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6 hours ago, Freaker2 said:

Absolutely redundant. It all assumes I know where I SHOULD post a story. And why. 

Posting here or in the blogs section is PERFECTLY correct.   Both are available to all members.

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Not a Dream

I feel groggy. Was I dreaming? My eyes are blinking. It must be dark. No. Not completely. There's some light. It's all a blur. But I can feel my skin. Cool air is caressing me. I'm naked? No. I can feel socks on my feet. But that's it. I must be naked. And I have a hard-on. There's no doubt about that. So hard it mildly hurts. No. I remember it was already dark. And I feel so comfortable it's like I'm floating. 

But now I'm being compressed. It's like I'm wrapped in a warm lumpy mattress. It's folding around me.  

Suddenly a hot solid thing is trying to push its way into my mouth. It just slides in. But I'm not worried. No fear of gagging. Instead, I feel good about it. It feels friendly and determined. It starts massaging my mouth with more than a hint that it's exploring. Yet my instincts assure me it's more than just a friend. No. More than a friend. It's a protector. And it's moving around my mouth like it's as confident as a barrel-chested muscle man   boasting by proudly posing. It wants to be my friend. Yes, it is exploring me! My teeth. My gums. My palate. Now my tongue. It's not trying to dominate. No. It's like a friendly puppy wanting to play. Some puppy!

As it persists I discover it has a pleasant taste. Almost sweet, as it applies suction, and plays with my eager mouth and lips. Suddenly my tongue gets sucked from my mouth! Pulled into another place. A place that's somewhat hotter. A place filled with hard surfaces in a row. Everywhere else is slippery and fresh. No. Refreshing. Softness and sweetness fills the void. Until something hard bites my tongue. Before there's any harm my mouth is again filled by the hot same firm, determined, thrusting, probing wondrously masculine THING. Yes, I'm loving the attention. I think I'm being adored. But then it reaches deeper into my mouth. As if my mouth is the entrance to my deeper desires. It wants to find my most inner secrets, as it caresses the roof of my mouth. 

Then dives down under my tong, and the tip of the THING tickles the underside of my tongue. Then lifts my tongue. It wants to wrestle? Yes and no. It's also reaching in to say, “Wake up! Let's play and even dance”. Then I hear and feel a warm powerful vibration. It's the sound of a very big man with a very big barrel chest. He's groaning mouth to mouth - with me! He's “oomphing” and “groaning”. It fills my head with sound and vibration. The most erotic sound I've ever heard or felt. It's so intense the fog in my mind instantly blows away, as I discover I'm staring into softly illuminated eyes half staring back, half rolling back into their sockets. Now I remember. 

I was dreaming.....No....I wasn't dreaming. This is real. I'm with 86. He's kissing and cradling me in his arms. I have a Fort-M membership number. I'm ...117....and I fainted after becoming totally captivated by everything about him. He's now groaning, and his huge chest is vibrating powerfully against my chest. And I realise the more he lashes my mouth with his powerful tongue the louder he groans. And I've never felt so erotically stimulated by a man groaning. It penetrates through his muscular Pecs directly into me. It even vibrate my whole body to the tips of my toes. I can equally hear and feel his erotic vibrations. And I realise as much as 86 is kissing me to wake me, he's also in lust. And when my eyes fully focus, his masculine thick eyelashes highlight his blinking blue and white eyes as he sucks my mouth with his ever so firm manly hot lips. 

It triggers in me a surging need to muster all my power to fight his fire with my unleashed burning desire. I suck back. I wrestle his tongue and into submission. To my surprise I'm winning! It makes my heart pound. Then his kiss becomes a long lasting sweet embrace. It feels like a never ending kiss – giving my whole body and mind time to switch attention between his kissing, and his fabulous musculature – as I'm being so erotically compressed. And it's 86's massive powerful irresistible huge arms flexing and doing all the compressing.  

