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Chapter 19


Patrick spoke to his trainer the next day and changed their workout time so he could try to avoid the asshole with the huge cock and his newest cocksucker. The more I thought about it the more I was convinced it was the same twink I had run into when Patrick signed up for the gym. I felt guilty. I should have warned him that there was some monster cocked bastard who thought he ruled the world with his cock.


Then again, I couldn’t protect my guy from everything in the world. As I much as I might try, he’s his own man… more so every day. I smiled. My little beast was a determined little fuck and it was paying off. I kept wondering how much bigger he was going to get before this experiment treatment was over. It’d be awesome if he grew to 6’1” or 6’2” I thought. I mean I love him the way he is, but it would be hot and I wouldn’t have to bend over so far to kiss him. What if he grew bigger than that? Hell, what if he outgrew me? Would I be ok with that? Nah, couldn’t happen… I’m sure my imagination was getting the best of me.


A few weeks passed without further incident. Patrick was getting noticeably bigger all over. He was spending increasing amounts of time on his computer with his headphones in. He wasn’t playing video games as often though. When he wasn’t working, or working out, he was reading. He was researching every possible idea he could think of to get bigger. I joked with him a few times about it, he’d laugh (I swear his voice was getting deeper), and he’d go right back to what he was doing. He even started wearing his headphones around the house so he could listen to whatever he was working on. Then he started wearing a wireless Bluetooth headset to bed. He said he was listening to self-affirming phrases to help him with his confidence.


I’ll admit, I thought it was a bit over the top. But that was part of what I liked about my guy. He was a dork, though becoming a very buff dork, and he was on a mission. I don’t think he realized exactly how far he had come in such a short time until one night he was fucking the hell out of me and noticed that his nuts, which used to be barely noticeable at all, were now slapping firmly on my ass after each thrust. They had each grown to the size of large walnuts and were hanging much lower than either of us were used to. As soon as he fully realized what was bringing him this new sensation I felt him tense up and blow his load as he shouted “holy fuck!”


He pulled out quickly, then flipped me around and forced my head into his nut sack. “Suck my balls man” he commanded. I obeyed. “Fuck, fuck, fuck! I actually have fucking balls now!” He blew a second load over my head before giving me a big kiss.


Chapter 20


A couple days later I was doing the laundry, Patrick was at the gym. I was folding the whites, when I picked up a jock strap I didn’t recognize. It wasn’t mine, nor was it a small, or super huge, so I didn’t think it could be Patrick’s. I set it aside. There were a few more pair of boxer briefs, also size medium.


Patrick got home about an hour and a half later than usual. He walked in with several bags in his hand. He set a few down by the stairs then continued to the refrigerator. He started putting cold items away with one hand while drinking a protein shake with his other.


“Hey sexy, how was your day off?” He asked. He seemed very chipper.


“Fine, fine,” I said, I think my tone betrayed me because he turned around.


“What’s wrong?” he asked. “Are you feeling ok?” I sat down on the couch.


“Yeah… I’m fine… it’s just… uh, who’s is this?” I asked as I tossed one of the briefs from earlier at him. Patrick caught it in one hand, looked at it for a second and burst out laughing.


“It’s mine dumbass, whose do you think it was?” He started walking towards me.


“I don’t know, it’s just…well you always wear a small. Or your really big clothes. I’ve never seen you in a medium. I… I… Fuck, I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking.” Patrick took my head in both hands and kissed me gently.


“Aaron, I know exactly what you were thinking. It’s cute. Just remember, I’m a growing man alright? My small briefs are getting uncomfortable, so I went a size up.” I nodded. “Good.” Patrick gave me a devilish grin. “Now I think you mentioned you’ve never seen me in a medium?” He turned around, and started undoing his pants. “Look at the tag.” I pulled his underwear back enough to see the tag. Sure as fuck, the underwear definitely fit and the tag was marked with a capital M. He turned back around as he pulled his pants and briefs to his knees. “I’ve needed your mouth all day.” He grabbed my head and pulled me onto his cock. It only took him a couple thrusts before I could taste the salt of his cum as he blew his load.


While I was still swallowing he quickly pushed me down on the couch and undid my pants. He took me in his throat and sucked me like a man possessed. I shot my load. After a couple seconds he pulled off my cock and came up to kiss me. As he did he pushed my cum into my mouth with his tongue. Then he hopped up, zipped his pants back up and went back to the kitchen to finish putting groceries away.



I went to finish putting the laundry away. As I got near the stairs I noticed the other bags Patrick had brought home were new clothes. A shirt on top had its tag showing. Medium. 

