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growth The Superflu - The Hypertrophic Pandemic

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That sounds like a great idea medieval muscle growth flu that made the vikings row across the world spreading the virus to all making modern man huge muscle beasts.

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DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a writer and English isn't my first language. Therefore please excuse my syntax and grammar. Nevertheless I wanted to create a little something to motivate people to contribute to this wonderful continuous story. It's been quite in here for way too long and I am burning to read more. Hope that my little shorty of a chapter still brings you guys joy. 


Plymouth Massachusetts:

After 2 grueling hours of pumping iron and marinating himself in his own juices, Phil heads towards the communal shower area of the gym. As he turns around the corner, a 'closed for maintenance' sign is propped up in the entranceway of the showers. For a moment he considers to just head home and take a shower there, but he didn't really feel like stinking up his car with his ripe scent (even tho his playmates love him to smell of manliness and honest hard work).

He passes the maintenance sign and continues towards the showers. After all, he is paying for his membership and it is not his fault, that they are scheduling maintenance when he most definitely is in need of an ice cold shower.

Phil stops and stares when he sees the shower stall to the far left in a demolished state. Seemingly something or someone punched holes, the size of dinner plates, through the shower dividers and left tiles on the walls, as well as the floor cracked and crumbled. A closer look reveals a trail of cracked tiles, leading from the shower stall to the entrance.

Phil tries to think of what might have happened here. Roid rage? Or maybe someone was denied an after workout blowjob, and didn't take it well? Whatever it was, a strong scent (not his own) caught his attention and made him curious of it's source. He always had a very sensitive nose, so he has no trouble following the scent to the broken shower stall, where he detects a wet, crumpled piece of cloth, in between the fragments of tile and debris.

Against his better judgment he picks up the cloth and gives it an experimental whiff. The smell of many hard workouts paired with loads and loads of cum is undeniable. Shocked and excited at once, he drops the piece of cloth which makes a soggy wet noise as it hits the tiles.

Now he finally realizes what he just had found. A cum and sweat soaked, torn jockstrap... an ENORMOUS cum and sweat soaked, torn jockstrap! 
Whatever Bahamut of a man lost this precious piece of undergarment here, definitely had the time of his life erupting into it like a volcano and gutting the shower stall while doing so.

With a mixed feeling in his guts Phil backs out of the shower area. Under those circumstances a shower at home might be the better option. What Phil missed to realize, he never washed his hands, his mind was just too busy trying to comprehend, rather than thinking of something as banal as washing hands. The cum and sweat mixture, now spread over various parts of his body and gym gear, slowly dries and leaves almost invisible white stains.

At home Phil jumps into the well deserved shower and washes off the sweat and grime (and almost forgotten cum). He checks himself out in the mirror, gives himself a quick double bi gun check, and approves of his gym progress with a wink. A short while later Phil lays passed out on the couch, on the TV an emergency report interrupts some silly show. A nervous looking reporter runs down the little known facts of a new epidemic, that terrorizes the east coast of the United States. A male muscle growth virus, which besides muscle growth, causes a wide variety of other unforeseen mutations and modifications.

In his slumber, Phil scratches his chest as it slowly fills out with new muscle mass and dark dense hair. A leaking hardon is pointing towards his growing pecs, as his dreams become feverish and filled with sexual perversions of muscles, musk, lust, growth, power and dominance...

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Back in Birmingham.


The containment team get to the house. The J team they like to be called.

James, a 36-year-old police sergeant and the leader of the two younger members of the team Jake and Jack. Jake is 22, and Jack is 23 years old. The J team is all gay; it was not planned that way just the shared a house as they did not have wives and kids and got talking and found out they like guys.

James and Jack came up the front path to see a hole in the side of the house. They looked at each other thinking “What the hell did that!”

James signalled on the radio “going in”.

James and Jack entered the house in full body armour and a gas mask.

Jake opened the back door and went into the house and checked the kitchen and bathroom.

Then they have entered the living room with all broken furniture and plaster on the floor. All the J team shouted “Armed Police!”

The room was empty the J – Team relaxed James clicked his radio “All clear in the house.”

All of them lower their weapons, and Jake and Jack take off their gas masks.

“Look at this place looks like a JCB has been in here,” Jake said, kicking some rubble and broken glass.

“Yeah looks like someone took the guys before we got here” as Jack kick some timber and it lands on a box and smashes all the bottles of super flu poppers.

James takes off his gas mask “well guys looks like we need to get out of here before this place comes down”.

“Yes looks like it will not be long,” Jack said “what's that smell” added Jake.

All three took a deep breath, “Humm smells like poppers” said Jake with a glint in his eye. The J teams cocks twitched as they remembered the first time they tried poppers in their shared house.

Jake and Jack took another deep breath and filled their lungs with the poppers. James looked at Jake “looks like you are getting a bit hot under the collar Jakey boy!” as they all looked down at Jake’s body armour around his nut sack. It was moving like he was getting hard.

