of muscle-building milk for him - and I wanted him to feel sorry for me and my upcoming lack of sex, but actually the idea of making Lance even bigger than he already was made my heart start beating faster and my brain to sizzle with desire and my monster dick to swell and throb.

I wanted it as much as he did - maybe even more. To push my cock inside his body, feel myself growing thicker and longer, reaching deeper into his body and I pumped endless streams of hot cum inside him and watched his chest expand and his arms swell with power and his whole body stretch taller and wider and I pushed a thick flood of perfect power inside him.

He towered over me. Heat was pouring off his naked, sweat-soaked frame. His muscles were swollen to their fullest power. He came up to me, pulling me off the bed and pressing himself against my body. He reached down to grab my massive shank of sex meat and stroked me with a long, slow, slick grip. “Do you think you can do that?”

Lance’s deep voice rumbled against me. It felt like he was fucking me when he spoke. “Yeah,” I said, wrapping both my hands around my swelling monster and feeling it tremble and vibrate with need and hunger. “I think I can do that.”

He lifted his hand away and raised his arms to swell his biceps and triceps and delts into full glory. The thick forest of fur in his deep armpits was damp and thickly perfumed. His pecs stretched and widened and his lats flared like wings. It was almost too much to bear. “You think I can get bigger than this?”

His shoulders were mountains. His biceps were softballs. Grapefruits. He stood head and shoulders taller than me and his immense chest, big as a barrel, swelled forward and creased with massive cables of brawn. A thick wave of his delicious masculine scent stung my nostrils and made me sweat and shake with desire. “Yes,” I answered, stroking myself and feeling the weight and length of my cock increasing by the second. “I know you can.”

“You mean, you know you can.”


“Because I’m not doing anything, Dave.”

“I am.”


It was almost like torture, the next few days. I spent countless hours at the gym trying to wear myself - and my libido - out. My gains were unbelievable and my fat percentage dropped into single digits. I was swelling with muscle and ripped to shreds, looking like some anatomy chart of beautiful brawn. I awoke every morning with my steel-hard 14-inch prick tenting my sheets and weeping streams of pre. My balls had veins on them and were practically throbbing with their swollen cargo.

I told Lance to make himself scarce during those days because there was no way I could avoid pumping my load all over him if I saw him. Whenever he was around me now, his mere proximity - the smell of him, his palpable heat, and of course seeing his body and his face - my dick would just start shoving cream out like a fucking fire hose.

I knew the dude wouldn’t be lonely and I sometimes saw him from a distance across campus because it was hard to miss a nearly eight-foot-tall mountain of naked muscle wandering around. It was like I was tuned into him and could locate his presence on my radar from any distance.

With my own dick in overdrive it seemed, well, stupid to try hiding it. Plus my body was growing so fast that I was literally ripping my way out of my clothes like the Incredible Hulk so about a week before we were gonna get back together, I decided to join my roommate’s club and started “forgetting” to wear any clothes, too.

To be honest, it was really weird at first, stepping outside into the open completely naked. You ever tried it? Just going outside one day without any clothes? It’s freaky at first and people stare, but I’m sure that Lance’s presence on campus made most people okay with seeing some naked dude wandering around and sitting in class.

Then again, my dick was in a state of near-constant need so I was often sporting this gigantic throbbing member rising from my loins, veiny and red and shiny like glass, and my balls were as big as fucking grapefruit. If I concentrated and thought about something specifically not sexy, I could tame the beast and it would wag between my increasingly muscular thighs at only seven or eight inches, and as long as I didn’t touch myself or look in a mirror at my new bigger body, I could almost handle not being able to plug myself into Lance’s tight ass and feel him milking me with his perfect muscular control.

The days crawled by. The nights were murder. Even taking a piss was like some weird contest of me trying not to touch myself as I aimed my fat inches of tingling, swollen prick at the urinal and let loose with heavy streams of of hot yellow piss.

It felt almost like coming, now, feeling the stream traveling up my dick and splashing hot against the porcelain.

As the days passed, I spent more and more time at the gym wearing myself out. My arms ached and throbbed, my legs were on fire, and my glutes hurt like motherfuckers.

