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Yeah, a chapter to see who's the strongest would be super hot

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Uh....So Uh... sorry... Life.... Life happened. It's been a bit of a back and forth year for awhile and then a lot of writers block. I thought about setting up patreon for a bit as financially that's been the main worry keeping me from writing stuff. Then as I finally did get down to writing what I thought was happening and what... you'll see... has shifted a bit. Don't worry though, reading it myself I have concerns but like I said, it changed as I was writing it. Hopefully you like it., if not, sorry??? I honestly thought I was writing the conclusion when I sat down for this but it ended up being...well, not the conclusion. I know the moderators get mad if I post within the same thread but please bear with me as it's how this one has gone. I did see all your comments... you guys are awesome! Do we have any artists in here because omg the graphic novel idea would be amazing! Anyway, rambling over:


Chapter 27

I don’t know if it’s an experience everyone has at some time in their life, but at some point I woke up from a dreamless sleep that felt like it lasted a lifetime. I felt rested, but too comfortable to move quite yet. By the sound of traffic outside and the light shining through my blinds I could tell it was afternoon. Good thing it was Saturday.

I stayed there, in my bed, unmoving. Partly covered by only a sheet, I stared at my ceiling like it was some sort of crystal ball as I absentmindedly stroked my soft cock. For the first time in my life, I felt small.

Sure, I had seen men bigger than me before. Some men were taller, some had larger dicks, some were more muscular. However, none of them were my fiancé. “Be ready” replayed in my thoughts over and over as my dick began to uncomfortably rise. I could tell that I had beat off too much last night, yet as my mind searched the uneven paint on the ceiling it kept creating images out of nothing. It was like finding clouds that look like dragons—except instead of fairy tale creatures and faces I kept discovering pringles cans and penises. Original, I know.

Fully risen, I began to beat off again in earnest, but my dick was just too sore. How many times did I cum last night? 7? 8? I had lost count. The air conditioner kicked on and I felt a breeze on my butthole. It felt used but still unsatisfied. Still moist from all the lube I had used last night.

Speaking of which, I reminded myself. I leaned over towards my nightstand to grab the lube I had set there last night. In the process I heard a loud thump as a large, flesh-colored dildo plopped to the ground, finally free of my bedding. It bounced slightly, landing next to the bathroom door, where I could still see the box it had come in on the bathroom counter. Barrett Long’s face smiled back at me from the packaging. “If only he knew”, I thought to myself for no good reason.

I lubed up and worked to get myself off quickly. Patrick’s voice kept playing in my head alongside a mental image of him stroking off a cock the size of a wine bottle. I looked at the dildo on the floor as I got close to blowing my nut. I knew I wasn’t ready. “Sorry Barrett” I thought, “I’m gonna need more”.

Unfortunately, Barrett Longs branded dildo was the biggest they had at any of the porn stores in town without going straight into “The Great American Challenge”—a dildo so large it looked more like a chair, or a large lawn gnome if someone were to paint the cockhead to look like a hat. After we had hung up after our argument I had fumed for a short while… before accidently bumping my fully boned dick up against the counter while getting some water. It took me a second to realize why I was so hard… For as aggravating as it was that Patrick had basically threatened me over the phone, it was also incredibly hot.

Sure, he had been aggressive with me before, but up until recently that was all just fantasy for him. Prior to the past three quarters of the year I was the big man. He would worship my muscles, and my fat 8.5” about 75% of the time we had fucked. He’d straddle me and lower his tiny little twink ass over my thick member and marvel about how incredible it was watching himself in the closet mirror as his ass stretched wide to accommodate me. He loved when I would effortlessly pick him up and carry him while my dick destroyed his asshole. I thought to myself about how his eyes light up every time I’d ask him if he was sure he could handle all of me. God I felt like just his fucking smile could make me cum!

As I came down off the high of cumming, I looked down at the meager load I had just shot from my overworked dick. I finally clambered out of bed to start cleaning up. Picking up my new, (I’ll be honest), not gently used dildo, I went downstairs and threw it in the trash. I knew it wasn’t going to suffice. I looked at myself in the mirror. All 6’5” of my looked back. My slightly red cock was hanging large and proud, and I was the fittest I’d ever been in my life. But again, I felt small.

I got into the shower and began lathering up when it finally dawned on me. I fucking liked it.

