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m/m A new kind of power source: Part 2

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Thanks for the feedback so far. All your comments and likes are really appreciated, guys; each one serves as a little confidence boost!


A new kind of power source
Part 2


Within seconds Tim’s body was swelling out under the yellow basement light, throwing monstrous shadows about the small room.


“Yes!” He grunted. “Bigger! BIGGER!”


I barely had time to revel in the fact that this was actually working. Even as the thought came to me that every lusty dream I had ever had was suddenly coming true, vast, striated muscles were pulsing beneath the thin surface of Tim’s flesh, growing ever more massive, stretching the tanned skin to breaking point.


My eyes flicked maniacally from one body part to the next. 


His biceps, now the size of his head, surged mountain-like before me, riddled with blue, testosterone pumping veins. Even unflexed, those beasts looked like they had the power to grind steel. His pectoral balcony, straining forward towards me in the basement gloom, wreathed with striated iron muscle, seemed impossibly big for his height, and only the incredible power in his thickening teardrop thighs and pert, bubble glutes prevented him from toppling over. Moments later, layer after layer of titanium muscle was added to his widening back, pushing his creaking, twitching shoulders out further and further, the sheer weight of the musculature playing across the surface acting as a counterbalance to his front.


Tim wasn’t just filling the room with his physical presence, however. My nostrils were assailed with the smell of his testosterone, my skin was smothered in the raging heat pulsing through his engorged muscles. A rich aura seemed to extend well beyond the straining tendons and thickening physique: an aura of MAN. I could taste it on my tongue, too. By the time Tim’s growth had slowed, there wasn’t one part of the basement that wasn’t saturated with his masculinity. I felt it permeating through my flesh down to my very bones.


As soon as it had begun, it was over.


Like a picture of a morphed bodybuilder brought to life, Tim gazed down cockily over his steaming, hulking musculature, casually flexing one muscle after another into impossible hugeness. In the sauna heat from the transformation, his ripped, monstrous physique glowed with sweat. Rivulets ran tantalisingly down the crevasses and valleys between his tense sinews.


He glanced at me. I, of course, was lost for words, my tongue only good for keeping my drool in check – a task that it wasn’t entirely successful at.


“I knew it would fucking work!” He chuckled loudly. My ears rang a little with each syllable. “Man, for a trial run of the machine I thought I’d gain a couple of pounds or something.” He raised an arm and flexed a bicep. The peak rose higher and higher, the size of a basketball. He gave it an extra couple of squeezes, trying to pump even more height out of the flesh-coloured mountain. He seemed to be absorbed in his bicep worship, a huge toothy grin on his face, and it took him a couple of seconds to tear his eyes away and look back at me. “Guess I underestimated the power of our desire, huh, Si?”


I found the words – the only words I could bring myself to say.


“You need to grow so much fucking bigger, dude…”


His smile widened.




Even as I was thinking it, his musculature began twitching and swelling anew.


“Oh, YES!” Tim laughed. His vast muscles started to thicken, stretch out, pumping bigger and bigger. “By the time I’m finished, my bicep’s going to be bigger than you!” His muscles were growing so quickly now that he had to step forward to keep his balance. As it adjusted to his new weight, his rippling thigh, squeezing more and more massive as it thickened into impossible hugeness, was now wider around – at least twice as wide – as my whole body. Even as I watched, the teardrops bunched larger and larger in a dance of grotesque mass.


I was panting with excitement. “That’s still too small – your bicep should be bigger than this fucking basement!”


“Ha! I’d still be a pipsqueak!” He laughed, his voice deepening into a boom as he began to inch upwards towards the ceiling. “My bicep should be bigger than my whole fucking house!” His head struck the yellow light, and his swollen, pulsating musculature was revealed as the bulb swung in a narrow arc. Freakishly huge now, bigger than any bodybuilder, bigger even than most of the morphs I’d seen, Tim’s growth only seemed to accelerate as we threw our ideas back and forth.


The basement was now growing swelteringly hot as more and more of the space was filled with Tim’s hulking mass. I swear I could hear the muscles grinding against one another, and took another couple of steps back towards the comparative coolness and safety of the stairwell.


I should have moved more quickly.


Even as I was yelling; “It needs to be bigger than this neighbourhood!”, Tim’s muscles slammed into me, pinning me against the wall. I was pressed between concrete and MAN, the latter being the far more solid of the two substances. Somehow I heard my muffled voice keeping up the rant through the smothering embrace of Tim’s twitching bulk: “Then twice as big! Ten times! So much bigger! You need to be freaking HUGE!”


I heard cracks and ear-splitting grating noises as I was pressed more and more tightly into the hot, hardened, thickening mass of sweat-soaked muscle. So pulsating and freakishly hulking was the musculature crushing me, I couldn’t even identify which body part it was. A giant thigh? A serrated, steel-hard wall of abdominals? I doubted I would even reach the stud’s pecs now.


Above the noises of the building around me being destroyed by Tim’s ascension to muscle god, above even the sound of my own heart pulsing in my ears, I could hear my friend’s triumphant roars.