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I love reading about these guys! Your story is really taking it's time and in a really perfect way. I love how much I am rooting for Patrick to grow...I feel so invested now!

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Sorry... quick note. I've put up a poll in the survey's section if you guys would give me your feedback. If you have any specific questions please pm me. I'll do my best to answer without giving away the story.

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Extremely hot story. Keep up the awesome work!

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Chapter 21


Before I realized it, it was time for Patrick’s next follow up appointment. I was really curious to know what his measurements were, as he was looking more and more like someone you’d see in a magazine. His body was tight, but he had pecs, and a six pack. His arms filled his medium size sleeves very nicely. His shoulders were getting broader, yet his waist was narrow.


I don’t think he was aware of it yet, but people were beginning to take notice of him. We’d be walking down the street after watching a movie and people would do a double take when they saw him. He also began picking up this habit of grabbing his crotch quite often to adjust. I spoke to him about it one night after he had quite noticeably handled his junk right in front of a major donor at a fundraiser I had to attend for work. I thought the donor’s eyes were going to pop out of his sockets. I pulled Patrick into the bathroom. He blushed as soon as I mentioned it.


“Oh my god I’m so sorry,” Patrick apologized, “I didn’t realize. It’s just… fuck… it’s like I can feel it getting bigger Aaron. It… tingles… in a really good way. But it gets a bit uncomfortable to keep locked up in my briefs.” Patrick started to take his dick out and put his hand on my shoulder. He applied a little force to try to get me to go down on my knees.


“Not here Patrick,” I hissed. “I fucking work with these people.”


“Fuck, sorry. We’ve been in here awhile. Head back out so that people don’t miss you. I’m gonna take a piss and I’ll catch up with you.”


I walked out the door and about ran into the donor from earlier. Thankfully he didn’t make any vocalization that he was upset. We started talking about a few other fundraisers he wanted me to help with later in the year. After about 10 minutes Patrick finally caught back up with me. His cheeks were slightly flushed and he gave me this guilty as sin look as I handed him a champagne flute. The donor I was speaking with got distracted by a waiter with a cheese tray.


“Really?” I whispered, “You couldn’t wait a couple hours?”


“I’m sorry, I had to. I was beginning to leak. You want me walking around explaining to people why it looks like I pissed myself and have a hard on?”


I think the donor overheard us because he very pointedly cleared his throat. The rest of the night he kept staring at my boyfriend’s zipper with “fuck me eyes”.


Anyway, back to his appointment. I had completely forgot about it. I didn’t get any calls, no texts. Nothing. I got home from work and Patrick’s car was there but I saw no sign of Patrick. I walked into the kitchen. On the counter there was a blindfold, one of my jockstraps, my cleats and socks, and a ball cap. Next to them was a note:


Put this on, then shoot me a text. I want you bent over the ottoman and blindfolded when I come down.”


Fuck. Patrick had always had a strong sex drive, but now he was getting more and more assertive with what he wanted. I was already hard and leaking by the time I got my work suit off. I think I may have gotten a drop of pre on my blazer. Oh well, that’s why they have dry cleaners. I hurriedly stepped into the jockstrap, put on the knee high socks (the ones with the stripes). Stuffed my big feet into my cleats and put the ball cap on backwards. As Patrick instructed, I put on the blindfold and positioned myself doggie style bent over the ottoman.


I waited for what felt like an eternity. I thought I could hear him coming down the stairs, but if my ears weren’t deceiving me he was taking his damn time. I heard his voice finally. I assume he must have been at the bottom of the stairs.

“5 foot 8 and a half” he stated. A few seconds later, from somewhere else in the room, “165 lbs… mostly muscle.” Then he got quiet again.


“Wow that’s awes…” I started to say but was interrupted.


“Did I tell you you could speak?” He asked, He must have been standing right in front of me.


“No...No, sir” I stuttered. I felt my dick throb. We were going to have to clean up a small pool of my pre from the ottoman I was sure. Patrick laughed.


“Asshole, you’re not supposed to answer me. You can’t speak, just fucking nod.” He caught himself and got serious again. “Speak again without permission and you’ll be eating my fucking jock, got it?”


“Sorry, yes si…..” I started to reply. Shit! I was no good at this. I was interrupted by a damp cloth being stuffed in my mouth. I instantly knew exactly why it was damp. I could taste Patrick’s precum, and smell his musky scent from his jock. For a second I felt lightheaded, then realized that I had just blown my load without anyone touching me.