I fought myself to not get hard as I processed my realization. I liked feeling small. Hell, I craved it. Sure, it’s fantastic to always be the giant in the room, to have a cock that people crave, to be the best built man in most rooms. But it’s fucking tiring at the same time. Thinking to myself that my fiancé now had a cock that was probably as big soft as mine is hard, was better built than me, and was rapidly catching up to me in height, I felt my dick begin to stir and turned the water to cold.

I got out of the shower without blowing another load, and went to get dressed for the day. Sitting on my dresser I noticed a framed picture of Patrick and I at haunted house a few years back. I smiled. Patrick had never liked scary things. He barely made it through the original Jurassic Park. But every year he would always make it a point to go with me to the haunted houses, because I loved them… and every year he would end up throwing himself into my arms for protection when we’d round a corner and see some weirdo college kid dressed up like a clown wielding a chainsaw trying to spook us. With a sigh, I had a second realization—I was going to miss my little Patrick.


Chapter 28

“Be Ready”.

Fuck I couldn’t get that out of my head. Last night I had worked my hole out quite nicely, managing to accommodate most of Barrett’s silicone cock, but I knew that still wasn’t enough. Patrick was already larger than Barrett, and he still had one more shot to go. I needed bigger, and I didn’t have a ton of time. I checked online and saw a few that might work…but the reviews said they were all stiff, which is something I can’t really stand. Honestly, when having my hole worked over, I prefer the real thing, but if I’m going to use a dildo it needs to have some give—like the real thing.

I grabbed my gym bag and headed out. It was nice out, so I decided to walk. I meandered quite a bit, finally arriving at the gym having done an hour and a half walk. After an hour in group class and some extra chest presses for good measure and to allow the showers to clear out, it was time to rinse off and head home. I stripped down, grabbed my towel and entered the shower area.

Lathering up, I was glad to see that my dick had returned to normal as it had been a few hours without me beating the absolute hell out of it. I let the water wash over my body and closed my eyes to relax in the steam.

A few minutes later I heard the door creak open and a shower start up near me. I opened my eyes and glanced to my left. That fucking twink! He had taken the shower head next to me again. He wasn’t facing me yet and I couldn’t help myself from doing another down-up on him. He really did have a great ass. Appraising him further, I guess calling him a twink wasn’t very fair to him. Yes, he was slender, yes he was smooth as the surface of The Bean in Chicago, but his legs were solid and his arms and shoulders were too developed to fall under the twink moniker. From behind, his hair was similar in cut and style to Patrick…

He began to turn around and I turned my gaze away to avoid eye contact. I couldn’t help but notice his massive cock as it swung and hit his thigh as he turned. He seemed preoccupied though and I don’t believe he noticed me looking.

Another man, a bit taller and more built than the monster cock boy came in and took up the shower next to him. At first, he gave me a few furtive glances, looking me up and down as he lathered up. Checking him out I saw he had a good-sized piece as well. Surprisingly he didn’t give as much attention to the muscle-twink next to me. After a few minutes though, sensing I had no interest whatsoever in him, he dismissed me and began stroking himself as he occupied his vision with the other man’s monster appendage. He coughed.

“Justin”, he whispered expectantly. “I’m ready… like always, sir.” Although the word “sir” came from his mouth, it felt more like an order than a request. The tension in the air outweighed the steam in the shower. Justin looked up at me and horrified recognition flashed across his face. He quickly looked back at the wall in front of him. “Justin…”, no response. Justin just continued looking straight ahead. “Justin…now”.

With an exasperated sigh Justin reached down and began stroking his cock which slowly began to inch longer and longer. “What are you doing checking out fucking needle dick over there, faggot?” he bad-mouthed at the wall. “You want a real man? I’m closer… and MUCH, much bigger.” The man next to him began beating his cock and his eyes got wide like saucers as his face flushed. “Muscles and height don’t make the man” Justin continued, “but you know what does or you would be standing next to him and not next to me drooling for my cock, doncha?”

The man nodded feverously. Justin turned slightly towards the man, his cock looking about 10 to 10.5 inches by this time. “You want this cock?” Justin asked coldly. It was the least sexy delivery of that line I’d ever heard. The other man didn’t seem to notice as he glanced at me. Justin cut back in. “If you want this cock, you can’t be paying attention to that little fucker behind me, got it?” he demanded. The guy nodded again and ripped his eyes away from me as he began to get on his knees.

At this point I was standing there in confused shock. I knew this huge hung guy was a dick, but what the fuck was actually going on here? The submissive guy began to crawl forward, reaching for Justin’s legs to get purchase so he could begin sucking his fat cockhead. It seemed like time was in slow motion. Justin looked conflicted. Just as his cocksucker wrapped his hand around his left ass cheek, Justin slapped him off.

