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growth Muscle Growth Interactive Game - Public Alpha Test (Part 3)

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Hello MG Forum, it's me again.
My growth game has been tweaked and I'd appreciate some help sweeping it for new bugs.
Online Gameplay Link: http://bit.ly/1t9igF4
Offline Download Link: http://bit.ly/1t4OTVa
If the online link gives you an error straight off the bat, please download it and play it in your browser. 
(This block has been copied from my FA page, the same rules will apply here)
- All content is subject to change
- All written text are placeholders
- All present content is buggy as balls
- Save often
- Repeatedly visit all scenes and zones
- Buy every item you see
- Talk to every NPC you meet
- Interact with every object you find
- Report any and all suspected bugs
- Report dead end scenes (no way to turn back)
- Provide as much information as possible during bug reports
- Report minor spelling or gramatical errors (see assumptions)
- Demand content or recommend changes (see assumptions)
- Leave bugs unreported
- Report bugs without providing details
- Submit content without being asked to do so
- Demand co-ownership of game for any reason

As with the last time, I'm submitting this in a bid to increase the number of alpha testers. I've overhauled large chunks of the game and finally added in the inventory system, so no more losing your clothes whenever you buy new ones, everything now lands in your wardrobe back home. Several zones have also been merged with the new Irongard City and the Character Creation menu at the start has been completely redone to fit in with the new (placeholder) storyline.


Do note that this game also contains furry features, I simply have no choice since the furry growth audience surpasses the regular one and I personally do not discriminate, muscle is muscle to me and that's really all that matters. You do not have to test this game if you do not like furry characters (there are/will be humans too!), but I'd greatly appreciate it if my inbox could be spared any hatemail. 


To assist in the testing process, the cheating system (Data Tablet) is still present in game for debugging purposes.


Thanks for not running me out of town like the old forum did!


That is all,

Waffle out.



EDIT: Just a curious question, how willing will you guys be to submit content to me? For example, to write a naughty scene under a number of rules and a predetermined word limit before then turning it over to me for coding? (This assumes submission is of acceptable quality and that credit will also be given where it is due.)

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I write stories pretty typically. I wouldn't hate writing something for a muscle game :D I don't really care about any credit, though. I just write stories.  :)

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Amazing game but....

Why is a bunch of the options like masturbate redded out no matter what i do??

Have you read the title?

It's an ALPHA version. It's incomplete.

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Wow, you added so much, it's amazing! The idea of Irongard City is especially great!

And the story took quite an unexpected turn!


I found no bugs, but two writing mistakes:

In the last screen of the intro, it says "Lord Generation" instead of "Lord General".

When you manage to pin Malkorok to the rape rack, the first phrase starts with "you" instead of "You".


One question: Your followers eventually reach a limit in their growth. Will it be possible to break it?


Awesome work, and see ya!

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The only bug I can think of is the player not putting his clothes back on after drinking a hulk shake from the beach beverage bar place...

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Enjoying seeing the new areas. This time I only used the coin boost so I could buy items and the hulk shakes. Didn't go crazy with the other boosts.


Also enjoyed the new options to rebuild the house too. Just have to find the one other item needed for the specialty house. Got the Cloud Stone, but not the other. Bet it's part of the next alpha test.


Don't think I ran into any bugs did see one time the ()  for ball size with the run in with the orc, but that was it.  Eager to see how the pump room will work as well. Fun seeing Cody all strapped up to refill those shakes.

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One bug I found is that there is no "back" option from the dead end path of Masturbate. I had to use the browser buttons as there was no option to go back.

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