From behind me I heard Patrick speak up again. “Fuck yeah, that’s hot. You sure must like my jock. Worked out in that after my appointment. Was horny as fuck so I’m sure there is plenty for you to chew on.”


Patrick spread my ass cheeks and I felt an enormous dollop of precum ooze down my crack. He began rubbing his cock up and down my ass, teasing me. He bent over and I could hear the excitement in his voice as he whispered in my ear.

“I’m bigger than average now.” Slowly he started pushing his cock into me. Even though he was fucking me quite often it seemed like every few days I could feel how much bigger he was getting. This was no exception, he was definitely thicker.

With a pop, his dickhead entered my ass. For the first time in our relationship, that action elicited an unscripted moan from me.


“One” Patrick whispered in my ear. He pulled out a few times, pushing in just slightly further each thrust. “Two.” I was shuddering. I felt like I was being opened up for the first time, but I wasn’t feeling any pain. Instead my asshole felt…simply fucking amazing. It was like having Pop Rocks on your tongue, but not the big pieces that pop and sting. Just the little ones that make you tingle. His cock hit my prostate. “Three.”


He pulled out all the way, then slowly eased himself deeper into my hole. “Four,” He whispered. He adjusted his footing as he pressed himself further in. “Two months ago…. Five and a half.” Another thrust, more cock. “30 days ago, six and a half.”

He stopped moving. I could feel his pulse through his dick. I was beginning to feel full of his cock for the first time in our relationship. The sensation was amazing. I didn’t get long to revel in that feeling though before another moan was forced from me as he began moving deeper in me. “Seven”, he grunted as I felt his short pubes finally touch my ass. “…and…three quarters”


He pulled all the way out and rammed the entirety of his length back into me in one stroke. I let out a load moan and tried to come up off his dick. I don’t think he realized…and I certainly hadn’t realized until that moment… that his cock was now the second largest that had ever been in my ass. He was short of the record by only a quarter of an inch. Though he felt thicker.


He grabbed my hips and forced me back down on his cock. Fuck he was getting strong. He started long dicking me.


“Fuck yes! Fuck yes!” He cried… “Take my fucking cock. Fuck! Fuuuuuuuck!” I could feel his cock swell further. As he forced his cock in as far as it would go I felt a feeling I’d only felt once before. He was hitting that spot deep in me where it feels tight again. A spot I was very familiar hitting with other guys myself. The only guy that had hit that spot in me before was 8”. Combined with the load he was currently shooting deep into my guts he was becoming difficult to take. I began pulling off.

Thankfully he was so lost to his orgasm he allowed it. I felt his jizz begin to splash on my back as his head left my now open ass. Fuck it felt open, like I could land a jet in there. I felt his jizz begin to leak out of my hole and tried squeezing my butt muscles, but it was a lost cause at the moment. The moment I relaxed I felt a huge amount of cum run down my legs.


I took off the blindfold and spit out his jockstrap. I turned to face him. He was wearing an umpire’s mask, tall socks and cleats. His body was glistening with sweat. A small stream of cum was still ebbing out of his cock. A half full protein shake was within his reach and he had a bit of a milk moustache.


“Fuck that was hot!” I laughed.


“Fuck yeah.” He responded between breathes. He grabbed his shake and took a swig. Setting it down he glanced down at his cock. “I still see cum, clean it up” he ordered. I started to stand but he took a step forward and shoved his shaft down my throat. In another first, I gagged on his cock. The sensation shocked him. “Fuck….really?” He asked in amazement. His dick pulsed again and he started fucking my throat. He was getting off on me choking on his dick. He would pull out until just the head was in my mouth and then force his dick to the back of my throat, where he’d hold me until I started coughing. Over and over again. Faster and faster. I couldn’t catch my breath. Tears began pouring down my cheeks as I started tapping his leg trying to indicate that I needed to get some air. Finally I got through to him because he pulled off long enough to exclaim “Oh…shit”. I managed to get one gasp of air before he was trying his hardest to make his cockhead hit my Adam’s apple. He began to nut, all I could do was gag and try to swallow. I couldn’t swish it around or let it fill my cheeks and swallow because he was literally blowing his load down the back of my throat.


He gave me a mouthful as he pulled out… and then shot a few more squirts onto my face, enough that it looked like I had used his jizz as shaving cream. He grinned down at me.


“Fuck that was amazing!” He pulled off his umpire mask, and then began making out with my cum-covered face. After a few minutes he pulled back and looked me straight in the eye. “I love you babe, but I want you to know that you’re gonna get a lot of practice on how to breath while I fuck your throat.”

