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m/m/f Bowling Green (part 2 added 9/8)


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My breathing stopped, my mouth went dry, my vision got slightly hazy and everything around me went silent. If not for the cerebellum I wouldn't have a heartbeat. 

In reality, my breaths were coming short and fast, my mouth was agape, my vision was blocked and the room was as noisy as ever. I was just in a sensory vacuum as my heartbeat actually raced for the Triple Crown as adrenaline and desire, shock and awe filled my being.

He had walked up as I prepared to roll for a turkey in my best night of league play at Bowling Green in months. I didn't see him as I was concentrating on the pins. I had been flat out gawking at him for an hour, two lanes over looking spectacular and gruff and powerful and light-hearted and tanned and ripped and tall and fucking perfect in that bright pink, yellow-cuffed, short-sleeved button down that couldn't contain the mass, clearly NOT off the rack, stiffly starched and collared 'Day Zs' team bowling shirt. 

He had walked up behind me without me noticing, and I had been tracking him from the first frame when I heard a big cheer from his teammates as he rolled a strike on his first roll. He had high-fived the other three members of the three man team and then, with his back mostly to me, gave a huge, quick, playful and intimidating double biceps pose to his opponents bench. Those cannons filled the little space in the over sized sleeve and stretched the crease right out. I heard an audible growl and just about passed out. His nearest buddy gave another high-five and the laughed together and he spun around athletically and quickly to sit and we caught eyes. He didn't miss a beat and winked at me and sat down with his back to me.

He had walked up through my lane and just as I felt a presence, or maybe saw a shadow - I didn't have time to process what was happening - I still began my process and started to swing my arm back and launch a foot forward. Then, as I said, my breathing stopped, my mouth went dry and all the rest because he'd pressed his body right up behind me so I couldn't swing my arm back and threw a single biceps right up beside my ball.

In that moment, I could feel I couldn't move. I didn't WANT to move. All at once I felt all I've already expressed and so much more. I relived that first wink and the tingle I felt. I could feel the contours of his body pressing against me in different places. The contact points were warm and inviting. A beautiful, clean man smell had enveloped my space. I innately felt safe and flirted with and my hope was fulfilled. He'd noticed me.

I'd watched him every second I could without being rude to my teammates for lack of attention or embarrassing to them for staring. I kind of found it hard to believe I was the only one that seemed to be following his every move. I dismissed that quickly as I didn't care what others did. This was a fucking beast and specimen of a man and had every right to be watched. He was the cock of the run. No man in the alley matched or even came within a weight class of him. 

He was a pretty good bowler. Not the best on his team. He was kind and gentle and apart from the little moment of teasing intimidation after the first pins fell, he wasn't overtly showing off his body. I did see his third button (top two were undone) was there for one roll and when we spun around with excitement and kind of pumped his arms to his sides with a 'yes' that button just vanished and the shirt opened more. The cleavage that went up to his clavicle also went down and became cavernous. And he clearly waxed, because he had that amazing, smooth, hairless chest of a competitor. He bought folks beers and draped his long and meaty arm down the bench over and behind friends without any discomfort on their part. He would pull someone in after they hit the bench after a good pick-up and they'd look so small as he one-arm hugged  them from the side. That happened frequently and it made his shoulders and traps bunch and always made the other man look smaller. He would give fist bumps to the opponents on occasion and applaud and his hands were just SO big I could see it from where I was. His full head of dark brown wavy hair is what I got to see most and I dreamed of running my hands through it as we lay in bed discussing our days before falling asleep. 

He had walked up and positioned himself as I described and shocked the hell out of me. All at once I thought, "I didn't think he noticed me." I'd only caught eyes one other time in two games. He'd stepped back to the return after the first roll left a pin, turned my way like he knew I was looking and stretched for the ceiling then collapsed forward into a back stretch. I couldn't believe how easily he laid his mitts flat on the floor. He came back up and didn't look at me again. I had seen the shape of that abdomen, a little trail of dark fur from the belly down, noticed how small the waist was and caught a glimpse of a champion Adonis belt. As I felt his being and saw that arm I was so very glad we'd been talked into traveling the 70 miles here from Clawson for this little tournament. This moment felt life altering, or at least life affirming.

