wrestling "The Twenty" - Chapter 12: Part 2 Casey vs. Karim Abdul: A Very Turkish Wrestling Match

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"The Twenty" Chapter 12, Part 1: A Very Turkish Wrestling Match


Finally, another chapter.....a group of the boys are heading off for muscle worship in LA! Part 1. Sorry it has taken me so long to continue. ENJOY! Comments welcome...


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"The Twenty" Chapter 12, Part 1: A Very Turkish Wrestling Match

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Valhalla Labs is a remote mountaintop Northern California military facility, overseen by genius muscle growth scientist Dr. Ira Zaftig and CO Staff Sergeant Rod Moster, a 7'-0" ripped and hung 395-pound black muscle giant.  
There, 18 extraordinary bodybuilder-soldiers live, train, and play together, overseen by Moster's  strict rules and brutal regimen for muscular perfection.
Known as Project Herculaneum,  the men serve as Dr. Zaftig's lab rats, receiving regular injections of P-21, a specially developed enzyme that facilitates muscle and strength growth in the very few bodybuilders whose systems can withstand it.  
The goal: to create an army of supermen, whose strength, size, and combat skills are unparalleled in the modern military.
Unfortunately for the Project, the soldiers' enhanced strength and dramatically increased muscular size is accompanied by a corresponding increase in priapic size as well, along with a rapidly diminishing sense of social restraint and inhibitions. And along the way, the men's extraordinary physiques prompt their own extreme muscle fantasies into a daily acting-out sexual reality.
Into the mix comes young Casey Rockland, a lonely, handsome, super-hung 18-year old bodybuilding giant.  Inducted by Dr. Zaftig into the top-secret government muscle strength and growth project, Casey comes to learn the ropes amongst the muscle giants, whose hunger for hardcore training is matched only by their sexual appetites and growing fantasies, including their insatiable need to receive muscle worship.
Casey's innocence, simplicity, and his growing need to receive both love and muscle worship threaten the very core of the decade-long Project, itself only now approaching its full potential.


Chapter 12:  Part 2

Casey vs. Karim Abdul:

A Very Turkish Wrestling Match


Casey and Abdul shook hands and almost immediately crashed into each other like sumo wrestlers.  Moving with confident skill, Abdul wrapped his arms around Casey’s chest and slid them up underneath his armpits. He gained leverage, letting out a massive grunt as he heaved the big muscleboy up off his feet. Casey moaned as Abdul slammed him down to the mat.

“Awesome,” breathed Lang.

“That was fast,” said Waring.

“He’s not done yet,” said Alvarez.  The men leaned in to watch closer. The wrestlers’ gigantic muscles rippled with pumping, vascular power on the mat.

Casey managed to break free for a second, but found himself in Abdul’s guard. Abdul was already going for a triangle choke. Casey was slippery enough to wiggle free for a moment, but Abdul climbed onto his back and sunk in a chokehold, rocking Casey backwards as he tried to shove his hands underneath his rippling forearm.  It was no use.  Superior experience took the moment from Casey.

Abdul reached behind him and grabbed Casey’s asscheeks.

“Let’s keep it clean, keep it clean,” said Moster, circling.

“Think you’re tough, punk?” Abdul snarled into Casey’s ear.

“I know I am,” said Casey. He struggled to wriggle himself free.  Sweat began to pour down his body, further drenching the mat.

Abdul stretched him out as the other guys watched. They slid in the growing pool of oil and sweat. As he dug his hands in, he caught Casey’s posers with his heel. Casey could feel them sliding down his quads the harder he squeezed. The elastic band stretched until is slipped under the pouch.  

For a flash, Casey felt humiliated and helpless, almost half naked and groaning as Abdul dominated him.

Then he retaliated.  Snapping one hand onto Abdul’s pecs, he managed to push him back and deliver a powerful backhand blow across Abdul’s face. Abdul’s face whipped to one side.

“Fuck Turkish rules. Keep the posers on,” Casey snarled.  Moster said nothing.

Mouths dropped open.

