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growth-without-effort My Weekend JOB Part Three by FREaky

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My Weekend JOB part three by F_R_Eaky  



     The last two nights had brought about some incredible role play, video viewing, and jacking off.  It also had brought about some tremendous growth.  Joshua, Brent, Andrixos, & Darien, originally being 5' 9", 6' 3", 6' 4", and 6' 1" respectively, the later three having average builds with a little pooch, and Joshua being a tad overweight, had all grown into some large 6' 10" tall men, with strong enough builds to place them on a soccer or maybe even a rugby field.  Waking up that Sunday morning and realizing they were now some big, athletic men, with schlongs a size that would scare any gay porno star and embarrass Jonah Falcon for being tiny, the four were staring at each other slightly speechless.  Eventually the silence was broken Darien.  


"Alright.... we've grown.  We've all grown.  How are we going to get back to our lives?  We have no clothes to wear.  People are going to notice.  I doubt we even have shoes now.   My feet don't look small in the slightest and the rest of you look to have equal size dogs compared to mine."  


"I may be able to help with the shoes." said Brent.  "Depending upon what size we are, I have my whole giant shoe collection with me.  We might be able to fit into some of them.  I also have a large version of the device used to measure shoes."  Brent reached in and pulled it out of his suit case.  


"And I can take care of some temporary clothes." spoke Joshua.  "I've received some bonuses at work and I had some suits made.  Originally I had these four made in case Brent and I grew again, but since all four of us have grown, might as well let each man have one to leave here dressed."    


With that, Joshua pulled out four athletic work out suits: tank top, t-shirt, shorts, and pants.  All royal blue, white stripe down the leg, white piping along the sleeve hem and collars.  Then a smile appeared across Joshua's face.  


"In fact I might be able to help out more."    


Joshua walked over to the little dinette table, which looked even smaller to him now than it did before, and turned on his laptop.  In a few moments, after doing some quick searching, he turned and addressed the other three men.  


"There's a Big N Tall Men's Store not far from here.  If we take measurements, we could see if there is someone there to go ahead and make any necessary adjustments, have them choose some outfits, alter them, and then pick them up later on today.  I have enough funds I could probably pay for about three outfits for us each.  That would give us four, enough to make through half the week and even the rest if you immediately washed those clothes."  


"What do we do until the clothes are ready?"  asked Andrixos  


"Well, ... we could get cleaned up, go out for breakfast or lunch,  walk around the mall or the park and get a feel for how big we are now compared to other folks.  I mean...think about it.  We can't walk straight through most doorways now due to height, maybe not even due to our shoulder width without extra muscle.  We all thought Andrixos was pretty tall at 6' 4" and now we're six inches taller than how tall he used to stand."  


The others liked and agreed to the idea, save one small objection from Brent, who only wanted to measure everyone's feet to see if he had shoes to let them use. Of course, their feet were huge... they were up to a US Men's size 21.  Luckily, Brent had recently bought two extra pair of size 24 that he came across, so he had four pairs of that size to allow each one of them to be able to wear some shoes, although they were three sizes too large.  


And so, each one of them took a good long turn in the bathroom shaving, taking a shower, and...well, they did now have a foot and half long cock when erect, and as each one of them began to hold it, heft it, raise it, and eventually play with it, they began to realize it was extremely sensitive and the act of just giving one good stroke sent a jolt of pleasure down over their ample balls and up their abs, spine, and into their lower lip.  This of course was accompanied by groans, moans, and grunts that were lower and deeper than any of them had uttered before and only fueled desire by the other three men waiting outside the bathroom door.  

After Andrixos had finished his turn in the bath, the last of the four, he strode out smiling and smirking.  


"Man.... I don't know about you guys, but I can't actually wear my underwear.  It's too small for my package. I need to wear my new shorts as underwear and let that cock hang down a leg."  


"I hear what your sayin'." Said Brent.  "The bulge I was creating was really far out there, and my underwear, without moving, was so restrictive it racked my balls just standing there."  


All four of the men laughed and absent mindedly cupped their cock and balls.   


Bathed and dressed the four men hit the town and had the time of their lives.  They all had to adjust the seat in their cars to allow ample leg room.  They nearly had to tilt their heads in their cars as well.  The loved when they bent forward or bent their legs how the fabric was pulling slightly tight against their ass or their thighs or better yet pulling and stroking their hanging cocks.  

 Once at the restaurant, they chose a Golden Corral for the buffet, they marvel at how almost everyone, save a few other tall men like themselves or a mere few taller kids or adults who did or used to play basketball, were so much shorter than them, especially since the men all seemed to be hovering close to their shoulder chin to shoulder level at most.  They thrilled and nearly got erect as people kept stopping them and asking them if they were on a basketball team, or how tall were they, or could they compare shoes or hands.  More than once they were asked to stand and give height comparisons, or asked to receive a phone number from some woman or man giving coy smiles and a wink.  Not to mention how flabbergasted they were to see how much food, individually, let alone all four of them could pack away at one sitting now.  


