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I had this fantasy stuck in my head for a while so I decided to type it up! This is kind of just the intro. I'll keep posting in this one topic since they come in parts. Please tell me what you thing, good or bad! This is my first story I wrote where the character is telling it as it happens, so IDK if it's entirely grammatically correct... I hope you enjoy it anyway!


Part 1


I look at pictures of perfect deities drawn throughout the ages, and then I look at the super powered people of this world. Yep, they sure appear frustratingly similar. Body hair, what's that? Fat, never heard of it! Balding, sounds funny. Ugly, I am too busy looking in a mirror to see an example of what this “ugly” is. Signs of aging, uh that thing with the lines and stuff? I have to work around those kinds of people 6 out of 7 days a week! Sure they aren't as shallow or stupid as I make them sound, but they do act like divas from time to time because they know they are VIPs of the world. Even if a super powered humanoid came along with a better version of their powers, they would still be irreplaceable.

We simply call them Supers. They say there are only 124 known Supers in the world. So the Supers Western Operations Center, or SWOC, only has 6 Supers on our pay role. There are similar centers like the one I work at throughout the world. We all have lightning fast transportation at their disposal, so we can transport Supers many miles away from the center within minutes. Technically, this is a branch of America's military but it has free range compared to other branches. After all, Supers are scary compared to normal civilians or even the military. So it's our job to make them seem like comic book heroes that everyone will love or at least tolerate. They are required to save people while being in the public spotlight, after all. Every Super is featured in a magazine or news segment at least once a week, or if they get a lucky break, every 2 weeks.

As for me... I'm most certainly not a perfect being like the Supers around me. My hair is a dark golden blond and matches nicely with my turquoise eyes. I think I'm pretty handsome, especially with my rugged stubble on my face. I'm 5'6” and weigh 138 pounds. I may be on the shorter side, but I'm able to do things most men can't and my body is extremely lean, almost too lean. The thing is, I'm also a Super. My ability is the elusive super strength... A Super with super strength.. Yep. Sure, Supers are stronger than the average person, but my super strength is the real deal. I can lift my body weight times my body weight. If I worked out using my powers every day, I'd be massive. I have the ability to grow my body and join the ranks of the Supers, but I don't want to. Doing so would mean I have to give up gymnastics. I'm well on my way to the Olympics at this rate. I don't even have to use my super power to be great at it. Still, at the same time, I always wondered how I'd appear as a full fledged Super.

“Evan! New clothes! Now!” A familiar deep voice rings through my ears, followed by a thud as charred clothing covers my desk. Soot exploded out of the clothing, causing me to cough so I couldn't respond right away. “Fire proof my ass! You fuckin' liar!”

“... Ug... I thought I smelt something...” I look up to see the infamous Super Jerk, Felix, standing naked in front of my desk. My face flushes with scarlet hues as I turn away, but the image of Felix is forever burned in my mind now. Thankfully soot covered up some of his tanned musculature, making it easier to snap back to reality. “It's fire resistant. Fire resistant is not 100% fire proof. You're not supposed to dance through the fire to show off how cool you are, you know.”

“I don't see you helpin' people 'n' riskin' your life! I'll do what I wanna do!” He grits his teeth and stares me down as he leans over my desk. I stare right back into those angry light brown eyes of his. Eventually his intensity lessens and he backs off. “I'll wait over here.”

Despite being a coordinator, I have a lot of power. I know they can't hurt me and I'm the one who files their requests; I'm kind of like their work dad. Their only leverage of being powerful Supers isn't effective against me. I smirk to myself as I contact SWOC's #1 outfitter to get new clothes for Felix. I look up to see him sitting on the lobby's sofa, getting soot all over it. For some reason, I imagine the sofa doesn't mind, given the fact Felix is amazingly built. Even the weakest of supers are amazingly built... Well, the ones I've seen, anyway. Felix was a man of Hispanic descent, hailing from Puerto Rico. He had a slight accent, but not enough to be noticeable. He stood at 6'2” and weighed 275 pounds of pure muscle. Even with the soot covering his light brown body, I could see the veins snaking over his rugged muscle. His black hair was long, so he had to wear a headband or hair tie most of the time. Except it seems he lost his in the fire, so he was constantly brushing his bangs out of his eyes. Soot was going everywhere.

