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growth The Superflu - The Hypertrophic Pandemic

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After a long while out in the wilderness,heres my contribution in hopes that the SUPERFLU will be revived by others as well.

It's a bit rusty but hope it's ok?



Night still persisted over the city,when Ollie Chambers drove his battered old Ford Transit connect van into the darker reaches of the Gallagher Leisure Park car park. He worked as a security guard,hired by local businesses to patrol the area for any criminal activities,though cared little for the job.Yes,it paid well,and kept him from the draw of the pub, or off-licence (liquer) store, and the demon drink he was fighting gradually to win. Given his hulking brutish physique,gained from his more dedicated years of addiction to the gym,(he was 43) his size alone would deter most petty criminals,but regardless,he did not want to waste his time chasing up young lads creeping their cars into the dark depths of the car park for a quick shared joint,or a quick fuck with a girl they'd picked up. But it had been near two hours since the group of Asian lads had pulled in their car into the car park,and Ollie had yet to see it puill out. So,curiousity drew him to investigate.

As he pulled up to a dim lit corner of the car park,he could see the car,or rather what was left of it,in front. 'Dumb fucks had likely stole it,gone for a joyride and then apparently went all nuts with it',literally looking like they had got at it with sledgehammers and a hydraulic cutter,ie the jaws of life used by firefighters.

Ollie hauled his heavy 220lb bulk from the van,grunting his dissatisfaction at having to waste his time phoning the police about a stolen car and explaining why he did not act earlier. But,even if those dickheads were still here,they would hardly put up a fight against big Ollie. He stood at just shy of 6ft,built like a thick heavyweight bodybuilder,his off season muscles straining even beneath his grey hooded sweatshirt.Thick,meaty arms touching 22 inches..broad bulbous pecs pushing the front of the sweat noticeably out..tree trunk thighs straining at his black jeans. If you were familiar with bodybuilding as Ollie was,one would say he looked like Canadian bodybuilder Iain Valliere,having that similar brutish lout look about him..broad brows,a nose that looked as if it had been broken,(in Ollies case,twice),a strong hard jawline,which he often took to having stubble or a trimmed thick beard. And his left arm had a full tattoo sleeve of brair thorns reaching and wrapped around a celtic cross on his shoulder...

So,a brute if ever there was one,but one which was hard to temper,and actually soft hearted.He did not have to use much strength to subdue anyone who physically threatened him,unless they were just as big as him.!


Ollie cast his torch light across the wrecked out car. He could see that the roof had been torn off and was cast several feet away from it, as was the front passenger side door.Every window was smashed,glass littering the ground around it, and there was a few deep dents in the bodywork. And the suspension looked a little fucked,sitting lower on the back left side with a wheel digging into the arch. 

'Dumb fucks'. Didn't they have better things to let off steam than to steal and wreck cars.?.

Ollie approached the car,catching a faint whiff of weed about it. The pricks were stoned out too!. He peered into the dashboard and could still see the keys in the ignition. So,they'd managed to nick they keys as well,he assumed.?

As he leaned his thick bulk to rummage into the glovebox,he placed his hand full down into some wet sticky patch of gloop over the drivers seat,and immediately stood up to wipe it onto his sweatshirt in disgust. But,as he did so,something in his brain made him decide to smell the substance on his fingers. 'Nah.couldn't be fucking cum..?', Same viscuous whitish grey coinsistency. But when others would usually suddenly wiping it off in abject revulsion,a subtle shock ran through OIlie like a cold chill,and he absent mindedly poked out his tongue and tasted the gloop on his fingers.

As soon as it hit his tastebuds,a crippling shock of adrenaline ran through Ollie,and he stumbled his heavy bulk against the car. He felt like he was about to have his own orgasm,and his short,unimpressive cock plumped up to its little 5 inch erection. Typical,did all bodybuilder have small cocks.?.

"Aw fuck,man" he yelled out into the still night to no-one. Another rush flowed through him like he was getting a pump from lifting weights,and heat built up within him to the point that he literally tore off his sweatshirt,baring the sleeveless stringer tank beneath it.

The 'cum' on his hand began to absorb through the pores of his skin into his bloodstream and the reactions flowing in him were almost instantaneous.Ollie felt like he in the throes of lust,fighting desperatetly hard not to pull out his cock and wank off there and then,but the rushes of increasing adrenaline and burgeoning testosterone felt so fucking good. He need more. And stumbled to the car,dipping two fingers into the puddle of cum and licking then clean. 