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Oh ho, I see relationship troubles coming. ^^;

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I see a relationship adjustment, for sure. ;) Patrick has to learn how to be a good dom to his husband and that will take some time and work for both of them.


Also I really, really have to give you credit here. There are so many stories that get posted here and you have, by far, managed to write some of the best sex scenes I've ever read. I love your story so much I can't even describe it.

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Patrick has to adapt to his increasing size and be more gentle with his now 'little' lover.

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I wonder if this is going to turn into an, "I'm sorry you're too small for me now.  I need a bigger man for my growing body" thing?   It feels like Patrick is going to lose interest and move on to someone else.

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Chapter 22


A few days later the noonday sun found us eating lunch at the open air food court at the mall. I had grown used to the incredible amount of food Patrick packed away at each meal. However, the people around us hadn’t. He seemed completely oblivious to the stares he was getting as he downed what seemed to be enough to feed a family of four. He had worn a sleeveless workout shirt today and a pair of baggy gym shorts. That left his ankle socks and sneakers exposed. I was really digging the definition of his arms. Every time he moved his fork towards his mouth his bicep would ball up. It was impressive. To think, it had only been a couple months. My eyes followed his arm up his shoulder, over his traps, up his neck, and to his handsome yet boyish face. He seemed distracted and his brow was furrowed a bit.


“You feeling ok?” I asked.


“Yeah, I’m fine. My feet are just hurting a bit.” He said between mouthfuls. I offered to give him a foot massage when we got home to see if that would help. “Aww. That would be sweet.” He smiled.


We finished our meal, or rather he did as I had finished long before. As we stood up some brave young kid broke away from his mother and came bounding up to Patrick. He stopped just short of running into him.


“Mister! Mister! Can I feel your arms? Please Mister? You look so strong. Can I feel them, Mister?”


Patrick started laughing. The boy’s mother caught up and grabbed her son by the arm apologizing profusely.


“Danny, what have I told you about not running off?” She scolded. “I’m sorry,” she continued looking at Patrick. “I hope he didn’t bother you. When he gets excited he tends to forget his manners… don’t you Danny?” The kid turned his eyes to the floor.


“I’m sorry Mama, I just told him I like his muscles.” He glanced back up at my boyfriend again with a huge smile. “He’s like Captain America! Or the Hulk! But he’s not green!” Patrick glanced at me and we both burst out laughing. He then looked over at the boy’s mom.


“He’s ok, do you mind?” he asked. He got down on one knee. “C’mon kiddo, if it’s ok with your mom you can go ahead and give it a squeeze.” He flexed his triceps slightly. Danny looked up at his mom and started tugging on her arm.


“Mama, Mama… please… can I… please?” His mom shrugged.


“If it’s ok with him go ahead, just be polite ok?” Danny was next to Patrick before she was halfway through her sentence. He tentatively reached out and touched Patrick’s triceps. The kid had a look on his face of pure awe.


“Don’t be shy, kid. It’s ok.” Patrick smiled gently. Danny felt Patrick’s bicep with one hand.


“Can you squeeze it?” Danny asked softly. Patrick flexed and the boy’s eyes got as big as saucers. He tried wrapping both hands around my boyfriend’s arm but they wouldn’t fit. He hurriedly glanced back to his mom. “Wow mom… look! This is awesome!” His mom smiled nervously.


“I’m sure he works very hard for his muscles. Now c’mon I’m sure these gentlemen have things to do.” The kid frowned.


“Ok mom.” He reluctantly let go of Patrick’s bicep.


“I’ve got one more second, if that’s ok” Patrick offered. Danny’s mom nodded it was ok. “Ok buddy, grab on to my wrist,” Patrick instructed. Danny eagerly complied. “Hold on tight.”


With that Patrick stood up and lifted the kid into the air with what seemed like little to no effort. The little man’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree as he hung there suspended a foot above the ground. Patrick kept him aloft for a moment then gently set the boy back on the ground.


“That was so cool! You are so strong! My dad says I’m too heavy to carry but you did it with one arm! I want to get strong like you! How did you get so strong?”


Patrick grinned. “Well if you want to get strong like me you’ve got to work hard, and listen to your mother. Make sure you eat healthy and get lots of exercise. Got it bud?” The kid seemed to be soaking up Patrick’s words as if they were spoken by God himself.

“Yes sir! Thank you Mr.!” He gave Patrick a big hug then went hurrying back to his mom.


