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Everett drastically changed over the course of a few weeks. His size now matched his appetite, which is to say, he was practically my size. Except he was still a tad bit weaker and an inch shorter. All that muscle in just a few weeks. . . Well, it's just more of him to love. He began loving himself too, along with his power and heritage. Everett was his old self, a whole being, the man I always wanted. He moved with a confident swagger while he walked beside me. I reached out to hold his hand, since he wasn't hiding behind me like he usually did in public. It was honestly the first time I ever got to do it as we walked.

He looked over at me, almost as if he were surprised. He smiled, "Come on, don't get mushy on me now."

"But you love mushy romantic things." I looked him up and down. We were almost dressed the same. My clothes were tight on purpose, while his clothes were tight because of his new size. I had just bought his clothes a few days ago and he's already outgrowing them. I couldn't tell if I should be bothered or turned on. . . Probably turned on. I could see the deep outlines of his ripped abdomen through his tanktop. While his chest seemed like a cliff edge on a huge mountain. I pulled Everett into the alcove of our favorite pizza place. I kissed him, thrusting him up against the wall with all my might. He fought back, of course, to no avail.

"Roman. . . Not here. . ." He moaned as I moved down to kiss his neck. My hand was on his crotch and I could feel his cock stirring. I paused, sighed, and then backed off. I wanted to fool around with him, but his new sex drive just made him hard whenever I tried. I loved that! But it would probably embarass him if he had a boner in public. I mean, he could barely hide his flaccid bulge. It would like like a tilted skyscraper if he were hard.

"Fine beta, but you're paying for the grub." I pointed my thumb at the door. He jokingly gave me some sass as he walked off. I followed him in and stood back by the wall. There was some new guy behind the counter. But just like the other workers, he stared at me while mentally tearing my clothes off. He was completely ignoring Everett; I was stealing all his attention.

"Um, can I. . . Place an order?" Everett sheepishly asked.

"Can I help you?" The guy looked around Everett as he nodded to me. I had to admit, I was confused.

"Yeah, um, excuse me?" Everett was ringing his fingers. He was never good with socializing.

The counter guy looked back at Everett with a look of disgust. "I don't care if a trashy mutt wants to place an order. You dumb dogs aren't even supposed to like pizza, that's why I decided to work here in the first place. Ug, I hope I don't get fleas. Get out, just go!"

I suppose Everett's enhanced body gave away his wolfiness. His teeth were intimidatingly sharp and his body hair was quite dense. Werewolf men also had an incredibly V-shaped torso, like, a torso you'd only see in photo-edited muscle magazines. Werewolves weren't fully welcomed in the city as much as they were around the country sides. At least 10% of our outings had assholes like this ruin our time together. Most of the time I had to take some serious action, too.

"Yep, you can help me." I put on a happy little facade just to keep the stupid jerk comfortable. It seemed he didn't realize Everett and I were together. I gently nudged Everett aside and he shook his head at me while backing away. I gestured for the counter guy to come closer. "Can I get your number first, though?"

"Oh. . . Hehe, of course, yeah!" He leaned over the counter, so I didn't have to reach far to snatch his shirt's collar. He choked, "H-e-y?"


I smacked him with the back of my hand, putting him in a daze, so he wouldn't struggle too much. I dragged him over the counter with ease, outside, and around the corner. All the people on the sidewalk quickly moved away, the once busy sidewalk was practically barren. Whatever they think was happening, they didn't want to get in some huge guy's way. Finally I made it to the alleyway behind the pizza place. I threw him against a dumpster and tossed open the lid.

"That gentle and sweet werewolf is my boyfriend. Trash like you doesn't even deserve to look at him! And trash only has one place. . ." I rammed my fist into his spongy gut, then tossed him in the dumpster. I slammed the lid down. I kicked the side of the dumpster and yelled. "Know your place, trash!"

I turned around to see Everett standing in the alleyway. He seemed shaken, but happy. He tried to hide his faint smile by turning away. "Roman. . . You don't have to beat people up or yell at them when they call me names. . . I can take it."

