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m/m Jolias Finally Lets Go - Part 4


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Still building the story up.  Sorry for the lack of growth.  But it's coming.  This may go in a totally different direction from what you're expecting, but there WILL be growth.  Please let me know what you think!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


"Aw god" I breathlessly seethed, my chest heaving up and down.  I glanced at my hard throbbing cock as my hand stroked it, and it looked angry.  Red, swollen, veiny, and harder than steel.  I was lovingly squeezing and stroking slowly, my hand reaching my glans then back down to the base, then back up.  The sensations my cock was sending through my body were more intense than I'd ever felt before.  I didn't know if I was going through some sort of super-horny phase all of a sudden or if this was simply a result of... him.


Even thinking his name made me quiver, and once again, "Unngh fuck," I muttered as I lay in bed with nothing on but the moonlight streaming through the blinds, my hand squeezing my dick at the glans, sending those jolts of pressurized pleasure throughout my existence.

There was no need for me to furiously beat my meat.  I was shuddering and moaning in delight just from a slight touch.  Just thinking about Jolias.  I was trying so hard to imagine what he must really look like under those clothes.  It was the worst time of year for gay dudes like me.  All these hot guys out there and they're all covered up.  But I wanted so hard to believe that Jolias had that tight sexy toned muscular body.  The type that clearly looks like it worked out, even though his muscles weren't huge or anything.

"Fuuuck," I groaned.  Thinking about his body was making me quiver more.  'What if he was huge?' I thought to myself.  I imagined what it'd look like if his pecs were pushing out of that shirt he was wearing, and abs were pressing against his shirt revealing outlines of each brick.  No modesty, a dude who was proud of how big he'd grown, showing off without showing off.  Maybe I could turn my space heater on and make it really hot in here so if he came over to chill he'd be forced to remove his hoodie... and I imagined watching him remove it, slowly undressing, seeing his limbs slide out from the sleeves revealing arms that were toned, defined, and just plain big.  Vascular and strong.  And he'd be wearing a black wife-beater, hugging the contours of the rest of his taut, muscled body.

"Oh fuck," I breathlessly exclaimed, my cock jolting within my hand, making me squirm.

"Like what you see?" he'd ask in my little new porno fantasy, smirking, his red eyes glinting.  He caught me staring.  But I wanted him to.  He turns more towards me, takes a step forward, closing the gap between us.  His pecs are pushing that wife-beater out, the valley between them obvious from the small garment covering so little.  

"How 'bout now?" he'd ask, flashing a seething hot smile, raising his arms and flexing them, making my mouth water.

"Ah ahhhgod," I shudder, the pressure from my cock reaching its limit.  I yank my hand away from my cock as it spasmed a bit, and I was a mere millisecond from shooting a giant load.  I watched as pre dribbled from the tip, almost like it was showing me its dissatisfaction with my refusal to cum.

Back to my fantasy, Jolias holds his arms up, raising and lowering them, pumping his arms and flexing hard.  Veins are covering his forearms and his biceps are so big I feel like they're as big as my head.

I realized my hand was back on my throbbing cock, and I couldn't remember putting it there.  But fuck, I needed to cum.

"I guess from the drool on your lip you do like what you see," Fantasy Jolias says, not winking but closing one eye for several seconds, sticking out that tongue of his in that impish way he did at Denny's.  I blushed and looked away.  

'Goddamnit even in my own fantasy I'm shy and unsure of myself' I think to myself.

But then Fantasy Jolias steps forward and reaches out, grasping my upper arms right below the shoulders and lifts me up almost a whole foot into the air even though he's shorter than me.  I watch his biceps bulge, a vein running over each of them, and I can see the striations in his shoulders.  My eyes are wide and I look into his face and see nothing but a cocky grin, and he knows he's got all the power in the world over me.  And then he slowly lowers me, showing his strength and endurance.  He brings my face to his, and suddenly his lips are on mine.  And they're soft and delicious.

"Oh fuck fuck ohhh god," my hard cock is spasming and I wasn't even moving my hand.  I squeezed my cock and knew I was already past the point of no return and reveled in the explosion about to occur.  

"FUCK!" I exclaimed feeling that unbearable pressure finally letting itself loose, and the cum that was launching from my balls into my cock shaft was hot and moved fast.  The first shot was hard and intense and flew so high into the air I thought it would hit the ceiling.  And then another one exploded from my tip, just as high as the last.  I felt the cum raining down on me, hitting my chest, my stomach, my neck, and even my face.  "God, oh god," I breathed as another volley exploded out, raining more cum upon me.  "Enngghh" I groaned as two more shots came, still powerful and hard and hot.  Finally, the next one was less intense, but still flew into the air, and then another shot, and then it died off and became a dribble of cum oozing from the tip and onto my hand.

"Oh holy fuck," I whispered to myself as I lay there with cum drying on my body, chilling me.  My chest was rising up and down as I caught my breath.  My hand was still gripping my dick as it deflated, but I felt triumphant for finally releasing what had been building since around 6pm.  

