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bodyswap The Titan and His Apprentice Meet the Apprentice Musketeers


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Chapter One


As Francois, James and Larry all held the pose, the selfie timer clicked and posted the photo of "The Apprentice Musketeers (NFSW)" onto their Only Fans account and as the likes and tips came rolling in, James chuckled saying "And you though me creating a fantasy account combing naked Musketeers wouldn't make any money!"

Larry and Francois laughed as James chuckled "Without it what we are going to do tonight would be impossible. We three are going to travel back to 1642 and become bone fide Musketeers under the tutelage of those brave men we know Henri and Porthos, you never know we might get to meet Aramis and Athos as well, although just so you know Athos is a bear and Aramis is straight as a railroad!"

"Shame" replied Larry, "I'd like to show him my red rose!" and with that pretended to ram Francois who pretended to moan "Hide your thorns for I am lost and forlorn" poking fun at one of Aramis's poems that Henri had told them about. As James set about entering the last of the calculations needed to transport them to 1642, he chuckled "And the best part is, the Terminator movies were right, clothes can survive time travel, so we'll arrive naked as well!"


"Oh, mon chere" moaned Porthos, "the waiting is driving me crazy, I cannot stand it any longer" and with that he dived under Henri's bed, grunted "Lie on it, mon chere" and as Henri did so Porthos raised the whole bed weighing, with his husband on it, some four hundred livres, ten times in a row, holding it at the top of the lift and allowing Henri to note "Mmm, there appears to be something eating the wood in the ceiling, best let the Captain now about that soon!"

As Porthos lowered the bed for the tenth time, he suddenly yelped and rolled out stating "That metal ball at the end made me yelp!"

"Ah" smiled Henri, as his hair started to stand on end, "I think our guests are arriving" and sure enough a large ball object arrived in front of them that slowly dissipated to reveal James, Larry and Francois, all completely naked and thanks to their incredible machine, now in 1642 and even more muscular than they were. As the three slowly stood up they all flexed their muscles and caused Porthos to moan "Oh,  mon dieu, muscles!" and he instantly prostrated himself and cried "My lords, I am not worthy of your presence!"

"Yeah!" moaned Francois, hitting a side chest, "You love us this big don't you? Yeah, between us we have a combined mass of 650lbs of lean, powerful, masculine muscle!"

"And we are going to use every single bit of it" added Larry, flexing his glutes

"Indeed" smiled James, making his quads bulge, "by the end of this week we are going to be Musketeers" and as he relaxed panted "Are our applications in order?"

Henri nodded as he handed a parchment over and added "Nothing, bar your deaths, can prevent you taking the..."

Henri's sudden stop caused Porthos to look up and as he did he asked "Are you alright?"

"Mon chere?" asked Henri, a note of concern in his voice, "Is it me or are my feet disappearing?"

"Your feet?" exclaimed James and as he looked down he gasped "No...oh, no, please...Henri, how much you do weigh?"

"275 livres, why do you ask?"

"And Porthos?"

"375 livres" he grunted, thumping his chest, "375 livres of solid man!"

"Six hundred and fifty" stammered James and then and then added "No, this wasn't meant to happen!"

"What wasn't meant to happen?" asked Henri, his knees now joining his feet in disappearing

"The universe hates things changing" explained James, "so when we moved ourselves from 2042 to 1642, that meant that our time was 650lbs lighter and your time was 650lbs heavier, so the universe is compensating by taking 650lbs from 1642 and putting it into 2042, but it was supposed to do so by taking that fatso you told me about recently"

"Oh, you mean the brother of the Earl of Exeter?" replied Henri, now vanished up to his waist, "he died last week!" and then suddenly started to grunt in pain. However as Porthos went to help him, he found himself rooted to the spot and his feet disappearing too.

"Please, mon amis" wailed James, "you're our mass substitutes, please believe me, I didn't want this to happen!"

"You are forgiven, mon amis" replied Porthos as the two men screamed in agony as they completely vanished with a bang leaving two scorch marks on the floor. As Larry, James and Francois looked at each other James whimpered "The Test starts tomorrow, and we have no coaches"



Mass substitution is an integral process in making a time jump in the Marvel UK comics. In order to maintain the mass balance of the universe a time traveller must displace an equal mass from the time zone they are entering. (Source: Transformers Comics 1987)


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Chapter Two

"Oh, mon dieu" groaned Henri as he started to come around, "Captain, I wish to report that I was involved in a collision with something so massive that I am at a loss to remember what it was!"

"If so, mon chere" groaned Porthos, "then I was in collision with it as well!"

As the two men slowly opened their eyes and stopped their surroundings spinning Henri was the first to confirm what James had said and as he clambered to his feet he said "Mon chere, welcome to the future!" and gestured around him. As Porthos got to his feet, he took in the surroundings and then asked a question that Henri found odd.

"Are we...Have we...oh, mon chere, can we?"

