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Pardon the tags... what I've written so far is mostly set up at the moment. I'd like to get some constructive feedback before I continue. Please refrain from calling out my punctuation mistakes. Otherwise let me know if I should continue. I understand that so far this plot has been done like a million different times...but honestly nowadays what plot hasn't? Hopefully you can find something unique to my story. Please let me know what you think. Also apologies for the chapters being so looks longer on Microsoft.





Chapter 1


I pulled into my driveway and pushed the clicker on my garage opener. As the door slowly slid open I couldn’t help but crack a smile. Suddenly a rough day at work didn’t seem so terrible. My boyfriend of eight years was finally home after a two month work assignment back east.


After shutting down the car and grabbing my gym bag I opened the door to my house… and the lights were off. Of course. I could hear the sounds of battle coming from upstairs. I don’t know why I expected him to be waiting for me by the door when I got home… he’s an avid player of this sword and magic computer game he plays with his friends, and the game released an expansion three days before he got home. Of course he didn’t have his gaming computer with him so he had to wait… which I know drove him nuts.


I set my bag down by the washing machine and trudged up the stairs to our bedroom. I guided myself by the light blue light coming from my partner’s computer screen in the bedroom. I entered the room quietly. His back was to me and he had his headset on. He was frantically pushing buttons and shouting commands into his mic.


“Stack! Stack! Over here…. Ok fast rez this pug over here… never mind we’ll get him later. Drop your A O E and push!”


I still can’t translate all his gamer jargon.


I waited a couple minutes while he finished his fight. Before he could find a new bad guy to go destroy I turned the lights on. Startled, he quickly turned to face me. His face lit up. Then he turned back to his screen.

 “Sorry guys, I have to go, Frizzle can you command? Thanks, see ya.” He shut down his game, tossed his headset down, and then proceeded to jump right into my arms. “Oh my god, I missed you so much… my family is terrible!” he exclaimed between kisses.


“I missed you too babe,” I replied. “Looks like you managed to find some shopping at least.” He pulled back from our embrace and gave me his goofy smile. God I loved him so much. I set him down so he could parade what he got.

“Yeah… so you won’t believe this,” he said excitedly. “I went to this specialty big and tall store and found these!” He pointed to his feet. He was wearing an enormous pair of sneakers. They were at least a few sizes larger than my own size 15 shoes. “check ‘em out… size 20! I never thought I’d find a store that carried them!”


I laughed. “You could always try Amazon you know.” Still smiling, he quickly shot me that not-amused look that I knew all too well.


“You can’t see them in real life on Amazon before you buy them,” he said pointedly. “You know I like to shop for shoes.”


Still laughing I shot back “yeah, well you have no problem special ordering other clothes online.” He reached up and lightly tapped me on the chest.


“That’s different… Speaking of which, I got a package today that had this in it,” he said, pointing to the oversized muscle-tank he looked like he was practically drowning in. “Oh, and these.” He lifted up his shirt revealing a pair of workout shorts that looked like pants on him, and untied the waist. The large shorts fell to the floor revealing a jockstrap with a gigantic pouch. The straps hung loosely around his legs and the waist was tied to hold it on his body. He was excited, in more than one way, but of course his thin 5.5 inch cock didn’t fill the giant pouch he had literally tied around his waist. He looked back up at me grinning ear to ear. At that moment he reminded me of a puppy that knew he had done well and was waiting for a treat.


“Damn dude!” I told him, playing to his fantasy. “You’re gonna be huge when you grow into those!”


“Damn right!” he shot back, smiling.


I knew full well there wasn’t a chance in hell he’d ever fit those clothes. I’ve heard of people gaining an extra inch or two of height in their early to mid-twenties… but at 30 years old, even if by some miracle he had a growth spurt, there was no way my 5’4”, 130 lb stud with a size 8 shoe would fill this outfit out.


Still, I entertained his fantasy because I love him. As long as I’ve known him he’s been fascinated with everything big. Big height, big muscle, big cock. That’s his motto. That’s why he fell for me so quickly. At 6’5” I’m a tall drink of water, and I’m pretty proud of my bodybuilder physique (it’s so much tougher for us tall guys). With those two traits when he first saw me he went weak in the knees... but when I got him home and he got his eyes on my thick 8.5” piece of meat deal was done. He decided right then and there he was gonna keep me.


I must have zoned out just thinking about how I met my man, and how much I loved him and all his quirks all these years later. Because next thing I knew he was waving at me:

“Hey…hey… earth to Aaron. Are you going to stand there and stare at me all evening? I love you, but I haven’t had sex in two months. I need your ass.”

