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theft Muscle Reaper- part 7 now up 10/16/15


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Let me know what you think. Kinda dark but these kinda things turn me on.


Part 1: Nice knowin’ ya, Josh

    Sometimes, life just doesn’t go as planned. Or, that’s how it felt to a severe degree to Stephen. Stephen had lost the love of his life to cancer a year before, and now had no remaining family with whom to stay in touch. He and his friends had drifted apart ever since his boyfriend’s death, and Stephen had fallen deeper and deeper into despair. Stephen had turned to food and sex to cope with his boyfriend’s death, gradually packing on the pounds until it was harder and harder to find a hot guy to fool around with. He was about 5’10” and now 200 pounds, and virtually none of it muscle. He felt like his life would never look up, and was ready to join his boyfriend in the afterlife. That is, until his roommate brought home someone that would change his life.
    His roommate Josh was the lust object of every gay guy within a 100 mile radius. He was 6’1” and thickly muscled everywhere. Josh had sandy blonde that he wore messy and had shining, bright blue eyes. His waist was an impossible 28 inches with a 45 inch chest and 20 inch biceps. He was probably only 5% body fat, too, Stephen guessed, and topped out at 240 pounds. Josh was a personal trainer despite having a masters in chemistry because he loved spending so much time in the gym, and the worst part was, he was the nicest guy you could possibly meet. He helped as much as he could with Stephen getting through his mourning, but Stephen generally just turned him away. Josh, as it were, also happened to be a bit of a sex pig. He had a dungeon room set up downstairs and a leather sling that he could lay in to get fucked hard as he considered himself the bottom of all bottoms. He was also a competitive bodybuilder and had won some local competitions, but that wasn’t his favorite thing to do. He loved giving himself to well hung tops. If only he knew how he’d be giving himself soon.
    Stephen heard the door slam shut that fateful night and two different voices moaning through kisses. He made a habit of always checking out Josh’s tricks since they were always so hot and it gave him good masturbation material for later. He grabbed an empty glass from his nightstand and walked out of his bedroom pretending to go get a glass of water. As he walked out into the kitchen, he saw Josh there with a guy perhaps 3 inches taller than him. They were already naked from the waist up with Josh’s bulging biceps and triceps straining as they groped the new guy’s chest. When Stephen’s eyes focused on the new guy, his heart skipped a beat. He had to be 300 pounds easy, with jet black hair and red eyes that must have been color contacts. His skin was about as tanned as Josh’s and they both looked like bronzed Greek gods. His 8 pack abs glistened in the moonlight from the window and his pecs danced as he frenched Josh’s mouth deeply. He was easily the most handsome man Stephen had ever met in his life. His biceps were nearly twice the size of Josh’s and as Stephen walked into the kitchen his gaze turned to him.
    “Hi,” he smirked as Josh went to town on his nipples and armpits, licking and biting along as he went.
    “Uh….hi. Don’t mind me, just getting some water.” Stephen fumbled with the knobs on the kitchen sink and then poured some water into his glass and turned to walk out.
    “Oh hi Stephen, I didn’t even see you there! Look who I met at the adult book store!” Josh chirped. “I’ll see you in the morning!”
    “Sure, have fun.” Stephen continued walking away, when a thought forced its way into his mind. If you want your life to have purpose, follow us downstairs and watch. He realized he was just standing in the doorway to the kitchen as the two hunks continued making out behind him. He shook his head and returned to his bedroom. In the kitchen, Josh continued grabbing new guy’s ass through his tight jeans. Josh was down to his soccer shorts that he had worn for easy access to the book store. As Josh massaged the guy’s ass, he moved his other hand to his shorts and pulled them down and kicked off his sneakers, revealing a leather jockstrap underneath.
    “Daddy like,” the new guy purred. His voice was incredibly masculine and deep and simply being around him had Josh intoxicated. Josh reached for his belt buckle and unsnapped it and pulled down his pants, and with quick motion took off the guys boots and pulled his boxer briefs off and threw them to the floor. Josh gasped when he was done this at what stood before him. Not only was the new guy insanely muscled on top, but he clearly did not forget leg day, ever. His thighs looked like they were cut from granite and his bubble ass rivaled Josh’s. And then Josh focused on his favorite thing: the 10 inches and still growing because it was still soft dick in front of him. Josh felt a hand on the back of his head, and he knew what he had to do.
    Josh opened his mouth as wide as possible and engulfed the huge, perfect dick in his mouth. Not his favorite place for a dick to get stuck, but it would do for now until it found his way up his ass. He felt the cock grow as it went down his throat and he continued sucking as if there was no tomorrow, because for Josh, there wasn’t. Josh had never been this horny and never had this much pleasure in his life.
    “Ahhh fuck, first cum of the night!” The new guy bellowed as he pumped load after load deep down into Josh’s gullet. Josh kept sucking every last drop out of this perfect dick and when his orgasm was over, which felt like it last over 10 minutes, Josh disengaged.
    “Ready to fuck my tight hole with that dick?” Josh asked while stroking his own 6” cock.
    “Hell yea,” the new guy said. And with that, they headed downstairs to Josh’s dungeon.
    Stephen heard them walking downstairs. Why did I feel like I should watch this? He heard some light laughing and the sound of Josh getting into his harness. It would be kind of hot to see two bodybuilders plowing each other, Stephen thought. And with that, as if he had lost all conscious thought, he stood up and made his way for the staircase and grabbed a spot on the stairs where he couldn’t be seen but offered a perfect view of the action.
    The new guy was eating Josh’s ass, rimming with abandon. Josh was going wild and bucking himself up and down on the guy’s face.
    “YEAH, BITCH! EAT THAT FUCKIN’ HOLE!” Josh was definitely a bossy bottom. The new guy smirked.
    “Are you ready to give yourself to me?” The new guy asked.
    “Oh yeah baby, take me. Take whatever you want from me. Own my ass!” Josh stammered. With that, the new guy stood up and shoved his 14 inch, thick as a baseball bat dick into Josh’s ass. At 3 inches in, he encountered some resistance.
    “Oh shit that’s big.” Josh muttered.
    “Oh, I guess you aren’t ready for me then…” the new guy trailed off.
    “Fuck no, I want it.” Josh wrapped his thick, muscular legs around the new guy’s waist, poured more lube on his cock, and forced it more into him.
    “Good fuck toy.” The new guy murmured as he shoved more of his impossibly huge dick into Josh. As 9 inches in, Josh spontaneously orgasmed all over his perfect, pumped chest and six pack abs without ever touching his cock. The new guy grabbed up the cum and used it as lube to force more of his cock into Josh. Once he was fully in at 14 inches, Josh orgasmed again without touching himself, shooting surprisingly more cum this time than the first and hitting himself in the face. Once he was fully in, the new guy began withdrawing his cock and reinserting it with fury. He fucked Josh like Josh had never been fucked before. Josh flexed and squirmed while this humungous, god-like cock was inside him and every few minutes Josh would climax again and shoot more and more cum each time.