Abdul released the posers, smiled back, as Casey pulled them back into place. Casey looked back at him, and Abdul smiled - and returned a powerful backhand blow of his own across Casey’s face.  Casey’s head whipped to the right.  He looked back slowly and nodded.

“We’re even.” Welts began to appear on the faces of both men.

All of sudden, Abdul shot out, gutwrenching Casey’s face into his lap. “No. Now we’re even.”

He tried to shoot a takedown, but Casey suddenly sprawled flat, flipped him, and got a tight front headlock on Abdul. He went down on one knee and flipped him over with a fireman’s carry. Before Abdul knew what hit him, he was on his back. Casey felt his arm between his legs as he attempted a cradle. He was close to scoring.  Abdul, his face now puffing up, struggled in the sweaty pool of muscle. Casey locked up his hands and rocked him back.

The tide of battle changed. Somehow Abdul got to his feet, grabbing hold of Casey’s hips and now shooting for a second takedown, bending over him now and reaching down his broad back. Casey, surprised, tried to sprawl but Abdul guided his hands up again toward the straps of his posers and made him almost sit on his hands. Casey tried to bridge, but Abdul clamped onto him. Saliva sprayed from his mouth and onto the back of Casey’s neck. Abdul flipped him, crashed onto him with his full body weight. It was no use. Casey gave up and collapsed. Sweat poured off Abdul’s face right into Casey’s eyes.

Casey slapped the mat to make it stop and Abdul let him go.

Body odor wafted from sweaty armpits as the men applauded Abdul’s round one victory over Casey.

“Want to go again?” Abdul asked.  He was breathing hard. In spite of his win, the kid had been a lot tougher than he anticipated.  His eye was swelling shut and his mouth was bleeding a little.

“I can take it,” said Casey. His thin skin was red with mat burns, head was throbbing. Was this really him? It was as if he couldn’t control the truth coming out of his mouth. It all felt right.  He could take it. 

He loved the pain, in fact.

Loved it.

But didn't really want to think about it for the moment.

Abdul nodded, stepped back, retired to the corner of the ring.  Pedro was there, pouring more oil. “Don’t need that. Massage my shoulders.”  Pedro looked at him a little helplessly, his light kitchen fingers not nearly meaty enough to knead the dense muscle mass that was Abdul’s traps, but he tried.  After a few seconds, Abdul brushed him away, irritated.

“Never mind,” he barked.  Pedro’s eyes flashed hurt, and Abdul brought himself up to smile at him slightly. “You tried.” He patted the handsome boy’s face heavily with thick oily fingers, leaving a gleaming handprint on Pedro’s cheek. Pedro beamed ecstatically. He so hoped he could suck his god’s cock later, but didn’t dare to ask.

Abdul turned back into the ring. He called to Schumacher.

"Get your ass over here and massage my shoulders,"  Schumacher grunted and went to work on him, kneading the bunched masses with his thick, powerful fingers.

Casey was still center, dancing from foot to foot, not caring that his massive tool was bobbing out of his posers. “Lookin’ good, Case,” yelled Obatu from the sidelines.  He turned to Washington, sitting next to him.  “Know him from Raw Weight.”

“Yeah, Miles’ place. Gotta get there again soon.”

“Good workouts.” He winked. “A little cash to be made, too.”

“Yeah? Doin’ what?”

“You know. Trainin’. Getting’ big. Growing. Flexing. Getting your dick sucked. You know.”

“Oh, yeah.” Casey didn't know. But he forgot about it in a moment.

The whistle blew. “Round two!” announced Moster. 

Casey and Abdul stepped towards each other, circled, each more wary.

On the sidelines, Alvarez glanced over at Lang. Lang’s pants were open, his zipper down, his cock tumbling out of his khakis. He happily worked his long, extra-thick shaft.  He glanced up at Alvarez and shrugged.

“It’s hot,” he said.

Alvarez had to acknowledge it was.

“So why not?”