“Heh.” I laugh to myself as I notice him gritting his teeth in frustration. I dug through my drawer and pulled out a hair tie. I walked over to him and waved it in front of his face. He looked at me with a flat expression before snatching it from me and pulling his hair back into a pony tail. He looked like a stereotypical smooth-talking Hispanic lover, but hey, there's nothing wrong with that. More soot came from his hair as he tried to get it into a pony tail, causing me to step back. He must be a sponge for soot. “I guess your other super power is generating soot and random debris, eh?”

“What is that ev- Just shut up.” He crossed his legs and folded his arms, resuming his angst ridden teenager routine. His true age is 38, though he sure didn't act it. He was just the right age, where a man is fully matured. A male at his absolute peak of virility and perfection. I think he wouldn't age anymore, either, since I have never seen a Super appear older than 45. I hated the fact that such a jerk looked so good. “Fuck off until you get me some clothes.”

“You know your clothes take a while... Maybe you should workout your body as much as you do your arms and pecs. Then get a shower.” I shrug my shoulders and walk away.

“Shut up!” He demands again as he follows up with audible noises of contemplation and discomfort. He groped his pecs and then ran his hand along his thighs. I was right. He was defeated. He got up and darted for the locker rooms. I could hear gasps from the security desk as he ran out of my office/lobby.

DO YOU DO THAT ON PURPOSE? GOD DAMN BOY, YOU BETTER GET SOME CLOTHES ON BEFORE I HAVE A SUIT OF TUNGSTEN FUSED TO YOUR SKIN!” And of course, one Super leaves and another one enters. Probably with a request. Hana walks up to the desk and sits down on it, flipping her hair as if she's preparing for publicity shots. “Can you find clothes that actually stay on Felix?”

“Well, there's no such thing as Super-proof clothing, only Super-resistant.” I sigh as I pull out my tablet. “Do you need anything?”

“No.” She purses her full lips and flips her hair again. I don't know if her Japanese heritage or her Super genetics are responsible for her beautifully long hair, but either way she had it going on. “You know, isn't it weird how Felix always manages to destroy his clothing at least once a week?”

“He's a show-off. He lingers too long in the line of danger and his clothes pay the price... Rest in peace, you once marvelously weaved strands of perfectly engineered fibers.”

“Pfft,” She stifles her laughter, “Sure. That's why. Anyway~ Any gymnastics sessions coming up?”

“Um. Yeah. Why?”

“... So we can watch?”

“So you can what?” I squint and grit my teeth as I frown, “I-”

“Yeah. One of us usually goes to your things and records it so the others can see. It's entertaining.”

“I'm glad you find normal people swinging around so entertaining.”

“We hear you're gunning for the Olypmics at this rate. Super or not, that's impressive. I mean, hell, even most of the Supers can't do crazy stunts with that kind of accuracy. You don't need to be a Super to do extraordinary things. We're just rooting for you, not laughing at you.” She smiles and pats my hand. I feel myself radiate with embarrassment because: 1) I was thinking she was making fun of me and 2) because they actually supported me... From afar, but still, support is support.

“Thanks, then. Sorry I get a little-”

“Insecure?” She raises her eyebrow, accompanied by an all-knowing smirk. “Most Supers don't look down on others. It kind of sucks when people think we're making fun of them when we say things like 'wow awesome job!' or something. Have confidence in yourself and you'll go far. Um. But. Like. Not Felix's level of confidence. You lose expensive clothes that way and become a soot person.”

“Heheh, yeah, but it's endearing.”

“And oh so adowabuuu~” She adds, and we both laugh for a good while at Felix's expense.


The day trudges on and we find ourselves somewhat busy. But as always, the work gets done and paperwork follows. I'm busy filing the remaining paperwork at 8:40PM before my shift is up. I go over the inventory, making sure all gadgets and vehicles are in place or in a Super's possession. That's when I notice a standard jeep missing. It was taken out by Felix but for a reason unknown. Quickly, I track it to see what the big idiot is up to only to see the vehicle move from SWOC at 8:12PM and fall off the map at 8:24PM.

