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m/m Robby's Imaginary Muscleman Parts 1-7

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Part One: The Mysterious Signs Begin


I couldn’t help it, but every time I looked at my five year old, Robby, I thought of his other dad. Dennis had lasted pretty long after Robby was born, well almost a year is sort of good. I just think he never really wanted to be a father, or, at least, he didn’t want to give up being involved in the Los Angeles gay party scene. Unfortunately, heavy partying and fatherhood do not go hand in hand. I had not even attempted to date in the last four years, because raising Robby had been so much fun and, let’s face it, a lot of work, as well. I was not complaining, though. I loved being a father and I adored everything about my son. One evening, before bedtime, we were busy building castles in the living room with all the cushions from the sofa, every pillow in the house, and a pile of blankets. Robby was having a blast and laughing up a storm. As I noticed him starting to get tired, I also watched his face turn somewhat serious. I could tell he had a question he wanted to ask, so I simply waited, wanting to allow my son to work through whatever was on his mind.


“Daddy?” He asked as we started putting cushions back on the sofa.


“Yes, Captain, my captain.” I replied using what was his favorite nickname that I had given him.


“Will I ever have another dad?” came his question and it caught me off guard. I stammered a little as I tried to think of something to say.


“I don’t know, Robby. Why? Do you want another dad?” I finally answered.


“I just don’t want you to be alone,” he said staring at me with his big brown eyes. Out of the mouths of babes come some of the most profound statements, right? I fought back tears that threatened because of his honesty and his concern for me.


“I’m, I’m not alone Robby. I have you.” I said turning to the task of folding the blankets so my face would not acknowledge how his statement impacted me.


“It’s not the same, daddy, and you know it,” Robby said almost as if he were reprimanding me. “You need someone like the daddies in your newspapers.”


“What newspapers?” I asked turning to him and my heart started to beat quickly.


“The ones under your bed,” he replied innocently.


I felt my face turn a deep shade of red. I had recently picked up a copy of Muscle and Fitness, Flex, and a couple other bodybuilding magazines for some quick “clean” beat off material. I had also slid it under my bed when I was finished, forgetting all about them. I wanted to kick myself for not hiding them somewhere else or, better yet, throwing them away. I had intended to actually read the articles, though. Yeah, right.


“What were you doing under my bed, young man?” I asked jokingly, tickling his stomach in an attempt to keep the conversation as light as possible. I was desperate not to take my embarrassment out on my son. It wasn’t his fault that I found it easy to escape from reality for a few minutes by releasing a load to some picture of a muscle bound guy. I wanted to make sure he did not pick up that there might be something wrong about the magazines – which there wasn’t – at least that’s what I told myself.


“Hide and seek! It took you forever to find me,” he exclaimed triumphantly.


He had no concept that forever had really been about seven minutes. That thought calmed my nerves a little, that wasn’t enough time for him to explore the magazines too thoroughly.


“You need to give one back, cause the pages are glued together,” he said matter-of-factly and I actually could feel my skin turning even redder.


“Yeah, I’ll do that Robby. I guess there was a problem when they made that one. By the way, those aren’t newspapers. They’re magazines. You know, like your Disney magazine.” I was trying desperately to get him on some other subject.


“Oh yeah. Magazine,” he replied. I could tell he was saying the word out loud so he could memorize what it was. My little captain hated getting things wrong. This was a trait he inherited from me. “I picked one out for you.”


“What’s that?” I asked trying to act nonchalant.


“I have my other dad for you,” came the explanation and I found myself somewhat interested and totally surprised.


“Come here, little mister,” I said grabbing Robby and pulling him into my lap as I sat on the sofa. “You have another dad, remember? Dennis is your dad and I’m your daddy. You don’t need anyone else, right? You know that Dennis loves you very much, don’t you?” I looked at his happy little face and watched as he started to smile.


“Yes. But I want someone to love you!” Robby was obviously very pleased with himself.


“Well, you love me, don’t you?” I asked.


“That’s not the same. You need a big man to love you,” he said quickly.


“You are the only big man I need,” I said, again tickling him and becoming very happy as I listened to his high-pitched laughter. I finally stopped poking his stomach and he, again, looked at me very seriously.


“No daddy, a real big man. Really, really big. I asked Charlie if he likes you and he said yes. I got him for you.” Robby truly wanted me to be happy and he thought this is what I needed. I decided it would be best to humor him. I was also a little curious about this Charlie.


“Oh yeah? Charlie, you say? And where did you get this big man named Charlie?” I asked smiling at my son.


“Cereal box!” he yelled, laughing.


“The cereal box? I hope it was, at least, from the Fruit Loops box. Well, where is he, this Charlie? I’d like to meet him. I don’t see him anywhere. Is he hiding?” I carefully teased, not wanting to take the chance I might make Robby think I didn’t believe him.


“You can’t see him yet, daddy. You don’t believe.” Robby said strongly.


“Oh, I understand. So, it’s going to take some time. Well, I can wait. You let me know when he’s ready to meet me. By the way, what does Charlie look like?” I asked, glancing at my watch and noticing it was time to get ready for bed.


“He’s bigger than you. He has black hair. He has lots of muscles. He eats a lot. He goes to the gym all the time. He doesn’t wear a shirt. He’s like Superman.” Robby ticked off all of Charlie’s attributes and I must admit that the guy did sound kind of yummy.


“Well, you tell Charlie that it’s time for the Captain to go to bed. Time to brush our teeth,” I said scooping Robby into my arms and heading upstairs to his bathroom.


“Charlie, we’re going to bed now. Come brush your teeth!” Robby yelled as I carried him from the den.


Once inside the bathroom, we began our pre-bedtime ritual. We first washed our faces and then began to brush our teeth. I reached for our matching SpongeBob electric toothbrushes and was shocked a little when I saw that there was a third toothbrush in the cup holder. All three were similar. I clearly remembered only buying two. For a split second I was confused, but then I realized that maybe Dennis had brought one over when he visited . . . what was it, two months ago. I started to get angry at the thought of Dennis not taking any interest in Robby’s life unless I forced him to, but all those thoughts were interrupted.


“Charlie likes SpongeBob, too!” Robby said, pointing to the extra toothbrush.


“Well that is very convenient!” I said, still slightly confused.


“What’s con –vee –neeiant?” asked Robby. I paused, this was not the time to try and fully explain.


“It means that it’s very cool.” I answered and we began to brush our teeth.


Once we had both peed - something that could take forever - we went into his room and I read him three of his favorite books. Robby usually wanted to continue reading more books and even complained when I said it was time for lights out, but tonight he simply said “okay” when I said it was time to sleep. I got the distinct feeling he wanted me out of the room. We quickly said what we were thankful for on that day and asked God to take care of everyone we knew. Again, Robby usually took the opportunity to list everyone he had ever met and then some, but tonight he used the generic “everyone,” then kissed me, and pulled the cover up to his chin.


“Nighty-night, Captain,” I said as I turned out the light, made sure the night light was on, and then pulled the door almost fully closed – I always left enough space so I could easily look in and he could be protected by the extra light from the hall.


“Night, daddy. Charlie says nighty-night, too. He says he likes you.” Robby replied, not looking at me, but staring directly at the rocking chair in the corner of his room. I glanced over and could have sworn that the chair was moving. I blinked a few times and then backed out of the room.


“That’s wonderful, Robby. See you in the morning.” I answered.


So Robby had his first imaginary friend. I definitely needed to talk to someone about what to do. Was it odd that his imaginary friend was someone for me? I think it was. I found myself getting really angry with Dennis, for some reason. I felt that if he were more present in Robby’s life (and mine) this would not have happened. I made a mental note to give Robby’s doctor a call tomorrow – and my therapist. Hopefully, one of them would be able to give me some advice.


I had gone back downstairs and collected the blankets and extra pillows. I came back upstairs to replace them in the hallway closet when I heard talking coming from Robby’s room. I felt a deep fear as I suddenly realized there were two voices and one was obviously an adult. I put the blankets and pillows down on the hallway table quickly and pushed open Robby’s door. My heart was beating hard as I prepared to fight off the intruder. Robby turned to look at me as soon as the door opened. I glanced around the room and saw, immediately, that there was no one else there.


“Who were you talking to Robby?” I asked and could hear the fear in my own voice. I hoped I was able to hide it from my son, though.


“Charlie,” he replied.


“But who’s voice did I hear?” I asked, trying hard not to freak out. Robby glanced over at the rocking chair.


“Charlie’s” he replied again, staring at me blankly.


“But were you making his voice? It sounded different from yours.” I said, stepping a little into the room and glancing around a second time. I was beginning to feel a little crazy.


“No, daddy.” Robby was looking at me as if I had two heads.


“Well, it’s time for bed. Tell Charlie that you have to go to sleep.” I said, grabbing the door again.


“Yes, daddy. Time for bed, Charlie,” he said as I backed into the hallway. “Daddy?”


“Yes, Robby,” I replied, sounding a little too frustrated.


“Charlie says you have a nice butt.” Robby answered.


I was dumbfounded and also wanted to laugh out loud. I could not believe this was coming out of my son’s mouth. Where had he learned this kind of talk? I was sure he got it from daycare. I was going to have to speak to Miss Emma about this. She was a great teacher and would know exactly what to do.


“Well, that’s really nice. You thank Charlie for me. But, remember, we don’t use that word unless we’re in the bathroom. That’s bathroom talk, remember?” I said trying not to laugh.


“Yes sir,” he said. “G’night.”


“Nighty-night.” I replied and returned to the task of taking the blankets and pillows to the closet. I decided at that moment it was a “glass of wine” night. If I was hearing voices, I definitely needed something to help me sleep. Still, as I uncorked a pinot noir in the kitchen, I could not shake the fact that I had really thought I heard two voices. I grabbed the latest New Yorker and sat down on the sofa in the den. I started thinking about vacation spots. I obviously needed a break. It was then I remembered the magazines beneath my bed. I ran upstairs and hid them on a high shelf in my closet, not wanting to discard them just yet. I think there were a few more jerk-off sessions to be produced by those pictures. Who knows, maybe one of the guys was named Charlie.


Part II: I See Big People


The room was very cold. I could see my own breath every time I exhaled. I knew I was being watched even though I knew no one else was in the room. Someone sat there staring at me. I could feel that it wasn’t a person that wished me harm, but I was still unable to get a good look at their face or their body. It was also obvious that there was something special about the being that observed me. I felt like a human that’s been abducted by aliens and watched closely – as if under a microscope. The only difference was that the person staring at me didn’t cause me to worry or be frightened, no; they caused me to be shy and withdrawn. I could not put my hand on what the feeling was and then it struck me like a bolt of lightning. I felt unworthy. I felt inadequate in some way. But, in spite of these feelings and in spite of the coldness that filled the room, I was extremely turned on. I felt more alive that I had felt in a long time.


Suddenly I was awake and conscious that I was lying on the sofa in the den downstairs with the New Yorker open across my chest. I had fallen asleep. The wine had obviously caused me to have some kind of bizarre dream. I lay there for a few minutes and let reality seep into my brain. I was suddenly overcome with the same feeling as in my dream – someone was sitting in the room staring at me. I sat up quickly and looked around. No one was there. What the hell was happening to me? If this was what it meant to lose your sanity, then I was determined to beat whatever was taking over. For Robby’s sake I would not allow my mind to disappear.

“Don’t worry. I’m here.”


The voice was clear as a bell. I immediately stood up and looked around the room again. My heart was racing and my adrenaline was kicking in wildly. I was not imagining anything.


“Show yourself,” I said out loud.


Silence surrounded me. I grabbed my head and squeezed tightly. Did I drink that much wine? I looked at my half full glass – knowing it was still my first one. I certainly could hold my liquor better than that. It must be something else, but what? I was still young. I was still fit. I could not be losing my mind. I was just too stressed out. I had been working too hard – on top of being a single dad. I made a decision at that exact moment.


“I deserve a day off,” I said to no one, as if resolved to force myself to relax.

“Yes, you do.”


Again, the voice was very distinct and loud. This time it caused me to jump. I gasped out loud. My body was trembling by this point and I had begun to sweat. I quickly turned out lights and left the den. I moved to upstairs, glancing in on Robby as I passed his room. Seeing my son instantly calmed my uneasiness. He was sound asleep with his thumb in his mouth – a habit I had tried desperately to break, but even I couldn’t control him while he slept. I moved to the rocking chair, my favorite place to sit and watch my son. As soon as I sat down a feeling of deep warmth and some kind of mysterious power overcame my body. The sensation was so intense that it didn’t scare me, as a matter of fact; it caused me to get turned on immediately. My dick was suddenly hard and throbbing. In spite of the incredible feeling, I jumped up and turned to look at the chair. It moved slowly – obviously fueled by my sudden departure – but it also looked inviting and so unbelievably comfortable. I sat back down and let the warm, secure feeling surround me again. I swear the chair rocked without me pushing it. Slowly, I let my body succumb to the rhythm of the chair and I fell asleep. This time there were no dreams; there was only a feeling of deep peace. I slept more soundly than I had in years.


I could feel that Robby was asleep in my lap before I even open my eyes. I let the heartbeat of my son reverberate in my body as we sat there, still rocking slowly where I rested in the chair. I could hear his heavy breathing caused by his deep sleep. I could only imagine Robby waking in the middle of the night and seeing me in the chair in his room – what had he thought? Usually, he came into my room in the middle of the night and joined me in my bed – a habit I knew I should not allow, but I secretly loved it. My son loved the security of his dad – a feeling I somehow connected with on some deep level. It was the exact feeling that presently surrounded us, somehow, in the chair. At first, knowledge of this feeling made me nervous, but in my half-asleep daze I allowed myself to simply rest in that awareness of total peace. Robby’s breathing caused me to fall in and out of sleep for another thirty minutes. Finally, my son began to stir and I knew we would both be up and about very soon.


“Morning, Captain,” I said when he looked up at me.


“Why did you sleep in my room?” he asked, not even taking time to say good morning.


“I fell asleep watching you,” I replied.


“You both did,” he said smiling.


“Both? Who? Charlie?” I asked.


“Yep. He sat right here with you.” Robby answered as he climbed out of my lap. “I’m hungry.”


“You’re always hungry,” I said teasingly. I stood up and he grabbed my hand, starting to pull me towards the door. Once he was interested in food there was no changing his mind at all. I let the comment about Charlie go at the present moment. I knew it was time to get some food in my child.


While Robby ate some cereal and watched cartoons, I called my office and left a message for my secretary saying that I would be taking the day off. I knew I had an empty schedule and nothing too pressing to deal with. I could envision Margaret smiling as she listened to my voicemail. She had been begging me to take a day off for a while. She was extremely efficient and very protective of both Robby and me. She would certainly cover for me if anyone needed anything. I made a mental note to bring her favorite lemon pastry the next morning as a little thank you. Robby shouted for joy and threw his hands in the air when I told him that I had a surprise for him. He said he hoped it was a pony, but he seemed genuinely happier when I said I was taking the day off and he wouldn’t have to go to Miss Emma’s place. I asked him what he wanted to do, but I knew the answer before he spoke.

“I want to go to the park!” he exclaimed.


Robby always wanted to go to this big park in the middle of our city. There were multiple playgrounds, a few open fields for kite flying, a pond that had powered boats he could steer, and much more. I glanced outside and saw that it was going to be a beautiful day. I knew time at the park would be fantastic for both of us.

“The park it is, then. How about a picnic, some kite-flying, and, of course, much time at the playground.” I replied.


“Two playgrounds,” Robby insisted as he laughed.


“We’ll see you greedy little mister,” I said reaching over to mess up his hair.


“Charlie’s happy, too,” Robby said looking across the table at the empty chair in front of him. I smiled and nodded my head. “He also says don’t shave.”


“What?” I asked glancing back to my son after having turned to look at the headlines of the paper on the table.


“Charlie likes your scruffy look,” he answered, looking back at the cartoons on the television. I knew the reason Robby was telling me this was because he thought shaving would delay our departure, but it still sounded nice – having a boyfriend that liked me even with my morning hair and morning stubble. Dennis had always been concerned with how I looked – at all times and he didn’t hesitate to critique.

“Well, I’m beginning to like this Charlie more and more,” I said taking our bowls to the sink. “Why don’t you go brush your teeth and change clothes. I’ll put a few things in the picnic basket and then take a quick shower.”


“Yippee!” My enthusiastic son screamed as he jumped down from the chair and ran from the room, adding, “Charlie says to make sure to bring some vegeetubles cause they make him stronger!”


This comment caught me off guard. Robby did not like any vegetables. I could not believe he wanted me to include them for our picnic. I guessed it was something he had noticed in the magazines that had been under my bed. Maybe there had been an ad where some big guy was eating something green. I made a mental note to use Charlie’s words the next time I was trying to get my son to eat carrots or broccoli. I still loved the fact that Robby could not clearly say some words – like vegetables – it seemed to keep him the little boy I wanted him to remain. I grabbed a pack of carrots and some raw celery with the hope that Robby might choose this over crackers. I knew, deep down, there was a fat chance of that, though. I finished packing our picnic basket, pulled a blanket and the kite from a closet, and then went to take a quick shower. As I passed by Robby’s room I heard him talking, so I stood out of sight to listen for a while.


“He’s gonna like you. Cause you’re big and really strong. I promise. You can help…” Robby stepped into his closet and I missed a little of what he said next. I moved closer to the edge of the door and heard him struggling to put on a shirt. “Yeah, you should do that.” I could hear that he had moved back into the room, so I stepped a few feet back down the hall.


“I’ll come in to tie your shoes in a sec, buddy,” I cried out, acting as if I was just coming upstairs. “I’m just going to take a quick shower.”


“Charlie tied ‘em,” he yelled back. I laughed at that thought and knew that my son had tried to tie his tennis shoes by himself again. Last time they had ended up a big jumble of knots. I knew it would take me a few minutes to straighten them out. I stepped into his room and saw him standing in the center. He was dressed smartly in a pullover yellow polo shirt and a pair of blue-red plaid shorts. I glanced down at his feet – not only were his shoes on the right feet, but they were also tied in perfect bows. My mouth dropped open and I simply stared at this Stepford child in front of me. I looked at his smiling face and noticed that even his hair was combed.

“Who are you? And how did you tie those shoes?” I asked amazed.


“I didn’t tie them. Charlie did. And I’m Robby,” he said walking past me into the hallway, headed downstairs. I knew he wanted to watch more cartoons – at least until the moment it was time to leave. “Please hurry and take your shower. Charlie’s ready to go.”


I quickly stepped into the hall. I was so surprised by everything that had just happened that my good parenting skills had gone away. I called out to him before he started down the stairs.


