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Hey guys! The story is back up! Sorry for the delay, apparently one of the pictures was of someone who could have been under the age of 18, which is why the story briefly got taken down, but now the image has been removed. I just want to clarify that Max is definitely 18, so there should hopefully be no more problems with that. 
I will start up the story again soon, so stay tuned!

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Day 11: I woke up in the middle of the night last night feeling a tugging sensation in my briefs, but it wasn’t from my dick like I thought it was going to be. IT WAS FROM MY ASS. I went to

Day 10: I’m getting so fucking sexy, it’s insane! I’ve actually got six pack abs now, and my pecs are starting to feel rounder and heavier. I even have V-lines! I’m now 6 foot 4 inches tall an

This is a new story I’m starting that will be written as several blogposts documenting the muscle growth of a guy from a stick to a god. I will update it once every day or every other day, and it will

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Day 8:

It’s getting more and more difficult to fit into my own clothes! Soon I’m going to have to borrow my older brother’s clothes, and he was on the football team, so his clothes will definitely fit my growing jock body. I mean just look at me! I’m two inches taller than yesterday, making me 6 foot 2! My expanding thighs are begging to burst right through these briefs! I also have to wear one of my brother’s jockstraps under the briefs so that my bulge isn’t as noticeable. Anyway, my date with Austin is tomorrow, so I have to find something I can wear to it or else I won’t be able to go.
I squeezed into the biggest shirt and pair of pants that I had, which were still a bit tight, and I headed to the gym for my workout. At this point, most of the other jocks in the room had started to notice my transformation, and some of them watched awestruck as I pumped my newly meaty quads with the leg press. I chatted with Austin again today, and even though I was still smaller than him, he was only a couple inches above me. (And his cock hung at least 4 inches below mine) I still have a pretty long way to go before I get as ripped and hunky as him though. He said he was excited for our date tomorrow, and told me to wear something cute to the restaurant. That’s when I figured out exactly what I was going to wear.


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Day 9:

This is how I showed up to the date, dressed in what used to be just a regular crop top. Now, it barely covers half of my torso and really shows off my broadening masculine shoulders, as well as tightly hugging my pecs, which are really starting to grow out from my chest a bit. Plus, these short-shorts used to be normal shorts until I tried wearing them on my new and improved body.

When Austin saw me outside the restaurant he looked pleasantly surprised. 

”Damn, man you look awesome,” he said, checking out my tight outfit.

”Thanks,” I responded, “you too.”

And he really did look awesome. Austin was wearing a collared t-shirt that swaddled his hard chest and protested the force of his biceps. He was wearing skinny jeans with rips in the knees, as if his pants just couldn’t handle the mass of muscle on his legs. The best part of all, though, was the prominent bulge in his jeans that almost caused my mouth to water. For a cock that was still soft to be so thick as to be visible underneath blue jeans was very impressive, to say the least.

Thankfully I got a picture of him while he wasn’t looking:

Austin was literally the hottest guy I’d ever met, and I was on a date with him!

After a nice dinner, we went to the movie theater, where we sat in the way back row and made out, not even paying the slightest bit attention to the movie. I felt and caressed his huge muscles while our lips were locked, and all the while my dick was throbbing in my tiny shorts, making my boner obvious to Austin, but I didn’t care. I felt his abs under his shirt; they were each like large stones that lined his torso. Making my way down his body with my hand while we kissed, I slipped it under the waist of his jeans and immediately found what I was searching for. It felt like he had a whole football stuffed in his briefs, which was squishy but firm as I gave it a gentle squeeze. Reaching inside the elastic of his full and stretched undies, I found an enormous piece of meat, dripping and in need of service. I brought my mouth down to the delicious bulge in his pants. As I struggled to pull the monster out of Austin’s straining jeans, I licked my lips in anticipation and looked up at him. He had a sexy grin on his face; he knew what was coming next. His massive cock fell out of his pants with a thud and I instantly grabbed the sheer girth of its shaft and shoved the head into my mouth, my drool slowly running down its entire length, which, hard, was at least a whole foot long. Austin could hardly get a quarter of its length into my mouth before I started gagging, but I held my breath as he slid the entire thing down my throat. I could feel the cock’s pulse as it went back and forth, back and forth. Suddenly, as Austin uttered a beautiful groan of satisfaction, a wave of hot spunk gushed into my esophagus, leaving me feeling warm inside as we left the theater.
“Are you free a week from now for part two?” asked Austin as he adjusted the large package in his jeans.
“You bet,” I said, wiping some cum off my cheek with a smile.

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Day 10:

I’m getting so fucking sexy, it’s insane! I’ve actually got six pack abs now, and my pecs are starting to feel rounder and heavier. I even have V-lines! I’m now 6 foot 4 inches tall and counting, and I’ve been wondering what would happen if I got too tall to fit in my own room. That would be such a turn on, though.
Well, my short shorts were ruined from yesterday since I coated the entire insides of them with cum during the movie, so I finally started wearing my brother’s clothes today, starting with his large pair of lime green briefs that fit around my thickening cock snugly. That made me wonder just how big my brother’s dick was. Anyway, my large dickprint was the first thing I noticed when I looked in the mirror, and I was delighted to find out that my dick was now at least 6 inches long, soft! The fact that I’m getting pretty hung made me super horny and I decided to stay home and jerk off all day instead of going to the gym. My orgasms were the most amazing I ever had, as I would edge for hours before spewing huge volumes of cum. I noticed later that I had missed several calls from Austin.

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Good luck finding proper clothes and shoes next time he goes on a date with Austin! Love how he says outgrowing his room would be a turn on! He’s an addict for size and that’s so hot!

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