They then roamed the local mall and had fun attempting to find fitting clothes in any of the stores, as well as receiving more requests and inquiries for comparisons and size information.  After that they went to a park where, after Darien's purchase of a basketball at the mall, they took off their shirts and their pants and proceeded to play a couple of rounds of two on two basketball.  They couldn't believe how much more in health they were, how much stronger, how high they could jump, how much closer the basket seemed to them.  They enjoyed the jumping even more though, for it caused their penises to bounce and flop and they could feel its new heft and weight pulling on their groin along with their large and full testicles.  They were sure they became semi-erect more than once while playing, and were more turned on by the fact they were fairly certain someone was taking pictures of them, or rather their ample cock peaking out just past their short hem.  


After peeling off their tank tops, much to the delight of several women and men who tried in various incognito ways to watch them play ball, they wiped themselves down and put their tshirts and pants back on.  They then went to the Big N Tall Men's store and collected their new clothing.  This was then taken back to the hotel, where after thanking Joshua, they packed up their things, said good-bye, and went their separate ways.  

Joshua got in late enough to avoid the "welcome home" from his friend, Lawrence.  He wasn't sure how he was ever going to break this kind of news to his friend.  "Oh, hey, Lawrence.  Yeah, in case you didn't notice over the last two weeks I've gone from 3 or so inches shorter than you to almost being a foot taller, but that's no big deal."  He collapsed into his bed, which was now about half a foot too short for him, and soon went fast asleep.  




The next morning was a series of bumps, bruises, and curse words.  Not used to his new size, and the weekend seeming more like a dream than usual, Joshua managed to stub his toes, bang his knees, thump his head, and slam his shoulders into this, that, and everything else in his house.  That doesn't even cover the "morning piss fiasco" that occurred.  Forgetting how much larger his prick was, or the fact that he was taller and farther from the toilet than he ever was before, he managed to let loose about half his bladder all over the place before he finally made it dead shot , center of the toilet bowl.  


After cleaning the bathroom, applying a band-aid, or two, to his head, readjusting the ceiling fans, and having breakfast, Joshua attempted to sit and think about what he was going to do for the day. That's when there was a knock on the door, right as Joshua was ready to tromp back upstairs.  


"Josh!  Josh!  You in there?  C'mon man, I know you take a day off the Monday following your mandatory job weekends."  


Joshua nearly froze.  He knew what Lawrence's next move would be; to look through the door window on the right side of the door from Lawrence's point of view.  That window looks straight onto the staircase.  There was no time, nor any way for Joshua to run up their stairs without making a tremendous amount of sound, not with a 6' 10" athletic frame.  With that realization he turned and attempted to as gracefully as possible step as far as he could, onto his toes, across the hallway, in front of the door, and into the living room.  


Managing to do so without too much noise, he turned into the bay area of his living room, but hung close to the wall.  He watched the hallway floor through the hall-living room doorway.  When he saw the shadow come across and leave that area of the floor, he turned on his tip toes back into the hallway and then down the corridor into the kitchen.  He moved out of the hallway -kitchen doorway in case Lawrence looked in through either the right or left door side windows.  


He began to stare at the pantry, wondering what, and how much, to fix for breakfast.  His stomach was growling and he was pretty sure it was loud enough Lawrence could hear it outside.  But then, Joshua heard a click.  It was his back gate opening.   


"Oh shit!" Thought Joshua.  


In one split second Lawrence could be walking up the deck steps and could see him through the kitchen window.  If he attempted to go back down the hallway, he'd be spotted.  If he turned to go through the doorway from breakfast nook to the living room, he'd be spotted providing Lawrence walked across the rest of the deck and went to look through the sliding glass door.  The only option was the pantry.    


Joshua moved quickly and just in time, for as soon as he stepped into the pantry, Lawrence's face was there at the kitchen widow.  Seeing the shadow move from the floor, meaning Lawrence left the window position, Joshua attempted to close the pantry door.  He couldn't.  Between his feet and his shoulders, Joshua was too big to close the door quickly.  Seeing the shadow on the floor indicate Lawrence was as the sliding glass door, Joshua attempted to walk further into the pantry.  It wasn't exactly two people deep, especially now that Joshua was a 6' 10" athletic male.  Leaning against the upper cabinets, with his butt resting against the counter,  Joshua held his breath hoping that from the angle Lawrence was at, if any part of himself showed, the refrigerator would block enough of the view to hide him.  Luckily it did.  