“Robby. I didn’t know you knew how to tie your shoes. That’s great. And you look really good.” I was still shocked by my little man.


“I told you - Charlie tied my shoes,” he said looking at me like I was deaf.


“Hey, Robby, you know that I can’t see Charlie, right?” I said this before I could filter my thoughts. I can’t explain the feelings that were twirling around my head – jealousy of his imaginary friend, bewilderment at my son’s new skills, and surprise that he hadn’t told me what he could do.


“Not yet, dad, not yet,” he said simply and turned, jumping down the stairs two at a time.


My quick shower gave me time to sort through the confusion caused by my son’s imaginary friend. I knew, instinctively, that it was totally acceptable and healthy for kids to have someone that they could share intimate secrets with – even if that person wasn’t real. I also realized it was difficult on my son to only have one parent. Again, I felt unresolved anger at Dennis rear its ugly head in my heart. I needed to allow Robby to develop his friendship with “Charlie” without any feelings of guilt or shame. I was happy that I retained a little knowledge from my adolescent pysch class in college. I struggled; however, to understand Robby’s need to make Charlie some big guy that might make me happy. Was it possible that I projected my lust for bodybuilders to my son without even knowing it? Sure, some of my friends – who were also his friends – were well built, but they were not love interests. I began to worry that Robby had noticed I tended to stare at big guys when we were out in public. There were a few other dads at his daycare that were huge and maybe he could sense how I changed when I was around them. I made a mental note that from now on I would not let some guy’s big muscles capture my attention so easily. Oh, who was I kidding? That was not possible. I also felt like it wasn’t unhealthy for my son to know the type of man I was attracted to – mainly because I was sure he didn’t fully get what it meant when adults were in relationships. By the time I joined Robby downstairs I had decided that I would treat Charlie as a member of the family – mainly because the idea of some big muscular guy looking out for my son somehow made me very happy. I was sure I also hoped Charlie was looking out for me, as well.


The park was only slightly empty for such a beautiful work day. Robby wanted to go to his favorite playground first and we both knew we’d be there for a while. I knew my son’s routine as well as he did. We would begin with a quick trip down the slide, a quick bounce on the see-saw balanced on a giant spring in the ground, and then head toward the imitation tire-swing in the center of many other different swing sets - off to one side of the playground. My son followed the pattern perfectly, but we were both disappointed to find that the metal structure that held up the tire-swing had been partially pulled from the cement blocks that held it. Two of the four poles were slightly in the air and bent. I imagined a group of older kids piling as many people as possible on the tire and their weight causing the poles of the structure to be ripped from where it rested. I anticipated my son to be very sad that he couldn’t play on his favorite piece of equipment.


“Sorry, Captain. It looks like the swing is out of order. I think someone broke it,” I said glancing down at my boy.


“That’s okay.” Robby replied, as he looked up at me, “Charlie will fix it. Let’s go to the jungle gym.” With that, he tore out across the big sand pit to the climbing structure across the play area.


I’m sure my mouth was wide open from the shock of his response. I laughed a little at how easily he had recovered from this setback and started out after him. I glanced around and saw other adults helping their kids swing, climb, and explore parts of the play area. I, of course, scouted out the eight to ten dads that were there, checking to see if they met my definition of “yummy.” As usual, almost all of them appeared to be not only devastatingly handsome, but undeniably straight, as well. I immediately reminded myself of my decision to not be caught by my son staring at other men. I turned back to Robby and saw that he was already halfway up the dome-like metal structure that seemed like a perfect place for some young kid to have an accident. I seemed to remember a movie where Dustin Hoffman watches his son fall from a similar formation and he has to carry him to the nearby hospital. This thought made me sprint quickly to where Robby was climbing.


“Not too high, Robby. You’re going to make me nervous,” I said, trying not to actually let on how scared I really was.


“To the top, dad!” He exclaimed as he looked back towards me.


“Only if I can come, too,” I replied. I then climbed next to him and we traveled together to the top. Robby sat at the apex of the structure and looked out over the playground, as if he was surveying his kingdom. I sort of leaned on the structure, bending my body to the curve of the metal bars.


“Charlie fixed the swing,” Robby said after a couple of minutes and he began to climb down. My need to have my hand at his back, as he turned around to make his descent, made me ignore his comment. Why was it that the trip down from the structure seemed so much more dangerous than the trip up? When he was about a foot from the ground Robby turned to me, saying, “I can do it dad.”


My son was emphasizing a point that would probably take me a lifetime to learn. There would always come moments when Robby would need me to let go and let him do something by himself. I moved my hand from his back and watched as he jumped from his spot to the soft sand below. He then began to run in the direction of the swing sets. I jumped down, as well, and hurried after him. I was sure he was going to be sad that he couldn’t go on the tire swing, but I knew we’d find other stuff to do.


“Robby, wait for me,” I called after him. I did not want him to get on the swing with it not being secure. My son listened to me and stopped – standing next to the metal bars that held up the swing. He turned to look at me, as I got closer.


As I reached his side my mouth fell open for the second time since we had arrived at the park. I glanced down and saw that the poles of the swing were now secure in the cement blocks below. I bent down to look closer. It didn’t seem to be a great job, but the poles were buried deep in the blocks. As a matter of fact it looked as if the poles had somehow been thrust into the concrete so hard that the force of the blow had actually created the holes – and not some drill or other machine. There were a few cracks around the new holes and I saw a few chips of concrete scattered on the ground. I took a quick look around the place to see if I could see park rangers or workmen – anyone that might have done the job. I wanted to make sure it was safe. There were only parents and their children scattered around the area. I looked back at the poles in the ground, reaching out to grab one and shake it. The thing didn’t budge. It was certainly buried in the concrete tightly and could have easily held up a group of adults swinging on the tire. My eyes turned to look where my hand gripped the pole because I felt something strange – as if the pole had been dented somehow. I moved my hand and could have sworn I saw indentions that resembled fingers. I looked across to the other pole and saw the same kind of markings – just slightly lower than this side. I blinked a few times and tried to picture the tool that had been used to grab these things hard enough to slam them into the concrete. It didn’t really matter, though, because Robby had already climbed on the tire and was begging me to push him. I turned to my son and obliged. For the next fifteen minutes his favorite word became “again.” I would send the tire spinning around and then push it back and forth, like it was a ride at an amusement park. Robby didn’t care how fast it spun or how hard I pushed him – he just wanted me to do it over and over. I was beginning to get a little dizzy just watching him. Finally, he announced it was time for some kite flying. I stopped the swing, he jumped down, and we both turned to head towards the car. I suddenly remembered the indentions on the poles and glanced at them one last time before we walked away. I still could not believe I had failed to notice the workmen as they fixed the swing set – or the machine they used.

We got in the car and drove to the open field where people either flew kites or had a picnic. We planned on doing both, along with taking our required afternoon nap. Before we flew the kite I insisted that we both put on a little sunscreen. Robby hated this and only allowed me to apply it to his face, neck, and arms after I promised to reward him with an Oreo cookie. I rewarded myself with one, as well. I was impressed that Robby stayed interested in flying the kite for almost forty-five minutes. Usually he was done with it after it fell to the ground the first time.

Once we had spread out the blanket, I pulled out the food for lunch. To my utter amazement, Robby grabbed a couple of carrots first and started chomping on them. I could tell he loved the noise they made. As if to shock me even more, he then took a celery stalk and did the same with it. He noticed I was looking at him strangely.


“What?” he asked with a mouth full of celery.


“Who are you and what have you done with my Captain Robby? Since when did you eat vegetables?” I asked, forcing myself to not mispronounce the word like Robby did – even though I loved how it sounded. I needed to reinforce the correct pronunciation.


“Charlie says they’ll make me big like him,” Robby replied after grabbing another carrot.


“Charlie sounds really smart,” I said.


“And strong.” Robby added.


“Yeah?” I asked and then said, “Even stronger than your old man here?” I lifted my arms in what I knew was a double biceps pose, but Robby probably thought it was just plain stupid looking.


“His arms are way bigger,” my son said, deflating my bravado. “He fixed the tire swing, didn’t he? Can I have my ‘nut and jelly sandwich?” Ever since he was two years old, this was what he called his favorite sandwich. I handed him half of one with the crust cut off, just as he liked it. His comment about my arms being small hurt my ego a little and I didn’t think about what I was saying before it came out.

“It sounds like you like Charlie more than me,” I muttered, sounding sad.


“Naw, I just have to make sure he’s good ‘nuff for you,” Robby replied as I reached over to wipe grape jelly from his cheek. His answer filled my heart with joy.


“Don’t talk with your mouth full, young man,” I said, reminding him of something we were working on, but also to cover up how his remark made me happy. He quickly swallowed.


“Yes sir,” he said smiling. I could tell he was trying hard to remember all the new rules that came with getting older. My little man wanted to make his dad proud. He also seemed intent on finding me a mate – and one that I approved of.


A little later we were lying on the blanket with our heads together looking up at the sky. We were pointing to clouds and naming what they looked like. I was amazed at how Robby saw creative things in the different formations. I wondered if he would be some kind of artist when he grew older.


“Hey dad?” he said, making sure I knew it was a question.


“Yes, Captain,” I replied.


“Ya know how I can see big Charlie and you can’t,” he added tentatively.


“Uh huh,” I said, wondering where this was headed. I knew I needed to tread lightly so he would feel no judgment in my comments.


“It’s ‘cause I want him. You gotta want him too. You gotta want him a lot. Okay?” came the quick reply from my son.


“Okay, Captain,” I said after a short pause. His words had cut into my deepest self. I knew exactly what he meant. My young son’s intuition told him that I didn’t really trust other men anymore. My five year old was worried that his dad’s heart could not bear any more pain caused by people who disappointed him. A tear formed at the corner of my eye and made its way down the side of my face. Something opened inside of me at that moment – and I made a promise that, for my son’s sake, I would begin the long journey back to the living. I would not hide behind my work and my duties as a father anymore. I would try to open myself to love again. As these thoughts passed through my mind two things happened, my son’s breathing became hard, signifying he had fallen asleep, and a cloud passed overhead that resembled a man’s big flexed arm perfectly.


Part Three: Touching Is Believing


Later that night, there was no argument from Robby when I said it was time for bed. I could tell he was worn out from our day at the park. He asked me to read only one story before lights out and then, when it came time to ask God to look after people we loved, Robby only mentioned Charlie and me. I gave him a kiss, went to the door, and turned out the light.


“Dad,” Robby called out before I left the room.


“Yes, Captain,” I answered.


“Charlie’s going to sleep with you tonight,” he said. I couldn’t see his face, but I could tell, by his voice, that he was smiling. He almost sounded like he had some kind of secret he was keeping from me. I forced that thought out of my head – I was projecting again.


“Okay. You sure you don’t need him in here with you?” I asked, concerned about taking his imaginary friend away from him, which sounded so silly when I thought about it.


“Naw, he wants to be with you,” Robby said with a slight giggle. “He also says to bring the newspapers, I mean magazines.”


Robby corrected himself. My face flushed red and I reached up to turn the light on. I saw that he was looking right at me and was smiling. I found his stare slightly surprising. I knew he did not mean it the way it sounded, but part of me wondered if my five year old didn’t understand, on some level, what the pictures in the magazines did for me.


“Night, dad,” he said, turning on his side and shutting his eyes.


“Nighty-night, Captain,” I replied, switching off the light again.


I went back downstairs and was a little dumbfounded by my son’s comment about the magazines. I found myself a little tired, so I grabbed a glass of wine, turned out lights, and went back upstairs to go to bed. I changed into my favorite Yankees t-shirt and some boxers, preparing myself for a few chapters of the new David Sedaris book that sat on my bedside table. After a few pages and many sips of wine, my mind started drifting from the book I was reading to the magazines hidden under a box on the top shelf in my walk-in closet. I forced my thoughts to return to the book, but only finished two sentences before I took a big sip of wine, returned the book to the table, and got out of bed - headed for the closet. I returned to bed with a bundle of magazines in my hand. I sipped more wine as I lifted each magazine to glance at the cover, deciding that I would use the one with the biggest guy on the cover as my jerk-off material for the night. I settled on FLEX magazine, because on the cover it had a picture of a huge guy curling a barbell loaded with so many weights that his arms bulged out to insane proportions. The words that were printed across the bottom of the picture also made me choose this particular magazine. It read “Create Guns Full of Power!” There was something about a guy’s arms, and the idea of calling them guns, that really got my juices churning. My heart also leapt for joy when I found that the magazine’s center spread was completely about this guy’s arms. There were pictures of him in tight shirts, one of him in a business suit, and many of his naked upper body. The guy really did have huge “guns.” I stared at the pictures as I finished my wine. I was careful not to look at the text underneath the pictures, because I did not want to learn the guy’s name. Tonight, the man with the giant arms was going to be called “Charlie”. By the time I dropped the magazine on the floor, with the others, and turned out the lamp on the bedside table, my hand was already pumping my hardened cock. The slight buzz from the wine only increased my desire for a prolonged build up to ejaculation. I wanted to focus on Charlie’s arms for a while. I closed my eyes and pictured those monstrous arms connected to a big guy kneeling on the bed above me.


“Come and get it, Charlie,” I moaned out loud as I stroked by hard shaft.


I distinctly felt the sudden sensation of a heavy, muscled body lying on top of mine. I found it hard to breathe, but the feeling was so incredible that I didn’t care. My hand left my rod and fell onto the bed at my side. I thrust my chin into the air as my head pushed back into the pillow and my neck received what felt like two lips kissing and sucking. I was amazed at how real my fantasy sex session felt.


“Aw yeah, Charlie, your huge body feels nice,” I whispered, getting into the foreplay fully. “Squeeze me with those big guns.”


My arms suddenly seemed forced tightly into my sides, or it could have just been in my mind. I didn’t care. My imagination helped me to be held by hard, muscled arms and my body felt like it was on fire. The weight at my crotch got heavier and I began to focus on what seemed to be happening down there. My hard-as-a-board dick was being smashed by a larger piece of meat and “Charlie” was obviously rocking his own crotch back and forth. I could not ever remember having such a vivid masturbation session. I kept my eyes tightly shut because I did not want this dream to end. Just when I thought my cock could not stand any more of the rocking motion from the large prick rubbing against it, I felt the weight lessen on my upper body and crotch, but not my legs. It was obvious that my “Charlie” had hoisted his huge self onto those two pillar-like arms. I imagined reaching up and grabbing hold of the two meaty pecs that were bulging above me. It seemed so real to me. The feeling of hard layers of muscle, too huge to fully grab, made my body shake with pleasure. “Charlie” flexed his chest and my fingers were pushed out flat, preventing me from grabbing any of his flesh. I simply rubbed my open hands all over his broad upper body, finding his two hard nubs of steel and pinching them roughly. The room, or was it just in my mind, was filled with a deep moan that sounded like the rumble of thunder. My hands then moved up and across stone-like wide shoulders, caressing every striation and bulge. I then let them drop to what I had focused on in the first place – Charlie’s gargantuan arms. The sensation was so powerful that I thought I would lose my load immediately, but I was able to calm my cock and not discharge just from touching vein-covered, marble-like guns that felt bigger than my thighs. I let my fingers trace the hard-corded veins that snaked around his arms. I was immediately reminded of wide trees covered with thick vines and filled with centuries worth of power. How I wished that these kinds of arms would some day scoop me up and carry me into a bedroom and fill me with the same kind of pleasure I was now creating on my own.


“Let me feel your meat inside me, Charlie. Please,” I begged to my imaginary lover.


Immediately, I sensed my legs being pushed apart. There was now no weight on top of me anywhere. I felt the strong arms pull away from my hands. I let out a light whimper, but then brought my hands to my own chest. I found my own hardened nipples and began to squeeze them mercilessly. Huge hands gripped around my calves and seemed to lift my legs in the air. The sound of ripping cloth caught me off guard and I couldn’t believe my imagination would let nice boxers be torn from my body. I immediately returned to the manhandling that was happening to my body, restoring it to the intense pleasure that had just been interrupted. The big hands moved down to my thighs, grabbed me tightly, and then lifted higher. My ass was in the air and the strong arms holding my legs spread them apart. My erect cock was pressing against my folded mid section and the tip was poking me underneath my chest. I continued to pinch my hard nipples.


In the midst of all that was happening I became conscious of a firm wet tongue running up and down the inside of my ass crack. “Charlie” pressed the fat tip into my tight hole, intending to use his own saliva as lube for his stiff pole. I cried out in joy each time I imagined his tongue slipping further into my loosening ass opening.


“Yes. Yes. That’s so nice, big guy.” I was getting into this fantasy so much that, for a split second, I thought I might never need a partner again. I forced my mind to return to the preparation that my ass was receiving.


The sensation of a strong wet tongue disappeared, but was suddenly replaced by something larger and much harder. “Charlie” let the tip of his hard cock slide up and down across my open asshole. This caused my sphincter to contract and release each time. I could also feel loads of pre-cum slathering my ass while I began to moan in anticipation. I held my breath as I felt the wide head of his cock push slowly into my now clamped-shut cavity. His steel-like dickhead pressed the sides of my hole apart and I inhaled sharply three times while his thick pole traveled further into me. Suddenly, the mushroom top made it beyond the tight outer-walls of my asshole and the big man paused so I could relish the feeling of something so large inside of me. The muscle man also wanted to give me a chance to breathe and, hopefully, relax before he began to shove his full manhood down my chute. When the slow plowing resumed, my body was ready for it. Each time I thought he was certainly all the way in, I was amazed to find out that there was still more of his cock to slide into me. I began to worry that some of my internal organs were going to have to shift to allow him in fully, but the feeling was so incredible I didn’t care. Finally, I felt my lower back, right above my ass crack, meet his bulging quads and he pressed in a little harder just to give us both more pleasure. I was able to start breathing a little easier and relaxed some, since I knew he had fit his entire hard cock inside me. “Charlie” began to masterfully slide his giant rod in and out of my ass. He was slow and powerful. The room was again filled with heavy grunting that sounded like a bull was preparing to charge. I was again surprised by the creativity of my own jerk-off fantasy.


The motion of the huge rod in my ass became faster as I felt my legs now supported on the two wide shoulders I pictured in my mind. The strong hands I had felt earlier moved to my chest, brushing my hands to the side, and they began to squeeze my pecs together roughly. Drops of sweat started to hit my face, neck, and arms – and I congratulated myself on that nice touch. The feeling of strong hands squeezing my pecs and pinching my nipples, the rocking of the bed and my body each time the huge piece of meat was thrust into my ass, and the intense moans filling the room were too much for my slightly buzzed, intensely turned-on body.