I looked over my bowling ball which I still held up near my face in preparation and immediately understood the ball and the biceps right behind it held a very similar shape and curvature. Even the sizes were remarkably similar. That arm, with the clenched paw attached to a huge, bowling pin-sized, vein-covered forearm, that led to a biceps that looked like skin over a second bowling ball beside mine made me feel some kind of way! I completely leaned back into him from the pull of gravity and total desire. He gave a soft, "yeah" near my ear and I felt his hot, sweet breath. "Fuck yeah, dude," he said and flexed harder. I was frozen. He wrapped his other hand around my belly, covered it, nearly, and accepted my body against his and simply said, "I thought I'd wish you luck. Roll me a turkey!"

With that, he pulled away and I managed to remain standing. He stepped aside and back a bit. I let the ball and my guard drop and I turned to follow him. He nodded down the lane and gave the tiniest little most muscular flex like, "you've got this" from a lifting buddy and smiled huge. I then realized everyone was cheering me on in my lane and on both sides.

I gathered some kind of strength, turned back to the stacks and said one of those little 'fate' prayers people utter. "If we are meant to be together forever, show me a sign by letting me roll this turkey." I decided not to wait a moment and just swung and stepped my rhythm. The ball hit the wood with a thud that seemed to echo as the place had fallen quiet. I immediately realized I'd drawn too far across my body from nerves and saw the ball roll for the head pin instead of the pocket. The universe did not want me with Bobby. (That's what I named him in my head.) My disappointment was overwhelming because I'd lost him forever to the fates.

But then, the noise of the room returned as everyone started to scream trying to direct the ball. At the last moment it continued its incorrect path and crossed over to the reverse pocket - a rarer strike point but still...oh, my God! A strike! A turkey! Three in a row to finish my second game! The room erupted and before my guys could get to me I was in Bobby's arms. He'd grabbed me from behind, bear hug style and pulled me up and was shaking me effortlessly in excitement. Not the kind of lift where a man lifts be bending backward to pull feet off the ground, but he just muscled me up. I heard, "I'm your good luck charm I guess." He turned me around to a cheering lane or three and I realized the whole room hadn't been watching, just those nearest. High-fives started happening and suddenly I felt two huge hands under my arms and Bobby just hoisted me up to his shoulder like I was his six year old nephew (and I'm a 200 pound man) and started parading me back to our sitting area as we celebrated.

He set me down quickly - he wasn't showing off, just showing enthusiasm. He spun me around and put both hands on my shoulders and said, "I'm Robert. I own Bowling Green and every turkey gets a round of beers from me for the team. But you should call me Robbie. That's what my friends call me."

"I'm Mike," I managed.

"Congratulations, Mike. I'm glad you accepted our invitation to come from Clawson for tonight. Beers for the whole Roll-Outs team, Mandy," he yelled at the bartender. "You and I should go sit at the bar and enjoy our beers together. I need to know more about Roll-Out Mike from Clawson."

All were served and we sat. It looked like he was standing he was so big next to me. From a distance, I'd downplayed his size. He was a mountain. Maybe the other bowlers on his team were big men, too, hiding his size. Mandy brought our beers and started to turn away and he called her name. She looked back and he bounced his pecs for her a little. She giggled and tossed her hand like, "stop," looked at me and moved on. We clinked mugs and he chugged his whole beer in that hyper-masculine way, used the back of his hand to wipe the mouth and put that hand and arm on my shoulder. I finished my few gulps that hardly dented the froth and lowered the mug to look at him while I also nearly buckled under the arm. I could see down his short, sleeve right into his perfectly bushed pit of dark hair, took him in my nose and looked him in the eye.

He took a moment. He smiled slowly. He put his other arm on the bar with only the elbow touching and lightly flexed, bringing his fist to the side of his head to rest it. One arm flexed before me, head to the side smiling. Other arm making me feel desire on my shoulder. He cupped the back of my head with that near hand and said, "That's my wife, Mandy. Perfect tits, cheery personality, a great partner in business and in bed."

I was destroyed. I believe my eyes welled with instant tears, "Yah...uh, yes. She's stunning." I didn't want to make eye contact again because my fantasy was crushed, so I just stared at his thigh-sized upper arm on the bar.

"This is a simple, direct request. We are both bisexual, Mike. We have our eyes on you for some fun tonight. That's why we invited you from Clawson."

