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m/m Steve's Army Days (or "The Torture of Man")


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Chapter One

"Looking forward to seeing you for the first time since we first met online. Trusting that you will excuse any tiredness but that's what an eight hour time difference will do. See you tomorrow, Steve"

For the last five years since I had met Steve online, a self confessed muscleman, born in the late 30's, growing up in the late 40's and 50's with comic book superheroes becoming big, strong and powerful, signing up for the Charles Atlas course as soon as he was old enough to, liking the pump so much that he joined a gym as soon as he entered work, and yet never even thought of entering a contest until I mentioned it on the offhand within six months of being wowed by his physique and now a multi title regional bodybuilding champ and just six months out from his first national shot at the age of 60, I was finally going to have my dream come true, meeting him in the flesh.

It was just sheer coincidence that we discovered we had a common interest outside bodybuilding. I logged on one evening after the opening night of our community theatre's production of "Oh, what a lovely war!" and hadn't had a chance to get out of my World War One captain's uniform when Steve messaged me and when I launched the webcam he immediately went into a martial pose saluted and declared "Sir, yes, sir!". It was a couple of weeks later that Steve told me why, at the same time as telling me he was bisexual (following on from a discussion I was having with him about whether having an alternative lifestyle made you a better politician or not) when he announced that one of his deepest, darkest, sexual fantasies was being constricted into the army and forced to take part in a series of tests that bordered on BDSM torture. As it happened, I was doing some research on the subject for my novels based in the 17th century, where the lead character was being faced with the rack if he didn't reveal some secret information, and for the first time ever Steve came on camera, moaning "Oh fuck, me, tortured by the military, oh fuck, yeah!"

I had never seen Steve so riled up, so manly and so muscular in all my life and so when I was able to host some of my friends, the first invite went to Steve saying that if he wanted to, and seeing as my role as a miltary captain had gone down so well they wanted me to play another captain (this time a Italian captain in the stage version of "'Allo 'Allo") then I would be only to willing to help him with his fantasy. The reaction when I told him, a massive cumshot that blurred the camera and a moan of sexual desire that I had to whip the headphones off in case I was deafened, it was clear that he was only too happy and so as I waited by the front door of the house I lived in, I watched the street for the coach arriving from Birmingham. As soon as it passed by, I waved and as Steve waved back, I knew it was just a matter of moments.

When he arrived at the door, I shook his hand, gestured him in, closed the door and declared "Oh, Steve, at last!" and with that practically hugged him. For the first time in my life, all twenty two years of it, I was meeting another person who I did not know prior to meeting them online. As Steve chuckled he returned the hug and picked me off the floor chuckling "My, you're heavier than you look!" and with that put me down and asked the first question he said he would do "Now, or later?"

Smiling I dashed upstairs to my room and came down wearing the World War One Captain's uniform and reaching the bottom of the stairs declared "Atten, SHUN!" and Steve immediately fell into a martial pose, saluted and declared "Sir, I'm the candidate from the US Army, sir!".

"At ease, son!" I smiled and collected the sheet of paper that Steve handed me. As I gave it a cursory glance he whispered "All my own work!" and with that read it out loud.

"To Captain Cornstack, Captain of the British Army stationed in the county of Pwhywis" at which point I sighed, looked up and Steve said "Sorry, sir, we can't understand Welsh!" to which I nodded can carried on reading, "Sir, we are pleased to present our best man for the job. If this man cannot help you in your research, then quite frankly no one can. Yours, Captain America, US Military (Superhero section)"

"Name?" I barked

"Peebles, sir" replied Steve, saluting, "Private Steve Peebles!"

"And do you have any idea what you have been asked to do?"

"No, sir" he replied, "This mission is on a strictly need to know basis. All I have been told is to follow your direct orders without question, sir!"

"Good!" I smiled and pointed to the room on the right of the hallway, "That's your quarters for the duration" and then pointing to the next door added "And Dr. Maize will see you in there for your medical" and with that turned on the spot and went upstairs.

"Sir, how do I present myself to Dr. Maize?" asked Steve

"Naked" I replied which cause Steve to moan "Thank you, sir!"

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Chapter Two

"Dr. Maize, it's Private Peebles, you wished to see me?"

As Steve entered the room where I did all my computer work, I had to resist every temptation to declare "FUCK, you're even more muscular in real life!". There before me, completely naked, and this time without a dodgy internet connection was Steve.