Alvarez nodded agreement, opened his fly, with some difficulty pulled out his own already-stiff, mammoth member, and began to chug up and down the shaft with practiced, heavily calloused fingers.  Lang looked down, grinned, licked his lips, winked at Alvarez.

“Pose and approve later?”

“We’ll see.”  Lang knew there would be. This was too hot not to follow up with a long pose and approve session and some good butt fucking.  But for now, both musclemen turned back to the match and standing side by side, together worked their cocks in silent unison. Their fists plunging up and down.

A moment later, Waring, Duncan, and McIntyre had joined them. 

“Oh, yeah,” said McIntyre.

squish squish squish squish squish squish squish squish

And a moment after that, Hension, Chad, Meyer and Gunst had pulled their heavy cocks from their khakis and were applying basic spank the monkey techniques.

squish squish squish squish squish squish squish squish

Moster heard the squishing sounds of numerous big cocks being worked by powerful, pumping fists, looked up, glancing askance at the group.

“Begging your pardon sir!”  yelled out Hension.  “We’re masturbating, sir!”

“And why not?” said Moster, but he kept his cock in his pants.  Still, out it poled.

“Bring it, bitch!” yelled Casey as the two faced off in the center of the mat.

“C’mon dude, we wrestlin’ or dancin’? Take a shot!”  Abdul taunted.

Both men seemed either oblivious to or uninterested in the fact that all around them, every man on the muscle squad was now actively jerking off.

Casey shot out a lightning fast single leg. Abdul hopped over it and tried to pivot as Casey dove in, wrapped meaty arms around Abdul’s waist, and brought him violently down to the mat. Somehow Abdul flipped to his belly and Casey applied a painful hammerlock with one hand as he grabbed the back of his head with the other and rubbed his face in the mat.

“How’s that mat taste?” Casey asked as Abdul grunted, struggling to turn his head to the side.  On the sidelines, Pedro was frantic, seeing his big man suddenly so disgraced, however momentarily.

Abdul tried to get off his stomach, but Casey slid his bulging quads down inside Abdul’s and drove his arm underneath his chin. Casey rolled onto his side and poured on the pressure.

“Arrgghhhh!” Abdul groaned as Casey stretched him out. Pedro looked on, helpless with worry.

“Ya like that, tough guy? Want some more?” Casey murmured between clenched teeth said as he pulled up harder on his chin, Casey totally wrapped around him.

Abdul was completely immobilized.  He groaned.

 “C’mon Abdul, you can take this!” Schumacher yelled.  He too was now playing with himself freely.

Lang, firing away on his stiff-as-iron cock, was laughing. “Put him on his back, Case! Finish him off.”

Casey’s posers crept deep into his ass crack as he locked his legs around Abdul’s left leg. His rock hard glutes squeezed together as he wore the huge Turk down. Abdul tried to get free of Casey’s chin lock, but it was no use. He panted and groaned as Casey pulled his head down.

“Got some lube?” asked Chad from the second row. 

The source was surprising. “Here,” said Schumacher, passing around tubes of the prime VALHALLA LABS signature cock-pumping oil. “Gift from the house.”

“When did we start making this stuff?” asked Hension, looking down at the tube as he squeezed the warm lubricant onto his thick cockshaft.

“Shut the fuck up,” said Lefevre, but he grinned good-naturedly, clapping Hension lightly on the back of the head.

On the mat, Abdul suddenly switched it all out. He pried Casey’s hands from the chin lock and sank his arm around Casey’s neck, pulling him down to the mat and now choking him out. His drove his ankles down deep into Casey’s quads and he began to constrict his hold around his neck.  Sweat poured off both men.  The strong smells of perspiration, olive oil and butt wafted up into the overhead lights.

It was now Casey’s turn again to groan in pain.  Abdul’s powerful forearm was wrapped around his thick neck. Moster jumped into the ring, sticking his head into his face and asked Casey if he was ready to give up. Casey was grunting and struggling to breathe.

Casey was unable to say the words I give.  “Too soon,” he breathed out from under Abdul’s body mass.