But damn, I looked good. Every muscle was a vascular swollen ball of steel. My dick looked even bigger now since my body fat was so low, and it took every ounce of self-control I could muster not to jerk off and release the pent-up well of magic muscle-building cream inside my balls.

When I just couldn’t stand another minute of my balls feeling like someone kicked them, swollen with my super juice and aching to start pumping, I went looking for my fuck buddy with my 14-inch hard-on wagging in front of my like a dowsing rod. I felt like I was going to fucking explode with all the power I was holding inside me for him, and I knew this would be the biggest growth cycle yet.



I found him in the school's football stadium, in the center of the field. he was just standing there with his huge arms crossed over his furry chest. The cool winds were carrying his musk towards me and I felt it almost as strongly as I smelled it, the warm wet lick of a tongue made of sex that wrapped around my naked skin and made my aching balls tingle.

He just stood there smiling, waiting for me to cross the grass and meet him. Every step made me feel hotter and sexier and my cock was ready to explode. I was breathing hard and gritting my teeth and my hands were tight fists, making the muscles along my forearms grow distinct.

His smile was beautiful and his cock started throbbing and lengthening as I approached. “I like your new outfit,” he said. His deep, masculine voice resounded like an earthquake.

“Thanks. I saw it on a friend and I couldn’t resist trying it on.”

“The fit is amazing.”

I looked down and all I saw was muscle and cock. “Yeah,” I agreed, “I think it’s all I want to wear from now on.”

“You should,” Lance said, smiling his smile that made me cum on command. “This is how you should always look.”

We stood face to face, and I was looking up at his perfect handsome features. His beard was thicker and made him look like a Greek god. He lowered his arms and his massive chest raised and spread, two mind-blowing globes of rock-hard muscle arranged in thick bands and coated in a dark forest of curls. His cock was now fully erect, wound about with veins and throbbing in time with his heartbeat. His scent was overwhelming, like he hadn’t showered in all the days that separated us, knowing how turned on his natural masculine musk would make me.

He looked down at my raging hard-on, drooling a steady stream of honey, coating its thick neck in a gleaming coat of warm lube. “I’m not sure you’re ready,” he said quietly. “Maybe some inspiration would help.”


He took a step back and brought his arm up, bending it slowly, causing the biceps to bulge higher and higher and higher, as I watched him begin to display himself for me.

He started to pose for me, standing before me in his naked glory, his prick swelling and stretching towards me, his muscles pushing against his skin for space, growing fatter and thicker with size and power, and I gasped and began to shoot streams of hot cum.

He had not touched me, and I had not touched him, but my balls were overburdened with my load and watching Lance display himself for me was all it took to throw me over the edge and I was exploding hot cream like a geyser, shooting it in fat, wet, sticky fountains that found their way onto Lance’s enormous and powerful frame, splattering against his muscles and draining like rivers along the deep crevasses separating once gigantic muscle head from its brother.

He pulled in a sudden deep breath as my first thick volley struck him and I watched him reached his fingers into my load to gather my muscle juice and suck it inside his body.

I shot again, and again, over and over, my hands clenched into tight fists and my asshole tightened and my muscles singing. My own breath was ragged and short and I get myself tense and inhale and then I shot a mammoth unending load at him that looked like I had thrown a gallon of cream at his perfect body.

He had taken in a mouthful of my cream and he was already swelling with new muscle. I could see it happening, watch him growing even stronger and bigger just standing there feeding himself from my sticky warm flood.

He moved forward sinking to his knees and opening his mouth. I grabbed my cock in both dads and aimed my spitting cobra at his face and unleashed another thick flood that coated his handsome face and splattered against his shoulders and chest.

He gulped my cum inside and those same cum-coated shoulders and that mammoth chest was inflating as I watched.

And I had only just started.

He was growing faster than I had even seen him grow. Cables of power, overrun with fibers of muscle and thick veins of blood, fed his size and power and he surrounded my huge meat with his lips, suckling against me as I pumped again and again inside him. His cheeks sucked inward and his neck bulged as he pulled my cum inside him to feed his muscles and his size.

