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I have to admit: Brian is hot as fuck. But his new personality is a major turn off to me. Cockiness is one thing but he's pretty much an evergrowing tyrant now. I would not be surprised if his new ambitions would include world domination at one point. ^^; I hope that if there would be a while series of stories in this story's universe, there would be a guy that would grow to giant proportions and still be kindhearted and not be someone who will lose himself too the temptations that Brian lost himself too. ^^;

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Haha, love this twist on Troy's maggot! The kid is one hot fucker!

My only question - what does TSFUS stand for? My only guess is "That's Some Fucked Up Shit!"

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Was this a continuation or alternate take of Jaypat's story by the same name? I would like to read it too. 


Also, does anyone have Jaypat's story? I thought I had saved it, but I don't have most parts, and it apparently was lost with the Unfiltered Section, excuse me, The Section Which Shall Not be Named. ;)

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