“Loosen up, man,” Moster said to Abdul, who nodded.  Abdul loosened the hold so Casey could breathe, but he wasn’t done. Casey tried to get up, but Abdul still was controlling him. Then Abdul reached down and once again slid his hand down into Casey’s now-ripped posers. Casey looked angered as Abdul grabbed onto his thick cock.  He handed off the poser to his foot, and peeled Casey’s poser down revealing the muscleboy’s huge penis.

“In Turkish oil wrestling rules, the match is now over,” muttered Gunst from the sidelines, watching the mass of slippery muscle tumble on the mats.  He rubbed the bulge in his pants, and glanced down.  Straight up and out, past the belt line, up into his t-shirt, poling up above his belly.  He unzipped and released his mass.

“We done?” breathed Abdul.

“No!” yelled Casey, now naked.

“Naw, it’s way better than Turkish wrestling,” whispered Blankenship, now fondling his own stiff penis, still sheathed in khaki.

Gunst looked him quizzically.

“I like how it feels in my pants.”

“Oh.  Oh, yeah. Me too. Sometimes.” Gunst began pumping.  “But not now.”

Around the ring, all cocks were pumped a little more fiercely as the match intensified.

“Okay then. We go for a pin.” Abdul moved his hand up to Casey’s head, rubbing it in his hair to get some sweat for lubricant. Then he came back rubbing Casey’s cock until it was rock solid. Out it poled, 12 inches and more.

“Whatcha gonna do about it this time?” he sneered.

The 17 bodybuilders were now all leaning in and pumping hard cocks, watching the sweaty jumble of muscle on the mat.  Even Schumacher was now pumping furiously.

As was Tiffany.  For once the self-possessed little muscleboy let his guard down.  He worked his cock ferociously, watching the dark match.

“They’re pretty even,” said Warning.

“Yeah,” said Chad.  Next to him on the left, Obatu and Washington looked as if they were about to get up.  A light flickered in Lang’s eye.  Hension looked wildly around him. He was going to cum soon.

Moster directed them all warningly, knowing where they were likely to go next. 

“Stay where you are, gents. No cumming. Men can hold it.” 

General moans.  The men did as they were told. The wrestling room was silent except for the grunts of Casey and Abdul, the near-silent whirring of Dr. Irving’s video cam, the blue-balled moans and groans of the fleet of masturbating muscle giants, with the squeaky wet regular tattoo of lubricated palms working big cocks.

Squish squish squish GRUNT GROANNNN squish squish squish squish squish squish

“I SAID, DO NOT CUM!” Moster shouted suddenly.  All jumped in their seats.  “A man can withstand it!”

All sat.  17 monster muscle cocks with nowhere to go but into calloused palms.  For now. Up and down. Up and down.

“Hey, Chad!” whispered Bogarde loudly. “Squeeze my nips!”  Chad reached over to his right with his free hand (the other feverishly pumping his cock) and began violently tweaking Bogarde’s huge, downward-pointing think nipples. 

“Yeah, make me hurt, man!” Bogarde pleaded, working his cock.

“You got it, man.”

Squish squish squish UGH GROANNNN UGH UGH GROAN….

squish squish squish squish squish squish


Suddenly Abdul flipped, keeping his hold on Casey, who squirmed below. Casey was on his back now with Abdul on top, now in the north-south position.  All Casey could see was Abdul’s bulging balls and the red singlet outline of his rigid cockshaft. Abdul lowered his balls onto Casey’s face and caught his head in between his legs.

But Casey somehow spread his legs and reclamped behind Abdul’s neck.  The two muscle monsters squeezed each other tight, rubbing crotches in each other’s face.  Casey’s enormous penis brushed Abdul’s scratchy beard.

“Ouch!” Casey cried.

Finally Abdul broke the hold and swung around to face Casey, getting him in one of his killer headlocks.

Once again, Casey was in trouble.  But he managed to dig an elbow into Abdul’s groin.  Abdul shouted and Casey pried himself free, stood, and turned.  He lunged full weight at Abdul.  Abdul was ready for him, grabbing his shoulders and shoving Casey’s face right into his and applying a submission hold. For a moment, they looked into each other’s eyes. Then Abdul drove Casey’s shoulders into the mat.

