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Part 1


I'm a bodybuilder, and like all bodybuilders, I decided to have an abnormal life. I took my body to the furthest point, broke down any barriers, and pushed even further until there was no going back. I was 72 inches tall (6 feet tall), weighing in at 218 pounds of muscle when I was cutting and 245ish pounds when I was bulking. Right now it's summer, so of course I've got my trimmed look for the season. Except trimmed was too delicate of a way to put it. I was ripped, cut, chiseled, and overall amazing. My body fat must have been 6% at the most. My muscles just jumped off my smoothly waxed body, which would cause some hard problems for people who saw me. Vascularity wasn't for everyone, so I didn't expect everyone to fawn over my body. Most people did, though. I loved the attention.


I was 22 and considered a bodybuilding prodigy. Some say I use steroids because people are jealous. Some say it's synthonol because all young people are lazy. Some say it's because of photo editing because I'm vain. Some say it's due to me being half black because racism is still a thing. It's none of that, just my genes. Thanks to my genes, I also have the perfect skin color to just make the muscles POP off my body without a ton of oil or exact lighting. Saying I'm blessed would be an understatement. Men were envious of me, my good looks, my body, my voice, my demeanor, my everything. Sure I was arrogant and tough; I came off as a brute to most. Though that's just me and what I am. I'm an alpha at heart.

My boyfriend had an abnormal life too, minus the choice factor. He loved me with all his heart and he was my beta. I was here to protect him, love him, and take care of him if he ever needed anything. In return he just makes me happy; so very, very happy. We were together, so to speak, since he was 11 and I was 12. After he hit the end of puberty, something changed in him. Like a light went out in the room, but it was hard to tell since there were other lights on too. Each full moon it felt like the lights were growing dimmer and I didn't know what to do. I felt like I was failing him as his alpha.

“Hey Pup, wake up.” I drew the curtains on both sides of the bedroom.

“Noooo. . .” He groaned as he rolled under the sheets. I could see his short yet messy bunch of light strawberry blond hair stick out from under the sheets.

“Don't make me come under there. You know what'll happen if I do.” I playfully teased as I leaned on his side of the bed. He pulled the covers entirely over his head. “Look, Rett, I know you hate it. . . But you have to get up. I'll make you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I'll make you all the things you like, Puppy.”

“Don't call me Puppy. How would you like it if I called you Chocolate Drop or M&M?”

“As long as you let me melt in your mouth and not your hand, I wouldn't care my darling little Woof-Woof.” I got on top of him and put half of my weight on him, kissing the side of his face through the sheets.

“Pffhah-Shut up, Roman!” I managed to make him laugh a little. Though I knew he didn't feel up for laughing since it sounded so strained. I usually called him some sort of dog-related cutesy name to test his mood. If he didn't complain then he was happy.

After he did get up, he seemed lethargic and depressed the entire day. I prepared meals for the week, so he just sat around in the kitchen. When I was working out he was lying on the floor, staring at the ceiling instead of working out with me. And after dinner I read a book about different workout methods while he sat next to me without cuddling up to me. He was in nothing but his shorts, and the air conditioning had to be making him feel chilly. His pale skin seemed even paler than usual, even with the added color of his sparse reddish-blond hair over his body. It was like he was just there and didn't want to even touch me, even if it meant he wouldn't be cold. I wrapped my arm around him and he didn't even budge.

“It's been 10 years since we've had to do this. I wish I could make it better for you.” I kissed him on the forehead.

“Unless you can change me from being a-” An alarm went off and his saddened state quickly turned to panic. I looked at my phone and it was actually 8:12, meaning the clock was off by a lot. Things were dire, but I didn't want to tell Everett. “8pm. . . It's 8pm!”

“OK, come on, we still have some time.” I examined his expression and realized we didn't have nearly enough time. His sharp teeth were getting sharper and his turquoise eyes flickered between being gentle and fierce. I picked him up in my arms and took him down to the basement. Then I placed him on the floor in the corner, away from the cellar windows. I reluctantly pulled the silver chains around him, tying him tightly to the house's cement foundation. “I. . . Everett, we don't have to do this.”

“Yes we do, Roman. He might hurt you. I don't want. . . Alpha, I-” He tried speaking, but a gruff sound cut him off. “Just go now. Don't look at me. . ."

“Beta, relax.” I gave him a peck on the lips. I hated doing this to him. I hated to hear him growl and struggle while I sat on the couch upstairs. Everett nodded, but his eyes switched. There was a different man or creature in the driver's seat. What little control Everett had, he used it to yell at me. Something he rarely did unless it was playful.