He moved his hands to grasp my ass, digging his fat fingers into my hole like form dicks, rubbing and coaxing my balls to deliver their cargo into his swelling frame. His arms were huge! I watched his biceps and triceps fighting for room along his upper arms, and he was growing hams along his lower arms, overwhelmed with a network of veins to feed his growing power.

He moaned and I felt it all along my cock and looked down and could see myself growing in time to him. I was getting even bigger, my prick developing girth and length as I continued my non-stop assignment to make Lance bigger than anyone had ever been.

He kneaded my ass and my grip was being forced wider as my cock expanded. “Gotta fuck you,” I managed to say, somehow. My orgasmic explosion was so powerful that I could hardly think, let along talk, but I knew one thing and one thing only: I had to get inside his ass, and I had to get inside him fucking now.

He took his mouth from the tip of my stretching cock and turned around, sticking his ass towards me and pointing it at me, his perfect pink pucker making my mouth water.

I was still coming hard as I guided my cock at his ass and pushed myself inside, seating my fourteen or fifteen or sixteen inches of meat down his meaty, muscular backside and he squeezed and I started coming even harder.

Once I was seated inside his perfect ass, once every inch of my swelling monster was married to his butt, like a switch in a socket my level of sexual bliss was welling along with my cock and my load and his power and his size. I had never felt something like that, something so pure and perfect and sexual and raw. We were one, Lance and I, joined now in something beyond normal human limits.

I was unstoppable now. Even if I wanted to stop coming, I could not have done it. Seated inside his beautiful muscular backside, my warm rivers of cream making his chute slick and hot, his muscular power and control squeezing and milking me along every inch of my monster, I gasped and threw my head back and started uncontrollably washing his guts in muscle-building cum.

His development took off in like fashion. Muscle was swelling along every inch of his huge frame at a mind bending rate. I felt myself lengthening inside him, not even fucking him and just growing in size and power, my cock the perfect instrument of this purpose - a huge throbbing steal-hard tower of sex pumping muscular size and power into him like an electrical socket, and he groaned with supreme satisfaction and bliss.

How big? How big, now?

It looked like he had muscles that weren’t even on any anatomy chart, as if his body was inventing new muscles to fill in between the massive balls and wedges and cables of power still swelling larger across his back. No one had traps like Lance, two mountains buttressing his thickening neck. No one had deltoids like Lance, lobes of fat muscle hard as rock and getting bigger as I watched.

His lats were spreading like wings, thicker and wider by the moment, like slabs of prime beef manifesting before my eyes. The individual serratus along his spine, his external obliques, swelling and separating and growing.

Every muscle growing.

It made me cum even harder. I felt like I was exploding with cum, my balls were being sucked dry and my cock was being kneaded and squeezed like an udder’s tit and I was just coming a constant flood of muscle-developing cream.

I wanted to see his handsome face. I wanted to watch his chest expanding and his arms swelling and his belly developing another set of abdominals. I put my hands on his waist and tried to move him, to turn him over, but he weighed a ton and I was weakened by my ongoing orgasmic bliss.

He knew what I wanted, and without allowing me from his ass, he began to pivot, throwing his leg across my body, making me literally screw his ass, and landing on his widening back and then I leaned into him, towards him, down to him, my dick lengthening inside him, and lay against his heated growth and pushed my mouth against his and kissed him hard.

I could feel his body growing against mine. I could feel his chest pushing against me as if he were inhaling, but he was just growing, swelling, expanding. He was hot and hard and slick with sweat. His cock was a swelling hard heat between us, I could feel it growing fatter and longer like mine. His sea-green eyes looked feral and savage and he wrapped his swelling arms around me and held me to him as I made him grow bigger and bigger.

And then we were there, like that, coupled, my dick lodged inside his butt pumping fat fountains of cum as his body did whatever his body could do, turning every drop into growth and muscle.

How big could he get? How big could I make him.

He was still expanding and swelling when his lips pulled from mine because he was so much taller, now, so much wider and thicker and stronger. His cock was pumping warm wetness between our bodies and he was groaning and I opened my mouth and swallowed his cum, feeling his cock lengthening into my mouth as he grew and grew, and I swallowed his warm, sticky, salty-sweet seed and felt it spread inside me like quicksilver, like lava, like power.

