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brothers Bobby D'eath (PT2 added 20/11/20)

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 It’s Friday fight night at the local illegal underground bare knuckle club, its well hidden so no issues with the police finding out. It was set up a few month ago by 24 yr old Johnny D’eath, allowing him to vent his anger and impose his dominance in the only way he knew, beating people to within an inch of there lives. Many people have been hospitalised and some even paralysed by him. No one has come close to even hurting him, the majority of the crowd turn up just to watch him slaughter the poor folk taking him on.

Johnny has large advantage due to his monster 350lb frame which is covered in huge juicy unbelievably strong muscle, built up over the years through roid abuse, big eating and very heavy gym work, a recent bench press pb of 240kg for 15 reps proves he is one strong fucker!!!


Following Johnny to every fight meeting and being his gym partner is his 18yr old brother Bobby. Johnny started taking Bobby to the gym with him 3 years ago as bobby wanted to be big and strong like his brother, back then Johnny was still a very respectable 230lb and was one of the strongest guys in the gym. The 2 brothers would train every day for 2 and a half hours, working a single body part each day. From early on training together Johnny knew there was something different about Bobby, even at 15 Bobby was adding some serious weight to his lifts on a regular basis. By the time his 17th birthday came along he was benching 180kg for fun, 1 rep maxing at 215kg. It was around this time that Johnny started hitting the roids big time, Bobby wanted a piece of the action too, seeing how well he had trained natural, his brother agreed to let him take them too.

Back to the present day, and this really where the story begins……


So here we have Johnny on the top and Bobby on the bottom…..


It’s 630pm, the two brothers have just finished having there high carb high protein meal, both meals in excess of 5000 cals, both are growing boys!!! Bobby is even more happier tonight as he will be fighting for the first time.

 “ Fuuuck bro can’t wait to fight tonight, I’ve been ready for ages and its finally happening” Bobby say joyfully as they start walking to the underground area. “ I feel sorry for the poor guy who has to take me on bro, what was it, 6 punch bags I’ve destroyed this past few weeks, even made a dent in that steel pillar a few times haha!!”

Johnny looked at his pumped up, juiced up brother and smiled "yes bro, I can't believe how strong you gotten, I must admit I was no where near as strong as you when I was 18, I thought my genetics were awesome , but jeeez yours are on another level" Although he didn’t want to admit it, Johnny was very envious of his little bros superior size and strength gains for his age, at 18 Johnny was a athletic 150lb, at the same age is Bobby is a bulky 200lb.

 Bobby beamed in delight still “ yeah bro what was it I was benching for fun the other day? fuck man, 210 kilo benchpress at 18!!! Im only 30kg behind you, jeez I’ll be surpassing you soon!!!”

“ Yeah that was majorly impressive , 20 reps , damn!! Surpass me, we’ll see  about that soon enough!!!” Johnny replied, sounding confident, but deep down he knew his bro would begin destroying him strength wise very soon.

But in a show of wanting to keep his authority for the time being, he stops, grabs bobby from behind and under the armpits and lifts bobby off the floor, Bobbys bulky weight means that johnny cant hoist him too high but its still a fair few feet of the ground. He squeeze his lats but comes up against the granite hardness of them.

"Fuck my little bro has muscles of steel" Johnny exclaims, “ wow I’m impressed!!”

Bobby chortles, “ hows this for impressive then…..” he begins to flare his lats which breaks his brothers grip instantly, bobby lands on his feet and turns round to face his bro “ did you look this good and feel this strong at 18 bro”

For the first time ever, Johnny was beginning to feel inferior to his much smaller but insanely strong bro. "Well bob, you know what I looked like at 18! 18 yr old me would bet destroyed by you I have no fear in that"

Bobby smiled cockily, “ yeah you got that right bro, would be a much closer match now I reckon!” Without warning he wraps his arms round his brothers waist and lifts him with a little ease off the ground, then puts him down “ 350lb for one!!! I’m one freaky strong 18yr old, no one is gonna beat me are they”

“mmmpphhh....oh....fuuuck....mmmmph”  Johnny trys to wriggle free but he cant shake free of the tremendous power and incredible unstoppable strength of his bro. “ Jeeez bro, where you been hiding that power!!!”

Bobby looks at his bro, “ Well didn’t want to show my bro up to early now do i!!!” he winks dominantly at his bro.

Johnny inwardly gulps hard, what has his bro turned into.

Around 10 mins later they arrive at the venue, an expecting crowd already building, they walk through to the competitiors area. Both of them eye up the other fighters, all huge and built except one guy who was more a athletic build, “ good luck to him huh bro” Johhny says.