“Go! Just get out of here!”

Everett grunted as eerie black lines snaked their way from his chest to the rest of his body. He barked and growled as the lines grew in number, thickness, and length. His teeth were now entirely pointed, and his nails were growing longer and darker. I was always interested in his transformation from a toned 5'8” cutie to something hairy and hulking. His face pushed out as his skin went from sparsely hairy to shag-rug in a matter of seconds. He arched his back as his chest swelled outward, his growls becoming deeper and gruffer. His arms lengthened, as did his back and legs. Although they weren't normal human proportions, his arms being longer and his legs being shorter than a normal human of his size. Meanwhile his musculature was drastically changing.

Even with the dense strawberry blond fur covering his body, I could tell where his muscles began and ended. Each muscle group beautifully redefining themselves on his strange frame. His shoulders swelled larger than any bodybuilder's I knew, with his chest broadening so much thanks to his larger lats and of course his heavier pecs. His arm grew so big that it seemed like it'd be impossible for them to move. His traps made his neck disappear, and a slight hunch was forming since he was so top heavy. His growls were now feral, his eyes now staring directly at me with pride and ferocity.

His shorts managed to stay on, though only enough to cover his pelvic region. His tail was poking out from the top of his shorts, while the legs where entirely torn. Everett' quads made sure to tear away at his shorts' legs, ballooning so far outward that the beast had sit with his legs in a V shape. His feet were no longer dainty, and instead, were large, long, and hairy with sharp nails at the end. He snapped at me and growled even louder.

I knelt down so I was eye level, just a few inches away from his range of motion. I've seen Everett's beast form when he was younger, when he looked more like a wolf pup than a beast. Though now I had the chance to see the matured version of his beastly side. It's where half of his personality came from. In other words, this was half of the man I loved. . . In a form that he'd describe as monstrous. He still had the same beautiful turquoise eyes, but they seemed so intense. I yelled to put him back in his place. “Shut the fuck up!”

Sure enough he did and his ears fell down. He looked more like a harmless puppy. I touched my nose to his like when we were kids and his ears popped back up as his tail wagged uncontrollably. Everett didn't want me spending time with his feral side. He didn't want me even seeing it just so he can pretend it doesn't exist. The beastly side of Everett seemed lonely and sad, probably due to years of being locked away in a cellar the halfway through puberty. But now he was bigger and possibly more dangerous. Despite popular belief, werewolves can transform whenever. It's just that when they do, they give in to their feral nature for a set amount of time. They essentially fall asleep as their other half takes over.

“Heh, you still see me as your Alpha, don't you?” I rubbed his head. “You're so much bigger than me too.”

Everett looked at me with puppy-dog eyes and patted the space next to him. He just wanted company. Everett always told me to just walk away and leave him alone, but I never really asked why. I thought it was because his wolf form would be dangerous, but he didn't seem that way. He whimpered as his puppy-dog eyes intensified. I couldn't not say yes. I sighed and sat down next to him, he leaned over and placed most of his weight on me. Thankfully I was a bodybuilder, so at least he didn't crush me.

“You love me as much as the other you does, don't you?” He rubbed his head against mine as a way to say yes. “I don't get why Everett hates you.”


He shrugged his shoulders and turned away to look towards the cellar window. Staring at the beams of moonlight shining on to the basement floor. He whimpered more and turned my way. Again, with the big-eyed look. I reached for a flashlight and put it in my pocket. “Now I see why. He knew I couldn't say no to that face. OK. . . I'll let you out. BUT! Only if you let me accompany you. I don't want you getting into trouble, understand?”

The beast eagerly nodded and I got rid of the chains. He crawled around on all fours, individually shaking his legs and. . . Arms, legs, leg-arms? After that he stood up. I felt like I was looking up at a tall skyscraper, even though he was only 6 inches taller than me, perhaps 10. It was hard to tell, but his head was almost touching the ceiling even though he was slightly hunched over. I looked down to see the shorts still intact, finding it funny that it looked like a dog was wearing underwear. Though his body looked human-shaped, even if his arms and legs were slightly different proportion wise. He just looked wolf-y from the neck up along with his furry hands and feet. So he was 75% extremely hairy human and 25% wolf-thing. I unlocked the cellar door and opened it, yet Everett didn't budge.