Time to recall my experience kissing muscular men, I can tell his “kind” of assertive kiss. It only comes from muscular shredded bodybuilders. Like I recall the Mr. Olympia I once spent a night with. We fucked almost endlessly. Penetrating and being penetrated! Then there were another 12 Mr. Olympia runners-up I've met and, well, at least  kissed them. But oh my muscle-god. 86 has the kind of self-confidence only a superbly massive, handsome, tight bodybuilder can deliver and sustain? And 86 is way better than any Mr. Olympia. His kiss comes with a self confidence only a large mirror can confirm and lock in as a self image. And only a man who has a musculature worthy of a large mirror – with sufficient quantities of muscle, the muscle-tone, the thickness, and 86's proportions and symmetry can approach a large mirror, pose and flex with utmost confidence. Only when a man's musculature has developed and accumulated to the Mr. Olympia standard and beyond, and sporting a most irresistible self-confidence-BOOSTING erection, which is, when it reaches beyond 10 inches, does the self confidence truly get locked in.

Yes, 86's kiss has confidence. I can feel it in his lips. I can feel it in his hot tongue. Especially in its determination and execution. I can tell he's allowing us to be a single entity as our tongues entwine. It's his abundant self confidence. And I discover 86 is smiling when he withdraws his tongue and I feel a flush of emptiness, and a little dazed. But 86 knows how to recover my happiness. He puts me down. He hits a double biceps! And he's nothing but the most fabulous muscle man when he presents me with an articulated wall of magnificent smooth, and striated muscle. He simply bedazzles me with his heart-pounding proud boastful display. It's a combination of beautiful massive muscle and mind-bending handsomeness. His lustfulness reflects in his youthful yet mature and commanding manly face. And everything rushes back to normal in the sense that I stop feeling empty. 

I now know with absolute certainty he will kiss me again, and I will enjoy another of his superb embraces. And then he asks, “What do you think”, as he starts to stare at his equally huge arms. “Oh my Muscle-god, your arms are super natural, and beautiful. And your forearms! I think they, and you, are so beautiful I'm gonna faint again - soon”. 

“Thanks. I take that as a compliment. And I think so too” he says with a wink. He looks at his flexed biceps like they are a great source of pride and power. Then quickly kisses the middle of one of his biceps. He kisses it where it bulges sideways as if weighed down by the mass of muscle above. And when he flexes harder his amazing peaks pop up another 2 inches. Then he renews the kiss by kissing his Biceps' peaks and groans, “Oh yeah, I love my biceps”. Then he takes his lips back to the middle of the middle and quickly kisses them again before he turns and says, “Kiss me quick”.

That's exactly what I do. But I have to rise up on my toes. He lowers his head so our lips can meet. And they meet  about in the middle of his protruding Pecs. Because they protrude so far forward. And it's as if they're determined to keep our mouths apart. 

“Will we do this all the time in Fort-M”, I ask?

“I think we might”, he replies, adding, “Unless you're too busy kissing all the huge he-men”, and he lowers his arms and puffs out his chest. Fucking magnificent! Adding a little theatricality to his puffing, before turning around and hitting me with a super spreading rear Lats' spread. I'm staggered, and he throws in an amazing Arse flex. Fuck, what an arse it is. He has obviously gone to a lot of effort to develop a truly magnificent arse. And I can picture his arse pumping out a huge number of deep squats with a massive weight on his thick broad shoulders. Truly it is for me the arse of arses. It is possibly a perfect butterfly arse. And so big compared to his scarily narrow waist. 

Then 86 gives his right massive upper Arse a good slap. His outstretched palms make sharp loud cracking sounds that only a truly solid arse can make. After slapping them twice he gives his arse a rub and squeeze before placing his hands almost all the way around his tiny waist so he can hit an amazing Lats' spread. “Now it's your turn to slap my arse. And tell me how much you like my Arse. I know you want to. Come on. Show me what you're thinking. Then I want you to feel absolutely free to give all of my hard muscles a good inspection. And remember, there's more of this where we're going”. 

So I slap his right Arse, and start rubbing my other palm up and down his rock-hard corrugated Abs - taking the time to press my cheek into his massive Triceps for support. I give his Triceps a good suck and feel myself falling deeply deeply in love with 86.  Even in love with his smell. But of course 86's Triceps are so in my face they're unavoidable. But I need to feel and explore his hot hard arse. And the superb stack of bricks he has for Abs too. He's so in my face when he turns, and slowly hits a right Biceps flex. Facing me he says, “27 inches. And yes! We do this all the time at Fort-M.....But don't think about Fort-M too much right now. Just concentrate on my muscles, and show me your muscles. 50 years old hey? I like what I see already. Now, hit a double biceps for us both. Not just me. Let me see on the outside what it feels like to you in your inside. You haven't been invited to join Fort-M at random. But then I guess you know that”. I smile and nod, and he slaps my Deltoids. I instinctively flex back, and get stunned by his interest in my measly muscles. Then it's like a switch in my brain has been thrown. 

