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bodyswap The Titan and His Apprentice Meet the Apprentice Musketeers


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Chapter Eleven


Porthos shielded himself from the powerful light that had engulfed Henri and as he squinted he felt sure he could see his husband, already a man by anyone's definition, seem to grow even more taller, even more wider and even more powerful than any man alive. Indeed as the glow faded and Porthos's eyes managed to adjust to the gloaming in comparison, a deeper version of the voice he knew well chuckled "You see, mon chere, I was just waiting for the right moment, and what could be better than seeing my husband dreaming of me as the second most powerful man alive!"

"The Ultimate Musketeer?" gasped Porthos, "but he's..."

"A legend, and one that you married without realising, mon chere. After all, don't think I didn't see the way that your eyes darted to these powerful bosoms of mine when we first met, remember, when Milady was caught in the woods with a twisted ankle. Then I could look you right in the eyes when sitting on your horse, but now..." and with that chuckled as he walked over, placed his hands on either side of Porthos and lifted him up adding "Now, I can look you in the face again for the first time in at least five days!"

As Porthos started to pant, Henri chuckled and lowering Porthos to his groin declared "Tear it off with your teeth, mon chere, tear off that loincloth and then savour your desire!"


"Ah, Aramis, is something the matter?"

As Aramis saluted the Captain he said "Sir, I have reason to believe that we have a Cardinal's spy in our midst. A spy who has overcome of the cadets taking the test and worse still, is on the verge of becoming a Musketeer himself!"

"M. Taureau?" asked the Captain and as Aramis nodded, the Captain sighed

"Just as with Henri's Test, remember that brute of a man? That was this man's father. I knew I should have banned his family from ever becoming a cadet again" and with that the Captain looked up and said "Aramis, the last test, the one where they have to find my hat, will be decided by the simple act of whoever brings me back my hat first. I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that he's going to win and yet the rules are quite clear, we cannot interfere"

As Aramis nodded sadly, he suddenly thought of an idea and asked "Captain, we cannot interfere, but could another on our behalf? Someone who could never be traced to us?"

"You know of such a person?" asked the Captain

"Given time, yes!" replied Aramis and with that turned on a louis and left.

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Chapter Twelve

As Aramis dismounted his horse in the Bois de Boulogne outside Paris, he took a deep breath and nodded his approval. He loved the outdoors, the fresh scents of the flowers, the gentle breeze and more importantly of all, the stillness that allowed him to commune with God. As he lay down beside his favourite tree he opened his Bible and read the phrase that he knew would summon Him.

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy" and with that he relaxed and began his meditation closing his eyes and gently falling asleep.


When Aramis opened his eyes, he smiled as he found himself outside an office not unlike the Captain's and nodding to the two heavily built soldiers guarding it declared "I wish to speak to your Captain please?". The two men nodded and opened the doors and as Aramis walked in, he doffed his hat and declared "Greetings, from the representative of His Majesty's Guards, the Musketeers!"

From behind an ornate chair a friendly voice chuckled "Monsieur Aramis, now nice to see you again" and then added "Tell me, monsieur, are you familiar with the term "fellatio" by any chance?"

"I am indeed" replied Aramis, "I believe it has been practiced since ancient times on the islands of the Hellenes and I believe it is still practiced to this day!"

"And would it upset you if you saw it at first hand?"

"Whilst I would not appreciate it happening to me" came the reply, "if I came across two people who were so in love that they were consenting to the act, then I would not disagree with the practice!"

"I'm glad that we are of the same opinion" and with that the chair turned around to reveal the Ultimate Musketeer with Porthos sucking the giant's manhood as if there was no tomorrow and an apologetic "Please excuse my husband, he was rather taken by the offer, now how can I help?"

As Aramis explained the situation, the Ultimate Musketeer leaned back and nodded his understanding saying "You know, it's most useful having two minds in the same body. Here I am, humble Henri de Ceredigion, being in charge whilst old Adam is well..." and with that coughed politely before screaming "YES....YES....YES, MON CHERE, TAKE MY ESSENCE FROM ME!" before continuing "well, you get the idea...but you are right, I remember that man's father very well indeed and if he is stopping my friends from taking their rightful places as Musketeers then I must come to their aid. However, in order to do so, I shall have to break a rather cardinal rule of the universe, assuming that His Eminence will not mind the allusion. Therefore, yes, tell the Captain that I will come and aid them, but will have to act on my own means and therefore..." and with that started to pant gasping "I do...apologise but....I think that Adam is....coming to the end of his tether!"

Aramis nodded his understanding, doffed his hat, turned on a louis and left, the doors closing just as a mighty scream of "WE ARE THE ULTIMATES!" broke Aramis's mediation and as he woke up, he smiled. Everything was now in the most suitable hands in the world.