That out of the way, Joshua decided to make one big decision, especially after checking his bank accounts.  There was no way to hide this growth from his boss and coworkers unless he didn't appear there at all.  With a quick phone call and an explanation of a family emergency, Joshua apologized for the short notice and quit his job.  He then went upstairs and donned his wrestling max, stripped to his athletic shorts, and turned on his main computer, camera, and called up CAM4.  He had been doing very well with his persona of Clyde S'Dale, and was certain more people than ever would pay to see him and his physique now.  Indeed it didn't fail.  More and more people wanted to see the tall, slightly muscular stud with a horse sized dong.  He played coy, and never really answered how big it was, just giving slightly vague answers like, "Up to my second row of abs..." or something else like that.  


Five days, a couple hundred private shows, and several thousand dollars received later, Joshua received a phone call from Brent.  It sounded almost like Brent was going mad.  Not mad as in crazy, but driven insane by an urge or desire he had to have.  He wanted to meet with Joshua again, he needed to, he HAD to.  In fact he told Joshua that Andrixos and Darien had expressed and urgent need to meet again as well.  Joshua had to admit he'd been feeling a need to meet up with them as well.  It might not have been as strong an urge since he was giving nearly hourly shows on the web with his body and his huge schlong, but he definitely felt a necessity to meet with them again.  Besides with the weekend coming up, he needed to find some way of avoiding a job free Lawrence who for the last few days was pounding on his door and even notifying the police to drop by for a check-up.  


Deciding what city would be the best for the four of them to meet in, Joshua paid for the hotel room, and then went to pack what clothes he had that fit, his lap top, a camera, and several wrestling masks.  He loaded the car in the garage and then making sure the coast was clear of Lawrence's spying eyes, took off to meet his friends.  




Brent, Andrixos, and Darien were a little surprised when on the elevator ride up, they figured out that the room number coordinated with a top floor room.  Their jaw nearly hit the floor when, after knocking, Joshua opened up the door and led them into the Prince's suite.  There was an entry way with two large walk-in closets, then a central great room that contained generous space for a living room and an area for a full kitchenette and small dining area.  Off that room, in opposite directions were a bedroom each, complete with king size bed, a full closet space, and an en suite bath/shower with Jacuzzi tub.  


"weoooooooooo" Andrixos whistled.  "That must have been some bonus you got from your job and then they just promoted you....big time!"  


"Actually I quit my job." replied Joshua.  


"Then how can you afford this?" asked, Brent.  


"Easy... I've been wearing a mask, wrestling briefs, and whipping it out and jacking online."  


"What?!?" said the other three men.  


"No way!  You mean you've been earning money jacking off for folks online?" said Darien.  


"Yep.  They like to see tall, built, or hung men, posing, stripping, and jacking.  We're all three.  I mean hell.  I had one guy plop down $250 just so he and he alone could watch my cock go from flaccid to erect.  Then allowed me to open my cam back up for others to see me strut my stuff and then pay to view me jack."  


"How much are they paying to watch you jack?"  


"Depends on who's on, how many are on, and how much they each have.  Yesterday afternoon I had a bidding war going on.  Guys wanted to watch me and have me talk to them and only them.  Had one guy from England, two from Germany, three from Saudi Arabia, one from Dubai, and another three from Japan all bidding.  I was about ready to cum just watching the prices go up.  The bidding took almost twenty minutes, finally won by one of the guys from Japan.  Paid $25,000 just to watch me beat off and talk with him about it."  


Joshua could watch the other three men move and shift.  Their faces going from awe and inspired looks to ones of almost pain.  At the same time their pants began to stretch out in front of them in various ways: either their package bulge became fuller and rounder, mounding more and more, or this extremely thick, long line suddenly ran down their pants leg, crotch to knee.  


"Fuck!"  Cried Brent.  "If I wasn't horny before, I sure am now.  Thinking about all those men on line, just wanting to see you, watch you, be in awe and nearly worshipping you and your growing cock, or your muscles, or height...."  


"As I understand it, you all had problems with being horny."  


"Well, yeah." said Andrixos.  "Only...we've been trying to keep our jobs, our regular lives.  Been kind of hard trying to figure out how to explain this growth spurt.  At the same time, we've been walking around looking down at guys now, being so much taller than them, and having to duck through doors, and being able to handle more and more weight in the gym... .... ... it's been a huge fucking turn on.  I've been wanting to jack and jack and jack!"  


"Same goes for me." said Darien.  