I feel incredibly free. Free to do whatever I want. Which is to hit a double biceps, and I'm overwhelmed by a powerful sense of having found my perfect sanctuary. The place to commune. Where I can grow my muscles with freedom and overt pride. I not only feel free, I almost feel unjudgeable. So my imperfections and age-related shortcomings evaporate as he beams back his approving smile. My 18” arms, which I flex more proudly than ever clearly please him. So I display myself unabashed for us both to enjoy, and I'm loving this classic pose. A pose I hit many times in private in front of a mirror just to admire my muscular development. My progress. So I'm loving this sense of freedom. Even hesitation has been banished from my mind. And I see we are both equally enjoying my arm's muscle mass as he nods approval.

So I turn to my right biceps and kiss it. I kiss them with (what is to me) is a very familiar self-satisfying auto erotic kiss, and a good solid satisfying suck. But I need to stop so I can reach up and grab him by his super wide Lats. They  are dominating my view. But so does his face. And his Deltoids as he stands there with his arms now relaxed half up, half forward looking like a bodybuilder on stage, facing me, and only me, like he's on stage in a bodybuilding competition. And when his teeth gleam a smile I can't believe is real, let alone get used to him flexing his torso his  Lats grow wider and wider, and I start to cry. 

“I can't believe Fort-M exists. And my good fortune”. Even as part of me says this is all just my over active imagination, and another part says I'm going to be as huge as 86. Perhaps sooner than I can imagine. And as magnificent as 86 is, maybe I ain't seen nothing yet. And what does Fort-M's number 1 look like? As I pat his super-wide Lats firmly, and kiss his protruding hard Pecs that somehow keep getting in the way of my lips, I start to pat his Lats harder. And I kiss his Pecs harder. And then I such loud and pop my lips all over his firm smooth Pecs. 

Amazingly I'm unable to make his body move. Not even tilt an inch as I man-handle him with a powerful sense of abandonment. The only thing that changes is his smile. His body is like a statue weighing over a tonne. So dense. So heavy. So heart-poundingly magnificent and so beautiful. And I start to laugh as I also cry. Tears running down my cheeks. Laughing and giggling like a girl. And then I realise I'm not patting his Lats hard enough. So I make 2 fists and start thumping and pounding 86's Lats. And he just starts laughing, though in a deeper tone of laugh and says, “I like that”. 

So I do it some more. Then I grab hold and JIGGLE his Lats. Or try to. As well as back and forth. Up and down. And I   start to cry almost uncontrollably. And they only way to cope is to wrap my arms around his narrow waist and pound his Chest with my cheeks to wipe away my tears. And he laughs louder. And soon I laughing too, and I say, “You're so....incredibly massive. So solid. And so absolutely beautiful”. Then I order him to, “Flex them harder”. He immediately obliges with a slight nod, and turns his Lats from hard to marble hard, and I'm still laughing and wanting to cry as I pound his Lats with my fists, which is my way of  loving and adoring him. I even start head butting his Pecs. All to no effect, as far as 86's solidity and stance are concerned.

Then, when I affectionately turn to rubbing and massaging 86's Lats, and I'm laughing and crying, I realise I've hardly made any impression, except for some redness. Then I suddenly know something important. Right here, right now I know I can't get enough of his 86's fantastic Lats. They're so powerful. So wide. So solid. Plus his armpits have filled my nostril with his pheromones. His masculine alluring perfume. And probably his nostrils have also been flooded y his body's perfume. But I have to restrain myself. I must keep control. Though I briefly try to jiggle them up and down one more time. And as I do, 86's bright pink tongue pokes out. Just slightly, as his beautiful handsome healthy masculine face radiates what? Love? But it's also a face that reflects strong internal erotic mobilisations while his Lats remain solid and unmoved and flexed. And then I notice 86's eye balls. They're quivering! 

I recoil! Wondering if my worshiping has caused a stupefying erotic trance? Or could 86 be having a fit? No. It can't believe that. 86 can't have a mental illness. It would have been treated and cured. Fort-M's existence is based on more than the force of the Will to grow huge. Exactly how scientifically advanced, well, I expect to discover after I arrive. But 86's muscle perfection and youthfulness can not be accidental. So 86's quivering eyes must be some sort of erotic overwhelming. Yes! That's what it is. So I stop worrying and instead I feel the need to kiss him – resurface. And hard. And here and now. To un-stupefy him? But no, I think that won't work. 