And then I felt something else. Something new. Something powerful and amazing.

And I was growing.

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Wow! Two amazing new chapters! Thanks AKA for this amazing erotic story. Keep on writing man, because I/ we love your wild imagination. 

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I am really glad to read that our great protagonist is growing from Lance's cum now too. 83 <3 <3 Seems they are now so perfect together that they have taken each other's special abilities into each other and can now do the same for the other. >;3


A wonderful story and I hope that our smaller protagonist will be super happy and will become just as big if not bigger than Lance someday. ^^ <3

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Part Thirteen



I opened my eyes and the sky was dark. The grass around my naked body was cool and wet with dew. Dawn was coloring the edge of the world with pink and orange brushstrokes. It was quiet in the middle of that football field, and I was alone.

I leaned up onto my elbows and looked around. Lance was nowhere to be seen. Probably went back to the dorm, or maybe got hungry or something and I was probably knocked out by what happened. I could remember most, but not all of it.

I’m willing to bet that you’ve never experienced the sensation of watching someone swelling with muscle so quickly that you can see it developing under their skin. I’d also bet that you’ve never seen someone’s entire body growing taller and wider over the course of a matter of minutes, or had your dick stretch longer and swell thicker - and I mean inches in both directions - while you were fucking someone.

If you have had that sensation, then welcome to our little club, because as far as I know only Lance and I have ever dealt with that.

I can’t speak for him, other than to report that to him, when I’ve asked how it feels when he starts swelling with size, he says it feels “better than the best sex you’ve ever had.”

The best sex I’ve ever had is with Lance, and coincidentally the best sex I ever have with Lance is when I’ve shoved my meat inside his tight, hot ass and started shooting ropes of muscle-building cum deeply into his enormous, gorgeous, perfect body until I see new muscle start to grow everywhere.

It feels good to come, as you undoubtedly know. It feels even better to come in a non-stop gusher, shooting thick streams up my fat inches and feeling that beautiful shining sensation of orgasmic release as my heavy load shoots along the throbbing inches of my monster again and again.

It’s another level of pleasure entirely when I’m shooting and growing Lance’s body.

It feels fucking amazing, but it looks even more fucking amazing. I can see his muscles growing. I could watch them swelling larger. Everything would get bigger and, I knew, stronger. I felt Lance pushing his cum into my mouth and I swallowed it all down as fast as I could. He kept on coming as I keep on coming, literally feeding me as I was making him bigger. And my hands roamed his body as he swelled with power.

I lost track of time sunk into that cycle of me coming and him growing and me swallowing and him swelling. I didn’t care how big I made Lance, or what would happen afterwards, how we’d deal with what he would look like, how others would react to us after today.

I’m sure I knew that I couldn’t do this forever, it just wasn’t possible for my balls to continue producing so much cum, but while it was happening, while I laid atop his swelling body and his dick stretched longer and longer and started to force my jaw apart with his size until all I could do was kiss the top and feel the lips of his prick against my own lips, and my dick stretched longer and fatter inside him, swelling with size and power and throbbing with heavy beats of pure sexual bliss, and I was pumping him full of muscle-building cream, that was all I cared about.

He was holding me in his arms and I could feel them growing, the hard round mountains along his arms bulging against me. His chest was expanding and lifting my body. I pressed my lips against the spongey head of his cock and felt his warm, wet deliveries splashing inside my mouth and I was sucking in air through my nostrils as I swallowed all that I could manage. It tasted salty and earthy and sweet, his cum, and slightly metallic and funky, too. I would swallow and moan and pump my load inside his butt and feel my gushing fountain surround my mammoth tool and come again, sending another fat flood inside him and his grip around me would tighten and his cock would swell again and Lance was even bigger.