“Thank you, gentleman,” she said. As they walked away Danny was bouncing up and down and excitedly telling his Mom all the things he was going to do to get strong like “that Captain America guy” and how he was going to eat all his vegetables and carry all the groceries from now on.


Chapter 23

We continued our way through the mall. We stopped by Gamestop, where Patrick bought “Fallout 4”. We started making our way back towards the parking lot when Patrick suddenly stopped.


“Fuck, ow,” he complained. “One sec, I’m gonna loosen up my shoes.” He handed me the bag with his game in it and bent over. As he did I heard a sudden tearing sound as the front of his right shoe split revealing his big and little toes. “Oh my god,” Patrick gasped. He stood up quickly, and as he did so his other shoe split. He looked at me with a strange look. It was a mix of amazement, arousal, and horror.


“Looks like you need bigger shoes,” I tried laughing it off. Patrick suddenly covered his crotch with both hands.


“Oh….fuuuuucccck,” he gasped as he closed his eyes and bit his lip. A moment later his eyes shot open. “Fuck…bathroom… now” he managed as he hurriedly started shuffling to the bathroom. Thankfully there weren’t many people around at the moment. The ones that were stared at Patrick’s weird gait.


We made it to the bathroom. Thankfully it was empty.


“What’s going on,” I asked worriedly. Patrick uncovered his crotch and turned to face me. It looked as though he had pissed himself, his wet shorts clung to his still erect cock like a second skin.


“My feet have been hurting for a couple weeks, and my shoes have felt tight, but I didn’t make the connection,” he managed. “Fuck that was hottest thing ever. Just wish it didn’t happen in the fucking mall.” He glanced back down at his exposed toes and I saw his cock throb again. A drop of his jizz fell to the floor. “I can’t leave here like this.” Patrick looked up at me with that amazed, horny, terrified look again. “What are we going to do?”


I thought for a moment. “Ok… take off your shoes.” He went to but the sight of his feet being too big for his shoes made his cock blow yet another load, completely frying his concentration. So I hurriedly stepped in and removed them for him. I took a look at his feet. How the hell had he been fitting them into his size 8’s still? I took a mental measurement. We both looked at the door as we heard someone coming.


“Get to one of the stalls and wait for me.” I ordered. I tossed his shoes to him as he scrambled to a stall. It was one of those super private stalls that looked more like a closet with a toilet in it. Floor to ceiling walls and door. I heard the door click just as some guy entered and approached the urinal. I pretended I had just finished my business and washed my hands.


I exited the bathroom and made my way to the nearest store that carried men’s shoes. It ended up being a Nike store. A mousey looking clerk greeted me as I was looking at their selection of sneakers. He was super cute. He looked incredibly similar to by boyfriend. Well, what my boyfriend had looked like a couple months ago. I’d guess he was a bit younger than my guy, probably 26. The only other difference I could see is that whereas Patrick had short brown hair that he kept combed with only the front done up like a fauxhawk, this guy had slightly longer blond hair that he styled to keep standing straight up. As he looked up at me he gave me the very same look Patrick had given me when we first met. He was smitten with lust. I couldn’t help it--my dick throbbed knowing that if I wanted it, this guy would get off worshipping every inch of me.


Apparently he was just as shy as Patrick had been when we first met. The clerk stumbled over his words, but eventually managed to introduce himself as Colby. I handed him a sneaker I thought Patrick would like and asked him if they had it in stock. He looked down at my feet.


“Looks like a 15. Sir, I’ll go check.”


“Oh, no, no… these aren’t for me. Sorry I should have clarified.”


“No problem, what size do you want me to check for?” I had no idea what size really, so I spaced my hands out approximately the size Patrick’s feet were now.


“Hmm… 12.5? Ok got it. If it doesn’t work you can always return it within 30 days.” He hurried off to the back to check stock. While he was away I picked out a pair of workout shorts for Patrick to change into. He returned a few minutes later with a box. “Here you are sir.” I paid for the items and rushed back to Patrick.


The bathroom was again empty again when I returned except for one stall that was closed. I knocked on the door.


“Honey, still there?” I heard a shuffle and the latch click. Patrick opened the door. I handed him the shopping bag and he shut the door again. He came out a few minutes later.


“How do they fit,” I asked.


“You have no idea, these are so much better. Thank you.” He gave me a kiss. He walked a bit and then came back. “Perfect”. He took the bag and put his cum-soaked shorts and his blown out shoes in the bag. As we passed the trash can on the way out I asked if he wanted to toss the shoes at least. “Oh no!” He grinned ear to ear. “This is the first pair I’ve outgrown, I want to frame them or something”

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