Again,the reaction was intense and instant. He threw his head back in a deep roar that echoed across the wasteground like someone had angered the hulk. He just had to throw his arms up into a double biceps flex as if he was posing in the gym mirror after a work out,revelling in the feel of a pump. Those fat hogs plumped up into rounded balls of power. Those biceps were still 'cold' but fuck,did they look massive.!

Ollie was caught up in animalistic lust and desires to flex and to show off,even though there was no-one about.He pulled his biceps into an even harder flex,hardest than he had ever performed,grunting and huffing,and sweating in determination. He caught sight of his thick round guns,and his cock throbbed even harder,seemingly thicker than its 5 inches. "FUCK YEAH,LOOK AT THESE CUNTS!". Ollie grunted. They seemed even bigger than usual.Ollie could actually see,feel,those boulders growing beneath his skin,somehow remaining in their cold state and not the rigid pump of contest ready flexing. It only made them look fucking massive. And they were growing,thick muscles literally breathing as if they were alive under his pale skin,vascular veins rippling with pumping blood.. "Fuck yeah baby. I'm fuckin' swole..". 

Ollies lust seemed to blind out any rationality of why he was suddenly growing massive ...all over..

He threw up his thickening arms behind his head in a front abs/lats pose,as much as he could,given those biceps surging,bloating beyond their 22 inches into freaky hogs,pressing against his thickening traps and pillowing against his head. His pecs,already meaty fuckin' tits at the best of times, had joined in the growth,rising rapidly into swollen tits that rose up against his chin,with his biceps,hung with heavy laden triceps,framing his head in muscle. 

Ollie sometimes shaved his chest to keep those meaty to keep the muscle definition and cut look,but now it seemed like his dark curly hair was growing back in thick wiry coats across those massive bloated tits,bigger than a fucking slutty pornstars,but pumped and hard. His bulky torso shook as he grew massive. The sleeve straps snapped and fell away,unveiling his bulk in all it's beastly glory. Amazingly,the rigid pump before a contest was only vaguely setting in,and therefore his off season bulk remained,and coupled with the growth,he looked freakishly oversized.

Ollie tensed his abs,feeling them rise up into 8 solid hard breeze blocks,forming into a bloated hairy roid gut,that was impossibly off set by monstrous lats that thickened and flared out from rigid obliques like a cobra's hood. When he would eventually bring his arms down to hang at his side,such thick were those meaty lats,snd massive and wide was his back,that he would walk with a sweeping gait,with arms held out.

Ollie shook his thighs as if getting ready to flex them for a stage contest,and his meaty quads responded by swelling out,rapidly filling his jeans which ripped at the seams to unleash those tree trunks. All the while,Ollie grunted and groaned in waves of lust and adrenaline. His glutes flexed and filled out the seat of his jeans into a swollen meaty bubble butt,ripping open the back and baring those firm hairy cheeks,anyone with a freaky fetish for rimming,would get so excited about burying their face in between and risk suffocation!

Ollies cock...? That little nub that had seemed to plump up ever thicker ever so gradually,suddenly joined in the growth dramatically. It grew out into a pulsing,twitching monster,its girth thickening with every pulse as fat as a 2 litre bottle,veins rippling along its rigid,increasing length which stretched out further like a jousters pole towards,and beyond,a foot,rising up into a hard battering ram of 16 inches that Ollie could,if he chose,to fuck his own meaty pec tits with,and tease its flaring glaring cockhead and coin slot piss slit with a tongue that had also increased in almost demonic pointed length,if it weren't for the fact Ollie had now gotten off with licking and pecking his own mighty biceps.! Just a surge of those growing plumping balls that hung lower and heavy between his massive thighs,and they would release their torrents of flu infected cum,all over Ollies glistening huirsuite muscle mass.

In that dark car park,the super flu had found it latest 'victim',..or host.. Oliver Chambers, a hulking beast of lust that stood now at near 7 feet of solid 400lb+ muscle and monster cock. His mind now only on his own lust and his desire to spread that flu to epidemic proportions..



I'm sure you guys can cum up with other variations of this hot theme.!!