" Yeah bro, he definitely wont last long, but holy shit man, some of these guys are mountains, I bet we’d destroy em all though bro haha” Bobby replies.

"Of course bro, no ones beating us, let's go get changed" Johnny says

Once in the changing room they take off their tops and get changed into gym shorts and barefoot.

Johnnys legs were of course huge, but he looked at Bobbys and although smaller they still had some thick thick muscle piled on them.

 “Fuck bro, you even have thick legs now, they look solid as, remember years ago when in the changing room I impressed you by wrapping my thick legs around a chair and crushing it with my legs?" – Johnny looks at a chair in front of them both. "I bet you can't do that."

The skinny athletic guy is a few metres from them, he is staring at them both but more intently at bobby.

Bobby looks at his with a new found dominant look, “ bro I have legs that a full grown man would be proud of, SO bearing that in mind do you think that chair would be a match for me, but I’ll prove it anyway.........!”

Bobby walks to the chair, he gives the watching skinny guy a evil look he shakes visibly, he wraps his  legs round the chair and squeeze, within seconds it shatters into pieces.

 Johnny looks open mouthed "fuck, that shit is sick man, no time at all!” A bulge was beginning to appear in his shorts when mercifully the starter bell rang.

They call the first fighting match, its Bobby versus the skinny athletic guy. Bobby walks uber confidently into the ring, the other guy too but he is looking shit scared after witnessing bobbys strength in the changing area.

The match starts

Bobby confidently walks around the ring eying up his visibly shaken opponent, as bobby gets closer to him, the size difference is clear for all to see, both fighters hands out boxing style, Bobby eggs the skinny guy on to make the first move, he takes the bait, he comes at him with a left hook, bobby easily dodges it and grabs his arm, he easily yank it to the side, CRACK, his shoulder shatters form the force, in the same movement bobby balls up his fist and aims a 25% strength punch to his face, breaking his nose entirely he falls on the floor.

There is a audible gasp from the watching crowd at how ruthless that was, Johnny looks on, face one of joy and thoughts of “fuuuuuuuck!!”

The guy stands up gingerly and scared like hell he bolts towards Bobby and lands a punch in bobbys stomach and one in the face. Bobby don’t even flinch, the skinny guy continues to pound his mid section with punches but non of them coming anywhere near close to hurting Bobby, he’s probably doing more harm to himself.

 Bobby just laughs at him, “ that all you got kid I’m bored “ with one shove of his arm he sends him flying into the fence. Bobby cracks his neck and knuckles and dominantly bounds over to him, fists charged, he then starts an onslaught of his own on the guys abs, using around 65% of his power bobby lay siege, each punch hitting there mark, destroying his abs with every punch, each punch came with a loud cry, left right left right he pounds for a good 2 mins, he steps back , the guy is barely conscious, his stomach is ballooned with bloody welts the size of melons.

The referee takes one look at the skinny guy and instantly call it off the guy is not going to last much longer if it continues, the ref tries to hold bobby off "Ok man you got this match"

Bobby looks at the judge “ get your hands of me “ he gives the death stare the ref backs away, Bobby turns and looks at his bro, he gives him a look that says, “its my time now!!!”

Johnny gulps, wondering what his bro is going to do, looking at him, his big bulky body looking uber solid, ready to destroy again.

Bobby walks over to the puny guy, grabs him by his neck and easily lift him high in the air, he turns in a circle to show everyone, the crowd gasp again at the young hunks power, gurgling, struggling to breath, the skinny guy hangs there. Bobby walks right over to where his brother is’

  “Consider me an alpha now BOY” Bobby raises his other arm to reveal his young teen but masculine, sweaty hairy pits, the aroma oozing out of it fills his bros nostrils, Bobby stuffs the guys head in the deep crevice between his pits and lats and begins lowering his arm over the guys head like a vice starts easily crushing his head, within seconds his head caves in on itself, bobby raises his arm and lets the corpse fall on the floor.


Bobby hits a most muscular pose and growls dominantly in his brothers face.




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Great start for this story. It would be cool if Bobby would outmuscle his brother Johnny soon (including strength and also in the cock department). Keep up with the installments. You are a very talented writer. 

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Sorry for the delay in the 2nd part, sorry its a little short, but planning a longer 3rd part.

Johnny stands there, shocked, open mouthed, slightly turned on but slightly more afraid by his brothers barbaric show of strength.

 “Fucking hell, man! What a show” Johnny blurts out, “It seems terrifying how much bigger and stronger you will become if this is you at 18!!!”