    “Yeah, flex those muscles bitch!” The new guy roared as he plowed Josh’s ass. Josh hit a double biceps pose as he was lying in the sling and then hit a most muscular and started bouncing his pecs as hard and fast as he could which caused him to achieve another orgasm, this one landing on his pecs and flying this way and that as he continued bouncing them. After what seemed like hours, the new guy achieved a thunderous orgasm that lasted at least a half hour. Josh felt load after hot load pumping into him and the warmth spread throughout his body. He had never felt this good before in his life and he didn’t want the feeling to end.
    “I’m hungry.” The new guy muttered after his orgasm ended.”
    “How about you eat me out?” Josh winked and breathed heavily.
    “Sounds like a good idea.” Stephen wasn’t sure in the red lights of the dungeon, but it looked like there was a huge dickhead inside Josh’s right bicep just under the skin. Josh felt more waves of pleasure run through him and could still feel the huge dick inside him, writhing about. He loved that he could feel every movement of it inside him. His right hand and bicep began to feel extra pleasurable, almost as if his arm was having an orgasm. It felt amazing.
    Stephen was frozen, unable to move. He would have gasped, but he couldn’t get any air into his lungs. Where the head of that impossibly huge cock had been on Josh’s bicep had been, was now nearly nothing. Josh’s perfect bicep had disappeared nearly instantly. Stephen watched as the flesh underneath Josh’s right hand melted leaving only skin. Where Josh’s right arm had been, there was now only skin. The process continued with the dick squirming over to Josh’s left arm and draining all the hard-earned muscle and bone there. Josh’s arms hung from his body, or what was left of his arms, nearly touching the floor. With that, the new guy’s dick made it’s way for Josh’s right leg, and once finished there, moved to his left leg. Stephen watched in horror as Josh’s calves seemed to deflate followed by his quads and hamstrings, leaving just soft, mushy skin behind. Josh just lay in the sling, babbling like a fool and cumming rivers during this whole ordeal. Josh’s bubble butt was next to go, and Stephen watched as those two perfect globes shrank and was stunned as the new guy’s ass became even more voluptuous. It was at this time that Josh seemed to come around.
    “HOLY FUCK! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!??! Oh my God, what is happening to me?!?!”
    “I’m eating you inside out, just like you asked. You asked me to take you. Don’t you want to feel as good as you felt earlier forever?” He came once more into Josh’s hole.
    “Oh god yes, take my whole fucking body. Take it all you fucking stud!” Josh howled. Josh’s perfect midsection deflated and Stephen could see the guy’s cock sticking out from where Josh’s perfect asschecks used to be, working almost like a septic pump in reverse, sucking all of Josh’s essence up into him. Josh bounced his pecs and taunted the guy. “Take them! Take them!” Josh’s chest deflated and the new guy bounced his newly enhanced pecs as Josh came again. All that remained of Josh was his head and the skin from the rest of his body. The skin seemed to slowly turn on itself and flooded into the new guy, which seemed to make his cock grow as well, and soon, all that was left was Josh’s handsome face and head attached to the guy’s dickhead.
    “Beg me to take you.”
    “Please sir, take me. I am yours forever.” Josh smiled happily as cum poured out of his mouth and with that last feeling of pleasure, his brain and everything he had ever been flooded into the new guy. Inside the new guy, he felt Josh’s soul burning and then join the eternal flame of those before him that joined to fuel the new guy and make him who he is. Josh was no more, but the new guy glanced in the mirror at the gift’s Josh had given him. His muscles bulged and grew a few inches. He flexed in front of the mirror and came all over his own image, shooting buckets of cum all over the mirror. The mirror began to melt and smolder underneath his cum. He then turned his attention to Stephen.
    “Stephen, how would you like to have this gift, and give men the ultimate pleasure while becoming a sex god yourself?



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Let me know what you think. Kinda dark but these kinda things turn me on.   Part 1: Nice knowin’ ya, Josh     Sometimes, life just doesn’t go as planned. Or, that’s how it felt to a severe degree t

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“Stephen, how would you like to have this gift, and give men the ultimate pleasure while becoming a sex god yourself?

More like a demon. Hell run D:

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Here's part 2!


Part 2: Becoming Himself

    Stephen stood there flabbergasted. What had he just witnessed? Josh was completely gone and there was no evidence anything had even happened to him. He felt paralyzed. He screamed to his legs “MOVE! RUN!” but they wouldn’t respond to his commands. Stephen’s eyes were locked with this….thing in his basement and he could do nothing about it.
    “Now now, Stephen. We both know how horrendous your life has been since James passed away. Your only contact in the whole world was Josh. You work from home, the last time you spoke to any of your friends was 3 months ago, and you’re closest family is a 3rd cousin 2000 miles from here. You have nothing left to live for. Don’t you want a purpose?” The S on purpose hissed out of his mouth. Stephen could feel anger rising in his blood. He finally had the courage to stand and with it, he confronted the monster in the best angry voice he could.
    “What about Josh? He had things to live for! And you just killed him! I’m not going to become a murderer to have a purpose,” Josh intentionally said purpose as sarcastically as he could.
    “Josh was a cumslut bottom who just had the best fuck of his life. And where he’s going, once I bring him to my master, he’ll get to be a cumslut bottom for all of eternity. He’ll be much happier. He knew at the end what he was getting himself into and he fully gave himself to me. Plus, he picked me up at the bookstore and told me how much of a bottomless bottom he was and was desperate to show me.” The monster continued stroking his cock. “And plus, we both know you enjoyed the show.”
    Stephen looked down at his pants. He had the hardest, most massive erection he’d ever had in his life, and the entire front of his pants down to his knees were soaked in cum.
    “I….I….,” Stephen started.
    “Look, you really don’t have much choice in this.” At the end of that sentence, the new guy, who Stephen was now pretty certain was a demon from Hell, raised his arm and Stephen floated over to him and was placed on the ground. Stephen sat there, cowering in front of him. “Now drink!” He bellowed. He placed his hand on the back of Stephen’s head and forced Stephen’s mouth over the head of his cock and unleashed some fluid that Stephen couldn’t tell what it was. It wasn’t urine. It wasn't cum. It tasted sweet and nectar-like and the second it hit Stephen’s tongue he was transfixed and wanted to drink more and more. Stephen kept drinking and drinking until his stomach was full and the liquid was burbling out of his mouth and pouring from his ass.
    “There, my boy.” The demon pulled Stephen’s mouth off of his cock. “You have now had the essence of what makes someone like me, me. You now have two choices, and I’d listen well if I were you. This essence will essentially bind with your very soul. The next time you cum, you will feel within your body a choice. You will either absorb the body and soul of the person you are with and be born again into a vision of perfection and be able to build your body using those of others at will, or you will succumb to the darkness and die, and your soul will forever be owned by me. You were thinking of committing suicide anyway, and that’s a one way ticket to where I’m from anyway, so let’s think of this as me helping you along. And if you cum by masturbating, well, the same happens. You must be with someone when you cum or it won’t work. And once they reach orgasm, you will have complete control.”
