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worship An evening run, chapter 4

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Chapter 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 67


A/N: I just noticed that the chapters are getting progressively longer (this one is twice as long as the first one). Anyway, here it is, hope you guys enjoy, I tried a few ideas that sounded fun, so let me know what you guys know. As always, please do comment and critique (you could even pm me if you want).





I woke up suddenly, because Ty got up in a rush with a quiet "Sorry, I really need to go." And he quickly thuded into the bathroom. I was unwilling to get up, so I kept my eyes closed and rolled over to the large warm area that smelled like his body.


 I guessed he really need to go, since he almost groaned with relief. And there was the powerful stream. And another, and again. Well, my peeing hypothesis was totally wrong, because nobody does Kegels first thing in the morning when they really need to pee. Oh well.


I started wondering if he ever did that before, but I wasn't sure. I couldn't remember, but he always got up before me.

And then there was a longer stream with less force. And then the flush of the toilet.

More thuds, but these were slower and somehow more relaxed.


"You're lying on my spot."


"Should I lie down on your bed?" At this I cracked my eyes open, he stood at my feet, towering over my lying form.

"Don't you dare, it would collapse under you. And you wouldn't fit in it anyway."

"Well, that leaves me with just one option." He scratched at his furry cheek. 


"Hmm, if Ty falls on Eli in his apartment, and there's no one else there, does it make a sound?"


With that, he seemed to start growing bigger, my brain still slow from the remains of sleep only realizing too late that he was falling on top of me-


BANG! I flinched and yelped, shutting my eyes, before realizing that nothing hurt. I opened them again, and I could only see the dark brown of his skin filling my whole field of vision. I looked to the side, where I could see one of his arms supporting his frame. He must have extended them to catch himself.


"Fuck, don't freak me out like that! I would've been flattened to a pancake under you!"

"Aww, but don't you trust me? I won't ever hurt you."


As I got my breath under control, I wanted to repay him, so I grabbed onto his nipples and tweaked hard, as that always hurt me like hell.


He roared in response, and he almost let himself drop onto me again.


"Fuuuck, don't do that! I thought you were angry at me, not horny."

"What are you talking about, I just hurt you."


There was a pause, before he shifted downward so we could see face to face while he was still above me, his arms supporting him. 


"Uh, pain wasn't what I felt. I, um, enjoy that, actually. No offense, but I really don't think you have the strength to hurt me doing that. Not without some tool at least."

"Damn. Sorry I tried to hurt you."


He chuckled "It's okay. You must have really been freaked out. I get it. I won't do something like that again. But I won't refuse if you want to twist my nipples. At least in private, I don't think many people would appreciate me roaring anytime you wanted."


"Okay, got it. Well, there's no way I'm going back to sleep, I've got too much adrenaline in my system now. What about you? Should we get up, go do something?"

"Hmm, I want to stay in bed some more." Then he grinned. "And you're staying with me."


He went back to the original position, his pecs hovering just over my head, before he lowered himself so I was once again surrounded by his body. I tried to push him up, with no effect, but he was careful to let me breathe. It was quite comfortable, feeling him, putting a firm pressure on every part of me like a heavy and hot blanket. Like I was in a tight full-body cast and it tightened and relaxed around me a little with his every breath. The short hairs tickled my face slightly.


"In the bathroom, you came, didn't you." He only hmmed affirmatively.

"Do you do that often while here?"

"Sometimes, does it bother you?"

"I never noticed before. But no, it doesn't bother me. I mean, it's fairly common, right?"

"Well, maybe not exactly common, not in my, uh, quantity, but yeah, some guys do that. And, I think it might happen more often, due to the recent developments. You cool with that?"



We spent a little more time like that, before we decided to get up. We made ourselves some breakfast and we talked about what we wanted to do that day. We settled on some exercise first, then Ty wanted to give me a massage.


We cleaned the dishes, and went outside, so Ty could exercise himself a bit, and give me some pointers. First, he told me to just slowly work on my walking, just feel through the whole process, feel when it hurt, when it felt wobbly, and such. I still used crutches, but I tried to use them as little as possible. It was all quite hard, since he went through his own routine, displaying his body with no indication my presence bothered him. His muscles, writhing under his dark skin as he commanded, holding his body in various positions without much apparent protest.


Then he decided to work on my strength a little, letting me test myself against him, we had an armwrestling match where he of course held his own without any effort whatsoever. I even tried both my hands against his, without any change which wasn't that unexpected. He complimented me anyway. 


That felt pretty nice. Then he put me through modified push ups, where he knelt behind me and held my shins off the ground to not put any strain on the ankles. Then he made me do pull ups. He stood in front of me, and he put his flat hands, palms facing his torso, in front of his chest, so I could grab onto his fingers. He raised them until I dangled a couple inches in the air. To give me motivation, he promised a quick peck for every time I could pull myself up to his face. That was great, even though I didn't manage more than three reps in a set.


