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I woke up with my ass in the air and my face to the ground.  My whole body felt like it was hit be a Mack truck. Even my fingernails hurt.


I tried to remember last night, but it was pretty much a blur. I remembered going out with my friend, Joe, to the gym and then to see the new Bruce Willis movie (it was pretty good, too). Lately, Joe had been really active in lifting and it was beginning to show. He used to be really skinny but in the last week or so he was really showing some bulk under his clothes. He said it was because of this new protein shake he was taking.


After the movie, we headed to down to the Pier to go out for a bite to eat at some New Sushi restaurant that Joe had been gushing over for the last 2 weeks since he first went there. Joe was always finding new places to eat. I knew how he loved to eat, but he always stayed as thin as a rail, of course until lately.  I on the other hand, ate sensibly and lifted regularly, but always had to fight with my weight. I was a chunky guy, for such a picky eater. I do though, remember enjoying the California Rolls and then heading to the bathroom and that’s the last thing I could picture in my foggy brain. .


As I began to stand up and I noticed that I was naked except for wearing a sheet of some sort around me like underwear. It looked like something sumo wrestlers would wear. I think it’s called a Fundoshi. Whatever it was, it made me feel sexy wearing it for some reason. I also thought to myself, “You could say it was like wearing a “diaper”, as I chucked which made my ribs hurt. Still, it felt good.


As I began to focus on the real world around me I noticed that I was in some sort of small warehouse. I could hear what sounded like a foghorn in the distance and there was a light that periodically filled the building with its beam.  I figured that I must be somewhere still on the pier and that the Bay Lighthouse was the source of the horn and light. I began to walk toward a door that looked like it led outside, but it was locked.


There was absolutely nothing other than myself that I could see in the very dark, but occasionally lit, warehouse. The air was not cold, and neither was I, but it felt like I had goose bumps all over me, and strangely I felt very warm all over.  I looked down again at my body and my nipples were standing very erect and I could feel that slow building excited feeling you get when you are getting horny. After about 15 minutes I felt better and even hornier despite some pain throughout me. My body seemed to be covered in a clear oil of some sort. In fact the oil felt very warm on my skin. It actually tingled some when I spread my hands over my body, which must be the reason my nipples were so erect and my body felt energized and was becoming even more sexually charged.


I looked down at my body and was pleasingly shocked at how good I looked in the “diaper”. My body was not the body I remembered that I had last night. It had changed and it was glowing with a nice sheen. My chest and arms looked thick and full, but not fat. Actually they were quite muscular but not all cut up; more like slabs of meat. My stomach was flat and hard, but no abs showed. My legs felt heavy and powerful and I realized that with every step I took, my thighs rubbed together and it felt really good.  Normally, I had a fair amount of hair on my body, but as I inspected my body further I noticed it was all gone. Somehow I had been cleanly shaven all over, and yes I checked there too. I pulled out the top of the Fundoshi and looked down inside at my cock…Wow….My cock looked bigger and thicker than normal but I figured it was because I know longer had all that coarse curly hair hiding a few inches. As I moved around, the fabric of the sheet rubbed against my freshly shone balls which only made me more aroused and my cock plump up larger, filling the soft pouch of my Fundoshi.  I was sure someone had done something to me and this both scared and excited me. I had actually changed and had become like an off season body builder, but not huge yet.   I always loved the stories of regular guys getting super strong and big. I would read all the sexually charged and awesome stories on and other sites and it usually ended with me cumming hard and shooting on my face, but I always thought it was all just a strange fantasy of mine. I knew I had a fetish for muscle but I was straight with a great fiancé. I had experimented with guys once or twice back in college, but only the huge muscular ones and then I thought it was only do to pure adoration. I thought I just wanted to be like them and now as I looked and felt my new body, I was well on my way. But why was I so horny over the prospect of being huge or seeing and being with huge guys. I know I didn’t need a guy to satisfy me, Hell; Christie did one heck of a job with that. That girl could definitely deep throat and suck a mean cock. But damn, the big guys were exciting for some reason.  Huge muscles touching me and me worshiping them, Fuck…I just couldn’t get their visions out of my head and I felt so warm and horny. Oh God, I really felt good. My hands were all over my chest and arms and then I felt my ass and it was shaven too. Smooth as a baby’s butt but more meaty and firmer. Odd, though, even though the sheet was going between the crack of my ass, I really didn’t feel anything there. In fact it was the only place on my body that I didn’t feel something. My muscles and my cock ached, my body was hot and on a sexual fire, my balls we being stimulated by this fucking awesome sheet and my cock felt heavy and was almost rock hard, but there was no feeling on or in my ass. It was numb.


Just then I heard the sound of a latch behind me and I spun around to see a huge door open and flood the warehouse with a blinding light. I could barely see two huge figures toss another figure into the room. I heard the thump and ummph as the person hit the hard floor. I began to run towards the open door as my eyes adjusted to the light, but what I saw for a split second made me stop in my tracks. The two humungous figures that had thrown the body in here were gigantic muscular Adonis’. They must have been over 8 feet tall and literally the size of a car. They were incredibly attractive and I could actually feel waves of sexuality pouring off of them.  Just having getting a momentary glimpse of them made my whole body feel electric and my cock hit full hardness. I think I actually moaned. I saw one of them smile and then the door slammed shut. 


Since my eyes had adjusted more to the darkness, after the door slammed shut, I got a glimpse of my new resident. His body was immense, but not as big as the other two. I walked slowly over to the mass of flesh lying there to get a closer look. My heartbeat was pumping so hard I could actually feel it beating in time with my cock, to which it was pulsating like crazy.  I got within a foot of the body and it looked familiar but this guy was just enormous. I knelt down and looked closer and as I looked at his face, I realized….It was my friend Joe. He was dressed in the same white baby diaper Fundoshi sheet that I was but his body was twice as big as mine and 4 or 5 times bigger than I remembered him. My cock began to shoot out some precum and I began to actually drool. A drop of my saliva hit his cheek and he flinched and began to stir.  I stool up quickly. .