“You know what, no.” Justin declared. Unfazed, his would-be cocksucker began lunging forward again. Justin sidestepped and shoved him to the side, sending him sprawling in front of me. I took a step forward to intervene, but Justin would have none of it. It’s a good thing the gym was nearly empty and there was a big heavy door muffling the sounds to the locker room or I’m sure the next sounds would have brought someone to investigate.

“What the fu…”

Justin cut him off. As the dude began to stand up an obviously upset Justin began shouting.

“No! Fuck you! NO! I’m done. I’m done. I can’t do this anymore. I’m fucking done. Fuck off Danny you can find yourself some other fucking slaveboy whore I’m done.” Now fully on his feet, Danny turned to Justin.

“But we’ve got an agree…” Justin cut him off again.

“Fuck any agreements, Danny. Fuck anything to do with you. You’ve fucking ruined my life. I fucking hate you.” Justin moved to punch Danny but I stepped in quickly and put one hand out towards his chest to stop him and the other to try to lower his fist. “Fuck you” he continued shouting at Danny. “I’ll move back to Ohio. I’ll move down south and do some fucking porn or something. Just fuck off and leave me alone.”

Calmly, Danny said, “But what about your friends? You don’t want to leave them do you?”

“I don’t have friends” Justin spat back, “everybody fucking hates me because you make me treat people like shit just so you can get your fucking rocks off. Fuck you, I’m done.” Danny’s eyes flashed angrily for another moment, then he put his hands up.

“Fine, fine. You’re done. I get it. Good luck… agreements done. Though that does mean you’re out of a job…” he wheedled, “and without a job you can’t make your rent…so…...”

“I’ll have my shit out by tomorrow asshole.” Justin spat. Danny grabbed his towel and began to exit the shower.

“Good to know, though if you change your mind I’ll be at the office like usual.” Danny paused for just a moment before exiting the shower as Justin stood standing defiantly. I stood there dumbly, still between the two of them, watching them stare at each other until the one was out of sight. Justin stood there for several more moments, unmoving until I pulled my hand back and started to move to turn my shower off, which I suddenly had to pull back from as a caught Justin as he collapsed into me while bursting into tears.

“I’m sorry.” He cried. “I’m so sorry.” I held him there, unmoving, as he let it out. Sure, he had been a douche to me and Patrick, but in this moment he was just hurt, and from the sounds of it he didn’t have anyone else who would hold him right now.

“I’m not really a fucking asshole” he sobbed, “but Danny was my boss, and I rent my place from him,  and…and… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean any of it. I’m so sorry. To you, and your boyfriend, and everyone else. I’m sorry.”

I was surprised he remembered Patrick, as my fiancé had gone out of his way to avoid this guy since their first encounter. I calmed him down and suggested he shower again to get the tears off his face. Meanwhile I got dressed and made sure that Danny was long gone. I bought a shake for Justin and I and brought it back to the locker room as he was putting his shoes on. I could tell his gears were turning as he went about collecting his gym clothes and stuffing them in his gym bag. I handed him his drink. He looked up at me, down at the drink, up at me again… and blushed.

“Thank you,” he said timidly.

We walked out together. By now it was late afternoon but was still warm, and surprisingly the wind hadn’t picked up. We didn’t talk much at all. After a few blocks, we ended up in front of his apartment. As we went to part, I asked.

“So what’s the plan?”

He looked at the ground in front of him. “Honestly, I don’t know. I guess I’ll either apologize to Danny, or figure something else out.” I studied him for a moment.

“What apartment are you?”


“Go take a moment. I need to make a phone call. But when that’s done I’d like to talk.”


Chapter 29

While outside Justin’s apartment, I had called Patrick and explained everything that had happened in detail. At first, when Patrick had heard that it was the man that had humiliated him in the shower he was pretty stand offish. But by the time I had gotten to the part about Ohio, and losing his apartment, and his job, Patrick’s heart had softened up like I knew he would. He was the one who suggested Justin stay with us for however long it takes.

No strings. No agreements other than respect our home and the people in it.

It didn’t take long to move Justin’s belongings into our guest room. At 22, he owned basically three or four totes of things. It looked mostly like just some clothes, bedding, college books, and a laptop. I gave him some time to settle in while I spoke with Patrick over the phone. It started out innocently, he informed me he was getting a promotion… though mainly because his boss was fired. Turns out his former boss had fucked somethings up pretty good, basically erasing two weeks of work. Was I ever going to see my lover again?