"Pardon?" asked Henri, surprised at Porthos's reaction

"Are we in the home of our friends from the future? Have we travelled to 2042 as James said? Can we use his magical machine to become...gods?" and with that Porthos moaned

"Yes, Yes and I cannot see any reason why not!" smiled Henri, "although I will have to read the instructions first!"


"So, let me see if I have this straight? We are here in 1642, on the verge of becoming Musketeers, and our guides vanished because you didn't keep up with the news?"

As James nodded, Larry stamped the ground in frustration and roared "But I was going to wrestle Henri until we came!"

"Mon amis" replied Francois, "it is true that I was looking forward to testing my strength against my ancestor, pushing us both until we couldn't handle it any more and let our essences explode, but you cannot lay the blame on your friend. He wasn't to know that the man he had chosen to be our replacement had died!"

"Francois is right" replied James, "besides we have been in stickier situations before" and with that unfurled the parchment and read "This is the record of Captain Treville, Captain of His Majesty's Guards, and states that M. de Ceredigion and M. de Porthau have nominated the three men known as Larry, James and Francois to undertake the Test!"

"The Test?" exclaimed Francois, "we're going to do the Test?"

"What's the Test?" asked Larry.

As Francois gestured his friends to sit down he said "The Test is a legend in the history of France. It was a series of five challenges held over five days that tested the cadets in the Musketeer corps to the limits of their endurance. First is a fifty mile horse ride, on a horse that you have never seen before. Next is a forty mile run, then a thirty mile pack march in full kit with a sack of rocks on your back, followed by a ten mile swim in the Seine against the current and finally a night time mission in the Bois de Boulogne!"

"Child's Play" said Larry, "why I can ride a horse, I love running and marching, and as for swimming, how do you think I got this ripped?"

Francois shook his head and said "The Test is not to be dismissed, mon amis, for there is an extra challenge. The person who wins each challenge sets a countdown clock going, a clock that stops after an extra percent of time has elapsed. Everyone who fails to make it back before that time has elapsed is eliminated and is barred from the corps for the next five years. That's how gruelling it can be!"

"Big deal!" scoffed Larry, but James, having had a look through Henri's library and found Henri's autobiography was about to make Larry eat those words

"Challenge One" he read, "Equine Skills: Course completed in 4 hours and 20 minutes, Challenge Two: Course completed in 3 hours and 45 minutes, Challenge Three: Course Completed in 5 hours 10 minutes, Challenge Four: Seine swum in 2 hours and 20 minutes" and with that he closed the book saying "In other words, we would have to complete the course as the winner in each challenge or face having to complete the first course at an average speed of 10 mph, the second course at 11 mph, the third course at 6 mph and the final course at 4 mph. That's faster than every single Olympic champion at the Games just two years ago!"

As the three men looked at each other, Larry declared "We're Musketeers in spirit, and soon we will be Musketeers in deed!"

However, outside the house, a pair of beady eyes was watching and under the cover of the night fled.

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Chapter Three

"Enter" coughed a voice as the door entered to the Cardinal's office and as the entrant bowed deeply he declared "Your Eminence, my life is at thy command" and begged permission to kiss the ring on the Cardinal's finger. As permission was given, the hand slipped but the entrant caught it and as he kissed the ring he said "Your Eminence, are you long for this world?"

Cardinal Richelieu was a shadow of his former self. Gone was the man who only had to whisper a man's name and that man would disappear without a trace but now, lying in his bed looking paler than it should be possible for a man to be he shook his head and answered "I can feel my spirit going to the Lord!"

As the entrant prayed for the Cardinal's soul, he added "This is why I came to serve you, Your Eminence, in order to atone for my father's unjustified death at the hands of the Musketeers. The first Count Rochefort was a man who would die for you, and whilst in his last he never betrayed any of your secrets, his death was uncalled for, that is why myself, as his first born, have sworn revenge on the corps"

The Cardinal smiled and said "My dear Jean, your service to me is..." and with that he coughed, blood covering his nightshirt. As Jean nodded he stood up and said "By the end of this week, the Musketeers will be no more. if the Lord calls you before that week is up, then know this, I shall dedicate their destruction in your name!" and with that he bowed and took his leave. As he closed the door, he leaned against it, crossed himself and whispered a prayer that the Cardinal would not die this week.


"Oui, mon chere, oui, do it. Make me a giant!"

As Henri attached the last of the restraints, Porthos's moans became more and more sexualised and as Henri stepped back, Porthos moaned "Oh, oui, mon chere, this reminds me of when I was chained and forced to resist the torturers of the south of Spain. Chained, naked, as I am now, water that was as cold as it could be in the dead of winter thrown all over me, icicles forming all over my body, my teeth chattering, my proud manhood unable to become hard once and yet, I never said a word save my name, position and that I would never speak!"

As Henri smiled he said "Well, give us a few moments and no one would ever want to torture you again" and added with a chuckle "Except me, but only if you wanted me to!"