“Come on.” I gently said, as I held my hand out to him. He approached me and looked out the cellar door and then down at my hand. He was actually afraid, maybe because he hasn't been outdoors for about a decade. The way the moonlight reflected off his fur looked amazing. He almost looked white with tones of red, orange, and pink. “I'll be right here with you. I'll keep you safe.”

He placed his hand in mine, carefully wrapping his larger hand around mine so his nails wouldn't scratch me. Everett' hand felt softer than I thought it would. Even in this gigantic beast form, he was still my gentle beta. I walked up the stairs and lead him to the outside world. He stared at the back yard and the dense forest beyond it. Then he looked down at me. I whipped out the flashlight and lead him towards the forest until we were deep inside. He let go of my hand and ran around a few trees. He sniffed a tree and licked it, his face contorting into a grossed-out expression. That's what he gets for being curious. I laughed and approached him. I pet him behind his ears and I could see his tail wagging back and forth. He did the same to me, letting his furry hands run along my head. He let out a strange noise, like he was confused.

“Oh yeah, last time you saw me was 10 years ago when you were just a small pup. . . I got rid of my pony tail since then. So it looks like you're the only one with a tail now.” I heard him laugh, or at least I thought he was laughing.

Then he lunged at me, playfully of course. He pinned me down, but I fought back. He grunted a few times as he realized I was strong in my own right. Sure he was stronger, but I was actually able to fight him off a bit. I used his oddly portioned weight against him and flipped him on to his back. He yelped and went limp, allowing me to pin him down to the ground without any effort. This was the playful Everett I knew. I never understood why Everett hated this part of himself. My hands ran over the beast's body and his breathing became strained. His chest, stomach, and even his arms felt oddly human. Sure it was all covered in fur, but the proportions and hardness reminded me of my fellow bodybuilders. Just. . . Bigger.


Everett let out a soft sigh, and looked at me. I didn't have the flashlight, but the intense moonlight was enough for me to see him clearly. It reminded me of the look Everett gave me the first time we had sex. Nervous, excited, scared, but most of all he was happy. I backed off a bit, because I don't think I was ready to have any intense relations with this form of Everett. He shouldn't even be having thoughts of having sex with a human, not in his beast form anyway. Then it clicked. An idea that might help both sides of Everett in the long run.

“Everett.” His ears perked up when I said his name. “Or Werewolf Everett. Whatever. I can't babysit you. You have to go out and do what you want tonight without me, this is your only night you can be free to do whatever. Yes you're my beta, and yes I love you very much. . . But you're a beast right now. A wild and humongous beast with a different set of needs. You need to hunt. You need to be free without me tying you down.”

Everett reached out and put his hand behind my back. He pulled me down towards him until I was snuggled up against his powerful chest. It was obvious he didn't want me to leave him. “It's OK, Beta. Just promise me you won't hurt anybody and that you'll be safe. I don't care if you eat a stupid cat or whatever. . . Er, just don't bring anything home.”

He hugged me tighter and whimpered. “Come on Rett. . . Look at you. You're powerful and intimidating. Nothing can hurt you out here. You don't need me to stay safe.” He nuzzled me and whimpered some more. I took the hint that he wanted to be tied down by me, as if he didn't even realize it was a bad thing. “Don't worry, Beta. I'll be home when you get there.”

I got off of him, allowing him to stand up. I picked up the flashlight and made my way back to the house. He called out to me, but I kept walking. The beta-nature in him couldn't refuse my order, but he didn't want to go without me. Everett had to go get everything out of his system and me being there wouldn't help him do that. If anything, it would just stifle half of his own personal growth. It actually hurt to hear him bark and whimper, and the fainter the sounds, the more it hurt. I was his Alpha. I had to do what was right for him even if it didn't feel right at the moment. Finally I was back at the cellar door and I couldn't hear him at all.

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So what happens next? Does Beta/Rett go out and hunt things and bring them back? Does he burst out of beta status and become  an alpha?


Lots of questions raised by this chapter, but few answers!  


Thanks for writing this!


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So what happens next? Does Beta/Rett go out and hunt things and bring them back? Does he burst out of beta status and become  an alpha?


Lots of questions raised by this chapter, but few answers!  


Thanks for writing this!



