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growth The Superflu - The Hypertrophic Pandemic

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(I love this continuous story so I’d thought I’d continue it! This took me way too long to write but I'm glad I finally finished some of it. Sorry it's a bit short but I hope you guys like it!)

Tokyo, Japan 7/14/2014

    Hiroshi Yuki was a Japanese biologist working at a research lab in downtown Tokyo. About a few months ago they received a sample of the virus that has been “changing” men all over the world. They said it came from a subject who grew quite  big in America. Hiroshi was your typical geek, short at about 5'4”, skinny, glasses, and wearing a lab coat to boot. He was at the top of his class and one of the smartest scientists in the lab so they chose him as one of the scientists to find a cure of this disease.



    Hiroshi read report after report on the massive men roaming the planet and the constant spread of the virus that seemed to escalate further and further. He became fascinated with this virus. It wasn't a typical virus that made one sick but it was one that further enhanced the male body, granting them power and size beyond humanly possible. Hiroshi looked into the origin of the virus but there have been conflicting reports of either a meteor from outer space containing the virus or it was an new breed of contagion that was formed during a lab accident. There were entirely no downside to the virus other then the destruction it causes to those around the inflected so he  questioned why should such a thing be destroyed. Hiroshi couldn't help but jack off to the pictures of the infected men and though he should do all he can to help them get the size they deserve.



    Hiroshi decided that instead of destroying the virus he would modify it, make it stronger, better, more resistant and more effective. With his genius he spent day after day finding ways of making it better. It was hard to find human test subjects but he was able to find and corner random men wondering around in the streets of Tokyo as his “subjects”. They grew and grew and the results were even better than he had hoped. His latest subject grew up to 100 feet tall! The military forces had a hard time restraining that growth subject as he mischievously watched from afar.


    The lab was getting suspicious of Hiroshi's whereabouts and his numerous late nights at work with no progress on a cure at all. One day his supervisor came in and demanded to see Hiroshi's research progress on the cure but Hiroshi lied saying that it was tougher than he thought it would be. Out of everyone who was working on the cure Hiroshi had little to no advancements into a cure. They also hacked his computer without his knowledge and found files for enhancing the virus. Confronted with these accusations Hiroshi did what any rational person would do. Running to the disease testing chamber and locking the door he prepared to unleash his grand plan into motion. Super concentrated versions of the virus filled in special containers throughout the room. Pushing a button he unleashed his creation into the air. The collective and innumerable virus agents pounded into his body. He was in immense pain, having a large headache, trouble breathing, coughing, wheezing, runny nose and feeling sick to his stomach.     



    Then all of a sudden the pain stopped. His flu symptoms all gone. He felt stronger than ever before. He didn't even need his glasses anymore as he easily broke it into pieces with his enhanced strength. His supervisor saw Hiroshi start to change and activated a red alert ordering everyone to evacuate the building. Slowly Hiroshi started to get taller, his shirt getting untucked from his pants revealing a slight trace of his lower abdomen. Laughing manically like the mad scientist he was fully embracing the virus. The more one's desire to grow, the bigger they would get. To surrender your mind, your body, your soul to the virus was necessary and required. Muscle started to build uncontrollably causing tears all over his lab coat and pants. Bulges of muscle in his arms and legs started to rip them in half, his chest was tearing his button down shirt down the middle sending the buttons flying in different directions. Hulking out of his clothes like he has always fantasized about he couldn't help but flex and feel his new growing body.  



    He looked down at his perfectly pumped pecs, rubbing his hands down his ripped 8-pack abs. Then he caressed his arms as he flexed slowly causing it to bulge bigger. His back expanded to take in all this muscle and his body was starting to grow up towards the ceiling. Shorts that were barely hanging on started to tear as he got hard over his new body. A large throbbing cock started to grow and surge upwards towards his pecs. Getting wider and thicker his cock throbbing for release as his balls swelled towards the ground. He started to stroke himself off and tried to will himself to get bigger and bigger! His new virus modification understood the host's request and started to accelerate the growth.