“Ummmhhh,ooommmm,” was all he could sound out.


Thoughts were racing through my head. Mostly of how much mine and Joe’s bodies had changed and my burning desire to touch and worship him.  I shook my head to try regaining my thoughts, I thought of “…what’s her name…uhh… fuck…it’s…it’s….Chris… Chris…something….Wow, Look at him…. He’s so fucking beautiful. He looks like a sleeping God.  All those massive muscles and he’s right in front of me…I ‘m soooo warm and I’ve never been so horny…God I want him… I need him…I wonder if I just touch his pecs if...”  As soon as I touched him I felt a huge shot of adrenaline hit my body with an incredible force that sent me flying back on my ass. I stood up and tried again, but with the same result. It was as if I had a huge orgasm and a punch in the gut at the same time. I got back up and tried again, this time making sure not to touch his bare skin I held onto the sheet wrapped around him. Nothing, this time.  I shook the sheet, “Joe, Joe, wake up, Hey buddy, come on, wake up”


“Wha wha, where I am, who did…Steve? What day is it?” he said as he rose up onto his feet.


“Hey Joe, we’re in some sort of warehouse and I think we are guinea pigs of some sort. It’s Saturday I think, but I’m not sure.  Something’s happened to us.  Something amazing and great.  I mean look at us. We’ve both changed. It’s fucking awesome.” I rambled.


And as Joe slowly started to process things I began to eye worship his muscular body. Oh My God, He was amazing. He was huge and thick. He was 5 times as big as I remembered him and he was shaven like me. In fact his entire body was shaven including his head. I thought for a second and then touched my head and sure enough…Mr. Clean.  But Joe’s body was far more advanced and muscular than mine. His chest must have been at least 60 inches around and his arms a good 24 inches. He was massive, but still not as huge as the two goons that tossed him like a rag doll. . He almost had an 8 pack and his abs rippled like waves with every shimmering movement. As with me, he was covered in the same oil and the heat that radiated off of his body caused my cock to harden even more, if that were even possible. His face seemed more chiseled and he was actually even more beautiful than I had remembered.  His eyes had gone from being a grey hazel to a deep cobalt blue. He now stood about 4 inches taller than me and last night I was the taller guy. His legs and ass looked as large as any pro bodybuilder’s with thick huge muscles that were cut like a gods…and DAMN, the basket in his Fundoshi seemed not just huge, but gigantic.  I licked my lips and my saliva glands went into overdrive as I began to drool again.


“Oh My God,” I thought, “what has happened to me?  I actually want this hunk more than…” She was gone. “more than…anything I ever have.”  My cock was throbbing uncontrollably and aching now, and I tried to reason that it was because my balls were constantly being stimulated but I knew deep down that it was the sight of this Man…no…God before me. I knew of my past, but that…person…never registered again in my head. I knew that I had never been attracted to men before, but for some reason, a reason that I didn’t even care about anymore, I really was turned on looking at Joe. He was pure maleness: The perfect specimen of a being. He was not longer just a man to me, he was a supreme being; more than just a mere human. The same sexual energy that had come off of the two giants was now pouring out of Joe. His sexual heat hit me over and over and I loved it. I began to put my hands up to touch him and he stopped me with “Stop” motion of his hand.  “Wait” was all he said and he smiled at me and began to talk. .


“Steve, I think I know what has happened to us.” Even his voice was hugely deep and that of a god’s. My new strong legs felt weak at the sound of him. 


“Here let me show you something.” He said as he moved closer and around behind me. Then without warning, he grabbed my ass and the pleasure that swept through my body was more than I have ever experienced. I nearly came from just his touch. A wet spot from all the precum that came spewing out of my cock began to soak my Fundoshi.  His hands began to manipulate my firm ass and the waves of pure sexual energy that poured from him into me was mind blowing. Push after push of a hot orgasmic inducing wave of pure sexual pleasure coursed out of him.  His body wasn’t even next to mine and I could feel his huge cock rubbing my ass through the sheet. It felt so good there, it belonged…there and my ass had no other existence then to be a receptacle for his cock.  The more his body and my body connected through my ass the more I was lost in him. After about a minute of this I was completely under his control.  I no longer had a will of my own.  It was as if I was an extension of Joe, that I was now a motor movement of his brain.  


It felt as if he was whispering in my ear, but his mouth never moved.  His thoughts transferred into me,  “Just do what I say and I think we can be something….something amazing.  Oh my god, I never would have believe it, but it’s true, they told me this was the only way, but I didn’t believe them , but it’s really true. Please Steve, go with anything that I do to you and for God’s sake, do NOT touch me with your hands, it will stop the transference and we will lose it all. Grab your cock and hold onto it and don’t let go. Also do not cum until I tell you. This is of vital importance. You MUST NOT CUM, until I say too.” I put my hands down under my sheet and I grabbed my new larger cock and moaned in pleasure.  “I think we are here to help build an army of superhuman men…” 


He continued to manipulate my ass as I felt his cock literally rip through his sheet and smack against my hungry ass cheeks. It was soaking wet with his precum and as it rubbed against my cheeks I felt him pull my Fundoshi off of my body.  Then, when I felt his cock pulsating against my hole, I knew he was getting ready to invade and conquer my entire body with that incredible GodCock of his.  It was beginning to get very hard to concentrate on his words that were pouring into my head, but as he continued to think his words were implanted in my brain like stamp to paper.