And then I realized that once again my own fantasy didn't progress any further than what's basically foreplay.  I so wanted to actually fantasize the sex part.  Well, fuck, if I'm going to wish for things I might as well wish to actually have sex with him.  In real life.  I sighed at the thought.

I cleaned myself up and actually went to bed, realizing I'd probably be super tired the entire next day.  But it was worth it to finally shoot that massive load.


I couldn't do it.  I mean, I could do it, of course, but I kept holding the Denny's receipt in my hand with his number on it, constantly looking at it, marveling at something so insignificant as his handwriting.  I just couldn't bring myself to do it, though.  Text him.  I hadn't even bothered to enter his number into my phone.  And I think, on some level, I was afraid I'd text him and get no response.  

I'm sure a psychiatrist would have a field day with me.  I could acknowledge it would be foolish of him to ignore me, since we share a class, and he'd have to face me eventually, but I've faced rejection before.  There's no shame, at least on the part of the rejecter.  I could text him, get no response, and when next I see him he could totally play it off like he never got my message or that his phone was dead or maybe he changed his number or... who knows?  Or, he'd become cold and ignore me entirely.  At least if I don't text him I could hold onto hope that we could become friends... or maybe more.  Sometimes it's the not knowing that's preferable.  

But then I looked back at the little scrap of thermal paper with his cute but manly handwriting.  'Why put on this big show and go as far as sneaking his number into my pocket only to reject me?' I wondered to myself.  I flicked the paper between my fingers, totally ignoring the fact that there was a professor giving a lecture and I should have been taking notes.  I considered taking my phone out and texting him right now, but that would be conspicuous right in the middle of a class.  So continued to sit there, ignoring the lecture, contemplating which path to take on the matter.  Do I text him or be a little bitch and miss out on this opportunity?

And it then occurred to me that maybe he really did want me to text him.  And he might be waiting and waiting to see a text from me and disappointed that I haven't done it yet.  My mind flashed an image of a disappointed Jolias, and it made my heart hurt.  So immediately my mind switched to a new mode.  An eager and anxious and antsy mode where all I could do was sit and squirm and impatiently wait for the class to end, still not even bothering to take notes because all I could think about was Jolias.  What little I had written on my notebook was literally just his name.  And not just his name, but his name in my own handwriting, and several times I attempted to copy his handwriting.

And then, the only way I knew class was even over was because I saw everyone else getting up.  I'm probably going to regret not paying attention at all.  But I didn't even wait any longer, I jumped up, throwing my shit into my satchel and putting my coat on.  I took out my cellphone and began moving out of the room to escape to the solitude of the library to wait for the next class.  I had a little bit of time between these classes but not enough to go to my dorm.  I crossed the threshold of the classroom door and looked down at my phone, ignoring whatever few notifications I had on the screen and immediately entered the phone function so I could add his number officially to my contacts.  I put his name in and it even crossed my mind to add other little icons next to his name, but... I decided not to.  It seemed lame.  And a bit too soon. 

And now, with his name officially in my contacts, I opened the messenger app and typed in his name and it popped right up.  "Jolias" it said on the screen in the "To:" field.  

...And I got stuck.  What do I even say?  It's been too long for me to be casual about it.  But knowing that, how do I reconcile it?  What do I do to smooth over the fact I waited almost twelve hours to text him?  But... wait a minute.  We aren't dating.  He hasn't even exactly shown interest in dating me.  So why treat it like we are?  We've barely breached the threshold of friendship.  So...

On autopilot as I walked my way out of the main classroom building, I finally managed to input text into the body of the message.  "Hey it's Mike" and I hit send.  And then immediately after that:  "How's your day so far?" and send.  And then like the impatient and anxious person that I am, I stared at the screen waiting for the little bubble with the dots to pop up, somehow believing he'd be ready to respond right away.  But nothing happened.  I continued making my way to the library building, staring at my phone and only glancing up long enough to make sure I wasn't going to run into anyone or anything.  And I suddenly caught something in my vision.  Somehow I managed to catch it.  A small, brief glimpse.  Still with phone in hand, my attention was suddenly on something else.  A dude with dark hair and dark complexion up ahead heading in another direction.  Weirdly enough, the campus gym was close to the library building.  I could see the library and its main entrance, and this person was heading in the direction of the gym entrance.  

'Fuck fuck fuck!' I thought to myself.  I mean, I wanted to see him, but at the same time, I didn't.  I'd rather stick to the worrying over texting for now.  I couldn't see his face, so I was uncertain if it was even Jolias.  He rounded the corner and out of sight.  But if it was him, I guess it's quite a good sign to see him going to the gym.

But then I looked down at my phone.  Still no new message.  No bubbles.  Nothing.

I sighed.