    The walls started to creek and crack, everything got smaller around him as he easily busted outta the disease testing chamber, effectively spreading the contagion. 20 feet, 50 feet, then 100 feet he grew as he easily burst through the building showering the nearby area with a nice white cum shower.  Roaring like the Godzilla-like monster that he is he stomped and smashed buildings with ease causing destruction as he grew more getting close to 300 feet tall. The military started to try to stop his rampage and proceeded to blast him with tanks and shoot him with guns. Both of which were ineffective. Getting a good idea he sneezed all over the army's formation. The super sized sneeze blew away the soldiers but that wasn't the end of that. The male soldiers that the sneeze got on started to grow right on the spot. The enhanced virus growing them rapidly out of their uniforms. The soldiers were so turned on as they grew to at least 20 feet tall. Now in addition to the 300 foot tall “kaiju”, there were at least 50 smaller 20 foot tall titans packed with muscle and slowly getting bigger as well. Hiroshi got off as he watched the soldiers tear off their own clothes to see their buff bodies. He could tell they secretly really wanted to grow and soon all of Japan will be inflected.



    Hiroshi continued to stomp through Tokyo and caught the attention of a certain Japanese power-lifter named Daichi Sendo. He wore a very tight fitting tank top that barely covered his huge muscle gut. He gazed at Hiroshi who swelled to 500 feet tall and started to jerk off some more in the street. Hiroshi's growth smashed cars, buildings, and anything in between. All the fucking power was what Daichi yearned for. This was his chance. After Hiroshi unleashed his cum flood on the street, Hiroshi came out from his hiding place and started to scoop some up in a cup and drank it down like a protein shake. Soon he could feel it within him... a new giant was about to emerge as he surrendered his body to the virus infused cum...

(Japan arc – to be continued).

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wow this was hot, hope to see more of this great story, I hope I can find time and energy to contribute something. And hopefully someone will give us a sex scene soon.  :D

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Indianapolis 4/25/14


Diego pulled his car into the driveway and banged the  wheel. "Damn, it's been two days since I kissed that dude" small homophobic shudder. "I don't even have so much as a cough. All that for nothing!"


He unlocked the door to his house and dropped his gym bag on the sofa, then went to the kitchen to pull the chicken and rice he had prepared out of the fridge and started warming it up in the microwave. He grabbed the protein powder and some milk and some creatine mix and put it into his blender along with 3 bananas and a scoop of peanut butter ice cream.


"At least I can still enjoy my food and get big the natural way. But really I want to be HUGE!"


Diego was a short 5'6" but a wide and thick 230 pounds. In the off season he got as big as 290, but he had a competition coming up and he needed the sponsorships to afford his "growing" habit.


The microwave dinged signaling its finish and Diego pulled the dish out grabbed a fork and began stuffing his face while trying to down the shake.


Without warning his stomach heaved and he leaned over the sink vomiting up everything he had just eaten.


He ran some water in his mouth to wash out the bad taste, "What the hell! I must have been eating too fast. Now all that food is wasted."


He decided to shower and change clothes to try to relax and maybe watch some tv.


While in the shower he began to feel sick again and leaned over the drain but only gave a dry heave.


"Damn. Maybe the chicken was bad or something"


He toweled off and pulled on some old sweats and a button down flannel shirt. Then went to the kitchen to check the rest of the chicken. He sniffed it gingerly and touched it with his tongue. It seemed ok. He pulled the milk out of the fridge and checked the date. 2 days past the date on the jug. He uncapped it and smelled it. It didn't smell bad, but that had to be the problem.


"That's what I get for trying to save a buck and not buying ....ugh" a terrible cramp seized his stomach and he fell on the floor. The milk carton dropped and spilled the remaining contents all over.


As the cramp passed, Diego slowly got to his feet and grabbed some paper towels to clean up the mess.


"I guess I have to pass on the gym tomorrow." he sighed and went into the living room to turn on the tv.