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Chapter Thirteen

As Porthos lay, semi coconscious in a pool of cum, Henri, still in his Ultimate Musketeer form cut a forlorn figure. It was exactly like the occasion when he took the Test, a great big brute of a man seemed to take great pride in taunting him thoughout and that was discounting the cheating, throwing carrots onto the course of the horse ride, making his pack even heavier during the march, pushing him off the road during the run and even trying to drown him in the Seine. If his son was now following in his father's footsteps, then there was no other choice, he had to help his friends, but how? They were in 1642, he was in 2042 and with that resumed his plodding pondering out how "I cannot break the rules of the universe, can I?"

"Hail, o mightiest of the Titans" moaned Porthos as he seemed to have a lucid moment, "thou are more powerful than all the stars in the sky. If thou is being called then take me with you!" and with that he seemed to collapse. As Henri cradled his husband, an idea popped into his head, a rememberance of when he was first granted the powers that he was exhibiting.

"Remember, mon amis, you can only tell four people your secret!"

"Aramis, one" said Henri, counting on his fingers, "Athos, two, D'Artangan, three" and with that looked at his unconscious husband and smiled "Porthos, four!" and with that gently roused him with a kiss that caused him to moan "But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and the Ultimate Musketeer is the sun!"

"Aye, I am the sun" replied Henri, "but there is another body in the skies that has helped man in his travels. The moon" and as he helped Porthos to his feet added, "I have been summoned to ensure that that most sacred event is not tampered with"

"The Test?" asked Porthos, to which Henri nodded

"Then please, I beg you, take me with you. We have both completed the Test, we know what is asked of us!"

"That is what you are, mon chere, my moon" replied Henri, "but in order to do so, you shall have to adopt a disguise" and with that he unsheathed his sword and raised it in the air and asked a simple question "Mon chere, do you wish to become like me?"

Porthos tore off his loincloth, opened his arms wide and declared "MAKE ME AN INSTRUMENT OF YOUR POWER!"

Henri chuckled and as he invoked the powers that made him, he channelled them into his husband with a roar of "YOU HAVE THE GLORY!"

Porthos's roar was so unearthly as he grew to the same height and stature as his husband that both men succumbed and as Porthos puffed out his now hundred inch chest he declared "LET US SAVE THOSE MEN WHO WOULD FOLLOW US!" and with that Henri held his hand, closed his eyes and announced "We shall!" and with that both men vanished leaving two scorch marks on the floor.

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Chapter Fourteen

Chuckling, the bear of the man picked up the Captain's hat from outside a small house in the heart of the forest and placing it on his head said to himself "And now, the reign of the Cardinal shall go unpunished" and with that started to turn but was stopped by two distinct forms appearing in front of him, both shrouded in so much light that he had to shield his eyes. The two forms resolved and with a crack appeared as flesh and caused the bear to become a different man altogether.

"Mon Dieus" he moaned, slumping to his knees, "pray, my lords, I shall service you until the end of days!"

"Then" boomed the smaller of the two, "give that hat to those who will follow the true words of the lords in front of you!"

"Or would you like us to show you why we are called Mon Dieu?" chuckled the larger and with that took a deep breath and puffed out his chest so much that the bear of a man screamed "OUI" and collapsed to the ground, the hat rolling from his hands.

"Merci, mon amis" smiled Aramis as he left the house and picked up the hat, and as he dusted it down and placed it back on the hook at the end of the house he added "However, there is one more thing you have to do" and with that pointed to the group of men who were running towards them, one of them shouting "Larry, it's me James, please, you must remember me!"

As the two figures smiled at each other, they leapt into the air and landed just inches from Larry who instantly moaned with desire. As the smaller of the two figures nodded, the larger grabbed hold of Larry's head and thrust it onto his manhood and intoned a single word


Larry instantly started sucking and as the other two caught up, James nodded knowingly as Francois pointed and gasped "Who are they?"

"That's Henri" smiled James, pointing to the smaller one who nodded with a smile, "and that's Porthos"

As the larger one nodded he started to pant and with a roar of "YOU HAVE FAILED AGAIN!", Larry was forced off the manhood and covered with cum, his eyes started to change colour. As Larry came to, he looked around and gasped "What? Where? How?"

"Welcome back, mon amis" smiled Aramis and as he wandered up placed the hat on Larry's head and said "You know, I think the Captain is waiting for his hat!"


"“Your Majesty, for a cadet to become a Musketeer, all the witnesses’ present must agree that they believe he would make a Musketeer. The witnesses must agree that the candidate had performed valiantly in the service of this nation, and I for one can certainly agree to that element. Indeed I can make that statement three times over!"