    “I don’t understand. Why are you doing this to me?” Stephen stammered.
    “I’m your guardian angel, and you just got a second chance at life. Think of yourself as a sexual Dexter. Taking the bad away from the world and giving those you take a second chance at all they really want, all of their carnal desires.” The demon, who was indistinguishable from a human, winked and disappeared in a puff of smoke.
    A disembodied voice echoed above him. “And just so you know, there are many ways to reap what you need. Topping, bottoming, oral…all will work, depending on where you may find yourself.”
    Stephen sat on the floor of his basement, Josh’s jockstrap sitting next to him. He was dumbfounded. Had this all really just happened? This had to be some trippy dream. He gathered himself and headed back upstairs. The clock on the microwave said 6:32am. Had Josh and that demon really been going at it for 6 hours? He rubbed his eyes and headed to his bedroom and collapsed on the bed and fell into a deep sleep.
    A few hours passed when he heard the doorbell buzzing. He grumpily sat up and yelled to Josh to answer the door. The doorbell kept buzzing.
    “Ugh,” Stephen muttered. “Guess I better get it.” He got up from his bed and headed to the hallway. Josh’s bedroom door was open and his bed was neatly made. Hmmm, must have wanted to get an early start the gym, Stephen thought. He walked over to the door and opened it. There, in all his glory, stood Kyle.
    Kyle was Josh’s fuckbuddy and fellow personal trainer. Kyle was also a bodybuilder like Josh, though somewhat larger since Kyle liked to juice to get as veiny and built as possible. Kyle was 5’11” and had black hair that he wore as messy as possible, and had green eyes that set them off nicely. His jaw was wide and framed his face nicely, making him look like the perfect alpha male and very modelesque. He was deeply tanned since he liked to work out outside as much as possible. His chest was a nice 51”, biceps rounded out at 23”, tapering down to a 30” waist and the most ripped, veiny 8-pack Stephen had ever seen. Kyle pumped every inch of musculature on his body to the max, and it showed. His deltoids were like huge stones, the same size as his head, and his traps looked like mountains on top of them. Kyle stood before Stephen in just his tight, Spandex shorts and some sneakers. They’d just been casual acquaintances and only met in passing after any night that Josh and he fucked like rabbits.
    “Hey Stephen, is Josh around?” Kyle asked.
    “Nope, he’s not in his bedroom. I figured he headed to the gym early,” Stephen responded, not telling Kyle about the awful nightmare he had had last night.
    “Damn that fucking slut!” Kyle hissed through gritted teeth.
    “Why? What’s wrong?” Stephen asked.
    “This new cycle I’m on has me horny as fuck. My dick won’t go soft until I get off. I’ve already jacked off three times this morning and it’s not working,” Kyle said angrily.
    “Heh, that sounds like the plot to some cheap porno,” Stephen giggled.
    “Ugh, this needs to go down and I can’t chafe my cock anymore than it already is,” Kyle grumbled. “You’re gonna have to do.” And with that, he picked up Stephen into his huge arms and carried him into Josh’s bedroom and threw him onto the bed.
    “Kyle, I think you’re hot and all but this really isn’t my scene,” Stephen explained.
    “Look, you really don’t have much of a choice in this,” Kyle responded. Why did those words sound so familiar? Stephen could see a huge boner thumping around in Kyle’s spandex shorts. Kyle grinned seductively and winked and kicked off his shoes, and slowly peeled down his shorts, revealing no tan line, a well kept bush, and finally his huge, 9” dick that had to be as thick as the biggest cucumber Stephen had ever seen.
    “Well, I guess I can see why Josh liked you so much,” Stephen said, bewildered. With this Greek god standing before him, Stephen felt overwhelmed. Kyle was totally Stephen’s type, and it had been a while since Stephen had been with anyone. But Stephen had also never been much of a bottom, and he never would allow a battering ram like Kyle had into his ass.
    “Yeah, and you’re about to learn why he liked me so much too. But don’t worry, I treat my bottoms very well,” Kyle said.
    “I’m not your type though. Like, I’m overweight and soft and not….not hot like you,” Stephen responded.
    “Any port in a storm,” Kyle responded. “Plus, you’re smart and a nice guy and that can be enough to turn me on. But your ass is mine either way.” Kyle, now naked, pinned Stephen’s arms above his head with one of his hands and French-kissed Stephen. Stephen responded in kind, knowing there really wasn’t much he could do to stop any of this from happening. They made out for what seemed like an hour, all the while Kyle feeling Stephen’s chest and belly and rubbing his dick through his underwear. Kyle ripped Stephen’s shirt off in one quick motion, ripping it in half, and then tore his underwear off too. Stephen was at full mast by now. Kyle winked at him again and moved his mouth down to Stephen’s dick and began giving Stephen the best blowjob he had ever had in his life. As soon as he felt like he was about to cum, Kyle took his mouth off.
    “You’re gonna cum from me fucking the cum out of you. You’ll be my new bottom slut.”
    “Do you want me to suck you off?” Stephen asked.
    “Nah, I like to get my rocks off by pumping someone full of my cum. Just giving it all to them,” Kyle stated flatly. He turned Stephen onto his stomach in one quick motion and laid Stephen so that he had his feet on the floor and his upper body on the bed, and dove into Stephen’s ass, licking and tonguing it with wild abandon. Stephen felt his ass muscles contracting rhythmically with Kyle’s skillful tonguing and felt them getting looser and looser the more Kyle ate him out. Kyle certainly does know how to take care of his bottoms, Stephen thought. As Stephen began moaning, Kyle pulled some lube out from Josh’s nightstand and applied it to his thick, cut cock and stroked it until he had a nice layer on it, and pulled his mouth away from Stephen’s ass to apply some there, and fingered some of the lube into his ass, first using one finger, then working his way up to two, three and then finally four. When Stephen felt four fingers in his ass, something took over in his body and he began riding Kyle’s hand, almost trying to make himself get fisted. What the fuck was that? Stephen pondered. Kyle stood up, placed his strong, meaty hands on Stephen’s back, and aimed his cockhead for Stephen’s puckered asshole. With one swift motion, he lunged his hips forward and thrust the entire length of his cock into Stephen’s asshole without a warmup.
    “Oh fuck you’re tight!” Kyle shouted. He began pumping his hips rhythmically, fucking Stephen in long strides. Stephen’s ass burned. He had never had a dick this big in his ass in his life, and even with the lube, it hurt. Kyle kept fucking with wild abandon, throwing his head back and placing his hands on Stephen’s hips to give him better leverage. About five minutes in, the pain switched to pleasure and Stephen began to like the feeling of Kyle’s huge sausage probing his insides.
    Kyle leaned down and picked Stephen up, turned him around and carried him over to the wall and began fucking him with Stephen suspended between the wall and Kyle, supported up in the air by Kyle’s dick. Kyle fucked him gently here and kissed him gingerly on the lips as he kept pumping Stephen’s ass. Sweat poured off of both of their brows. Kyle brought Stephen back over to the bed, and began fucking him missionary style.