“Ughhhh,” Casey moaned. Abdul had mounted him and was driving his elbow into his head. It was momentary. Casey flopped in his own sweat a moment, and then, with surprising swiftness, changed course, wrapping his hands behind Abdul’s neck and pulling him in toward his chest. He wrapped his legs tight around Abdul’s body and grunted as he started to gain control.

Abdul and Casey slid around the mat, slipping out of each other holds as they tried desperately to get a submission out of each other. Suddenly, Casey managed to climb on Abdul’s back and slip his arm under his chin. His stiff cock slapped against his abs.

“Shit!” Abdul yelled as Casey secured the choke. Casey squeezed harder. Suddenly Abdul was struggling to breathe. His face was beet red.

And suddenly, it was over. Abdul slapped the mat furiously and Casey released his grip.

He let out a whoop.

He grabbed Abdul by the hair and lifted his head up, using his other arm to flex his biceps. Fast as a flash, Abdul grabbed his hand and twisted his wrist, ensuring Casey’s victory was a brief one – but it was too late.  The image had been captured in the men’s brains.

“Aweesummmm,” breathed Hension, once again, and to no one in particular.

“Wait till I call it!” yelled Moster.

“Fuck you,” said Abdul. He hunched back on his knees and locked Casey up in a kneeling position, pressing his slippery forehead into his and looking into his eyes.  They panted for breath.

Once again, as if alerted by a bugle charge, both suddenly sprang once again into action. Abdul managed to get a headlock on Casey and threw him to the mat. His cock slapped against his leg as Casey tried to turn to avoid getting pinned. Both were so sweaty and slick with the now hot oil that neither could get a good hold. The mat was an ocean of steaming sweat and oil, both men sliding in the mass of liquid.

In the circle of chairs around the wrestling ring, the bodybuilders pumped their blood-engorged cocks feverishly. On the mat, Casey freed a hand and ripped Abdul’s singlet wide open.  The Turk was enraged. His cock spilled onto the mat.  Pedro leaned forward now openly licking his lips.

“Please let us cum, sir!” pleaded Hension.

“Okay…..guess I’ll play, too,” said Moster, studiedly lazily.  He advanced into the center of the ring where the two muscle monsters lay, locked in sinew, sweat, and bronzed oil, their huge cocks flailing openly.

“Men, why don’t you join me?”  Moster smiled. He only had to ask once.  In a heartbeat the 17 bodybuilders bolted from the chairs, clambering over one another and the rings to get to the center of the ring. Still, they waited breathlessly, cocks in hand, no one daring to make a further move.

Abdul shot a look of helpless rage up to Moster, but Casey was holding him firm. Neither man could budge.

squish squish squish squish GOOSH squish squish


And Moster unzipped.  The largest black cock in the world poured out of his pants, flopping down to his knees. 


In a second it was poled high, reaching nipple level.  Moster grabbed it with his fist and slid his hands down it just three times.

squish squish squish squish GOOSH squish squish


“I’m ready,” he said quietly.  The bodybuilders circled the wrestlers, side by side. 

Casey stared at the huge, pendulous looming cocks above him, heavy dew drops of precum beginning to drip, oozing into the mass of mat liquid in which the two musclemen lolled in their struggles.  It was as if it was the first time he had even noticed what the men were up to.

“What are they doing??” he cried out to Moster.

“What’s it look like, punk?” growled Abdul in his ear.

Moster ignored him. “Pedro,” Moster invited graciously, “why don’t you get over here and join us?” 

Pedro didn’t have to be asked twice.  He scampered gleefully into the circle, a little beautiful brown spot of handsome teenhood amidst a turbulent ocean of masturbating musclemen.  He pulled out his own pretty little cock and began to pump fiercely, gleefully, staring hungrily at the huge muscle and looming penises all around him. After only a moment, he couldn’t stand being surrounded by the sea of cock without getting to his knees and starting to suck his way around the circle, feverishly.  He started with Gunst, his pretty little mouth enveloping the massive organ.