“Gotta bet BIGGER! Still too fucking SMALL! Come on Si – help me grow MASSIVE! You want this as much as I do…you want me to become a fucking god. Then GROW me, you little fuck! Focus your desire! I need MORE! A hundred times more! A MILLION! Come on!”


And just like that, I released the last few fetters on my desire…and the power flooding into Tim went off the scale.




I must have blacked out – probably from oxygen deprivation after being smothered by all that muscle – because the next thing I knew, I was lying on the asphalt outside. A bent streetlamp crackled and spluttered above me. In the flickering light of my surroundings, I recognised Tim’s street.


“About time you woke up,” came Tim’s voice from all around me. “I stopped growing soon after you passed out. And I hate being stuck at this teeny tiny size!”


I glanced up. Silhouetted against the moonlight, a vast striated colossus filled the night sky. Even hunched, Tim’s muscular form towered above the rooftops around us. Swollen, giant muscles flexed massively as a finger bigger than my entire body was lowered towards me and gently nudged me to my feet.


Bricks and broken glass littered the quiet street around me. Had Tim truly outgrown his own house?


I was head height to his shin. The calf muscles bulged grotesquely out from either side of the bone. Even in the dim light I could count the striations in the twin masses.


I couldn’t help shivering a little in the night air. I was damp from head to toe with the stud’s sweat. As much out of a desire for warmth as a longing to feel his mass, I hurried over to Tim’s leg and threw my arms about his calf. Glass crunched underneath my trainers.


“You’re so BIG!” I stammered, between tongue-licks of monstrously swollen sinew. I groped at him with desperate fingers but beneath his thin film of pale skin the muscle was impenetrable as steel. I heard, rather than saw, the tendons of his mighty cock straining in the night as the beast filled with blood somewhere above me. “So fucking HUGE!” I gulped at the sweat coating every inch of his muscle.


Tim responded by shifting his footing and raising his giant heel, forcing the calf I was worshipping to flex half again as big. It broke my embrace, nearly knocking me onto my arse. The twitching muscles were so massive now they looked as though they were in danger of tearing free from his leg completely.


“Time to get bigger, though, right?” The titan grunted. Mountainous muscles bunching against one another, he reached down and adjusted his swelling cock, itself already several times bigger than me. “You’re not pussying out on me now, are you, Si?”


“No way,” I called up to him. “It’s just…I can’t believe I’m not dreaming or something. We’ve RPed this for months, and now, here you are. A total muscle stud. And you’re only going to get BIGGER!”


It wasn’t that my desire had recharged. Rather that, despite the incredible energy that I had generated earlier, I had only just scratched its surface. I had so much more desire to give; untapped, endless depths. I threw it at him, focusing all my will, all my libido, bending my mind to the task of growing Tim even more insanely muscular.




“Hurry up, Si!” He grunted, working his tool, the noise shaking the night. “The street cleared pretty quickly when I broke free from my pathetic little house. But people are gonna be back soon, with the police or something.”


So that’s why the street was so quiet. Tim had scared everyone away. How long had I been unconscious?


I redoubled my efforts, let visions of Tim swelling out across the starlit sky fill my mind and my soul, ignoring the drool that had started to run down my chin.


To no avail.


What was wrong?


Was some small part of me secretly content with Tim at this size?


A large dollop of pre splashed to the street beside me. I fought back the urge to dive to my knees and lap up the hot, creamy puddle.


No way. I knew that I would continue to grow him as long as our energy source held out. And our desire was limitless.


Yet something was stopping me.




And then I realised. I no longer had the crackling sound in my ear! Straining to think through the thick fog of desire, I pulled the colander off my head.


It must have been damaged during Tim’s last growth. One of the wires was flopping about and the sparks seemed almost lethargic in their movements.


“SIMON!” Tim yelled. I felt the vibrations of his voice shaking my very atoms. He was working his giant mantool furiously now. “I’ve got to get BIGGER, so much BIGGER! Why am I stuck at this puny size? Need to be bigger than the EARTH, fuck – a million times bigger, so much mass!”


Tim was so lost in muscle-lust that he would be of no help to me. I had to do this on my own.


Though my own muscle-lust, my own impossible desire, was running rampant now. I had to do this quickly before I lost control altogether.


I grabbed the wire. The electric shock barely registered through my orgasmic haze.


Somewhere in the distance, I heard the sound of police sirens.


Where did the wire go? I tried to remember.


My fingers moving independently of thought, they nudged the wire into one cluster of diodes and circuits after another, prodding and poking as far as the wire would stretch. Tried wrapping it around the green wire. Forcing the exposed metal end under one bit. Round another. Bending it back on itself and tightening it around an exposed metal hook.



Lashed with electric shocks and numb with lust, it was a moment before I realised the colander had began to hum once more.


Was it…working?


The sirens sounded very close now. I hurriedly shoved the colander on my head.


By this stage our pent-up energy could have buckled the universe.


And now the floodgates were thrown wide open...

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Great story! I keep checking the site for part 3!

Also, I love the image of the one character, giant sized,massive muscles, houses coming up to his ankles, nudging the other with a finger the size of a bus, saying "Wake up! It's time for me to get BIGGER!!!"

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