growth The Muscle Professor: The Giant Reveal (5 of 6)

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After a tiring week, Morris spends the last remaining days of the semester resting quietly in his apartment. He also can’t resist texting and calling Lance after what happened the previous week. The big Arabian stud gave him his number not long after that experience in the gym. Avery seems to have disappeared in the last few days which seems really strange to both of them.


That Sunday, Morris receives a call from Professor Hardman which surprises him.


‘Morris, I want you to meet with me and Lance Elrusso at the university football field. You will be taking your final exam there.’


‘Is there some reason why we are not going to be in the classroom professor?’


The professor pauses for a few seconds and laughs a little. Morris now believes what Lance and Avery have been telling him for the past several weeks.


‘Has Avery talked to you any Morris? This exam is highly physical and may even be a little dangerous.’


‘Yes professor, he has told me about the exam, but I am unclear as to how I was supposed to prepare for it.’


‘You have already prepared for it Morris. Avery has kept me up on your progress as well as Lance’s. Just be here tonight at around 10 and we will get started okay?’


‘Okay professor, I’ll be there.’


They both hang up as Morris sits up on the couch he was laying on. Ben walks in and stands beside him with an odd look on his face.


‘Dude…..don’t you know what the final exam is? I can almost guarantee that Professor Hardman is going to make you do some kind of powerlifting. You might be fine though considering how much bigger you are. Since you started in that class, you have probably gained at least 30 pounds of muscle. If I was homo, we would probably be getting busy about any time now.’


Ben does a little goofy dance before he turns to leave the room. Morris dials up Lance on his phone afterwards. The Arabian answers and seems a bit conflicted.


‘Morris…..are you as nervous as I am man? I don’t know what to expect from this. I think I know what is going to happen, but the uncertainty is killing me.’


‘I agree, maybe we can go there together? You know where my room is, don’t you?’


*seems cheerful now* ‘Ohh yeah I do, I’ll be there in a few minutes.’


They hang up as Morris gets up to move around a little. He leaves the room to walk into the main lobby to wait on Lance. While he stands there, Avery comes up behind him and picks him up. The surprised student shutters as the stronger man holds him up above his chest. Morris turns his head to look at him.


‘Hi there buddy. Are you ready to experience something new? The professor wanted me to round you up before you go over to the field.’


‘Ohh well Lance is coming over here to meet up with me anyway Avery.’


‘Awesome, saves me a trip then. *flexes his huge guns* Come on stud, flex yours so we can compare.’


Morris makes a noise basically telling Avery no which makes the bigger man lightly punch him in the stomach. The student’s arms twitch and contract as Avery positions them into a double bi pose.


‘Flex them! *Morris flexes* Hehe, there you go, not bad stud. You look better every time I see you.’


Lance arrives soon after and gives Morris a huge bear hug. The two men start growling at each other playfully and wrestling around a bit before they lean in and kiss. Avery looks on in shock.


‘Whoa! Things are definitely heating up between you two. I thought me and you had a thing Morris?’ *smiles greedily as Lance turns to stare at him*


‘You said the same shit to me Avery. I know you are just doing your job for Hardman. Let’s get going since it is after 9:30.’


The three men cram into Avery’s van and ride over to the field located about five minutes away. They get out and see the professor standing by in the nearby tunnel. He looks like he has been working out for hours judging by the amount of sweat pouring off his face and neck. He looks at Avery and nods his head. The graduate student walks past the professor and down the tunnel. When he gets to the end, he starts to run out on to the field. Morris and Lance get up to the professor and stop when he motions for them to see him.


‘Hey guys, welcome to the final exam. I know you have questions as to why this is being done on a Sunday at the football field. Well you will find out soon enough. Let’s get warmed up with a nice jog around the field why don’t we.’


The unsuspecting duo starts jogging with the professor down the tunnel and out the end on to the field where Avery is already halfway across.


‘We are starting early professor? I thought it was at 10?’


Hardman looks over at Morris and winks as he wipes his glasses.


‘Ohh it is at 10, trust me guys. This is just meant to get the blood pumping and our muscles loosened up.’


After about 15 minutes of this, the professor stops jogging and moves over to the middle of the field. Avery is already there while the other two wonder if they are supposed to go meet there too. The professor doesn’t say a word to them when he leaves so they just continue to trek along the edges of the sidelines. Avery keeps looking at them and smiling. At this point, it is ten till ten and it appears the professor is starting to have trouble controlling his breathing as he stands there. Morris and Lance finally decide to meet up in the middle with the professor and Avery.


‘Is he going to be alright Avery? He looks like he is in pain.’


Lance puts his hand on the professor’s back which is very hot to the touch. The sweat cascades down Hardman’s body like a river now as he completely loses his voice. Avery leans in to the professor and nods a few times. He then pulls Morris and Lance in front of Hardman and takes over on the talking.


‘It appears that the professor will be starting the exam a bit early considering that he is having a bit of trouble at the moment. And…..uhhhhh…..fuck…..*stretch*…..it is now spreading…..mmmmm…..over….. damn……*pop*…..to me. Guys……*rip*……get ready……to be amazed.’


The graduate student grunts a few times before his pecs start growing and shredding his shirt down the middle before they flop out. His arms completely destroy the sleeves as they continue to balloon into what amounts to watermelons. He rips his shirt off and roars in delight feeling his upper body growing at an alarming rate. He then reaches down and rips his pants off with just a few of his thick fingers as his legs and calves double in size. His underwear rips and shreds so quickly it falls to the ground as his cock thickens and his ass swells. He moans feeling his rod widening and lengthening as it pools precum all over the field.