“Oh, fuck, Charlie. I’m going to cum!” I said a little to loudly.


As my cock erupted and my body convulsed – sending streaks of my hot semen all over my chest – I actually worried about waking Robby. I was able to slightly muffle the cries that followed as I pumped more jism out of my throbbing dick. At the same time I felt warm fluids seemingly being released into my ass – and it felt like a bucket full. The thick rod crammed inside me twitched uncontrollably, pounding into the sides and back of my chute – making me spew even more. My body finally stopped jerking and my heart rate started to subside. I could feel the massive, still-hard piece of meat being pulled from my ass. I gasped a little when the tip popped from my hole. My legs were lowered back to the bed and I felt the heavy muscled body of my dream-lover come gently back down on me. The weight of “Charlie” helped to quiet my breathing and continue the slowing of my heart. I was fully aware that my exhausted mind and body were falling asleep, and that there was nothing I could do to stop it from happening. Right before I slipped into dreamland, however, I knew there was something I wanted to do. I gathered all of my remaining strength to accomplish the task.


“I really want to know you, Charlie . . . I really want to know you,” I whispered to the emptiness of the room.


Darkness and rest came as soon as the words evaporated into the air.


I heard him whispering before anything else registered in my body. I knew Robby was in bed with me, probably with his face very near mine - and he was either repeating dialogue from a cartoon or quoting something he had learned at Miss Emma’s daycare center. After I became aware that he was in the bed with me, I suddenly noticed a few other things – mainly that my ass ached. It ached a lot. The thrill of last night’s beat-off session came flashing back into my head. I could not believe that my ass hurt this much. I was sure it was because it had remained so tense during my excursion into fantasy sex-land. I moved a little and was shocked because I sensed pain in my ass that was not related to being too tense. It had been many years since I had been plowed by a man’s cock, but not so many that I didn’t remember the “morning after” soreness. I chalked it up to the fantastic job I did at imagining “Charlie” inside of me. That’s when I also registered that my body was sore in many other places – my sides, my chest, and my legs. All of this soreness was definitely something I remembered joyously as the post-awesome-sex screaming of my limbs, but I was just amazed that I could cause it all by myself. Well, it wasn’t exactly all by myself – it was with “Charlie,” well the picture of my fantasy Charlie. Just thinking about that magazine picture made my body shiver again. Oh shit, I thought, the magazines are beside the bed. I forced myself to not jump up and grab them. That would certainly make Robby think they were something bad. I started to think of a way to get him out of the room quickly, but I realized it was useless - he usually loved to lie in bed for a few minutes to have a morning chat. He would see through any attempt to move us along too quickly. His whispering caused me to refocus on what was happening in the room.


“Yeah, I’ll tell him, Charlie . . . Yeah, me, too,” said Robby softly.


“What numbers are on the clock, Robby?” I asked, interrupting his one-person conversation.


I felt his little body lift off of the bed and lean across my chest and stomach to look at the digital alarm clock on the table beside me. He obviously stared for a while and I could tell he was making sure he read them correctly and in the right order. We had been working on what it means to start on the left side when reading.


“Six, two, four,” he said proudly. I was very happy because that meant we had lots of time before we had to start getting ready to leave.


“Good job, Captain,” I replied.


“What’s this stuff all over your shirt?” he asked poking at my chest.


My eyes flew open. He didn’t notice because he was looking down. I raised my head off the pillow and saw dried cum streaks up and down the front of my shirt. My mind started racing, attempting to think of something to say. How to explain this to a five year old, that was the problem. I always wanted to be as honest with my son as possible, but I knew this was not the right time to explain ejaculation.


“I think it’s paint,” I said and closed my eyes again, feeling guilty about the lie already. I dropped my head back on the pillow and attempted to push my embarrassment away.


“It’s ugly. What were you painting?” Robby asked innocently. I felt my stomach tighten as I began to formulate my next lie.


“Nothing, I think it’s been on there for a while. You know – old paint,” I said, squeezing my eyes tighter, as if that would make the conversation go away.


“Why is there paint on your neck?” Robby persisted.


My hand flew up to my neck and I felt globs of dried semen there. I rubbed it off with my palm and it actually hurt a little when it peeled away from my skin. I needed to end this conversation quickly and I knew just the way.


“I guess it came off my shirt, but that’s not what worries me right now. You know what worries me, Captain?” I said looking at my son and smiling. I knew Robby completely understood where I was taking the conversation, but he acted like he didn’t. This had been part of our morning routine for years.


“What, daddy?” he asked in a high-pitched voice because he was already dreading my answer.


“I’m worried about the ticklers!” I yelled as I raised my hands and held them up like claws.


Robby screamed loudly and then scrambled off of my body. He quickly covered his little frame under the blanket and yelled “no.” I sat up and grabbed him through the blanked at his waist and tickled him lightly. My son erupted into screams of laughter mixed with “no, daddy” and “stop it,” but I knew he didn’t mean it. He loved it when the ticklers attacked in the morning. There had been a few mornings where I actually got out of bed without tickling him and he sulked until I came back and pulled out the ticklers. I continued to tickle him, even sliding my hands under the covers until I found his shirt, lifted it up, and tickled his bare skin. This caused him to scream and squirm more. I finished by pulling the blanket off of his body and bringing my mouth to his bare stomach, giving him a loud, wet raspberry. This was definitely his favorite part and his arms and legs flailed around uncontrollably. I stopped with a big kiss and then sat up. He quickly sat up at the same time. It was then, and only then, that I realized I wasn’t wearing any underwear. We both looked at my crotch, my flaccid cock nestled between my legs. I was flabbergasted. It’s not that Robby had never seen me nude, I made sure we talked logically about our bodies and with no shame, but I always had boxers or shorts on when he came to my bed. I, again, searched for a way to make this not awkward or seem in any way shameful.


“Where are my boxers?” I said raising my hands in a humorous ‘what’s going on’ pose.


“There on the floor,” Robby said, laughing, and then added, “all ripped up!”


His words made me spin around quickly and look to the side of the bed. There, in the middle of the magazines, were my plaid boxers – torn into three pieces. I stared at the floor in disbelief. I couldn’t think of what to do or what to say. I reached down, absent-mindedly, and pulled the covers over the lower part of my body. I continued to look at the underwear. There was no possible way. The only logical explanation was that I had torn them off of my body during my little sex-capade last night. I turned back toward my son, but didn’t say a word. He was just staring at me, silently. Suddenly, a big smile crept across his face.


“Charlie said he had a good time sleeping with you,” Robby blurted out, as if he had been keeping a secret. He finished the sentence with a big laugh. I’m sure the laugh was innocent, but I didn’t know what he meant by it. His comment made me forget everything and become his dad again. I was a tad confused by his remark and I wanted to make sure he was clear about what he meant.


“What do you mean, Robby?” I asked, a little too seriously, because my son immediately stopped laughing and looked at me with a sullen face.


“He just said he had a good time and he told me to say you were very good,” he explained.


My mouth fell open and my eyes must have gone very wide. I was so incredibly confused by everything at that moment – what my son was saying, how my underwear got shredded, and how this imaginary friend was causing so much trouble. I made myself smile, even in the midst of the confusion, to help my son not feel like he was in trouble.


“Did Charlie mean you were a good boy, daddy? Like when Miss Emma tells you I was good?” Robby asked, looking at me as if he was hoping he got an answer right.


“Yes! Yes, that’s it Robby. That’s exactly what Charlie meant. I was a good boy. I behaved very well. I said yes sir and no sir and did what I was asked,” I said laying my hand on my son’s head. All of the sudden his comments made sense. His imaginary friend had given him a good report about his dad. My mind was suddenly at ease. There was nothing naughty behind what my son was saying. He was affirming me. I messed up his hair and then pushed him back on the bed. He laughed again and everything between us was back in perfect balance.


“I’m hungry!” he exclaimed from his prone position on the mattress.


Yes! This was the out that I needed – to clean up the mess I had obviously made last night. I grabbed his legs and pulled him to me.


“You’re always hungry! I have an idea, Captain. How about you go downstairs and pull out the cereal box. I’ll be right there. How’s that?” I asked.


“Okay,” he replied squirming out of my grasp and quickly sliding off the bed.


“Did you already pee, Robby?” I asked, knowing he probably was still holding liquids in his body – even through all the tickling, which completely astounded me.


“Yes, sir,” he yelled as he ran from the room.


“You better be telling me the truth, mister,” I yelled back as I quickly got out of bed, grabbed all of the magazines – making sure to steal a quick glance at my fantasy “Charlie” – and then headed to hide them in the closet. After stashing the magazines, I grabbed the three pieces of my torn boxers and took them to the trash. I noticed they were three clean rips – and I knew I must have pulled very hard to make it tear that way. I was kind of proud of my work. I grabbed a pair of shorts from the dresser, slipped them on, and headed downstairs – stopping to pee myself and noticing that Robby had told the truth about going this morning. He, of course, had forgotten to flush, though.


We ate breakfast like we always did, Robby watching thirty minutes of his hour-a-day worth of cartoons and me reading most of the paper. The rule was that when we got home I could not return to the paper – I had to spend quality time with my son. He could only watch thirty more minutes of cartoons. He didn’t know I usually read more of the paper after he went to sleep, but the main thing was that I didn’t do it when we could spend time playing. I was amazed at how easily he got ready to go to Miss Emma’s this morning – usually it was an uphill battle to get him dressed and out the door. I decided it was because he had missed her and his friends, because of our free day at the park. He loved Miss Emma, even calling her one of his favorite angels. I always thought that was such a neat idea – that I dropped my son off with an angel each day. No matter what, I was just very happy that he enjoyed going to day care. It made my life so much easier.


We were finally in the car and pulling out of the garage even a little earlier than usual, which wasn’t hard to do since we always ran late. It seemed that Robby was always looking for the one thing he couldn’t live without that day, and usually only that item had be misplaced. Today, however, his things were placed neatly on the table beside the door to the garage and I was very impressed. When I asked what had gotten into him and why he had organized everything before leaving, he told me Charlie had put the stuff there. In my head I thanked Charlie greatly for what he had been able to accomplish in my son in just a few days. I had not succeeded as much in five years!


Pulling out of the garage was always a difficult task. There was a stupid tree right at the edge of the turn-around space that had been created at the edge of the middle of the driveway. You could back out straight into the street, but curves in the road made it very dangerous. I always liked to be the first one in the car to move out into the road, hoping my son would be safe if, heaven forbid, there was an accident. I wasn’t paying close attention this morning, probably because I was so surprised we were leaving early, and my bumper lightly scraped the trunk of the tree and then wedged into it.


“Crap,” I said, having given up on swearing once Robby was at an age where he thought it was fun to repeat things. My son laughed at me from the back seat. This made me a little frustrated, but I wouldn’t let it cause me to take it out on him. I looked in the rearview mirror and made a crazy face, asking, “What’s so funny, Captain?”


“Charlie says you’re a crazy driver,” Robby said laughing again.


“Oh yeah? Well, you tell your friend Charlie that I’d like to see if he could do better job. That stupid tree is always in the way. As a matter of fact, why don’t you tell your big friend, Charlie, to get rid of that tree for me.” I said all of this as light as possible, as I tried to figure out how to pull forward without the side of the bumper scraping the same way it had as I backed up.


“Wait, dad. Charlie’s gonna help,” Robby said as he played with some action figure in his hands. He wasn’t even looking at me.


Suddenly the back of the car went up and then bounced back down on the ground. It wasn’t very dramatic, but it was noticeable. I immediately put the car in park. I had not taken my foot off the brake. What had made the car move? I could not believe there might be a problem with my brand new hybrid SUV. I pulled on the parking break, undid my seatbelt, and opened my door.


“I don’t know what just happened, Robby, but I’m going to go take a look. I’ll be right back. Sit tight, okay Captain?” I said looking back at him.


“Sure, dad. It was just Charlie helping,” he said, not even looking up at me.


I chuckled at my son and got out of the car. I walked around the front of the car and then moved toward the back, waving to Robby as I passed his window – but he still wasn’t looking. He was intently playing with some crazy looking superhero or something. When I got to the back of the car I noticed that the bumper was now about a foot away from the tree. I couldn’t believe it. I could clearly see the scrapes on both the tree trunk and the bumper of the car, showing that I had gotten too close, but I would now be able to pull away easily. I stood there trying to figure out what had happened. I then realized the tire was now a little off the back edge of the asphalt driveway. I figured the car had shifted because it went off the edge – making it move away from the tree. That seemed logical, but something else caught my eye that didn’t make sense. On the top of the metal part of the bumper, near the edge, there was small dent the size of a big thumb or something. How in the heck did that get there, I thought. I looked at the tree to see if there had been a branch or something else that caused the indention, but there was nothing. The car wasn’t even a month old. I had not noticed that dent before. It must have happened at work, because it was the only other place I parked beside my garage. I made a mental note to get both the dent and the scrape fixed in the near future. I was definitely a guy that was car obsessed. I wanted it always spotless and blemish-less. I walked back around and got in the car.


“Charlie fixed it, right?” Robby asked.


I smiled at my son’s face in the rearview mirror. It was so nice of my son to always have his imaginary friend fix things for me. I had a feeling, though; it was going to get old pretty soon. For now, however, it was great to think there was someone looking out for us.


“Yeah, he did a fine job,” I said a little sarcastically, but that was lost on Robby – thank goodness.


“He’s gonna take care of the tree for ya,” Robby said turning back to his toy.


“That will be great,” I said, smiling to myself, as we pulled onto the street, heading for Miss Emma’s.


After dropping Robby off at day care I remembered to get Margaret that pastry she loved. I needed to say thank you for the fact that she might have covered for me in some way since I took the day off. It turned out that the day had been extremely quiet and she was very happy I wasn’t there; because it gave her time to catch up on a lot of work I had been keeping her from. She told me that the pastry had not been necessary, but I saw the happiness hidden in her face. I ended up having a meeting near home that afternoon, so I told Margaret that I’d just call it a day after the meeting. I didn’t want to face traffic back to the office and then turn around an hour later to go get Robby. I thought it would be a great chance to do a little cleaning, since the housekeeper was coming on Monday. Margaret always laughed when I told her I straightened things before it was cleaned professionally. I told her I didn’t want people to think I was untidy. She would always tell me that since I had a five year old, I had the right to have an untidy house.


That afternoon, when I pulled into my driveway, I noticed the difference right away. The stupid tree was gone. Well, it wasn’t really gone; it was stacked in pieces near the end of the driveway - some were large and some were small. I didn’t pull into the garage. I stopped the car in the middle of the driveway and got out to look at the hole that now existed where the tree used to be. It was amazing. It looked like something had yanked the tree straight out of the ground and not the usual way - by cutting the thing down and then pulling the stump out with a chain. It was a pretty clean hole and a lot of the lose dirt had fallen back into it, sort of filling the empty space. I knew immediately that Mr. Johnson, next door, had done it. He hated the tree as much as I did since it was so close to wires that ran to his house and he had always worried a big storm might someday bring everything down. We had talked a lot about getting rid of it, but I couldn’t believe he had taken the initiative to make it happen. I wasn’t mad - I was just surprised. I would have to pay him for it. I knew he was having some work done to his place, so there must have been a crane there that pulled the tree out of the ground. I walked down to take a look at the pieces of the tree stacked by the road. I was amazed to see that they weren’t cleanly cut, like by a chain saw. It looked like something had snapped the trunk into pieces, since the breaks were like splinters – as if they had been simply ripped apart. No matter what it looked like or who had done it, I was just happy the tree was gone. I would fill the hole this weekend and put a sign on the wood that it was free to be taken. I knew it would disappear before Monday came. I went inside, a little more excited about cleaning, since the main job in my yard had already been taken care of. That evening, when I pulled into the driveway, I didn’t say anything to Robby about the tree, because I wanted to see if he noticed. When he didn’t say a word, I stopped the car, again in the middle of the driveway, and turned in the seat to look at him.


“Notice anything, Captain?” I asked.


“Yeah, tree’s gone,” he said matter-of-factly, as if he had expected it to be gone.


“I know, isn’t that fantastic?” I said excitedly. “Mr. Johnson must have had it pulled out.”


“No, Charlie did it,” Robby said with a sigh and it sounded like he was amazed that I didn’t remember that from this morning. I looked at him and I could tell he saw my amazement at his lack of surprise. “He said he was gonna fix it for ya.”


“Well, that was very nice of whoever it was that did it,” I said, not wanting to ruin the great feeling that came from having the tree gone. I was beginning to really worry about Robby’s fixation with Charlie. I decided that I would call his doctor tomorrow. For a second I wondered if a change in diet might help get rid of the imaginary friend, but I knew that was stupid. It then hit me that we didn’t have anything to fix for dinner. “Oh, Robby, I forgot to pick something up at the store for dinner. Can we run to the market really fast?”


“Yippee!” Robby yelled and, as usual, threw his hands in the air.


This was not the response that I expected. Robby usually hated going to the store. I quickly turned the car around in the newly improved driveway, hoping his enthusiasm would last for the entire trip. I started making a short grocery list in my head as I waited for traffic to let me pull out.


“What do you want for dinner?” I asked.


“Vegeetubles,” he said and this caused me to glance at him in the mirror. He was looking to the empty space in the seat beside him and was nodding, as if he was agreeing with someone. I still did not believe he was starting to eat vegetables. No matter what I thought of his imaginary friend, I was very excited that this change had happened.


Upon entering the store I noticed that it wasn’t very crowded, so I allowed Robby to push one of the children’s carts that were provided. I prayed to God that he wouldn’t hit some display, sending cans all over the floor, or worse, some elderly woman. He did very well and followed me closely, only putting items in his cart that were approved. When we got to the fruits and vegetables section I immediately noticed a huge guy wearing a tight black t-shirt and jeans. I swear I was a huge magnet when it came to big guys seemingly made of steel The guy was obviously a professional bodybuilder or something, because he had muscles on top of muscles. He was dreamy and yummy all rolled into one. I kept glancing from the huge guy back to Robby – making sure my son didn’t see me going ga-ga over the big man. At one point I noticed that Mr. Muscles looked directly at me and smiled, in a way that made my toes curl. Oh damn, he caught me looking at him, I thought. I’m sure my face flushed red. I glanced away, down at my son, who was trying to choose the perfect box of raisins from a row of about fifteen. When I glanced back up the bodybuilder was now standing across the wide stand between us that held a bunch of different fruits. He was looking directly at me and had a big smile across his face. God, the man was huge. I’m sure he was about six foot four and it seemed like he was the same length from shoulder to shoulder. He had dark semi-long black hair and olive skin. The guy looked like some Italian muscled statue and he stared at me as if he knew me.