"Ah, yes, private, please come in!" I replied whilst in my mind I wanted to grab hold of his biceps and moan "Flex them, stud!"

As Steve stood in the middle of the room he saluted and held the salute for a moment before I said "That's for the military, I'm the medical department!" at which point he relaxed and said "Sir, I am here for my medical!"

Looking Steve up and down was like witnessing a newly crowned Mr. Olympia. Even though he was six month out for his first national contest and therefore at the height of off season, he was so broad, powerful and muscular that he looked as if he could step on stage that day and win every class going. Taking a moment to compose myself by saying "That's correct, we need to make you that you are ready for this mission!" I asked Steve to lie on the ground so I could measure his height explaining "I find it easier on my back!"

As Steve lay down, I placed one end of the measuring tape at the top of his head and asking him to hold it there, unwound it, clocking off the feet as I did so.

"One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, One, Two, Three!"

"I'm an inch taller since my last medical!" he noted, "then I was declared the healthiest man in the entire clinic!"

Getting Steve to stand up I gestured for him to stand on the scale and waiting for the dial to settle down read "Two hundred pounds on the money" to which he smiled and hit a most muscular which took his weight up to 202lbs. As he stepped off I stated, "Well, you are in perfect physical shape, have a BMI of 25, and therefore cannot see..."

"Doc, you don't mind if I call you Doc, do you?"

"Of course not!"

"Doc, I hope you do not mind, but, I have a friend in Wales, he's never heard my measurements before, therefore could you measure me?"

As I gulped "Measure you?" he replied, "he looks up to me a lot and I think if he knew how big and muscular I was, he would want to know how I got that way. You see, doc, and I am sure he will not mind, he's a little chubby for his frame"

As I nodded my understanding, I had to admit it myself. All those times I have spent speaking to Steve online had made me want to join a gym myself, but the memories of being in high school, seeing kids my age and younger benching 100kg for reps, flexing their powerful chests and biceps and me, not even being able to run a hundred metres in less than twenty five seconds always prevented me for going lest I made a fool of myself. And so, albeit with a heavy heart, knowing that the measurements I was about to take I would never be able to match in a million years, took a tape measure and measured from top to bottom.

"A fifteen inch neck" I reported, "a forty inch chest, sixteen inch biceps, twelve inch forearms, thirty inch waist, twenty nine inch quads, seventeen inch calves..."

"And a eight inch flaccid member!" he moaned hitting a ab and quad pose showing off his cock dangling.

"That's not really something I measure" I started but was stopped by "Please doc, for my friend?"

As I unrolled the tape again, Steve closed his eyes and taking a deep breath, held it and moaned. As he did his cock started to harden and lengthen until it was absolutely level. As it did a grunted "Measure, now, whilst I can hold it" made me measure it and as I declared "Ten inches long and six inches around!" at which point Steve breathed out and moaned "Yeah, Adam, good show!"

"Sorry?" I asked, "who is Adam?"

"My manhood!" he replied, giving it a shake, "Every man should call his manhood something and I call mine Adam"

As I looked at him in wonder, Steve said, "There is one more measurement I want you to take doc!" and with that he took another deep breath, hit a front lat spread, held his breath and with his thumb pointed to underneath his left pec. I knew what he wanted and as I took a stethoscope from the table and placed the ends into my ears I was trembling. Ever since I had seen him perform eighty pushups in less than a minute where he moaned "Man, this is pumping!" and placed his hand on his chest, I had always wanted to know what a bodybuilder's heart pumping sounded like and now here was my chance. Placing the end underneath the pec, I pushed down and my eyes opened wide as I heard Steve's heart pounding. As I looked up, Steve nodded and then hit a most muscular, squeezing the stethoscope deeper against his chest and making his heart pump even faster. He then grabbed his manhood and looked at me. I nodded and within moments he was assaulting his cock as if there was no tomorrow forcing his heart to pump faster and faster and faster until unable to resist it any longer he screamed "For the glory of America!" and came relaxing the pose and causing me to look at him in amazement.

"You're sixty, yes?"

"Aye!" came the panted reply

"And therefore cannot push yourself harder than a hundred and twenty eight beats per minute?"


"One hundred and forty four!" I said causing Steve to punch the air and declare "See, doc, the biggest, strongest, most powerful man in the American army and just the man for this secret mission. There's nothing I cannot do, nothing I cannot withstand, heck, you could strap me to a lighting rod and I would still be flexing afterwards. I don't know what this mission is doc, but, heck, I hope it's painful!" and with that he turned, flexed his glutes and returned to his bedroom leaving me gobsmacked at what I had just seen. I knew that when Captain Cornstacks saw the results of the medical, his ideas would need a major overhaul.