Brent spoke up. "And me, although my family wound up finding out.  It kind of worked out alright, as I haven't really seen them in a couple of years, but they're all wanting me to get checked out for a brain tumor now.  Still... the looks  admiration, lust, and jealousy I catch from women and especially guys as I pass them.... ... ... it's so hot.  I get boned all the time.  I had to pick up salt-peter so I could go to work without sprouting an erection while there."  


"Well, even with my jacking off daily, hourly, I'm still horned up, extremely active, and sperm producing.  I think our new sized testicles are just pumping extremely high levels of testosterone through us."  


"I'll agree to that." said Andrixos. "I swear I'm developing more hair down my chest and abs."  


"Well, at any rate, if you guys would be up to making some money and taking care of this horniness at the same time, I've got some extra wrestling masks and we could see how much folks are willing to pay to watch four extremely hung, quite tall, and decently built men take care of each other's needs."  


As the other three, hearing of what Joshua had been doing, were already about to burst a nut exploding from so much cum churning, there wasn't any opposition to the idea what so ever.  In order to help hide identities and location, they decided to pile all their clothing and such into one bedroom, take the paintings off the walls in the other bedroom, pile in on that king size bed, which they made look kind of small, and perform their shows there.   

They performed one group show and then four solo shows before they finally decided to order up a late dinner.  In the middle of teasing and enticing viewers to pay for another show, but letting their cocks go erect and tent their underwear out in impossible fashion, their dinner arrived.


Knowing that a towel wasn't going to cover up a damn thing, Brent ran for the door, opened it, stood behind it, with a twenty from Joshua extended around the door and said, "Sorry, shower, just push it in past the door.  Thank you, and something for your trouble."  


The money was taken from Brent's hand, there was a pause and then the cart of food seemed to lurch and zoom forward a good distance from the door heading towards the dinette set.  


"SHIT!" cried out Brent, as he quickly looked around the door and seeing no one there, slammed it shut and ran to grab the cart.  


"What's going on out there?"  called out Joshua.  


"Nothing!  I guess the bell boy didn't want to accidentally see anyone naked, so he super pushed the cart through the door."  


"Well, that was kind of a surprise."  


"Not half as much the surprise as you're gonna get, Josh!"  




Suddenly Joshua's friend, Lawrence came rolling, non-gracefully, out from the bottom, skirt covered portion of the cart.  He stood up and looked straight into the occupied bedroom and began talking down to his friend.  


"I've been wondering what's going on.  Finding out you've quit your job.  You've not answered your phone, me knocking at your door.  You're here, off again with one of your work conferences. All work no pla......GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY!"  


"Now, Lawrence... Larry.  I know this looks a bit odd, but I can explain..."  


Lawrence began backing out of the doorway.  


"Three giant masked men....wrestlers..... Joshua... I never knew you were into this kind of kinky stuff.  Where are you?"  


"I'm right here." 


 "I don't see y....oh my gawd.  It's... it's a.... a ... bondage -slave thing isn't it.  They have you pinned under the covers."  


"No... Larry...."  


"You're confined in the closet... tied up aren't you... oh...gawd..."  


Lawrence had continued to back up to get out of the doorway, but he ran into Brent who was now filling up the space.  Startled Lawrence turned and looked at what was blocking his way, and then looked up into the masked face of Brent.  Taking a step backwards, Lawrence muttered something and then tripped his own self up and collapsed to the floor.  


"FOUR!   OH... MY...... ugh.....four tall men....tall athletic men.....and all of them with... with... baseball bats for cocks!"  


"Andrixos, take the keyboard.  Have us go dark for about ten to fifteen minutes, tell them we'll be right back after that and not to worry we won't be blowing our load while we're gone."  




Joshua got up off the bed and walked past the laptop with the camera and peeled off his mask, staring down at Lawrence.  


"Oh my gawd!  It is you!  Josh!   What the!  How!  This is!  All this and.... ALL THAT!  I need to leave!  I need to get out of here... I need to...uh... hmmmm uh-huh.....no....nooooo!"  


Joshua looked down into his friend's face and then stepped forward, invading Lawrence's space, causing Lawrence to back up.  Brent noticing what he was doing and the sound and look coming from Lawrence stepped forward blocking Lawrence's retreat.  Joshua stepped forward again pinning Lawrence between himself and Brent.  Lawrence was still kind of stammering and now no matter which way he turned his head, his vision was filled with the crescent shaped pectorals of either Joshua or Brent.  This was from his straight on vision.  He had to look up a titch to notice that he just barely stood a couple of inches...his hair line...over the tops of Joshua and Brent's shoulders.    


Trying to avoid eye contact or further chest contact, Lawrence cast his eyes downwards, but there his vision was filled with a trim waist line with the hint of very defined abs starting to show, a treasure trail of hair going from chest down to a waistline of very tight and full underwear, even though that treasure trail was almost fully blocked by a cock that was incredibly long and impossibly thick.  