    “Figured you’d want a nice show,” Kyle said as he pounded Stephen harder. Stephen looked up at Kyle flexed his right bicep.
    “Oh wow, that’s fucking hot!” Stephen exclaimed.
    “You like that?” Kyle asked. He flexed his other arm with it while still pumping Stephen’s ass, hitting a most muscular pose and bouncing his pecs, which Josh would always do to drive Stephen crazy. He placed Stephen’s legs on his shoulders, grabbed Stephen’s hips, and continued to pound away. Watching the sweat glisten off of Kyle’s body, watching his perfect body flex and relax with each thrust into his ass, watching those perfect muscles on this perfect stud of a man was too much for Stephen. As Kyle continued his thrusts into Stephen, Stephen felt his ass muscles contract and squeeze Kyle’s dick tight. Now with each thrust Stephen could feel Kyle’s thick meat rubbing his prostate and it felt amazing. Stephen stared in amazement as something occurred that had never happened before. He started cumming just from being fucked by this huge stud! It flew from his dick, landing on Kyle’s left pec, then on his perfectly cut abs, and then finally the last three spurts landed on Stephen’s belly. He had just had the best orgasm of his life!
    Suddenly, the room when dark and all that was there was Stephen, surrounded by the darkness. He lay there in the same position Kyle had held him in while fucking him, and he heard a voice echo through the darkness.
    “O tainted one, do you desire the power?”
    “What?” Stephen asked bewildered.
    “Do you desire the power, or do you forfeit your soul to Vomfriar, The Reaper of the Souls of Men?” The voice asked. A searing pain shot throughout Stephen’s body. It was as if his entire body were on fire and he was burning to death. “If you forfeit your soul, this shall be your fate.” Stephen could not bear the pain. He could not do this for all eternity. And to be honest, having great fucks like this for the rest of his life sounded pretty darn amazing. Maybe I can use my powers for good! Stephen thought optimistically.
    “I desire the power! Give me the power!” Stephen begged. When he opened his eyes, he could feel Kyle still pounding him, and could see him too.
    “Woah, sorry about that! I don’t know where I went,” Stephen explained.
    “What are you talkin’ about bro? You just came as I pounded your tight little mancunt,” Kyle said. Kyle seemed completely focused on Stephen’s ass and continued pounding away until he straightened his body up, grabbed Stephen’s hips hard, and gave a few final hard thrusts before he shouted, “I’m gonna cum in that tight fucking pussy you fucking slut! I fucking own this ass now! It is mine!” His head flew back and he roared and every muscle in his body seemed to flex and ripple as he ejaculated into Stephen’s ass. He felt spurt after spurt pound his guts, hitting his insides like rubber bullets. They were warm and it felt amazing. Kyle was surprised at how much he was cumming, and after 30 seconds, cum started to leak out of Stephen’s asshole before Kyle finally stopped. He collapsed on top of Stephen and breathed a heavy sigh of relief.
    “Thank you man, I really needed that,” Kyle said, tapping him on the shoulder. With that task done, Kyle pushed himself up off of Stephen and went to pull out when he realized his dick was stuck inside Stephen.
    “Wow, I think I came too much for your tight little ass,” Kyle smirked. He placed his muscular hands on Stephen’s ass to push himself away but he couldn’t get his dick out of Stephen’s ass. Unbeknownst to both of them, as Kyle came into the new ass of Stephen, his dick and Stephen’s flesh had merged into one. Stephen felt something inside him bubbling up. He felt something moving through his belly, coursing its way through its intestines, up the right side of his abdomen, then across to the left side of his abdomen, and then down, almost like he was about to have a bowel movement. His rectum suddenly felt heavy, and he sensed something inside his ass other than Kyle’s dick. It was a strange sensation, almost like he had a hand or some other organ inside his ass. He could feel the head of Kyle’s thick dick there, and he caressed the head of it, and then placed this new organ over Kyle’s piss slit and it suctioned into place.
    Stephen felt something leaving his body and entering Kyle. As it went from his ass and into Kyle’s dick and then into Kyle’s body, Kyle let out a warm sigh and a look of extreme pleasure crossed over his face. Kyle dropped Stephen’s legs down to the bed and stood there transfixed with his dick still inside of Stephen.
    “Oh man, this feels fucking amazing. I guess it’s time for round two!” Kyle exclaimed. As more of this fluid flowed from Stephen to Kyle, Stephen noticed the fat on his body was slowly melting away until he was left with skin, bones, and the tiny musculature underneath. Little did Stephen and Kyle know that Stephen’s fat had melted into a powerful, intoxicating venom, one that would give Kyle the best pleasure he’d ever had in his life, and one that would make Stephen into something he had never even dreamed of.
    Kyle put his huge knuckles on the bed and began involuntarily thrusting his hips into Stephen. With this pleasure juice flowing through his veins, he had only one thought, and that was that he needed to get off and cum inside this ass as much as possible. He pounded away until the pleasure overtook every sensation in his body, lifted Stephen’s legs high up in the air, and came again. Stephen noticed something different this time Kyle came. As Kyle began cumming, his traps seems to deflate until they were no longer separate from his shoulders. Kyle leaned back into Josh’s dresser placed his arms there to support his weight. How can he be that far away from me and still be inside me? Stephen wondered. He did a sit up to see what was going on, and saw what looked like an umbilical cord coming out of his ass and connecting to Kyle where Kyle’s dick had been. Kyle looked down and his eyes opened wide in amazement.
    “Oh wow bro, that’s pretty cool,” he muttered before letting his head roll back as he continued to cum. With each ejaculation, Kyle’s body seemed to pour into Stephen. Once his traps were gone, Kyle’s wide jaw flattened until his face was skinny and without that virile look. Then his pumped chest flattened until his chest resembled that of a prepubescent boy. He kept cumming and cumming as his amazing delts and biceps faded away and his thick, muscular forearms and those massive, strong hands shrank until they were the size of someone skinny, unathletic. Kyle’s abs began to disappear, becoming less cut and defined as he came. His bubble butt deflated and flowed into Stephen, and finally, his tree trunk thighs and grapefruit calves dissolved and were taken into Stephen. At this point, Kyle had no energy to support himself standing up and he sat down on the floor, continuing to have the best orgasm of his life. Once his musculature was drained, his bones seemed to dissolved as well, making Stephen’s bones thicker, stronger like those of a bodybuilder. His vital organs faded away leaving nothing but skin, which began to also flow into Stephen. Kyle lolled his head back, smiling the entire time.
    Once all the skin was absorbed, all that remained was Kyle’s head and skull affixed to Stephen’s ass. Stephen felt something sinister bubbling beneath his surface, and he kinda liked it. Without thinking about it, the next words came out of his mouth.
    “Do you give yourself to me, all of you, for the ultimate pleasure?” Stephen asked.