“…an army of men called N.U.M.B. It stands for Neurologically Unified Muscular Beings. We will be able to be one superhuman species:  One all encumbering God!  We will be connected as one, with each other and with those that made us, the Alinumbari,  but to do that, we must have anal intercourse to transfer the Neurotoxins into each other and then become many, but one. They started my change a few weeks ago, now I will start yours and in turn my change will finish and I will complete. I will be one of them. The restaurant was a cover. Right now you and I are under the restaurant and N.U.M.B. central is under us.  I do not know yet where they come from, but after I begin your transformation, I and I become one with them, I will know all that they know.  They’ve been watching us for years and only a select few are chosen to become one.  You and I are special.  They see in us something that is unique and will benefit them. I don’t know what it is but as N.U.M.B. soldiers we will be able to manipulate our bodies into any size or shape we need to be to go unnoticed in the world.  There are 50 of us, now. They chose us, Two weeks ago they kidnapped me and injected me with a muscle serum to begin the process, just like they did to you last night. I’m sure you’ve noticed the changes in you…I know I have.”  Joe, licked my neck sending waves of a sexual electricity coursing throughout my body and I could dimly feel his cockhead expand against my ass. 

“Then the next day, my maker entered me and thus my growth and loyalty to N.U.M.B. began and now it’s your turn, my boy. That’s why I brought you here; where they made me. And since they want you too, they are letting you be my first to make.  You have to be willing in order for this to work. Let me know you want this. We will become like them…No….we will be them” 


As he talked all that registered on my conscious level were the words “numb, super, hands, cock, anal, one, us, and gods” and without even hesitating I shook my head and softly spoke the word “Yes”.   I know that I was completely in his control and I didn’t care. I wanted this. I wanted him. Joe was now my one, my only. I thought of nothing and noone else. I only needed him. I needed him in my mind, in my soul, my heart and physically in me. I began to beg him to fuck me. “Please Joe, fuck me, God I need you in me. Please Joe fuck me…all of you. I need all of you. I love you.”


With that, Joe, shoved in his 14 inch super cock. He grabbed a hold of my hips and in one swift move rammed himself into me. There was no easy in. I was like a hammer hitting a nail at full force.  The force caused my cock to explode and spray huge amounts of precum all over the area.  I had no pain at all. My ass and hips were numb to it, but not to the pleasure Joe gave me. I now understood why my body had been this way. There was no pain; only pure pleasure. I think the numbness of my ass and hips were only to ward off pain, but it also increased the pleasure aspect tenfold.   I had to be numb down there in order to completely accommodate his huge manhood.  Our captors must have injected me with a special serum to increase my muscles and numb my ass and hips.  I looked forward to meeting and thanking them. And if they looked like Joe or those two goons, I would be thanking them in complete worship.


Joe rammed into me with more force than any normal man or woman would be able to endure.  Any normal human would have died from the internal injuries.  Never once did he slow down. He was a complete fuck machine on overdrive. He lifted me up into the air above his cock and brought me down onto his shaft with such force his own precum and my ass juices squirted out of my ass with every thrust.  With every drive of his cock into me I squirted out squirt after squirt of precum. We were soon standing in a huge puddle of our love juices. After about 10 minutes of this position he laid me down flipping me over onto my back, never once touching the rest of my body other than my hips and ass.  He pulled my hips into the air and he thrust with superhuman power into me. The more he pounded me the more I yearned for him. I could feel my body was on fire. In fact the friction of his enormous cock ramming in me and all the sweat, oil and body juices were actually starting to smoke. Steam and heat were rising off our bodies.  We were encircled in our own self educed smoke screen.  Neither one of us spoke a word during the whole time; the only sounds were of our bodies slamming together and liquid flying everywhere. Neither of us grunted, nor screamed for over an hour of this. I held onto my cock loving the feeling of it filling with juice every time he exited my hole and then I could feel it shoot out from time to time. We both were soaked with it and our sweat. The oil on our bodies only got hotter and hotter and never rinsed away. The oil actually was the catalyst that made us the completely perfect fuck machines that we had become. I do not believe that any human on earth would have lived through this without the oil on them. This would be proven later.


After another hour of continued relentless fucking, I could feel Joe starting to build up inside. I felt his cock expand and lengthen. It didn’t just slightly expand; his cock must have gained 5 more inches around and in length as he fucked me.   His breathing was not normal anymore, he was breathing like a horse in a race. Huge, deep inhalations and then he would exhale so strongly it was like a 40 mph wind. Now he began to grunt, groan and growl. His chest heaved so much it expanded to twice its size with every breath. His ramming became even harder if that was possible and he began to drool himself. I was getting covered in his saliva. With each drop it felt like an adrenaline rush. I began to cry out in ecstasy with every connection of his orgasmic spit. His body became a dark crimson color and he began to actually glow.  Just when I thought I would explode before I was supposed too, the unthinkable happened. We moved. At first I felt lightheaded, but no, not just light headed, but my whole body felt light. I opened my eyes and noticed that we were about 10 feet off the ground. We were flying and fucking in mid air. It took us both by surprise, but we loved it. We knew we were becoming something amazing. Something Colossal.  It was apparent from not only everything else but especially now with our new ability that we were both becoming superhuman….or maybe not human at all.  Joe ripped what was left of both of our Fundoshi’s off of us and uttered one word, “CUM”


The first shot was from Joe and it felt like it went from his cock into my ass, up my cock and out of it. It was literally like one huge shot of cum. As it poured out of my cock like a fire hose, it shot the wall over 20 feet away from us. It sprayed and broke through the glass on one of the doors.  It was so huge and so fast that that we had actually put dents in the walls.  The second spurt from Joe almost blew me off of him, but he held tight. My second shot came and I opened my mouth to receive it. It quickly filled my hungry mouth and as my spunk was pouring out of it. I swallowed as fast as I could. My seed tasted amazing. Sweet and pungent like hot cream. I must have swallowed 4 times before I stopped. Meanwhile, Joe was not only filling my hole with his supercum, but he continued to ram me hard. His bucking never ebbed.  With every thrust we moved forward in the air and we finally hit the large steel doors from where he had entered. I probably shot about 8-10 huge volleys of cum before it started to pour like a lava flow out of my cock, completely covering our pelvis’ in my sticky glue.