“Hello,” the perfect man said in a perfect bass voice. Everything about him exuded manliness.


“Hi,” I said sheepishly, but I also felt very bold, somehow. “I’m Marshall.” Before he could say anything a crazy thought came into my mind and I blurted out, “Your name isn’t Charlie, is it?”


“No, I’m afraid not,” said the giant man in front of me and my heart sank a little. His smile seemed to grow when he added, “It’s Charles.”


“Some people call you Charlie,” Robby said, having stood up and stepped back from the fruit stand a little – far enough to see the big guy on the other side. Of course a person would have had to be incredibly small to miss the huge Charles.


“Hey Robby! How are you?” Charles said to my son, obviously in a way that meant they knew each other. “Yes, that’s true; some people do call me Charlie. So, this is your super-dad that I’ve heard so much about.”


My mouth dropped open and I was speechless for a few seconds – for so many reasons, the size of the guy, the fact that his bulging muscles seemed to ripple even when he was just speaking, and the fact that he knew my son. My lips went up and down a few times, but no sound came out. Finally, I regained some composure.


“You two know each other?” I said looking at Charles and then down at Robby.


“He’s Miss Emma’s brother,” Robby said smiling. I turned back to the big guy.


“It’s true,” he said and then he extended one of his long, thick arms across the piles of fruit.


I reached up and shook his hand. My knees actually knocked together when his big, strong hand engulfed my palm. Charles kept holding on even after we stopped shaking and I tried to pull away. It seemed like he was enjoying the fact that we were touching as much as I was. It was like he was touching another human being for the first time.


“I really have heard a lot about you, Marshall,” Charles added, finally letting go of my hand and breaking the silence that had surrounded us.


“Umm, I think I’ve heard some things about you,” I replied awkwardly and then quickly added, “I mean, I guess some things I’ve heard are beginning to make sense.”


Charles had an understandably confused look on his face. I had no idea how to explain that my son had created an imaginary friend completely based on him – in every detail: hair, muscles, smile, huge frame, and so much more. For a split second I allowed myself to acknowledge that the Charles standing in front of me was a hundred times better than the Charlie of my sexual fantasy last night. I opened my mouth to try and explain, but I was conveniently interrupted.


“Charlie! Come to our house for food,” Robby said cheerfully.


I was instantly embarrassed. I looked at the big man and held up a finger, signifying I needed just a quick second with my son. I bent down so my face was even with Robby’s.


“Robby, that’s not polite. I’m sure Charles has plans and we don’t want to put him on the spot that way. It’s usually polite to ask a person to dinner a few nights later, so they can plan for it,” I said all of this patiently and in a way that did not make Robby feel reprimanded. I wanted to make sure my son learned lessons, but in a positive way.


“Actually, Marshall, I’d love to,” Charles said and both Robby and I turned to face him. I looked back to my son and he smiled at me triumphantly.


“Well, that’s great. Yep, that’s really great,” I said, standing back up to face the man that came closer than any other human in the world to matching my fantasies. I suddenly felt very weird and nervous, knowing he would be at our house – this man whose smile made my dick twitch uncontrollably. I said the first thing that came into my head to avoid another moment of drooling silence. “We’re having vegetables.”


“I hear they make you big and strong,” Charles said and I saw him wink at Robby.


“So I’ve heard, as well,” I added and Robby laughed. “I think I’ll make some spaghetti, as well.”


“Yippee!” cheered Robby, throwing his hands in the air.


“Yippee!” echoed Charles and he, also, put his big beefy arms in the air. This caused me to become slightly dizzy – gazing at his muscled limbs stretched in the air. The biceps and triceps were perfectly formed and bulging magnificently. I did the only thing I could think of to prevent myself from falling to the floor from faint. I, too, threw my hands in the air.


“Yippee,” I said weakly and it was quite obvious I was having trouble getting air into my lungs. I guess it is true, what they say, that there are people in the world that can actually take your breath away.


Part IV: Wings of Muscle Desire

Robby, Charles, and I finished shopping as one inseparable unit – gathering stuff to make spaghetti and then gathering some fresh vegetables picked out by my son. He, to my great surprise, chose broccoli and a mixture of ingredients to make a salad. The entire time he surveyed the choices for veggies, Charles explained the benefits that could come from eating each one. I was impressed with his vast knowledge of food, but then, looking at his body, I guess he would have to know a lot about what was best for getting bigger and stronger. It obviously worked for him! Within about ten minutes I had completely fallen for the big man, but not half as much as Robby had. If Charles the muscleman had swiped the vegetables off of the stand with one of his huge arms and offered to take me right there in the middle of the store, I’m sure I would have said yes. And on top of everything – his size, his looks, his smile, and his gentle personality – he was incredible with Robby. He had my boy eating out of his hand. Literally. The guy got my son to eat some grapes and a few strawberries as we shopped. Robby had constantly turned his nose up at both items any time I suggested he try them, but not for the beautiful man that led us around the store. No, for him, my son seemed to only have the word “yes” in his vocabulary. It was not that I was jealous, trust me, I loved that my son trusted this guy. I was just surprised. I also thought my son had incredible taste – shown by his choice of imaginary friends, turned real. If I could have had an imaginary friend like Charles when I was a kid, I promise I would not have spent so many years and so many dollars coming to terms with the fact that I was gay.
Every now and then Charles would reach over and place his big hand on my shoulder or grab my neck and squeeze lightly. Each time his large, strong fingers touched me, my body would shiver with glee – something that did not go unnoticed by the big guy. I realized, as well, that he seemed to want to touch me a lot. He did not at all hide the fact that he enjoyed being around me – as a matter of fact, as we walked down aisles in the store I noticed, a couple of times, that people stared when the heavily muscled man was affectionate with me. I could tell people assumed we were a couple and that Robby was our son. This thought thrilled me very much. I imagined that the three of us looked very handsome together, or maybe I just hoped we did. Like I said, by the time we finished buying all of the groceries for our dinner, I had fallen for Charles like a lead balloon. It wasn’t until we stepped outside, into the parking lot, that it dawned on me Charles had not bought anything in the store.
“Didn’t you need to buy something?” I asked as we walked toward my car.
“I’m sorry,” he said, turning towards me because he didn’t get what I meant. Robby was riding on one of his monstrous shoulders – a fact that made me wish I was riding on the other one – so Charles had to turn slightly to speak to me.
“Were you shopping for something? You didn’t buy anything,” I said holding up the two bags in my hands.
“Oh no, I didn’t need anything. I was just in there looking,” he answered.
I found the comment odd, but didn’t think about it any more. I guess he was just one of those people that went into grocery stores to see if they wanted anything and sometimes left empty handed. But something else, in the way he answered, made me think he was actually in the store looking for something specific. I couldn’t explain this feeling and I didn’t know if the store had not had want he wanted or if he had just decided against getting it. I allowed myself to dream, for just a minute or two; he had come into the store to find Robby and me. I could not believe my brain had the ability to go to such wild places of fantasy. I forced my overactive imagination to stop and I just focused on the fact that the huge man was with us right now. I told myself to live in the moment and not let my dreams of rings, china patterns, and even more children, cloud reality.
“I’m the hybrid right over there,” I said, pointing in the direction of where we were parked. “Where’s your car?”
“I don’t have one,” Charles said.
This statement made me think, for the first time, that maybe my dream man was not as perfect as I thought. He didn’t have a car? How did he get around? Please, dear God, don’t let him say he doesn’t have a job.
“Wow. I don’t think I could live in this city without a car,” I said, trying to cover up my surprised look by taking the conversation a different way. I ventured next, however, where, deep down, I really didn’t want to go. “What do you do for a living?”
“Oh, you know, I guess you’d say I help people,” he answered, as he lifted his shoulder a few times to make Robby bounce up and down. At first I didn’t know what his answer meant, but then I figured it out – mainly because of his incredible body and the fact that I wanted my dream muscle man to have a steady job.
“You mean like a personal trainer?” I asked.
“Yeah, you could say that. I personally train people.” He answered and a broad smile appeared across his face.
“Well, I’d definitely like you to personally train me,” I said, only half joking.
“I’d like that a lot,” he replied with a very serious look. “It’s one of the reasons I hoped I would meet you.”
I didn’t understand his last comment, but it was so sweet that I refused to analyze it. We were at the car, so we loaded the groceries, put Robby in the car seat, and then began to climb in. To my surprise, Charles got in the back seat and sat beside Robby. I was in the car and putting on my seatbelt before I noticed what he had done.
“Oh, you can ride up here, Charles. Robby will be fine back there by himself.” I explained.
“This is where I always ride,” he said simply. There was an awkward pause before I forced myself to speak.
“Okay then,” I said, trying not to show I was shocked. I started the car and made my way out of the parking lot. I was so confused about this guy. He was definitely a super stud, but he also seemed very innocent, or maybe it was something else, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then it hit me, he acted like he was new to everything – like he was experiencing the place for the first time. That must be it. Charles had probably just moved here. “Are you new to town, Charles?” I asked, looking at him in the rearview mirror.
“Yes, very new,” he replied.
“Charlie just got here.” Robby added.
“Yes, that’s right. I just got to town,” Charles said, acknowledging Robby’s comment. “Everything here is very new to me.”
I looked in the mirror and saw Robby and Charles nodding their heads up and down to each other. It reminded me of Robby’s similar action from this morning - when he had been alone in the back seat looking at an empty space that was not filled by a very large man – but he nodded in the same fashion. The drive home was mostly filled with Robby chattering away about stuff that was very important to him – a spot where he had seen two cars hit each other, his favorite place to get ice cream, and other such stuff. I kept glancing in the rearview mirror, which I had adjusted slightly, to take a look at the perfectly formed upper body of Charles. His shoulders looked unbelievable – and I couldn’t imagine how the fabric of his shirt could contain such muscled mountains. His neck was thick and strong looking, especially when he turned and cords of muscle stretched down behind the collar. The two huge pectoral muscles below seemed like they would also rip through the shirt, if Charles merely inhaled deeply. The two gigantic mounds looked as solid as thick steel – and as powerful. I stopped looking at the beautiful body behind me, because I almost hit the rear end of a car stopped in front of me – I was that distracted. I glanced at Charles’ face and it was obvious he knew what had happened. It caused him to smile in a way that made my cock stir between my legs. I smiled back, knowing my face was red, and then turned to watch the road the entire rest of the way home.
“Good job,” Robby said out loud, as we turned into our driveway.
Both Charles and I said “thank you” at the same time. I was sure Robby was commenting on my driving, but when I glanced to the back seat I noticed my son was looking at the big man beside him. I could not fathom what he was complimenting Charles about and found it a little surprising.
“Good job, too, dad,” Robby said turning to me.
“Yes, Marshall, thanks for driving,” Charles said and I became more confused about this little interplay between the three of us. I decided to let it all go and not let my nervousness about being around this big stud cause problems for the evening. I took a few deep breaths and then opened my door.
“Who’s hungry?” I asked.
“I am!” yelled Robby.
“You’re always hungry,” came out of Charles’ and my mouth at the same time. This caused all three of us to laugh, but it also caught me off guard.
Why in the world did Charles say that and why did he think he knew my son so well. I moved to the back to get the groceries, while Charles helped Robby out of the car seat. As soon as they were out of the car they walked over to where the tree used to stand. I glanced over as I grabbed bags and watched as they obviously talked about the hole and the tree that used to be there. Robby must have been telling Charles about me hitting the tree this morning and then about how it was taken away while we were gone. To my surprise, though, Robby was talking at all. Charles was chatting away and moving his hands in a very animated way. At one point he bent his knees and held his big arms out in a circle in front of his chest, as if he were doing a ballet move. Charles then stood up slowly, like he was explaining the proper way to lift something. The big man then lowered his right hand, palm up, to beside his knee and acted like he was curling an object. My mouth watered when I saw his bicep bulge when his arm bent upward. My son then clapped his hands together a few times and shouted “yippee.” Both of them then turned to walk back and join me. I had already shut the doors to the car and was headed inside. For the life of me I could not imagine what they had been talking about. Both of them were laughing when they reached me.
“What’s so funny?” I asked, not wanting to be left out. Both of them looked at each other and started laughing more.
“We were just talking about your little accident this morning,” Charles said. I glanced at Robby with an accusatory face - not understanding why he had to tell Charles that story. My look did not impact Robby at all. He was having too much fun swinging on one of the gigantic arms at the big man’s side. Charles had turned his hand backwards so Robby could sit on it like a horse on a carousel. The big guy was easily supporting Robby’s small body as he moved his arm back and forth like a carnival ride. At that point I wanted to be my son so my hands could be holding on to the thick, muscled forearm of our huge guest. I turned to head into the house so my mind could get a rest from the desires that were ravishing me as I gazed at Charles. I spoke to both of them over my shoulder as we moved into the kitchen.
“Robby, why don’t you give Charles a tour of the place as I start dinner,” I suggested.
“Oh, I know it pretty well already,” the big guy said as he continued to swing his arm with my son attached to it. I glanced at him with a puzzled look. “I mean it’s a pretty standard layout, I’m sure. I could tell by the outside. I bet there are three bedrooms off of the hallway upstairs, a bathroom connected to the master bedroom and one between the other bedrooms, and downstairs consists of a living room, den, study, dining room, laundry workroom and kitchen.”
I was surprised because Charles had nailed the description of the place perfectly. He must have been familiar with this type of house. He seemed to know each room. In the back of my head I felt that there was more, like he actually knew what was in each room and how it was decorated, but that must have been my overactive imagination again. There was no way that he had been in our house before. Still, there was something that made me feel a familiarity with Charles that was much more than my sheer lust for the man’s body. I couldn’t put a name to the feeling, but I knew it was there.
“Well, you sound as if you’ve been here before,” I said sort of laughing.
“That’s crazy, dad!” Robby said quickly, as if he were covering something up. I looked at him with a quizzical face.
“I have a friend that’s an architect. That’s all,” explained Charles. I saw that he glanced at Robby quickly. The two of them had already created some kind of bond that excluded me in a small way. It kind of bothered me, but it was also great, because I wanted my son to like this man. I had high hopes for a potential relationship with the big guy. My son’s opinion was very important to me. Since he had chosen his imaginary friend Charlie for me, I thought he might like this close-to-the-same real thing.
“Well, how about you two find something to do while your dad prepares dinner,” I said cheerfully to Robby and then glanced up at Charles.
“C’mon Charlie, let’s go to my room,” Robby said and I clearly heard a foreshadowing of what he would be like in his teenage years when he had friends over. My son grabbed the man’s large hand beside him and they began to leave.
“Are you sure I can’t help with dinner?” Charles asked.
“No, you are our guest tonight. It won’t be the fanciest meal you’ve ever had, but you will not have to fix it. Run along with Robby and let him entertain you. He’s good at that.” I answered, flicking my hands in the air as if to shoo them out of the room.
“My dad’s a great cook, Charlie,” Robby said boastfully and my heart swelled with pride.
The two of them left the kitchen and it seemed like I breathed for the first time since meeting Charles in the grocery store. It was then I realized my cock had been hard since the store, as well. With the man’s gorgeous body, covered in unbelievable muscles, out of the room, I was able to calm down somewhat. I began to get the food organized for cooking. I couldn’t focus very well on what I was doing because I continued to think about Charles. I could not believe that he was so built. I could tell his legs were huge, and obviously powerful, even through his jeans. I kept thinking about how tight his black shirt was and how its color only highlighted his dark hair and tan skin. I tried hard to come up with some blemish or a part of him that wasn’t perfect, but I could name nothing. He had a perfect bubble ass and an upper back that seemed wider than my SUV. His tapered torso reminded me of statues I had once seen in Greece – images of gods, like Poseidon, that reflected masculinity and perfection. I loved the idea that Charles was some type of Greek god that had decided to come to earth just to be with Robby and me. Suddenly, my cock was rigid again, and I forgot where I was in my dinner preparations. I forced myself to focus on the task of getting food ready. I stopped fantasizing about the big man upstairs.
When I had everything finally under control and the meal was almost ready, I decided to go upstairs and check on the boys. As I neared the half-shut door of Robby’s room, I stopped to listen in on what they were saying. I knew it was wrong, but I wanted to see if I could hear Charles say anything about me. I knew I was acting like a kid in junior high school, but that’s exactly what the big muscleman caused me to feel like. At first I was a little confused by what I heard, but all was clearly revealed later on.
“Ninety-eight,” Robby said, and I could tell he was smiling by the sound of his voice. “He likes you, Charlie. I know. Ninety-nine.”
“I’m glad, Robby. I like him . . . and you,” answered the strong voice of Charles.
“One hundred,” Robby continued. “Are you gonna tell him? One hundred and one.”
“Yes. I’ll tell him soon. You’re a good counter, Robby,” Charles said.
“Thanks. One hundred and two. My dad helps me,” Robby answered.
I was sure they were talking about me. My son the matchmaker! I couldn’t believe it. Not that I was complaining, or anything, since I definitely liked Charles and wanted to get to know him more. My curiosity about what they were doing got the best of me, though, and I stepped up to peer through the open door. I was amused and excited by what I saw. There was Charles doing push-ups on the floor in the middle of Robby’s room and my son was sitting cross-legged in the middle of his wide back. He looked so small compared to the huge body of the man lowering himself to the floor and then pushing back up in perfect form. My son was counting off each time the big man straightened his arms completely. Seeing Charles doing push-ups with someone on his back made my cock spring to life again. I knew that Robby didn’t weigh much, but just the thought of the huge muscled god doing any kind of exercise was enough to get me excited. I pushed open the door and stepped into the room as Robby called out “one hundred and eight.”
“Well, are you helping Charles do some exercises?” I asked, making my presence known.
“Yeah,” answered Robby. I would usually ask him to say “yes sir,” but I was still too mesmerized by the beautiful arms of Charles as he lowered his body and pushed it back up to correct my son. “You sit on his back, too, dad!”
“No, that’s okay Robby. I don’t want to take away from your fun,” I said nervously. I really did want to experience the thrill of feeling the power in the guy’s arms as he pushed me into the air, but I knew that it would probably also bring me close to spewing cum in my underwear. I did not need to have that added to the growing list of things that I had done in front of Charles that were embarrassing. I did make a mental note to ask him if I could someday ride on his back as he did push-ups – that is, IF we started dating.
“Please feel free to join him, Marshall. It would be great to have the extra weight. I like seeing how strong I am,” Charles said turning his head to look at me. There was not an ounce of boasting in his comment. It almost sounded as if Charles were doing push-ups for the first time and wanted to see what his arms could do. That wasn’t possible, however, by the looks of his bulging, muscular arms and his massive chest, which looked like it was pressing on the shirt even more than before. It was quite obvious that the man had probably been doing push-ups from the day he popped out of his mother’s womb. I’m not sure what came over me – my need to personally feel Charles’ strong body beneath me, my desire to test his strength, or my son’s pleading eyes – but I gave in.
“Well, if it’s going to help you get a better pump, Charles, then I guess I can,” I replied and immediately noticed it sounded lame and like I was using that as an excuse instead of saying why I truly wanted to experience the ride. Come to think of it, that’s what I was doing.
“Yippee,” yelled Robby and, yes, his hands went up in the air.
I could feel beads of sweat gathering on my forehead and back. I had not felt this kind of excitement in a very long time. I was about to sit on the back of the man of my dreams as he pushed my son and me into the air – doing push-ups. This had been a fantasy of mine for a very long time. I have no idea why. Was it because of the strength it showed off in a man’s arms or was it because there was a certain intimacy shared from touching a man’s body as he worked out, feeling muscles constrict and relax – bunching up into hard mounds of rock-like tendons, pumping blood, and all covered by hot, sweaty skin. Or was it a combination of both. I picked up Robby and he stood on the floor beside Charles. The big man had his arms locked and was pressing his body into the air. When I climbed on his wide back it felt like I was sitting on a huge marble table. I moved my body so I was sitting cross-legged at the wide part of his back. I’m sure even I looked small, like Robby did, sitting on such a wide muscled torso. My son climbed into my lap and sat facing the same way as me. I moved my hard cock to a place where it would not be felt by the small body in my lap. I’m not sure I succeeded, but I also knew Robby did not know what a hard-on was – not yet anyway. This made me hope he wouldn’t notice.
“Are you guys comfortable?” asked Charles.
“Yes,” answered both Robby and me.
“Well, make sure you stay balanced. I’ll start out slow and then pick up the speed once you get used to the motion,” Charles said.
And with that he bent his arms and we all moved slowly towards the floor. I can’t begin to explain the incredible feeling that shot through my body as I felt the big man bend his arms at a very slow pace, clearly showing that it was nothing for his arms to control the added weight. I was a little disappointed that I could not watch his arms and chest closely from my seat on top. It would have been incredible to see how his chest and biceps bulged as he lowered all of us so easily. I did get an awesome view of his triceps, which popped out like balloons being filled with helium. They both split into multiple layers of heavy muscle. I made another mental note, if the two of us did end up dating, to ask Charles if I could lie on the floor beneath him as he lowered his body doing push-ups, that way I’d be able to get an in-your-face 3D view of his chest. That thought made my body shiver greatly. I was sure both Robby and Charles noticed my reaction, but neither said anything. By this time, Charles had lowered and pushed his body back up about four times. I was in a muscle dreamland and could not fathom any greater feeling. I could see that his pumped-up muscles were stretching the shirt to a point where I’m sure it was about to rip. I secretly hoped the fabric would begin to tear at the seams and I’d be able to see his perfect olive skin bulge through the tears. I knew, however, that the first sight of muscle busting through part of his shirt would send my body into some kind of frenzy that could only end with gallons of cum shooting out of my cock, which presently felt so hard that I’m sure it was petrified.
“Now for a little faster pace, gentleman,” said Charles as he stared pumping his arms up and down quickly. Robby and I bounced around a little, but the muscled back we sat on was so wide that we didn’t fear falling off.
I could tell it would be nothing for Charles to continue this for a few hours, but I knew our meal was certainly ready by now. The only thing in the world I wanted to do was continue riding this muscled bull for the entire evening. I longed to stretch out completely on his giant body, allowing my hard cock to press into his perfectly bubbled butt so he would know how much he turned me on. I also knew that, when I spread myself completely over his body, I would be able to feel more of his hardened muscles as they worked effortlessly lifting our bodies up and down. I let my mind wonder briefly what al of this would feel like if both Charles and I were naked. I knew any kind of interplay that involved only skin would have to take place without Robby, but I did fantasize about Charles without his shirt on just for a minute. I could not wait to see what was causing the shirt to bulge out with insane massiveness everywhere. The motion caused by Charles’ strong arms and the fact that my body had not been this close to another man in a long time, especially a man as big as this one, I was very close to shooting my load. I knew I had to ask the muscled stud to stop even though it would be one of the hardest things I’d ever do.
“I’m afraid our dinner might be spoiled if we don’t stop soon,” I said and my voice sounded a little strained as my body went up and down quickly, like I was riding a trotting horse. I practically was riding a man as big as a horse. “And Charles, there might be some other things spoiled if you don’t stop, as well.”
This caused Charles to cease moving as he lowered our bodies to the ground. He let his pumped chest rest on the floor. His body was shaking a little and it took me a second to realize he was laughing at my innuendo about my potential release of semen. I became embarrassed and regretted being so honest.
“What’s so funny,” Robby asked. He now felt left out the same way that I had earlier. Again, I was not ready to explain ejaculation to my five-year-old son.
“I was getting a little dizzy from the motion, Robby, that’s all,” I replied and this made Charles laugh out loud. His entire body shook so hard that Robby and me were bounced off and fell on the floor. By this time we were both laughing, as well. It took us a few seconds to settle down, but when we all stood up, I immediately looked to the chest and arms of the giant in front of me.
To say that Charles looked like a Greek god earlier had been an understatement. His body was now inflated more than it was when we met him at the store. He had a very light glow about him – caused either by a light sheen of sweat or, more likely, by the fact that blood was pumping into the parts of his body that most turned me on. His pecs were rising and falling as he breathed and that only highlighted their massiveness. His nipples poked up against the fabric like they were about to slice through his shirt easily and be mouth-watering ready for a good sucking. I’m sure they could have easily been declared a lethal weapon. But it was Charles’ arms that made both Robby and I excited beyond belief. Robby just liked the fact that the huge arms made Charles look like a super hero, one of his action figures he played with. They excited me for that reason, too, but for many other reasons, as well. Those pumped arms bulged with power – a strength that I had just experienced, although I was sure I had witnessed only a fraction of what they could do. They made the muscle god look indestructible and more masculine than an army of lesser men. If my son had not been in the room I would have begged Charles to let me lick every bulge, every vein, and every striation that stood out like the Swiss Alps at his sides. And all of this described his arms when they weren’t flexed, I was not sure my body could have stood it if he had decided to flex his arms in any way at that moment. I was speechless, but my son was not.
“You’re huge, Charlie!” he exclaimed. The comment made Charles smile uncontrollably. He looked like some kid at Christmas – surrounded by presents. The big man stared at me, not breaking his gaze even to blink. It was as if my son was not in the room. I was suddenly aware that this entire display had been done to impress, or please, me. It was great that Robby liked it, but it was all done to make me hard – I could see that now. I saw in Charles’ eyes something that I had not experienced from another man for a long time. I saw that he desired me greatly. I saw that he wanted me as much as I wanted him. I saw a need in him that mirrored my own need of his body and his presence. I needed to acknowledge all of this somehow. I wanted Charles to realize that I understood what he was feeling. I wanted him to know that I felt the same way. I looked at my son and smiled. Then I turned back to the handsome man in the middle of the room.
“Yes, Robby, you are definitely right,” I affirmed. “You are, indeed, very huge, Charles. And you are as beautiful as you are big.” I smiled when I saw his face turn red – like mine had done so many times that evening.