    “Fuck yeah bro!” Kyle shouted. And with that, Kyle received the most amazing pleasure before his skull and brain dissolved and everything he had ever been, strong, muscular, hunky, studly, the perfect fuck, the perfect body….flowed into Stephen. Stephen could feel the essence of Kyle flowing through him, could feel his horniness finally satiated, and knew Kyle had found some sort of peace. Stephen did not understand what had just happened to him. He stood up from the bed and began to head out the door when he caught a vision of himself in Josh’s mirror and he paused, thinking his eyes were playing a trick on him.
    He was certainly not as big as Kyle had been, but what had once been a flabby 200 pound weakling was now a 150 pound cut stud. He admired himself in the mirror, seeing Kyle’s contributions to what would become his perfect physique. His jaw was square, masculine. His fat had melted away, and he could see every muscle move on his body. He was not massive like Josh and Kyle had been, but he was cut, defined like a runner. He admired his new physique and felt a huge orgasm coming that flew out of his dick and hit the wall, burning a hole through it in the process. And with that, the transformation was complete. Stephen felt the knowledge of thousands of years flowing through his veins, and knew he had made the right decision. He was going to get the perfect body he wanted, and he would fuck the world to death if he had to to get it. He smiled a devilish smile in the mirror and winked, noticing his eyes burning a bright red before fading down to a light blue.
    “I think I need to hit the gym!” Stephen said excitedly.

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Part 3: The Ring and the Gym Bully

    Stephen threw on Kyle’s spandex shorts and headed to the front door. As soon as he opened it, that demon from the previous night, Vomfriar, stood before him.
    “I am proud of you my child. And now I must share with you the truth.” Vomfriar stepped into the house and closed the door. He raised his left hand to his side and snapped his fingers, and to his left side a black hole appeared out of thin air. He placed his right hand to his chest, pressed down, and pulled out a glowing white orb and threw it into the black hole. Stephen gingerly stepped towards the demon and looked into the black hole to see what was happening. As he peered in, Stephen could make out what looked like some rocky ground there, and at the very bottom he saw what looked like a river of lava flowing, and he could hear howling coming from the hole. The white orb floated down to the ground in the hole and when it touched the ground, it elongated and turned into the form of Josh. Eventually the light faded and Stephen just saw Josh there, lying naked on the ground. Vomfriar then placed his right hand on Stephen’s chest, pulled out a similar white orb, and placed it in the hole and it also floated to the ground and transformed similarly into Kyle. They looked exactly as they had before their bodies were consumed, and when they opened their eyes and saw each other, lust consumed them and they started to make out before Kyle mounted Josh and began plowing away. Vomfriar smiled and snapped his fingers and the black hole disappeared.
    “As I said, that is their fate now. It’s similar to what you humans call Hell, except it’s not so much pain and suffering as it is one giant orgy and S&M and other….things going on. I also wanted to enlighten you to this.” Vomfriar placed his right index and middle finger on Stephen’s forehead and Stephen felt as if his mind were awakening, as if he were dreaming while awake.
    In the dream, he saw Kyle and Josh talking to each other in a locker room. He could hear other voices with them, but couldn’t make out who they were coming from.
    “So this latest batch, I doubled it and laced it with some MDMA. Maybe we should add viagra too?” Josh asked quizzically.
    “Sure, that should make them even hornier. More guys for us to fuck!” Kyle said joyfully, high-fiving Josh. One of the other voices shouted agreement and then another chimed in and said it would probably boost sales. The dream then ended abruptly.
    “What was that?” Stephen asked.
    “Josh, Kyle and others were running a steroid ring out of their gym. Except instead of just selling regular steroids, they were tampering with them to get results they wanted. Josh decided concentrating the doses so people got double the dose would make guys get huge faster, and they wanted the guys at their gym to be horny and high all the time, so they decided adding MDMA and Viagra to it would help them fuck more guys at the gym, especially the straight ones they could never manage to get. Their little ring has led to about a dozen deaths in the past few months, which they knew about, and when they found out, they did not stop as they were at least getting some results from their concoctions.”
    “They….killed people? Josh knowingly killed people?”
    “I told you, Josh was a cum dumpster bottom. He wanted any and all dicks he could possibly shove into his ass. And now he’ll have that for all eternity, and not be hurting people here. It’s really win/win.” Stephen pondered this for a moment. Could he trust what Vomfriar was telling him? Could the reason Kyle wanted to fuck him be because of this new concoction?
    “Stephen, there are still others in that ring that are still operating. Now, even though I’m a “demon” as you think, I don’t have knowledge of everything in the world, nor can I read thoughts, so I don’t know who they are. However, if they continue to operate, more people could die.”
    “And this is where I come in?” Stephen asked, incredulous.
    “Yes. Our purpose, as I told you before, is not to willy nilly gather souls and reap muscle from whoever we choose. We must do so smartly, and to protect the lives of innocents.” So maybe this demon wasn’t all that bad? Stephen thought.
    “I guess I can buy into your premise. But what can I do?”
    “As you grow more, you’ll gain more abilities to control your power. At the very beginning, as you are now, you will be releasing pheromones that make you irresistible to pretty much any man. Gay or straight, men are going to want to fuck you, and this will help you grow. As you grow more, well….different things will become clearer to you. The ability to manipulate thoughts, situations, push thoughts into someone’s head. All will become clearer with time. Now, I must go. We will see each other soon.” Vomfriar gave a wink and disappeared in the blink of an eye, again. Stephen scratched his chin. The absolute power he felt flowing through his veins felt all-consuming. Stephen’s cock was permanently hard, it felt like, and he felt the overwhelming desire to consume any musclehead he came into contact with. He actually felt a sensation of despair at not being able to do so.
    “Well…I shouldn’t let this bother me too much. Let’s head to the gym and see what I can find out.” Stephen pulled on a tight fitting black muscle tee from Josh’s closet, which was baggy on him due to being slimmer in musculature than Josh had been, grabbed Josh’s gym bag, and headed to the gym. Josh and Kyle were trainers at a gym called Real Muscle and Fitness. It was the gym in town where only the most serious bodybuilders and fitness models worked out. It had no rules about grunting, flexing, posing, and from what Stephen had heard, no rule about fucking in the sauna, pool, or on the benches or squat racks for that matter. As he pulled into the parking lot, he saw only a few cars there and figured the middle of the day on a Wednesday is probably not the busiest time for this gym, since most people in town were 9-5ers. Stephen hopped out of his car, grabbed the gym bag, and headed in.
    “Hey, I’m using my friend’s visitor pass,” he said to the massive guy behind the counter, handing him a copy of Josh’s gym pass.
    “Oh, cool. You’re Josh’s friend?” The huge guy asked.
    “Yeah, well…roommate. I figured I should get a work out in while the place is slow so I can be done quick,” Stephen responded.
