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Muscle Growth Interactive Game - Re-Release (Update 10 Mar 2016)

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Updated: 10 March 2016


Hey everyone!


I've released a small update to the game! A basic version of the combat system has been implemented alongside two Wildlands (Hardwood Woods & Mount Ursol) in which to do battle, and potentially violate the modesties of, various enemy NPCs.


Online Gameplay Link: http://bit.ly/1p9W1l2
Offline Download Link: http://bit.ly/1R97MyP
I've also added a change log in-game.
As I intend to re-use the current 'combat format' for future content, I'll gladly appreciate extensive testing as to whether the system works (eg: does not blow up, does not lead to dead ends, etc)
Please note that I've tried my best to implement an untraditional combat system as opposed to the ones you'd normally see in text-games, so please note the following:
1) Only the player has 'health' (Exhaustion)
2) Combat has 2 elements, 'win conditions' and 'luck'
3) Win conditions vary (eg: being more muscular, being less muscular, picking certain attack types)
4) Luck conditions vary (eg: certain attack types have a higher chance of succeeding)

Do note that this game also contains furry features, I simply have no choice since the furry growth audience surpasses the regular one and I personally do not discriminate, muscle is muscle to me and that's really all that matters. You do not have to test this game if you do not like furry characters (there are/will be humans too!), but I'd greatly appreciate it if my inbox could be spared any hate mail. 


To assist in the testing process, the cheating system (Strange Artefact) is still present in game for debugging purposes.


Feel free to leave any feedback, comments, or suggestions!


That is all,

Waffle out.

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When entering the suspiciously noisy black tent, and getting through the first set of dialogue, Willis says  
"I knew you'd end up here print $PlayerName,"



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When in the iron works, after pumping Iron, pressing the back button brings me to the previous menu, but pressing it again brings up the Gym dialogue and gives me the option to work out again... I can't seem to escape the gym

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The Radioactive meat pie doesn't seem to do anything particular in effecting your workout...

Because you don't eat it. The guy explicitely refuses to serve you it.

Really great additions in every thing!

My favorite is Samson!

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When you choose to intervene to save the bull, the first paragraph says "Despite your inferior size and strength, you decide you'd rather get hurt than leave the horse to his fate"

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When betting cock size in the casino, if you pass 72 inches, it states bad expression: <<set $PlayerCockSize to 72

Same problem with the ball size, when you're above 60 inches, you get bad expression: <<set $PlayerBallSize to 60

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What are the limits to the game?  I know there is stuff unfinished but since it's still in test mode...  I wonder, if I use the data tablet, when is it futile to use it on each item?   I was trying to see what combination of things I needed to enter the Embassy to Hell and I kept getting turned away.  I had added enough muscle, cock, hair and whatnot to turn my character into a 20ft immobile giant mountain of muscle, cock, and balls.   Even the gatekeeper was looking up.  I was going to see if I can test that area.


I also wish to suggest that there was something that could tell out how muscular you are in numbers, get some dimensions like arms and etc like you do with cock, balls and height.   


The Casino seems to work okay, the odds are not good but then again neither is gambling.  :P


It's an awesome game.  Keep working on it.   

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