From the sidelines Dr. Irving began to walk rapidly behind the circle of men, panning his cam across the landscape of their solid glutes, huge, hard and round, squeezing and relaxing in tense, pumping cannonballs of butt muscle as they pumped their cocks feverishly. 

Backs of heads. Batwing lat spreads of knitted boulders of muscle.  Delts touching.  Hamstrings pounding with thick rivers of veins. Butts pumping.  Irving got it all on cam.

Someday he knew this video would be worth thousands….hundreds of thousands.  He captured it all.

From the mat below, Casey gazed up, exhausted and confused, bewildered and amazed at a sea of musclecock held high above him.

Abdul merely growled.  In a few seconds the waterfalls of cum would begin.  He couldn’t admit to himself that he had wanted something like this to happen.

“What’re they gonna do?” asked Casey, fearfully, muffled. 

Hmmmm, thought Moster as he pumped his organ. The white cap is wearing off.  Probably from the match. If it was still in him, he’d have no problem.

Still, it didn’t stop anything.  The bodybuilders were groaning loudly now, pumping and flexing, rocking ball-toe-heel, their magnificently bodies undulating rhythmically. 

“Let ‘er rip!”

Moster, now pumping furiously, looked to Dr. Irving, who had never stopped the video, nor moved.  “You getting it all?”

“Of course,” said Irving, irritated, shocked, perplexed and baffled as always - but never daring to shut down the cam.  He could never understand what all this had to do with science, but never mind. He was well paid.

 “Muthafucker!” Hension screamed.

“You boys about ready to shoot?” Moster asked.

“Hang on. They ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” said Abdul. 

He squeezed Casey’s head as hard as he could. It wasn’t too long before Casey wriggled out of it and was on his hands and knees facing him. He came in at Abdul and tried to push him over onto his back, but the muscle Turk reached behind him and sunk his fingers right into Casey’s exposed anus.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” Casey cried as Abdul used his rectum as a handle to flip him over.  He slammed on his back on the mat.  An ocean spray of sweat and oil sloshed into the air.  And around them the squishing sounds of muscle jerking grew more frantic.

“Oh, maaaaa—aaaan,” said Hension.

“Hold off, men!” shouted Moster.

"Santa mierda de Dios,” breathed Pedro, now frantically licking Obatu’s cock up and down its 12-inch length.  Obatu’s pumping fist was punching him repeatedly in the nose.  He didn’t care. He held the cock between his lips and sucked hard. Precum began to spurt down his throat.

Squish squish squish UGH GROANNNN UGH UGH GROAN….


GOOOsh squish squish GOOOsh groannnn


Ugh unnnghh


squish squish squish squish squish squish



Casey and Abdul were in a mad final scramble now. Both knew the match was coming to an end. Abdul was enraged he somehow didn’t have the conditioning to go a full hour with Casey; it had only been 12 to 15 minutes in the ring, and no more – and he was wiped out.  For his part, Casey was panting deeply and hot as a furnace, pushed to the max.

And yet.

And yet.

Abdul knew Casey could outlast him. Casey, however much he might be forever on the bottom tonight, yet had a couple of hours of strength to go.  It was only that he lacked the fighting technique Abdul had hard earned over the years. 

And this enraged the Turk.

Abdul got behind Casey and sunk his arms between his legs, locking onto his other arm and driving his biceps into Casey’s balls. Abdul’s forearm pressed painfully against his thick penis.  Casey couldn’t take it. He had to move, giving him enough space to maneuver. Dirty Turkish wrestling.

Casey managed to get a “Fuck you”, but he was outclassed, totally helpless and defeated.

“I gotta suck cock!” Lang shouted, and dove down in front of Alvarez.  In a flash Alvarez’s meat was in his mouth, sluicing juicily down his throat.