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Chapter Three

"Now, private, as I think you may have guessed we Brits aren't, well, how can I put it politely, as..."

"...muscular, powerful, big..." replied Steve flexing his muscles in the mirror in his room

"Well, yes, that's true" I replied, "but the word I was looking for was physical. You see, we have, unlike the US army a slight problem on the economic front. It's called government cutbacks!"

"They'd never do that if I showed them why!" smiled Steve, hitting a side chest pose and making his pecs bulge.

"The government here can be quite persuasive" I replied, "but I have managed to pull a few strings and...I have secured for you a gym where you can train all day every day completely naked!"

Steve stopped flexing and gasped "How?"

"Never let it said" I replied with a smile, "that offering Britain's strongest man a chance to drill the British Army doesn't have its upshots!"

As Steve moaned he panted "In reality?"

"Our next door neighbour owns a private gym in the next town" I replied, "when I mentioned that you were a regional American champion and coming to stay for a few days whilst he was on holiday in Greece, he thought you would be the perfect person to look after it in his absence, plus he said you could train whenever and however you liked!"

As Steve practically came he moaned "Thank him for me!" to which I nodded


"Oh, my God!" declared Steve as we entered the gym, "this is like a paradise for me!" and with that he declared "Permission to change, sir?"

"Permission granted!" I smiled and with that Steve dashed into the changing rooms whilst I took out my notepad ready to make a note of Steve's chest session. Steve often talked out it online and declared that "a harder chest session never exists, save in the world of comic book superheroes!" and so was looking forward to what he was going to do. 

Steve arrived back in the main gym area, true to his word, completely naked and with a collection of towels which he placed on the benches saying "Just in case, the old private gets excited!" and with that handed me a sheet of paper labelled "Steve's Chest Session (aka "Pectoral Torture") and said "Sir, this is my chest session. Order me!"

"A hundred pushups, go!" I barked and instantly Steve dropped and started doing them. As he did, I looked at the first weight based exercise, incline bench press, and set the bench ready for him. Whilst setting the machine was easy, what was not easy was reading his weight code. It seemed to be a combination of letters and numbers which didn't connect to anything I recognise.

"And one hundred!" Steve grunted jumping up and hitting a front lat spread before coming over and finding me scratching my head saying "I don't understand your code, what's 5x20xW, G, Y, B, R?"

"Five sets of twenty reps" he explained, "starting off 30kg, 40kg, 50kg, 60kg and then 70kg"

"Did you say?" I asked and then doing some mental maths gasped "You indeed to do a hundred reps of each weight!"

"Until one of three things happens" he replied, "I fail, I cum or I collapse from exhaustion" and with that chuckled saying "Never done the third one yet, perhaps this will be the time!" and with that lay down and was soon benching like a maniac. Each set of twenty reps took a minute and with each rest session taking a minute as well as I changed the weight by the end of twenty  minutes he was covered in sweat and moaning.

"Oh yeah!" he moaned as he sat up and manhandled his pecs, "these puppies haven't been worked this hard in ages" and with that he started on the flat benches which took another twenty minutes and then the decline benches so that after an hour he stood in front of the mirrors, his pecs bulging as he flexed him, his cock bobbing up and down, sweat dripping off him and moaning "Oh fuck, yeah, look at me Captain, look why Captain America chose me for your mission. There's no one bigger than me, stronger than me, more..." and then he stopped as he pointed and said "Fuck, is that...?" and walked over to the equipment.

Consulting the floor plan the gym owner had given me I said "I believe that's a cable crossover machine!" which caused Steve to moan, "Quick, Captain, load it up to 100kg. I need to test myself!" and with that he stood in the middle his arms outstretched. Placing the pin in the 100kg hole, I just about managed to hand him the cables and as he stepped forward to take the strain he groaned "Oh yeah, I can feel it too Adam. You and me, we are going to destroy this!" and with that he took a deep breath and pulled the cables towards him making his pecs strain with each rep causing him to grunt "Yeah", "Come on Adam", "I want it!", "You want it" and then holding the cables for ten seconds at the end of every tenth rep he looked straight at me and groaned "The Captain wants it too!"

"What do I want?" I asked as he resumed








is!" he grunted on each rep


















And with that his strength failed and as the weights crashed down, Steve roared "FOR I AM A MAN!", came and passed out. A few moments later he came to in my arms and moaned "Captain, I am ready for my secret mission. Promise me one thing?"