As was typical when he was wearing his bigger clothes he was the top that night.




Chapter 2


He really was a horny little bastard. He shot 4 loads before pulling out, and then still got a fifth off all over my face before collapsing next to me. He leaned over to the nightstand and handed me a rag.

“That’s gonna feel so much better when I’m bigger,” he said nonchalantly--still coming down off his orgasm. “I’m gonna open you up like you do me…and it’s going to be awesome when I go to the gym. I’ll walk around the locker room naked with my dick swinging back and forth and everyone will want it. I’ll be buff with pecs like yours and people will ask to feel my arms too. It’ll be awesome to have you be the little spoon for once.”

“I can be your little spoon now,” I reassured him. He laughed.


“Haha…yeah…but no. I mean I like holding you… but I can’t sleep like that, you’re too wide I can’t reach all the way around you like I’d like to yet. I want to be able to hold you like you hold me.”


“But when you’re big, how am I going to keep the other guys off you? Who’s to say that you won’t find a guy that likes your size as much as you like mine? You might not want to keep me then” I teased. He sat up and looked me in the eye:


“Aaron, you’re like a shoe that fits me perfectly… I’ll never outgrow you.” He stated seriously.


“A shoe? Seriously?” I scolded playfully. “Patrick… I love you but you’re a dork.” I rolled out of bed. “All right big guy, let’s shower and get to bed… you’ve got to be jetlagged.”



Chapter 3


The next few weeks went by fairly routinely. That is until one Saturday morning while I was cooking breakfast Patrick shouted down from the bedroom, “Aaron, Aaron come quick!”


I hurried up the stairs to see what was the matter. Patrick was absent mindedly stroking his cock with one hand while scrolling down a browser with the other.


“What’s up?” I asked.


“You’ve got to read this” was his reply. I began scanning the screen. It was the results of a two year research study investigating a compound that was supposed to interact with the endocrine system, inducing height and muscular changes.


“This is it… I’m finally going to get big!” Patrick exclaimed.


“Wait…what?” I stuttered, trying to run through the page before he got too far ahead of me.


“I finally found what I need to get big like you! I told you! I told you I’m gonna get huge like you!”


I finished reading the synopsis. “Hold on a sec, guy… this says the study was discontinued early because the compound didn’t have an effect on enough participants. It’s been 3 years. Even then the best case scenario is an “increase of 1-3 inches in height as well as increased musculature, penis size and rigidity”. I quoted. “Honey, you can’t get more rigid… and is 1-3 inches worth any risk?”


“Like you said, it’s been 3 years, I’m sure they’ve done more research,” he countered quickly, “and yes…1-3” would be worth it.” He gazed into my eyes with such sincerity and need that I quickly gave in.

“If you think it’s what you need to do I’m with you 110%... remember though its 4 injections over the course of a year, so it’s not like you can change your mind.” I said.


“I’ll think about it… but I won’t change my mind. I promise.”                                 



Chapter 4


Over the next several days I became concerned. Each night when I got home from work Patrick would be upstairs on his computer. Though instead of the usual video game chatter. I’d arrive to silence. I’d wander upstairs, and Patrick would be sprawled out by his desk, head phones in, scrawling through page after page of research. He sit there in his size 20 sneakers and oversized jock, every once in a while moving enough to make a bookmark, and every few hours I’d make him stop and walk downstairs to either eat or get some water. Or anything really…just something to let me know he was still alive.


One night I was sitting downstairs watching the latest episode of Gotham when he came downstairs and sat beside me. He snuggled up next to me and after a few minutes simply said “I’m ready.”


Patrick managed to book an initial intake appointment a few weeks later. He was nervous, and asked that I go with him. We drove from the suburbs to the address provided, which turned out to be an historic tire warehouse building that had been converted into a laboratory. The outside didn’t look too impressive. Just faded signs painted on the walls probably 80 years ago, a Starbucks on the ground floor, and two purposefully rusty-looking doors with a buzzer and keypad to the right of them.


I pressed the buzzer and a voice quickly answered, asking Patrick to confirm his appointment. He did and the door clicked allowing us entry. The interior of the building was markedly different from the outside. It was very brightly lit. Very sterile looking. At the center of the room was a large white circular desk. A young twinkish man who looked like he was maybe a freshman in college sat at the desk. As we approached the desk he checked us both out. Very obviously. He smirked at Patrick, then glanced me over and then fumbled with some paperwork on his desk as we got near.