Part V: There’s Something About Charlie


I was still trying to fully grasp the fact that I had just made the biggest man I had ever met turn bright red with embarrassment. All I did was agree with my five-year-old son that Charles was indeed very huge and equally as handsome. It had been a truthful statement, but I’m sure the monstrous muscleman understood all that was underneath my simple statement. I was basically telling him that he rocked my world tremendously, and not just because he pumped out a bunch of push-ups with my son and me sitting on his back, no, it was much more than just the reaction of the hardened cock in my pants. Charles had seeped through the cracks of a wall within me that had been put up years ago, when my partner - the one that decided to have a child with me and then abruptly left – ripped my heart from my body. It was pretty symbolic that the muscled giant in the room had brought down my protective wall like Samson toppling some huge structure. Yes, Charles was some kind of superhero that had flown into my world and within three hours had made me open myself to the point where I said things that were profoundly honest and very revealing. Charles knew everything that had caused me to take this incredible risk – the fact that my son liked him very much, the fact that his body turned me on beyond my wildest fantasies, the fact that I needed someone very strong to offer support secure enough for me to trust it, and the fact that I desired to please him as much as he did me. This is what made the pumped up, gorgeous, muscled stud turn red. He had no idea how much his reaction pleased me. I knew better, however, than to draw attention to his feelings.


“Who is ready for dinner?” I asked, attempting to move focus off of the heaving chest and bulging arms of the huge man that had swept up my feelings so quickly.


“I am, I am,” shouted Robby and he ran out of the room, headed down to the kitchen.


Charles and I stared at each other. He turned a deeper red as we simply looked at each other with an intensity that filled every inch of the room. The big man started to breathe harder than before – as if his body had just caught up with the fact that he pushed the weight of all three of us into the air for a multitude of push-ups that were perfectly performed. I knew better, though, and smiled at the fact that my mere presence – just a few steps away – was causing so much excitement that his body was having trouble keeping up. Suddenly, I felt even more powerful than the muscle god before me. I knew that I was in control at that moment and I also knew that this feeling might never come again. I walked over to the big man and he took a deep breath as I moved within touching range. I raised my right hand and placed it on his massive chest – which was protruding out so much that I knew he couldn’t begin to see his own feet if he glanced down without bending over. My hand immediately felt heat coming from his body. His t-shirt also felt like I was touching fabric that had been thinly stretched over an enormous thick boulder. I didn’t move my hand at all; I simply let it rest against his powerful chest. I concentrated on letting my energy slowly flow from my body through my hand into his pecs. I could visibly tell that my touch excited him, but the longer I pressed my palm into the shirt over his hard skin and let my calmness flow into him, the more he started to breathe normally and his heartbeat stopped racing. Charles shut his eyes and I knew he was being surrounded by a peacefulness that was created by our bodies beginning to syncopate their rhythms. I longed to do so much more than rest my hand on his chest, but now was not the time. I knew Robby was waiting for us at the dinner table. The big man began to smile, before he even opened his eyes. We had made a connection that no words could describe. I removed my hand and we looked at each other again. We were both still on fire with desire for the other, but we were also ready to join my son for dinner. There was the unspoken promise of something happening between us later, but for now it was all about the three of us sharing a meal.


“Shall we head to dinner?” I asked. All Charles could do was nod his head in affirmation. I turned and led him to the dining room downstairs. He took the seat on the other side of Robby and I went into the kitchen to bring out food. Robby, of course, talked non-stop during dinner. He raved about the fun he had riding up and down on Charles’ back as he did push-ups and then he moved on to even more important stuff like the latest SpongeBob episode. I would catch Charles’ eyes every now and then and we’d smile at each other – both about Robby’s enthusiasm and the growing lust between the two of us. By the time we started to clear dishes from the table, I was nervous that one of us was going to jump the other in a fit of uncontrollable passion. I opened a few windows in the dining room and kitchen to help cool down the fire between the big man and myself, but it didn’t help. After dishes were done and everything was put away, Robby begged us to play a few rounds of Crazy Eight. Both Charles and I got lost in the game, forgetting about our desires for a few moments as we watched Robby get excited and then frustrated as he would begin to win, but end up losing. My son was very competitive and would cheat if you didn’t watch him closely. I could tell that Charles threw a few games just to make my son happy. This pleased me a lot, mainly because I, too, was very competitive and found it hard to let my son win. I always felt Robby needed to learn to win and lose, but I wondered if I really just wanted to justify my need to win!


During the last round of our card game I noticed that Robby’s eyes were beginning to close as he became more tired. It had been a very exciting day for him. Both Charles and I maneuvered it so that my son would win the last game, which seemed to renew his energy. He did not argue at all, though, when I said it was time for bed.


“I’ll just be a few minutes,” I said turning to Charles.


“I can come too, if it’s okay. I know the routine,” Charles replied, “brush our teeth with Spongebob and then we read three books.”


“That’s right!” I said, before it even registered that he had nailed our evening routine. I could not believe he would know this. “Did Robby tell you that?” I looked at my son.


“Naw, dad, Charlie’s been here, remember?” Robby answered. But before I could say anything in response Robby added, “Charlie, you come too. And you sleep with my dad again tonight.”


I stood there shocked at what my son had just said. I was sure my face turned bright red. I suddenly forgot everything else that had happened and became confused as to what to say or do. I could not believe Robby would say something, but I forced myself to remember how young and innocent he was. He did not mean anything more than what he was saying.


“Robby, that’s not a nice thing to say.” I said, a little too quickly. I should have thought for a second before I responded.


“Why?” my son asked.


“Well, it’s just that we don’t . . . I mean we have to ask people if . . . you can’t . . .” I was trying hard to figure out how to explain what I meant.


“It’s fine, Robby. I’d love to sleep with your dad,” interrupted Charles. I turned to him quickly and he was smiling at me. He winked, as if to say, “Just humor the boy,” but I wasn’t sure that’s all he meant.


“Well . . . okay, then,” I answered, immediately getting hard again as my mind drifted to the idea of lying in bed beside this huge man. I then added, “It will be like a sleep over.”


“Gee, dad, old people don’t have sleep overs,” responded Robby laughing, “Charlie’s going to sleep with you because he’s gonna be my new dad.”


This was too much for me to handle. I was completely lost in my lust for Charles, my bewilderment at my son’s remarks, and the pressure I felt at my crotch. I quickly realized that I was staring at my son with my mouth wide open. I gathered my strength quickly so I wouldn’t freak out too much. I remembered some of the things that I had been reading in all the parenting books piled up beside my bed and I moved in the direction I thought best. I simply ignored what Robby had said. I knew that if I didn’t make a big deal out of what he was suggesting, it would simply fade away from our memories. Well, at least, that’s what I hoped.


“I think it’s time for us to brush our teeth,” I said quickly, trying to cover up my confusion and embarrassment.


“Yippee!” Robby yelled, throwing his hands in the air, and turning to run out of the room. I heard his steps as he ran up the stairs. I followed immediately, not even looking at Charles. I could not even imagine looking him in the face at that moment.


“I think I have an extra toothbrush in my bathroom,” I said as I left the room.


“Don’t worry Marshall, there’s a SpongeBob toothbrush for me in Robby’s bathroom,” replied Charles. I stopped in my tracks for a quick second, confused by this statement since I had forgotten about the extra toothbrush until that moment. I regained my momentum and continued up the stairs to join Robby.


The three of us brushing our teeth together proved to be much harder than I anticipated, and I mean that in many different ways. First of all, there was little room in the small bathroom once the hulking frame of the gorgeous muscleman visiting us filled it. Our arms kept brushing up against each other and something akin to electricity would shoot through my body and come to full force in my cock each time. It was difficult also because there is a huge mirror in Robby’s bathroom and I found myself wanting to stare at Charles’ bent arm as he brushed his perfectly white teeth. The bicep bulged and stretched the fabric of his shirt so much that numerous times I just stood there staring as toothpaste foamed out of my mouth and down my shirt like I was a rabid dog. I realized midway through our teeth cleaning that Charles was completely aware of what I was staring at and that he was flexing his arm even more just to torture me. At one point I caught his eyes in the mirror and he smiled as he stopped moving his toothbrush up and down just so he could pump up his bicep extra hard – so hard, in fact, that the fabric made a noise as it screamed from being stretched too far. I almost shot a load as I began to imagine what it would be like to watch the sleeve of his black t-shirt rip across the beautiful thick peak of his upper arm. The only thing that prevented me from cumming in my pants was my son picking up on the chemistry between Charles and me.


“You guys like each other, don’t you?” Robby asked. I looked down at him quickly and saw that he had a huge smile across his face. He had obviously been done brushing his teeth for a while.


“Well, of course I like Charles,” I said and sprayed toothpaste all over the mirror in front of us. I had forgotten to rinse before speaking and this caused Robby, as well as Charles, to start laughing uncontrollably. I managed to regain some order in the room, rinsed my mouth, and said, “Okay, you two, into the bedroom for some reading.”


Robby squirmed passed me and then I pressed my body up against the sink as Charles walked by. There was plenty of room for the big man, but he purposely pressed his body against mine as he walked behind me. I gasped out loud and this caused him to chuckle a little. I was pretty sure that I felt his very hard cock as he passed by and this caused my body to shake with excitement. We caught each other’s glance as he exited the room and I saw him mouth the words “You’re beautiful.” I had to stand at the sink for a few seconds after he left the room to calm myself down. I pressed my hardened rod up against the tiled top of the sink cabinet to intensify the feeling that Charles had caused. I knew if I didn’t stop daydreaming about seeing the big man naked I was going to blow my wad. I pushed away from the sink and moved toward Robby’s bedroom.


“Okay Captain, time for a book or two,” I said moving towards the reading chair. “Charles can sit on your bed and listen.”


“No, daddy,” Robby said, pulling at my hand, “Charles will sit first and we both can sit in his lap. That way we all get to see the pictures.” I felt my face flush red for the umpteenth time that evening.


“Robby, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” I said looking at my son.


“Please, daddy!” Robby pleaded. “I know Charlie wants to.”


I looked at my son’s happy face and then turned to Charles. The big guy shrugged his shoulders and lifted his palms upward as if to say, “What are you going to do? - We should please the boy.” I knew I would get no help from him. I looked back down at Robby as he tugged on my hand with excitement. I knew instantly that I would not disappoint my son, but I wondered if I was going through with his new request just for him or if it was really for me. It didn’t matter; Charles moved to the chair and sat down. He then spread his big, thick legs and patted his massive right thigh inviting me to sit down. I suddenly became immobile as I anticipated touching his bulging body. Robby brought me out of my lustful coma as he pulled on my arm, leading me over to Charles.


“Umm, what book should we . . . I mean what story do you want to . . . uh, you need to choose something to . . .” I tried to force words out of my mouth as I moved towards the beautiful man before me. If Robby had not been leading me I would not have been able to make it the few steps across the room. “Robby . . . what do you think . . . um, would be . . .?”


“Don’t worry dad, I’ve got some books,” interrupted my son as I turned my body so I could scoot between Charles’ big legs.


I was being careful not to touch him while I moved and I kept my eyes locked on his, mainly so I wouldn’t stare at his gigantic body as I got closer. I inhaled loudly right before I bent my knees and let my ass connect with his solid-as-steel leg. When my body touched his it was like some kind of explosion went off in my stomach that sent shock waves throughout every part of me. I could not believe how sturdy his leg felt. Suddenly, Robby climbed into my lap and let his body lean partly against me and partly against the protruding chest of Charles. I felt a giant arm reach around my body and then a strong hand grabbed my outside shoulder and pulled my frame into the same wall of firm muscle my son leaned against. A small whimper escaped from my body. Immediately, Charles lessened his grip on my shoulder.