"UH!  Oooh ooh ooohoohoohohohohohohohohohohohoh..."  


Lawrence almost passed out.  But Brent caught him and as Joshua backed a little bit away he could see a wet spot forming and spreading near Lawrence's crotch region.  


"La... Larry?... .... ... Are you turned on by our size?"  


"N...n...no... no!  I'm not..."  


"Your pants say you're lying.  And uhm...what exactly are you going to do once you leave here?"  


"I've got to.... I don't know warn your family.  Tell them you've somehow become a basketball star and that you're into kinky BDSM or something...whatever this is..."  


"It's not BDSM, Larry."  


"It's not?"  


"No.... it's four men....four grown men.... four very grown men who like showing off their size, their strength, their power.  You like men with size, strength, and power, don't you, Larry?"  


"What?  N...n..n..n.no!  Why are you looking at me like that?  I need to leave and I need to go now."  


"Nooooo... you drove all this way to find me, why not stay?  Enjoy the view?  You've got the same kind of view from all four directions."  




"Andrixos,... change the heading on our page to Four Giant Horsemen and a Guest.  We're going to have some fun."  


"What I'm not...hmmmmmrrffff"  


Joshua leaned over and grabbed an extra fifth mask and put it over Lawrence's head and pushed him into the bathroom.  


"Alright everyone get dressed and help set the laptops and camera's facing the direction of the bathroom, closet, and chairs."  


When all of that was done, the four men prepared themselves: two sat in the chair, one on the corner of the bed, just able to be seen, and Joshua stood near the doorway of the bathroom.  They turned the camera on, announcing they

were ready for a show and waited for the people to pay to view.  Soon they had filled the private room to capacity, the counter was still flying with incoming payments, and Joshua gave a slight nod to Brent who was reclining on the bed.  He knocked on the head board as if it was a door.  On that sound, Joshua turned and answered the door, pulling the masked Lawrence through.  


"Hello, wrestler Adam Atomic.  It's good to see you.  Well, we hear you think you're a pretty big man in the ring.  Do you think you're a big man?"  


"Uhm....well yeah...."  


"I don't think you look that big to me.  Wrestler Dreadnaught, do you think he looks big?"  


Picking up on the glance and the starting consonant cue of the name called, Darien stood up and planted himself behind Lawrence, now aka, Adam Atomic.  He loomed over the man and then spoke.  


"Why no, Juggernaut. He just barely comes over the top of our shoulder's he's not a big man at all."  


"Let's see those pants of yours....take them off."  




"Take off your pants Adam Atomic....."  


Sheepishly, Lawrence took off his jeans and stood there holding them.  


"Now, Dreadnaught, you take off your pants and the two of you exchange."  


Darien did so and after he and Lawrence exchanged pants, Joshua commented.  


"Now put them on.  And tell us, where do the pants come up on one?  Dreadnaught, how does Adam's pants fit on you?"  


"They are a little tight, even around my slim, defined waist.  I'm not sure I can get them buttoned.  Even if I did, the bottom of them come up to the top of my calves."  


"And how 'bout you, Adam?  Where does Dreadnaught's pants come up to on you?"  


Lawrence whispered. "my abs..."  


"I'm sorry what was that?"  


"m..mm...mmm my... my abs.  The top of the pants comes up to the middle of my abs."  


"Well then you're not very tall are you?  So, not a big man that way...Aggressor, come stand behind Adam now. ... ... ...  Now, you and Adam exchange shirts."  


Lawrence looked up at Joshua who just tilted his masked head down and stared hard as he could through the fabric.  In just a couple of minutes, Lawrence was taking off his shirt and handing it to Andrixos who did the same.  


"Put them on, gentlemen."  


The two did so.  Several dings were heard as more people paid even more money for the spectacle they were seeing as Andrixos struggled to get Lawrence's shirt put on.  After many twists and turns, assistance from Darien, there he stood the back pulled firmly taught, the sleeves ridding up his deltoids, the chest form fitting across his slight lats and crescent shaped pecs, all of which cause the shirt to keep his arms hung in a position slight out and away from his body as if he were making a motion of being an airplane.  


"Aggressor, tell me, how does Adam's shirt feel?"  


"It's very tight, feels pretty small.  The hem stops half way down my abs.  Might do for a muscle shirt at the beach."  


"And do you think it is small because of height?"  


"Not that alone.  It's also because I have muscle."  


"Would you care to show us muscle's affects."  


"Yes, well see.... because of my lats, back, and shoulders it is pulled incredible tight...." Andrixos performs a most muscular pose causing the back of the shirt to rip down the middle.  ".....rrrrrrrrrauuugh!   And thus will get ripped if I was performing shrugs or dead lifts.  But the same could be said for the front. ...."  