As the Captain smiled having formally proposed that Larry, James and Francois, having all competed the Test as one, be confirmed as Musketeers, high in the gallery of the Palace Aramis and Athos joined Henri and Porthos, still in their Ultimate selves and watched on.

"So" asked Aramis, "how long can you manage to stay that like?"

"Just long enough for our friends to get their wish!" replied Henri, "although it is a strain. After all, the universe hates what we are doing!" and pointed to Porthos gritting his teeth against the strain.

"Ah" smiled Athos, "does that mean that you are planning a surprise?"

"Just a little bit!" replied Henri

As the King stepped down from his throne, the three men, all dressed in Musketeer finery, doffed their hats and dropped to one knee.

"This world is an uncertain realm” the King said, “filled with danger. Honour has been undermined by the pursuit of power. Freedom oppressed by the strong over the weak. But there are those who oppose these forces, who dedicate themselves to truth, honour and freedom. You three have proven that you represent those opponents, therefore arise Laurence, James and Francois, and be declared Musketeers!" and with that the King tapped them on the shoulder with a sword and as they stood up, Henri nodded to Porthos who, breathed out and in doing so, changed back into his normal self and as he did so, Henri whispered "Thy glory has been restored" and as he changed back, on the floor of the Palace, the King and all the guests gasped as the newly created Musketeers seems to be engulfed by darkness, but not before the three, who had nodded to each other, and then to the gallery declared "ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE!" before vanishing and leaving three scorch marks and bewilderment in the Palace.

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Chapter Fifteen

As James, Larry and Francois arrived back in their own time, they let out a cheer of "WE'RE MUSKETEERS!" and with that hit their trademark most muscular poses at each other with Francois noting "What a shame, our uniforms didn't survive the trip!" with Larry chuckling "Well, at least our weapons did!" and started to buck his hips causing his semi hard eleven by eight cock to act like a sword. As they all laughed at the joke, the console chimed and as James investigated he smiled and pulled out a printout

"A message to those noble Musketeers, Laurence, James and Francois, from Henri de Ceredigion dated this day, January 1st 1643" he read, "Mon amis, congratulations on your appointment. You are now,  and for ever will be, Musketeers, no matter what happens to the corps between now and your time. Of course, if there comes a time when the corps is disbanded for any reason, unlikely I know, you have my complete permission to use your position for anything you like"

"Oh, yeah" moaned Larry, "I can see setting myself up an Only Fans account as the Muscular Musketeer!"

"This brings up" continued James, "the question of uniforms. Luckily, I have my own contacts in that department, after all being the Ultimate Musketeer does have its perks. In the next few months, I shall commission ten sets of uniforms for the three of you, each of which is based on your normal every day measurements and then multiplied by however many times you want to grow, in units of ten. Yes, that's right, mon amis, I have commissioned a uniform that will cover every aspect of you even if you grow to be a hundred pied tall, and tell Larry he can stop moaning now" and with that James chuckled as Larry slumped to the ground, rubbing his now hard fourteen by ten cock, "You see, I believe that now you are Musketeers, and with that all machinery you have to hand, you could become a new breed of Musketeers if the corps was ever disbanded. You, appearing at the scene of any incident, wearing the uniforms, uttering that immortal cry and then revealing bodies that could resist cannon will cause any trouble to fade in an instant. Therefore, consider this a gift, from your biggest supporter. Yours, Henri de Ceredigion, (soon to be Captain of the corps)

"Hang on" said Francois, "that letter was written nearly 400 years go, how are we going to get these uniforms?"

James was about to shake his head when a glow started to appear in the garage and rushing to the door, the three men gasped as the entire garage was filled with thirty Musketeer uniforms, precisely as Henri had said in ten sets of sizes from normal to titanic. In the pocket of one of the normal sized ones, James found a hand written note which he read.

"As well as being the Ultimate Musketeer" he read, "I have connections outside those of the corps, including an alchemist friend of mine called Alexei. He is now going to cast his magic, sorry, advanced alchemy, he is a little touchy on the subject, and send these clothes to you in your time. Wear them with pride mon amis. P.S. I have also made some suitably sized loin cloths for you for when you are normal and ten times larger, I felt that loincloths for any larger were unsuitable!"

About ten minutes later, the three friends took a selfie in their uniforms and in doing so launched three new social media feeds. @TheMuscularMusketeers on Twitter, @MuscledMusketeers on Facebook and for those who wanted some nudity with their heroes "Naked Musketeers with Muscle" on OnlyFans and as they wanted the likes and subscriptions pile in, they all smiled, unsheathed their swords, held them aloft and declared, with a slight cheek in their voices "ALL FOR ONE, AND WE CUM FOR ALL!"

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