After a while, Patrick asked me slyly “so… the credit card statement shows a purchase from a little store called “Secrets” hmm?” I blushed. Even though I knew he couldn’t see me I turned to hide my face a bit. I responded in my most masculine voice.

“oh uh… yeah… I uh, had to uh… you know…buy a thing”. Patrick busted up laughing.

“Haha, awesome… how big did you get?”

“Oh, I dunno, it’s pretty fucking massive. It’s supposed to be a replica of Barrett Long.”

“Ohhh…” he said knowingly, “nice. Good thing though that you’ve got a couple of weeks to get a size up”. I was rapidly getting hard.

“How…uh…how big do I need to handle, exactly?” I asked. He got quiet for a moment.

“Look up Jonah Falcon’s cock size on google”


“yeah… well I do have one more shot still.” I had to get my dick out of my shorts, I was leaking precum like a faucet and it I could see a wet patch. My bedroom door was open though and Justin was downstairs though, so I didn’t pull it out. I couldn’t help but rub it a bit though.

“Fuck that’s big” I said. “I tried looking around because I thought you were bigger than Barrett from what I’ve seen on Facetime, but I couldn’t find any good ones, you know me.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty fucking big now.” He sounded cocky…and confidant. This wasn’t a fantasy anymore, that was painfully obvious. “Don’t pressure him, it sounds like it’s the last thing he needs…but maybe you could ask Justin if he has any pointers or direction that would be helpful.”

I thought about it for a second. “Good idea… though to be honest I’m a bit worried about that.”

“Why’s that, hun?”

“Well… it’s just that I think he may have a slight thing for me. He’s blushed a few times when we’ve talked, and while moving over here I’m pretty sure he was chubbing up checking out my ass while I was moving things around to make room for him.”

“That’s a bad thing?” he asked.

“Well, yeah… you’re my fiancé, my sweet little nerd…”

He cut in “Not little anymore.”

“My big nerd… and I love you and I’m horny as fuck, and you and he look similar, and well… I don’t want to test myself hun.”

Patrick laughed. “Aww… you’re so sweet. I love you. Don’t worry, hun. If he makes you better able to handle me, I’ll thank him.” He laughed. “He could be my shoe-stretcher. Open you up so that I can fit.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Oh, most definitely. Though I want to watch sometimes.” He said, excitedly if I might add. This was a new fetish of his I didn’t know he had. “Oh, and who knows, maybe if we all get along, when I get back I could blow him up full of my cum too, he does have a sweet ass. Oh my God, I’d love to compare cocks with him now! Who’s the shrimp-dick now!” His breathing had picked up, and he let out a low moan. “Maybe we could spit roast you! Can you imagine two feet of cock in your holes? God, I want to make you feel loose to him.”

He grunted loudly, and I’m sure he blew a load (it sounded like a guy pissing for awhile) because I could hear splashing for quite a long time. The line was quiet for a bit while he caught his breath. A few seconds later he said, “Though only if he’s into it, it sounds like he’s been through a bit of hell… sorry about that, I’ve been horny as fuck.”

I laughed a bit, “sounds like it, though are you just jerking it or are you serious? I thought you said you’d never outgrow me.”

“Who said anything about outgrowing you, hun?” He said, full of concern. “I love you, I’m going to marry you, and you’re going to be mine forever. Got that?” He didn’t wait for an answer. “Good. I’m never gonna outgrow you. I’ve got a big heart though, and a….really…big cock though, if he’s actually more of a sweetheart like you described he sounds a lot like you. Why can’t we marry him too? It’s not like we have to be heteronormative or anything. I mean, I’ve got like 3 husbands in Fable. Though you’re my favorite!”

“God you’re a dork. We just invited him into the house and you want to marry him after your only interaction with him was with him being a jerk. Wow…” I laughed.

“Eh, I’m joking… mostly… Seriously though, if you two end up banging, I want pics!”


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Please don’t worry!!!! Take your time and i am sooo glad you continued!!

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Chapter 30


After getting off the phone with Patrick, I went downstairs to check on Justin. I found him sitting on the couch in his living room browsing job ads on his laptop.

“Hey Mr., you doing ok?” I asked

“Yeah, thanks. I’m just looking to see what work is available and if I can work that around college.”

“Cool cool, though take your time, it doesn’t have to be tonight. By the way, what do you study?”

“Eh, medicine… kinda interested in musculature and urology. Weird combo I guess.” I smiled. Not as weird as one might think I thought to myself.