I started to slowly fuck his ass, pivoting my hips and pistoning my cock, feeling that pure perfect sensation of sex as my inches slid along his tightness, and he gripped me inside him, unwilling to let me withdraw even an inch. And then I pushed myself inside again and came again and felt the supreme glorious explosion of orgasmic perfection shake me. He’d come inside my mouth, his dick swelling majestically just before he exploded, like a warning and a promise, and then a gushing surge of hot cum filled my mouth and I swallowed greedily. A shining sensation of warmth would stretch into my belly and send heat into my butt and my legs and my arms, like lava inside me.

I pulled my mouth from Lance’s exploding prick and watched him pump a thick load all over his own chest. I gasped and moaned looking at the enormous pectoral mountains he owned, covered in a thick forest of dark curls, drenched with sweat and cum. I pushed myself up, planting my hand on his body and looked down at him, my brain spinning with disbelief at his size.

I came again, hard, and he groaned and smiled and looked up at me. He licked his lips and pulled in a deep breath and I watched him pump another load up his monster and it splattered across his body and neck.

I looked down at myself and felt dizzy and giddy, realizing all at once that I was bigger, as well. My chest bulged forward, now two distinct muscular globes. I lifted my hand to my chest and felt the heavy, firm meat under my grip. My palm brushed against one prominent and very sensitive nipple and I gasped and threw my head back and shot a thick load from the pure sexual sensation that even that accidental touch had delivered to my body.

I closed my eyes and moved my fingers onto my nipple, rubbing myself with tender strokes and each one delivered a penetrating shock of erotic bliss that shot through my body and zeroed in on my prick and squeezed my balls and made me come harder.

I pinched both nipples, my fingers twisting and teasing and tugging, and rode out a cyclone of orgasmic excitement that felt deeper and stronger and more powerful than anything I had yet experienced, and I pushed a gallon of cum up my fat cock into Lance’s body and he groaned and shot in unison and grew bigger.

And bigger.

Still bigger.

I fucked him deep, pushing myself into his tight chute, feeling him grip me and stroke me and caress me, and I shot load after load after load inside him.

The sky grew dark.

Still bigger.

Stars in my eyes.


A rush of pure pleasure, more powerful than any I’d yet experienced, my soul escaping through my cock, my balls emptying at last, my prick exploding with cum.



Where was he now? What did he look like? How big had I made him? Even before this, he was larger and more powerful and more handsome than any other man on the planet. A behemoth of perfect masculine beauty, his majestic and towering frame encased in fat, hard, perfectly developed masses of sensuous naked brawn.

I sat up, and then stood up. I felt tired and empty and drained of everything. I looked down at myself and there was that new body, one that wasn’t even a spark to the smoldering volcanic muscular explosion that Lance was, but I looked pretty fucking good, I thought.

I think I’d grown again. It was sort of hard to tell without a mirror, but exploring my body with my hands revealed to me that I was bigger than I was. Bending my arm made my biceps bulge up a little bigger. My chest had been two flat plates of muscle with a distinct valley between, and now I owned two larger, rounder mounds that even felt heavier.

I was not built like some enormous bodybuilding steroid-abuser, more like a guy who spent his hours at the gym perfecting the form and balance of his muscular development. Like an underwear model or that Olympic gymnast that Sam saw.

I looked down at my cock and felt an odd mixture of disappointment and relief. Disappointment that it was not the knee-length monster I was assuming it had become while I was buried to the hilt inside Lance’s butt, but relieved that I wouldn’t have to wander back to the room with some absurd length of massive meat swinging like a pendulum and slapping against my legs.

If anything, I looked…smaller. I mean, smaller than I had been, which was gigantic. Now I just looked…large. But, like, average large, like a guy who was definitely gifted downstairs but not freakishly oversized.

I liked it. I lifted my dick into my hand and…it fit! What I mean is, I was used to owning this monster that took two hands to manage and even the idea of jerking off seemed like a task better left to a team to accomplish. Now my cock was large enough to be, you know, appreciated, but not so large as to be unwieldy. I gave myself a test tug and that familiar deep throb of sex erupted like I had become accustomed to, but I wasn’t suddenly swelling and lengthening to record-breaking proportions.

Something had changed.

I need to find Lance. Maybe he knew what the fuck had happened, plus, I mean, I really, really wanted to see how big he had become.