“Me too,” muttered Hension, who dropped down in front of Gunst.  He bobbed and weaved with the mighty strokes Gunst was applying to his huge cock, ducking his head, trying to get his mouth around it. “Shit,” said Gunst. With his right hand he backhandedly smacked Hension’s face hard, grabbed the back of his head, clenched a handful of hair; with his left hand he clutched his cock and rammed it down Hension’s throat. Hension began to violently suck muscle giant’s firehouse cock while working his own and never taking his eyes off the grappling musclemen on the mat.

Abdul had Casey’s legs now, lifting him up so Casey was upside down, sliding down Abdul’s back till his head hit the mat and he was facing his ass. His nose went right into Abdul’s exposed ass crack for a minute while the Turk kept tilting his head back to put pressure on Casey’s balls.

But Casey rallied. Groaning, straining, working hard, he trapped Abdul’s head in a figure 4, squeezing his face right into his balls as he pinned him.

“Yer so eager to see my cock, so get an eyeful of it now,” he hissed.  Abdul tried to snarl back, but he could only groan.  He was getting tired. And the muscleboy had hours of energy ahead of him. He could feel it.

Moster had a hard time seeing if the Turk was pinned or not, the men were so wrapped up in an oily mass of muscled quads, rippling traps, batwing lats, boulder biceps, brick-like abs, pounding glutes, pounding feet, pounding fists, and bulging balls. But it wasn’t looking so good for the Turk.


The squad, now in deep sex frenzy, was by now beyond observing the details of combat. Blankenship and Waring had each dropped to their knees, sucking the heavy, veiny cocks of Chad and Washington. Schumacher grabbed Meyer, flipped him around, pulled down his khakis, and plunged his cock mercilessly into his welcoming butthole as the handsome deaf mute played gleefully with his engorged manhood.  He began to fuck him with deep and powerful strokes. Meyer smiling ecstatically and waved his mighty butt under the cock blows. He reached back and pried his buttcheeks wide. His asshole was as open as he could get it.  He spread his legs. Schumacher’s thick cock was in action, driving, pounding, fucking.

Squish squish squish fuckfuckfuck


Moster could see where it was headed on the mat.  Abdul had taken the first two pins.  But Casey was just getting started.  He was mad now.  The effect of the white caps was weaving in and out, true, and Casey was responding as if he was on mushrooms.  But his huge muscles were gleaming with power. Every vein was bursting.  Sweat was pouring off both men.  And Abdul was breathing hard. But he still had the upper hand.

Still, Moster pumped harder. He had to admit: this was pretty hot.

Pedro looked at him adoringly, moved to take Moster’s cock in his mouth. Moster pushed him back roughly.

“Get away, son,” he barked.  Pedro looked frightened and abashed.  Moster smiled slightly, an eyebrow arched.

“You being a bad boy? Might have to tan your hide later,” he murmured.

Pedro looked hopeful but the fear still glistened slightly.  He glanced down at Moster’s powerful fist, now stroking his massive meat up and down, up and down.

“Your hand could kill my butt!” he squeaked.

“Not your butt, little boy. Not yours. Now get out of my way. Go suck Private Duncan’s cock.” Moster tossed a glance at Duncan, who was busily working his dick.  Pedro scampered away, ran to Duncan, and knelt before him.

“The C.O. says I have to suck your cock,” he cried out, and gathered the mighty pole into his mouth.  Duncan was startled.

“Okay,” he said. “Don’t mind.” 

Pedro knelt and went right to work on Duncan’s massive tool.  He was particularly excited by the latticework of heavy veins surrounding the muscleman’s member.  He began to trace his finger along the thick rivers of vascularity as he sucked. Duncan spread his legs wide. He grabbed Pedro’s black hair in his fist and began to steadily pump his hips into the boy’s face.

On the mat, more spent than he wanted to admit, Casey stared up at the circle of musclemen above and around him.  Four of the musclemen were sucking musclecock now.  The little Mexican teenager was scampering about sucking musclecocks as they were freed up. Schumacher was fucking the cute little muscleguy’s awesome glutes. The other 7 musclemen were straddling the mat edges now, massive quads akimbo, pumping serious cock. And the CO Sergeant Moster had his cock out, too. It was the biggest penis Casey had ever seen in his life.  Even bigger than his own. Which was huge.  As he stared, he lost focus. And in a flash, Abdul had flipped him again and was straddling his pecs with his own huge body and pressing for an advantage. Casey couldn’t move.