"Aye" moaned Porthos, "you have permission to hurt me, mon chere, but not until I am a giant!"

"And how tall would you like the gigantic Titan to be?" asked Henri as he approached the console

"Taller, taller than any man alive!" came the moaned reply

"Well" smiled Henri, adjusting a dial, "where we come from the tallest man measures 66 pouce but I think that's a bit small for you, so let's see what the future holds shall we?" and with that turned the pages of a book he had found called "The Height of Modernity" and as he thumbed through the pages he asked "Does 84 pouce take your fancy, that's the height of a soldier during a Great War in the 1930's?"

"Taller" moaned Porthos

"90 pouce, a man who claimed to be the tallest man in England"

"Taller!" grunted Porthos, pulling on the restraints

"96 pouce, the height recorded of Anton de Franckenpoint, a member of the guard based in the Holy Roman Empire?"

"TALLER" roared Porthos, his manhood starting to harden

"102 pouce, from a man in the eastern parts of Europe who had a medical..."

"TALLER! MAKE ME TALLER THAN ANY MAN ALIVE!" came the also ranting scream

"Well" chuckled Henri, "why didn't you say so?" and with that twisted the dial and declared "120 pouce, a full twelve pouce taller than Goliath, remember him?"

"MAKE ME THE NEW GOLIATH!" screamed Porthos as Henri pulled the lever.

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Chapter Four

"Mon dieu" declared Aramis as he cast his eyes among the gathered cadets at the start of the horse race the following day, "I knew we had a lot of people putting their names down, but never this many!"

"Aye" nodded Athos, "I can already see at least forty of them not even making it to the swim on Thursday!"

"A wager, mon amis?" chuckled Aramis, but Athos declined saying "By the way, where are Henri and Porthos? I thought they would want to see this?"

"On a mission" replied Aramis, unrolling a parchment, "although I will admit the circumstances by which I found out was rather odd. I was just about to go to bed last night when there was a knock at my door. I opened it and I found this parchment but no messenger delivering it!"

"Ah" nodded Athos, "one of their secret missions then!"

"Indeed" replied Aramis and summarised the parchment as "It appears they are looking for the location of something called "Le Pouvoir Musculaire" said to be found in Normandy. They believe they will be gone for about a week or so!"

"Shame" replied Athos, "their insight into who will do the best is always interesting. Remember last year they both correctly guessed the winner in every part!"

"Yes" chuckled Aramis, "and drained us all of our weekly wages!" adding "Perhaps it is a good thing they are looking for "Le Pouvoir Musculaire" instead" and then wondered "But what is it?"


"IT IS THE UNBRIDLED POWER OF A TITANIC GIANT OF A MAN!" roared Porthos as Henri switched the machine off and Porthos broke free, his body covered in sweat and heaving as he staggered forwards.

As Henri nodded in agreement he said "Indeed, I believe that is an apt description of what it feels like to be so tall, strong and powerful" and with that pulled a tape measure out of his pocket and said "Shall we confirm that?"

Porthos lay on the floor and as Henri suspected, his tape measure wasn't enough. Indeed he had to measure Porthos in three separate stages to get the final tally of "One hundred and twenty six pouce, mon chere, ten and a half pied. Guess that final demonstration of masculinity added a bit?" and chuckled as he recalled Porthos cumming like a madman. As he helped the giant up, he gestured Porthos towards a set of scales and as Porthos stepped on, Henri hid the display from Porthos and said "Guess, mon chere!"

"Seven and a half quintals"

"Not bad" chuckled Henri as he removed his hand to reveal "Just a smidge over nine quintals!"

"Measure me!" came the moaned reply, "Measure every single part of me and tell me, so that I may challenge myself against the man that I am!"

"But of course, mon chere" replied Henri and measuring Porthos, declared each measure in his loudest voice

"Your chest measures a hundred and eighty pouce!"


"Your waist measures ninety pouce"

"More, mon chere!"

"As an average your upper arms measure seventy two pouce!"

"Oui, mon chere, challenge me!"

"Your forearms, as an average, measure fifty four pouce!"

"More" panted Porthos, as his manhood started to grow

"Your upper legs, as an average, measure ninety pouce!"

"Please, mon chere" panted Porthos, "challenge me!"

"Your lower legs, as an average, measure seventy two pouce!"

"Mon...chere....I....cannot....hold...it....please...I....beg...you!" grunted Porthos as his manhood reached its maximum

"And finally, but by no means least, the organ that makes every man a man measures..."

"Mon...chere!" came the moaned pleading

"Fifty pouce by twenty five pouce" and with that Henri stepped back and announced "Which makes you...!"

"MON DIEU!" roared Porthos as he came sending streams of cum all the way to the far end of the lab some twenty feet away. As Porthos orgasmed and slumped to the group, Henri peered around him and asked "You wouldn't like to do that in battle would you? Be a lot less messier than cannon!"

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