I looked up over the arm to her. She was a few feet away with her arms crossed in front of her and one twirling a bit of long, beautifully curled hair. She grinned almost shyly and leaned slightly forward squeezing her ample breasts together. She was as good at taunting as Robbie. But then she was check mated. The space in his arm I was looking at her through started to close. He slowly flexed that biceps to full mast. I didn't know a biceps could move that much further and that slowly. I was captivated. As it hardened to stone, I gathered every bit of adulthood and sense I had in me and looked from that arm to his face, noticing the delicious scruff there for the first time. I decided to give my all.

I used significant force to push his hand of my shoulder because I wanted to be sure it fell away. He kind of sat up and adjusted in protest and I shoved him back down, though I know he let me. I made a show of taking two hands to push open his telephone pole legs and stepped between them. I was 'towering' over him as best I could when I said, "You'll have to impress me with some shows of strength, first, Robert. I'll be happy to pleasure Mandy - but you have to earn it. Or are those muscles all for show?"

He dropped his head and made a noise that sounded like a snuff, snicker, gasp and blowing out air all at the same time. I could see him calculating and hiding his smile.When he looked up, he just said, "Fuck, no. I'm going to blow your mind...sir."

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1 hour ago, Kamaswami said:

Awesome start! If I don’t get to see where this goes soon I’ll be very disappointed.

Robbie is not here to disappoint, Kamaswami. He’ll please you before Labor Day is over. 😉

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Part 2

He called me sir. This was going to be an interesting dynamic. He wanted to be the big man, he WAS the big man, but he wanted to serve. I wondered what role Mandy was to play in our threesome? I decided I'd take on one at a time.

"Rodney, you said?" I baited him. He took it.

He reached down, grabbed both sides of my belt, snaking his fingers around leather on each side of the buckle, looked down so I would and snapped that shit open. He tore a belt apart! He then took one hand and laid a finger under my chin and lifted it to his eyes while he used the other hand to pull the belt from around me. He smiled one one side, with his mouth closed. A smile of confidence and triumph. He brought the belt up in front of me and showed me that he'd actually grabbed the buckle in one hand, crushed it significantly between his fingers and actually pulled the leather of the belt apart with one swift move.

"Robbie, I said. Call me Robbie." He hung the belt around my neck and then just bunched his pecs together and left them flexed hard. "Your move, Mike."

"VERY impressive chest there..." and my eyes left his to move over to hers, "Mandy."

"Damn, Robbie, he's got your number!" She giggled and said, "Let's hit the back alley." She left the bar, walked to the end of the lanes and started down toward the pins where there was always a door to take you to the mechanics behind the pins. As she went, she slipped her shorts off, leaving only a thong on bottom and then pulled her tank over her head and tossed it behind her. Several of the men in the closest lanes started cat-calling and she spun once, giving everyone a peak at her amble, perky and lovely bosom. They started screaming and cheering and she disappeared through the door. I was aghast and full mast at once. I loved a confident chick.

Robbie grabbed my shirt and balled it up and lifted me from the stool and threw me over his shoulder. He chugged my beer and followed her lead. The crowd started cheering, "Mike, Mike, Mike..." What the hell was this? Robbie tried to explain over the crowd that everyone who played regularly here was initiated to Bowling Green by either Mandy or himself. Excellent candidates, like me, got the double treatment. He hoped I wouldn't mind.

"I don't mind, but I don't exactly live a life of obeisance. I might not play as nice as you'd like, Robbie. Despite your size. You can't make me do anything I don't want to."

We'd made it to the door, which was ajar. We were almost out of sight of the other players. Robbie set me down and turn to the group who almost immediately fell silent. "Mike here says, I can't make him do anything he doesn't want. A ball was rolling down that closest lane and had nearly made its journey when Robbie reached down and engulfed the ball in his paw. He picked it up and suddenly I was reminded of his size. He held it out for all to see, like a basketball player does when palming the ball and letting a kid pretend to grab it from them. 

He turned to me, back to the room that gave a disappointed groan and said, "Unbutton my shirt, please. Sir."

I obliged immediately and did it while carefully being sure I didn't look too eager, too impressed and certainly didn't touch his electric skin.

After doing so, he brought the ball between us. He pushed it into his chest and brought his arms around it in a hug. He gave a pump similar to when a person administers the Heimlich Maneuver and I heard the crack. Without fanfare he showed me the ball was in two, nearly equal halves. He'd split it by applying unbelievable pressure in a precise location. No grunting, no straining, no fanfare. He owned that fucking ball. He tossed the two halves at the pins and knocked them all over. "Strike!" He yelled. Then walked past me through the door.