    “Ok bro, go ahead.” Stephen smiled at him and headed towards the locker room to lock up his bag and see if he could snoop around and discover anything. He could feel his ass yearning for the huge guy, almost like it was hungry and needed to feed. He mentally told it to shut up and continued to head for the locker room before any of the few people in there thought he was weird for standing in place. He was halfway between the entrance and the door to the locker room when he heard the huge guy at the front laughing loudly and bellowing. Stephen spun around to see what was happening.
    “Naw dude, you guys can’t be here,” the huge guy shouted while adjusting his plain black baseball cap, which he wore backwards. “We don’t allow fatties or skinny muscle worshipping gays in here. Go to Planet Fitness or somewhere else. You’re grossin’ me out.”
    Stephen was taken aback. The two men at the desk initially looked angry and then forlorn. One was a guy that was about as big as Stephen had been a few hours ago, and the other was a skinny, twinkish looking guy who was quite cute and looked fairly friendly. They didn’t protest, but instead just looked at each other, hung their heads, and walked out.
    “Can you believe that shit dudes? This place is called REAL Muscle and Fitness. Fuckin’ ridiculous losers.” The huge guy let out a loud laugh. “Hey, Matt you stupid faggot, get out of that squat rack. You can’t even squat more than 200 and I need to work out.”
    “Aw, come on Chad. I really need to get this set finished,” the guy named Matt, who had short brown hair and lily white skin said.
    “No, I need to work out.” Chad then grabbed the barbell off of Matt’s back, lifted it like it was a feather, and placed it on the squat rack and began adding more weight on to it. Matt grumbled lightly under his breath and headed over to the free weights. Stephen turned around and headed into the locker room, unsure of what the hell he had just witnessed. He found an empty locker, threw Josh’s gym bag in there, gathered his thoughts quickly, and headed back out into the gym and decided to hit the treadmill first to get some cardio in. He looked over at Chad, who was now giving what looked like unsolicited advice to two fitness model looking guys over in a corner, while Matt looked like he was finishing his workout. He passed Matt on his way to the cardio equipment and said in passing, “Hey, sorry you had to deal with that man.”
    “Oh, that’s nothing. He once beat the shit out of me and left me with a black eye and a broken jaw because he wanted to use the preacher curl station. He basically runs this place and everyone wants to either look like him or be fucked by him.”
    Stephen could certainly see why. Chad was definitely an asshole, but he was pretty hot. He stood about 5’11”, had dirty blonde hair that he wore slicked back, intense green eyes, and a nicely tanned body that accentuated his muscles, at least from what Stephen could see. He was wearing a slightly loose red muscle tee so Stephen could make out some sickening striations on his sides, and wore some loose fitting shorts that couldn’t hide his magnificent ass which looked like two cantaloupes shoved into a too tight sack, bursting to break free. Stephen headed over to the treadmill and began running. He ran for about 15 minutes before Matt and the fitness models left the gym and only he and Chad remained. He tried to keep his eyes on the TV near him but it was some boring talk show that couldn’t hold his interest. Chad was cleaning equipment at the other corner of the gym.
    Another 10 minutes passed before Chad, looking bored, headed over to Stephen. As he walked, Stephen was able to take in truly how massive Chad was. His lats were so wide that his arms sat far away from his torso, leaving a space between the two that only huge bodybuilders usually accomplished. His thighs were massive in those shorts, and his shins were shaved, veiny and accompanied by thickly muscled calves.
    “Hey dude, you know you’re never gonna get huge if you just run like that, right?” Chad said. His voice was very deep, putting even Patrick Warburton to shame. His jaw was that perfect square shape that Stephen loved, and he sat there staring at him waiting for him to respond.
    “Oh really? I thought this would help. I just really wanted to get rid of some stress,” Stephen replied.
    “Nah man, let me show you how a true man works out. Come on, your Josh’s friend so I’ll show you the ropes.” Stephen turned the treadmill off.
    “Sure,” he said. He hopped off the treadmill and followed Chad over to the free weights.
    “We’re probably gonna get hot so I’m gonna take this off,” he said, removing his muscle tee. Stephen was taken aback. Chad’s physique rivaled Phil Heath’s, and he was definitely bigger than Kyle. He had perfectly cut six pack abs with deep grooves in between each ab, and his pecs stood a good 2 inches out from the rest of his torso, pumped and meaty. His delts were like huge coconuts framed nicely with massive traps and a thick neck that made it seem like he was a linebacker in high school. Veins coursed throughout his muscled body and gave him a thick, vascular look. When he turned around, his lats had deep grooves and you could see every muscle flex and move underneath the skin as he fiddled with the weights.
    “So try this,” he said, handing Stephen two 40lb weights and had him go lie down on a bench. “We’ll do some chest flyes.” Stephen started doing the flyes while lying down, but he couldn’t concentrate much with Chad’s crotch in his face. It proceeded like this for a while, going from flyes to a bench press, to deadlifts, and then bicep curls before finally heading to the squat rack.
    “Now, squats are the one of the most important things you can do for your body. It builds your hamstrings, quads, calves, but most importantly your glutes. And everyone loves a nice muscle bubble butt on a guy. My girlfriend loves mine, and so do all of her friends that I plowed too!” Chad let out a laugh and gave Stephen a hard smack on the middle of his back, which Chad probably thought was friendly but Stephen, had he not now been superhuman, probably would have sustained a fracture to his spine. “Let me show you how to do it. I’ll show you how the muscles look while you’re doing it.” Chad peeled off his shorts revealing a shiny black posing strap underneath. “I was practicing my poses for my next competition earlier,” Chad said, explaining the choice of clothing, not that Stephen minded. Chad did indeed have a nice ass, and it looked even better bulging against that posing strap. And if he was a grower, his girlfriend was lucky indeed, because flaccid his cock was at least 8 inches and pushed the posing strap to its limit in the front. Chad caught Stephen looking at it.
    “And I’m Italian,” he said, laughing and slapping Stephen again. Stephen watched Chad do squats for a few reps, admiring each muscle moving as he touched his ass to the ground and then rose back up. His thighs must have been 30” around, the same size as his waist. Stephen’s ass grumbled thinking about this.
    “Ok, your turn.” Chad stepped away from the squat rack and Stephen took his place.
    “So, how do I do this?” Stephen asked. Chad moved behind him and positioned him with the barbell at the top of his back, placed his hands in the correct position, and wrapped his thick, muscular arms around Stephen’s chest and nestled his crotch into Stephen’s ass.
    “I’ll go down and up with you and show you.” Stephen felt himself starting to sweat, and noticed immediately that hit sweat was different. It didn’t smell any different, but the instant he picked up on the scent in his nostrils he became instantly horny and filled with lust. Was this the pheromones Vomfriar was talking about? he thought.
    “Ok,” Stephen replied, and he squatted down, following Chad the entire way. By the end of the fourth rep, Stephen could feel Chad’s thick Italian meat poking his ass, and his girlfriend was definitely lucky because this guy was a shower and a grower. They continued doing reps until they got to fifteen, but by the seventh rep Chad was already grinding his hips into Stephen’s ass.    
