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Me too! One of the best stories ever written but to have short changed the ending like this? Not sure I understand the reasoning. 

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I guess this would be an epilogue, yeah? Or would it be called a sequel? Whatever. It doesn’t matter. Aaron’s not even writing this. It’s like when we defeated the big bad last week. Turns out it was just a precursor for the new patch. I’m so excited to see the new content… speaking of which…anyway…

Yeah, anyway I really ought to text Aaron before I post this, but whatever! Fuck it! He’s already shared everything else with everyone, and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if I were to throw out a few more little tidbits.

Like about last night when we got home. Thank God for taller counters. J and my hunbun got me fucking trashed while we were out at the clubs and I’m pretty sure somebody there slipped me something or other at some point. I don’t know what it was exactly, but wow. One moment I was dancing next to Aaron while this little twink who used to be my size ( or rather I guess I used to be his size) felt up my arms and chest, and the next I was adjusting my big mans ass on the counter so that I could fit the head of my cock into his tiny little butthole without having to do some awkward-ass squats with him bent over the couch or up on his tippy toes. He’s six foot four so guess I shouldn’t call him tiny, right?

Anyhow, so we are breaking in the counter in our new and much bigger home—which I give thanks for  to our insurance agent and the good doctor, who gave us a bit of a grant here and there and also set me up with a few ongoing endorsements that are going to keep me busy especially now that I’ve been promoted….

I’m rambling again, sorry. Yeah, so anyway, I’m pounding Aaron’s ass on our new kitchen island counter, when Justin stumbles in with that twink from the shoe store. Turns out he’s the same twink that had been feeling me up at the nightclub only an hour or two ago.

 I caught his glassy does eyes staring at me for a moment, which allowed me to understand that he was perceiving that he was living inside his muscle and cock fantasy heaven as he tried to burn the image of all my masculinity currently on display into his tiny little muscle bible of a brain so that he could beat off to the mental image for next several months to come. I smiled as I knew that look all too well, as Justin continued to drunkenly escort the young man towards his room and out of my sight.

“Those two were in for a fun night, I hope that little twink can handle twelve” I thought to myself momentarily. Also, I remember thinking that the light scarring on the left side of Justin’s face and hand was perhaps more than a little bit sexy.

Once they were out of my vision, I refocused on what was my sole mission… pleasing my twink husband. Though I admit, to anyone else, Aaron’s build would be considered more of a tall baseball player build… possibly even more of a football player build. I don’t play sports. Pick one. Though maybe I should now?

 I shuddered as I thought to myself that if I was here thinking he was twink-like….what the hell would I have thought of myself from this new perspective, given that up until recently I was built much like the tiny twink who was probably just getting lubed up in preparation to be impaled by Justin’s huge dick!

I hope I’m the kind of guy who would see that look of absolute awe…and wonder…and amazement.. submission…worship…desire….  And allow the littler guy to revel in the literal manifestation of his deepest held fantasy.

But what’s left of a fantasy realized, I asked myself as I fought back the urge to flood my partner with what was promising to be an insane amount of cum. Looking at Aaron’s face, it looked like he was living a fantasy, and coming up with new ones, all in the same moment. All while experiencing both an incredible amount of pain, and an equal amount of pleasure. I couldn’t tell if he was trying to push me out of him with all of his might, or if he was trying desperately to relax more to allow me in even deeper. Not that I could go deeper. I mean, there is a line somewhere around 14 inches right?

His eyes reminded me of one of my video games. The one with the Greek gods whose eyes are filled with just white light because they have no pupils. His head was stiff and thrown back as he opened his mouth in a silent scream. I would have asked him if he could breath if he was not staggeringly begging for me to cum each time my enormous ballsack left contact with his bare ass.

I held him onto me with my left hand on his shoulder, my right hand gripping his left thigh. His legs would have moved more if he was flexible enough to have moved them past my legs and biceps. The latter of which were bigger than his own thighs.

“Fu..ck…me...Pat…rick”, he managed to gasp between thrusts.

“I am”, I grinned back at him. He used his hands to feel up by biceps. Then he rolled his hands around to grip the horseshoes that were my triceps, before balling up his fist and lightly punching my chest. I say lightly, but if it were that twink that was currently riding Justin’s dick that had taken those punches I’m sure it would knock him on his ass.