He dropped into his favorite recliner and kicked back. That felt much better and his stomach seemed to settle down.


"...and as recently as two days ago here in our town" the young male reporter was saying, "at one gym a young track athlete swelled into a Herculean beast."


The background was filled with the phone videos from the crowd of Carter transforming, then someone had caught Diego's little....


"SCREW YOU ASSHOLES" he shouted at the TV. "What the hell did you have to show that for?"


He was pissed, not only at the public viewing of his kiss, but that for some reason he was feeling slightly aroused watching the transformation again.


His phone beeped and he saw a new message come in. It was from Reggie, one of his best friends:


     Diego, saw you on TV! LOL! You gay now for muscle? JK


Another beep. This time from Jackie, his fiancé.


     WTF? You could at least be honest with me.


He was distracted by the reporter who was continuing covering the flu, "Meanwhile in Texas the young grad student who was isolated for treatment is doing better. They have found ways to help him in his mobility."


"Poor guy. Didn't know what hit him" Diego murmured as his own dick lengthened slightly. "That's kind of hot actually. Although I don't know about not being able to move"


HIs phone beeped again. Jackie.


     Are you going to let me know what's going on? Is that why you haven't called in 3 days?


"Meanwhile in Paris, repairs have begun to the Eiffel Tower and they are attempting to track down the flu victim who caused the mayhem for treatment. Authorities are saying...."


A buzzing sound filled Diego's head drowning out the reporter. He shuddered and his eyes rolled back in his head as an intense wave of power washed through him. The recliner groaned slightly as his body seemed to pulse.


The buzzing sound faded and Diego could focus on the reporter again.


"So we do not know what happened with Carter and the mystery kissing man but we will keep you up to date with any new information....sneeze...sorry folks. That one snuck up on me."


Diego smiled at the TV shot of him kissing Carter this time and unconsciously adjusted his crotch which had hardened. "At least he was pretty hot. If I'm going to kiss a guy, I picked a good one."


His phone rang this time and he saw Reggie's number.


Diego smiled and answered it. "Hey man"


Reggie was laughing, "What a totally gay shot of you, dude!"


Diego laughed, "Yeah, but he was kind of hot ya gotta admit!"


"What are you talking about? You got a secret you need to tell me?"


Diego shook his head. His thoughts were all screwed up right now. "I...I'm not sure I....."


The button on the right cuff of the flannel shirt popped off and landed on the floor. Then the left cuff. Diego stared at them slightly dumbfounded as the buzzing started in his head again and he realized his forearms looked kind of pumped.


He could barely make out Reggie's voice over the phone. "Diego man, you ok? You there? Hey!"


Diego dropped the phone as the intense wave passed through him again and his eyes rolled back. He didn't realize that he had started the video function as his phone hit the floor which recorded a startling sight.


His already thick chest swelled even further and the top button of the flannel popped off. His traps rose and his neck thickened stretching the collar apart and a small tear appeared in the left leg of his sweatpants.


The buzzing was fading now and he struggled to pick up the phone but his hands were thicker and holding the device was awkward.


"....I'm almost there, dude! Hold on.  I'm not gonna let anything happen to you."


Diego smiled as he heard Reggie's car in the driveway, "I'm more fine than you can imagine"


The door burst open and Reggie came in holding his own phone. Then stared at Diego who smiled back at him. The sweats and flannel were painted on him.


"Dude. When you kissed that guy...you...you"


"I got the virus." He smiled wide.


He got up out of the recliner accompanied by the sound of more threads snapping and popping.


Reggie, a 6 foot handsome black bodybuilder, looked genuinely scared and backed up towards the door. He bumped it and it closed behind him.


Diego started to walk towards him. "It felt awesome. Although I didn't get what that guy got. I think I only put on about 15-20 pounds"


His dick was throbbing painfully in his sweats and Reggie looked really good to him.


Reggie pushed his back against the door like he was trying to pass through it without opening it.


Diego walked up to him. The top of his chest bulging through the gap in the shirt where the button had broken free.


