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Day 11: I woke up in the middle of the night last night feeling a tugging sensation in my briefs, but it wasn’t from my dick like I thought it was going to be. IT WAS FROM MY ASS. I went to

Day 10: I’m getting so fucking sexy, it’s insane! I’ve actually got six pack abs now, and my pecs are starting to feel rounder and heavier. I even have V-lines! I’m now 6 foot 4 inches tall an

This is a new story I’m starting that will be written as several blogposts documenting the muscle growth of a guy from a stick to a god. I will update it once every day or every other day, and it will

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Day 11:


I woke up in the middle of the night last night feeling a tugging sensation in my briefs, but it wasn’t from my dick like I thought it was going to be. IT WAS FROM MY ASS. I went to the mirror to discover that my normally flat ass had ballooned into a beautifully bouncy bubble butt! I was speechless. I flexed my glutes several times, mesmerized by the rising and falling of my bulging cheeks against the taut fabric of my brother’s underwear. Then I noticed my back. It was almost beastly how my lats had grown. They had expanded into waves of rippling muscle that slammed together as I lifted my heavy arms. Even my traps had risen significantly on my neck, making me bigger and more bullish. I now stood at around 6 foot 5 and a half, making me a little less than 2 inches shorter than Austin. 
Speaking of Austin, I noticed that he had called me a lot yesterday. One of his texts from yesterday said “I noticed you weren’t at the gym today, you alright?” Instead of texting him back, I decided to surprise him with my hulky changes. Pulling my brother’s XL-sized football jersey over my muscular torso and his sweatpants smoothly over my thick quads, I headed to the school gym, which was always open on the weekend. As usual, Austin was pumping away, his monstrous arms pulsating with every push. As he noticed me, his eyes grew wide with astonishment at my gains. “Holy shit Max, you’re massive!” He exclaimed, checking out my large stature. “That Alpha Mix stuff must really be working...” 
“It sure is,” I replied confidently, looking up at him with only a slight angle, “do you want some?” 
“It’s tempting, but no. I’d rather keep my body natural.” 
“Okay then,” I replied, “it’s your loss.”

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8 hours ago, YoungHunk69 said:

“Okay then,” I replied, “it’s your loss.”

It really is but no worries. You gonna eat that fine muscle ass soon

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Day 12:

Damn, I’m getting so big! Alpha Mix is turning me into an alpha all right. I’m not gonna stop at an athletic jock though. My end goal is now to become a GOD. It’s so fucking arousing to imagine myself towering over everyone, flexing humongous muscles for all to see. But for now, 6 foot 6 and growing is more than enough to get my 10-inch (hard) schlong throbbing any time of the day. It’s just so amazing to imagine what I looked like less than two weeks ago. I was a toothpick. Now, I’m a hung stud who can’t even fit into my old clothes. Today I tried to put on a pair of my old tighty whities (old meaning two weeks ago) and after squirming my trunkish thighs into them, my thick cock was too large to share the tiny pouch with my big balls and so I had to let my meat hang out of the leg hole. After barely pulling the front of the underwear over my crotch, I struggled to pull the elastic waist over my bulbous ass. A good ten tries later, I finally yanked the waist around and over my round muscular bottom, causing the part of my cock that was still inside the briefs to burst clean through the fabric with a loud “RRRRRRRRIPPPPP!!!” The sight of my fleshy cock breaching the white fabric gave me a hard-on that stayed with me all day, even during my morning workout with Austin, even during my classes, and even when I went to bed. My ten-inch boner being hugged by my brother’s gym shorts was noticeable from at least 20 feet away, and there were several stares throughout the day. But I didn’t care. A strange feeling of masculine confidence had washed over me.

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Day 13:

Everything on my body is getting thicker and more masculine... it’s so sexy. I’ve started wearing nothing to bed, since my fattening cock has become a strain on any undergarment I put on, and I need to save them for when I’m at the gym or in class.
When I’m at home, I’ve been jerking off constantly and admiring myself in front of the mirror. I love to flex my bulging biceps over and over again, fascinated by the thick vein that pops up on its curve. My pecs are also growing, and now I csn even bounce them on my chest like they do in movies. I’m 6 foot 7 now, making me just half an inch away from being Austin’s height. I wonder what it would be like to dominate him, to make him my muscle pup. He would be mine and I’d make him call me daddy. Fuck, that would be hot. 

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