“Did I hurt you Marshall,” the big man asked and I could tell he was truly concerned.


“Umm, uh, no . . . no, I’m fine. I just wasn’t ready to feel all of your . . . I mean, I wasn’t expecting for you to feel so solid . . . no, what I meant to say is that you just caught me off guard, that’s all.” As I spoke I sounded like a complete idiot. I looked at Charles’ face and saw that he was smiling at my response. I could tell he completely understood how his body affected me. And by the feeling of his large, hard tube of man-meat pressing up against the back of my legs, I could tell that Charles was impacted by me in the same way. Touching his stiff dick caused my heart and crotch to start pounding harder. I was sitting as straight as a board because I was nervous that even the slightest movement would send me beyond a point of no return and I would fill my underwear with cum. My breathing became slightly labored and I was suddenly nervous that I would not be able to read any of the stories that Robby had chosen. I glanced down at my son and saw that his tiny head was resting up against Charles’ massive right pec. I noticed the outline of an erect nipple, which seemed the size of a wine cork, pressing against the fabric at Robby’s eye level. I suddenly had an urge to switch places with my son and let my dry mouth wrap itself around that hard nub of muscle and suck like my life depended on it. Robby’s laughter snapped me out of my dream-like state. I looked down at his face and saw that he was chuckling at me.


“You sure are small beside Charlie, dad!” he said innocently, but it still stung a little. I looked down at my own chest and then back to the slabs of marble-meat behind Robby. What I saw caused me to laugh too. My body seemed so small compared to the huge man supporting us. I even noticed that my toes barely touched the ground sitting on Charles’ bent leg. “Read us this story, daddy.”


I looked down at the book that Robby placed in my hand and almost choked on my laughter. It was called “Simon Becomes a Big Boy.” All I could think of was how big the boy sitting in the chair beneath me was. It was a short book about a small boy named Simon whose parents marked his height growth on a doorframe in his house and how Simon never seemed to grow. The story ends with Simon being very pleased when he finally gains a few inches. It was a short book and didn’t take long to finish. It was strange that as I read the story I completely forgot about sitting in the lap of a big man and I simply enjoyed the feeling of Robby, Charles, and me being so close. I shut the book after reading the last page and looked at my son. Robby was still awake, but I could tell he was fighting sleep.


“Well I get as big as Charlie, daddy?” he asked me, without looking up.


“Not many people get as big as Charles,” I said quickly without thinking and then added, “but maybe you will, captain, maybe you will.”


I suddenly felt a hand on the side of my head. Charles pulled me gently so the side of my face rested against his beefy shoulder. It was so comfortable and secure that I simply let my body mold into the contours of his muscle. Charles let his meaty arm slide down my body and left it wrapped around me as I opened the next book chosen by my son. It was a book we had read a thousand times about a dog that gets separated from his family, but finally reunites with them and all ends well. It was one of Robby’s favorite and he usually chose it to fall asleep to. I glanced down as I started and saw that my young boy had already shut his eyes. I knew he would be asleep before the second page of this story. I did not anticipate, however, that I would also fall asleep as quickly. My voice trailed away as I finished the second page.


I woke up a little later and was confused as to where I was – but it suddenly came rushing back when I looked over at the massive chest beside me. I glanced up at Charles’ face and saw him smiling down at me. I then looked at my boy in my lap and saw that he was fast asleep. He was nestled between Charles and myself – something that pleased me greatly for some reason. The big man that I was resting on let his arm drop from my body. It was as if he read my mind, I slid from his leg and held my son in my arms as I stood up. I moved to Robby’s bed and Charles stepped over to turn down the covers as I approached. I placed my son down so his head rested on the pillow. I then pulled his sheet and blanket over him. I kissed him gently on he head and then stood up. I was a little surprised as the big man beside me bent down to kiss him, as well. I wasn’t jealous, but it did catch me off guard – even if I was secretly pleased. I stood there looking at Robby as I felt Charles leave the room. I knew he was giving me a few minutes alone with my son. When I exited Robby’s room, leaving the door slightly ajar, I knew instinctively that Charles was waiting for me downstairs.


As I entered the family room connected to the kitchen the big man was standing in the middle of the room with a glass of wine for me. I quickly noticed that the glass contained a red wine, and I could tell by its look that it was my favorite Malbec. How did this man know me so well was a question that filled my mind, but I pushed these thoughts aside as I quietly accepted the glass from the bodybuilder in front of me. I also noticed that he had poured a glass for himself. We silently brought our glasses together and the sound of them touching each rang through the room. I stared at his emerald eyes as we quietly toasted each other and was mesmerized by his beauty. It was the first time that I realized his face was one that I could have easily dreamed up in a fantasy – Charles looked similar to the men that I longed for at night. We both took a sip of wine as we stared at each other. I knew nothing about the man standing in front of me, but I was sure that my feelings for him were more than a mere friend.


“Here’s to Robby,” Charles said raising his glass again.


“He likes you a lot,” I said raising my glass to his.


“And what about his dad?” Charles asked after taking a sip of wine, “Does he like me too?”


His question caught me off guard. I froze with my glass in the air. I needed a moment to process his question. I watched as Charles calmly took another big gulp of his wine – obviously waiting for my response. I gathered my thoughts and processed the events of the evening that had passed by this point, before I answered.


“I think you already know the answer to your question. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I felt something that firmly confirmed your answer to the question as to whether you like Robby’s dad.” I said in response, sounding a lot cockier than I truly felt.


“You are very correct,” Charles answered, smiling at me. “I was wondering if you noticed. I have never wanted something as much as I want you – how does that answer your question?”


My cock ached even more than it did before his comment. I could not fathom that this muscleman wanted me as much as I wanted him. I began to doubt even the hard-on that pressed against my pants, wondering if all of this might be some kind of strange erotic dream. I took another sip of wine to prove to myself that what was happening was, indeed, very real.


“I wasn’t just trying to appease Robby earlier when I said that I’d like to sleep with you, Marshall. I’m hoping that you really will ask me for a sleep-over,” Charles said, pulling me out of my stupor of doubt. It took me a few seconds to register what he had just said, but it took me no time at all to ask my next question.


“Would you stay the night here, Charles? It would please me very much.” I said staring at the big man and speaking firmly, but softly.


“Yes,” he replied simply.


We stood there staring at each other. You could have cut the sexual tension in the room with a butter knife. It felt like neither of us blinked for a full ten minutes. I had no idea what was racing through Charles’ mind, but mine was full of visions of him undressed. I desperately wanted him to take the lead because it had been so long since I had made it to this point with any man. I was beginning to lose my nerve when he slowly, but deliberately, moved into action. He put his wine glass down on the counter, walked over to me, took my glass from my hand, placed it on the table beside me, and then bent his knees slightly placing one hand on my back and one behind my knees. He lifted me into the air effortlessly and never took his eyes from mine. I let my body fall into his strong arms, giving him control completely. Charles then began to walk around the room and took me to every light that was on so I could turn them off. Mid way through the task I realized he was taking me to each lamp or switch in the exact pattern that I did every night. It was as if he had watched me many times and had memorized my late night ritual. I smiled at this thought and closed my eyes in delight as the man of my dreams easily carried me up the stairs toward my bedroom. I only opened my eyes, taking me out of my thoughts of coming pleasure, when he stopped walking. I knew immediately that we had stopped at Robby’s door. Charles was maneuvering my body through his bedroom doorway so we could check on my son. This small action did not go unnoticed by me. I was overcome with even more desire for this incredible man because he seemed to care for my son almost as much as I did. Once we saw that Robby was sleeping soundly and was covered by his blanket, we continued down the hall to my bedroom. Charles walked directly to the bed and gently placed me down. He stood back up, remained at the side of the bed, and looked down at me smiling.


“Will you indulge me in one little fantasy, Marshall?” he asked in a whisper.


“Of course,” I replied quickly, without even thinking about it. I wanted to please this man that much. No matter what he wanted, I was ready to live out many fantasies with him.


Part VI: Someone to Watch Over Me


“Will you indulge me in one little fantasy, Marshall?” he asked in a whisper.


“Of course,” I replied quickly, without even thinking about it. I wanted to please this man that much. No matter what he wanted, I was ready to live out many fantasies with him.


Charles turned from the bed and walked to my closet. He disappeared for a minute and then reappeared. He carried something behind his back. When he returned to the side of the bed he again smiled down at me – it seemed like he had something a little devilish on his mind. For a second I wondered what I had gotten myself into.


“Can we agree that there will be no questions? We’ll just live out my little fantasy and, if we need to, we can discuss it later?” Charles asked with slight pleading in his voice.


“I promise, no questions,” I answered as my cock began to harden even more in anticipation of what was coming.


Charles brought his hands from behind his back and I became very embarrassed when I saw that he held the bodybuilding magazines that I had hidden earlier on a high shelf in the closet. We both stared at the glossy covers of the multiple editions in his hands. I forced myself, in spite of my embarrassment to look at the face of the man standing beside my bed.


“How did you . . .” I began, but Charles raised his right forefinger to his lips.


“Shhhhh, no questions, remember?” He said quietly. “For me, right Marshall?” I nodded my head in agreement. “I’d like you to do me a favor. Please look through these and find pictures of guys that turn you on. And make sure you know why they turn you on – I mean specifically. Okay, Marshall? Can you do that for me?” Charles held out the small stack of magazines for me.


I sat up, propping myself with a couple of pillows as I nodded yes. I took the magazines and, even though I was full of questions and still reeling from the fact that he knew about my secret jerk-off materials, I quickly rifled through the pages. I had stared at these things so much that I practically had them memorized. In just a few silent moments I had chosen four pictures that had helped me to ejaculate many times over the last few weeks. I held the first one up so Charles could see it. It was a picture of some new young Romanian bodybuilder – he didn’t have a beautiful face, but his body was unbelievable.


“Ah, a nice choice Marshall. Do you mind telling me what you like about him?” Charles said encouragingly and this caused me to answer him swiftly and honestly.


“He has beautiful abs,” I said looking back at the picture.


“He does, indeed,” Charles said, taking the magazine, looking at it closely, and then handing it back to me. “Take a good look at his abs, Marshall. Get a good idea of what they look like.” He didn’t know that I had already memorized every part of the man, but I looked at the picture again. While I stared at the picture I could see that Charles was pulling his black t-shirt from his jeans. Without even looking up I knew he was lifting his shirt for me to see his stomach. “And now look at these abs, Marshall. Can you tell me which are better?”


I glanced up quickly, wanting to see any part of this man without clothes – even if it was just his abs. Nothing could have prepared me, however, for the sight that was waiting. Charles had one arm behind his head and held the bottom of his shirt just below chest level as he crunched his torso. Eight flesh-covered speed-bump-looking abdominals popped out at me from his mid-section. The definition, the depth of the valleys in between each, and the power that exuded from each bulging mass of stomach muscle was mind-boggling. My mouth dropped open and I gasped out loud. I did not need to look back at the picture in my hand. I knew immediately that the abs in front of me made the guy in the picture look like a beginning weight lifter that hasn’t begun to lose his pudgy gut. My initial reaction to Charles’ abs was two-fold. First, I wanted to immediately run my tongue up and down his chiseled ridges just so I could feel them as close as possible, and then, secondly, I began to calculate in my head that his body fat count might be in negative numbers. I glanced at the face of the muscled man standing in front of me and was amazed to see that he was not straining at all to create the beautiful sight above his waist. As a matter of fact, when I looked back down he released his crunch and straightened up, and his stomach seemed as defined as it did when he was tensing it for me. I could not fathom the years of work needed to create muscles that looked like this. My head began to spin a little, and I dropped the magazine onto the floor.


“One down,” Charles said laughing and then added, “who’s next?”


I looked up at his face and instantly knew that he wasn’t being conceited or cocky as he led me through this muscle exercise – no, he wanted to excite me beyond my wildest dreams. He also wanted to show me that my most intense fantasies couldn’t hold a candle to the reality of his body. This was a fact that I was just beginning to grasp. I held up the next magazine without even looking at it. I continued to stare at the face of my real-life muscleman.


“Nice chest,” was all I could get out in reference to the picture in my hand. Charles smiled at the fact that I could barely speak and then looked at the picture.


“That is a nice chest,” Charles replied and then looked back at me. “And how does mine compare to his, Marshall?”


At that moment Charles began to pull his t-shirt higher. I also noticed he had to stretch the hem of the shirt out from his body to get it beyond the massive mounds of flesh I had been admiring since we met at the grocery store. The second I saw the layers of muscle at the base of both of Charles’ mountainous pecs, I completely forgot the picture in the magazine that fell from my hand to the floor, landing beside the other one. Without even seeing his entire chest I knew there was no hope for the guy in the picture. My mouth began to water as I saw the cavernous beginning of the valley between those two huge slabs of male beef. I watched, mesmerized, as Charles struggled to pull the tight shirt over his right pec. When I finally saw the hardened nipple pop out of the rising shirt, I lost all ability to focus on anything except my need to see his entire giant chest. The big guy sensed my need and he paused, as if to tease me, letting the sight of his hard, meaty man-tit completely overwhelm me. Charles tensed the pec and I stopped breathing when I saw the different layers of muscle ripple and several indentions, which looked deep enough to hold Mont Blanc pens, formed at the side. My mind could not fathom the control it took to be able to move different parts of pectoral muscles. Then, as if he knew what I really wanted, Charles pulled the front of his shirt over his head and revealed both massive mountains of muscle. I inhaled deeply at the sight, having realized I had not been breathing. The big tease left the shirt draped from behind his head, down his neck, and under his arms – which only highlighted his awesome pecs even more. He looked me in the face as he inhaled deeply and made his chest rise into the air like it was the huge Hindenburg taking off. His intake of air made his nipples protrude out even more and I began to open and closed my lips like some baby signaling he wants to suck on his bottle. This made a giant smile creep across Charles’ face. He reached up and pulled his black t-shirt completely off of his body and let it fall to the floor. He then exhaled and held his arms at his side, simply letting his magnificent chest move up and down as he breathed.


“You haven’t answered my question Marshall,” Charles said in a sexy whisper. “How does my chest compare to the one in the picture?”


“That’s not a chest,” I said quickly, “that’s a whole fucking state! I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. I could put all the chests in that magazine together and it wouldn’t come close to yours.”


My compliments obviously pleased the muscleman in front of me. He bent down and grabbed one of the magazines that still rested in my lap. He looked at the picture and then turned it towards me.


“I’m guessing you like his arms. Am I right Marshall?” he asked as I looked at some blonde guy in a picture that showed his body from the waist up as he did a double biceps pose. All I could do was nod, because I knew what was coming and the rest of my body froze in anticipation. Charles looked at the picture again. “He has some pretty big arms. I hope I can come close to matching his. I hope I don’t let you down.”


As Charles spoke and continued to look at the picture, he raised his other arm so it stuck straight out at his side. He curled his fingers slowly and made a fist. As he tightened his fingers even more and bent his wrist, veins began to appear – first they snaked up his forearm and then streaked across his upper arm. My gaze rested on his biceps that already bulged immensely - before he even flexed. As he started to bend his arm I noticed immediately that his thick forearm doubled in size, but that was nothing compared to the split-peaked boulder of a biceps that exploded bigger than my upper body. The guy’s arm looked more powerful than anything I’d ever seen. His one arm was bigger than both arms of the blonde in the picture put together. Charles began to twist his hand so different parts of his forearm and biceps popped out even more. I could feel pre-cum leaking out of my stiff dick, but it wasn’t even a slight indication of the amount of juice that had been building in my body since Charles had started his muscle comparisons. I took one last look at the monstrous muscle-packed arm in front of me and then I closed my eyes. I was very nervous that gazing at this beautiful man for even one more second was going to cause the dam in my crotch to burst and I’d spew copious amounts of jism.


“Do you think my arms beat…?” Charles began.


“Fuck yes!” I interrupted quickly and loudly. “There isn’t anyone in any of these magazines that comes close to you Charles. I’m pretty sure no one in the world comes close.” Without opening my eyes I tossed the magazines to the floor and I heard the one in his hand fall, as well. “So will you get on this bed so we can have sex already?”


“I will,” Charles answered, but I could hear some hesitation in his voice. I opened my eyes and saw that he had lowered his arm – thank God – and was standing there looking at me. “I just think I should tell you . . . I mean, I think you ought to know . . . well, you see . . . I haven’t ever had sex before.”


“Fucking hell, you’re joking,” I blurted out, without thinking. I was just too surprised by what he had said. This muscled stud, perfect in every way, was a freaking virgin. That was just not possible.


“No, I’m not. This is all new to me,” Charles replied with a serious face.


“Do you mean sex with a man or sex in general?” I asked, still in shock.


“Sex in general,” came Charles’ shy answer.


I’m sure my face did not hide my amazement. I could tell that my reaction was making Charles nervous, but it didn’t matter to me at that moment. There was no way I could not react to the news that the man of my dreams, the biggest fucking muscle monster I’d ever even imagined, and the beautiful half-naked man standing in front of me right at that moment was about to have sex for the first time in his life. I started to speak a few times, but no words came out of my mouth. I was too stunned. It was one of the most confusing moments I had ever encountered.


“Listen, Marshall, if this news makes a difference, I’m sorry,” Charles said, noticing that I was having trouble finding words to say how I felt. “I know my lack of experience may cause this to not be perfect, but I do still really want to be with you.”


“Wait, Charles, no,” I said half-laughing. “Stop. Stop. I don’t care a bit if you’re not experienced; as a matter of fact it’s kind of a turn on. You’ve already got me so hard and ready to explode that one kiss may make me cum harder than ever before. You are everything a man could want – you’re beautiful, you’re huge, you’re kind, and, most especially, my son likes you. He likes you a lot. And so do I. I’m just surprised, that’s all. I would expect a guy that looks like you to have had everyone he ever wanted.”


“I’ve only ever wanted you, Marshall,” replied Charles before I could say anything else.


“Yeah, but you’ve only known me for a few hours. What about all the years leading up to today?” I asked quickly.


“It’s hard to explain, Marshall. I didn’t ever really exist before I met Robby and you – not in the real sense, anyway,” he answered.


“Okay, that’s either the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard or the most romantic thing ever. I’m going for the most romantic. Come here big guy.” I scooted over on the bed, propped up some pillows, and motioned for him to lie down next to me. Charles moved his huge body onto the bed. I couldn’t help but stare at his huge arms and chest once he was close to me. I forced myself to leave my desires for a few minutes and focus on what he needed. “Don’t be nervous, okay? I’ll lead you through this. I think tonight might just be the first night of the rest of your incredible sex life.”