"What's that?" I asked

"Hurt me!" he moaned as he came again.

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Chapter Four

"Now, before you start this mission of yours I think it would be best if you knew a few things first of all" and so with Steve sitting down in front of me I handed him a picture and asked him "Do you know where this is?"

Stonehenge - HISTORY

"Stonehenge, sir" he replied, adding with a chuckle "I know we Americans come over as ignoramuses on occasions but do credit us with just a little intelligence!"

"According to all our records that we have access to, the site that is now Stonehenge was first built upon some ten thousand years ago, why, nobody knows, however in 1992, some three years ago, a group of archaeologists found something a mile from the centre of the structure that just defied belief. That object was rectangular in shape with perfect ninety degree angles and was made of...iron!"

"So, somebody dumped something metal nearby!" scoffed Steve

"True, and that would have been enough for anyone" I replied, "if it was not for the fact that it was carbon dated at..." and with that I looked up at Steve and said "Thirteen thousand years old!"

As Steve's eyes opened wide, I knew that now was the time to act.

"Immediately all the resources of the British army sung into action, Stonehenge was sealed off and under the most secure circumstances imaginable, the object was removed and sent off for analysis. That analysis made everyone present gasp in amazement, this object, this perfectly rectangular object, that was some ten thousand years older than the first know evidence of iron contained tiny particles of Rubidium. What is Rubidium you may ask? It is a chemical element that is only found in meteorites. That's right, this object came from outer space. Using our finest experts on the subject and knowing what they know about archeoastronomy, they postulate that this object landed on Earth as a meteorite and originated from...Mars!"

"Oh, my God, Captain are you saying?"

"At least fifteen thousand years ago, Mars was occupied by an intelligence, there is no other way to explain it, but it doesn't stop there. During the analysis a faint electromagnetic reading was detected, a reading that on closer inspection has the same characteristics as human brainwaves, however every time we have tried to compare it to human brainwaves ourselves, after just seconds the person chosen is screaming in agony, their minds unable to cope with what they are being exposed to. This is why we sent out an international appeal to all the armies in the world to find the most powerful soldiers that we could for we believe that only a man with such incredible strength, power and masculinity can withstand the object and tell us what it does!"

By now Steve was panting and almost gasping asked "Sir, tell me straight, are you telling me that you have...?"

"An alien torture device? Yes!"

Steve ripped off his shorts and shirt, hit a front double bicep pose and practically screamed "Strap me in, sir, turn up the power to maximum and watch a man conquer the universe!"

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Chapter Five

Leading Steven upstairs to the room that I had prepared for his "test of manliness" as he had called it online, it was clear that Steve, still naked, was getting really quite riled up

"Yeah" he grunted with each step, "those Martians think that they can keep me down. Hah, I'll show them, that device would send every single watt of electricity into me and I'd just lie there grunting "Come on, boys, where's the pain? Hit me, I'm a man!" which was followed by a moan and an apology of "I think I've just pre cum on your carpet, sir!"

As I opened the door to the room I said "Prepare yourself, Private, for an alien invention!" and with that switched the light on as Steve entered, who immediately burst into laughter at what he saw.


"That's your alien torture machine?" he said trying hard not to cum from the laughing, "Oh, come on, when were these aliens born? The 1940's!"

"I know I promised you the works" I said with my head bowed, "A metal table, metal restraints and hundreds of cables, but please remember, this isn't metropolitan Seattle you know, it's the middle of nowhere in Wales!"

As Steve looked at me, he realised that I was beginning to feel a little upset and so placing his hands on my shoulders apologised and said "Can I do that again?" to which I nodded. He went out of the room, re-entered and declared "If those Martians think that that can conquer me, then I am willing to show them what a man can withstand!" and with that saluted.

As I helped Steve to lie on the frame I told him that what little information we had received from the past victims suggested that this machine stimulated the human nervous system and that it was possible, by means of controlling the power within, to perhaps give him as much help as possible. A groaned "I accept!" turned into a moan of estacy as I introduced him to the method of control.