Then we did L-sits together, I managed only a few seconds at a time, without having the strength to lift even one of my legs. Ty of course had no problem holding it the whole time even with me struggling on top of his tighs, but his encouragements made me push myself harder.

When we ended the last exercise, I was panting, clutching at my sore belly, while leaning on his midsection for a while. Then we stood up to go inside and Ty grabbed me and slung me over his shoulder, giving me a great sight of his back, glutes, hamstrings, calves and the backs of his massive feet as he made his way over to the shower, where we washed the sweat off.


We decided to go to the food court for lunch, as I wanted to go outside for change. I assured Ty that it would be fine to go on foot, I'd tell him if it hurt too much so he could carry me.


We arrived, the court wasn't fully packed, which was good, I was fine walking here, but I wasn't sure if I could manage waiting in a queue for a long time. We got our food (it was a thick and quite spicy tomato soup with mealworms), Ty of course got a big bowl of it, and we made our way to 'his' table. The crafters made it because of his request, but they improved on the basic design, and it could be used by other people who were bigger in some way, fat, tall...


We spent most of our meal in silence, but I noticed that he was slower than usual, I almost had my bowl empty while his was still half full. I put my hand on his fist, noting that it was clenched pretty hard. I rubbed at it to get his attention.


"Everything alright, big guy?" 

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I, yeah, I think. I'm just freaking out a little bit, overthinking everything..."

"Would it help if you told me and I gave my opinion?"

"I'm not sure. But I want to deal with this on my own, if you don't mind."

"Alright." I didn't stop rubbing his hand, and it did get more relaxed.

"Can you relax your hand a little bit more? I want to try something."


I finished the soup, so I had both of my hands free now, which I used to coax his fingers from the fist, and I tried to interweave the fingers of his hand and mine. His hand was too large for me to get all of his fingers, but I managed to grab his pinkie and ring finger, with my thumb reaching his knuckle from the underside. I smiled at my victory, and looked up, Ty's stunned face was looking back at me.



"Nothing, it's just a bit surprising for me. Not in a bad way of course."

"Your hands are not that big Ty."

"No, I didn't mean it that- I just wasn't expecting it that's all." The rough pad of his thumb assured me to keep holding his hand.


When he finished his bowl, Ty carried the dishes to the cleaning counter, while I made my way to the entrance.

As he reached me, I asked him: "Your folks weren't here today?"


"I didn't see them, so probably not, they're probably taking another shift."

"Okay, you mind if we take a little detour at our way home?"

"Not really."




We visited a craftstore, where I got some bodypaint, which I usually only got for the kids. They always love making a mess. But this time, I was intending to use it in a more precise way then they did. I told Ty that I recently got a nice canvas to paint on.




Along the way we talked about the massage, I wanted just a regular back rub.

Back home, we put the cans of paint away, Ty got the oil from the kitchen, as he instructed me to take some towels and put them below me, strip down and lay on the futon. 


I made myself comfortable, my hands under my forehead, an additional rolled up towel under my ankles. I heard Ty approach thanks to his thudding accompanying him everywhere.


"Okay, I'm going to straddle you, do you mind if I'll be nude?"

"Hmm, not really, but won't your penis get in the way?"

"Let me try it."


I heard the rustle of him taking off his boxers, and he moved over me, put the bottle of oil near my head, he got in the position above me on all fours, and he got up into the kneeling position. I felt his hairy balls land between my thighs, just under my ass, but he didn't touch me otherwise.


"Okay, so it shouldn't get in the way. Although it may drop some precum on you, that alright with you?"

"Yeah it's fine, as long as you don't cum, I don't want to clean this room."


I felt him move again, and then I felt his long and hot penis pressing into my back, then his pecs joined it and then he planted a kiss onto the back of my head.


"Don't worry, I'm pretty good at holding back." 


He raised himself, and grabbed the bottle, pouring the oil into his hands, warming it up by rubbing them together.


"Here I go." 


One of his hands landed on the small of my back covering a considerable area, exerting light pressure as he moved it towards my head in a very short time. The other hand joined it on the other side, but moving slower. He repeated this a few times, gradually adding pressure. Then he changed to just the tips of his joined fingers, focusing the pressure. A moan escaped me in response to his stimulation. 