Bobby walks closer to his brother, his big teen muscles glistening with sweat, blood scattered all round his bulky body, his young masculine dominant aroma radiating from him, he gets face to face with Johnny, eyes fixed menacingly on him.

“ You better be afraid bro, im gonna continue to surpass you in size and strength, you know fine well my ability to grow is far more superior to yours, hell by the time I’m 19 in a few month im gonna be bigger and stronger than you and your afraid of what I’ll become , you may rule the roost for now, but watch your BACK!!!”

Bobby balls his fist and aims a solid punch to Johnnys stomach, Johnny collapses to the floor. Bobby chuckles and walks off.

In the nearby crowd one of Johnnys friends and followers was watching on, seeing Bobby bully Johnny, he saw him collapse to the floor, angered as to why his bro would do that to him he picks up a baseball bat and follows Bobby.

Johhny slowly sits up painfully from the force from his bros powerful punch, he notices his mate walk past him, bat in hand heading towards bobby. His mate is a big guy, 6'4" and 280-290 muscled as fuck.

Johnny realises what his mate is going to do "Holy shit, Dave nooooo, that’s a ba………." It was too late, Dave had already struck the thick solid back of Bobby, Johnny opens his eyes and looks in shock as he see’s that the his mate is now holding a BROKEN bat! The hardness of Bobby’s back must of destroyed the bat.

Bobby stops in his tracks he remains unflinched and unscathed, he turns round and sees Dave standing there perplexed at what just happened, he then glances over to Johnny, who is looking rather worried, he then turns his gaze back to Dave.

“ That the best you got Dave!!! Here let me show you how its done!!” Bobby cracks his neck and knuckles, the noise sending a mild shover down both Dave and Johnnys spines.

With one lightning quick swing of his left arm, Bobby lands a devastating left hook to Daves right side of his face close to his forehead, Dave is rendered unconscious instantly such was the power, as he started to collapse, bobby steadied himself and held his arms out wide, hands out flat, palms up. Dave fell into bobbys hands, he tightened his grip on his tshirt and belt and effortlessly hoisted him high above his shoulders, walked over to were Johnny was sat and then proceeded to shoulder press daves 290lb body like it weighed nothing. After repping him 40 times he turns to the side and flings the unconscious Dave against a wall that was 10ft from were he was. A brutal sounding thump could be heard and daves body slumped to the floor.

Johnny looked on in horror as his younger bro displayed yet more signs that his strength is far more superior to his own already.

“ Fuuuuuck bro , what is wrong with you, what have you turned into, im getting scared for you and …” a big gulp “….. me!” Johnny concedes.

Bobby turns back round briefly, looks at his bro like he owns him.

“ I’ve turned into your worst nightmare you pathetic man, as I said earlier you better be scared of me!!! I have NOTHING to be scared about, im the alpha master now BOY, you will do well not to disappoint me, or you’ll end up like dave is going to end up, excuse me!”

Bobby turns back and prowls over to were Dave lay, writhing in pain, the shock of hitting the wall had brought back round. He looks up to see Bobbys bulky pumped teen body looming over him.

“ W w whhattt are yyyouuuuu” he shakily asks.

Bobby leans down and whispers in his ear, “DEATH!!!”

Once again bobby grabs dave and drags him to his feet, he moves behind him and takes hold of him from the back of his tshirt and trousers, he holds him length ways like a battering ram, he lines Daves head up so its directly in front of a enforced steel column.

He swings daves body back and pauses. Then with all his freaky strength he swings dave forward, he lets go and dave goes flying head first into the column. Daves head combusts on contact with the column, the rest of his body crumples to the floor. Blood drips down the column, skull fragments fall to floor, some are wedged into the column such was the force of impact.

Johnny looks on aghast as Bobby strides back over to him, a bulge very prominent now in Johnnys bottoms. Bobby stops in front of him, bounces his bulky sweaty pecs in triumph.

“ So! You either do what I say or what I’ll do to you will make what I’ve just done childs play, understand boy!!!” Bobby looks at his terrified but slightly turned on bro.

Johnny looks up at Bobby and instinctively nods his head.

“ Y yy y es Master, anything!” He stands up and looks at Bobby. “ What would you like me to do!!!”

Bobby looks around at Dave, “ Clean this shit up, im going home to shower. On your way home boy, I want you to go to wallmart and buy food and lots of it and I don’t care if you have to get a cab home, you buy me food to help me grow, you know what I like so do not disappoint!!”

“ Yes master I will do all what you say!!” Johnny replies.

Bobby sets of home , leaving Johnny to clean up Daves battered remains.

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