At this point Darien steps behind Andrixos and pulls the two pieces of the shirt back together once again.  This time Andrixos does a chest shot and causes the front of the shirt to explode open, followed by a couple of shoulder shrugs and bicep flexes to cause the sleeves to burst.  


"Ahhhh man this... shirt couldn't cover a big man any time at all."  


"Adam, how does Aggressor's shirt fit on you?"  


"Like...like a.... almost... like a mini dress,..."  


"Hmmmm and can you flex your muscles and split the sleeves?"  




"The chest?"  




"The back?"  




"Dreadnaught, could you squat a little bit and see how well Adam's pants hold up?"  


Darien performs a few squats pumping up his thighs.  It's not a great split, but they can confirm that after a while a small pop and tear in the seam of the jeans have occurred.  


"Brawny, come over here in just your wrestling posers and stand beside Adam and flex.... .... .... Now, Adam, you flex in front of Brawny there. ... .... That's it, put your arm in front his and flex.  Harder..... HARDER!  Hmmmm does your biceps come up to the size of Brawny's at all?"  




"No.... let's try another comparison.  Put your hand up like you're going to give a high five.... now, Brawny place your hand against his.  Adam, does your hand measure up to Brawny's?"  




"No... in fact, Brawny can you bend your fingers down?  Wow.... if we were just a little bit taller and bigger, we could engulf your whole hand just by bending our fingers down to our palm.    Why don't you stick your foot out for us. ... .... ... What size show do you wear?"  




"And is that a pretty big shoe?"  


"It's a good sized shoe..."  


"A good sized sh..... Brawny would you place your foot next to Adam's.... ..... my goodness, your feet look a little small Adam.  Brawny what size shoe do we all wear?"  




"Twenty-one... and why don't you take this ruler here and see how much longer your foot is compared to Adam Atomic's...." 


 "Three inches."  


"Three inches longer... wow.... so we have longer feet, and wider too...bigger hands....larger muscles... Oh, and just to make sure, why don't you try on Adam's shoe and Adam try on one of our shoes..... .... ..... Adam can you keep your feet in one of Brawny's shoes? Give it a walk."  


Lawrence tries to walk with the tennis shoe but it is large enough that his heel easily slides out of it, causing him to stumble and trip as he walks.  When he stops, Brent tries to put his foot into Lawrence's shoe, eventually ripping out the front from all the pulling and struggling to get it on.  


"Oh...it looks like Brawny has torn through your shoe.  And now, the last test. ... .... Adam, hand me your underwear."  




"Hand me your underwear, Adam."  


Josh stood there with his hand out waiting for Lawrence to obey.  Lawrence took a look around him and eventually stepped out of his underwear, handing them to Joshua.  In turn, Joshua stepped out of his and handed them to Lawrence.  They both put them on, Lawrence looking like he was wearing an oversized baggy diaper of sorts, while Joshua was wearing something very tight, with an obscene bulge that pulled the waistband down and out a bit from his body.  


"And now for the last demonstration...."  


Joshua began to concentrate.  Andrixos grabbed the laptop and made the web cam zoom in on the tightly packed crotch of Joshua.  In a few moments it began to stir.  Folks viewing began to see Joshua's penis pulse and ooze, throb and inflate larger and larger. Fuller and thicker...  Originally it stayed in its curled up position, just growing into a larger and fatter curl, but then it began to straighten itself out, fighting against the cotton fabric with all its might.  Short little snapping sounds began filling the air.  The titanic tube of meat was getting longer and larger by the second, pulling down and out, further and farther the fabric of the underwear away from Joshua's body.  Eventually everyone began to see more and more of the base of Joshua's monster cock as the waist band got pulled and stretched more and more.  The tenting became so bad that soon Joshua's balls fell out on either side of the fabric.  More rips and tears were heard.  The cock was straining, quivering in its cotton prison, until finally there was a loud rip and the front of the underwear gave way.  The snap of the waist band back to Joshua's abs made the revealing of his donkey dick even more impressive as it quickly pulled the fabric back to the base of the mighty schlong.  


"AAAAAH" bellowed Joshua in pleasure.  "The awesome release.  Tell me, can your dick do that to your underwear, let alone mine?"  




"In fact..." and Joshua put his hand down and felt all over the loose fitting underwear.  "Oh... there it is... you're even erect right now, but we can't even see it in all that material.  I hate to say this, but you are not a very big man.  At least not compared to us, are you?"  




"Well, I'm sorry but small men have a job to do...."  


And with that Joshua ripped off the underwear, picked up Lawrence and placed him on the bed next to him.  With a quick glance, Brent, Andrixos, and Darien also joined them, sans underwear and cocks throbbing, on the bed.  