"We believe" I said, "that if the power enters the brain first then you will have a good chance of being able to control it" and with that placed a colander on his head, "then once the brain has processed what is happening to it, it will attempt to send it to whether you believe it will be most useful" and with that produced a series of cables with alligator clips on them that caused Steve to moan, "Yes, sir, I understand sir!" he gestured to his nipples. Placing one at the bottom and one at the top, causing Steve to curse under his breath, he then gestured to his manhood gently bobbing and grunted "Cock and balls, sir!" which I nodded my understanding to attaching two cables to the top and bottom and then using a couple of pins with the pointed end sticking outwards attached the last two cables to those before sticking them to his sac with some sticky tape. As I stepped back Steve was already breathing heavily and it was clear that he wanted this to last for as long as possible.

"Because we do not know how much power this device delivers" I said, "we have taken the precaution of installing the biggest variable resistor we can find" and with that picked up a remote control for a car I once had adding "When I switch the device on, the resistance will be at a million ohms, therefore we hope, the current passing through you will be one microamp to start off with. As we continue the current will increase by a factor of ten and it is this I will call out before changing it. The second you feel any discomfort say anything that you would never say before and we will stop immediately!"

"Not going to happen!" he grunted and as he took a deep breath, he hit a front double biceps pose and grunted "HIT ME!"

Switching the remote control on, I also switched on a collection of fairy lights around the bed frame and stated "The machine has started, it is now out of my hands" and started to read off fake numbers.

"Ten microamps...A hundred microamps"

"WIMPS!" roared Steve, flexing his pecs, "come on you alien wimps, hurt me!"

"A thousand microamps!"

"Mmmm!" Steve moaned, "I like that, feels sexy!"

"Five thousand microamps"

"Yeah, oh this is real nice, recommend this to my local BDSM club!"

"We are now approaching the point where you may experience..."

"Get on with it!" barked Steve, "I want to feel my heart pound!"

"Ten thousand microamps, otherwise known as ten milliamps!"

On command Steve started to bounce his pecs moaning "Oh, yeah, look at those puppies, what a good thing I pumped them up for you, eh?" and then he grunted "MORE!"

"Twenty milliamps!"

"Yeah!" he moaned as his cock started to harden, "I'm liking this!"

"Thirty milliamps"

"Oh, fuck yeah!" he moaned as he started to thrust his hips up and down, "Give me MORE!"

"I daren't" I said, "You are currently experiencing the limits of human endurance, any more and...!"


"Forty milliamps, a 5% chance of..."

"Oh yeah, I can feel it now!" he moaned, "my heart's really starting to pump now. MORE!"

"Fifty milliamps, a 50% chance of..."

"Come on you heart, you've experienced worse than this. Pump, you fucker!"

"Sixty milliamps!"


"Seventy milliamps"


"Eighty milliamps"


"Ninety milliamps!"


"A hundred milliamps!"


"Private, I dare not, you are on the verge of being killed. Just one more milliamp flowing through you and you will enter caradic arrest, your heart will stop beating, you will be crushed by the pressure outside your body, you...!"


"1,000,000 volts!" I replied


A few minutes later I returned and on Steve's command placed it in his mouth but not before he grunted "WATCH THIS!" and through gritted teeth roared "BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL!" and grunted "TEN BILLION VOLTS!"

As I declared "One kiloamp!" Steve, flexing his pecs harder than he had ever done before sat up, grabbed the sword with his hands and roared "I HAVE THE POWER!" and jumped off the bed, came and moaned "For I am He-Man, the most powerful man in the Universe!"

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Chapter Six

"So when did these delusions of you being the most powerful man in the universe begin?"

As Steve looked at me with a wicked smile he replied "I am, doc, I am the most powerful man in the universe!"

"Private Peebles" I began with a sigh but was stopped by "He-Man, doc"

"He-Man" I resumed, "there is no life outside the solar system and the only planet to have produced life is this planet, so therefore..."

"I don't come from this galaxy, doc!"


"Let me tell you where I come from. The planet I come from was formed 4½ billion years ago..."

"Precisely, my point, Earth was formed 4½ billion years ago and about a hundred million years later, a Mars sized object called Theia impacted the Earth creating the moon and..."

"That's when it all started, doc!" said Steve and seeing that he had come up with a story I nodded

"Theia was completely destroyed by the impact, but as it did, it sent up huge chunks of Earth's molten surface into space where as you say the majority of it created the moon, however one chunk was propelled with such force that it left the solar system completely and was immediately frozen by the depths of space. About three million years later it impacted a desolate planet in our solar system where, through some unexplained miracle, the chemistry inside that lump of Earth migrated to the rest of the planet and it started to develop just like Earth but with three distinct differences. 1) The planet was only 75% the size of Earth, therefore the gravity was a quarter heavier, 2) the sun was 10% bigger, so therefore the planet was a little bit warmer than Earth and 3) and this is the important part, doc, everything was up to 25% bigger than Earth. The biggest ever animal to live on Earth was..."