"You shouldn't have to take it." I gruffly replied as I approached him, wrapping my pumped up arms around him. Everett reacted quickly, rubbing his cheek up against mine as he held tightly on to me. My entire body was pumped up, but I ignored the tense feeling so I could comfort Everett. "Anyone who disrespects my beta disrespects me too. Got it, Rett?"

"Roman, I. . . Love you."

"I know you do, Everett." I returned his affection by rubbing my cheek against his. He seemed to melt in my arms. Unfortunately, my impatient stomach thought it was inappropriate to be affectionate in an alleyway. The loud whale-like noise made Everett flinch. "Uh. . . I was going to say I love you too, but I think the moment's over."

"Yeah. Definitetly." He pulled away and pat my stomach. "I should've made sure my alpha was full first. It seems you worked up quite the appetite."

"Of course I did. Keeping myself from mounting you takes a lot of effort, you know." I took him by the hand and lead him back to the shop. I'm sure the pizza place owner would understand why his new employee had to go so it wouldn't be too awkward to go back in. "I got another appetite to deal with. So, pizza and then sex?"

"Um. . . We're going to the park though."

"Yeah. Plenty of secluded patches of grass to fuck you on. Some of the park will literally be torn up after I'm done with you, Rett."

"Aw come on Ro, don't be so modest." He smirked, "I'm sure the entire park will be ripped up by the time you're done with me."


"Just stay away from the azaleas, eh? My wife planted those!" Everett shrunk and hid behind me after he realized the owner just heard him. The owner's energy was always off the charts. "I got your order readied-up since I heard you come in! So grab and go-whoa! Everett, you're big! I should double the jalapeno poppers and toppings, yeah?"

"Um no, we're fine. . . I'm sorry about what happened to the guy who was working here." Everett dug around in his wallet and put 35 bucks on the counter.

"I'm not." I threw a few 10's down on the counter. "I'll totally take double jalapeno poppers, BBQ wings, and veggie toppings."

"I'll just take some from some other order. I don't want you to raid the place for food!" He chuckled, then turned serious. "Oh and don't worry about it, Everett, my friend! Garbage doesn't deserve to work at the best pizza shop in town."

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I love all the characters here in this story (well, aside from the ass that hates werewolves. ^^;; ). ^^ <3 They're very relatable. ^^

I can hardly wait till the next part, though I still hope Everret won't change to much in future installments. He is so sweet and cute right now and it would be strange to see him be the one dominating his alpha. ^^;;

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wow part 3 was great, maybe the next part is when Everett will give Roman "The Bite"?

Like in that part we'll get Roman's perspective and it'll switch to Everett's when Roman transforms for the first time (since he's a better grasp of his lycanthropy)

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That's a good idea. I'll capitalize on that for sure. It'll be weird but I think I can manage it. It's going to get kind of weird next part. I'm thinking 5 to 6 parts total.

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Part 4

Another week passed, another pizza fueled sex party happened, but when we fell asleep I felt like we were separated by something. It didn't even cross my mind that relationships could change over night. The next day, I woke to a series of heavy thumps. I was already nearly awake since there wasn't any extra weight on me, so I was able to jump out of bed while instantly becoming alert. The first thing I noticed was a large figure in front of the closet, tossing clothes into a messy pile around it.

"Everett?" I asked, almost in disbelief. He was enormous now. Wider than me, taller than me. In fact, he was almost the size of his beast form. He managed to find the biggest pair of shorts I had, and even then, his quads and muscled bubble butt stretched them out entirely. His stance was wide and his shoulders were incredibly broad. He turned around, yet he didn't seem like the man I fell asleep with. The bulge in front of his pants also didn't seem like the one I remembered from last night either. It was in his eyes, mixtures of fierce blues and greens glaring at me.

"Oh." His voice was deeper and more gruff. He found a shirt and put it over his enormous body. He had difficulty doing so and it was oddly arousing. His muscles got in the way as he tried to pull the shirt over his head, and then of course, the shirt fought against his hardened body as he tried to stretch the shirt over his mighty torso. Unsurprisingly, the sounds of stitches stretching and ripping filled the room for a few moments. "I'm taking these."