Hopefully that'll be in Part 2?! :)

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D'awwwr. Everett and Rett are both so sweet and cute. ^^ <3 <3 I wish I had a werewolf beta boyfriend like Rett, he's so cute and so ooving and affectionate. <3 <3 <3

I hope that when Rett will return back to the cellar he will still be the cutests huge werewolf beta he was before. <=')<3

Hope to see part 2 soon, wish you luck writing it and everything. ^^

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I was planning on going a different direction with the alpha/beta thing. Though I find the idea of role switching hot, as long as the original alpha doesn't shrink! This next part gets a little heated in a good way.



I laid in bed waiting for Everett to come home, but wound up drifting to sleep. Everett could never fall asleep without me there by his side, so he'd be back for sure. I didn't wake to the sound of a giant furball getting into bed, but instead to the alarm. I was always a heavy sleeper. I let my eyes adjust to the light and noticed the curtains were drawn. That meant either Everett or a very nice trespasser was here. When I rose from bed I stretched upwards, yawned, and made my way to the door. I noticed the smell of cleaning supplies, and as I walked down the hallway, I saw a bucket of brown water. It must have been mud that he accidentally tracked in.

When I was near the kitchen, the scent of coffee and the sounds of sizzling awakened all my senses. I was ready to chow down. I entered the kitchen and noticed he was very preoccupied and jittering in front of the stove.

“Beta.” I approached him, my heavy footsteps could be heard over the sounds of sizzling pans. Then I was standing behind Everett, my shadow casting over him. I wrapped my arms around him and he was at peace. He still wouldn't turn around, though. “Hey Puppy, I see you were busy this morning.”

“I wouldn't have been if you left that monster chained up in the basement like I asked.” He grunted, “You even stayed to watch. Then you encouraged it to be wild. I don't want to be wild. I don't want to be a werewolf.”

“Hmph, are you sad or mad or annoyed?”

“No. Yes. Maybe. . . I don't know.”

“Look, Everett, up until 16 you were a feisty guy. Then we started chaining you up in the basement as your beast form grew. You slowly changed and now I know why. It's because the moment you chained up your other half, you chained yourself up. Don't be afraid to be a werewolf. Don't be afraid to be who and what you are. I'll love you no matter what, as long as it's the authentic version of you.”

“Roman, you know my father is. an alpha. My mother was the daughter of an alpha too. So my body will. . . If I don't fight that monster off. . . I'll. . .”

“Your other half is a gentle and strong beast. He's your fire, your warmth, and your passion. I don't care if you grow bigger, it'll just be more of you to love. I'll always be your alpha, big or small.” I spun him around and he looked ashamed. His body was bigger for sure, with his once flat-ish pecs now forming bumps under his shirt. His face had changed to. See, Everett was a cute guy but not someone you'd call hot. Now that I was looking at him, it seemed he manned up. His chin was broader, his eyebrows were a thicker, and he didn't look so wide-eyed and bushy tailed anymore.

“I want to stay your beta. . .” I lifted his chin and looked into his eyes, noticing he had been crying earlier.

“Then give me all of you. That means I'll get you my pretty! And your little dog too!” I chuckled, and just as I'd hope, he laughed too. I caught a glimpse of his sparkling white teeth, and most certainly they were starting to look more like a werewolf's set of choppers. Even in human form you can tell if someone was a werewolf simply by looking at their teeth or mannerisms.

“I should be really mad at you. . . But I love you too much to even act mad. Especially when all you're wearing are those short legged briefs.”

“I love me too, but not as much as I love you.” I kissed him on the forehead and spun him around, letting him get back to making us breakfast. I held him the entire time, gently feeling the contours of his new body.

“You know, when you get like that, my other half is really hard to keep away. He just wants to jump up and take over. He craves your affection and your authority. . .” He sighed, “At least I know you have what it takes to handle him.”

“Damn right I do.”

Breakfast was kind of awkward after we sat down. It was unusually quiet, though we made plenty of eye contact. I knew him for over 10 years, so it's like I could still feel what he was feeling. He was nervous about letting his other side out for even a second. He kept looking at me, hoping to borrow some of my courage or brute strength. We always ate in silence since I shredded things up faster than the garbage disposal in the sink. We were finishing up our coffee when I decided to break tradition and cut the silence short.

“I think we should fuck.”

He choked, “Alpha!”

“Except this time, you let your other half join in the fun. I don't mean going all Woof-Woof on me, just let his instincts mingle with your instincts, you know?”