    “Alright, you did great,” Chad said, wiping sweat from his brow and readjusting his posing strap, which was unable to hide his massive manhood nor the precum he had leaked all over the floor.
    “Thanks. I think I’m gonna hit the shower and head home,” Stephen replied.
    “Sure thing.” Stephen headed to the locker room and to the locker where he had stashed Josh’s gym bag. He began fumbling through it but could hear Chad walking up to him before long. Stephen looked over at Chad as he continued fumbling through the bag, trying to find body wash through all the poppers, lube, anal beads, dildos, cock rings and various other things in Josh’s gym bag that he somehow had deemed were appropriate for the gym.
    “So since you’re Josh’s friend, I can give you a helping hand,” Chad said, standing next to Stephen, still in his posing strap, still massively erect, and with a pool of precum starting to build between his feet.
    “A helping hand? What do you mean?” Stephen asked.
    “We help guys here get huge and fast. I’m the main seller since I’m the biggest and guys always wanna buy gear from the biggest guy in the gym,” Chad stated. As he said this, he began massaging his right pec with his left hand, squeezing his nipple as he stroked it and flexing it, and moving his right hand down to his dick and started jacking it underneath his posing strap.
    “Uh, ok….sure. How much is it, or should I just ask Josh?” Stephen asked, trying to concentrate on looking Chad in the eyes.
    “Oh, I can help you out with it, if you’re willing to help me.” As he said “help me” he looked boyishly down at his dick, then back up at Stephen, biting his lower lip.
    “I thought you had a girlfriend and her friends?” Stephen stated, more than questioned, wondering what would come of this, but knowing in the back of mind what he must do.
    “I do, and I’ve never even fucked a guy or done anything with one. But you….I can’t control my dick around you. I gotta have that ass, that mouth. So you help me, and I’ll help you.”
    “Will you help me in any way that I need?” Stephen asked.
    “What do you think?” Chad replied, grabbing the base of his cock hard and shaking it, looking back up at Stephen. At this point, Stephen’s mouth was watering. He stepped towards Chad, and as soon as he was within arm’s reach, Chad placed his hand on Stephen’s head and shoved him to the floor.
    “Suck it, slut!” Chad commanded. Stephen loved verbal play, and he gladly started licking Chad’s penis head. Stephen could barely fit one of his hands halfway around Chad’s shaft, and Chad was definitely thicker and longer than Kyle. Stephen felt his jaw open a bit, and as he placed his mouth over the head of Chad’s cock, it widened to accommodate it and he began deep throating Chad’s dick with gusto. Chad looked in the mirror at the action, and could see the outline of his dick in Stephen’s throat as he sucked him off, giving him the best head he had ever had. Seeing the outline of his dick in Stephen’s throat turned him on to no end, and nobody had ever been able to deep throat him before, let alone even get a few inches into their mouths before gagging. Yet here was Stephen able to take Chad’s cock to the hilt, his nose brushing up against his waxed pubis. Stephen twirled his long, new demon-like tongue around Chad’s dick as he sucked, giving him the most intense pleasure. He grabbed Chad’s balls, which were as big as kiwis, and squeezed and tugged at them as he continued sucking Chad off. Chad had never had a blow job this good, and knew he was going to blow soon if Stephen didn’t stop, so he forcefully pulled Stephen’s mouth off his cock.
    “Let’s go to the sauna.” Chad picked Stephen up, slinging him over his right shoulder, and smacked him on the ass. As they headed into the sauna, they were greeted by warm steam and Stephen could see why he wanted to go in there. The benches were the perfect height for fucking, and there were bottles of lube all around. “Stand over there and bend over. You’re gonna get a treat before this treat,” Chad said, wagging his dick in Stephen’s face. Stephen turned around, placed his hands on the bench and bent over. Out of the corner of his eye, he could vaguely see Chad doing something with a tube of some type of lube. Chad headed over to Stephen, kneeled down on the ground behind him, and started to finger his hole.
    “Feels nice, huh?”
    “Mmmhmmm,” Stephen replied, riding the finger. Chad then advanced to two, then three, and then four until he was able to get his whole hand inside Stephen. When Stephen felt all five fingers go in, he felt an initial sense of searing pain and stretching before the pleasure set in.
    “Oh god yeah, stretch that hole!” Stephen begged. He looked down at Chad and saw that this had been Chad’s plan all along, as his whole right arm from his shoulder down to his hand was coated in a thick, white buttery lube. Chad worked his hand fully inside Stephen before moving on to his thick forearm. Stephen, feeling the stretching, started to feel an uncontrollable lust spreading through him and he started bucking up and down on Chad’s arm. Chad replied in kind by shoving more of his forearm into Stephen’s hole until he was elbow deep. Stephen could feel the elbow joint pressing on his ultra-sensitive demon prostate and had to have more.
    “More, give me more!” Stephen gasped. Chad smiled and shoved his bicep into Stephen’s ass and flexed it once inside, and then continued until his arm was fully in to his shoulder, and flexed his bicep inside yet again. This flexing and huge stretching drove Stephen over the edge, knowing this hunk’s 24” arms were inside him. He started cumming uncontrollably, and after half a gallon of cum had flown out with an orgasm lasting over 5 minutes, Stephen relaxed and stopped bucking up and down on the bodybuilder’s arm. Unfortunately for Chad, he may have run had he noticed Stephen’s cum smoldering the wooden floor beneath him.
    “Now it’s my turn,” Chad said, removing his arm and standing up. Stephen’s demon hole returned immediately to normal size and even shrank a little as Chad aimed his massive 12x10 dick at Stephen’s hole and began entering him.
    “Holy shit, how are you still so fucking tight?” Chad pushed more of his dick into Stephen until Chad’s balls were flush with Stephen’s ass, and placed his hands on Stephen’s hips. “Ok bitch, time to tear this hole open and make you bleed.”
    Chad started fucking Stephen’s hole with hard, rapid thrusts, grinding his hips into Stephen every now and then so Stephen could feel extra pressure on his prostate. Chad’s muscles flexed with every thrust, his pecs bouncing as he opened up Stephen’s hole. Stephen felt his ass muscles contract and start massaging Chad’s dick as the huge muscleman continued to pound his hole into oblivion.
    “Oh man, it feels like your ass is giving me a blowjob! This is so much better than pussy!” Chad screamed out. He grabbed Stephen’s shoulders to gain better leverage and began thrusting harder and deeper. Chad continued punishing Stephen’s hole like this for what seemed like eternity, but Stephen assumed it must have been closer to 45 minutes. Stephen was close to orgasm the entire time but didn’t want to blow his load until he felt Chad pumping his seed deep inside him. He continued clenching his ass muscles on Chad’s thick Italian dick trying to force him into cumming, but this Italian Stallion definitely had a lot of stamina. Chad seemed to have similar tricks to Kyle, as he removed his dick from Stephen turned him around, picked him up, and with his massive arms, slammed him down onto his cock and continued to fuck him while standing. Stephen rode Chad’s dick and Chad met Stephen’s booty bumps with thrusts of his own. Chad leaned forward and shoved his tongue into Stephen’s mouth and frenched him deeply before slamming him against a wall. Chad placed both of his hands on the wall and kept Stephen suspended in midair against the wall just by fucking him with his dick. Chad continued to make out with Stephen, kissing his neck, biting his ear lobes, giving him a muscle show by bouncing his pecs in rhythm to his thrusts, flexing his massive biceps. Stephen caressed every ounce of Chad’s body, feeling the firm muscle underneath, feeling it flexing between his fingers, and knowing soon it would be his. When this thought flooded into his head, his ass clamped down hard on Chad’s dick and began vibrating and creating a sucking motion.