“At the mountain range...” I mutter to myself. I look through the roster to see if any Supers are on duty or free, but it there was no one until 9:20PM at the earliest. I pick up my phone and dial Felix... Of course, no answer. “Ug, what is this idiot up to? If he gets in trouble again then he's suspended. Then it'll look bad for me.”

I bite my lip and mull it over some more in my head. Round... And round... And round... Fine! I'll go look for him AGAIN just so I don't have to be held responsible for letting him go unaccounted for! Here I thought the security guards in the garage would do their job and alert me. But nope. Here I go. I suppose all I need to do is just verify his location and reasoning for being out there, then I can go home. I live out that way anyway, so I'll just go check up on him. At least he isn't putting me through too much trouble.

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It is rare to find a superhero-based original story that reads so well, probably not since I read Hero by Perry Moore (if you've not read that, I recommend it). It's always interesting to read this genre from the perspective of someone who is not a superhero. And don't worry too much about the grammar, the first person perspective kind of throws the rules out the window on that but it reads like I'm hearing Evan's thoughts so it works well. I'm in love with the characters already and you've set up the world perfectly. I can't wait to read more of this.

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Interesting setting. He lives around all this supers but he doesnt act liek one. He still wants that part of "normal" life.

I'm sure Felix will etst his powers. Im sure Felix just wants him to act like a super and be all that he can be.

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Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad people like this kind of genre. And you might be right about Felix, Ro. Here's a shorter part to get the ball rolling. We also learn a little more about Felix too... But yeah, he's still a jerk.


Part 2


I use my own beat up car to search for him, driving through the hustle and bustle of the city before hitting the barren roads in the woods. I follow the path Felix took, only to find myself going off road and then... ! I slam the brakes and jump out of my car with a flashlight in hand. I swiftly move towards the crushed jeep; it was entirely pulverized flat. Felix should've survived something like that, but there was no Felix in sight.

“Felix?!” I yell out, finding myself growing worried. A couple of months ago there was someone trying to kill Supers, mostly to feel like ultimate hunters. That's all I can think about right now. “Felix?! Come on! Say something!”

I follow what appears to be signs of struggle, or should I say, fighting. There was a Swiss cheesed path leading deeper into the woods, closer to the mountains. I follow the path, thinking very little of my own safety and more about Felix. He was a jerk, but not a jerk who deserved to get physically hurt or worse... Finally I come upon an immense pile of boulders. They seemingly fell off the mountain and rolled down to the base. I look at my phone and use short ranged detection, confirming my suspicions that Felix was under the rubble. His beacon was very faint, but it was there. No wonder why I couldn't find him and the vehicle on the map earlier.

I sigh, knowing Felix is most likely alright. However, despite his strength, it was hardly enough to dig his way out of a mess like this. I bite my lip and wring my hands. I could call it in and get a specialized crew out here to dig for him. But the rocks appear to be so tightly placed together. Felix might be hard to squash, but he still needs oxygen to survive. I could easily get rid of this rubble and find him within 5 minutes... But... I... If it gets out I'm a Super, I lose my life's passion; I can't be normal. But... AAAAAAAAARG!

“Felix you bastard!” I grunt as I tear away boulder after boulder with ease. My powers have not been active for some time, so it took a while for me to warm up. I loved the immense feeling of strength I had when they were active, but it was a dangerous feeling. It could easily make me oblivious to what happens if I use my powers for too long. The Super transformation that usually occurs hasn't happened for me yet, but the longer I use my powers, the more likely it could. So I'll try my best to clear this landslide and figure out what happened.

I could hear muffled yells. Or rather, muffled complaints. Felix began pushing through with his own might after I cleared away the heavy rocks. As expected, his clothes were tattered strands of cloth and he was an absolute mess. “FUCKING. HELL. THIS IS BULLSHIT!” He falls onto all fours, gasping for air. My suspicions were right, he had limited oxygen under those rocks. I'll just give him a few minutes. 1.2..3...4....5.....6.