I reached both arms around his neck and lifted him up from the kitchen counter. He used his legs to push himself up off of my torso so he could continue to ride my cock as I relocated us to our bedroom.

Unfortunately, I had to allow him to extricate himself from my dick because we had left the lube in the kitchen. He ran back to get it while I got myself a glass of water from the bathroom. We reentered the bedroom at the same time and as he began pouring some more lube onto my erect dick, he looked up at me wild-eyed and grinning.

“I’m still trying to get used to this.” He laughed.

“What do you mean? You’re taking this dick like you’re a level 20 revenge paladin” I joked back. He raised an eyebrow at me, slightly confused.

“I don’t know what that means, but I was talking about your height.”

I spun him around and entered him doggy style on the bed. As I rutted my lover I heard the muffled shouts of Justin’s partner-for-the-night as he reached his orgasm.

“Oh great! Your turn” I said and began pounding Aaron in earnest.

Aaron took in a couple deep breaths and then let out a long, grunting sigh as he blew his load onto our comforter. I quickly scooped up what was left of his load and used it as lube on my own dick. With a couple of grunts myself I let the floodgates loose inside of my lover. I allowed myself to cum until Aaron’s face showed me the beginnings of discomfort. Then I began pulling out slowly, filling up the space left behind with my creamy white spunk. I pinched the base of my dick as an audible pop was heard as my cockhead left my partners bum. He took his hand and quickly covered his exposed hole while rushing to the bathroom.

I followed at a slightly slower pace. While he used the toilet to relieve himself of the gallon of jizz I had pushed up inside him, I gave the rest of my load to the shower drain. Aaron joined me a few minutes later. Thank God for double headed showers. Before washing my back, he got on his knees and sucked out the last few dollups of jism from my now flaccid beast.

Somehow, between all the stumbling, and smiles, and kisses, we managed to get clean and dried off before climbing into bed. We cuddled for a bit, before I got up to turn off the lights. I blinking light got my attention at my computer. It was one of my friends asking me about our raid schedule. I replied that I’d be on tomorrow after I worked out and then closed the window.

Which is when I saw this story that Aaron had been writing. “If the Shoe Fits”. So cute. As I look over at him now, he’s fallen asleep already. Chest rising and falling slowly while one of his hands is reached out towards my side of the bed, waiting for me to join him. He looks like a muscular angel in slight need of a shave, since it’s been about a day.

I’m about to join him, I’m sure that as soon as he feels me coming into the bed he’ll roll over so that he can be the little spoon tonight. He likes being little spoon mostly nowadays. He likes how we just seem to just fit together just right that way. He’ll find out when he reads this that in the morning I’d like him to make me breakfast in bed. Waffles this time. But I also want him to first wake me up by eating my ass and then trying to see how much of him he can get in me before I start to stir. I’ve got a raid at 9:30, waffle mix is in the lower left cupboard next to the flour.

I figure this is a fitting place to end this (get it? Fitting? I crack myself up!)

I love you, babe!

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I expected an explosion at the end. Not that KIND of explosion but...an explosion is an explosion! Loved the epilogue and I'm glad you wrote it. 

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A huge thank you to everyone who has shown their support. An epilogue is an ending after the end... so I don't think I will continue on with this one. A story has a beginning, middle, and end... and I realized somewhere in the middle that if I didn't write an ending I would write about Aaron and Patrick well into their eighties, and possibly into my own eighties.  I figure this story has been a chapter of their lives... sure there are more chapters but that would be more stories and I feel this one is complete for now.

Thank you for putting up with my lack of having an editor and proofreader before posting... I mean I run spellcheck, but that's it. Sorry, not sorry.

Thank you Hoga for the critique... I thought that when Patrick shielded Justin from the weight of the house while they were being rescued and then lifted what was left of their home to extricate himself, that it was evidence of how strong Patrick had become and was quite apparent to Aaron... if that didn't come across I'll try to work on it in future stories.

Toolshed-- I'll have to leave their future to your imagination. I will say that none of them felt any need to "keep up" or to "catch up" and there was still plenty of sex between and among the three of them. Yes, relationship dynamics changed a bit...Aaron, Patrick, Justin, and a few others had some personal discovery and growth... but no one outgrew anyone. :)

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