Joe came for about 6 minutes straight with at least over 50 shots into me.  With every shot I could see his body expand and grow muscle. He was now glowing a bright orange color and the glow of him was entrapping me into it.  When he finished cumming and growing, we slowly drifted back to the ground. The glow faded and when we stood up, I looked at Joe and he was now exactly like those 2 goons. He stood over 8 feet tall and was the size of a small car. His cock, still hard as a rock pointed straight up and was at least 2 feet long. He bent his head down and playfully sucked the remaining cum off his cockhead. I envied him. He looked back up and seemed to go into some sort of trance, like he was listening to someone.  He looked back down at me with a very serious but still incredibly sexual way. He just stood there with his hands on his hips as if to say marvel at me and I did.  His chest was at least 90 inches around with arms of 35-38 inches. He now had a 12 pack of pure muscle on his abs and his legs were literally as large as two oak trees. Veins snaked through them like a road map and his calves were larger than a normal man’s waist. It looked as though the oil was no longer on him but then I caught were it had gone. I saw one of the last puddles absorb into his abs area and I knew he had hit his final stage.  His cock finally began to deflate and when it was finally soft it was still over a foot long and as round as a 2 liter bottle.


Then I started to hear a noise, but it was more than a noise. It was Joe.  He said to me, “I am Joekelor”, only his mouth never moved. “I am N.U.M.B. I am no longer a human but a SuperBeing. I have finished my change and am no longer of your species. The Human species is weak and full of disease. I will never get sick or die. I am immortal. I am…what you Human’s call…A God.  You are a CrossSpecies, Steve. You are no longer human, but you are not yet a God. You will soon be one of us, Steve. You are now my property and my son to help change into the God you will become. You will do my will and what I ask of you until you hit this stage and become our equal.”


He continued speaking to me with his mind, “My master’s name is Chadkelor He is who made me. Changing you into a Crossspecies is what finished my process to be N.U.M.B.  This was all planned and I now know that you and I had no resistance from the beginning. There is a plan of change for all, to have a new world.  My journey began like yours; I first entered the restaurant 2 weeks ago and I woke up the same way you did. My friend Chad from College called me out of the blue and invited me to dinner. I had not seen him in over a year. He looked great; large and full of thick muscle.  We ate and I had to use the restroom. I blacked out. Later I awoke, like you and then Chad was thrown in with me. He was different and much larger as I was with you. Chadkelor is one of those that put me in here with you.  He gave me the gift that he had been given and my whole life changed. I grew muscles; thick muscles that I had longed for my whole puny life. In less then a week I had bodybuilders, powerlifters, huge bouncers throwing themselves at me everyday. After Chadkelor made me into a CrossSpecies he told me to enjoy my new body and to have as many muscle humans worship me as possible, the more I had, the more I would grow, but I was not to fuck any of them. I had to choose my son for that privilege: he said that my sexual energy would pour off of me and entice the strongest most viral humans. It did.  I had over 30 muscle humans suck me that week. Besides the pinnacle of orgasms with my maker, my muscle human orgasms were the most intense and euphoric I had ever had. I could not get enough. With every orgasm my muscle increased. My hunger for you increased. I had to wear loose clothing as to not cause suspicion especially for the one who would become my son, YOU. When I wore clothing my body would hold in my sexual power. That is why you never saw me naked. But when I was not around you I would go to the gym and disrobe in the locker room. Man after man would feed off of me and which helped me grow and come closer to be able to change you and I. This is what you shall do.  At the end of the week, Chadkelor told me to find the one, to find you and to bring you to the restaurant. He told me that after you got there to give you the injection that he gave to me when I first came to the restaurant.  I followed you into the restroom and stood next to you at the urinal and took out my cock. I saw your eyes glaze and you began to drool. You immediately got hard and began to feed on me. I waited till I came in your mouth and I took the syringe and injected you. I then went through the back door of the restaurant with you in my arms and took you to Chadkelor. The initial injection is what makes us begin to grow and it causes our asses to be able to take any size cock.  Some are larger than others when they are the CrossSpecies. Mine was very large, yours looks to be even larger.  When I came to Chadkelor’s room, you were in a trance but conscious.  We both fed off of him as he milked his oil into our mouths and then sprayed us with his oil or as you would say, his cum. As a SuperBeing, we no longer have normal human cum. It is supercharged and as so, can alter physics of a human. It starts neurologically and travels to every muscle in the body. This is how we become one…I…Yes Chadkelor…I will…..Steve, I have told you more then you need to know right now. You will be told more later.  I am told I must test you to see if you are fully my CrossSpecies.  Come to me”.


I did.


“Lie down”


I did.




Instantly my flaccid cock sprang back to life, bigger than before. It must have been about 12 inches long and about 6 inches thick, my body arched, my head threw back and my crotch thrust outward. I then rose in the air and began to have an even more intense orgasm than before which lasted for about 5 minutes. I then drifted back down and looked up at my master. He smiled and said, “It is now time for you to finish your process. Go have your fun, find your worshipers, grow for me and find your son.”


And I left my maker and I headed toward my first conquest!



.Chapter 2 will be coming shortly. I hope you all enjoyed this much so far. Please let me know your thoughts.



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Love your stories!  If memory serves, three chapters of NUMB were posted back in 2011.  Have there been any changes and/or will there be new chapters?

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There are the 3 chapters but I have written down 2 more chapters to complete the story.  The other 3 chapters were lost when they switched over to the new I will role all of the chapters out with a few tweeks in the coming weeks.  Wow, that rhymed. LOL.

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Nice story. Big bald muscle guys in fundoshi totally made me think of Kaatsu! (and Orge in the Storeroom but I like Kaatsu better) by Jiraiya. Actually, come to think of it, Jiraiya has a lot of comics with bald muscle giants in fundoshi...

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Great Story ...

Damn, I never get invited into the cool clubs :)

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This is promising and charming with a lot of set up.  I would personally want more headgames, and not sure about opening up with the numb bottom.


But the tension in the setup and scene is nice AND the proportions and characters and the action too.