“Hello,” he said. “You must be Patrick. Thank you for coming. Dr. Stevens will be with you shortly.” He turned to me. “I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name, and I don’t see another appointment at this time.”


“Oh no, I’m just here with him,” I replied. The twink gave us a knowing look.


“Oh ok, that’s cool. Make yourself comfortable. We have a few chairs and some reading material. Do you need anything to drink?”


“Not at the moment. Thank you,” I responded. Patrick finished his questionnaire and we sat down. A few minutes later I saw a man with a clipboard walk down the stairs. He was about 6’2”, with a nice athletic build and short, jet black hair. He was wearing a blue button down shirt and black denim jeans.


“Howdy… Patrick?” he asked. Patrick looked up from the fitness magazine he had started to read. Introductions were made and the doctor invited us upstairs.


Chapter 5


Dr. Stevens’s office was fairly nondescript. It consisted of a large oak desk, a couple chairs, a computer, a lamp, and a large bookcase full of books and knickknacks. In the center of the bookcase was an urn, next to the urn sat a tiny little barbell and a photo of a child in a wheelchair. I couldn’t tell you the kid’s age. His head too large for his body, which seemed to have little to no musculature at all. He was short, though his hands looked large. Despite all this I couldn’t help but be entertained by the kid’s beaming smile. Whoever was taking the photo obviously meant the world to this young man and you couldn’t look at this photo without seeing it in his expression.


“mgm-hmm,” Dr. Stevens coughed. We all took a seat around the desk. “My secretary says you’re quite persistant, Mr.”


“Patrick,” my boyfriend chimed in, “and this is my partner Aaron.”


“Nice to meet you both, so what can I help you with.” Patrick looked at me for reassurance. I gave him a nod, and he began grinning ear to ear and scooted to the edge of his seat. This seemed to make the doctor uncomfortable for a moment as he shifted in his chair and shot a glance to the urn on his bookshelf.


“Sir, three years ago you lead a study on the effects of a certain compound on the endocrine system,” Patrick started.


“That study ended early,” the doctor interrupted. “The compound was deemed ineffective on human systems.” Patrick’s grin faded.


“Yes, but it wasn’t…”


“Wasn’t what?” The doctor was obviously agitated. “If you’d done your research you would have realized that the compound you speak of was only effective in less than 1% of the sample. Even then the effects were insufficient for continued funding. I’m a busy man, do you have a reason for hounding my assistant for days to get an appointment or did you just want me to read the conclusion of my paper for you?”


Feeling intimidated, Patrick slouched back into his chair momentarily before standing up and walking towards the door. He was doing his best to fight back tears. I stood to join him, my heart felt heavy looking at my lover’s dejected demeanor. I could see his hope…his dream… falling to pieces in front of me.


“It wasn’t a failure,” I said softly while looking straight at Patrick. “You had results. Sure, they weren’t as much as hoped for… but they were results. My partner…my boyfriend…has taken time off work, and has driven over 50 miles for an hour of your time. Sure, it’s a long shot. But from where he’s standing it’s his best shot of attaining the one thing he’s wanted for as long as he could breathe. The entire reason we’re here-- the reason he’s blown up your secretary’s phone and email. Is because he wants… he needs… to explore this opportunity.” Patrick wiped a tear from his cheek, his eyes lit up. He had his fire back.


“Sir,” he stated. “Aaron’s right. The study wasn’t a failure. Please give me a chance. Even if it’s a small chance” He looked the doctor squarely in the eye. He spoke with sincerity. With need. “Someday I’m going to be big… like you and Aaron. I know it. I just need help getting there. Please help me.”


Dr. Stevens didn’t move. He didn’t say anything. He stared at Patrick as though he’d seen a ghost. Finally he began fiddling with a pen. Squeezing it until his knuckles turned white then releasing it, over and over. He stood up and walked over to the bookcase. Standing in front of the urn with his back to us he finally spoke:


“You don’t just stop and start studies willy-nilly. That’s not how professional research works,” he began.


“But?” Patrick said quietly.


“But,” the doctor turned, “my research has never really stopped to be honest. No, I don’t have any current “subjects” or “trials”, but the scientist in me still looks for the answers I know are out there. I didn’t have enough subjects to truly test out the compound I developed, and funding dried up. My old company blamed faulty research, but it wasn’t. The formula is just very specific. It only affects a fraction of a fraction of the human population—and I have developed a hypothesis that that’s because it affects a specific hormonal genetic marker that only one in several million people have. I don’t have the resources I’d need to prove or disprove that any longer.”