"I always loved muscle and now I....I....." The buzzing again, but this time the intensity was completely unbearable. Diego stumbled against Reggie who reached out to stop him from falling and try to push him back.


Reggie stared mesmerized by the sight of his friend who was beginning to swell up again.


"This...this...feels...awesome!" The last word dropped two octaves in pitch ending in a growl. The next two buttons burst from the shirt and a loud rip echoed through the house as the back of the shirt split down the middle revealing deep thick and wide muscle.


Diego reached out and grabbed Reggie's arms as he struggled to stay up right. His spine popped and slowly began to lengthen. He was clutching Reggie so tightly that Reggie was wincing in pain, 'Stop man let go!"


"I... I can't" he growled and fell against Reggie as his biceps burst through their sleeves. Thick veins rising up to the surface.


The sweatpants split down the sides as massive quads emerged and his now 2' dick broke through the front and was pressed between the two men.


Reggie had turned pale, "What are going to do?"


Diego shuddered and swelled even larger, now looking down on Reggie. "I...I'm not...."


Reggie felt something sticky and they both looked down at the huge head pushed up between them. Precum forming on the tip.


Diego suddenly gasped and the first volley shot straight up hitting Reggie in the face. Diego continued to pump and shoot for 45 seconds covering everything in sight.


At last he staggered backwards. All 6'5 500 pounds of him. He was breathing heavily as his dick began to soften.


Reggie was frozen. A look of pure shock on his face.


"Reggie. Man....I'm...sorry...so...sorry. I couldn't control it. I...."


"You...you infected me, you asshole"

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Holmes County,Ohio,USA


17 year old Josiah sat on the banks of the creek behind the rickety old shed on the edge of his families farmstead,Well,quite well away from his families farmstead actually.... This allowed Josiah to break away from the restrictive confines of his New order Amish community,and the farm was on the outreaches of the community,so the spot under the old willow tree that Josiah often came to dwell in his free time away from his chores,was a godsend in tranquility.


The New Order Amish community he lived in,did have some modern relaxation on the Old World traditions that the Amish were so steeped in,shunning the modern trappings and technologies of the outside world. Filtered internet usage was allowed,albeit under the watchful eye of the Bishop or one of his sub-ordinates..Some mobile phone cell usage was from time to time,also allowed,again under guard. Young women wore ankle length skirts that were lighter,dull or sky blue than the darker black or grey of other Amish  churches,yet kept their hoods.The men still wore the beards,drove horse and trap buggies and either wore black wide brimmed hats or straw ones. And agriculture and faith was crucial to this communities heart..


...Yet,Josiah was eager to venture outside,and now that it was the period of 'Rumspringa', German for adolescence,a period where the elders briefly relaxed the restrictive norms to allow the youth of their communities to experience what the outside world had to offer,he had been more eager..  Perhaps a little too eager.?


Last night,he,his friend Ephraim,his cousin Japhod and two other boys had wandered to the edge of the nearby small town and snuck in a few alcohol drinks..Ephraim even dared to procure a narcotic called marijuana that the boys cautiously shared and got high....and in fits of giggles!


But then on the way back they passed the shadow of what could only be described as a giant of a man,built with a mountain of muscles so big he could lift up one of the farms working horses,cutting away from them through the trackside undergrowth..something they shook off as a wisp of narcotic induced imagery And that sticky goo he and Ephraim had brushed against,whilst cutting through the undergrowth the huge giant had come from..?


Ephraim had snuck off and disappeared to allow the joint to wear off,or else all damnation would break loose,even with a relaxation in the laws of the community,leaving Josiah feeling woozy and sweaty by the creek bank..


Maybe Rumspringa wasn't all it seemed and that Josiah really felt like reaffirming his faith..He felt like....shit!.

When he reached up to take off his black brimmed hat to use it to fan himself,his blue cotton shirt seemed to restrain his slender arms.