“What got you interested in that?” I asked. He blushed and shifted a bit uncomfortably.

“Eh, I don’t know really. Some personal stuff I guess. It’s a good field too.” I was curious about the personal stuff but didn’t want to press. “Hey, who’s that?” He asked, pointing to a picture of Patrick and I taken right before his most recent trip.

“That’s Patrick, you don’t recognize him?”

“Wait, what? No, I thought it was his brother or something. Look at him, he’s jacked… and taller than your boyfriend for sure! I mean, sure I’ve heard rumors that some guy at the gym has some gland thing but this looks like more than that. Is he on steroids or something? He can’t be! He doesn’t have the gut or anything!”

“Haha,” I laughed, “that’s my boo alright. No, no steroids. Oh, and he’s bigger than that now.” Justin looked at me with a confused stare. I could see his long cock beginning to swell in his shorts. “As I matter of fact” I teased, “I’m pretty sure he’s bigger than you.” I nodded to his endowment. Justin didn’t buy it.

“No way man! I met him. He’s like 5’6” and like 100 pounds soaking wet or something, and you’ve seen my dick… even if he’s grown a bit I’m twice his size!” His cheeks were flushing. I was getting horny myself.

“I’m serious.” I looked him dead in the eye. “He’s taller than you, he’s stronger than you, and his dick is bigger than yours… I guarantee it. It’s actually a bit of an issue at the moment, honestly.” Justin looked at me quizzically.

“You’re really not shitting me are you? How is that possible? Wait, how big is he exactly?” I sat down beside him.

“Well, I honestly don’t know, exactly. How is it possible? I’m not exactly a medical scientist myself. I’m really not shitting you, I can show you a pic if you’d like.” He nodded. I whipped out my phone and opened up my screenshots. I started with a shot of Patrick comparing himself to the pringles can.

“Holy fuck. Ho…ly….fuck. He’s legit got me beat.” Justin was fully hard now, I could see his fat cockhead sticking out of the bottom of his shorts. I tried to ignore it because his reaction was fascinating. “Look at his muscles dude! Fuck man, what is his bench like?” He didn’t wait for an answer. “…and so shredded.” Justin began closing and opening his legs slowly, massaging his dick with the movement. “God, his arms have got to be the size of my fucking thighs.”

As he continued scrolling I got up and poured myself a drink to distract myself. It didn’t work. As I turned away from our little minibar Justin was totally enamored with the photos on my phone. He was scrolling through, starting with months ago and watching Patrick basically grow in front of his eyes. I saw a big drop of precum ooze from his cock onto the floor that went unnoticed by him.

I contented myself just watching him for a minute. It seemed the bigger Patrick was in the photos, the more rapid and shallow Justin’s breathing became.

“Jeez,” he muttered primarily to himself, “He’s tall too, he’s gotta be at least six foot two.” I interrupted his musings.

“Looks like you approve?” I made a toast motion towards his shorts. Glancing down Justin panicked a bit. He fumbled my phone and it made a clack as it bounced across the floor. He tried pulling his shorts down a bit to cover his cockhead, but that only exposed the base of his cock. So he grabbed one of the couch cushions and put it over his stomach, adjusting himself as he did so that his cock was pointed straight up, hidden by the pillow.

“Fuck, I’m sorry. It’s just fucking hot.” He stammered. “I mean, he was cute before, but fuck! His glutes, his calves, his…fuck…his everything man. I’ve always wanted to meet a guy bigger than me! Always! I mean, I love being big down there but, I’ve sometimes I just want to be the smaller guy. I mean, I can find guys big enough to pin me down, or super tall guys…but God I want to meet a guy that’s also got me beat dick-wise. I know, dumb fantasy. But…fuck.” Realizing he had just blurted out his deeper desires. Justin suddenly turned beat red.

I slowly took another sip of my bourbon. After a momentary pause, I spoke.

“There’s nothing wrong with any of that. I mean… I can relate. Buddy, I’m 6’5”, and up until recently I’m usually the biggest guy in the room in all regards. There are exceptions, sure. But usually it’s tall and lanky, or muscular and short, or some combination like that. I like being the big, protective, dominant guy most the time.” I thought back to my revelation in the shower. “But I’m realizing recently that although I love my tiny guys that I can toss around and dominate when I want to, I’m seriously turned on by the idea of being with a guy who is bigger than me. I enjoy being submissive at times too, but it’d be nice to try to submit to a guy with the brawn to back it up, rather than as submission out of love. Does that make sense?”