“What happens if you get the injection and you don’t have the marker,” I asked.


“Nothing,” the doctor sighed. “If it doesn’t work, you may as well have been injected with saline.”


“Do… do you still have access to your old formula?” Patrick asked carefully. The doctor looked at him skeptically.


“I do.”


“Then may I try it?” He continued quickly, “If it doesn’t work, we’ve lost nothing. If it does, we have everything to gain. I’ll sign whatever legal papers I need to absolve you of any liability. I’ll pay you. Please. What can I offer to get your help? I'll do anything.” The pleading look in his eyes spoke louder than words.


The doctor sat back down and put his head between his hands. After a few moments he looked up.


“I may very well lose my license over this, but I’ll do it. You remind me so much of my brother I’d be ashamed if I said no.” Patrick was so excited his legs gave out. As he sunk to his knees tears streamed down his face. I hurried over to hold him. I’d never seen him so excited. He was shaking.


“Oh my god… oh my god,” he kept repeated. “It’s gonna happen! It’s finally gonna happen!” Dr. Stevens took some Kleenex out of his desk drawer. He then picked up the phone and told his assistant to clear his schedule for the evening. He took a couple and handed them to us. He gave us a few minutes for Patrick to collect himself before speaking again.


“Ada…I mean Patrick. Now since I’ve agreed to assist you and provide you with the compound, we need to discuss terms. We are going to approach this scientifically. Before we administer the first injection, I need to have you sign some disclosure and consent forms. Also, I want to run a full blood work up on you. I’m certain you won’t be allergic to the formula, I’d just like to have a baseline for your hormone levels. Also, I’m going to need to run a complete physical—including height, weight, musculature, and sexual function. Once that’s complete I can administer the injection. If you react, you should begin to notice some changes within the next three to four days. I ask that you email me if you feel any changes. In the meantime, I will provide you with a diet and exercise plan that you must follow daily. We will schedule a follow up appointment one week from today. If you’re not reacting to the formula no need to come in. If you do have a reaction we will continue to the next phase. Keep in mind that once you receive the injection it’s irreversible.”


Patrick looked at me once again for approval. I nodded. “I understand,” Patrick said. “How much do I owe you?” Dr. Stephens smiled.


“We’re going to do this right. For this first visit there will be no payment. If you react to the formula, each week I will provide to you a stipend to cover the full cost of anything study related.”


“I thought you didn’t have funding.” I said, stunned by his generous offer.


“The one exception I’m making for this project is that this particular trial will be paid out of a very special trust fund, if it should be successful” the doctor replied, again glancing at the urn.


“Thank you sir,” Patrick said. “Where do I sign?”





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This was a near perfect set up. I like Patrick and Aaron's relationship theya re in love and they way you wrote it show it. Aaron will do anythign to please Patrick.

I hoep to read more soon. This is going great so far.

And dont worry about the lenght it's pretty good. Not too long not too short

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Chapter 6


While Patrick had his bloodwork and other tests done I waited in the lobby. After a few hours the receptionist answered the phone then looked up at me.

“They’re asking for you in the back,” he said dryly. “Third door on the left.” Following his instructions, I quickly found my way to what looked like your typical hospital room. Patrick was wearing a white hospital gown, smiling and idly chatting with the doctor as the doctor prepared an injection. I could tell he was nervous, he really doesn’t like needles. Which is probably why he asked for me to be in the room, just for comfort. That said, it was strange to see him smiling while knowing he was about to get a shot.


“All ready,” Doctor Stephens said.


“Are you ready?” Patrick asked me. I laughed.


“I’m not the one about to get a shot.”


“Yeah, but I’m about to get big… are you ready?”


“Sure am, big guy,” I smiled back. The doctor motioned for Patrick to stand and turn so Patrick was facing the wall. I could tell Patrick was erect, and seeing his adorable little bubble butt framed as it was…honestly I’m embarrassed to say but I was getting a bit of half hard on myself.  The doctor stuck the needle in Patrick’s right butt cheek, causing him to flinch. He then got super still and his breathing became super focused, as was usual when he got an injection. After a couple seconds it was all over and the doctor put a small Band-Aid where the needle had been.


“There you go, all done, you can relax now. You feel alright?” the doctor asked. Patrick let out a sigh and sat down.