A little corny but fun.  Just work some with the stiff exposition mixed with the action and the detailing of the setting, which is ace btw.  And keep them coming the if not deep fully pictured characters and their actions and ideas and so on

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On 1/29/2015 at 2:51 PM, NYBear said:

There are the 3 chapters but I have written down 2 more chapters to complete the story.  The other 3 chapters were lost when they switched over to the new I will role all of the chapters out with a few tweeks in the coming weeks.  Wow, that rhymed. LOL.

Ever find these?  Could someone with the sleuthing skills help you?

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Here are the other two chapters (2 and 3) from the downloaded archives.  Don't know about any others.


NEW STORY - N.U.M.B. (Chapter 2)
Here is Chapter 2. I hope you all like it. Please let me know what you think. I really appeciate all the comments you can give me. 

Chapter 2

It was 11:00pm. The gym was closed and the day was done, but Sandy still felt unsatisfied. Working at a certain industry ran gym named after a sun-like color, was satisfying for eye candy and training for competitions, but there just never was much in the way of flirting or any type of fooling around there at the place. It was known throughout for its “conservative” advertisement of itself. Still it was a great place to train and the once thin nerd, Sandy definitely reaped the benefits of being able to work for 7 years on his now hot chiseled body for the national competitions that he loved to compete at. His next meet was at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. He was so psyched to have gone from the middleweight class to his first heavyweight. Most days he’d be so horned up as he left the gym he would go home and either pleasure himself 2 or 3 times into Blissland or head out to the city’s dance club “Grind” and take home some muscle worshipping guy and fuck his brains out all night long. Having worked so hard on building his body was also just as much of a turn on when someone would appreciate all that hard work. Just once though, he longed to be the worshipper instead of the one who had to be the Top. Just once he wished that one of the behemoth super heavyweights there at the gym would take him and make him their bitch. Stuffing their hot muscle into his mouth and their cocks in his ass. Just once.

There were still a couple of the manager’s muscle head friends finishing their workouts but the place was empty. All 3 of them were in the super heavyweight classes with the likes of Sandy’s dream men and none of them ever really gave Sandy an inkling that they would be into some worship session or even a rubdown. They were all staight with bouncing little aerobic stepford wives that Sandy could envision they'd look like a baby doll riding on top of a Clysdale horse when they fucked. Oh well, he would just have to be satisfied with his fantasies where they were concerned. 

He locked the door and began to head to the register to close out the store. As the register ran through its closing process, he walked back to grab the mop and broom from the closet. A cool breeze alerted him to an open back door. He closed and locked it. Back out front he noticed the 3 god like men finishing up, sweat glistening on the super thick bodies and heading toward the locker room, disrobing as they went stopping to pose in the wall mirror along the way. “God, they are so fucking full of themselves," He jealously thought, "I wish just one of those huge fuckers would just take me in his arms and fuck me senseless.” 

As the register continued its process, and the 3 stooges were out of sight, Sandy began to feel his own muscled body up and noticed that he was finally getting the size, thickness and weight he longed for but his confidence about the upcoming meet still faltered inside him. He thought, he was still small in comparison to the other heavyweights that would be there. He longed to be huge like Mo, Curly and Larry, but that would take time. "Or Would it?" he thought. 

On the counter next to the register was a display for the new supplement the gym had received in the mail two days ago. It was supposed to be a new muscle builder that was said to show impressive results rapidly. Most all of the huge guys were downing it include the 3 in the back. Each of them were beginning to really explode with size, too. Hmmm. Sandy shrugged and thought, “What the fuck,” and opened a bottle of the Nitro Ultra Metabolic Booster. He thought as he downed the small flask, “I gotta do something to gain more muscle mass before the big meet on know what I’ll drink two of ‘em. “ He grabbed a second bottle off the counter. As the first bottle was settling in his stomach he felt a warm tingling feeling come over him and his cock twitched. He shrugged and readjusted his cramped package in his tight jock. "Wow, nice reaction!!" He pondered. 

He felt a cool breeze come from the back of the gym, but figured the back door must have opened again. His hipples began to harden. He tweeked the right one and gave a small moan. He opened the second bottle. "Down the hatch and make me fucking huge." The smooth shrill cherry flavored supplement of the second bottle wasn’t even down into his stomach before the feeling of incredible power and sexual bliss over took him. He moaned louder this time from erogenous feeling the came over him and realized that his own moan was matched elsewhere in the gym. Was it his echo? 

"Mmmmmmmm, oooooooo, mmmmmm" There it was again. It seemed to be coming from the locker room. He thought, “If those fuckers are in there doing it with each other, there’s no way I’m missing out on that. Fucking closeted goons. I gotta see this.” He looked at the bottle and thought, “All 3 of em at once, Holy Shit that would be awesome. Hmmm, what the Hell is in this stuff?” He dropped the bottle on the floor and went to pick it up and another wave of stength and sexual intoxication came over him. He stood back up and readjusted his now painfully encarcerated cock. "I've got to take a peek," He said as he started towards the locker room. But he felt a large hand on the back of his neck. It felt warm and strong to the touch. More waves of power and a constant erotic wave of pleasure ran through him. “Günter?” He wished out loud.

“You don’t need that stuff to make you big.” The low deep whisper said to him from behind. “I can give you all that you need. I can make you huge, Sandy. I can make you a God”

Sandy stood motionless because that was not Günter’s voice, there was no Austrian accent and it was so incredibly low and sexy. The sexual urges in him were getting stronger. He felt weak, yet triumphant. 

“Give into it, Sandy. Have what you’ve always desired. Turn and face me.” the huge voice said as he let go of Sandy's neck. 