Justin nodded. “Yeah, I lot actually.” He paused, contemplating something. “I’ve never told anyone, but one of the reasons I got into studying urology is that I was thinking about having surgery to make my penis smaller.” I nearly spat out my drink.

“What?” I questioned, but it came out as an exclamation.

“Yeah,” he replied. “I mean I’d still keep it at like 9” or something near that, but it’d be nice to not be the biggest guy in the room for once. I’ve always loved the way guys look at me when they see me naked for the first time, and I want to experience that from the other side.”

“Hmm… well maybe we can arrange that sometime.” I sat down in a chair across from him. That’s when I noticed my phone had an active call. Shit! Justin must have pocket dialed someone when he dropped my phone.

I rushed to grab my phone and see who was on the line. It was Patrick’s international number. I held the phone to my ear.

“Hey, boo?” I asked.

“Oh, hi hun. About time you picked up your phone.” Patrick laughed. “Hey, put me on speakerphone.”

I did as he asked and set the phone on the coffee table.

“Hi Justin.” Patrick’s voice sang out from between us.

“Uh, hi Patrick.” Justin replied, he looked slightly horrified.

“How’s it going shrimp-dick?” Patrick asked. Justin looked to be at a loss. He stammered but nothing came out…except precum from his turgid cock. Patrick laughed. “No hard feelings Mr., I really was tiny back then.”

“You weren’t tiny, I was just” Justin managed to reply.

“Eh, sure…whatever,” Patrick dismissed him. “It’s in the past. That said, I’ve heard you like tall, muscular hung men. Am I right?” Justin looked at the phone, unsure if he should answer.

“Uh, yessir?” he asked.

“Good.” Patrick sang back. I could tell he was enjoying this. “Well you’ve got two here. Well not here, here. But here…kinda. You know what I mean. Anyway, from what I’ve heard, it sounds like you might be into my fiancé, and you too seem to be getting along quite well.”

Justin chirped in, “I’m on my best behavior, sir, I’m staying in the guest room and am looking for a job and an apartment, I promise I won’t do anything with your fiancé.”

Patrick laughed, “Really, because if you’re into him… I’d love it if you’d fuck him. He likes to top too and could hold you down if you want. But I really need someone to open him up for me, and you’ve got more experience with that than I do. I mean, if you like him that way that is. I know you’ve been through a number this year and I don’t want to impose anything on you, you are our guest for however long you need and that doesn’t change either way. Unless you’re a douche when I get back, which from listening to you guys go back and forth it doesn’t sound like it. So yeah, do you think my future husband is hot?”

Justin’s eye’s shot straight up to mine. Was this guy’s face ever going to go back to it’s normal shade? He spoke slowly.

“Yeah, he’s hot.” He paused for a second before mustering a bit of his bravado he used when he was doing things to please Danny. “He’s hot as fuck. I’ve wanted him to breed me since I first laid eyes on him. I wanted him to make me choke on his dick and make me his bitch for months now. I’ve jacked off thinking about what it must be like watching him fuck your little ass and wished he was fucking me while I was fucking you.”

“It’s not little anymore” Patrick responded by instinct

“Even better.”

“But I need you to fuck him too… a lot.”

Justin almost growled. “Oh I think I can manage that.”

“Hot.” Patrick’s single word summed up what I, and apparently Justin, was thinking. “Hey Aaron, put me on facetime on the tv.”


Chapter 31

Every time I see Patrick, I swear he’s bigger. I guess that’s because he is. He appeared on my screen, shirtless and wearing only a jockstrap. One of the ones he used to be much too big. It fit him well now. Though it wouldn’t for long as I saw him start playing with one of his nipples. God his chest looked jacked.

“Damn boo, looking good” I said.

“Thanks, hun… ok, you heard what he said he wants, have fun!”

I turned back to Justin. He had his bravado look going on, but I could see in his eyes he was both excited and nervous. He grabbed the base of his package.

“You want my cock, faggot?” he spat. The words were tough but his eyes betrayed how turned on he was. I stood up tall, making sure to pull my shoulders back so he couldn’t miss how broad I am.

“You don’t have to do that tough shit with me. But if you want me to be rough, I can. We’ll get to your cock, but first I’m gonna own that sweet, smooth ass of yours. Got it?” His eyes lit up.

“Yessir, you want it… take it.”

