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UMGSSS, Part 1

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Terrific. You have obviously been thinking a lot while lurking. I love the super soldier theme. It means lots of muscle and strength and death and destruction. Hot!! I hope he loves being BIG and and growing. Lifting huge to grow huge. Wrecking big machines with his bare hands. Having all this strength and power is going to go to his head. Huge swelling EGO and insatiable for more strength and toughness. I hope you can find time to continue. great start!!!

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I really enjoy revisitations of such classic scenarios, and yours is actually one of the best enviroments I've read in a long time. You've got great storytelling skills, and they helped you to deliver enough background without losing the main goal, which is to get us off on very hot muscle growth imagery, not to mention the strategic cliffhanger which got us hooked for the next installment. Tremendous job right off the bat, I hope you have lots of fun working on the rest of your excellent tale!



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