A thin wiry lad of near six foot,his light frame still allowed him to wear the loosest of shirts and black cotton pants held up by his braces,..but now,sitting there in the shade of the willow tree,his shirt seemed taut all over,as if he had grown some.


He reached up to wipe his brow,replacing his hat at a tilt back on his raven-black haired head,subconsciously flexing his biceps,an action that pulled the long sleeve tight across it...,and something that did not go amiss by Josiah. Glancing down at his bicep,he felt it.. A definite thick little ball of muscle that had not been that size before. Curiosity got the better of him,and Josiah flexed the bicep tighter.The spasm of flexing all of a sudden rushed through him like an orgasm (yes,he had pleasured himself before,in secret over a fantasy of chaste Elisabeth Joyer,the blacksmiths daughter),and his whole body tensed in that position for a few moments before passing.


Like a climax from orgasm,Josiah felt momentarily weak,yet his strength soon returned like a rush he'd never felt before.. He felt strong,he felt euphoria,he felt power...that muscle equalled power.. A little smile creeped on his face as he flexed his bicep with more gusto,watching as it somehow seemed to thicken and fill out the sleeve even more.

There was no room for fear in his brain...the power and the euphoria overwhelmed,blocked it out. And it seemed to overwhelm him sexually as well.. As his bicep began to swell,he felt his penis get erect,as if he were thinking of dear Elisabeth once again.


Josiah stood up and out of the shade and began to flex both biceps like a bodybuilder... The wide grin on his face,showed that he was enjoying the sensation of energy flowing through his entire body,activating growth in his other muscles,swelling,stretching,filling out his shirt.

How on Gods good earth was he growing..? Josiah did not care,..he wanted more..! To get as big as that "imaginary" hulk he thought up last night...and it seemed he just might.!



His lithe lanky frame had faded away,beneath layers of thickening muscles packing onto his body in seconds apace. But before the muscles could rip the shirt,he slipped off his braces and tore it off himself,not even caring that his mother had sewn that shirt for him.. 

Sweat trickled down his pale smooth torso,glistening in the warm morning sunlight. And if anybody could see (and there was!),Josiah was writhing and twisting his torso like some male stripper dancing to music in a nightclub out in that wider world beyond his knowledge. With each twist and tense,muscles thickened.. His flat abs dusted with a sexy love trail of hair that led down from his naval to his groin,rippled and tensed as they rose into rigid 6 pack,..then an 8 pack of hard cobblestones,framed by a forming,sensuous Adonis belt,that any male model would envy,that drew any wanton viewer in lust,down to his covered genitals.. Ones eyes,if wanting, would have led upward to Josiahs chest,where a small patch of wispy black curly hair had nestled in the centre of faint pecs..Pecs that were now rising out like dough in a kiln,into thick mounds of hard muscles...mounds that would flex and judder as they surged ever thicker,protruding ever heavier,fuller,..hairier,as that small patch spread out across those heaving mounds like a dark forest of bramble down around hard erect nipples..

Those pecs too,were being framed by more muscle... Josiahs obliques rippled into shredded blocks as his lats surged out thick and bulging and forcing his arms away from his torso in a classic bodybuilder gait,and causing his back to ripple,writhe and widen out so massively,that coupled with his narrow taut waistline,he was shockingly jacked up,almost cartoonish,like a pro bodybuilder.


By the time his torso had grown to follow his arms,those biceps had swollen huge,massive like boulders,rippling with rope-like vascular veins,as big as a prize pumpkin that his father often grew on the farm,and accompanied by thick horseshoe triceps.. Freakish for a teenager..he had to be one of  the biggest teenage bodybuilders in the world... There would soon be others like him...!



With all this growth,Josiah had not the care in the world,not even the fear of being seen by the strict elders. He was so much into his growth. He stood there by the creek,his huge young muscles rippling and glistening with sweat,his newly grown huge quads packing his pants to breaking point with thick sinewy muscles...and something else that was now threatening to burst forth from his pants crotch.