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On 5/26/2018 at 10:40 PM, elysiumfields said:


As he pulled up to a dim lit corner of the car park,he could see the car,or rather what was left of it,in front. 'Dumb fucks had likely stole it,gone for a joyride and then apparently went all nuts with it',literally looking like they had got at it with sledgehammers and a hydraulic cutter,ie the jaws of life used by firefighters.


Ollie cast his torch light across the wrecked out car. He could see that the roof had been torn off and was cast several feet away from it, as was the front passenger side door.Every window was smashed,glass littering the ground around it, and there was a few deep dents in the bodywork. And the suspension looked a little fucked,sitting lower on the back left side with a wheel digging into the arch. 




Oh God !!!! I wish we could read the scene where a group of SUPER FLU hit Teens have fun wrecking this car bare hands, tearing apart steel using their hypertrophied muscles and their immense strength !!! ?? And making them cum of arousement.


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On 5/29/2018 at 4:18 AM, Aronymous said:

Well, you can.

Wooaahh my godness !!!

Ansolutely awesome... @elysiumfields did an amazing job with this story !!! ??


Men, does someone wanna try to make this SUPERFLU mutate and hit some preteens ? ?❤️

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Justinriv717, PLEASE do not copy-and-paste something you wish to comment on - it takes up so much of a page. Your comment is ONE PARTIAL LINE but you copy-and-pasted ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SEVEN lines!

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I've got a some personal fantasies about this superflu series  broiling around my head,but not sure if my perversions will be favourable by all,. ie i'm toiling around with the tainted weed theme, and as such more undesirable guys (petty criminals,arrogant chavs/scallies etc) being infected through the weed,.but what the heck. They are just fantasies.!  

Would be great if any other member could come up with fresh chapters,especially the possible influx coming in from the tumblr purge.?

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"Sorry for not attending the family gathering over Easter, Mum, but I had promised Erik to go to London with him. See you soon. The train from Arlanda Airport arrive in Central Station in 15 minutes, and I'll be home in Norrköping in less than two hours. Don't worry. Bye bye!" Per ended the phone call, and put his mobile phone in his pocket.

Erik sat by his side. Erik and Per had been inseparable since they came out to each other the second last year in school, and they had spent their first Easter abroad together. The railway carriage smoothly took them through the sparely forested Uppland Plain to the capital. A passenger behind them was coughing.

* * *

They hadn't found it necessary to send the Ambassador himself. Carl Lindschöld af Croneborg could have switched plane in Frankfurt, but had switched on Heathrow instead. His family remained in Ottawa, but he had been sent back to Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Stockholm to deliver some sensitive information to Foreign Secretary Bildt himself. The sensitive information, whatever it was, was safely locked into his briefcase. A passenger nearby was coughing.

* * *

Sven-Lennart Andersson felt unwell. With just six months left to retirement, all reportages abroad felt like he could write them in his sleep, and a series of radio programmes about British easter-customs was vanilla, compared to what he had endured in Cambodia, Panama and Chechnya earlier in his career. He and his wife looked forward to his retirement. They would probably spend most of their time on the west coast. Funny that Easter Monday wasn't a Bank Holiday in Scotland, despite being that in England. He had got a good interview from staff at Buckingham Palace about the Royal Maundy, and he had interviewed a baker about hot cross buns, and other things Swedish listeners would find exotic. He coughed. He didn't feel well. Actually his forehead felt rather hot. Could have catched something from one or another of the friendly Canadian and American tourists at his hotel. He looked forward to supper with Marianne, a few glasses of scotch to drive that bad cold away, some cuddling, and a long night's sleep. He would probably feel better tomorrow. Nothing to worry about.

* * *

The train reached its destiny. Passengers hurried in different directions to other trains, buses or cabs. It was a perfectly normal Easter Monday, or so they thought. None of them had watched news from Canada and the US in the last few hours, and it hadn't reached the news-stand placards yet.

Edited by Hialmar
Changed Sven-Lennart from newspaper journalist to radio journalist
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Though this needed an update adding let me know what you think.


Birmingham, UK.

We had been hanging out in the town centre waiting for Ben to arrive. We all had been checking out socials when Ben rolled up.

 "Hey, you guys I have got a great way to earn you some cash! And you don't have to sell your soul to YouTube."

 " Yeah? Have you been wanking off for guys on Skype again? " said Dan.

Ben looked at us "well yes! But this guy has sent me a load of poppers to try and to get some friends to try them with, and he gives us £1000 quid each."

 "Oh yeah!" said Jordan with a sarcastic tone.