“Yes sir. Sorry, I’ve never been good with needles.” His smile was gone. I think he was secretly hoping that he’d hulk out right then and there.


“No worries,” Dr. Stephens reassured Patrick. “It’s pretty common for people to not like needles. We’re all done here. You can get dressed. Remember, if you have any reaction to the injection email me straight away.”


“Yes sir, and thank you.” The doctor left the room, and Patrick quickly got dressed. We exited the building and got to our car. Patrick opened the trunk and pulled out his big shoes, changed into them and then got into the passenger seat. We got some food to go through the drive through, and began the commute home. As usual a full belly and a long car ride put Patrick right to sleep. About halfway through the drive home I noticed he was completely out.

It was dark when we got home. I tried not to wake Patrick. Instead, I gently undid his seatbelt and carefully lifted him into my arms, much like my parents used to do to me when I was a child. Still, at one hundred and thirty pounds it wasn’t exactly like carrying a kid. He stirred as I set him into our bed. I started to remove his shoes when he sleepily muttered:


“No, no… leave them on for a second.” I obliged, and gave him a kiss on the forehead. I got ready for bed myself. As I came out of the shower I saw that he had taken his shoes and clothes off and crawled under the covers. I crawled in with him and drifted off to sleep.



Chapter 7.


I awoke a few hours later to the feeling of Patrick spitting on my asshole then kissing my neck as he pushed his boner in me. He whispered in my ear, “sorry, I tried waiting till morning but I need it now. I’m so excited that I’m gonna get big”. I honestly didn’t mind. To be honest it was a turn on, though I wasn’t used to him being quite as demanding. Usually if he was topping he liked to be dominant, but gentle. This time however, he was fucking me as though my ass was the last drop of a precious commodity about to disappear forever. I felt his 5.5” prick swell slightly then felt him unload in me as he grunted “gonna be huge”.


He kept himself inside me for a few minutes, unmoving. Then he slowly started to pull out… only to start pumping again. That was new. In all the years we’d been together Patrick always needed an hour or two in order to get ready for another round. Again he roughly pounded my bum and with a low moan he released another load inside me.


He pulled out and went to the bathroom to get some water. Returning to the bedroom, I noticed he was still boning. He put on his big shoes then commanded, “bend over the bed”. I was tired, but turned on so I obliged. No sooner had my feet hit the floor then he was at it again, ramming my ass as hard as he physically could. Usually I’m pretty quiet while getting fucked. This time I found myself crying out, begging for it. This served to turn Patrick on even more it seemed, and after what seemed like an hour he let loose a third load.


With that he decided he was done for the time being. Without a word he walked back to the bathroom. After cleaning up he snuggled up close to me, squeezed me, gave me a kiss, and said “I love you”. He reached down and gave my cock a squeeze, then put his fingers to my lips. They were covered in my cum. I had never cum by being fucked before in my life without jacking myself off. I licked my jizz off his fingers, which made him smile. Then we both closed our eyes and went back to sleep.



Chapter 8


I woke to the smell of bacon in the morning. I groggily dragged myself out of bed and stumbled towards the bathroom for my morning piss. Halfway there I stepped on something squishy and wet. Suddenly I was wide awake! I quickly lifted my foot and looked down to see whatever it was that I was unfortunate to have stepped in. It was a pair of Patrick’s basketball shorts, discarded on the way to the bathroom and covered in cum. A lot of cum. I wiped off my foot and tossed his jizzy shorts in the hamper. My god that was a lot of cum I kept thinking to myself as I took a leak.


I made my way downstairs. Patrick was at the kitchen counter, headphones in, reading something on his laptop, and cooking a big breakfast. Pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon. He dished me up a plate without breaking his routine.


“Morning honey,” he said. Then he was right back into his routine. He shut the stove off and sat at the barstool next to me, munching away and reading. I glanced a peek over his shoulder to see what he was reading. He had downloaded some bodybuilding manual, and had a photo of Jonah Falcon, a picture of some super buff underwear model, and a shot of the world’s tallest man and shortest man standing together open on the right side of his screen. He noticed my inquiring eyes and took his earphones out.


“I want to join a gym,” he stated, “and I’m trying to decide which of these to make my screensaver, or if I should make a collage out of them—for inspiration.”


“I stepped in your cum” I said dryly.


“What do you think?” he asked. Apparently he hadn’t heard me.


“I stepped in your cum” I repeated. Patrick stopped messing with the photos and looked at me.


“I’m sorry… I had a wet dream last night,” he said, blushing.