Sandy turned to face what was attached to the hand and the sexy unknown voice that was sending shivers of excitement through him. He did not recognize the mass before him, but instantly longed for the body. “Ahhh, sir, what do you think…oh god….you’re….do…ing?” A painfully but nice prominent tent began for form in Sandy’s gym shorts as he faced the immense muscled stature before him. The man, if you could call this giant a man, looked down on Sandy’s 6 foot bodybuilder sized frame and smiled. The massive being that stood before Sandy was more than a full head above him. The body was shirtless and the pecs stood out as huge slabs of thick meat so big that the nipples faced down towards the ground. The face was chisled and unimaginatively beautiful. The eyes were of the deepest blue and the hair was jet black and wavy. The body was a wall of smooth skin and muscle with at least a 4 foot wide chest and back with arms that were actually bulbous with so much muscle. Veins snaked through the mounds of plumped flesh like vines in a Garden of Eden. The man wore a tight pair of gold shorts that left nothing to the imagination of the enormous slab of meat that snaked down and actually went past the bottom of the shorts on the left treetrunk of a leg. Sandy had been to the gym most all morning and had not noticed the god before him. He would have noticed such a god like being in the gym. In fact, seeing this colossal being would have caused Sandy to forego his creed to never jerk off at the gym. His mind raced of sex and muscle and of how much he not only wanted, but needed the grand prize in front of him.

“I said you don’t need that stuff to make you big. You can use me. Come with me to the back room” With that the man put Sandy’s free hand on his immense naked chest and Sandy’s reaction was an instant orgasm. His head threw back and he moaned loudly as cum poured out of his 6” cock filling his jock. The man grabbed Sandy behind his back so he wouldn’t fall and he began to carry Sandy’s 265lbs towards the locker room as if he was a speck of dust. 

When they entered the locker room Sandy continued to moan from the post orgasmic feelings flowing through him. He noticed where the other moans had come from as well. The other 3 muscle head’s were lying on the floor of the group shower stall and each was covered in a slick shiny oil. They all had gigantic hardons and their bodies looked even bigger than before. Each of them were stroking their oversized cocks and moaning in complete ecstasy and seemed to be in an orgasmic trance. They were arranged in a spoke wheel type of pattern around the stall. Sandy noticed an empty spot left for him and he felt the cold hard floor as he was laid down. 

The being put his index finger on Sandy’s now spent cock and it immediately sprang back to life, causing Sandy to wail out of sheer overwhelming bliss. He began to stroke his cock in the same fashion as the other 3, moaning at the touch and grip that he placed on himself. He moaned and felt as if he was in a constant state of an orgasm, but nothing came out of his cock. 

The massive figure tore off his gold shorts and turned back around and stood over Sandy, where its cock was now at full mast of at least 2 feet long and a clear oily fluid leaked like precum and hung off of the most amazingly beautiful cock on the most amazingly beautiful man he had ever seen. The being pumped his cock only a few times and a creamy and clear oily juice started to spray out of it like a hose and all over Sandy. As the fluid touched Sandy’s skin jolts of pain, orgasmic power and pleasure along with a constant feeling of bloating and stretching coursed throughout him. He noticed that his ass began to push him further off the cement floor and his chest was getting in the way of seeing his hand stroking his cock. His hand started to get larger and then his arms seemed to explode into more muscle then he could have accomplished in 10 years of constant lifting. While his chest continued to expand he now saw his cock coming back into sight again. It was so fucking huge. He thought he must have been at least 12-14 inches now. He could no longer see the other men, but he continued to here the chorus of moans and grunts that all four of them created in the echoing room. The muscle god stopped spraying Sandy and moved toward the center of the room. Slowly Sandy’s body ebbed growing, but the pleasure never left him. He continued to stroke his now immense cock and stayed in a constant feeling of orgasm. 

“STAND,” the booming voice shook the walls and floor of the shower room. 

With that one word all four rose to their feet as lifted by an unseen force behind their heads. Their bodies remained as rigid as their cocks were. Once they were all standing erect, their capture again spoke, “Kneel and take my seed inside of you,” they all knelt in unison. .””Günter, take my cock in your mouth. Günter’s mouth extended beyond normal human means and the massive god creature inserted his 2 foot cock in. In an instant the man began to ejaculate his special oil into Günter. The mighty muscled Günter’s body shook as he took in the giants seed. The oil that had been all over their bodies was now filling Günter up and you could see his stomach extending further and further out. Then, just when Sandy thought that Günter’s stomach would explode the Mass in front of him moved over to Jeff’s hungry mouth. Jeff willingly accepted all oil he could and then the figure moved to Matt. All three of them were full and now it was Sandy’s turn. 

As the cock attached to his fantasy moved toward his mouth, he could feel his jaws cracking and his face muscles expanding. None of it hurt, instead it actually felt invigorating. The cock entered his mouth and Sandy immediate sensed something familiar. Sure, he had had his fair share of cocks in his mouth, but this one was different, besides being abnormally huge. This one felt like…well like Home does when you’ve had a really hard day. Or it felt like when a friend comforts you when you are having a hard time. This cock felt like peace, calming, and warming. Then the oil began to flow. It gushed in and down Sandy’s throat like a fire hose. It was sweet with a very pungent smell of sex, sweat and power. Sandy’s cock ached to free it’s pent up juices. Sandy’s stomach got larger and larger, but with no pain. As the oil came in contact to the different parts of Sandy’s digestive tract it absorbed itself into him. The just as fast as their stomachs had expanded, the oil absorbed through the intestines to each and every area of their bodies, so now the men were not only covered externally but internally as well. Slowly the oil absorbed completely into their bodies and the external sheen was gone, but all of their eyes were now cobalt blue and each of them matched the height and size of their capture. All 5 were over 8 feet tall with 4 feet wide torso’s and cocks that were completely inhuman. As if they were on a synchronized clock, each one began to cum with huge amount of their oil spraying their capture and each other as they all rose into the air simultaneously. Their master and capture just laughed and uttered the word’s “Resistentiae coepto, placet Deo. Donec super unum exercitum perdere multitudinem hominum bellatorum et ea fidem. Dexkelor dixit.” 