"You, Mr. small fry, have to worship us.  And you must do it quickly, because as I said earlier, if we were just a little bit taller, stronger, more hung, we could completely engulf you and the thing of it is..."  


Joshua took Lawrence's hand and began to have Lawrence stroke his cock.  


"...we ARE getting bigger...."  


The three friends took this as a cue and the chant they so often made while watching videos  and pictures or listening to audio clips, they began to make now as they stroked themselves, rubbed their or each other's chest or nipples,  cupped their balls.    




"MORE HUNG..."  









Over and over again the chanted, moving Lawrence around like a large sack, forcing him to stroke their cocks, suck on the their nipples, feel their flexed arms, trace the beginnings of their abs, cup and rub their balls.  More and more, over and over they gave poor Lawrence a workout, smacking him with their cock, showing how their schlong was a long as his arm, bouncing their pecs in front of his face, smothering his face in their arm pits, all while still chanting....  















They had reached the heavy breathing and moaning stage.  Words were becoming more and more like grunts.  Their breathing was becoming labored and broken.  The strokes upon their dicks were sending wave after wave after tsunami like wave of pleasure through their bodies.  Eventually as Brent began to yelp and moan, shiver and buck, from the stroking he received from Lawrence, Joshua picked him up and dropped him to the side....  


"Sorry, Atom sized Adam, this drink is for real big men only!"  


And with that he grabbed Brent's  cock and pulled it towards him, just in time to catch the tidal torrent of man seed into his mouth.  On and on Brent's load seem to go.... volley after volley after uncountable volley of cum cocktail poured from his balls and erupted out his flaring head.  This in turn sent Joshua's stomach into distention and then his body rocking in ecstasy along with the continued jerks and pulls of his three friends.    

Andrixos took the load this time, guzzling it all the way down, while Darien took the load Andrixos spewed for several pulsing minutes.  When in turn the man shake caused Darien to reach climax, Brent grabbed his mighty python and sucked it down full force.  


The four king sized men lying haphazardly in a stupor on the bed, as if they were suddenly over any healthy limit of inebriation were out of it, unaware of the dings and pings coming from the laptop as men around the globe sent extra money for a phenomenal finish, along with thanks yous and cries out for more.  From up off the floor, Lawrence barely raised his head and hand, clicked the camera off and logged out of the site.  He then began to gather a pants and shirt and his torn pants from off the floor and slide into them as best as he could.  Crawling his way towards the door towards the living room area, he attempted to stand and get his footing.  


"Oh, no... not tonight, buddy."  


Lawrence let out a small yelp as Joshua had grabbed him from behind.  He pulled him into a deep and long kiss that left Lawrence too light headed.  He passed out and Joshua placed him into the bathroom and shut the door.  He then grabbed some pillows and some extra bedding and placed them on the floor in front of the door and leaned on it to fall asleep.  This effectively trapped Lawrence, who wouldn't discover that until later in the evening, or would that be early in the morning.  






The quartet of large men were woken by the scream of Lawrence who was able to come out of the bathroom.  He had tried to do so in order to get away, but the four men although in a drunk like stupor all night, had managed to intentionally or accidentally keep some of their wits about them.  Two of them had gone through to the other bed room to grab the other pillows and extra bedding to make themselves comfortable and keep themselves warm.  One of them was sleeping on the king size bed.  One each was sleeping on the floor on either side of the bed, while the other had moved in front of and was leaning on the door from the bedroom to the living room.  


Although he was originally trying to get away, the sight Lawrence saw made him shout in awe and perhaps even fear.  It didn't take long for the four large men to see what his fuss was all about.  Standing up they began to realize the room looked much smaller.  The king size bed didn't fit them at all.  Lawrence...poor Lawrence who at six foot tall, last night came up to two inches just above the top of their shoulders, but today, this morning, the top of his head only managed to come up somewhere between their cock and their belly button. 


 Looking down at themselves they also noticed that they were a hell of a lot buffer and defined as well, something akin to a large rugby player or gymnast, a bicyclist with an equal upper body.  They began to flex and pose, pop and bounce their muscles this way and that, acting out as if they were in a body building competition.  Despite the vaulted ceilings, they began to reach up and touch them.  They began to put on their old clothes, seeing how extremely tight and small they were and then flex, bend, twist, and shred out of them.  They saw how their feet covered up their old tennis shoes that were once three sizes too large.  


Their cocks sprang to life and extended long, thick and hard from their groin.  They reached full erection quickly, but stood there and bobbed and bounced sticking straight out from their grown, albeit perhaps pointing a little bit down due to the extreme length and girth.  But they had some help flying high with the two large globulous  spheres that were their balls.  