He can't make me, I thought. But I sure wasn't going to decline much of anything, and I made my way through the door.

There she was, on a bed. A BIG bed. She had a dildo vibrating inside her already and Robbie was giving her a flex show without paying me any mind. He'd peeled off his shirt and was just giving her live-action porn. He was flexing a single biceps, then turning and doing side chest. He'd hit Arnold-like poses and then triceps. His waist was smaller than it should be. His arms were thicker than could be. His chest would inflate impossibly. He'd flex abs and rub them so you could hear them.

"Wheels!" she cried.

He pulled his pants off, and it was just as awkward as it is for all of us. It wasn't smooth, he nearly fell over. They both snickered a little, then his quads were there. He shook them and BLAM, they hardened to rock as she moaned. He turned around and flexed his back, did the thing where it looked like he was pushing up the ceiling and I decided to make my move.

I LEAPT onto his back and threw a choke hold around him. He staggered a little to make it seem like I'd made an impact and probably to encourage me. I wasn't kidding. I dug my arm into his neck and grabbed that deliciously dark hair and wrenched his head around and wrapped my legs around his torso and squeezed. "You are going to do what I say, mother fucker." I yelled. For a brief moment - the air was tense.

Then she started to laugh and he bent over giggling and I let it out too, though I didn't let go of my hold. He stood up and wiped his eyes. He didn't seem affected by me hanging my 200 pound off his back, so I upped the ante. "Oh, yeah, you cocky shit!?" I dropped my legs from around his waist, using all my weight to pull on his neck. You'd never do it to another human, because a mere human could really be hurt by that. He just said, "Pull, Mike - harder! Yes, choke me baby! Look, Mandy - our boy Mike is a man and he's gonna handle me!" as he stifled more joviality. "Look what he's done to my cock!"

She slid quickly off the bed and grabbed his member and said, "My God - I haven't seen you get that hard that fast in a long time, Rob. Good job, Mike. Show us more! Take control of this massive beast! He needs taming!" And she slapped him hard across the face and then, though I couldn't see his dick or what she was doing from my angle, I believe she slapped his dick downward just as hard and then just jumped straight up. She placed her arms well over the top of mine and around my head - she had jumped far enough to meet me face to face, but she just stayed there in mid-air. I was able to see around Robbie's gargantuan shoulders a bit and realized he'd caught her with just his hands. He wasn't arching his back to keep her aloft, or struggling against my might. He was taking my beating, as it were and held her suspended for us to look eye to eye. She leaned into him, smashing her breasts into his, and moaned. She came forward and said, "Thanks, Mike, for making Rob's rod so might so fast." She leaned forward and started to chew on my lip. I felt the behemoth's shoulders shift and by the way she stuck her tongue into my willing mouth, I knew that insertion had matched his into her. She gasped in pleasure, sucked air from me directly and I felt Robbie's arms leave her body and come up into a fucking double biceps pose. 

He had his bitch on the front side riding his cock, a big dude on the back trying to choke him out and dangling with arms getting too sore to hang on and he just hits a double biceps. He then walks - - with NO trouble a few yards across the space to where there is a wall of mirrors. "Fuck, this is hot. My M&Ms getting all over me, trying to please me and take me down at the same time. I fucking love being huge."

With that, I didn't want to waste any more time out of visual or having my arms not groping this man. So, I dropped to the floor and decided to take another risk. Does a guy this big think he's only a top? I slapped his ass hard and grabbed that meat as hard as I could. He re-positioned slightly and gave me access. I spread that lightly furry ass and stuck my face in there and started a lick and rim job with fury. God damn it, he actually tasted clean and ready and good and fresh and I desired him. I gulped and licked and shoved my face hard and grabbed ass and groaned, as did he. He flexed ass and bent his knees for better access and sucked in air and praised. Mandy coached and told me he likes a little teeth. I gave it to him. I ate his ass like I never had before - because I'd never had such a perfect ass in my face before. Fuck, I'm glad I made the drive from Clawson.

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  • michaeldavid changed the title to Bowling Green (part 2 added 9/8)

Very sexy story.  Loved the part toward the end of the last chapter where Robbie is holding up Mandy in front and Mike in the back and he exclaims "I love being huge!"  HOT. 

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