Breaking away from his 'bodybuilder' posing,he was so overcome by new found unburdened lust,he wanted,needed to masturbate. One hand clamped down over the thick bulge that was swelling obscenely,and he unleashed his penis..

,,No,..he prefered Cock.. from its confines. Already engorged his erect COCK swung up like a club,and it was still growing.. the shaft thickening in girth,so much that even he could not get all his fingers round it as Josiah began to wank himself off.fisting up and down its ven streaked length,tugging the tight foreskin back and forth over a flaring raging cockhead that leaked pre-cum from its winking slit. And under all this fat girth,swung hairy balls swelling heavier and fuller that would put a prize bull to shame. With muscle growth,came an raging libido,and an inhuman capacity to cum,longer,heavier,thicker loads than any puny mortal..


Josiah,a once chaste,pure,God fearing,yet still virginal young man,was now a huge oversized and oversexed muscle beast of a teen wanking away furiously whilst licking and petting kisses on his huge bloated biceps like some pornographic musclemorph given real life. All this massive muscle on a height that had only grew 3 more inches,really did make him look like a musclemorph..


Then....the watcher in the woods could hold back no more.. The scrub and small trees creaked aside as he came stomping out from his hiding place.. A massive beast of muscle to equal Josiahs size in muscle,yet shorter in height,and with a huge raging cock spewing forth copious pre-cum,and huge balls swinging heavily. A muscle beast,like Josiah,still a teenager full of raging testosterone and lust.



Shirtless but still in his pants still held up with his braces,though with that huge 14 inch cock and balls jutting out from a torn open crotch..


With a grunt,he threw himself onto Josiah,who barely had time to acknowledge his presence...That did not matter,both muscle teens were soon into a rut of lust at the sight of each others massive muscles... Homsexual desires welling up and unleashing like a dam breaking,overwhelming and wiping away any sense of heterosexuality or chaste religious purity in an instant.


They went at it like they were professional gay pornstars.albeit massive over muscled ones.. Kissing,pawing,groping,grunting like animals,..sucking each other off,fucking each other like machines,easily taking those fat cocks.. filling & covering each other with their heavy seed.. Without word..


They went at it for much of the morning,...so far from the community that no-one had thought to check up on them,even in this Amish upbringing..


Well...no-one except Japhod. He had seen the growing shape of Ephraim slipping through a cornfield towards the creek. He had stumbled through the undergrowth and come across his now huge muscle beasts of a friend and cousin reaching the climax of their sinful ungodly sex..


Though he soon gave himself away,loosing his footing on the rough uneven creek slope and sliding down awkwardly into the shallow knee deep water..


Ephraim looked down at him..


'Ah Japhod,so nice of you to join us... Josiah and i are planning to leave this unbearable place and explore whats out therein the world.. Maybe have some fun along the way..wanna come to.?"


Japhod was white as a sheet,shaking his head and turning to run...to alert the others..


He did not get far... Ephrain was on him in no time,restraining Japhod like he was a puppet on a string..




Late afternoon.... THREE huge teenaged musclebeast young men,set off away from their community, Their fears,their purity,their faith wavering,replaced with hunger and lust in their eyes.. They need not fear the world..More so the world might fear them..?


Josiah looked at his two new hunky lovers and grinned,and gazed across the rolling countryside.


"Divide and conquer my friends..divide and conquer.."

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Birmingham,England UK.

I returned from the MuscleMania Expo with my gym buddies and Nick had been on the GymShark stand and was talking to a huge guy that said only 2 weeks ago he was just a skinny guy.

Nick told him that’s bullshit and there is no way you could of got that big in 2 weeks!

After a day of going around all of the stands and getting some new muscle tees and samples of the latest supplements. We all got on the train home, and that's when Nick pulled out a sealed plastic bag.

“Look what I have” as he showed us the bag what looks like a bag that someone sneezed and gobed in.

“What is the fuck is that?” We all said in a chorus.

Nick waved off our gaffs “this is that muscle growth virus”

“I though you told us you think it was bullshit?” I said tying to stop my self throwing up looking at the contents of the bag.