"I see that." I nodded as I approached Everett. The closer I moved, the more I realized this wasn't the Everett I went to bed with yesterday. "Rett, are you OK?"

"Yeah. I'm perfect." He grunted, his bluntness was sharp. "You know what, no, I'm not. I'm so. . . So. . . Fucking angry!"

Hearing him seethe with anger was new to me, and so was the fact he even had anger on his list of possible emotions. I reached out to him, since physical contact always calmed him down. "Beta, rela-"

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" He fanned his arm out, blocking me, and then pushed me back on to the bed.

"I'm an alpha now. I don't even feel like. . . My head just. . ." His body was rigid, fists and scowl locked in place. Though in the blink of an eye, he pounced on me, using his massive legs to pin mine down. His hands wrapped around my wrists, hurting me in the process. It was clear he was angry with me, with himself, and his predicament. "Your scent used to be so good, but now it just makes me. . . Angry! I wouldn't feel like this if you just let me keep this side locked away! This is all your. . . RRRRAAAA! Just looking at you makes my head hurt."

"Stop talking like that!" I flipped him over using his own weight. However, a large object in motion stays in motion for longer. So off the bed and into the dresser he went. He let out a sound of frustration as he got back to his feet. His arms were raised off his sides, his chest puffed out as he loomed over me. "Everett, you better calm the fuck down and talk to me right now."

"I'm. . . An alpha! I don't have to take orders from you!" He lunged at me, though I anticipated it and scrambled around to his back. I put him in a choke hold, having to hop up on his back and wrap my legs around him to stay on. His thrashing made it hard to stay in position, and impressively enough, he was standing tall despite having almost 250 pounds of beef on his back. He backed up into the walls and furniture, banging up my back real good. Finally, with one last feral growl of frustration, he made his final move. He simply fell backwards, using his immense weight to knock the air and fight out of me. I let go and coughed, then he stood up with ease, while I was totalled. My entire torso felt tender and my back didn't feel any better. I was taking deep breaths and even that hurt me.

Even then, through all the pain, I tried my best to keep him in the room. I reached out and grabbed his ankle, squeezing as hard as I can as I tried to pull it towards me. "I. Don't. Want. To. Destroy. You. Let me go, Roman."

"Don't fucking pull that shit. You better stay and talk to me." My pride was injured more than my body. Even worse, my heart ached. I felt like I failed him and doomed both of us to be miserable. I was supposed to be his alpha and make sure nothing would happen. But I wanted him to embrace who and what he was. I wanted this. I made the decision as an alpha, and it was the wrong one.

"Why?" He shook his head, "This is what I am now. I'm trying my best to not hurt you, but my muscles are screaming for me to just crush you with every pound of power I have. And if I don't give in to my instincts, it'll happen during the full moon. I'd kill you. So I'm leaving. I have to. I can't have your blood on my hands."

Everett walked out the door, scooping up his wallet and other necessities before slamming the door. I managed to get up to my feet after a few minutes, taking my time in the shower and examining all of my body in the mirror. The damage wasn't as severe as I thought, probably because Everett was holding back during the fight. Even when he fell back I think he threw his arms back to lessen the impact. All these muscles and they were useless to stop him from going. I shouldn't have fought with him in the first place. I used my hands to gently probe my tender torso, missing Everett's touch as I did so. Whenever I got hurt, he would be my little nurse. My cute puppy Everett was now an alpha wolf in an entirely different league. Since he was an alpha, that means his word is his final decision. He's gone. He still loves me, but he's not coming back. That's all I could piece together at the time.

"Some alpha you are." I stared at my face, trying to psyche myself up like I did before major competitions. "But you are an alpha. Why are you standing here? Go. Find. Everett."