Instead, I try to grab his almost 4 foot wide solid Latissimus brick/striated/parapet of muscles. It isn't easy to not get distracted by his arm muscles. Or his Lips. And again, I have to stretch my arms way out to get a good grip around his Lats. But no. He's way too solid and massive! So I reach up, and try to wrap my hands around the tops of his Lats where they mind-bogglingly bulge out so much and far. Just feeling them and his sweat intoxicates my mind. As if by a transference of his powerful internal “lust” that seems to infuse my whole body as I try to continue to try grabbing the tops of his Lats where they bulge way out. So much power! I'm instantly drunk on his potent elixir of muscle mass and muscle power. And then I'm afflicted by a wave of dizziness as my palms try to wrap around 86's fantastically flared upper bulging Lats. Until I re-notice his succulent tongue. It's protruding much further. And his eyes now quiver rapidly, wildly, and I finally discover the upper bulge in his Latissimus flaring muscles. They would have made a great handle to grip, if only they weren't so hard, so slippery, and so big! 

Slippery because his skin is saturated with an abundance of sebum. A particularly young man's natural body oil that adds luster and resilience to his soft skin. And then water in the form of sweat sheds from such as man in droplets. Like water off a duck's back, and where the scientific cause of a such a man's copious sebum production is his 
abundant Testosterone instructing the sebaceous glands to secrete more than adequate amount of body oil. 

So now I decide I needed to do something about his quivering eyes. They make him seem out of control. While his bodybuilding competition style pose has become extremely flexed, and it has made his massive arms rise almost level with his Pecs as his Lats push everything higher. Also his massive legs, and Arse are being flexed. They seem flexed beyond maximum. And I'm shocked when I realise the shoe is now on the other foot. 86 is now the one who's overwhelmed. So I suck on his Pecs. So hard. So hot. So powerful. I can't get enough. But I need to do this to see if sucking can help. And oh my God, his Pecs are so delicious. Their power and size draws me like steel to a strong magnet. And I suck 86's amazing Pecs as though I have all the time in the World. And I find myself savouring his immensity of Pectoral muscle by nibbling his tiny tits, and watching his large hot veins slowly pulsing t the rhythm of his heart. The veins are full and almost hard as I put my ear to them, and I can hear his heart beating! A slow drawn out swoosh of blood. Hard. Loud. 

I pat. I caress. I thump his Pecs with my fists. I try to bite. Too hard to even dent. His eyes still quiver. But for a moment they blink when I slap the bulging sides of his Pecs simultaneously with both my palms. And his Pecs feel out of this world, and my cock aches as I grip and feel the weight of his Pecs. Still, his eyes quiver. So I turn to his Lats. As I said, I can't get used to them. And I slap them the same way as his Pecs, and it's so hard to resist hugging this mountain of muscle. 

Next, I try to wrap my hands around his biceps. But I'm kidding myself. I'd need 3 or more hands to do that. So I get distracted and examine his forearms. So thick, so wide. Covered in bulging chords of ribboned muscle, they are highlighted by deep striations. And his forearms are wider than they are thick! But 86's Abs need to be attacked by my lips. I kiss and suck slowly each and every one of his 8-Pack Abs. I savour them one by one with intense moaning gusto. I suck hard on each and every Ab-Pack popping my lips lusciously on them one by one, left to right. Right to left. Up and down. And back up hitting my forehead on his protruding Pecs forcing me to turn my head to reach his upper Ab-Pack. I have some success biting his Ab-Packs. But not too hard unless I break a tooth. But I manage a slight indent, and he moans softly. 

Then I circle around him, and slap his wonderful massive granite-hard Glutes. They shimmer in the dim light from the interior of the car. Clearly they must be worshiped vigorously. But I start by caressing them. Using both my palms I spread my hands widely over 86's muscular Glutes feeling his power. I particularly spend time worshiping his UPPER GLUTEUS muscles because they give his superb arse their butterfly wings. And there is still no visible change in 86's demeanor. 