‘OMG! Lance he is becoming a beast! What the hell am I a part of here?’


Lance doesn’t seem to be listening to him though as he watches the professor beginning his transformation. Hundreds, maybe thousands of cracks and pops are heard emanating from Hardman as his body struggles to keep its shape. He wails in pain for what seems like minutes as it appears he is losing control over his body. He stops moving at one point as it appears that the sequence is over. Lance is hypnotized by this.


‘Huh? What the…..HOLY SHIT!’


The professor starts moaning deeply as his voice changes and his body reacts. His muscles immediately explode out of his clothes as pieces of fabric remain glued to his growing body. He quickly surges past 200, then 300 pounds, as his body continues to expand its way outward. At this point, Avery is finished growing and rushes over to pick the other two up to sit on his shoulders.


‘Take a good hard look at that monster guys,’ he says in a much deeper voice since he is now over 350 pounds. ‘This is a gawd emerging in front of you of epic proportions.’


400…..500…..600…..his height starts to catch up to the sheer bulk soon after as Hardman’s spine continuously stretches pushing him up higher and higher…..7 ft…..8 ft…..9 ft…..the three men look on in awe as the professor begins losing his human characteristics as the muscles completely deform him. 700….800….900…..10 ft…..11 ft…..12 ft…..Avery walks over to stand underneath the giant behemoth. They feel it raining on them as the professor’s massive 3 foot dong drops precum on top of them.


‘Guys this is the last part of the exam. The professor is going to coat you in his…..rain. Whatever happens after this will be completely unknown to all of us. It won’t affect me though since I have already…..changed. I am going to put you both down on the ground now and don’t move.’


Avery slides them both down on to the turf and quickly moves away as the professor continues to grow. Hardman’s body now takes up nearly five yards of the field as he reaches nearly a ton in size. The two young men grip each other’s sides as they await the final shower. The giant hulk roars in ecstasy as the ground shakes and the stands rumble. The two young men can smell the rain’s musk changing above them which makes them both feel extremely funny on the inside. They look at each other and realize it must be their turn now.


‘Oh fuck Morris, I am so afraid but yet I want this badly.’


‘I feel the same way Lance. I hurt so badly too, but feel compelled to let this happen.’


As they feel something raging inside their bodies, the flood comes flowing out of the hulk’s raging dong and drowns the two men. They fall over and start convulsing as Avery gets hit too behind them. He falls too and crawls over to check and see if they are still breathing. The behemoth continues shooting thick jets all over them as he falls over. It causes a giant sinkhole to form in the field as he lies there unconscious still shooting cum up in the air. Sirens can now be heard in the distance as Avery starts feeling vibrations coming from underneath their skin.


‘Morris……Lance……guys…..talk to me……shit I hope this works otherwise me and the professor are so fucking screwed. This has to work quickly or everyone is going to know our secret.’

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This needs one last part! Please do an epilogue at least...

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I agree with GoJ, I want to know what happens!

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Wish granted! Part 6 will be posted Sunday night! :P

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*sad kitty face*

Please sir, we'd like some more...


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Great scenario but you stop it just short of the (pun intended) climax. Seriously this is right in the middle of the scene I've been waiting the whole story for.

Maybe you've done what you want to do with the characters and the setting but for those of us who have followed your marvelous build up over all these chapters we feel the need for resolution.

Of course no story needs to tie up all its loose ends but stopping just short of Morris' and Lance's final growth with sirens on the way and the professor's and Avery's secret only partially revealed to your audience is what is known as a cliffhanger and there is an expectation of resolution. You should watch the movie Misery some time to see the kind of frustration you're building in your devoted readers.

Despite airing my grievances at your ending let me give you props for pushing my buttons. I love the intellectual/musclebound stud combo and with Avery, Professor Hardman and Morris himself you've provided a banquet. I felt like you were hinting at some special ability of Morris' to arouse the others and I wondered how that would play out. Also loved the Lance character.

Thanks for what you've done even with driving me crazy. It is a testament to your story's basic strengths!

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I have to agree with Fillups. The story doesn't really end and it doesn't resolve anything.

If this is as far as you intended to write, or if you wrote it some time ago and don't intend to revisit it, that's fair enough. But a comment to that effect posted in the first chapter would've been a great warning.

Posting them each as chapter X of 5 implies a resolution once chapter 5 is done.

On top of that, you started all kind of interesting plot threads. What's the point of the roommate, if you didn't have any inkling of a further plan for him?

You're a really good writer! You write well and your story is very hot. I realize this is free and I appreciate you writing such a wonderful story. But I also don't like to read something that the author had no intention of ever finishing. Especially when leaving it on a cliffhanger.

I'd be less frustrated now if you'd warned that you didn't have an ending in the beginning, or hadn't implied that you did have one (with the chapter numbering out of 5).

My two cents.

(And please don't interpret this as a slam or a suggestion that you stop writing. You're a good writer and should definitely continue)

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Fillups/mmash62, I totally understand all of what you are saying. I am terrible at doing cliffhangers and generally there is a reason for it. I have been writing muscle stories for over two years and in that time I feel as if guys lose interest the longer the story goes. This one actually went way longer than I originally planned and I wanted to see if guys REALLY were interested in it continuing. This is the first time out of 99 postings that I feel like another installment is warranted. There is normally just a couple of guys that ever say anything to me about my stories and to me that isn't enough to really need another part to a story.


I am now going to guarantee you another part and will go back and revise the other parts to include a part 6. Thanks guys for letting me know how you feel. :)


This is actually part of a bigger series that I have deemed the 'Professions' series. You can check out other installments in the stories section here called The Muscle Matchmaker and The Muscle Department. ;)

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