I moved to remove my shirt and motioned for him to do the same. Just as he got his shirt over his head I grabbed him by the hip with one arm and flipped him around on the couch so he was ass up and his arms were caught up in his shirt. I pulled his shorts to his knees, spread his cheeks open and dove my tongue into his rosy pucker. Behind me, I could hear Patrick on the TV let out a moan.

Justin managed to free his arms from his shirt. He reached back and spread his ass for me, leaning his chest on the back of the couch for support. He began to moan and thrash, but I grabbed his hips and pulled him back into me as I gave him a rim job he’d remember. After awhile I slowed down a bit and as he calmed down I continued playing with his asshole as I stroked his massive tool with one hand. He was leaking pre all over my couch. I laughed a bit as I thought to myself “thank God for scotchgard.”

Patrick’s moaning from behind me gave me an idea. I picked Justin up and carried him behind the couch, where I had him stand and bend over so I could fuck him while we both watched Patrick masturbate. I spat on his hole and began working my fingers into him. When I was satisfied he was ready, I stood and grabbed his arms and pinned them behind him. I asked him how he wanted it.

“Make me your bitch, sir” he cried as he squirmed a bit.

I lined my cockhead up with his hole and began not so gently pushing it in. He cried out and tried to straighten up a bit. I roughly pushed him back down and realigned my cock. He wanted to be owned, he was going to get it.

I felt his ass finally open up enough to get my fat cockhead past his pucker. I spat on his hole and kept pushing. My dick is wider just past the head, and I heard him gasp as it began to invade his insides. He was tight. I could tell he didn’t get fucked often.

I glanced up at Patrick as he fondled his jock. His triceps popped with each motion. He was looking intently at the screen but I couldn’t tell if he was focused more on me or Justin.

I felt Justin’s hole relax slightly and took the opportunity to push myself all the way inside him. His mouth opened in a silent yell as his horse cock spat out a glob of pre. He tried to reach around to stroke his dick. But I had his arms pinned behind him and he couldn’t move as much as he tried.

I used his hole to get off. Between strokes he managed to get out a “Fuck. Your. Dick. Is. Thick”.

“yeah? You like my dick?” He nodded his affirmation as he moaned.

He was tight as hell, so it wasn’t long before I was close. I pulled out, flipped him around and forced him to the floor. With one foot on his chest, I blew my load. I kept one hand in front of me to catch my spunk, while a few drops fell to land on his face.

“I can’t see” Patrick moaned from the television.

I took my foot off Justin’s chest and helped him to his feet. His big dick was solid and looked threatening, I hoped he wasn’t going to be as rough with me.

“Fuck sir, that was great” He smiled.

“You’re turn” came the tv.


Chapter 32

“How do you want it” Justin asked.

“What do you think is best?” I asked. I admitted to myself I was a bit nervous given his size.

“Hmm…” he began moving the coffee table. “Here, bend over on the floor so he can see you.” I bent over doggie-style on the floor, using a pillow to support my elbows. A moment later I felt a furtive tongue on my ass followed by a light smack on my ass. “Fuck yeah you’ve got a great ass.” He growled.

He took his time with his tongue, slowly exploring my asshole. I looked up towards the tv to see Patrick reach over to grab something off camera. As he came back into focus I saw he had a fleshlight and some lube in hand. He removed his jock, and slathered lube over his cock. Fuck he looked massive. The tonguing stopped.

“Fuck man, wow.” I heard Justin’s awed voice. “fucking awesome cock.”

“Thanks.” Came Patrick’s voice.

I felt wetness on my hole again. Justin’s pre-jizz began oozing down my crack, lubing me up. A moment later, I felt his cock head on my hole and I involuntarily twitched. He rubbed his massive cockhead up and down my crack a few times before lining up for the entry. I felt trepidation. His cock and was massive. Thicker slightly than the rest of his dick, but not by much. The image of an apple being pushed through a dime sized tube came to mind. He pressed more, gently, but firmly. For a moment I felt like it wasn’t going to work. He was just too thick.

Then I looked at the tv screen and remember, Patrick is going to be thicker if he isn’t already. I focused on relaxing, on letting myself open up. Wasn’t working.

“One sec,” Justin said. He got up and quickly ran to the guest room. He came back with a washcloth and a can of something. He sprayed a little onto the rag and handed it to me. “Here, like poppers. But don’t do too much cause it’ll fuck you up.” I obeyed and inhaled from the rag.

I started feeling quite relaxed and almost sleepy is the best way to describe it. Then his cockhead was at my hole again. He pressed again, insistently as the relaxing feeling intensified. Suddenly, with almost a pop, I felt his cock enter my hole and I was very much wide awake and feeling everything again! I instinctively flexed my ass muscles.