They were now Gods. Images of far off lands, men of numerous superpowers and ancient Roman orgies invaded their thoughts. All four were changed forever and none of them were human anymore. They were and were part of beings of another planet. They were kin to those that had started it all: A planet of super beings that fathered our world with children of their world and populated our own. These are our creators, our Gods, .our mythically real beings from Olympus, our intellectual ancestors from the Aztecs and Egyptians, our Fathers from Ancient Greece and Rome. They are Earth’s Creators. They are of a planet called Eklor. Our world was about to become their world…again.

Across town, Steve left the abandoned warehouse with a new body, new outlook and new system of another world flowing through him. He decided to go to the gym and try out his power.

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N.U.M.B. Chapter 3
Chapter 3

Steve walked confident down the street with his cock hanging way down low. Ain’t no sound, but the sound of his huge feet, his libido ready to go. He thinks, “Hey, am I ready, HELL YEAH I'm ready for this, my balls are smacking against the edge of my seat...” Into the Gym doorway, the new Steve rips, horny with his new found beef. YEAH!!


No one turned to look at him. No one had lust in their eyes. The super hot muscle stud behind the counter continued his flirtatious conversation with the blond bimbo with the big boobs. Steve walked over to the counter and asked, “Hey there buddy, can I ask you a question?” 

Only response was a “wait a moment” hand. 

Hmmm, Another One Bites the Dust?

Steve walked on, puffing up as he walks by a hot black builder. Steve’s body, while already huge and immense wasn’t even phasing the black stud who continued his own muscle worshiping workout as he lifts on his bench. Steve noticed that huge bulge in the guys sweatpants as he pushed his set raising his thighs and hips up off the bench. 

“Want a Spot?” Steve asked hoping that he could put his massive bulge over the hunks face so he could work his magic on the man.

“Nahhhh, thanks though, I’m a strong fucker, I can handle it,” was the reply that Steve didn’t want. 

“What the FUCK?” Steve thought as he sat down on an adjoining bench. He had no idea what the fuck is going on. According to Chad…sorry Chadeklor, Steve could have any guy he wanted but he couldn’t fuck any of them. Did he miss something? He was sure he would have just walked in and the men wound have been falling all over him. But none of them even looked as though they knew he existed, yet alone were attracted to him. He now had the body of a Mythical God. He was taller than most all that were in there, his muscles were huge and engorged with power, Sexual Dominance oozed out of his pours. He was a Demigod, a Colossal Human Being. A Cross Species for Christ’s sake. Yet, nothing, no glance, no tongues hanging out, not even a sneeze in his direction. He was so frustrated and DAMNIT he was SO FUCKING HORNY. 

His new massive cock was really tenting the sweats that Chadeklor and his 2 goon friends had given him after his other clothes had been shredded. He wasn’t fully hard, but since it was so huge and semi hard it was like his had stolen a huge 2 liter bottle and stuffed it down his pants. Anyone from anywhere in that gym should have been staring and pointing at his enormous appendage; but not even a glance. The cotton t-shirt he was wearing was tight as spandex on his new super Cross Species body. It felt so sexy against his skin. He felt an incredible sexual power coursing through him, but it seemed to have no effect on anyone there. In fact he seemed invisible. Were the all straight? Were they all blind? Did they see him as something completely different? Steve looked around the gym and other than the blond bimbo, there were no other girls to catch the men’s fancy in the gym. As well, she just walked out the door; jugs of silicone pointing the way. 

The stud that had been talking with her at the counter seemed to look a little sheepish as he pulled a note pad down and held it in front of him. He looked around to obviously see if anyone was watching, yet Steve was watching intently and in thinking the coast was clear he came out behind the counter, obviously hiding his hard on in his knit workout pants. Strangely, Steve noticed that he could see past the note pad and onto the large bulge in the studs workout pants. “Hmmmm, I wonder if I have X-ray vision, but then we can’t I see his cock too. Hmmm...”

Counter Boy’s nipples were fully erect and sweat was pouring off his forehead and face as if he had just run a marathon. His chest was heaving in long excited breathes. Past the notepad, Steve could see a wet spot forming in the guys pants. His cock bulge looked quite large too. Yum. He grabbed at his own thickening cock and the guy seemed to turn and look at him, smile and then dart back towards the locker room.

“All this because of some bitch?” Steve thought. He followed the stud with his eyes as the guy headed in, to beat off of course. Steve thought about checking the guy out and since the guy was horny, actually the only one there that Steve could tell that was, just maybe the stud would go for a nice blow job and return the favor. He got up and glanced at the black muscle head working out in front of him, but no indication of anything even remotely there from the sexy dark guy; though the bulge in his pants seemed to be more prominent. Steve looked around at the rest of the guys and they all seemed to be sporting some nice bulges in their clothes. After another grab of his own stuff, Steve walked on into the locker room and headed for the urinals. He saw his counter stud go into stall next to his urinal. Before he took out his cock, Steve felt a rush of hot warmth come over him and he was so hot so he peeled off his shirt and laid it over the divider. A small moan came from the stall next to him and then for a few seconds you could here a pin drop. There seemed to be no sound from anywhere in the gym. No weights making noise, no grunting from the gladiators lifting their mighty weight, no talking. Nothing. 

Then a quivering voice from behind the blue steel wall said, “Oh My God, I feel so incredible. What is that smell? Is that you? Are you the one? Are you my…my…my maker?” 

Steve felt another rush of warmth come over him as he noticed the black bodybuilder was standing next to him at the other urinal arms both moving as if he was stroking his cock. “I heard you call me and I’m here…sir” The Nubian God said. Steve glanced over the partition and sure enough the big guy’s 11 inch stick was rock hard and glistened with its own precum being rubbed over its length. This caused Steve’s own huge cock to jump and plump involuntarily, which cause moans of ecstasy from his pieces of muscle bread on either side of him. 