As I was leaving and driving through the city, I couldn't help but feel like garbage. Even if Everett was half closed off, he was happy. Though that wasn't enough for me. I wanted him to be more, I wanted him to accept something he originally had no intention of embracing. Further more, I let him down. I didn't respect the role of being his alpha and I clearly didn't understand what those roles meant to a werewolf. I even let my pride get in the way, letting it control me to the point where I actually physically hurt Everett. Or at least I think I did. A few notification rings snapped me out of my sad train of thought.

Rita: Hey, I just saw Everett by himself I think. He looked really big and sad. What did you do to our little darling pup-pup?
Rita: hugely muscled woof-woof*
Me: It's a long story. I need to talk to him. Where was he?
Rita: I was grocery shopping and saw him in the meat aisle.
Rita: Like, the dude was scooping pounds of meat off the aisle into his cart.
Rita: Even the other few werewolves there were all like "Yo bruh what are you even doing with all of that?"
Rita: I guess maybe he needs all that protein now that he's huge?
Rita: I said hi but he just glared at me and walked away.
Rita: Soooooo is this a werewolf moody pre-moon kind of thing or what?
Me: Nah. He's just really upset. He always ate like crazy when he was upset.
Me: Thanks for telling me. I'll fill you in later on all the details.
Rita: Na, I get it. Full moon's a-comin' in a few days. I hope he'll be fine.
Me: Me too.

That was astonishingly easy and convenient. I knew where he'd go. Since he couldn't go to our house to binge eat, that only left one other place. He'd probably go to the spot in the park where we first played together when we were kids; the spot we visited every week. I sped up and made my way over to the park. I skimmed across a parked car along the way, and then half parked on the curb when I finally made it to the park. I pushed open the door and slammed it.

"Damn it Everett." I sighed, trying to release all my frustration before meeting him face to face. I didn't want a repeat of what happened early that morning. I rushed through the park, yelling excuse me and move, move, move many times as I darted through the park. As I closed in on the more secluded section, I could hear some horror-grade eating sounds. I could see Everett in the distance with his back to me. There were packs of meat scattered around him and it was obvious he was gorging himself on raw meat. His senses were sharp, yet he didn't seem to notice me. Or perhaps he didn't care.

He was in another world, a monochrome depressing world. I stood right behind him and he didn't even notice me. I knelt down and threw my arms around him. He froze, which was a lot better than him fighting back. "Everett, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have hurt you. I should've tried to fully understand what it means to be a werewolf. I'm so sorry. I love you. We need to work this out."

"You're an alpha. Your scent tells me that much. So you're competition. So during a full moon I'd kill you or severely injure you and ruin your life." He grunted, "There's nothing to work out."

"You're confused." I got up and went around to his front. I kicked away the raw meat, which didn't seem to go over well as Everett's eyes sparked. I tore my shirt off, using it to clean up his face and hands before bringing my face down to his. "You. Love. Me. That's a fact. I'm not competition, I'm your alpha. I'm the man that makes you happy, right?"

"Roman, it doesn't work that way." His hand wrapped around my arm and squeezed tightly. I know he didn't mean to. I didn't even acknowledge the pain.

"You fought these instincts off for years. I know you won't hurt me when you transform. I trust you, Everett."

"I don't trust me." He let go and wrapped his arms around himself. I never seen him look so sad and defeated. "I just want to be your beta again. . . I want these instincts gone. . ."

"A life without you isn't worth living. So either way, I'm taking my chances. You're going to transform me into a werewolf and I'm going to be your alpha." I kissed him on the forehead, "Come home with me, beta."

"Roman we're basically kids. . . How can you be so su-"

I kissed him on the lips to shut him up, "I know because I know. It's that simple. We know each other inside and out. We've spent over 10 years with each other, nearly together every day. I need you to function and you need me. Like it or not, we're stuck with each other. And if we go our separate ways, we'll never be happy. So let's just do this already."

"I. . ." He started to tear up, and I wiped away his tears.

"It's OK. I know you're sorry. It's my fault for not calming you down." I wrapped my arms around him, "It'll be OK."