“That’s new. You never have wet dreams.” I said, surprised. “You came a ton last night, and there was a ton of cum in those shorts. That’s not normal for you. We should call the doctor.”


“He said it’d take three or four days for any effects, I’m sure it’s just because I’m so excited I’m going to get big,” he countered. I sighed.


“Ok fair… though he did say we should notify him if there were any changes, and well, since you’ve never had a wet dream in your life, and after fucking me several times last night to then blow another shot glass full amount of cum… I would say that’s a change we should let him know about. What if you get dehydrated or something? That couldn’t help you get big I don’t think.”


“Ok, ok… I’ll call him after we shower,” he conceded. “I’m sure it’s no big deal but you’re gonna give me that look until I do I’m sure.”


“What look?” I asked.


“That look,” he pointed at me accusingly. I tried to catch a glance of myself in the reflection off my coffee.


“Seriously don’t get what look you’re talking about.” He smiled, gave me a kiss and told me to finish my breakfast. He put his earpieces back in and went back to his reading. I finished eating, put the dishes in the wash, and then walked up behind him. The thought of how much he had cum in the past 24 hours was actually pretty hot, and I was getting horny. I slipped my cock out of the bottom of my shorts as I began to bone up. Patrick had changed his shorts when he discarded his cum soaked ones earlier, but I could still see his cute little ass crack. I was beginning to pre. I squeezed out a large dollop of the clear fluid out of my thick cock head and let it drip onto his back and down towards his ass crack as I pressed my prick against him and started kissing on his neck. I whispered in his ear. “Why don’t you stop looking at big guys online, and service the one you’ve got right here.” He let out a small moan. He went to stand and face me, but as reached one hand around his waist and picked him up. I turned him around and took two steps towards the ottoman, where I promptly set him down and bent him over. With on pull I took his shorts to his knees. I then took my cock and set it between his butt cheeks, all the while it was leaking profusely. I made slow back and forth motions, allowing my pre-jizz to slide down into his crack. “You want my fat cock?” I teased.


“Yeah”, he moaned.


“How fat is my cock?” I asked. He began to try to fuck himself on my cock. I had him horny as fuck and was enjoying watching him squirm.


“As fat as my wrist, sir.” I loved how he was such a dominant top, but as soon as a big cock was near his hole he turned into a complete submissive.


“You want it?”


“Every inch, sir.”


“Are you sure you can handle every inch,” I stressed the last two words. He shuddered.


“YES, YES… PLEASE SIR, FUCKING FUCK ME!” he begged. I aimed my piss slit as his pucker and pushed. He was pretty used to my cock…well as well as one could be, so I popped in his hole pretty quickly. Still, my dick is pretty thick, so he still felt nice and tight. I began to pull him onto my dick. He began moaning loudly.


“Fuck, you’re so big” he managed to get out after a few seconds. I started pumping him hard. Usually I’d warm him up a bit but I was horny and in a rough sex mood so he was going to take it. Besides, he liked it rough. “I can’t wait till I’m as big as you…I’m gonna fuck you like you fuck me. Ugh…. I’m gonna open you fucking wide… AH… I’ll be the biggest you’ve ever…AH.” After a few more minutes all he could manage was a few expletives now and then as I laid into him particularly hard. I felt my balls tense up and gave one final thrust… pushing as deep into him as I could go. He opened his mouth in what looked like a silent scream as I filled him with my seed. A very euphoric yet silent scream. He gave himself a few strokes on his smaller cock and began to unload…and unload… and unload. When he was finally spent there was a large pool of cum, spilling off the ottoman onto the floor. I was suddenly thankful for wood floors.


“We’re definitely calling the doctor,” I stated. “Oh, and next time you fill your shorts with spunk in the middle of the night, you’d best make sure they end up in the hamper.” With that, I quickly pulled out of his ass, soliciting a gasp out of him. I left him gaping as I went upstairs to shower.

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Echoing that sentiment. Loved this stories beginning and can't wait for more. Especially the sexplay.

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Chapter 9


I drove to work as usual, though I was a bit distracted by my boner. I couldn’t stop thinking of how much jizz Patrick had unloaded this morning. Being honest with myself, I found it incredibly sexy even though I was concerned how healthy unloading what must have been the equivalent of two glasses worth of spunk was for my lover. Before heading into my office I stopped off in the restroom on the first floor and quickly unloaded another load myself in the stall. I couldn’t be walking into my morning meetings fully boned.