“What happened, Felix?”

“I get a text from you sayin' I was needed out here. Then I get fucking ambushed by a big... Thing! I... Wait a minute.”

“It wasn't from me, if that's what you're still thinking. I can show you the text recor-”

“No. No. Duh. It's not you. Just shut up.” He glares as me, “You sneaky little fuck, you have super strength.”

“Um... Yes... I do. But don't tell anyone! Please!”

“The fuck I won't! You use your powers to cheat with that flippy-flip stuff, don't you? Then hidin' them... While us other Supers actually step up to the plate and help people. Wow! You're easily the worst person around for miles.”

I keep my composure as best as I can. I know what to say. “You're right, I shouldn't have hid them. Go ahead. Call it in. Say you know for a fact because I saved you from starving to death out here. It'll be an interesting piece of information for the news, at least.”

His glare intensifies as he snatches my phone out of my hand. Then right before his finger makes contact with the touch screen, he pauses. He dropps the phone and frowns. His ego wouldn't dare admit that he was saved from a little guy like me, let alone make it public. “This. Never. Happened.”

“Of course it didn't.” I smirk, “I just came by to give you a ride home.”

“No-no-no. I'm not going back to HQ like this. They're going to ask questions 'n' I'm not a dirty liar like you.” I bite my tongue, trying to not point out the hypocrisy of his statement. “Take me to your house. Get me new clothes. Let me get cleaned up and... Ug, I need grub. It's your job to take care of Supers, right?”

“I guess.” I shrug as I make my way to my car. He hesitantly follows. As we get into the car, I could feel it become lopsided. He grunts and crosses his arms. “I'll text the outfitters to bring casual clothes.”




Despite Felix's annoying list of needs, I manage to accommodate him the best I can in a timely manner. The faster his list is done, the faster he gets out! While he's busy turning my shower into a mud pit with his filth, I'll start cooking. I take out all the chicken I have and dice it up. It is meant to last the whole week since I cook meals ahead of time, but I don't think this will last longer than an hour with Felix here. Before I even turn the stove on, I wipe my forehead, noticing beads of sweat forming. I can only sit here and grimace as I contemplate what's going on with my overheating body. I turn the stove on and throw all the diced chicken into the largest skillet I have.

“Hey! I know you're a tiny person
'n' all, but would it kill you to have normal-sized towels?” A booming idiot distracts me as usual, but I think I'm thankful this time. Staying in my own head can be dangerous sometimes. I turn to see what he's talking about, only to find an awkward sight.

“Pffhaahaahaahaa! You never heard of a hand towel? I have medium sized ones just for drying my hands... At least they fit you.” Barely. I could see some of his endowment hanging below the towel. Of course his waist was so impossibly trimmed to perfection that the towel could wrap around his body. Just like earlier, all I c
an do is turn away before he notices my flushed face.

Sssshhhh!” He seethes as I hear his foot stomp. Then an awkward silence follows. I could hear his sounds of frustration slowly die down. “You're drenched in sweat.”

“Oh... Sweat?” I look down
to find my shirt is drenched in sweat. It felt like it was clinging to my body too, or rather, maybe it was stretched to its limit. I was severely uncomfortable, but at the same time, I just want Felix out of my house. So I'll just try to ignore it. “Oh. Yeah. That. I'm fine, I'm fine.”

“Your legs are shakin'.”

“I'm fine! I'm just making you your dumb food is all. Pipe down if you want it to be done.”

He forces his way to the stove and shuts it off. As he moves me, I could
instantly feel the fatigue setting in. I almost faint, but he quickly catches me. I feel myself shaking as I burn up from the inside out, now unable to stop myself from groaning. It was an odd feeling. Just like intensely worked out muscle groups, my body felt unusually pumped. Every inch of my being pulsing and heating up. I hear ripping, but my brain can't process where it's coming from. I could feel my testes vibrate, possibly filling my body with testosterone to. Male Supers tend to have an approximate average of 2,240 ng/dL... My body is preparing to change me into a hyper masculine Super.