I assured him that it feels great, and urged him to continue. I felt like I was melting under him. He started adding more circular motions, squiggles, sometimes going slow and hard with the heel of his hand along my spine, sometimes using quick brushes that danced along my skin, sometimes driving a tip of his finger into a sore spot, almost to the point of unbearable pain, while whispering soothing words to take my mind off of it. Then he returned back to the slow strokes, and he moved onto my traps and the back of my neck, working it like a dough he had to prepare for baking. And then he tapped on my back, lightly (for him) and rhythmically. He ended with going back to the start, with the very light strokes across my whole back, before just resting his hands there, letting me feel their warmth. I whined a little bit, sad that it was over already.


He chuckled "Enjoyed it?"

"Soo much..." I felt drained of all energy, yet rejuvenated at the same time. "Didn't feel the precum falling though."

"Yeah, got lucky and it all fell on my hands. Don't worry, you'll still smell like me until you shower." He was right, I didn't notice it until now, but there was his musk in the air now...


"When did you get so good at this?"

"On the farm, we usually massage each other after work, so I got a lot of practice. Though I probably never felt like you did. Guess it'd take someone a lot stronger to give me a proper massage."


"Have you thought about having more than one guy working you at a time? Maybe they could walk and stomp on your back. That has to do something, right?"

"Hmm, never looked at it that way. I'll bring it up, see if they're up to it. Maybe even do a few push ups as long as they're up there."

"You're unbelievable, isn't massage supposed to be about relaxing?"

"I guess so. "

"Anyway, my body is feeling limp like boiled noodles right now. I don't think I'll be able to paint..."

"Aww, and I wanted to see you paint so much..."

"You're like a kid. Just give me a few minutes, and I'll be up. Also you're kind of keeping me down."

"Oh, right, sorry." 


He jumped up, moving to wash his hands and put away the oil. I gathered my energy and sat up slowly, checking on my body. Despite the seemingly rough treatment, I felt really good, more loose, more relaxed... "I'll have to persuade him to do this more often. Well, it's probably not going to take much persuasion, to be honest." I went for the paint cans, selecting three colors. Green, red and yellow. I turned to Ty, who was looking at me with that curious expression of his.


"Can you bring a chair to the bathroom?"

"Bathroom? Why there? And where's your canvas."

"You're the canvas." I said with a smile. The confusion written in his face was quickly replaced by a questioning look and then it settled into a wide smile.


"That's awesome!" In his joy, he grabbed the chair in one hand, and with the other he grabbed me by my waist, cans still dangling in my hands, as he practically skipped into the bathroom, his cock that became hard very fast leading the way.


He set me and the chair down, looking at me. 


"So what do you need me to do? Should I hold you in front of my chest as you paint it? Should I hold some poses for you?" 


He started posing, going through several in a few seconds, not able to choose one... And his cock started flinging pre cum like yesterday. He was like an overgrown puppy, just crackling with energy at the prospect of his master giving him a treat.


"Whoa, hey, settle down. Can you sit down here?" He froze in the middle of the side triceps pose.

"Oh, uh, yeah. Sorry, I got carried away."

"Don't apologize, it's great that you're so enthusiastic. Though I have to say, the painting itself won't probably be that exciting."


He sat down, and I took an old rag and brought the chair closer to him but as I approached him from the front, I sat down on his thigh, it was like I was facing a wall of living stone, shivering with excitement.


"Okay, now take a couple of deep breaths, and lean back a bit."


I opened the cans and dipped a finger in the first paint as he followed my directions. I started to cover his massive chest in lines, circles of different color, noting the drops that were caught on his chest hair. Painting it in my emotions, wherever my hands wanted to roam I let them. Well, at first, I steered them away from his nipple, but as I looked up to his face, I could see him looking back with such intensity... I let myself brush against it, first with just the clean parts of my hands, as I drew them near the nipple, and then even putting just a dot of paint directly on the top of it. Both actions resulted in sharp inhales from him, and an intensifying of the precum dripping from his cock, which now formed a puddle between his legs, soaking my foot a bit.


I repeated the same thing while sitting on the other leg, which gave me acces to his other side. Then I moved onto his abs, where I highlighted his bellybutton, and drew lines more or less pointing towards it. He politely moved his dick away when it got in my way. I got a bit playful, 'accidentaly' smudging a bit of paint on it.


As I decided his front was covered enough, I stood up and went to get the chair.


"Is this the end?"

"No, I'll continue on your back. Unless you want me to stop."

"Please continue, this is pretty intense. Oh, and just sit down on the chair, I'll move you." He added with a smirk.


I sat down and he reached over with one hand, grabbed the leg of the chair, and moved it, with just a twist of his torso slightly behind him, then he faced to the front again, grabbed out with the same hand backward, and moved it again, so now I was right behind him, giving me the vast canvas of his back at my discretion. Then he gave me the cans.


I started working again, noticing that as I progressed, his breathing became more heavy, the muscles clenching under my hands.


"Are you okay? Do you need a pause?"