The sounds of musclesex filled the wrestling room.  On the sidelines, Dr. Irving was capturing it all on video.

GOOOsh squish slurp suck suck slurp squish GOOOsh groannnn SUCKSUCK LICK SLURP fuckkkk

Casey grunted.  A surge of energy hit him. He tried a duck under, but Abdul kept the upper hand. As he went down to his knees on the mat, Casey kept his left arm welded to the Turk’s shoulder, pulling out to his side and anchoring his right hand deep in his anus.

“Turkish rules, right?” Casey snarled into Abdul’s ear, beginning to chew on the lobe.

He was back in control again. The Turk let out a short gasp as he felt Casey’s index finger work up into his asshole, a big grin on his face. Abdul wanted to smash those perfect teeth in, but he was too busy trying to pry the muscle giant kid’s finger out of his butthole.

With a sudden rush of White Cap adrenaline, Casey moved his right arm around Abdul’s waist, mounted him and broke him down so his belly was flat on the mat. He managed a gut wrench and turned him over once, but he was too tough and was able to counter Casey’s leverage with his strength.

Moster knew he had to step in. He couldn’t afford to have Abdul so badly defeated. Not yet.  Not at the outset of Casey’s career.  Sure, Casey Rockland was a muscle outlier.  There may never have been a muscleman like him before, and there may not be another again.  But it was too soon for the legend to emerge.

For the good of the program, Casey had to lose tonight. And it didn’t look as if he was going to. So Moster did the one thing he could do, to save Abdul’s neck.

Moster blew the whistle and reached in. He grabbed them both by the scruffs of their necks and powerfully brought them up to their knees.  Casey was stunned, dizzy, swirling with confusion and excitement and pain and frenzy all at once. Abdul’s rage was huge but not huge enough to allow his own massive tool to go limp.  Both muscle monsters were sporting huge erections. And the men around them were pumping and sucking and fucking furiously.

Ugh unnnghh groan moan slurp suck


squish squish squish slurp suck suck squish squish squish AH AHH AHHHHHH yeah yeah yeah  UNNNGHHHH AAAAHHHHHH!!!!


Moster stepped forward, grabbed his mighty cock, knelt down next to the knotted figures of muscle, and began to shoot cum in the Turk’s face.




Gallons of gobs of white creamy cum shot maniacally from his deeply creased piss slit.  And the biggest cock in the world, on the biggest bodybuilder in the world, began to throb and spurt hot liquid rivers of jism onto the Turk’s face.

“FUCKING HELL!” roared Abdul.  ‘GODDAMN YOU MOSTER!!!” And the cum spilled, coating his roaring face, filling his mouth and nostrils, dripping down his chin. Moster was aiming it, like a firehose.

“On the Turk, men!” he shouted.

And with that…all hell let loose.  

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WOW!!  Incredible writing.  Had to read this is two parts because it is so hot.  Thanks for a GREAT chapter!!!

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This is a tremendous story and huge congratulations to the writer for providing such stimulation to so many of us muscle fans. This kind of a group of men is something I have often thought about, and joeysliverado must definitely be a good mindreader because he read mine perfectly !


I am looking forward very much to reading about the continuing adventures of Casey Rockland !


Thanks so much once again. :D

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Over two months since the last installment. I'm getting worried.

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I really look forward to more installments!

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love this story!!!!

any new chapters?

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Any interest? I will continue this story if others read and comment....

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I'd love to see where this goes next -- yes please!

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I will be happy to continue....if more comment and read. Comments and readership seem I am not certain this is the right forum for this story.


Need comments on all chapters needed to continue.  225 pages are all written and ready to go. But not if no one particularly cares or is interested....understandable, I am simply perhaps posting on the wrong bulletin bard.

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