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Quality & Quantity

By: LionBUff


(part one)

Duncan Heftfield walked into the fancy-looking science building through the glass double doors. The doors were labeled with a white decal that read "Seed Studies." He walked in wearing denim jeans that fit but still displayed his strong stiff body and a casual short-sleeve button-up shirt with shadows along his chest and one down the center of his stomach. His cowboy boots suggested that he wanted to show off his cowboy side while still looking nice.

Duncan was told not to release any sperm for the past week for the study of his seed he scheduled. He wanted to get his official breeding license to become a professional horse breeder. He wanted a license to prove he would keep his horse farm full of foals. This was a little more than obvious in the bulge that waved as if it were a boulder behind his zipper. He checked in as if it were another doctor's office, waited, and eventually walked back to meet the sperm specialist. The room he was taken too looked like any other doctor's office except that it had more than one poster of the male organ. As Duncan stared at these maps of the male body, a slim male human walked in with the standard doctor's outfit and clipboard.

"Duncan Heftfield, I am Dr. Sporos," the young 26-year-old human told him. He took a quick peek at his clipboard and said "so... you're a 3,000 pound Clydesdale bodybuilder. That alone makes you sound like a god of mating, to be honest," Dr. Sporos said growing a blushing tint on his cheeks. Duncan laughed quietly thinking Dr. Sporos' reaction was adorable and flattering.

"The mares always say the same," Duncan pointed out arrogantly. Dr. Sporos looked at Duncan and said he would be surprised to hear otherwise. Dr. Sporos looked down at the bulge in Duncan's jeans to inspect his size and was frozen with lust and amazement to see just how big the lump was under his zipper. Duncan flexed his meat as soon as Dr. Sporos looked down. The golden zipper line seemed to crack a smile at Dr. Sporos, the zip itself jingled as if it were talking.

"Anyways," Dr. Sporos said regaining his focus, "you've excelled at all our previous tests. You can shoot your seed at almost twice the distance of the average horse, your cock is more than heavy enough to get the mare to ovulate, the only thing we need to test now before you get your breeding license is the volume and quality. We need to know how much sperm is in your seamen and we need to know how much seamen you can produce in general. Basically, you need to demonstrate the Quality and Quantity of your seed."

"Sounds fun," Duncan said smiling. His bulge turned into what looked like a small head breaking free from his jeans. Dr. Sporos noticed the bulge growing and said;

"First, I need to check that you're physically healthy for the test. But honestly, I think you're ready!" Duncan stood up and stripped down. Dr. Sporos secretly wished Duncan was a little more dramatic with his undressing as he fantasized Duncan on a pole in a cheetah pattern jockstrap.

"Take your time, I don't mind," Duncan said trying to make Dr. Sporos feel more relaxed. For ten minutes, Dr. Sporos' hands squeezed Duncan's heavy sperm sack like he was tenderizing it. He rolled his fingers around each testicle carefully, each individual musky orb was bigger than both Dr. Sporos' fist combined. He squeezed the scrotum the sack hung from as if he were milking an utter. Dr. Sporos felt how pent up Duncan's balls were. The heavy and slimy load slapping against the walls of his testicles felt like a bag of warm slime. Duncan grinned at how carefully the doctor under his cock was examining him.

Duncan was half-hard when the doctor reached his cock. Like his sperm sack, the doctor squeezed his thick shaft as if he were milking it. Each inch of the 20-inch veiny pipe was squeezed carefully. After Dr. Sporos confirmed what was already obvious from Duncan's bulge alone he gave himself time to calm his meat down then put his coverings back on to be taken to the lab. It wasn't long before Duncan was in the "Seed Study" lab. This lab wasn't like anything Duncan had imagined, it was instead nothing short of a wet dream of a room. There was a heated seat on one end with a tv on the other end. in the middle was the machine that would extract his seed, a tube with a pipe held up by an industrial tripod with a clear tube on the end closest to the tv that attached to a bucket on the ground.