With that I leaned toward the big man, rested my right palm on his massive chest, and brought my face to his. I smiled as he closed his eyes, obviously excited and nervous about the upcoming kiss. When our lips locked I am sure he felt the same fireworks go off in his body that I did. This moment seemed like it had been coming for a lifetime. There were no words to explain how comfortable and familiar it felt kissing Charles. And by the way the muscled behemoth kissed back I was sure it wasn’t his first time doing that. As soon as he opened his mouth to welcome my exploring tongue I moved my body over on top of his. It felt like I was mounting some huge bull. Even through our clothes I could feel how hard every inch of his body was – especially the lead pipe I felt at his crotch. Charles moaned with pleasure as I started rubbing my body against his. My hands immediately explored the wide expanse of his pecs and zoomed in on his rock-hard erect nipples. As soon as I clamped down hard on those nubs of steel he opened his mouth wide in a pleasure-filled gasp. I took advantage of the moment and let my mouth move to his neck. I pressed my open lips against his skin and then sucked in hard. His entire body went rigid from the thrill of my actions.


Who knows what takes over gay men when they are at the beginning of intense sex. I’ve always imagined that some kind of internal sex demon starts to control a guy’s mind and body, making him focus only on getting and giving pleasure. Even the shyest man can become an aggressive beast when he is throwing it down with another man. That’s what seemed to be happening in my bed at that moment. Suddenly the “inexperienced” Charles became a fucking sex machine and took the lead in our foreplay. In a flash I was tossed off of his big body and onto my back on the bed. Immediately his heavy, muscled body came crashing down on top of me. My breath was knocked out of me a little, but the sensation of being covered by hard beefy skin turned me on so much that I didn’t care. In what I thought was an attempt to copy what I had just done to him, Charles placed his mouth on my neck and began to kiss and suck. The force of his oral action forced my chin into the air and my head pressed further into the pillow behind me. I was so focused on the sensation at my neck that I barely realized my shirt was being unbuttoned and expertly pulled from my body. Charles used one of his strong hands to actually raise my torso off the mattress to remove the shirt completely. But the big man never stopped his masterful work with his lips and tongue.


Once my shirt was discarded to the floor, I suddenly felt strong, beefy arms squeeze my body tightly. My own arms were pinned to my sides, making it impossible for me to move any part of my body – my head was held in place by Charles’ mouth, my upper body was sandwiched by two massively muscled arms, and the rest of me was being crushed by the heavy body on top of me. Usually, being unable to move at all would have driven me crazy, but right now my body was simply on fire everywhere with pleasure. An incredible feeling at my crotch abruptly made all of my attention focus there. The muscleman on top of me was rocking his hard tool up and down my own rigid cock. It didn’t take long for the motion to make the juices in my body reach a close-to-breaking point. I was so turned on by this man that I was going to shoot my load simply from some heavy foreplay. The motion at my lower body stopped right at the magical moment when your cock teeters at the brink of release or recovery – as if the man on top of me knew exactly how much action my body could take. My eyes were closed, but I could tell that Charles had pushed his upper body off of me with his huge arms. I could breathe more easily and my cock pulsed a few times before it backed away from the boiling point that had brought me so close to eruption.


I did not want to miss any opportunity to gaze at or grope this man’s perfect body, so I quickly opened my eyes and raised my hands to his beefy pecs. The way Charles was pressing his body off of the mattress cause the two mounds of muscle to be pushed together, which made them harder and bulge out even more. A jolt of pleasure shot through my body as soon as my hands landed on his hot, hard flesh. I squeezed the layers of muscle above me, but Charlie quickly tensed his chest pressing my fingers out. It was like he wanted to show off the power of his muscles. I merely let my hands slide down his magnificent wall of flexed flesh and gave him pleasure when I again grabbed his protruding nipples with my fingers. I smiled at the man as I pinched hard, causing him to first gasp and then moan loudly as I twisted the solid lumps of flesh. I was amazed at how much enjoyment ran through my mind and body from the sound and sight of pleasing the giant man. I leg go of his nips and moved my hands up over his mega broad shoulders, making sure my fingers slid through the deep indentions and over the thick veins that covered them. I purposely did not let my hands drop down to Charles’ massive arms – I only stared at them as my hands rested on his shoulders. I somehow knew that if I touched the two skin-covered marble pillars at either side of my body I would spew the wad that continued to scream for release within my body. I then moved my gaze to his face because I was worried that even staring at his colossal arms might cause me to explode. Charles was looking at me with such intensity that it made me want to somehow force our bodies to become one – that’s how much I was sure we desired each other.


“May I fuck you, Marshall?” he asked in a voice that was both forceful and generous at the same time.


“I thought you’d never ask,” I replied smiling. A wave of immense craving filled every part of my being. My hot, tense body immediately was covered in goose bumps as I anticipated the huge man plowing me with his cock. It seemed as if I had yearned for this moment for all of my life. My ass actually began to pulse with delight, knowing that its long period of getting no action was coming to an end. I began to let my mind move quickly to different visions of how this strong man might accomplish the upcoming task. I had always dreamed of a big man standing up and fucking me, as I wrapped my legs around his waist and he supported me with his enormous arms. Another dream involved the dining room table downstairs – a big man throwing me onto its surface and ravaging my ass as his legs banged up against the heavy wood. But the dream that seemed to come back the most involved some big man not taking off my clothes and easily shoving his hard, strong dick through my blue jeans right into my waiting hole. That one always seemed to excite me the most.


Somehow, in the midst of my voyage into dreams of how I wished to be fucked, I missed the fact that Charles had been able to unbutton my pants and push them down off my body. His jeans had also somehow mysteriously disappeared. He had spread my legs apart and now knelt between them. He was running his strong hands up and down my thighs – like he was inspecting the meat before he bought it. My hands had found my own hardened nipples and I was squeezing them mercilessly. Without any kind of warning, Charles slid his hands down further, grabbed my calves and lifted my legs into the air. I then felt his strong, big paws move back to the bottom of my thighs and grab them tightly. I was aware that his fingers wrapped more than halfway around my upper legs. Charles pulled my body higher and I found my body in the air as I rested on my shoulders with my neck bent so I could see upward. It didn’t hurt at all because the colossal man above me seemed to be supporting my body easily. I bent my knees and my lower legs fell on either side of the man’s body so I had a better view of what he was doing. I could see my hard cock sticking straight down like a two-by-four stretched out across my stomach. It dawned on me that if Charles pushed down on my legs hard enough he could have steered my own stiff dick into my mouth. I was not sure my back would have been able to handle it, though. I wasn’t as limber as I used to be.


Charles brought his face down to my balls, opened his mouth slightly, and actually sucked them both into his mouth with one quick inhale. The warmth of his mouth and the sudden pull on my balls made my body to jerk a few times. The big man let his tongue massage his mouthful for a while and it was a sensation I had never felt before. After a few seconds he let my ball sack fall from his mouth and then he brought his mouth down to my ass crack. His warm, wet tongue slid across my asshole a few times teasingly. I moaned out loud in immense pleasure and this seemed to make the man go into overdrive in hopes of making the sound happen more. I felt the thick tip of his tongue easily break through the clenched opening of my hole, like Hercules effortlessly busting through locked doors. He slid his tongue back and forth through the opening, allowing it to escape completely a few times just so he could show off his strength by thrusting it in again. Every time it penetrated my clamped outer sphincter I would cry out in sexual bliss. I was getting more aroused than ever in my life as I thought about how his tongue was just getting me lubed for the real prize.


“Fuck me, Charles, fuck me,” I cried out between my joyous roars.


The sensation of his tongue in my ass continued even after I knew he had pulled out completely. He lowered my body slightly, pulled my body into him a little more, and then pressed something much larger and harder than his tongue between my ass cheeks. The tip of his steel-like dick pressed up against my warmed up anus cavity and I could feel pre-cum dripping from its slit. Even with the masterful work done by his tongue, I knew my chute was not completely ready for all of Charles’ manhood. That, however, was what gives a man the most pleasure – knowing that the big cock about to enter him is going to hurt at first, but then feel oh-so-good soon after. It felt like there was enough juice flowing from Charles’ dickhead that I would have been able to slide a fireplug into my ass, but, of course, I had underestimated the huge package being delivered by the equally huge man.


I emitted an animalistic scream when Charles forced the mushroom head of his monster cock beyond the tight walls of my hole. The man showed no mercy and let the massive tip of meat just rest in the opening, stretching my rectum beyond what I ever imagined possible. My scream ended way before the pain did. I stopped when I realized that the fat dickhead inside of me was actually pulsing as it plugged my crack. I could not fathom the muscle control that must exist in man’s body to enable him to command his rod to swell and contract like what was happening within me. My astonishment caused me to forget about the intense pain and only focus on how Charles was able to thrill me in new ways. Suddenly the head was pushed past the protective sides of my hole and the pain completely went away. I was stunned. Somehow the magic work of Charles’ meaty tip helped to allow my body to move to pleasure more rapidly than ever before.


“That was fucking incredible,” I whispered and I suddenly realized that our two bodies were covered in beads of sweat. Our sex, just to that point, had already thrilled both of us more than either dreamed possible.


Charles only grunted in response to my comment and this sound excited me in some primal way that I didn’t understand. I could only liken it to the way a bullfighter must get thrilled when the bull cries out before charging. Adrenaline was pounding through my body as I prepared for the same kind of pounding in my ass. I knew that Charles’ immense piece of meat was going to fill me in a way that would make me curl my toes, ball my hands into painful fists, and grit my teeth so hard that my jaw would ache, but I didn’t care. I wanted to feel this man completely and that meant taking his entire shaft no matter how terrifying it seemed. I knew that opening my body so the muscleman could propel his entire organ into me would give him satisfaction beyond his wildest dreams. I might have been the guy on the bottom in this lovemaking moment, but I knew that I controlled the intensity our sexual gratification. I wanted to please this gigantic man in a way that would make him desire me for every second of the rest of his life. I wanted to seal our obvious lust for each other with something more – something supernatural and outside mortal comprehension. I froze – my mind and my body – as I unexpectedly grasped that what I wanted was for him to fall in love with me forever. I wanted him to be enough to make me never resort to magazines or dreams of other men again. I suddenly returned to everything present, Charles grunting, the slow movement of his cock being pressed into my ass, and everything else, as I understood that he was already these things for me. We were bonded in some unreal way – I knew it, even after only half a day together. It was as if I had really known him for many years and we were simply fulfilling our destiny.


The awareness of his cock sliding into my body way beyond what I thought should be normal snapped me to full attention. I suddenly worried that my smaller body would not be able to accommodate his pole without doing internal damage. It was then that his bulging quads and hairy crotch meet my ass cheeks. Charles grunted louder as he pressed into my ass harder, shoving into me even more. He took a deep breath and rammed his rod as much as he could. He then froze, not breathing and having plugged me completely with his mammoth cock. He spoke in a low guttural voice that sounded inhuman and I could tell he was clenching his teeth tightly.


“You are the one that is fucking unbelievable, Marshall. I want to stay right here, inside of you, forever.” His words caused me to shake a little with emotion. He realized how he had affected me and chose to not let either of us dwell on the exchange too much. He breathed out and slid his crotch backwards slowly, allowing his dick to slide through my chute. Before I could even register the enjoyment this motion caused in my body, Charles began to thrust his cock in and out of my chute quickly. At the same time he moved my legs onto his wide shoulders and pressed into me harder, causing my body to fold up like a closed lawn chair. His big hands came down to my chest and he brushed my hands away. He grabbed my pecs roughly and began to squeeze them with his strong fingers. Throughout all of this his cock was moving back and forth in my expanded anal cavity. He was letting the head of his cock hit the inside wall of my opening and then forcing it back into me deeply. Sweat was falling from the big man’s body onto my stomach and chest, mixing with my own. We were both breathing heavily and, in between, Charles was making a rumbling sound that resembled the engine of a jumbo jet. I completely forgot about Robby being asleep down the hall and began to shout like a wild man.


“Fuck . . . fuck . . . oh shit, Charles . . . I’m going to shoot . . . I’m going to fucking cum,” I cried and my voice only made Charles move his cock faster and harder. “Ahhhhhhhfuckkkkkkk!!!”


My body seemed to turn to stone – that’s how tense it shot. My senses quit working. My eyes were open but I saw nothing, there was just ringing in my ears, and any feeling in my body was focused in the tiny slit of what I knew was a completely purple, hard cock. Cum shot out with such force that it actually hurt my forehead when it splattered there. Hot semen streamed across my face and chest as my body convulsed like I was the victim of an exorcism. The first sensation to return to my body was an aching in my balls and my dickhead as it continued to jerk but nothing came out. That’s also when I realized that warm fluids were shooting into my ass chute and filling my insides completely. It registered that much of Charles’ cum was seeping out of my hole even as his cock plugged it – there just wasn’t enough room inside of me for the amount of juice he was shooting. My hearing came back suddenly and I became conscious of the booming, beast-like voice coming from the mouth above me. Charles’ face popped with intense veins and turned a deep red. He looked like some warrior in battle. Even as he shot his powerful load he continued to thrust his cock back and forth within me – prolonging pleasure for both of us. After what seemed like an eternity, the huge man stopped spewing and let my legs slide from his shoulders. As Charles let his body fall onto mine his cock popped from my hole, causing me to gasp one last time. Then his massive body covered me again and only the sound of our heavy breathing filled the room. We both just laid there while our bodies attempted to return to normal. I could feel the pounding of Charles’ heart even through his thickly muscled chest. It took about fifteen minutes for both of us to calm down to a place where we could move. Charles lifted his body from mine, and our skin made funny sounds where semen had made us stick together. He rolled onto his back beside me and I immediately missed the feeling of his huge body on top of me. We lay there for a few more minutes of silence.


“Well, if that was your first time, I fucking look forward to you improving with practice. If that’s possible.” I laughed as I said this and I heard Charles chuckle too. “I got to tell you something, though, man. You nailed a bunch of sexual fantasies – it’s as if you were in my head or something. That was just fucking awesome.”


There was only silence in the room and I was nervous Charles was asleep and had missed my compliments. I turned my head and found him looking at me. He had a strange look on his face.


“I love you, Marshall,” he said bluntly. I was stunned.


“Well, let’s just take it one day at a time there, mister. Most gay men fall in deep something with the first guy they have sex with.” I smiled at him in hopes that I would not offend him. His honesty and newness was invigorating, but I had been there before. I wanted to help Charles through this process and not take advantage of him.


“No, Marshall,” he said with a serious tone. “I’ve loved you for a long time. I know this will be hard to understand, so please don’t say anything for a few minutes. Promise me.” I didn’t respond at first because I didn’t know where this conversation was going. “Promise me, Marshall.”


“Okay, okay. I promise not to say anything for a few minutes,” I replied smiling. I watched as Charles searched for the words to tell me something.


“I’ve known you for more than six years,” he said and I opened my mouth to speak. The hurt look that immediately streaked across his face made me close my lips quickly. “Oh this is so hard. You got to make sure you don’t freak out. I was sent here six years ago . . . to be Robby’s . . .well, to be Robby’s guardian angel. You see, I’m an . . . no, I used to be an angel. Three days ago I chose to become human so I could be with you, Marshall. Over these last six years I’ve fallen in love with you. I know this is hard to take in, but you got to believe me. I love you very much.”


Part VII: Just Believe


Charles’ serious tone, and equally serious face, scared me. I wasn’t afraid for myself exactly, but I did become aware that this man could hurt my son. Memories of the cock hardening, mind-blowing sex that had just happened instantly disappeared. So many things fell into place for me at that moment. This man had obviously been stalking my son and me for a while. He knew too much about our lives for the convenience of our chance meeting at the market to be believable. I moved into a defensive mode, but refrained from making it obvious. I did not want to make this big man angry or for him to realize I had become scared. I forced myself to speak calmly and naturally.


“And how long have you been a guardian angel, Charles?” I asked. I carefully slid over to the side of the bed and sat up, turning my body to look at him – I did not want to take my eyes off of him for even a second.


“Don’t Marshall . . . please don’t treat me like I’m some kind of mad man. I can take anything . . . you asking me to leave forever or you screaming at me, but I don’t want you to treat me like I’m crazy.” Charles sat up and I was amazed to see tears start sliding down his cheeks.


“What did you expect, Charles,” I said, a little too loudly. “You expect me to believe that a few days ago you were an angel flying around my house with wings . . . or, I’m sorry, were you like Clarence in that film – still working on getting your wings?”


We stared at each other and the room became very cold and very silent. Charles shut his eyes tightly and tried to control some emotion that was taking over his body. For a second I thought he was going to go off his rocker and attack me, even though somewhere in the back of my head I knew this man would never hurt me. I forced myself to not let that feeling overtake my mind. I stayed on the defensive, because I did not know what might come next. Charles opened his eyes and looked at me.


“I’ll leave Marshall, but give me five minutes. Please. That’s all I ask for – five minutes to explain. I don’t want that time to convince you of anything, I have a feeling that’s not possible. I just want to give you some information to think about. That’s all I ask. Just five minutes, please.” Charles spoke calmly and seemed rational. I don’t know what made me trust him, but I did. I knew I would give him the five minutes, but I would not ignore how my body felt so defensive. I had to protect my son no matter what.


“You have five minutes,” I said standing up and pulling on my pants quickly. I tossed his jeans and underwear to him. Charles quickly pulled them on and then grabbed his shirt, putting it on, as well.


“Did you ever have an imaginary friend growing up, Marshall?” the big man asked as he stood on the other side of the bed.


“What kind of question is that? I thought you were explaining.” I snapped back.


“I am. I am. Just give me a second. I have a point. Anyway, I know the answer. You had an imaginary older friend called Collin. You don’t remember him, but you’ve heard your family talk about him for years. Am I right?” He looked at me as the question hung in the air.


“How could you possibly know that? Have you been stalking other members of my family, too?” I asked, tensing my body. I could not believe what this guy seemed capable of. How sick a man was he?


“No, I promise, Marshall. I know because I know Collin,” he answered.


“Collin is . . . I mean was, imaginary!” I shouted.