 Ben showed off his new Nike trainers and a gold curb chain. "Wot do you think?"

 "Not bad," I said not wanting to show how good he looked and how much I needed new stuff.

Ben looked at us knowing we all wanted new gear.

"The guy sent some cash with the poppers to show he was the real deal."

 "OK, Ben is that all? Getting high on poppers and wank off on cam for some rich guy?" Asked Harry.

 "Only if you want to," Ben said looking at Nick and me.

 "Sure you two gay boys are up for that!"

 Nick and I looked at each other than Ben with a pissed off look.

After much discussion £1000 for some cum was a good deal. "It's only the same as when we all watch porn together" added Luke.

We all headed back to Ben's apartment, sure enough on the coffee table was a big box of poppers marked BIG flu. His huge HD TV with a webcam on the top was on one wall and the sofa facing the tv.

Jordan looked at the massive box of poppers "Fuck! Guys we are going to be gooned out for a week!"

 "Ben, you got some beer?" I asked. Ben handed out the tips of Fosters we sat down talking about the new Nike gear we are going to get.

 "Let's open the box and try some," said Dan starting to open the package.

 "No!" Ben quickly replied "the guy wants to see how it works. I think he has made it and wants to try it on some young men?"

 At that point, Ben's phone rang "yes, I have got them all here. Yes, I have got the package. Yes, I will". He put down the phone and turned on the TV and fiddled with the webcam on the top.

The TV showed all of us in the room, "Hi guys" came the voice from the TV. We all stood up and looked at our self on the TV. "Hey have all you guys just got in from the gym, bet you are fit going guys?" Came the voice from the TV again.

We looked at each other, as we have never been to the gym only at school. Then we all grinned as we all dressed in trackie bottoms and yes shorts and Nike trainers.

 "We all go to the nick-it-n-run gym!" Nick laughed, and I spit out some beer.

 " OK, guys! You look fit to me, and you never will go the gym. " the voice from the TV said with cheer in his voice. "Has Ben told you what we need you todo? You know how to huff poppers, guys?"

 " We," I ask as Dan and Nick are into the package and handing out bottles of BIG flu to everyone.

 "OK, so on three hot back on the poppers and then just do what comes naturally to you six studs," the voice said. "1.    2.      3.     Huff!"

 We stuffed two bottles under our noses and breathed in and again.

 "That's it guys; show me what you are made of!"

 our heads buzzed as the poppers hit us, "more" commanded the voice.

We all slumped back on to the sofa and chairs and took three more hits of poppers. The room was full of moans as we all could feel out cocks straining to be free.

Ben was the first to push his trackies bottoms down, and his cock sprang out. He was huge, Ben looked surprised at his huge cock but soon forgot that as he started to wank his meat.

 "Come on guys don't let Ben fly solo" came the voice from the TV.

We all grabbed out cocks, a chorus of "oh fuck" filled the room.

My cock was a lot bigger, not just longer but thicker, I felt my balls buzzing and feel bigger too. I heft my balls with my other hand "Fuck!" I shout as I feel my nuts swelling with size.

 I look up to see if anyone else had noticed their manhood was bigger. Harry's tee shirt was just about containing his bulking frame.

Harry was gooning out on poppers and busy stroking his swelling dick.

 "Harry! You look jacked man!" I shouted excitedly.

Harry looked down at his expanding pecs and slid a hand over his thick chest with the tee shirt starting to rip.

Harry looked up at me "I am Fucking amazing and feel so jacked" he paused "Fuck! Will you look jacked too!"

 I look down at my forearm pumping my hard cock. Thick cords of muscle bubble under the skin, thick veins thicken and feed the growing muscle with more energy.

Ripp! as my bicep peak rips open my tee shirt sleeve and solid horseshoe muscle forms on my triceps as the thick bicep swells and divides with thick veins pulsing on the bulging peak.

The room starts to smell of pre-cum sweat and testosterone, each one of us checking out our growth. Nick 's looks down at his huge quads thick ripping his trackie bottoms into ribbons pushing his legs open as the thick muscle mass grows. "This is sick!" Nick shouts as veins swell and his calves expand with size. "I could push start a truck with these fuckers!"

Jordan was on the sofa wanking his meat, with both hands his body now looks like a fitness model. His Cock head is almost the size of his head, and he could almost lick his piss slit. It was as thick as a Pringles can and twice as long. His ball sack was swinging low with two melon-sized balls in there. He was gooned out with pleasure, and a slick of pre-cum was flowing.