But then he makes a noise, and by the time I look up he has a slight smile and his pink tongue has been taken back. So I kiss and suck all over his sublime Arse like I've been starved of muscle worship for a month. I savour his striated muscles, and finish by forcefully, ravenously spreading his Arse cheeks. I need to see his pink anus. And I'm not surprised to find I have to apply considerable spreading force. More than expected. And of course 86 hardly moves no matter how hard I push into him. 

I know I need to expect the unexpected as I manage to open up his arse enough to discover he has a small pink sphincter set deep inside the stupendous musculature of his Gluteus maximus. I mean his Glutes look powerful enough to squat 1500 pounds (lbs) easily! So I'm not  really shocked to see just how deep inside it is. But his arse cheeks quickly snap closed but there wass just enough light to see he has a tight, hairless rectum and my nose detects the smell of mint! 

86 is a virgin! And I need to force my way back to confirm this is true. And as I hold his arse cheeks apart this time, they stay apart and yes, he's more virginal than ever! So tight. So pink and as I blow air over his anus he emits a low pitch groan, which only lasts as long as I blow. The connection is obvious, so I blow again only longer. I draw a lung full of air and pressing my face into his magnificent arse blow harder. Then, when I run out of breath his groaning continues. Though he's still FLEXING his whole body. So I go down on my knees, and suck his Thighs. They're full of long chords of bulging thick muscle for me to savour individually. I suck them. They have to be 40 inches. Then I worship his Tear Drops. They're a pair of magnificent opposing muscles so over-developed and full they would overhang his kneecap if he was relaxed. 

I go right down now to his huge wide massive Calves that, if he wasn't standing with his feet well apart for stability would caress each other. And I can only marvel at how they appear to anchor his massive body so solidly to the ground. Wrapping my hands around them I start to appreciate their lifting power. I kiss them left and right, over and over. So hard. So solid. So wide! So thick. Especially the fronts and sides rarely developed properly. And on 86, they are properly and most appropriately hyper-hypertrophied. 

Finally, listening with intrigue to the nuances of his masculine groaning I stand up to again find his tongue poking out of his sweet sweet lips. And I jump up onto his huge chest wrapping my arms around his incredible Traps that are so thick they peak as high as his earlobes, and they look more than capable of lifting and shrugging the 800 lbs that Ronnie Coleman struggled to even dead lift. A fleetingly guess I'd say 86 could shrug 1600 lbs or more......And I kiss him! 

I kiss him deeply, forcefully. And when I'm done I find he's no longer groaning. Instead, his lips are pursed. So I kiss him gently. As gently as I already love him deeply. But his eyes keep wandering about as though he's forever trapped in a never ending orgasm, or dream of orgasm. So I kiss his muscular jaws, that are the only relaxed muscle in his body, and I delight in my freedom to exaggerate my lip's smacking. I hang there draped over his huge Pecs. My feet no longer reach the ground as I make loud popping sounds using his firm striated jaw muscles as my sounding board. Even though they are the only relaxed muscles in his massive body, yet they are so firm to the touch of my lips. So thick. So powerful. 

Then I treat his thick bulging neck to the same adoration. His front neck muscle are so thick they help make his sold masculine skull seem small. But I know it isn't. And when I pull my head back to look him in the eyes I sense bliss written on his face. And his dimpled chin looks so inviting. So I suck and kiss his very manly suckable chin. And I know what I must do. I must push my tongue into his mouth. And I suck and wrestle carefree. Unreserved. I'm vigorous. And for me, I go at his hot inviting mouth hard. Until suddenly his eyes blink. 

I thrust and suck even more vigorously, and in contrast to his rock sold stance his eyes blink again. Then, as I rub my torso over his marble-hard torso his eyes pop open. Finally he's back. And he speaks into my mouth “Don't we just love bodybuilding”? And I just start laughing. It's as if  nothing had happened. And I can't stop laughing as we kiss and kiss filling my mouth with his sweet saliva. 

Until I'm impelled to grab his upper Lats! Yes, again! Only this time my hand slips between his Pecs and upper arm and he flexes and locks my hand in a vice of solid muscle. I can feel the immensity of his superb musculature compressing my hands. And I'm loving it with my arms outstretch, and my face is being forced into a pair of powerful Pecs beyond my wildest imagination. The most powerful pair of Pecs on Earth. More powerful and firmer than any power lifter that I've ever seen. And I would have fainted again had he not breathed heavily down and over me through his flared masculine nostrils. He obviously notices I'm loving it because I inflate my chest and smile. And he responds by breathing in and out like a Bull. And the air he breaths out is like Ozone air following a thunderstorm.