Walking across campus naked felt…natural. The wind felt nice on my skin, the few early morning souls I encountered reacted more or less without surprise or shock (but not without lust, I was happy to see), and I wondered to myself why I had ever considered wearing clothes at all. Being naked now seemed like the most natural thing in the world, and I enjoyed it.

I expected to find Lance in our dorm room, but there was no one there when I opened the door. The place was the same fuck-scented wreck that I’d left it in when I went to meet him, and I could smell Lance’s funky, sexy musk all over everything. It made my dick throb and my balls tingle and I closed my eyes and pulled in a long, slow, deep inhale of his stink.

I went to the showers to see if he was there, maybe washing his new bigger body off in a spray of hot water. He wasn’t there either, but the thought of a shower suddenly sounded great so I turned on the hot water and stood in the spray for probably 20 minutes, just enjoying the invigoration and refreshment.

It felt so good that my dick started to swell and rise, and at first I worried that it was now going to be so large that it wasn’t going to be manageable. Like, can a cock get so big that the owner can’t manage to fill it with blood? I hadn’t measured myself in a while as I kept growing bigger, but I figured that after last night I probably owned a two-foot long wiener with grapefruit balls that would come so hard I’d blow a hole in the wall.

But that didn’t happen.

I got hard, sure, and I stroked myself a few times, but my dick was…kinda normal again. Like, you know, bigger than average but nothing remotely so large as it was. Maybe ten inches or so? And I felt that same combination of relief and disappointment. I have to admit that I liked owning that monster, and I hoped that this was just a temporary side-effect of pushing every last drop of super muscle cream into Lance’s body and when I got inside him again….

I realized at some point, even while I was slowly stroking my stiffy, that I was starving. I had never felt so hungry in my life, and probably all things considered that wasn’t very surprising. I mean, I think I emptied myself into Lance to make him swell with muscle, and now I suddenly felt completely drained.

I grabbed a towel and wandered back to my room, mapping the water from my skin and marveling again at how much more muscular I was, myself. Lance still wasn’t in our dorm. When I tossed the towel towards the chair near the desk where my laptop sat, it blew something across the desk that landed on the floor at my feet.

It looked like some wax paper, sort of yellowed and wrinkled, torn at the edges and about the size of a half-sheet of binder paper. I picked it up and looked at it, wondering what it was. It felt like parchment, or like this weird sort of plastic paper that I used to have a copy of The Declaration of Independence on when I was a kid, kind of crumply and stiff.

I turned it over and there was some ink scratches on it, loops and lines and squiggles that didn’t make any sense, like someone just took a pen and randomly sketched on it.

And then, suddenly, it made perfect sense.

You ever see those weird 3-D posters they used to have? They just looked like a big fucking mess of dots and then you sort of squinted or crossed your eyes and suddenly you could see a dolphin rising over the water? It was like that. One moment it was nothing but lines, and the next it was writing.

And this is what it said:

What you became, I became.

What I become, you become.


“You’re naked.”

There was a voice behind me. Some dude’s voice. But…more than that. I…felt...his voice. If that makes any sense at all. I heard his voice but I also…felt it. Inside me. Through me. Around me. It was warm and strong and powerful, and it seemed to grab my heart and swallow my dick.

“Yeah,” I answered, setting the parchment on the desk.

I realized his was staring at my ass. I wondered how good my ass looked. You ever notice how hard it is to see your own ass?

Then I realized that I realized he was staring at my ass but I couldn’t even see him behind my back. But I knew…I knew…he was staring at my ass.

“Why are you naked?”

I turned around and he gasped. Like, audibly gasped. And his mouth dropped open and he was breathing weird.

“Don’t worry,” I told him, “You’ll get used to it. Everybody does.”


“You wanna fuck?”


“Do you,” I asked, pointing at him, “wanna fuck?”

I can’t really explain me asking this question other than that I knew, immediately, looking at him, seeing him there, looking at me, that we needed to fuck. We needed to.

He had dark chocolate skin and dark chocolate eyes surrounded my thick lashes. His full lips wanted to be kissed very badly. He’d cut his hair very short and razored the edges into distinct, perfect lines. He was tall and thin, wearing jeans and a pink Polo shirt that practically glowed against his dark skin. He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen, and I wanted him.