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Awwwr, poor Everret. <='( He is in conflict between his instincts and his desires. I hope that this indeed will go well, i think my heart would break if they would either split up or one of them would turn up dead or seriously hurt. ;n;

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Can't wait for part 5, the bite will happen and a battle of wolves to see who'll become Alpha, which will also lead to a night of werewolf sex

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Part 5

The day that would decide our futures arrived in a few days; very quick and confusing days. Roman forgave me instantly and tried his hardest to comfort me. I couldn't forgive myself or him, though. I loved him, yes, but it was his fault that all of this happened. At the same time, looking in the mirror fills me with such pride. I was a giant of a man, feel confident simply because of what I was. Feeling my giant arms sway as I walk, noticing them brush up against my sides because my chest was immensely wide. My wider gait as I walked because my thighs could barely roll around each other as I moved. . . I always wondered why Roman had that obvious swagger to his walk. Then I realized it's because that's the only way large men like him. . . Like us. . . Could move around comfortably. Despite it initially seemingly like an issue, it turned out to be constantly exhilarating.

"Good morning puppy~" I heard Roman say as he threw his weight on me. The bed was fortified to handle over a ton of weight, but it still creaked. I must have been double Roman's weight. Regardless of my size, he'd always be my huge muscle monster.

"Good morning alpha." I tried to say with a smile, but a toothy grimace took over. The feral part of me still demanded Roman's head on a silver platter. While the rest of me just wanted Roman. . . I needed Roman. I tried to shift the mood by rolling Roman off of me and standing up so I could shake off some of my jitters. "Iiiii'll go make us breakfast and then we'll discuss some things. . ."

I darted into the hall, embarrassingly snagging myself against the walls along the way. I was still not used to my increased width and how I barely fit through our quaint home. I tried my best to gently go down the stairs, but it sounded like thunder booming with each step. I was almost afraid of falling through the stairs; I'd be OK, but the stairs wouldn't. As expected, right behind me was my alpha. He probably knew I was trying to avoid him, especially after that awkward morning greeting. Even after making it to the kitchen, I didn't look back. I had to resort to skittering sideways through the kitchen like a crab as I feverishly prepared breakfast. I felt Roman's arms wrap around my waist and his head against my broad back. Even though he was smaller, whenever he wrapped around me, I could just feel his overwhelming masculine power. His touch and his muscles always made me feel like a beta being protected and loved by his alpha.

"Everett, it'll be OK." He rubbed his cheek against my back and his embrace tightened. I felt my knees go weak. I just wanted to fall to the ground and have him cuddle with me. "Cheer up, pup."

"Roman. . ." I couldn't find my words quick enough. I didn't want to talk about it. "I'm fine. I just. . ."

"I'll make us some coffee." He let go and I felt my body shoot upright. I became rigid all over, the alpha instincts snapping back into place and giving me the above-all-else posture. I loved that feeling of strength, but I loved Roman's embrace even more. I finished making us eggs, all 18 of them. Between the two of us, we ate a lot. The funny part is, that was considered a light breakfast for us.

Roman sat down next to the fridge where I joined him. He was just being nice because I could no longer sit in our chairs, just the couch and our bed was it. "So. . . Alpha. . . We need to talk about tonight." My stomach was growling, yet my nervousness prevented me from eating.

"What is it, puppy?"

"Roman, the transformation can only happen when the full moon can be seen over the horizon. Soon after the sun sets, meaning it's a 30 minute window."

"OK. Super serious business. Gotcha."

"I need to. . . I need to. . ." It was so hard to even say it.

"Take a chunk out of me, right?" I cringed when he phrased it that way. The thought of me hurting Roman and having his blood in my mouth made me sick. "Hmph. That's actually pretty intense."

"Yes. . . It is. . ." I stared down at my plate. Roman placed his hand on my arm, redirecting my view. He was smiling, but it wasn't his typical cocky smile. It was gentle and reassuring; warm instead of sizzling hot. "The way it works isn't guaranteed. I have to fatally bite you. Your body will expel every drop of human plasma and have it replaced with magically infused plasma. . . Assuming you. . . survive. . ."