Dan's shirt was ribbons to like Harry and me his pecs are fighting for room on his now thick frame. But Dan's back was rippling with hard lean muscle and hard cobblestone abs that he could not keep his hands off. He flexed in a most muscular and you could hear the blood rush into his muscles as his lats thickened and his neck and traps swelled almost losing his face sporting a shit-eating grin.

Like joined all four of us in the middle of the room flexing and watching others muscles grow. Luke growled as he flexed his biceps we watched as his forearms swelled and pulsed with each heartbeat then his huge arms exploded with size. I touched his arm and felt the power as my hand could not hold it back.

We all stopped as we heard screams of pain!

It was Ben he looked beefed up but not thick muscle or a huge cock like Jordan that was still gooned out with his monster.

 "What the fuck Ben!" Harry shouted. Ben was about 8 feet tall with his tee shirt like a crop top. And his trackie bottoms look like shorts. His hands are like shovels he was trying to get to his trainers and fell on the floor.

 "Hey! Get them off! Get them the fuck off!" He shouted.

Too late his new Nike trainers ripped open and ten huge toes bust out.

 "Ahhhh!" Ben sighed "Fuck they where new!"

 " Hmmm, they all seem to be reacting to the virus in different ways? " said another voice from the TV. "What was the dose, sergeant?"

 " 6 - 8 hits" replied the original voice.

 "OK send in the containment team to administer the anti-virus. Sergeant. Otherwise, it will be only a matter of time before they are huge muscle chavs. All these chavs are no more than lab rats."

 " Doc. They heard you" replied the voice.

As we all stopped and listened, "Fuck Ben what have you got us into?"

 Ben's huge hands grabbed the packages of poppers and smashed the bottles.

 "No!" Came the second voice from the TV.

"They will get the full dose and be carriers of the super soldier virus weapon."

 "Contentment Team go!" Said the voice into a radio.

 "Come on guys breath it in! I want muscle like you guys!" Ben said between long-breathed in.

Jordan stopped playing with his monster dick to breathe in the poppers.

Our heads buzzed, and we started to drool as we took hit after hit.

 "Yes, Fuck YES!" Ben about in excitement as his long thin arms flexed and bubbled. His shoulders grew thicker and broader apart as his pecs swelled with power and size.

Ripppp! As his tee shirt opened and huge pecs sprung forward and lay grew like wings on his back. His sweat pants and briefs shredded as his body changed from an 8 foot Golam to a huge pro bodybuilder. Thick cords of muscle flex and grow on his thighs fighting for on if his balls at are almost the size of Jordans. Ben Cock thickens and grows over and down his now huge man ball sack.

I head more moans and sounds of expanding bodies came from behind me.

Nick's upper body was catching up with his tree trunk legs. A solid wall of muscle abs thick and gleaming with sweat stretched up to thick pecs that grew each breath he took. Thick shoulders are getting broader each second. As Nick's legs yes longer but just as thick, as his manhood grew long then pushed out by thick thighs and huge balls.

Ben's apartment was getting full of swelling muscle chavs. The smell of poppers mixed in with a gym poker room.

I felt powerful and the weight of my thick Cock and huge balls tugging on my skin around my hard abs. And rubbing up with other guys growing thick hard muscle with thick veins was making me horny. I was not the only one as I soon felt a huge wet Cock head on my back.

Furniture was getting crushed as we rubbed up against each other and our head is up against the roof.

Jordan pushed the roof is gave way I covered my head from all the debris and ended up face to face with Luke's Cock head. I couldn't help it. I clamped my lips around his leaking foreskin and pushed my tongue into his piss slit.

Jordan moaned with pleasure; I grabbed his thick calves they flex as he moved his weight around. I was sure I could still feel his body growing. I was sure I was still growing as I felt my glutes flex as I thrust my Cock.

 "Trust you, Will!" Shouted Dan. " we need to break out of here first. "

I unclamped my mouth from Jordan's monster cock. And looked up at Dan trying not to think about his swinging semi.

When six chav muscle mountains are wanting out of a building, nothing is going to stop them. Dan and Ben charge at the front wall, and we all follow as Jordan is the last to leave all that was Ben's apartment is now rubble. We can see no sign of the containment team.


Should I keep growing?


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