“I have to clean the dishes.” That was the first time he ever turned down sex. The worst part is we were using paper plates and styrofoam cups. I knew he'd let his other half join in simply because I asked him to. So he was trying his best to just avoid the situation; which he knew he couldn't avoid either. I flipped the table out of my way, giving him no choice but to face me and my growing erection. The loud bang of the table made him flinch, but he still looked at me. I walked over to him and then ripped him out of the chair so I could carry him to our bedroom.

“When I'm done with you, we're going to have to remodel this entire room.” I said as I ripped his clothes off and threw him on to the bed. He couldn't even respond. I sent him into such a hot spiral that he couldn't focus on anything but my throbbing cock. The look on his face was different, as was his body language. He wasn't limp as usual, but tense. He was ready to interact with me, so to speak.

I got on top of him, pinning him down as he tried his hardest to fight against me. He wanted to feel my raw strength overpower him. He was moaning even as I kissed him. I was taking his breath away. Finally it was time for me to claim my prize. I shoved my cock inside of him, quicker and harder than I ever before. Instead of crying out, he moaned even louder, wrapping his arms tightly around me. This was the version of Everett I wanted; the version that included both sides. He bucked his hips back and forth with a counter movement to make my thrusts harder and my pulls quicker.

I noticed the look in his eye flicker from human to feral. His teeth had sharpened entirely and his hands were pushing up against my back. He was trying his hardest to hang on to me without clawing into my back. He let out a growl, followed by a moan. I noticed him push against me more, and more of my cock slid into him. Right down to the base for the first time. That's when I noticed his body had changed some more.

His ass, once a cute bubble butt, was now a muscled pair of globes made specifically for my entire huge cock. His arms were thicker, and stronger, allowing him to wrap more easily around me. His core felt stronger as my hands glided over his stomach, probably to help stabilize himself as he drove his ass onto my cock. Even the hair on his body was denser and more pleasing to the touch. Running my hands over his hairy and thicker quads gave me a sensation I never noticed before. His breathing hastened as I exposed him to more pleasure just by touching his leg.

Finally, his cock burst and I let mine fire off too. I never heard him make such loud noises during an orgasm. Even I yelled out as my cock overloaded my entire body with pleasure. He was sweating and breathing hard after it had subsided, laying there as if I had put him into a coma.

“So was that all of you?” I asked him as I mounted him, kissing him on the lips a few times before letting him answer. He nodded his head and looked into my eyes. I could see it in his tourquoise eyes. His fire. His passion. It was back and he was embracing it, based on his slight growth. “It feels better to just let your other half join in, doesn't it? It's more fun when you're a whole person. More fun for the both of us.”

“You were right, alpha. . .” He sighed, “You're always right.”

I kissed him on the neck as I caressed his newly grown body. “Even if you're twice my size, I'll still treat you the same way. Maybe minus the carrying until I outgrow you.”

He grinned, something he rarely did because of his teeth. “Roman, you're probably the weirdest guy around.”

“What can I say? I love who I love.”

“Since you love me. . . Would you want to be my alpha for real? My mate?”

“You mean become a werewolf for you? Werewolves can't compete in bodybuilding, though.”

“Oh that's right. . . Sorry for asking it was dumb of m-”

“So I'll give up bodybuilding. I know you, beta. I know you're a sappy romantic. So yeah, if you promise to give me all of you, I'll be your mate. I know we're young but we've been together for such a long time. So yeah. I want to do it.”

“Alpha, you can think about it for longer if you w-”

“Beta, I always make up my mind the first time.” I groped his pec, something I could actually do now with his increased size. “If I get to have all of you, there's no fucking reason for me to not be your mate. I made up my mind to make you mine a long time ago. So that's what's going to happen. You're going to be mine.”

“Both sides of me would love that more than anything.”

“I think we can stop referring to him as his own person. You're both the same guy. You're Everett, the werewolf. Not Human Everett and Wolfie Everett.”

“I'm Everett the werewolf. . .” He laughed, “Your puppy.”

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I think i saw the video this story is based on. very good take on it!

It was on FB and I was all like "this is a ton cuter than my original idea!" Tho I mostly just used the premise and branched out.

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When I first saw this story I was thinking of that "Dirty Paws" video, from different parts of it, thank goodness no beartrap though.  Though I would have love to see you write a spooning moment that the guy had with his werewolf bf.

Can't wait to see how the story goes in part 3

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They're so cute together. ^w^ Though are you really planning to do some role reversal? <=0 I do hope that even if the roles would be reversed Everett will still be his sweet and nice self, as will Roman. It wouod be a shame if they would change too much aside from having their roles be reversed. <=(

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