“Make it stop...” I cry as Felix sits me down in the shower. He starts the cold water on full blast, causing me to let out a sigh of relief. My body inches farther away from the super transformation as the cool water washes over me. My body is now focusing on using the heat to keep me from getting hypothermia. Felix reaches down and unbuttons my shirt. “Stop, what're you doing?!”

“Your clothes need to come off.
Any stress on your body will make it harder to stop the transformation.” He continues undressing me until I'm nude. I look away in shame. My body compared to his bothers me. Not to mention being naked in front of a guy I could barely tolerate... It was too much. I catch a glimpse of the clothes I was wearing. They were stretched out, with some seams clearly pushed to the limit and buttons were missing. “The longer your wait for your transformation, the more intense it'll be. I learned that the hard way when I tried to keep mine away until I was 18. It felt like the best fuckin' thing in the world when it was endin', though. Then lookin' in the mirror after it was done Pow pow! I had a lot of cleanin' to do. Heheheh.

“Oh?” I bring my knees to my chest, mostly to keep myself covered from Felix's view.

“Yeah. I was the best damn quarterback my school had in forever. It's like I could read minds
'n' dart across the field. Tackles felt like tickles to me me. I was a machine that couldn't be broken down... All without my powers.” He looks up and closes his eyes, letting out a sigh. “I probably would've been a bad ass quarterback for some team, winning trophies and stuff... But then my neighbor's house was on fire and I activated my powers to save them. I couldn't stop the change 'n' as you know, Supers are banned from sports.

“Do you regret it?”

“Uh, let's see... Be a super famous quarterback who entertains all of America or be a world famous Super that saves people's lives? WELL FUCK! TOUGH CALL, DUMB ASS!”

Right. Sorry.” Being a quarterback would've been significantly easier for Felix. I was seeing a new side to Felix and I think I... I actually liked it. He did care about saving people more than easy publicity and an easier life. The publicity a Super has to deal with is a lot harsher and more intense, almost unwelcomed, when compared to a sports player.

Felix shrugs, “I'm not scared of people knowing you saved me. I'm not that simple! I just agreed so you'd think you had power over me or somethin' So you'd think you had a choice.

“Sorry again.” I look down in shame. I suppose after showing a small part of himself, the rest just follows. “Thanks Felix. I feel better now.”

I get up and take a towel out of the closet, a proper sized towel. He grunts and folds his arms as he looks away. All I could do is smirk. As I dry off my body, I can certainly see the changes. I had a well defined body before, but now it was different somehow. Each muscle stood off my body more than usual. I ran my hands through the now-deeper gap between my pecs, all the way down my abdomen. I gasp as I feel the deeper ridges. I panic as I hop on the scale. “No, no, no! 1
58 pounds! No...”

“You look taller too.” Felix adds.

The panic inside me grows even more as I bring my hands close to my chest and wring them. “I tried to keep it away but it came out... I think... I don't know if I can...”

“You can work with it. You're heavier and a bit taller. Just try out your routine later.” Felix pats me on the shoulder. “And remember, if it doesn't, you can be a Super. Your future has 2 perfect options. Be thankful.”

“Felix, why are you being so nice to me now?”

“I was in this situation. I want you to have a choice.” He smirks, “But... I kind of wanna know how big you'd get as a Super, too. Heh.”

“That's not funny. I want to stay small and aerodynamic!”

“Yeah, yeah, I got it.
But hey, life is unpredictable sometimes, Evan.” He continues to smirk as he exits the bathroom. Suddenly, I don't feel like Felix is as nice as I thought he was just a moment ago.

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Yeah. Felix just wants a good poundiong lol He lieks the little he just doesnt want to admit it. He wats him to eb a super so noone can say things baout him going out with someone smaller.

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Mmmm. I'm not certain Felix' "old guy sex appeal" is going to make me like him tremendously. While it's true that a character does need some form of opposition or inner struggle to develop, I hate when character A lords something over character B. Then again, I guess it'll be all the better for the beef, so whatever.

Also, I like Hana. A female character who isn't some guy's unsatisfactory sex partner. I want to see more of her.

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