"The bucket is about the size of a mare's womb, it tells us how full your partners will be," Dr. Sporos told him through a speaker on the ceiling. "Any questions?"

Duncan looked at the black reflective tv screen and asked: "what's that supposed to do?" Dr. Sporos laughed and said;

"Motivate you. When you're ready the tv will turn on and from there it's self-explanatory."

"Got it," Duncan responded.

"Ready?" Dr. Sporos asked in a slow and deep voice. Duncan unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. The sound of him stripping down in that small room echoed loud enough for Dr. Sporos to hear it over the mic. Dr. Sporos blushed to this sound and did his best to stay professional. "If anything goes wrong just yell, I'm going to be listening the whole time for safety reasons. Is that ok?"

"Yeah it's fine," Duncan said dropping his pants. Duncan grabbed the bottom of his shirt and guided the fabric around his muscles. Duncan threw his shirt on the ground beside the stand and walked around the machine with nothing on. His heavy, full, musky balls swung around freely as he walked around. He wanted to see every last inch of this breeding machine before he made a mess out of it. He had used almost as many breeding mounts and cum collectors as actual mates but this one looked much nicer. He hadn't even heard of a bucket designed to hold the same volume as a mare's womb but there it was. Duncan remembers the size of every mare he's been with. Each time he finished their stomach was always noticeably inflated, shrunk back down as the mare absorbed all his seed, then grew to be only slightly bigger the day the foals were born. He wondered if the bucket could handle his load. Duncan knew there was only one way to figure that out as he inserted himself into the machine. His mushroom tip was a fraction of an inch away from the tip connecting to the bucket.

His cock pushing against the tube turned the tv on in front of him. A logo popped up that read "The Best of Breeding." The top of the logo had a "stream of cum" that splashed out of the "hole" the cock was in and filled the screen with solid white before fading into black and revealing a menu screen.



A logo popped up that read "The Best of Breeding."

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13 hours ago, demowolf said:

Cant wait for part two

Quality & Quantity (PART TWO)


By: LionBUff




The menu screen had a grid of every animal larger than a full-grown mini-horse breeding at every possible angle that showed their genitals. On the top, it showed a line of words that displayed types of sexual interactions such as "solo, duo," and "orgy." On the right side, there was a column that let you select the type of productions like "animation 2D, animation 3D, at-home," and "in-studio." Under that were two bars where you would select the specie(s) you wanted in the video. Below that was a list of interest like "big parts" or "internal view" or any other kink you could think of. On the bottom of the column were the selections "gay, straight," and "mixed/other." 

Duncan was a competitive male when it came to mating and wanted to see what other studs' ejaculations looked like. "How do I chose what I want," he asked out loud.

"Use your voice and tell it what you want," The speaker told him. He chose a gay orgy of horses and was greeted to a grid of videos of groups of male horses. The videos were numbered in order of how they appeared with a bar of text across the screen that read "say the number you want to watch, say down or up if you want to scroll." Each thumbnail showed a group of at least 5 male horses all naked in different positions and scenarios. Most thumbnails showed a group of horses around one male horse each spraying cum onto the center horse as if they were peeing white pee. In most of these, the cum wall was so thick that you couldn't see most of the center horse's face if you could see it at all. 

One video towards the bottom numbered 25 showed a wall with a line of 15 glory holes attached to clear tubes with clear buckets on the bottom. Every hole had a horse cock sticking out. Duncan felt his cock burst out of his pelvis like his shaft was an arm reaching out to select the wall of glory holes. He told the tv he wanted to see 25 and a small loading screen with animated cum dripping down a cock played.

The video started with a camera sitting on a tilted tripod next to the wall up high to show all 15 cocks from the side. Each cock was pounding up and down in the tube with the energy of a flag in a hurricane. 