“Yeah. Or I could fuck you, but I think we’ll both enjoy it a lot more if you fuck me.”

“Fuck? You?”

I turned slightly to show him my ass again, moving my hand over the prominent muscular hump of my beautiful butt. “Yeah. Did you want to fuck me?”


“Or maybe I could just suck your cock.”


“Yeah. Does that sound like something you’d be into?” I approached him and stood face to face with him. He was slightly shorter than me, but his face was gorgeous. He had a smallish frame and he was thin, but I could already see his boner shoving at his jeans for escape.

I put my hand on his dick and pressed my lips to his. A shock, deep and penetrating, of sexual power passed between us. I didn’t know if he could feel it, but I could.

Some exchange occurred, something powerful. Like hooks had shot from me into him, or darts, and now he was attached to me with invisible wires, conduits of power, gently throbbing with electricity.

He startled and almost pulled away, but instead he wrapped his arms around me and the kiss deepened, growing intense and passionate. His cock throbbed and swelled and I kneaded and prodded his growth.

As we kissed, that sensation of us joining into something grew palpable and overwhelming. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and he welcomed me in, wrestling his tongue with mine and moaning softly.

I kept kissing him as I moved my fingers down and began undoing his belt and unsnapping his fly. I pushed my hand inside his shorts and would my fingers around his hard-on, squeezing his shaft and rubbing my thumb over the helmet of his prick, feeling the pad of my thumb growing wet and slick as he released a gentle drool of pre-cum.

“Can I suck your dick?” I asked softly, then returned to kissing him. His cock surged with growth and throbbed with the beats of his excited heart.

“Ye…yeah,” he whispered. “Suck my dick.”

I smiled and sank to my knees and pulled open his jeans. His cock, a long black beauty with an uncut head and fat veins and surrounded in a thick dark bush, sprang out as if it wanted to jump into my mouth. “What’s your name?”

“Marcus,” he said. “Marc.”

I looked at his dick and said, “Please to meet you, Marcus. I’m Dave.” I plunged my mouth onto his long, hard cock and swallowed him to the root.

He gasped and shook and started shooting almost immediately, both unprepared for what we had become and overstimulated by my mere presence.

I swallowed his seed greedily, and felt it branching out inside me, reaching across my shoulders and swelling into my chest and draining down my arms.

A hard, shining, throbbing, aching sensation erupted everywhere. It was both familiar and new. It was the feeling of muscular development.

I was growing.

I could feel it happening and surrendered to it willingly. I sucked on him and he came harder, shooting fat streams down my throat and as I started to swell with new muscles, he gasped, again, and put his hands on my naked shoulders, squeezing and petting me as I grew.


I sucked and stroked him, coaxing more cum from his balls, feeling him feeding my growth, shoving his power inside me, making me grow stronger and bigger.

I knew what was happening. Of course I did. And I knew what would happen from now on, until I grew as large as I could grow, until I was huge with muscle, swollen with strength, pumping out clouds of sex and dripping pools of testosterone. I felt my body shifting and changing and growing. My connection to Marcus was complete. He would be my conduit, my means to fulfill my only desire now, my only purpose, my only goal, and I loved him utterly.

Bigger. I needed to become bigger.

And then bigger still.

He shook as he came, groaning and sighing, shooting his load into my mouth, coating my teeth and tongue in salty spunk that was now the fuel to feed my body. I would be with him and he would be with me, and when I was done, when we had gone as far as we could go, it would be his turn.

When he was done coming and I could suck no more from his balls, I grabbed his long black prick and licked the pearl drops form its mouth and swallowed those too.

I felt dizzy and drunk and swollen with strength. My body ached and throbbed and tingled.

I stood up, now slightly taller and slightly bigger, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. My biceps swelled into a fat ball of power.

“What did you do?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You’re bigger.”

I took a step back and lifted my arms and flexed them into swollen power. My chest bulged forward with muscle and my cock lifted up with satisfaction and need. “I didn’t do anything,” I said.

“You did.”



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