“Breath,” he said reassuringly, “Take a deep breath… Fuck you are tight.” He didn’t move for a moment. I looked back at Patrick. He had stuck just the head of his dick into the fleshlight. I wasn’t sure his entire dick was going to fit in the thing. “Fuck yeah,” Justin moaned, as he became transfixed with Patrick’s cock. I felt him throb inside me, bringing his attention back to me. “Fuck you’re so tight,” he said again.

He began working his cock into me, slowly. Very very slowly. It felt amazing. As he went deeper, so did Patrick with his fleshlight. Things felt like they were going smoothly. My ass felt like you could land a plane it it, but I knew we weren’t done. I reached back and tried to wrap my fingers around Justin’s cock.

“A bit past half way” he said calmly. A moment later I felt him hit that spot Patrick had recently found in me. He pushed a bit further. “Ah,” He moaned, “wow…am I hitting virgin territory?” I couldn’t speak anything intelligible. I closed my eyes to concentrate on the feeling of his giant member opening me wide, when Justin reached over and put that rag to my face again. The feeling was stronger this time, and I felt my hole relax a bit, somehow.

He pressed in a bit more, moaning as he did so. He caught a glance at Patrick again, watching his muscles flex as he stroked his cock with the fleshlight. He became transfixed, muttering about how huge Patrick’s arms were, and his chest, and his cock. Patrick ate the attention up and started flexing to show off. He flexed a bicep and I felt Justin’s cock swell inside me as he pushed even further into me. He started fucking me in earnest now as I moaned as he impaled me. I didn’t think I could take all of him yet. Seeing the can of poppers and the rag I grabbed them and took a whiff. I relaxed just in time for Justin to push himself into me all the way to the hilt.

Untouched, my cock exploded even though I had just cum not long ago. Patrick let out a loud grunt and pushed himself into the fleshlight to the hilt. With a crack, I saw his cockhead come out of the top of the fleshlight a couple inches as the sides at the top of the toy split either from his grip or his huge cock tearing it open. Precum poured freely down from his piss slit, coating his hands in clear liquid. He didn’t seem to notice.

“Fuck yeah, fuck his hole,” Patrick moaned, beginning to take longer strokes on the broken fleshlight, which Justin then matched in my asshole. “Look at him, he loves it”. It was true, I was on cloud nine. Justin’s cock was enormous, and as he took longer and longer strokes I felt like I was both way too full and also like I couldn’t get enough. It was big enough by far to make me shout and groan with each stroke, but although I expected myself to scream “stop, too much”, instead I heard myself screaming, “yes, yes…omg you’re huge, yes.”

“I’m close,” I heard Justin say, “I’m close…I’m close.” He was taking shorter, quicker strokes in me now, using only about half his cock. Patrick decided to push him over the edge. After a couple quick strokes he ripped the fleshlight off and hit a double bicep pose as he began blowing his spunk on the desk in front of him. “Justin screamed “Fuck” and pushed himself all the way into me as he came. I was a bit overwhelmed with the whole scene and didn’t realize that somewhere in there I had come a third time. I looked up to see that Patrick had put the cap on the bottom of the fleshlight and had filled it to the brim with his jizz…and was still cumming. He then lifted it to his mouth and began drinking his jizz while continuing to cum buckets. Justin was still transfixed as he blew another load in me.

When Patrick finally finished cumming, a few minutes passed with all of us just catching our breath. Patrick started to clean up with a few towels, and we moved to do the same. Before he hung up he looked at the camera and said.

“You’ve got two weeks to loosen him up as much as you can Justin…  Oh, and you may want to loosen up a bit yourself.” With that, he flexed and kissed his bicep then the screen went black.


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I wanna bet that Patrick comes back by private jet because he's too big for regular planes.  I bet he ends up about 9 feet tall and his cock is probably about 2 feet long or more with a circumference bigger than Aaron's arm after two weeks. 

I could imagine Patick saying that.  "You may have to use a leg."

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Ah hell yeah thanks so much for continuing this!


If Patrick is going to get crazy big I'd love to see Aaron take the treatment just so he can survive. An extraordinary responder, but nothing like Patrick. A massive god among men and his boyfriend's little plaything at the same time.

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Wow. What a way to revive a story!

Great work man. Looking forward to reading more.

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This is by far one of the best stories I've ever read on this site. I can't believe it's been going for so long; how did I miss it? Really great stuff, LinkX. 

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