The horse cocks started moving in and out, slowly at first. Duncan felt like he had to compete with the cocks on screen and started thrusting into the breeding mount. The holes the cocks were rubbing against made slimy squishing noises. The sound of the cocks rubbing against the holes reminded Duncan of his own cock pushing a mate's hole open into a gaping flesh tunnel. He could see his countless mates forcing their legs to open wider than they should to make room for his shaft. He could hear their organs pushing into each other. He could hear the mates saying they couldn't feel their legs as soon as his head was fully inside them.

A camera sitting on a tripod looked down on one of the tubes up close. The veins wrapping the cock were flexing visibly. Blood was throbbing into this cock so hard that the camera could see his veins breathing. 

Duncan pictured the tube being his ass and imagines the monster of a penis punching his insides. The throbbing must feel like a vibrating arm reaching for his guts. The hole in the shaft started oozing white liquid. The thrusting motion spread the pre-cum around the tube and seemed to create a faint white coat along the bottom of the tube. Duncan felt a few splashes of pre coming out but he wanted to outlast all the other horses. He didn't want any cum to come out of his cock until all 15 cocks on the screen had cum. 

The video cut to a view of the other side of the wall. The camera was zoomed in on a horse's ass bouncing as the horse thrusted into the glory hole. The horse moaned quietly with a deep growl. The camera only showed his rear but Duncan could tell he was more than muscular. His glutes bulged from his legs with an impressive round tower of muscle on each side. The shadows leading into his hole made the valley between his muscles look deep enough to hide an entire bottle in his ass without him ever shoving it up his body. Duncan imagined himself breeding the horse's hole and thought about the muscles on his ass clenching his meat. Muscles like those could squeeze his sperm right out of him. Duncan almost squirted a little precum again but was able to fight it off and push his load back down.

Next, the video cut to a view of a different horse and his balls swinging from his body. The testicles scared Duncan... they were huge! Even for a horse, these balls were way bigger than they should be. They looked like two cow utters smoothed down and stuffed inside a hairy potato sack. This stallion could grow his own foals inside of his balls... and no one would notice a baby growing inside his sack. This horse looked so fertile and ready to breed that he could almost impregnate himself. His fruitful lump of flesh nearly swung right into the camera with every thrust. Duncan wanted to sleep with this stallion and curl up with his balls as his pillow. He would rest his head on his right melon and wrap his arm around the left testicle for warmth. He would use his free arm to rub and squeeze the middle of his sack until he fell asleep... the horse probably wouldn't even feel his hand rubbing his sack. Duncan's sperm swam faster around his balls as he watched the other stud's heavy sack get milked by the glory hole. 

The camera cut back to the first view of all 15 horse cocks thrusting into the tubes. several cocks were starting to squirt loads of pre. Duncan watched random squirts of cum jump out randomly across the entire line of cocks. Soft splashing sounds drowned out the slimy slapping sounds as more and more sperm swam out of each cock. The small squirts were turning into significant streams. Duncan lost control of his hormones and hammered his body into the breeding mount so quickly that it sounded like a drummer in a rock concert. The rhythm of his thrusting was too fast and intense for Duncan to tell one thrust from the others. 

"FLOOD MY BODY WITH YOUR BABIES" echoed in his mind as his body prepared to empty his balls all at once. He was so eager to mate like the oversized stallion he was that his body didn't waste time with any pre-cum. His sperm tickled the walls of his sack as if they were desperately looking for something to fertilize. His balls pushed themselves into his body. The jumped up and squeezed themselves dry with a stabbing cramp. 

One endless river of sperm burst from his shaft with enough violent force to make Duncan almost fall. His balls squeezed him dry like his cock was puking the seed out. The thick waterfall of sperm dumped cup after cup into the bucket on the floor. The depth of the pure horse seamen in the bucket rose rapidly. The bucket soon turned into a small bathtub of hot white slimy cum. Duncan moaned and screamed. His eruption of sperm made him feel like a fire hydrant. He grabbed the end of the breeding mount and pulled
it into his crotch. He wanted this machine to milk out every last sperm cell gushing from his cock. 


(to be continued...)


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