Steve took out his large cock and the moan that came from his neighbor’s were even more pronounced and he swore he heard other moaning in unison coming from elsewhere in the gym and from behind him. Steve turned around to find about 12 other guys behind him; some naked, some half clothed, some with just cocks out, but all rock hard and stroking. Each and every one with lust and a blank stare in their eyes. One of them, another gym worker said, “I have locked the doors as instructed sir. We are all alone. We are here for you.” 

“I need your cum sir. I need it for the coming. I need you to make me.” the black muscle guy said next to him. 

“To Make us!” The group said together.

A voice from over the wall called out, “Oh God, I’m so close.”

“Don’t Cum” Steve ordered.” Come out here and receive what you yearn. All of you strip your clothes and come to me. Come and taste my essence. Feed on me.” Steve was astonished about the way he began to talk, but he couldn’t help himself. He felt something take over his thoughts and body as his cock immediately become so hard it slapped against his abdomen. “I have what you seek, my new lovers. I have enough for all of you” He ripped his sweats off and a few of the men began to cum. “STOP” He ordered and they did. They actually stopped cumming in mid orgasm. The thought that he could control other humans, sexually charged him even more. 

The site of all that was happening and of all the big huge muscle that was surrounding Steve was almost too much for even him to bear. He needed to cum so badly, but something within told him that he must save enough for all of them. He knew this would take all night and that thought made him even hornier. Never in his entire life had Steve felt as horny and so full of sexual power than he did right then. One after another of hot, sexy, muscular men came to him in line and sucked his huge cock. Their mouths becoming amazingly elastic as his shaft entered them. They felt his huge muscles and sucked on his baby bottle nipples. Two or three at a time were on his body, worshiping him taking turns licking his ass, sucking his balls, kissing him all over, and finally each one filled their gullet with his cum. As soon as he’d fill one of them with his magic juice another would take over. After each man sucked down Steve’s muscle cum into himself he began to change and grow, never as tall or as big as Steve, but in the same body shape as their leader, as if to become a smaller version of their leader. Steve would grow each time he came, albeit only a small amount but his size still increased. 

Wave after wave or orgasmic bliss overcame Steve and he began to sink into his on trance state. He could feel the complete ecstasy of all of the action he was having, all of the muscle building to his body, he could even feel what his men were feeling. He never grew tired; he never went soft, his cum amount never depleted. He gave complete control of himself over to something much greater than he. He began to use his mind to have those in line release to him their deepest fantasies and secrets which he knew he would be able to remember all of it. He toyed with them as they were now his toys. They were his slaves, his children. They no longer had their own lives. They would live for the Eklorians. 

He raised the bodies of the black stud and the counter boy above them all and had them suck and fuck each other for all to watch. Then when he wanted to feed on their own hot cocks he would position each of them in front of him floating in the air and he would suck them or have them fuck his face or have them expose their muscled asses so he could eat them out and have them cum all over the others. Being able to do these wondrous things only sexually charged him up even more. Still, the one agonizing feeling that Steve did not like was the increscent need to fuck them all, but yet he knew he could not. That was saved for his future partner. He knew he had one, but did not know of his face or name. The fantastic and complete debauchery of this metamorphosis of Steve and his 24 muscle men went on in various states of a crazed orgy for hours. Then just as Steve felt he was about to change into something more, Something even more fantastic than he was right now, the feeling of a train hit him and he was out cold.

He began to have visions of an army of airships that looked like steel zeppelins descending on earth back 5000 years ago and how these super colossal men came down out of the ships and taught the earth natives (caveman) about building and creating, about doubling their recourses, splitting into their own tribes and procreating to expand their tribes into different cultures and races. He saw the colossal sized men fucking and sucking each other and the earth natives, each of these “gods” doing numerous feats of strength with extra, incredible powers as mind control, body control, flying, super speed, growth and shrinking abilities, sudden fire and frozen abilities, all of which any superhero in comic book or the Gods of Roman and Greek mythology could have. They split the natives into different races that would hopefully evolve to their liking. These natives became the Aztecs, Mayans, Egyptians, Grecians, Romans, American Indians, Zulu, Babylonians, and the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, just to name a few. 

These colossal men stayed here on earth for centuries as the gods of these cultures and they saw what they had done was good. They had created civilizations of their own likeness but submissive and less of a species then that of themselves. These human beings would be their slaves and yet their children to teach and nurture. Then when theses colossal men felt that their “human beings” were ready to be on their own, they left to return to Eklor, their home planet, but yet remain in these children’s mythologies and lore to help guide them back one day to right any wrongs they needed too. When the world they created, was no longer to their liking they would come back and enlist a select few to become their equals and to stay on the planet to fix it….or destroy it. Steve now knew what Chadeklor had not told him. Steve was one of the chosen. He would be an Eklorian. A supreme being for others to worship and follow and in so he would be enlisting his own followers and changing one of his own to become Eklorian. This person would be his equal just as he was becoming Chadeklor’s equal. And so the good world would begin again. 

His mind snapped back to the present and the site before him had changed. All the men were asleep on the floor of the locker room. Cum, sweat and bodies were everywhere. Steve had never seen so much cum. Everyone’s bodies, including his own, glistened with its sperm covered sheen. The place reeked of sex and cum, which only made Steve begin to get excited again. His cock was like a tire, quickly inflating to beyond normal means. Then an image came to him. He hadn’t thought of this guy in years. Randal was his nemesis in high school. The guy was a bully and always picked on Steve growing up. In fact he picked on a lot of guys. Steve’s friend Sandy always got it the worst. Randal had a body of a Greek god though: Tight and full of definition with a huge cock. The image of Randal was different. He was naked and huge. He was much bigger than Steve or even Chadeklor and his goons. Randal was a giant of muscle maleness.

Randal’s superior image made Steve’s cock jump even more and without even touching himself he began to shoot huge volleys of cum everywhere. He grabbed his cock and pointed it at his face and relished in the hot liquid slapping him in his jaws, mouth nose and lips. He took in as much of it as he could catch. Then all went black. 

Across the city, Randal had found his men and Sandy was his biggest prize of them all….for now.

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