Just as the first meeting on the day was beginning my phone buzzed in my pocket. I’d gotten a text. Unfortunately I couldn’t check it until after the meeting. Which droned on…and on… and on. About two hours into this meeting from hell I my pocket buzzed again, at the absolute worst time. My boss had just stopped speaking for a minute to take a sip of water. If he’s got one pet peeve, it’s having a cell phone go off in the middle of a meeting. He set his glass down.


“Aaron is it something important?” he asked.


“I’m sure it can wait, I’m sorry” I reached to silence my phone completely. As I did I got a third text. Shit!


“No, no, Aaron… go ahead. I’d much rather you take care of this now then to have it interrupt me again”. His facial expression betrayed nothing. I didn’t know if this was bait. If I checked my messages was I going to be packing up my office this afternoon? Or was he actually ok with me checking real quickly. I glanced to his secretary who made a quick nod towards my phone. I went ahead and checked the messages. They were from Patrick.


“Hey hon, called the Dr. He wants me to come in asap. More soon.”


“OMG good news, the shot is working on me. Dr. says some indicators are a bit unexpected but that I should be fine.”


“He wants me to stay at the lab tonight and tomorrow for observation. Hope that’s ok.” I was trying not to read into the lines…but I’d never had good experiences when a Dr. had asked anyone I knew to stay for observation. It usually meant something was wrong. I hoped Patrick was ok. My boss interrupted my thoughts.


“Everything ok?” he asked.


“Uh, my partner’s at the doctors, apparently for a couple nights” I said, trying to think quickly of what I could say without saying “apparently this crazy shot he had is working and now he cums buckets and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad”.


“Do you need to be there?”


“I don’t know, sir.”


“Well, Aaron, you’re excused for the time being. Call him, meet me in my office in an hour.” I collected my notes and left the room before my boss continued his meeting. Fuck, I hope I didn’t just lose my job. I hurried back to my office and closed the door. Almost as soon as the door latched I had Patrick on the phone.


“Honey what’s going on? Are you ok? Why does he want you for observation?” I think I was asking another question before I’d finished the previous one.


“Haha, calm down Aaron, I’m fine. More than fine.” He replied. “So the shot worked. My body is responding to it. Dr. Stephens wants to keep an eye on me the next few days because apparently my body is REALLY responding to it. He says he’s confidant it’s not an allergic reaction, but I guess my initial response to the injection is much faster and much more pronounced than what he’s experienced with prior subjects.”


“Um… ok… so…” I stuttered. I knew…but kind of wasn’t accepting what I knew he was going to say next.


“So basically like I’ve been telling you babe... I’m gonna get real big.”


“How big are you…is he…thinking? I stuttered. I was used to this as sex talk, not as something that I’d actually be having a serious conversation about, particularly while at my office.


“That’s why he wants to observe me. He doesn’t know exactly. He wants to run some tests.”


“Ok…but you’re feeling alright?” I couldn’t help but be worried.


“Yeah, I’m fine. I feel fantastic. Honestly I’m horny as fuck and have been leaking like a faucet all day but I’m good. I had to put a condom on in order to drive over here so I didn’t soak another pair of pants with pre-jizz but I feel amazing!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.


“Wait, what?” I asked.


“Yeah, so this morning after you left for work I got dressed and got some work done, but I was freaky horny. I had a boner all morning. When I was on the phone with the doc I noticed my pants were wet like I’d pissed myself. Nope… all pre! He asked me to come in so I went and cleaned up, but I was still hard and leaking. So I found a condom and used that to stop myself from making a mess. You should have seen it by the time I got to the lab. The condom looks like a fucking water balloon! Mr. Stephens wants to analyze my pre-jizz… but can’t use what’s in the condom because of the spermicide. I’ll send a picture.”


A few more minutes of talking on the phone and Patrick had calmed me down. I wasn’t worried about his health at least. We exchanged the usual lovey-dovey sentiments and I hung up the phone. A few minutes later I received a photo text. It was a condom, tied off and filled with about as much clear liquid as he’d left on the ottoman this morning. I was shocked, and incredibly erect. I immediately made my way back to the men’s room. 

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Woa, need to read more of this. Keep the good work. Really wish to see aaron´s reaction when he sees huge Patrick soon.

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Chapter 10

After fapping myself off twice in the restroom I managed to regain my composure. I cleaned up and headed to my boss’s office. I glanced at the clock as I neared his secretary’s desk. I was a few minutes early. Phew. I’d seen more people fired for being 2 minutes late than I could count on both hands in a two month period of time. The secretary motioned for me to take a seat, and just about the time I began to sweat bullets she notified me that I could enter my boss’s office. Not a word other than “Aaron”, and a nod.