It's like wind saturated with testosterone blowing over a grassy meadow. And it triggers a reflex in me. I take a new breath. This time I fill my lungs with his expelled breath. Automatically pulling myself into him so hard my face gets buried in his protruding Pecs. And it proves what my eyes can see but my brain can't believe. 86's Pectoral muscle mass, and density is way thicker and denser than Ronnie Coleman's. So I pushed my face harder and deeper into his super-abundant pectoral cleavage. But my tongue struggles to find his sternum! And I moan in ecstasy.

Realising I never thought my impossible dreams would become this real. Yet they have. 

Even so, I have to keep reassuring myself. “86 is real. He's real. 86 is real”. And then, when I turn my head just to take a look at one of his Biceps, he raises it for me. He smiles. He hits a signature single flexed biceps. This quickly releases my hand. Instantly I need to reach out and rotate his Biceps towards my face. But I hesitate. I just have to to stare at this enormous beautiful manly arm. It's covered in sensuous thick purposeful veins. Likewise it is my purpose to appreciate that all I see is all I want and need to see. And all I understand is, his biceps, triceps, upper arms and fabulous forearms have a single purpose. 

They give 86 immaculate power to do things. The ability to consummately and effortlessly lift heavy weights. Like dumbbells, barbells, cars, trucks, men and even fallen trees. Maybe several men, as his biceps are way bigger than his head. And my head also. And packed with vibrant powerful superbly lean muscle that is composed of bundles of striated powerful muscle fibres that he loves to flex and re-flex. And his muscles are tightly wrapped in an incredibly tough yet smooth glistening skin densely packed with capillary blood vessels that make his skin almost as hot as his core temperature.

So he just radiates his body heat. And his Biceps have a peak that seems to me to rise up as he flexes as if it will, in time, eventually reach his down-turned palms or finger tips! While several large hose like veins, and I mean large, run the length of his upper arm. While his forearm is even more festooned with veins. Some almost as large as the veins of his Biceps. And one of those  Biceps veins runs between his biceps and triceps. Almost as thick as a garden hose. 

So I firstly direct my lips to it, and as I gently kiss this vein I hope I can't die from the sensations just kissing it will generate. Instead, my heart pounds, reaffirming my capacity to lift heavy and long, as I kiss and worship his upper arm's incredible size and density running my tongue over and up and down his superb vein. And as I pursue and absorb his powers for myself my forehead is being pushed into his upper Biceps, which bulges sideways as well as up, and my chin caresses his massive pendulous hot Triceps. So together, his upper arm muscles form a wall of articulated flexing muscle as his complete naked wonderfully proportioned massive leans body radiates more heat than I would have once believed possible. 

Yet only 3 to 4 inches higher, I now need to raise my lips to kiss, and suck the middle of his awesome Biceps that seem to want to bulge towards my lips and meet half way. And I need to wrap my free palm behind, up and over the peak of 86's biceps to get a good grip. But I fail. Simply can't reach as my other hand stays securely locked inside 86's arm pit. But I get some solace to compensate for my disappointment. I manage to rise up on my toes and do get my lips to suck and kiss the middle of his inner Biceps that are one of two of 86's fantastic upper arm muscle complex. And at the same time his solid, massive and prodigiously protruding Pecs push against, and warm one of my cheeks. 

But then, as he flexes and re-flexes his (in-my-face) biceps my secured hand is being roasted by the heat trapped inside his hot armpit muscles. And again this wall of muscle continues to feel insanely unreal – even to me. So unreal I still can't throw off the thought that his very existence is impossible. He is like the existence of a Black Hole once seemed impossible to Einstein. But who am I?  

Well I'm probably the greatest muscle worshiper, and seeker of the largest bodybuilders the World has ever produced - to date. But right now that's all in the past. Water under the bridge of life in my pursuit of the finest  bodybuilders and becoming one. And now gone forever. Superseded by the reality of Fort-M. Obliterated by 86's immense musculature revealed to me completely naked. He alone simply blows everyone I've seen or heard of out of the water. So they suddenly no longer matter. And this is especially true because I know I have really officially joined Fort-M. 

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