James took a prolonged intake of air a poppers “breath it in boys, then let's get back to the police van.”

Jake did as James did, but Jack could not his body armour was tight. Then a few seconds later, James and Jakes body armour was uncomfortable too.

All three could not move as the armour was no too tight “what the FUCK is happening” Jack said breathlessly with some panic. “I don’t know,” said James trying to remove his ball armour as his nuts and cock were swelling. At the same time, he was trying to sound calm.

“FUCKKK!” shouted Jake as the straps of his body armour on his legs snapped and his police issue trousers ripped open, and James and Jack watched as thick cords of thick muscle continued to rip apart his trousers.

His quads pulsed with power his skin was covered in thick man fur as veins pop to the surface and feed the growing muscle. His calves swelled ripping open the lace of his high boot by lace. His thick growing bubble butt tore the trousers in two then his boxer shorts ripped on longer supported by any other material, and a huge cock flopped to the floor with two substantial rugby balls resting on his now thick bodybuilder's legs. Jake could not see how much his limbs had grown, his dense veiny pulsing muscle of a Greek god. As he was trying to open his Kevlar jacket, Jake started to unzip the jacket when his biceps and triceps started to bulk. They all where built guys in the J team but his thick vein down his bicep now was on a growing peak of dense muscle and his triceps are swelling to the size of a regular guys leg. Finally, his armour opens, and his thick mountains of muscle rip open his police shirt. But now even if he could open his Kevlar jacket, he would not be able to get it over his now monstrous delts and biceps his forearms are now as thick as his arms were.

Boom went the fibres of the Kevlar jacket, and Jakes ballooning pecs and massive thick lats force open the Kevlar jacket.

A few seconds later he heard two more booms as the other members of the J team break free from their Kevlar prison.

Jake did not have time to check out the others as he ran a hand over his rock hard thick abs. “Fuck I am a muscle god” as his hand touched his rich man bush and he looked down. “Fuck look at my stuff” he shouted, as his thick cock came out of his man bush thick as a python running over the top of his colossal basketball sized nuts hung down to his knees. His bell end is touching the floor oozing pre-cum. He tried to turn around to show new his size to the other guys, but his thick thighs pushed open his legs. Making his balls hang lower. Jake felt pain in his feet as he moved then the sound of leather ripping could be heard as his feet bust open what was left of his boots. “AHHH! Yess!” Exclaimed Jake, now he was naked he looked at his hand and flexed his forearms “Fuck I am still growing!” shouted Jake”.

“Fuck, YESSS, we are still growing!!!” shouted James and Jack. Jake Looked up to see James and Jack naked also.

James was thick with man fur, and his pecs were huge round mounds of muscle his shoulders had to be as wide as a bus. Both of the men or muscle beasts sported a thick V Jacks shoulders were not as wide as James’s. But Jack was taller 7 ft and still growing, his legs are thick and muscled like Jakes but looked more powerful. The J team grunted as their bones lengthened, and their bodies grew broader and thicker. The men's dicks started to fill with hardening as they looked at each other. Their voices grew deeper and thicker like there muscles.

The J team did not notice that six huge muscle teens were watching then grow from the massive hole in the side of the house.

All of us watching the “hot fuzz” grow as big as we are?

Jordan spoke up “How do you like your new weapons officers” as all of the teens had been pumping their hard super cocks watching the policemen grow.

James looked up, and Jack and Jake slowly turned around all sporting massive hard-ons.

“Not bad” shouted James lifting his now superhuman arm and flexing it. James looked and the peak it was huge and was the size of a yoga ball.

Then it happened Nick could not help it “Fuuuuccckkkk!” as a full torrent of cum flow from Nicks heavy cock. The J team watched as all our teen balls started to churn and raise to our huge fuck poles. Volley after volley of hot jizz hit the J team they where covered. Every inch of their now thick muscled bodies was covered in cum.

To our surprise, the huge men did not move, and after the last drop of cum hit the ground in front of them. They started to lick the cum off there faces at first then off each other.

We just looked on in amazement as James started licking Jakes pecs and arms and Jake licked the hot cum from Jacks' arms.

James then said “OK boys lets show them what the Police can fire” then lined up jacking there huge cocks. We licked their lips as slowly the J teams huge nut sack raised. Jake was the first “Fucckk!” as the cum flowed again this time on to us. Then all three police guys covered us in cum.

The Cum smelt sweet like honey, I could not help it I licked Dan’s huge arm and sweaty armpit “hmm sweat, and law men's cum tastes good” with that we charged up to the three policemen and started licking all the cum off each other like a troop of huge muscle monkeys.

All the hot sexual pressure and huge muscles with huge balls; therefore, tons of testosterone our dick started to get hard again.

James shouted “Stop; there will be another team sent soon as we have not reported in” everyone was quiet (apart from the odd sound of a colossal muscle beast licking the last bit of cum from their face). The radio could be heard “Sargent do you read”.