I took a seat across from my boss’s desk. He was working on an email, seemingly oblivious to my existence. I was too afraid to speak. “Please don’t fire me, please don’t fire me,” I kept thinking to myself. He finished his email before addressing me.


“Aaron, I hope everything is ok at home,” he said. He seemed concerned. Was this a trick?


“Uh… yeah… things are ok sir, it’s just my partner’s doctor wants to keep him for observation for a few days, I’m sorry for my phone interrupting you meeting, sir.”


“Don’t worry about it, Aaron, overnight observation sounds pretty severe. Do you need to take some time to make sure he’s ok?”


“No, I’m sure he’s in good hands sir, please don’t fire me.” I blurted.


“Wait, what?” he laughed. “Fire you, why the hell would I fire you? You’re one of the few people in this place that actually has true work ethic, and you’re good at what you do! I didn’t call you in here to fire you… I’m actually concerned for your well-being.” He stood up, laughing. “I don’t know what nightmares you’re hearing from HR, but I’m not some monster that just fires people for no damn reason. Seriously though, do you need some time to be with your partner?”


“No sir, I’m sure he would let me know if he needed me there now.”


“Alright….if you’re sure, you’re sure. Just do me a favor, let me know if anything changes in the next few days. If you need some time, take it. You don’t have to do the work of 10 men.”


“Yes sir, thank you.”


“My pleasure. I’ll let you get back to your work.” I stood up and started for the door, shocked that I still had a job. Oh, and with new knowledge my boss actually likes me. As I passed the secretaries desk I heard him over her intercom.

“Elle, please inform HR that we're going to need to let Steve in accounting go…”


Chapter 11


The next two days were excruciating. I tried to busy myself with work, but there just wasn’t enough to keep me occupied. I hadn’t heard from Patrick since he told me he had to stay for observation. I was trying not let anxiety get the best of me, but I couldn’t help shake the “what if something went wrong” feeling. I kept looking at my phone hoping for some information about what was going on with Patrick.


I was checking my phone so often that when it actually did ring I just about had a heart attack. I fumbled with my phone, literally slapping it across the room on accident. Swearing to myself I hurried to pick it up.




“Hi Honey, it’s me” the familiar voice of my lover came across the speaker. “How are you?”


“Seriously? I’ve been worried sick, why didn’t you call?”


“Sorry, I was busy with doing these tests and stuff and the area in the Lab where I was has shit cell service. It’s so cool by the way. It’s got all this…” I cut him off.


“I don’t care about the tests, I just want to make sure you’re ok. When are you coming home?”


“I’m fine,” he said, sounding a little annoyed. “I told you there was nothing to worry about, I’m on my way home, should be back in about 2 hours.”


“Ok awesome! Oh… and what did the doctor say? Have you…grown… much?” I asked. I don’t know why I was so timid about that question. We had role played similar stories over the years…but back then it was just role play. I think I was half terrified that in the past two days he’d gone from his adorable shrimp self to some towering muscle fiend.


“Haha,” he laughed. “You’ll see… after we fuck though. I need your hole. When I get home I want you on all fours blindfolded and waiting for me. Ok?


“Sir yes sir!”

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Fuck that's a hot cliffhanger.

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Oh my God! This story is FANTASTIC! I love everything about it!


One small thing, though...any details on what the characters look like apart from height would be great. Hair color, big/small ears, laughter lines, stubble texture, how young/old they look. I picture the taller character of Aaron as being brown haired turning gray early with heavier stubble and I picture Patrick as being more dark haired. I picture maybe Sean Paul Lockhart from Milk in the role. Or Josh Hutcherson (he's 5'5" and hotter than FUCK hehe) Or maybe Bradley James Allan (he's 5'4") who is a boxer but really hot and tight. Or possibly Gig Morton (5'5" he's been in a few Disney movies and shows...he has the most beautiful face)


I would LOVE to see Aaron become willingly more wholly subservient and less dominant as his partner would be really hot for a character to actually want to be dominated as he finds out about his partner getting big, rather than intimidated by it. It is why I like this story so much. It really makes me love Aaron as a character that he is so loving and giving where so many other men wouldn't be. The setup of their relationship is really hot but also you can feel their love through their sexy talk, and it's rare authors can capture those two things at once so well. I really can't say enough how impressive that is.

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