“I know but it will not harm you to try? Anyway you need a bit more bulk” Nick flexed his arms in front of me. His bicep bulged as he flexed them on the train, also putting on a bit of a show for the other guys on the train.”

“Ok ok!, what do we have to do” I knew Nick had the biggest arms of all of us.

“Just mix it in with our protein shakes, if we all call back at mine I will mx it up for us” said Nick with a grin.

We all got back to Nick’s house and he mixed up some protein shake with all the samples and some of his own Stash. “Here goes” as he pours in the bag, then pours it out and all five of us drink up. Trying not the think of what the bag looked like. We all downed the shakes!

We all looked at each other expecting something!

Nick broke the silence “see bullshit!”.

With that we all made our way home.

Next day I woke feeling ok grabbed my lunch bag (or bucket as the guys at work call it), and headed off to work.

At work I felt ok gave one of the guys from the workshop a muscle tee he asked me to get, we where talking about the Expo. Then I sneezed it came from nowhere. I had no time to cover my mouth and sneezed in his face.

I was so sorry, and he said “it's ok mate, hey maybe you have that muscle virus” he joked.

I laughed nervously and quickly when back to my desk.

I sat eating my lunch thinking maybe I am coming down with something.

Later after work I met up with the guys at the gym, all of us sniffing and coughing a little. We looked at each other and all though nah it can’t be.

We got changed as normal in the locker room and headed into the gym.

Dave when first on the quad squat and pumped out 25 reps in no time “load me up” he said.

We added another 50kgs each side. Dave took the weight with me and Simon ready to take it. Dave grunted as he squatted then slowly came back up then again in no time he had knocked out 25 reps. Simon and I helped put the bar back. “Fuck Dave that was amazing” as we looked down at his legs veins pumped to the max. Dave looked at his quads “do my quads look bigger?” Pointing to the small rip in the side of Dave’s gym shorts.

All 4 of us turned and looked at Nick, he grinned then said “I think we are infected with the muscle flu”.

Next thing Dan was squatting rep after rep and the same thing veins popping under his skin then gaining a huge pump. Only this time it was not only maintaining his legs where growing thicker and his gym shorts started rip down the side seams.

“I'm next!” Said Nick with the same results. After Nick’s sets he flexed his quads and pointed to his ripped shorts. “Also most as big as you now Daz” Nick said to me (as I had the thickest legs of our group).

“We will see, fill the bar up” I said as the guys put all the weights on they could find.

I looked at the full bar with 500kg at each end dam that's a lot of weight I thought. Also our grunts and cheers in the gym started to attract some attention from the other people in the gym.

I took the weight of the bar and started to squat I could feel the blood rushing into my legs and veins running like snakes under my skin. I started to lift I could not move the bar I tried again. This time I need to cough next I could feel my legs pumping up filling with power. The bar started to move as I stood up I coughed and sneezed again and went to squat again. Some skinny new members moved to stand in front of me(they must of guested we had been infected with the muscle flu). At the bottom of the squat a forced the bar up again it started to move as I heard a loud ripping sound. I knew my gym shorts had ripped off as the guy in front of me mouthed “holy fuck” as their eyes moved down as the tattered remains of my shorts hit the ground. I did more reps as felt my under armour trunks getting tighter, I finished the set and then sneezed a few times all over the skinny guys. I have never seen guys being so pleased to be covered in snot.

Next up was Simon he took some of the weight off and started his set.

We all finished our sets and all hit PB s for reps and weight then hit showers.

In the locker room the other guys have to just rip there gym shorts off, I just had to peel my undies off my bubble butt. We all just about got our tracky bottoms on over our pumped thighs and asses. We sat in the small sort of a café next to the gym as normal for leg day. Only this night we had pushed each other but still feel we can still walk or drive home.

“I think this muscle flu is for real but not sure if we are going to grow huge?” I said to the others.

“Daz that guy at the Expo was HUGE!” Nick said.

“I feel pumped that's all and like I have got a bad cold” said Simon.