"Well. Fuck. That sounds like some vampire shit. Are you sure you're not a hairy vampire?" He grunted, despite trying to sound like he was joking. "Eat up, beta. We've got a big day ahead of us."

Roman was trying to play it cool, even though he was probably filled with confusing and frustrating feelings. The idea of him losing his bodybuilder status and potentially having a permanent scar must have been feeding his inner turmoil. Roman was quite vain, after all. I could see his forearm veins pulse as he gripped his fork tightly. I put my hand over his arm, attempting to comfort him with gentle caresses. The veins that pushed up against his light brown skin were distracting. I was picturing the kind of immense beast he would be, both in human form and his werewolf form. The alpha in me despised that idea, since he'd be superior competition. The beta in me, on the other hand, was just desperate to be his one and only beta.

The day passed by quickly, as it always does on the night of a full moon for us. The alarm went off and I began to sweat. It wasn't due to transforming, but rather, it was my anxiety flaring up. Roman put his hand behind my head and guided me down so we could see eye to eye. I don't know how, but his hazel eyes always pierced right through me and controlled me. In this case, he was forcing my muscles to relax. Forcing my heart to slow. Making me feel safe.

"How many times do I have to say it? It'll be OK." He kissed me. "Now let's head out. We only have 15 minutes to reach the spot before the sun sets."

I nodded and let him guide me through the woods while there was still some sunlight. The way he ran through the forest was impressive, graceful even, for a human. Imagining Roman doing this as a werewolf was something I couldn't even picture. He'd probably be such an enormous and lightning-fast beast. He'd dominate just by being in one's presence. I shook the thoughts out of my head before they could fill me with mixed feelings. Instead I focused on the surroundings and noises around us; rather, the lack of noise. It seems we arrived at a cliff-side cluster of trees about 3 miles away from civilization. I could see the moon peaking over the horizon and sunlight quickly faded from the forest.

"Do your thing, puppy." He let go of my hand and stepped back.

Instantly, almost as if it were by his command, I began to transform. I instinctively tore the clothes off of my body, savoring the brief but euphoric moments of transforming. It was like wearing several suits and then taking them off one by one. My body felt so light, but gravity let me know my body was becoming just the opposite. My muscles twitched and my veins pulsed. My skin burned, but it felt great as my fur covered me from head to toe. Feeling my muzzle reveal itself as my teeth and claws sharpened. I let out a steady howl. Then it hit me, I was in control. I wasn't in a fog and my beastly body was under my control for the night, or at least I'd try to control it.

My body grew even more then before. Surpassing the size I was just a month ago. I knew I was towering above 7 feet now based on how short Roman seemed. My chest felt so thick, so powerful. I looked down as I placed my hands over them. The globular mounds of pectoral muscles felt weighty as they blocked my view from the rest of my body. I couldn't even fit my paw around half of one pec. I felt limited motion wise. So much muscle on my frame. . . Why did it feel so good to have restricted movement? I couldn't control the sounds coming out of me. Grunts, barks, growls; I was actually scaring myself.

"Calm down, big guy."

I exhaled and pushed him down to the ground.

“Calm down, beta.” He said with a more stern voice. My breathing evened out and I let out a sigh of relief. “I don't say it everyday, I'm more of a physical guy. Whatever happens, just know I love you, OK? So don't hesitate, Everett. I want to be with you. I want to satisfy all of your needs and urges. I want to be your alpha in all sense of the word.”

It had to be quick. I took his clothes off, finding the best place to bite him where the scar wouldn't be seen. Though the thing about Roman is he loved being practically naked, especially on the beach. He'd have to give up those swim briefs and switch to swim trunks if I bit his leg. Though that was probably the best bet to give him the smallest fatal bite as possible. I nervously shook as I brought my head down to his leg. I could feel his hand over my head, comforting me and encouraging me to just bite him. As quick as I could, I chomped down on his leg, feeling his hand curl up and tug my fur. He didn't scream, but I swore I could hear the intense gritting of his teeth and breathing. I could feel his arm shaking, along with the rest of his body. Any normal man would've screeched, but not Roman. I pulled away and spat out his blood and cleaning it off of me. I could see his demeanor change as the blood drained from his body. The shaking became less frequent and it seemed like his eyes glazed over as he his body became limp. When his heart stopped, mine did too. I was holding my breath, hoping for a sign that everything would be OK.