Jack looked at the other eight massive muscle monsters thick and gleaming with sweat, cum and spit. “We need to hide, but look at us all,” he said, pointing to his large body then his growing cock.

“We can hide in the wood in the park until we can work out what to do,” I said.

Nick looked at me “what are we going to do until then?” he said as he flexed his pecs and then huffed is huge cock and balls.

Jake leaned forward and felt Nicks thick muscles and kissed then sucked Nick nipple “I am sure we can find something,” Jake said with a wink.

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On 14/7/2019 at 4:27, BigRedPanda said:

DESCARGO DE RESPONSABILIDAD: De ninguna manera soy escritor y el inglés no es mi primer idioma. Por lo tanto, disculpe mi sintaxis y gramática. Sin embargo, quería crear algo para motivar a las personas a contribuir a esta maravillosa historia continua. Ha estado bastante aquí por demasiado tiempo y me estoy quemando para leer más. Espero que mi pequeño capitulo de un capítulo todavía les traiga alegría. 


Plymouth Massachusetts:

Después de 2 horas agotadoras de bombear hierro y marinarse en sus propios jugos, Phil se dirige hacia la zona de duchas comunitarias del gimnasio. Cuando da vuelta la esquina, hay un cartel de "cerrado por mantenimiento" en la entrada de las duchas. Por un momento, considera irse a casa y darse una ducha allí, pero realmente no tenía ganas de apestar su automóvil con su aroma maduro (incluso aunque sus compañeros de juegos lo adoren para que huela a virilidad y trabajo duro y honesto).

Pasa la señal de mantenimiento y continúa hacia las duchas. Después de todo, él está pagando su membresía y no es su culpa, que están programando mantenimiento cuando definitivamente necesita una ducha helada.

Phil se detiene y mira cuando ve la cabina de ducha a la izquierda en un estado demolido. Al parecer, algo o alguien hizo agujeros, del tamaño de platos, a través de los divisores de la ducha y dejó baldosas en las paredes, así como el piso agrietado y desmoronado. Una mirada más cercana revela un rastro de azulejos agrietados, que conduce desde la cabina de ducha hasta la entrada.

Phil intenta pensar en lo que podría haber sucedido aquí. ¿Rabia de esteroides? ¿O tal vez a alguien se le negó una mamada después del entrenamiento y no lo tomó bien? Fuera lo que fuese, un fuerte olor (no el suyo) llamó su atención y le hizo sentir curiosidad por su origen. Siempre tenía una nariz muy sensible, por lo que no tiene problemas para seguir el olor hasta la cabina de ducha rota, donde detecta un paño húmedo y arrugado, entre los fragmentos de azulejos y escombros.

Contra su mejor juicio, toma la tela y le da un soplo experimental. El olor de muchos entrenamientos duros combinados con montones y montones de esperma es innegable. Sorprendido y emocionado a la vez, deja caer el trozo de tela que hace un ruido húmedo y húmedo cuando golpea los azulejos.

Ahora finalmente se da cuenta de lo que acababa de encontrar. Un suspensorio empapado de semen y sudor, un suspensorio ENORME ... un suspensorio desgarrado de semen y sudor empapado! 
Lo que sea que Bahamut de un hombre perdió esta preciosa prenda de ropa interior aquí, definitivamente tuvo el momento de su vida en erupción como un volcán y destripando la cabina de ducha mientras lo hacía.

Con un sentimiento mezclado en sus entrañas, Phil se retira de la zona de la ducha. En esas circunstancias, una ducha en casa podría ser la mejor opción. Phil se dio cuenta de que nunca se lavó las manos, su mente estaba demasiado ocupada tratando de comprender, en lugar de pensar en algo tan banal como lavarse las manos. La mezcla de semen y sudor, ahora se extiende sobre varias partes de su cuerpo y equipo de gimnasio, se seca lentamente y deja manchas blancas casi invisibles.

En casa, Phil salta a la bien merecida ducha y se limpia el sudor y la mugre (y el semen casi olvidado). Se mira en el espejo, se da un rápido chequeo de doble arma doble y aprueba el progreso de su gimnasio con un guiño. Poco tiempo después, Phil se desmaya en el sofá, en la televisión un informe de emergencia interrumpe un espectáculo tonto. Un periodista de aspecto nervioso analiza los hechos poco conocidos de una nueva epidemia que aterroriza la costa este de los Estados Unidos. Un virus de crecimiento muscular masculino, que además del crecimiento muscular, causa una amplia variedad de otras mutaciones y modificaciones imprevistas.

En su sueño, Phil se rasca el pecho mientras se llena lentamente con nueva masa muscular y cabello oscuro y denso. Un hardon con fugas apunta hacia sus pectorales en crecimiento, ya que sus sueños se vuelven febriles y se llenan de perversiones sexuales de músculos, almizcle, lujuria, crecimiento, poder y dominio ...


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