"No." He sounded pretty angry. "Please continue, it's just much more intense than I thought it would be. I'm just having a hard time holding it back."


"Holding what back?" And then it clicked, the heavy breathing, the twitching muscles, the words filtered through his clenched teeth, the memory of his hard cock growing harder during my work on his front... "Oh, you want to cum? Fire away at will. I don't have to be the only one painting here." 


I continued, now focused more on very slow, very light strokes along his back, sometimes leaning closer and helping the paint dry with a gentle breath...


"Fuck-" Another dot. "I-" Another stroke, this time quick and short. "I'm-" I dipped my whole hand in the paint, meanwhile gently blowing on an empty patch of skin. "I'm gonna-" I slapped my hand on his skin with all the force I could muster.


He roared like a bear, arched his back, and his dick exploded. The ropes of his cum splattered on the wall several feet in front of us, painting it in a vertical puddle of white goo that reached above my head. It was amazing to watch. As his orgasm died down, the cum created a path from the wall painting leading directly to the person responsible.




Still huffing, he began to laugh. "You just got me to cum with only some paint and breathing, without anything touching my dick and the only thing you can say is 'Woah.'? "


"I'm kind of speechless right now."


He stood up and turned to me, his still throbbing cock pointing at me, then he leaned down, grabbed me under my armpits and brought me to his mouth to kiss me. I happily reciprocated. After a long while we stopped. He put me down again and stomped to the mirror. "Now I really want to see what you painted."


He looked at himself, turning one way and the other, visibly growing more confused.


"Uh, no offense meant to your talent, but... This just looks like a painting of a three year old kid that just got crayons."


"Actually, it's a very complex pattern of lines and dots, designed specifically to make the paintee more turned on and to bring them to climax. I got it from a magic book I was given by my great grandpa." I tried my hardest to look completely serious, looking at him through the mirror from his side.


"Are you kidding me?"




"Aww, and here I thought you could do some more magic for me."

"You're magical enough as is. I just basically let my fingers go across your skin, while thinking about you, me, us... I thought this would be a good, I guess, intimacy exercise, but apparently it's also a bit more for you. Which is great."


"I love you." I looked at his face directly. I knew he meant it. The next sentence was easy to say. I may not have been able to pin my exact emotions about all this, but I felt sure that it was in the right place. "I love you too." I hugged him, planting kisses on the painted skin as he brought me even closer to him with his arms.

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This is so sweet. I like how Ty reacts to  Eli's touch. The big man  getting so worked up by the person he cares about. And Eli doing more things to explore their intimacy, getting out of his confort zone to please his lover.

I do wonder wat got Ty so upset un the dinner and Im glad Eli work through that to get to him.

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Thanks guys :D


@Ragnar12231 Yeah, I've heard of that some time ago and it just sounds like such a cool bonding thing. Granted, it probably won't have such explosive result, but I don't see why it couldn't lead to sexy times. ;)

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the bodypaint reminded me of those that some sex shop seels where you just throw yourself into teh paint and youa nd your partner just rolls into teh sheets when you are doing whatever you are doing. That's a cool thing for a moment i thought, they were gonna do that.

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the bodypaint reminded me of those that some sex shop seels where you just throw yourself into teh paint and youa nd your partner just rolls into teh sheets when you are doing whatever you are doing. That's a cool thing for a moment i thought, they were gonna do that.

Actually I just found the tumblr post: here it is (i'm not that tumblr user)

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This just keeps getting better. I love the creative ways of intimacy you're coming up with. The massage was quite traditional, but the body paint session was something else!


Too often this genre feels like people following the same and same and same tropes. Content-wise, authors repeat what they already know, but chop off the edges in the process rather than adding anything. We only notice how a lot of the stuff out there is the same old thing when we read something as fresh as this :)

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This just keeps getting better. I love the creative ways of intimacy you're coming up with. The massage was quite traditional, but the body paint session was something else!


Too often this genre feels like people following the same and same and same tropes. Content-wise, authors repeat what they already know, but chop off the edges in the process rather than adding anything. We only notice how a lot of the stuff out there is the same old thing when we read something as fresh as this :)


Thank you! Yeah, I totally get you.


This is also me writing out my frustration with the current 'mainstream', that is dystopian novels and stories (see The Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Game of Thrones, Buying Time, most AAA games are about saving something (continent, world, galaxy) from the brink of destruction, it's just problems everywhere, everything's going to shit, and people have to survive in it or make it better... Like, I can see that in real life pretty easily without turning to fiction.). Don't get me wrong, those stories can be wonderful, but they're not exactly mood elevating.


Solarpunk is very welcome change for me, the optimism, the whole 'people are living together, and there isn't that much suffering thanks to that' thing...

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