I considered, as I was passing the gym, to go and see if it was him that entered.  But then it'd be awkward and weird, just walking into the gym and looking around then exiting.  

And then I thought 'Fuck it' and hurriedly walked over to the gym doors and peered through the little window.  I could see several other students milling about, some in workout clothes, others in regular attire.  But I couldn't see him.  But that meant nothing because I wasn't seeing the dude I saw walk in.  I started to turn to walk away but looked through the window again.  I had to at least take one moment to appreciate the hot dudes showing off their nice bodies with the revealing gym attires.  Some women would get in the way, though.  And then I had enough and turned again to walk away, only to immediately bump right into another person who was trying to get into the gym.

"S-sorry," I stuttered out, before looking up and seeing him.  

"'S'okay, dude," he said, smiling that smile.  

"J-Jolias!" I stuttered again, wanting to recede into nothing as I realized the dude who hadn't yet texted me back was standing right in front of me.

"Why you so stressed, dude?" he asked, play-punching my shoulder.  I guess I didn't appear as relaxed as I thought I did.  Although I hadn't been thinking about how relaxed I appeared, period.

I shrugged.  "I dunno," I said, trying to come off as aloof.  And then, "I'm sorry I only just texted you like, ten minutes ago."

He smiled again, and almost nervously replied, "I was getting worried you wouldn't text me at all," he stated.  There was the slightest tremble in his voice as he said those words.

"So you did get my text..." I muttered, probably saying out loud what I should have kept in my head.

"Yeah, dude, and didn't you see what I said back?"

'What?' I thought to myself.  'No dude I didn't because you didn't text me ba--' I stopped my own thought as I looked at my phone and saw there was, in fact, a new message.  From Jolias.  "Sup dude so glad to hear from you im geting out of class now headed to the gym wanna come?"

"Oh.  Huh.  I guess I didn't hear my phone go off..." I muttered, seriously wondering how I missed it.  

"So, wait, you were coming here anyway?  I figured you were here to meet me since I asked if you wanted to come!" he said excitedly, smiling.  And now I felt really awkward because I was really only here to be a creep and stalk him.  And it wasn't even him I was stalking.  Bonus points that he was going to the gym, though!

"I, uh, yeah, I was just... trying to meet you here," clearly a lie.

He cocked his head, raising an eyebrow.  "Didn't you just say you didn't know I text you back?"

Fuck. "Umm..." and then I just acquiesced, having lost all energy to try to maintain any façade.  "Okay, please don't think I'm, y'know, a creep, but I thought I saw you go in here--" I gestured at the building, "--and I was trying to see if it really was you."

"Ohhh shit," he said grinning, "That's not creepy, that's just a dude trying to see his friend!"

I exhaled a deep breath I didn't know I'd taken.  "Ah, yeah, that's... actually a good way to see it," I said, smiling, more relieved than anything else.

Jolias pulled out his phone and glanced at it and then put it right back in his pocket.  "Well, it's already past 11, wanna join me?" he asked, a hopeful grin on his face.

"Fuck," I muttered, looking at my own phone to confirm the time.  "Nah, I can't, I got class in less than ten minutes.  Another time?"

"Fuck yeah, dude, we should figure out what our schedules look like so we know when we're both free during the day," he said, thrusting his chin at me, a somewhat cocky grin on his face.  "Text me, alright?" he said, just like last night.  He then play-punched my shoulder again and brushed past me to enter through the gym doors.  "Later, dude!" he called as the doors closed.

His total joviality is something from which I ought to be taking a lesson.  He's so relaxed about things.  And I'm sincerely getting the impression that I'm way overthinking everything.

So, I took my phone, which was still in my hand, and unlocked it, opened the messenger, and texted him.  Nothing major.  Kind of lame.  But, it was something.  "💪😁 enjoy the pump!"

And this time, in mere seconds the bubble popped up.  And then: "hell ya dude 💪💪 lets try n get lunch together".

My heart jumped, and I was dangerously low on time for class but 'fuck it, I'll be late' I thought to myself.  I responded:  "💪 I'll let ya kno when im done class 😁".  

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I get really hyped when I see a notification from you posting a story haha. Yes yes yes!!!! Keep going and keep growing!!!!!

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Again, it was an incredible chapter, really. And don't worry, this way of writing, that's I love in yours stories !! So don't apologize for that. Don't rush, take your time ! ;)

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What a great surprise seeing the next chapter posted and waiting when i got home.  Definitely digging this story so far!

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So... I kind of broke my finger today so the next part might take a while.  Typing is kind of handicapped at the moment.

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1 minute ago, pasidious said:

So... I kind of broke my finger today so the next part might take a while.  Typing is kind of handicapped at the moment.

Oh no!!! Wish you a speedy recovery:) 

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On 11/20/2020 at 9:53 PM, pasidious said:

So... I kind of broke my finger today so the next part might take a while.  Typing is kind of handicapped at the moment.

Aaah! I need more of this story, I hope you get well soon. 

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