The puddle around him glistened like water reflecting the moon's light. It slowly rose and swirled above him, seemingly like sparkly stardust in a swirling galaxy. The specks of light focused into a single pillar of shining particles that passed through Roman's chest. The veins along his vascular body faintly glowed as the magic spread throughout his body. His scent changed almost immediately when his heart began to beat again. After a brief flash, the chunk I had taken out of his leg was nowhere to be seen. He stood up astonishingly fast, almost as if he hadn't been bitten at all. He was breathing heavily, almost angrily. His eyes were intense and he was glaring at me. I was somewhat on edge, but I was more so relieved that he was back on his feet.


Roman tilted his head back and let out a feral howl, and as he did so, his face changed. His humanoid face pushed out, forming a muzzle and wolf-like ears found their way to the top of his head. Dense dark fur spread down from his neck over his body. The change was working from both sides, each wave meeting up in the middle.

His calves expanded outward as his feet lengthened. Transforming his powerful humanoid legs into digitigrade legs. While his shoulders shot sideways, turning into immense boulders. His traps expanded upward, hiding more of his neck by the second until it seemed like turning his head would be an impossibility. The change traveled down to his biceps, making them swell to almost ridiculous proportions. Then his triceps hardened and bulged, making his arm look far from being that of a humanoid creature. Roman's fingertips lengthened, his nails transforming into dagger-like claws. Roman arched his back and threw his arms outward as his chest and lats widened. Although his entire torso was widening, his chest expanded to proportions that wouldn't be seen on a normal human. . . Or perhaps even a werewolf. His chest hung off his body, causing him to hunch as the weight caught him off guard.

Roman's abdomen was rigid, having a nice taper along the sides down to his waist. His thighs were just about finished growing, which I had missed. From a telephone pole to a massive oak, would be the best way to describe the change. And of course, the magic did meet in the middle. The most important part of Roman's being, seeing as how he was an alpha with superior genetics. His manhood drew into his body as a sheath pushed outward. Even though most werewolves had a slightly hidden manhood behind a tuft of fur, his still happened to be conspicuous. His panting and growling ceased for just a moment as his eyes explored what he could see, his hands working over his body.

Roman raised his arms, half-flexing them as he tilted his head back to howl. When he was finished, he walked over to the nearest tree. He clawed at it, splintering the bark into wooden confetti. He made it look very easy, intimidating the alpha in me and causing me to back away. He kept clawing and then forced the tree down when he took out enough of its base. He chuckled and turned around, crossing his arms as he looked at me. Normally an alpha would be in a more aggressive stance in the presence of another alpha. However, he took a tall stance that left him without a low center of gravity and his hands wouldn't be able to react in time if I did attack him. He was being cocky. He was being Roman, but as a werewolf.

I wasn't sure if it was Roman, half of Roman, or just an entirely feral version of Roman. His steps were longer than mine and eventually he caught up to me. He raised his leg and kicked me down. Pinning me down to the ground with crushing force. His muscles were incredibly huge, but since he was a werewolf, they were magically charged with additional strength. He must have been applying over a ton of pressure at a time. I yelped and growled, clawing at his leg to get him off of me. This wasn't my Roman. He just chuckled at my vain efforts. I knew I was using all my strength, but all I managed to do was rustle his fur. His foot began moving lower. Although I could escape now, the pain held me in place. His foot stopped just a centimeter above my crotch. He was going to destroy my manhood to eliminate the competition, a fate most alphas would consider worse than death.

I pleaded and yelped . . All of it just feeding his ego. The pressure lightened and I think I heard him say “Hmmm.” Thinking as his eyes noted my features, he took his behemoth sized leg off of me. Then he ripped me off of the ground, causing me to yelp some more. Either he was intentionally rough or unaware of his strength. He looked me up and down, assessing me, contemplating what to do with me.