Lawrence brought them out of their awe, giddiness, and lust.  Having waited for them to move enough from in front of the door, he got it open and bolted for freedom.  However Joshua was quick enough and large enough to respond in time.  He barreled through the doorway after Lawrence.  Although executing the head and waist bend perfectly, there was no way to complete the waist and shoulder twist in time.  The door was now dented, or more correctly slightly broken and splintered, while a nice chunk of the wall on the opposite side was gone, accompanied by warmed door framing.  This startled Lawrence making him pause, and giving Joshua just the time he needed.  He grabbed Lawrence and pulled him in close in an extreme bear hug.  




"Shhh shhh shhh it's okay... Larry.... it's ok..."  


"No this is not okay!  You're fucking freaks... giant freaks!  You're like the first stage of hulkout growth!  You're like nine and half feet tall and only need another hundred more pounds or so... well if you were normal size, to become the Incredible Hulk!"  


"Shhhhh ok... we're huge... it's alright... not a bad thing to be huge....It has it's perks..."  


"LET ME GO!"  


Lawrence struggled and fought, wouldn't listen to Joshua as he tried to talk with him.  Joshua not sure what to do kept hugging Lawrence, but he started doing so tighter and tighter.  


"You're smothering me!"  


"Shhh shhh. Listen, Larry.. .we can work this out. You don't need to tell anyone..."  




"NO, I'M NOT!  I'm just holding you till you calm down..."  


"IT HURTS!  I CAN'T BREATHE!  CAN'T....Can't....breathe...eathe..."  


Lawrence tried to squirm free and get his head to where he could breathe, but Joshua, not knowing his own strength, kept Lawrence's face buried deep in his pecs.  Finally Lawrence managed to get his head twisted on way, but when it did so, his mouth found one of Joshua's new larger and firmer nipples. Originally Lawrence tried to spit it out and move his head or mouth away from it, but then suddenly Joshua's pecs began to swell and inflate, fuller and broader.  Lawrence could hear and almost feel the movement of some kind of liquid.  Then there was a sweet, yet savory kind of tasting milk that hit his tongue and he began to suck and Suck and SUCK!  


"OOOOOH!"  Joshua moaned deeply as his cock sprang to life.  


The three other giants crawled their way into the room and began to try and ask Joshua how he was doing, but he was lost in the euphoria of his nipple being sucked.  Eventually there was a loud pop as Lawrence removed his mouth off of Joshua's swollen nipple.  He began to shake, and then to scream, and then to turn slightly purple.  


Coming out of it, Joshua set Lawrence down, trying to call his name and get information out of him.  It didn't work.  Lawrence just stood there screaming in agony until suddenly the air was filled with the sound of breaking bone and snapping sinews.  Lawrence suddenly just shot up and up and up growing so tall that the borrowed pants which originally came half way up his abs, now hit him directly on the waist and were perhaps a couple of inches above the ankle.  His body then began to twist and contort into this pose and that and each time it did, he seemed to stand a little fuller, a bit broader, a titch thicker.... he was growing and he grew and filled out and filled out until suddenly he was shredding the very clothes that was once way to long and baggy for him.  


He stood there for quite a while in collar and waist band that held torn pieces of clothing. Hair began to thickly coat his legs, arms, groin, abs, and chest.  A full beard, but neatly trimmed along the jaw line grew in, while his hair grew out to shoulder length. The four giants stood up and looked at him, realizing he was around seven feet tall, if not exactly, and had the build of someone between and amateur and a professional, title winning bodybuilder.  Just a tad bit bigger built than them, technically to be sure, but their height and muscle size to his ratio obscured that fact.  


Eventually Lawrence began to blink and come out of dazed state of mine.  Joshua worried that he might have caused some kind of damage to his friend, despite the new build, called out to him.  


"Larry.... .... ... are you okay?"  


Lawrence blinked and then looked at Joshua and smiled a contented and kind of school girl crush kind of smile. 


 "Oh...the gods are awake.  What do you require, sirs? Jack off, blow job, bath, shave, breakfast?  What shall I do for you?  Shall  I order?"  


The four behemoths stood there looking at Lawrence and then at each other.  


"What does it mean, Josh? What is he saying?"  Asked Brent.  


"It means....Larry is going to order breakfast for us and himself.  You, Darien, and I are going to try and see if we can repair some of this damage, while Andrixos sees if he can contact  7'2Giant."  


"Contact 7'2Giant?"  


"Yes," said Joshua as he stood flexing his muscles and bouncing his pecs. "I don't think we'll be going back to a normal life at all now, and I think we're the right size to make him the runt of his videos that we imitated so well, last night.  It's time for the world to see how small he really is."  

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