“Calm down Marshall, please,” Charles said quietly and it did cause some of my anger to dissipate. “Just let me explain. Every child is granted a guardian angel when they are born. They actually stay with you for your whole life – if you need them, but people don’t realize that. When you are really young you are the most innocent that you’ll ever be – except maybe on your deathbed. You are able to see your guardian angel because you are able to still believe in things beyond this world. That’s why you saw Collin until you were eight and a half. This life started taking over and you stopped needing your supposed ‘imaginary friend.’ You see children are scared of dark closets, scary trees outside of their windows, the empty space beneath their bed, and so much more. This helps them to connect with their guardian angel. Once those things don’t frighten a child, they no longer need a friend to sit in their room with them – or to play with them when they are alone. That’s why Robby’s been able to see me and talk to me. He’s still innocent – he still believes.”


“Leave my son out of this,” I said through clenched teeth.


“I will, I will, but let me just add that he’s the one that suggested I make the choice I did.” Charles had obviously picked up that he made me nervous because of my fear he might do something to my son. He spoke clearly and calmly to prevent me from getting angrier. “Robby knows how lost you have felt these past few years.” My face tensed and I began to speak, but Charles held up his hand. “As much as a son can know something like that, but I’ve watched you suffer, as well. Robby and I talked about it a lot. One day I told him about how I felt and he said I should become human so I could be with you. I know this is all too much to handle, but just give me a few more minutes.” Charles didn’t give me a chance to respond, he quickly continued to speak. “Think back over the last few days. Robby has told you a lot about me. One day I tied his shoes, I’m the one that fixed the tire swing at the park by shoving it into the concrete, when you got your car stuck against the tree I’m the one that lifted it away, and I’m the one that ripped the tree out of the ground and broke it into the pieces at the end of your driveway.”


I took at few steps toward the doorway; I was becoming very nervous that this guy was even crazier than I thought. How insane he was to have followed me so much that he knew all of these things. It was obvious that Charles caught on to what I was doing as I inched toward the door, but he didn’t make any sudden moves. I began to doubt that I could move faster than this man, even though he was much bigger than me. I knew how powerful he was. It struck me that he might just be toying with me?


“So now you are telling me that you have super strength, right?” I said, allowing a disbelieving chuckle to come at the end of the statement.


“I used too. When I became human, I became normal,” he replied.


“If you call that body normal,” I said, forgetting for a minute how scared and angry I was. This comment made Charles smile a little.


“I’m going to just reach down and grab my shoes, Marshall. I’m going to leave now. I just want to add one last thing. I have lied to you about one thing tonight.” Charles looked at me as he slipped his shoes on. “I did have sex before this evening. It was with you the other night – remember? You thought you were fantasizing everything, but couldn’t believe how vivid it was. I was allowed one night with you while I was still an angel and that enabled me to easily sense what turned you on. How do you think I knew so much about your desires tonight? Just think back and see how similar the experiences were. I’m ready to go now, Marshall. I won’t ever bother you again, I promise. I hope you’ll come to realize how much I’ve sacrificed for you and how much I love you.” Tears were now streaming down Charles’ face and he was wiping them away as fast as they came.


I stepped back a little and let him exit the room. I followed him quickly, making sure to stand in front of Robby’s door as he passed. Charles could not help but notice my actions, and this caused his body to shake a little as he fought back more tears.


“Make sure you tell Robby I said goodbye. Will you do that for me, Marshall? Please,” he asked as he stepped through the front door onto the porch. His face was blotchy from crying. I actually felt sorry for the man. He had obviously hoped we could be his family, but I knew I could not have someone so delusional around my son. I was, however, not heartless. I looked at him and sighed deeply.


“I will Charles. I promise,” I answered as I began to push the door closed.


“Make sure you ask him about Collin,” Charles said loudly, right before I shut and locked the door.


I quickly moved to one of the windows in the front room and watched as Charles walked away. His shoulders heaved greatly and I could hear his sobs through the window. I watched until he disappeared into the night and then went around to make sure all of the doors and windows to the house were locked. I kept glancing out the front window to see if the crazy man had returned. I went upstairs to Robby’s room, lifted him from his bed, and then took him to my room. I covered him with the blankets on my bed and then shut and locked my bedroom door. I contemplated calling the police, but something deep inside told me that I didn’t need to. I did, however, pick up the phone and call someone else. The phone rang a few times and finally a very groggy female voice answered, “hello.”


“Hello, Miss Emma,” I said, speaking very fast. “I’m sorry to be calling so late, but it’s very important. This is Marshall, Robby’s dad. I need to ask you something and I know it will sound very crazy, but it’s so very important . . .”


“He told you, didn’t he? I told him to wait, but he didn’t, did he?” she said, interrupting me.


My mind started spinning as I let her words soak in. How on earth could she know what I was talking about? Then it hit me that she might somehow be involved in the entire mess, too.


“Do you mean your brother, Charles? Is that who you are talking about,” I asked slowly.


“He’s not technically my brother,” the voice on the line answered. “You see, Marshall, I used to be a guardian angel, too.” She paused, knowing how these words would impact me. I had to sit down on the edge of the bed. What in the fuck was going on? Did these two people have some kind of plan to do something to my son? I almost hung up, intending to call the police, but her voice stopped me. “Listen, Marshall. I know this is way too much for someone to grasp in such a short time. That’s why I told Charlie to not tell you. I became human years ago because I fell in love with a teacher that worked at the preschool for the kid I guarded. I then opened my own school, knowing that all of my kids had angels watching them, as well. I realized a few months ago that Robby had a very strong bond with his angel. He told me that Charlie was going to be his new dad. Once you’re human you no longer can see other angels, but two days ago when this guy was standing outside of the school, as I was leaving, I knew who he was before he even spoke. I tried to tell him to take it slow, even offering him a job at the school, but good old Charlie is too much in love. I was in his same shoes a few years ago, so I know how it is. Listen, Marshall, promise me two things. Promise me that you won’t call the police. I can guarantee that Charlie won’t ever contact you again unless you make the first move. I know he won’t. And secondly, promise me that you’ll tell Robby the truth. This is going to be really hard on him. Promise me, please Marshall.”


Her concern for my son actually touched me, but I was too confused to allow it to end my fears about Charles and, now, her. I went into the same calm mode I had taken with the crazy man earlier.


“I promise, Emma. I’m sorry to have bothered you so late. Umm, I’d like to tell you, though, that I don’t think Robby will be at your school ever again.” I hung up the phone quickly. I contemplated, again, calling the police, but decided against it. There was something deep inside of me still saying that Charles would never hurt Robby or me. I lay down beside my son on the bed and listened carefully for the sound of a window breaking or the lock on a door being picked. I fell asleep after a few minutes of listening, mostly from pure exhaustion and my deep disappointment.


It seemed like only a few minutes had passed when I felt small hands shaking me and my son’s voice filled the room.


“Daddy, where’s Charlie?” Robby asked.


“What?” I said groggily.


“Where’s Charlie?” he repeated. I was instantly awake, having remembered what had happened the night before. My body immediately went tense as I thought about how Charles had shown his true colors. I looked over and saw that the bedroom door was still shut and locked. I turned to my son.


“Um, Charles had to . . . he had to leave,” I said and immediately Miss Emma’s plea that I be honest with my son popped into my head. I pushed it away, putting her in the same crazy category as Charles.


“Go where?” my son persisted. I was suddenly aware of Robby’s fearful tone and I turned to face him.


“Listen, Robby. The truth is that I asked Charles to leave. I don’t think he’s someone we should be friends with.” I was desperately trying to find the right way to share what had happened with my young son.


“Why not?” Robby asked with a very puzzled face.


“It’s hard to explain, captain. I just think Charles doesn’t always tell the truth and you know how we think that is very important.” I couldn’t believe what I was saying because here I was not telling the complete truth, as well.


“Charlie always tells the truth, daddy,” he said quickly and firmly.


“I don’t think so, captain.” I said in response. My son sat there and stared at me for a few seconds.


“You didn’t believe him, did you dad,” Robby said quietly.


“What? What do you mean, Robby?” I asked.


“He told you the truth and you didn’t believe him. That’s why you made him leave.” Robby answered.


“No, it’s just that I think Charles might be . . . I don’t know . . . he might be a little scary. We didn’t know him at all. It might not be good for him to be around you.” I was now trying to be as honest as possible.


“Charlie’s not scary, dad. And he’s not crazy.” Robby said and his last comment caught me by surprise.


“I didn’t say he was crazy,” I replied.


“But I bet you thought it. I’ve known Charlie for a long time, dad, and he’s really, really good. You didn’t need to send him away,” Robby said with a very serious face. I could not believe this was my young son talking to me this way.


“Well, I’m the adult, captain, and I made the decision that he had to leave,” I said, expecting that my comment would end the conversation. I turned to climb out of bed.


“I’m really mad at you, dad!” my son suddenly shouted at me. I was flabbergasted – my son had never said such a thing to me. I turned to look at him and I’m sure my face was red with anger. I tried to speak calmly.


“I’m sorry you feel that way, Robby, but I am your father and my decision is final.” After I spoke we sat there staring at each other. I was amazed because I had no idea what was going on inside my son’s head. I usually could easily sense all of his thought processes. His face showed nothing, but I could tell he was concentrating very hard on something.


“I know you don’t believe it, dad, but Charlie’s been my friend for a really long time. Soon, I’m not going to need someone like Charlie. That’s why I gave him to you. I wanted you to be happy.” Tears began to slide down my son’s face as he spoke and I was reminded of Charles’ tears the night before. “I have Collin now, but soon he’ll go away. I just wanted you…”


“What did you say, Robby?” I asked, interrupting him – something I tried to never do, but I was shocked at what he had just said.


“I wanted you to be happy,” he answered innocently.


“No, before that,” I said moving closer to him.


“I’m not going to need Collin soon.” Robby repeated.


“Who’s Collin,” I asked quickly.


“My new friend, dad. He took Charlie’s place.” Robby said and I could tell he was frustrated with my questions. He still couldn’t believe that I didn’t understand him.


“Where’s Collin right now, Robby,” I asked looking around the room – as if I would suddenly see a third person vaporize.


“He’s in my room, dad. For gosh sakes!” Robby said.


As I jumped out of my bed it registered that there was something opening in my heart and in my mind. Memories of my childhood came rushing back and my body was suddenly soothed with a warm, familiar feeling. I unlocked and opened the bedroom door quickly. I knew Robby was following me as I moved toward his room. The door was only slightly ajar and when I pushed it open my mouth fell open. There, sitting in the chair beside Robby’s bed, was my old childhood friend Collin. I instantly recognized him. He was about twenty-five years old and had golden hair. He looked at me and his face broke into a huge smile.


“Hello, Marshall,” he said softly, “Long time no see.”


“Holy shit,” I said out loud and Collin instantly disappeared.


“Oh, you owe me a quarter, dad. You said a bad word,” Robby said poking me in the side. I turned to my son.


“Did you see him?” I asked – still in complete shock.


“Of course. It sure did take you a long time. You believe now, don’t you?” Robby said, but I barely heard him. I turned to leave the room.


“Get your shoes Robby. Don’t worry about getting dressed. We’ve got to go find someone,” I yelled over my shoulder as I ran to my room to put on a shirt and some shoes. One thing, and one thing alone, occupied my mind. I came running back towards Robby’s room as I was pulling on a sweatshirt. “Come on, captain, we’ve got to get your shoes on and . . .”


My voice stopped as soon as I came into my son’s room and found him totally dressed and his shoes tied. His hair was even combed. I stood there dumbfounded.


“What? How did you . . . I mean . . . hey, your shoes are tied. Did you do that?” I said, having noticed his feet.


“No, dad, Collin did.” Robby answered in a voice full of frustration at my disbelief.


“Of course he did, of course he did,” I said and then bent down to grab my son in my arms. I knew I took the stairs a little too quickly, but I was a man on a mission. “Thanks, Collin,” I yelled over my shoulder. I was sure I heard a voice say, “you’re welcome” and this made me laugh as I carried my son to the car in the garage.


I raised the door and backed the car out, turning around in the seat to see where I was going. When I saw the empty space where a big tree used to stand I abruptly stopped the car, put it in park, opened my door and jumped out.


“Hang tight, captain, I’ll be right back,” I said over my shoulder as I walked to the back of the car.


“Okay, daddy!” Robby yelled and I could hear in his voice that he was loving the fact that I was either having a nervous breakdown or the biggest eye-opening experience of my life – well, the second biggest after last night’s sex.


I moved to the back bumper of the car and bent down. I ran my hand along the top of the long piece of metal. As I got near the opposite end from where I started I noticed the big, thick indention. I placed my thumb into the space. I couldn’t believe it. There, in the metal, was the perfect mark of a very large thumb. I could even see small grooves that were the bending joints of the thumb. I began to stand up, but then had another idea. I ran my fingers underneath the wide bumper, just below the thumbprint and I clearly felt the grooves of four fingers. My mind went crazy with lust and excitement.


“Fuck,” I said loudly, in awe of the strength that obviously crushed and lifted my car so easily.


“I heard that!” yelled Robby from the car. “That’s another quarter you owe me!”


“Captain, you can have ten dollars today. I have a feeling I might be using bad language a lot!” I said as I got back in the car and put on my seatbelt.


“Are you mad then, daddy?” Robby asked concerned.


“No, my little man, I am in awe. I am in awe of something big and beautiful,” I said as I started down the driveway. I chose to let out a loud whistle, instead of cussing, when I noticed the chunks of tree piled up beside the road. My cock went instantly hard, as well.

It thrilled me tremendously to think that a man could do that with just his hands – well, an angel. I stopped the car suddenly right before I pulled out onto the street.


“What’s the matter,” Robby asked, his voice jolting me from my moment of sudden concern.


“I have no idea where he would be,” I answered my son - as I looked at him in the rearview mirror. He could see the sadness in my face and, yet, he smiled broadly.


“Come on dad, you know,” he said bluntly and continued to smile.


I started to protest but then I realized the only place he could be. It was like a deep connection to the man was instantly revealed or, better; it was like my gay GPS system was working on overload. I looked both ways and then hit the gas pedal hard. The tires on my car squealed and Robby yelled ‘yippee’ as we flew onto the road. I tried to stay under the speed limit but it was very hard to do. I was full of excitement and incredible desire. My mind was open and clear for the first time in many years and I knew I would do anything necessary to get the man of my dreams back.


As we pulled up to Robby’s favorite playground in the park I could see the figure of a huge man sitting on the very familiar tire swing. Charles’ size actually made the swing look like one of those toddler’s toys you can buy for a two year old. I honked the horn loudly, jumped out of the car, and unbuckled Robby from his car seat – then both of us started running towards the playground.


“Charlie! We’re here!” Robby yelled as we ran.


I could see that Charles had stood up quickly and a big smile was beaming on his face. When we reached him Robby threw his arms around the big man’s legs and, before I even realized what I was doing, I threw my arms around his upper body – but they barely made it around his broad shoulders. The three of us stayed this way for a few minutes and then Robby and I released at the same time – stepping back to look at the big man.


“I was hoping you’d come,” Charles said softly to me.


“I’m so sorry,” I blurted out as I began to cry, “Can you ever forgive me?”


“Of course, Marshall,” the huge man said as he wiped tears from my face, “I hoped you just needed time.”


“Will you guys just kiss already,” yelled Robby as he climbed onto the swing.

I was no longer shocked by the boldness of my son. I realized, happily, that my boy was extremely perceptive and comfortable with himself – what more could a father ask for. I smiled at my son and then turned back to Charles.


“The boss has spoken,” I said, laughing. “So there’s only one thing to do.”


Charles bent down a little and I brought my lips to his. This kiss was even more powerful than those from last night. I’m sure it had something to do with the fact that I now believed in so many things that I didn’t before – like the fact that the perfect man can exist or that my son could teach me profound lessons about life. Our kiss was brief, but intense. I think we both realized we had many years of more kisses.


“Somebody push me!” Robby yelled.


“And how do we ask, captain?” I responded from habit.


“Please, somebody push me!” Robby said laughing.


“Maybe your dad, Charlie, would like to push you,” I said softly and was surprised at how the words caught in my throat.


Both Charles and my son looked at me quickly. They both had the same shocked look on their face that slowly turned into a big smile. I stepped over to one of the metal poles that held the swing. I could see that Charles’ eyes were wet with tears. He started to gently push my son on the swing.


“Please push me harder, Charlie-dad,” Robby said, smiling up at the big man. I was happy that my son said it so politely and I liked the sound of him calling Charlie, dad. I became a little nervous at his request, though.


“Um, not too hard, Charles, please. Your new dad is a little bigger and stronger than me, remember,” I said – only slightly joking. I rested my hand high on the pole as Robby was pushed in the swing – just gazing at the two beautiful men in my life. I felt something weird about the pole and I glanced up. Sure enough, here were four fingerprints and one thumbprint perfectly smashed into the thick piece of metal. I ran my fingers over the indentions and my cock grew hard again. I stood there imagining Charles gripping the pole and slamming it into the concrete. I loved the idea that his hand could crush metal so easily. I glanced over at the big man and saw that he had noticed what I was doing.


“Are you sure you can’t still be that strong?” I asked and he could tell how much the thought turned me on. “It sure would come in handy, not to mention be kind of fun. I’m just imagining all the things you could do to please me.”


“I’m sorry, I’m afraid I gave all of that up for something better,” Charles said happily and he walked over to me. He bent down and put his arms around my waist. “But I’m still pretty strong, Marshall.” He easily lifted me into the air. I caught my breath as my feet left the ground. “I’m sure we could still find some things I can do to excite you!”


“You’re the strongest, Charlie!” Robby said as he continued to sway back and forth on the swing.


“He certainly is, Robby, he certainly is,” I said as I kissed the big man again. As our kiss ended, Charles put me down on the ground and returned to pushing Robby on the swing. I reached below my waist to rearrange my hard cock so there’d be less pressure. It was then that a disturbing thought came into my head.


“Hey, Charles. You said each child gets a guardian angel for life, right. So how come Robby now has Collin. Shouldn’t he still be with me?” I thought my question was very important, but both Charles and Robby looked at me and chuckled.


“You tell him, Robby,” Charles said.


“You don’t need one anymore, dad. You have Charlie. He’ll keep you safe.” Robby said smiling at me.


This thought sent a warm wave through my entire body. I looked at Charles and he flexed his right arm slightly as he smiled back. I knew immediately that my son was right, I had everything I needed right here at this playground.


“Hey, you two. How about our little family goes out for pancakes.” I said, moving towards them.


Robby threw his little arms up into the air and screamed yippee. I laughed and then looked up in time to see Charles throw his big muscular arms into the air and yell yippee, as well. There was only one thing left for me to do. I stuck my hands in the air.


“Yippee!” I yelled back.


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This story lets me think that I should get back in touch with my guardian angel. Tihs story is just splendid. And if somebody is seeing somebody like Charles, please send him my way. 

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