“Yeah I feel shit and great all at the same time” Dave added before we got up and left the gym.

The next day I felt the flu was taking hold but not bad enough to have a day off work.

When I got to my desk there was the guy from the workshop I sneezed on yesterday morning.

“ You have been infected with that muscle flu? It looks like it was legs day last night to.” As he looked at my very tight fitting suit trousers.

“How do you know that?”as I tried to sit down as fast as I can.

“As you know I go to the gym in the morning and I trained my arms and chest and look”. As he bought his arms round they packed the sleeves of his overalls, then tried to button the overalls up. His pecs had grown thick with his nipples can been seen under his tee pointing downwards.

“But your not showing signs of the flu?” As I pointed to my red blocked nose.

“This is only the start you are going to get HUGE!” He added.

“Nah that's just bullshit” as I sniffed and coughed again.

“Go better go home while you can, I have already given the flu to my girl friend and not sure who else here is infected” he whispered to me.

With that the my phone rang it was Nick, I let the answer phone get it. I carried on working with the coughing getting worse. I had a engineering meeting at 11 am, just before I went to the meeting room I had a text from Simon. It said “have you grown yet!”.

Time for the meeting my suit trousers where getting tighter and my shirt button were opening up.

The guys in the meeting at sat down and looked at me “Darren are you OK you don't look well” I sneezed and coughed a few times “I will be ok, I think I will go home after this” after I said that I felt hot. I loosened my tie as I did my pecs started flexing and swelling as the buttons on my shirt gave in. Then I felt the my arm rip open my shirt sleeves and I watched as a huge vein on the peak of my growing biceps flexed it's way out of my shirt. Then my shoulders and lats growing and flexing put an end to my shirt. Only the cuffs are left around my flexing veiny growing forearms, the sinew flexing and pulsing. As the muscles in my arm bulge and thicken. My traps grew up to my ears adding to my bull neck and delta wing back. My abs bunched as they grew into thick cobble stones of hard muscle.

I looked at the other guys in the room as I could hear a chorus of “ holy fucks” and “he must have that muscle flu”.

There was a loud rip as my suit trousers just exploded as my quads, hams and calves just swelled with size and power. My G-Star underwear stretched to the max with my glutes growing into thick globes of muscle. And my quads bunching around my package that feels fuller as the waist band is pulled down and away from my abs.

The growth stops as I look down at my now pro-bodybuilder super heavy body. I cough and sneeze a few more times. “Dam I feel good” as I flex my huge slabs of meat called my pecs.

“You look amazing” one of the guys in the room said. As he reaches out and rubs my flexing pecs as another checks out my right arm.

I start to flex a most muscular and look at my hands they are growing longer and wider. This was not lost on the guys in the room, as they watch my shoulders rib cage grow wider and thicker. I could hear creaking then bang as my toes broke free for my dress shoes.

I looked at my feet “you know what this means” as I got on to all fours. As my legs grew longer and my underwear could not contain my hulking body anymore. And a 15” horse dick flopped out and hanging below that a nut sack with with balls the size of grape fruit. So that from the back with my thick muscled thighs and glutes and package I looked like the biggest shire horse ever!

The growth stopped! As sudden as it had begun, I still looked like a pro-bodybuilder but 8-9 ft tall and 5ft wide across my barn door shoulders. My body was thick and hard with super sized muscle and thick veins like Anacondas feeding blood to my mega muscle. I felt amazing as I rubbed my pecs down my hard 6 pack down to my huge muscle dick. As I touched my cock I could feel it filling with blood and my huge balls churned with cum.

Then my mind turned to the guys they all must be huge too? Also how am I going to get out of here. I stood up as my monster muscled back took out some celling tiles, “move out of the way guys, I'm going out of that wall!” As the guys in the meeting moved out of the way I charged at the wall. My thick shoulders pushed out the brick like it was paper.

I had to get back home and see the guys from the gym, and check on Adam from the workshop and his girl friend as I feel responsible for them.

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