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What Do You Wear At The Gym?

What do you wear at the gym?  

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  1. 1. What do you wear at the gym?

    • Graphic T shirt
    • Under Armour or Nike Combat (compression style) T shirt
    • Sleeveless shirt
    • Cutoff (deep side cuts) T shirt, usually homemade
    • Basic ribbed white tanktop
    • Colored ribbed tanktop
    • T-back or racerback tanktop, shows more of the lats and traps
    • Long sleeve shirt
    • Sweatshirt (usually taken off after you get pumped)

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It was hilarious. The dirty little secret is that I find myself agreeing with him on some of that silly shit. BRO'

Next I'll turn into an Ed Hardy Boy. Oh God help me.

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Nothing fancy: Black trainers on my feet, black t-shirt without print -- a print on the chest will just become sticky when perspiration set in. 

I'm unaware of the exact English word for the particular sort of wear that cover my groin and legs, but they are similar to, but not identical to, tracksuit bottoms (Among other things, they are wider than tracksuit bottoms usually are: My quads and hamstrings are wider, than they used to be).

A year ago, I used to wear a sort of sleeveless vest-like training-shirt (again not sure of the correct English word), since my lats had begun to swell in a nice way, but last winter I suffered a recurring bout of my old health problems and shrunk, so I returned to my t-shirt. Perhaps I ought to switch to the vest-like thingie again now: The seams in the armpits of my t-shirt are beginning to burst.

The drawback with polyester is how fast it begin to smell, but it is easy to wash. Otherwise, I'm old-fashioned, and prefer 100% cotton. The fancy training-wear in synthetic fibres impregnated with silver are bad for the environment, since the silver goes into the drain, so I shun that.

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