    “Oh fuck man, I can’t take it anymore. I’m gonna blow my load. Take my cum you fucking slut!” Chad bellowed as he began to cum. Stephen felt Chad shoot load after load into his ass and it felt amazing to have this huge musclegod creaming his hole while he held him up in midair. Chad made direct eye contact with Stephen while he came, biting his lower lip and his eyes rolling into the back of his head every now and then. When his orgasm ended, he panted heavily, knuckles leaning into the wall.
    “Oh man, that was fucking fantastic. I’m gonna be using this hole a lot.”
    “So now you’ll help me, right?”
    “Dude, with that ass, I’ll give you anything you want.” That was all Stephen needed to hear. His new ass organ made it’s way to Chad’s huge engorged dick, still lodged firmly in Stephen’s ass and oozing cum. Stephen wanted to try something different this time, and stretch his powers a bit. He focused on this new organ, and made it crawl into Chad’s urethra and into his pelvis before heading up into Chad’s left arm and into his left hand. Chad was now looking down, still breathing heavily with a huge smile on his face. Stephen looked out of the corner of his eye and he could see his organ moving underneath Chad’s skin in his hand, resembling one of his own veins. He released the pleasure serum that would sedate Chad and began to feed. Chad felt an intense pleasure in his left hand that felt almost like his hand was orgasming. His hand had never felt this good before. Stephen watched as the bones and muscles of Chad’s left hand dissolved, leaving only flesh behind. He withdrew his organ a little bit, and began working on Chad’s forearm and once this was gone, moved on to this huge bicep and tricep. He savored this moment, watching this arm dissolve slowly and flow into him, this arm that had won him several local bodybuilding competitions that would now be Stephen’s. As Chad’s left delt faded away, leaving just the flesh of his left arm, Chad seemed to snap out of this pleasure trance.
    “What the fuck!??! What happened to my arm? What are you doing?!?!?” Chad screamed. He tried to move away from the wall, tried to punch Stephen, tried to get his dick out of Stephen’s tight ass, but it was useless. Stephen smirked as he moved to Chad’s right arm and dissolved his hand muscles and bones there.
    “Please bro, don’t. I’ve worked so hard for this. I’m a fucking chick magnet. I’m a fucking stud. Please don’t do this to me, please!” Chad begged. Stephen smirked. He knew he could change the situation and give Chad intense pleasure and make him beg Stephen to take all of his muscles for the pleasure, but given how much of an asshole Chad was to everyone around him, Stephen felt he should suffer a little. He continued absorbing Chad’s right forearm and bicep until those were only skin remaining, and the two of them stood there in the sauna, with Stephen held in the air by Chad’s dick, seeming to float on the huge man’s pelvis. Chad sobbed through tears, not being able to control his body  and watching everything he had worked so hard for fading away before his eyes. Stephen moved his organ down Chad’s right leg and absorbed his feet and then calves and massive thighs and hamstrings which caused Chad to not be able to stand on that leg anymore and he dropped down to his left knee.
    “Please, stop….I have a family.” Chad begged. Stephen moved his organ down Chad’s left leg and released pleasure serum into Chad’s body as he dissolved the bodybuilder’s left foot. Chad felt the pleasure building in his left foot and felt it spreading up his calves and into his thigh.
    “Oh shit bro that’s amazing, keep doing it!” Chad screamed. The pleasure caused him to cum again, shooting another huge load deep into Stephen. Stephen moved to the bodybuilder’s amazing ass and dissolved his glutes, feeling his own glutes growing as he did so, and at the same time dissolved his pelvis. Chad laid on top of Stephen now, giggling like a child and shooting load after load into Stephen’s ass, so much so that cum had begun puddling out of Stephen’s ass. He turned his attention to the bodybuilder’s perfect abs and absorbed them one by one, watching them deflate to nothing, and then moved on to both of his lats. Once those had vanished, Stephen absorbed Chad’s chest, which flexed with pleasure as it dissolved. Lastly, Chad’s traps dissolved and flowed into Stephen, and then his huge thick neck dissolved. Stephen felt his own neck thicken as Chad’s vital fluids flowed into him, and he felt his voice deepen as well. He began suctioning Chad’s skin into his ass, which made Stephen’s own cock grow a few inches and thicken, and looked down to see Chad’s masculine, wideset jaw affixed to his asscheeks.
    “So stud, you gonna help me out fully?” Stephen cooed. He released pleasure serum directly into Chad’s brain.
    “Whatever you want bro, I’m yours. You’re my master. I’ll do anything for you.” With that willingness, Stephen suctioned Chad’s soul deep inside him and gave him a last burst of pleasure before dissolving his brain and absorbing the last remnants of Chad’s head. Stephen stood up, feeling satiated for the moment. As he came out of his sex fog, he looked down at his body and noticed Chad had made a much bigger impact on his body than Kyle had. He left the sauna and headed to the locker room and went to look at one of the full length mirrors and was shocked by what he saw.
    Stephen’s dick was now slightly bigger than Chad’s had been, and while he wasn’t as massive as Chad, he definitely was somewhere in size between Josh and Kyle. Stephen looked like an amateur bodybuilder now, and he stepped on the scale and saw his weight had gone from 150 to a much more muscular 180. He flexed in front of the mirror, and bounced and flexed his pecs which caused him to shoot a massive load all over the mirror, as the mirror dissolved and smoldered, he turned around and admired his perfect muscular bubble butt in the mirror. Stephen could see why Josh loved bottoming so much, but as he held the massive piece of meat between his legs in his hands, he knew he wanted to try his dick out.     
    As Stephen stroked his dick in front of a new mirror and started caressing his body, getting off on how massive and hot he looked, he heard a beep behind him. He realized Chad had left his phone on the locker room bench. He walked over and picked it up and saw some texts and began reading them. The first few texts were from a guy named Doug, and judging by the profile picture Chad had of him on the phone, he was some sort of bodybuilding cop. The texts explained that Doug had hidden evidence over at the precinct so that their steroid ring wouldn’t be detected. The other text was from a guy labeled simply as “Doc” which asked when they would need their next supply.
    “Well, this trip was more than useful!” Stephen exclaimed happily. He’d have to go through the phone more later, so for now he got dressed, pocketed the phone and headed home to plan his next steps.

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