He wrapped his arms around me and thrust me into him. It felt like I was being smashed into a brick wall. Roman searched my back, tracing it's form and all the deep cuts and crevices. Down along my tapered sides, taking his time and appreciating the shape my torso took. Finally he grabbed my ass using both hands. His entire body grew stiff as he stood still. He looked down at me, and of course I looked back. He brought his nose down to mine and laughed. He hunched over further so he could rub his head against mine.

In short, he was basically saying Sorry for almost destroying your manhood and fucking you up. But now I really want to fuck you.

I was hesitant and he noticed. He pounced on me, witholding as much of his brute strength as possible. His hand gently rubbed my stomach, making sure to let me know that he was really sorry. To him, having sex with me was the only thing that mattered. He wanted me. He wanted to win me. He wanted to. . . Be my alpha. It wasn't the Roman I fell in love with, which was why I was so hesitant and frightened. But this Roman was now a part of the man I loved. So just as Roman loved my beastly side, I decided I would love his too. I massaged his pecs, slowly working my way down to his cock. It was fully engorged within seconds.

Yet instead of plunging in to me, he massaged my body. He was becoming more aggressive, groping and pressing hard up against my body. Feeling every muscle he could while his cock pulsed in anticipation. Mine, too, decided to pulse in unision with Roman's member. I didn't even realize it, but my legs were raised and slowly spreading as his hands searched every bulging corner of my body. He got off of me and spun me around, putting his hips between my legs as the tip of his enormous cock massaged my tight hole.

He slid in with a gentle push, but it still hurt. His cock felt like it was a heated steel rod pushing through my insides. My prostate swelled with excitement, growing more and more sensitive with each thrust. Soon I was clutching at the ground, feeling myself quiver and shake. Gasps, moans, growls, grunts, barks, and even short howls poured out of my mouth. Each one feeding Roman's ego. Making his cock throb harder and leak even more precum. He backed out of me and pulled me up to my feet. He placed me near a tree so I could brace myself, while he wrapped his arms around me and resumed pounding my ass. I was ready to cum minutes ago, but I was unable to until my alpha did. Yes, alphas are in control of their male betas when it comes to orgasms. . . Not that it matters. . .

The intensity grew too heavy for either of us to bear, causing his thrusts to become more drawn out as they entered and exited my tight ass. His cock was ready to burst. Yet he pulled out of me again. This time he sat down, leaning against the tree. His cock stood upright and I knew what he wanted. I sat down on his cock and used his body to hold myself steady. His hips raised up, easily lifting my weight as he thrust in me and then out. 8. . . 12. . . 15. . . 35. . . 50? I lost count. His cock was drilling my insides, making sure that the only male that could fit inside me would be him. Then came the grand finale. He exploded, releasing the pheromone that would allow me to do the same. We used each other to stabilize our violently shaking bodies. So much cum was flowing inside of me and then flowing out because there was no room. Meanwhile, Roman's fur was being coated milky-white.

In a matter of seconds, the black furred beast dropped to the ground. Gently caressing my stomach and nuzzling me. Of all the things to make Roman remind him that I was his beta. . . It was my wimpy demeanor and then my ass. I felt conflicted, but the affection I was receiving calmed me. It made me happy, even. Roman didn't care how much of a mess I could be. He wanted me, as a human or werewolf, he didn't care.

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Poor Everett, still feeling conflicted. Though it does seem less so amd his aggression seems to have lessened now that Roman is an even bigger werewolf then he is. ^^ And I am so glad to see that Everett seems to still be able to calm down and be happy by the affection of Roman. ^^ <3

I really hope that this story won't go sour again and make the 2 lovers go head 2 head against each other with Everett's Alpha side wanting to gain power over Roman and Roman trying to keep his big beta the way it has been. <=S The ending is so romantic, well for this story's werewolves it seems, I dun want either of them going through any more heartache. I mean: The real Everett just wants to be beta to Roman and Roman just wants to keep him his beta so he can love him the way he knows Everett loves to be loved, right? ^^;

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