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muscle-growth Muscle Growth Interactive Game - Re-Release (Update 10 Mar 2016)


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A couple of suggestions for the casino.

If possible, it might be a good idea for the player to be able to buy temporary units from the house. But, these units aren't real, and can only be used in the casino. Like, I spend five credits to get one unit of muscle from the house. Then, I go over and spend that unit at the slots, and win the JackPot. BAM! I can keep playing. Also, the house units would be spent first.

This way, a new player can spend more time in the casino, and doesn't have to keep going back and forth to the gym (and other places) just to keep trying. (Which can get pretty long and drawn out/boring.)


The other thought for the casino is a way to diversify the muscle growth. If it is even possible.

For example, I bet one unit of muscle, then a check list comes up were I could choose where I want my winnings. (If I win.) Or, I could just stick with even growth. Pull the lever. I win two pounds, chose Pecs and Butt, they just grew and left the rest of my body a bit 'disproportioned'. If I lose, it just takes the muscle normally.

Betting ten units would allow me to check off up to four muscle groups.

Then you could go home, look in the mirror and laugh/admire your strange new proportions. (Giant torso and tiny legs. Huge butt and muscle gut. Balloon pecs. Perfect body except for the tiny T-Rex arms. Ect.)


I'm pretty sure that these would be a blast to play with. :D

That said, I don't want you to have to go back and rewrite a bunch of code or something. :unsure:

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Updated: 10 March 2016   Hey everyone!   I've released a small update to the game! A basic version of the combat system has been implemented alongside two Wildlands (Hardwood Woods & Mount Ursol)

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Game has been updated!


First post updated!


(Last Update: 17 November 2014)


Online Gameplay Link: http://bit.ly/1xOsePr
Offline Download Link: http://bit.ly/1vkvbYE
If the online link gives you an error straight off the bat or prevents you from completing character creation, please download it and play it in your browser. 
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I just love all these pictures, and can't wait for more! Kudos to you and Wolfie! (Speaking of him, when I saw "wolf-bunny hybrid", I immediately went "oooooooh, clever" :P )

One little thing: in your description, you forgot to mention the portait of the donkey (can't remember his name, damn) and the fact you can get money at the ironworks (granted, it's 10 miserable coins, but still!)

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Fantastic, it's nice to see this work coming along smoothly. Going to have to give a thumbs down on Wolfie's artwork, though. I've seen his work and he really needs to work on his anatomy and posing.

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What a great update to the project, the addition of pictures/drawings is an awesome idea. Though I'm still trying to figure out how to get my hands on those radioactive meat pies. Unless the option isn't fully available currently. 

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Just a comment on the casino thing. I understand your stance on gambling, but I will I say that the growth description and the whole liquid-pumped into you through your cock is suuuuuper hot and probably the hottest thing I've found (which is saying a lot). 

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Is that wolfie's art? It's amazing! It'd be nicer to have a tame and untamed version of each.

Also does species have an effect on the character? It's not really mentioned much so idk.

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