"One of the titanosaurs I am sure" I replied

"Ours were over two hundred metres from head to toe and weighed as much as a megaton!"

"Okay, so if I even believe this, how did you come about?"

"What happened on Earth, sixty five million years ago?"

"The KT event, a massive impact that was made the conditions on earth simply unbearable for any creature weighing more than 25kg!"

"Our planet had a similar event seventy one million years ago, where any creature below 250kg didn't survive!"

"Oh, my goodness" I gasped, "you mean..."

"When humanity first appeared on our planet they were giants, literally, nearly three metres tall in some instances, and powerful, the heaviest ever found is estimated to have weighed close to five hundred kgs. Thus as we evolved under the effects of the planet we became big, strong, powerful, and through the power of Greyskull I become 25% bigger, stronger and more powerful than the most powerful man on our planet, hence my claim! Doc, are you all right?"

"I...I must make a record of you!" and with a smile Steve lay down

"One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six...Seven...Eight, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven...Eight...Nine...Ten! Eight feet, ten inches tall!"

"Two metres sixty nine where I come from!" Steve chuckled as he stood up

"But that is..." I stammered

"Taller than any man alive!" Steve smiled, "just you wait until you weigh me!" and with that stepped on the scales and hit a front double bicep and panted "Tell me!"

"Five hundred and twenty three pounds!" I gasped having mentally increased his weight by a factor of three

"With a Body Mass Index of...?" he chuckled hitting a side chest pose

"32.87 but that would make you!"

"As big as one of the biggest leanest bodybuilders on this planet!" and with that he did an ab and quad pose moaning "Yeah, I know I am!" and with that relaxed and said "I'm ready for my closeup!" and chuckled as he stood ready to be measured. As I did I referred to a set of calculations I had found online a few weeks previously and as I measured him (noting no real change since last time save an increase of an inch on his chest and half an inch on his biceps) I declared "Chest: One hundred and five inches, Waist: Fifty two and a half inches, Biceps: Forty Two inches, Quads: Fity Eight inches, Calves: Forty Six inches, Neck: Forty Four inches!"

"And last but not least!" Steve chuckled and taking a deep breath, hit a front lat spread and made his manhood rock hard. Measuring it I announced "Twenty one inches!" and whispered "up an inch on last time!" which caused Steve to lean back, grab hold of it and manhandle it moaning "WHAT AM I, DOC?"

"The most powerful man in the universe!" I declared as Steve came and rubbed the cum all over his chest moaning as he did so.

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Chapter Seven

"I am usually a very reasonable man" I said as we entered the gym for the second night's worth of training, "after all British Captains have to be, but you have some explaining to do, sir!" and with that poked Steve right in the pecs which caused him to moan followed by "Do that again, sir, and I'll explain anything!"

"Are you or are you not Private Steven Peebles? Were you or were you not sent here by Captain America? And are you or are you not this He-Man person?"

"I am, I was, and I am!" replied Steven

"Oh, for heaven's sake!" I groaned in despair and with that gestured to the gym saying "If you really are this so called "most powerful man in the universe" then this should be a complete doddle for you. If not, then I know that I have been hoodwinked, yet again, by Captain Rodgers playing me for a sap! I know I shouldn't have given him my address when I met him at that military conference a few years ago. All the other military people there told me he would play jokes on me, but did I listen? HA! Of course not!"

"What will it take to prove to you, sir, that I am what I say I am?" asked Steven

"I want you to tackle every piece of equipment in this room, following the usual methods of training, by doing twenty reps of each exercise with only 60 seconds of rest between each set and to present yourself back here, by the posing mirrors in less than an hour. If you aren't able to do that, then I know I have been taken for a ride!"

"And if I am able to do it?"

"Then my dreams will have been fulfilled!" I moaned and with that nodded to Steven who smiled as he nodded back and made his way to the first piece of equipment, the bench press, in order to do his bench routine again. As he did, I sat in the little area and read the various bodybuilding magazines whilst every so often peeking over the top to watch Steven. Before he came to visit, he said that he wanted to do three things. First, be subject to an experiment involving such huge amounts of electricity that not even Superman could withstand cumming, then, secondly, endowed with the strength and power of He-Man he would lift 150% of the world record on every single piece of gym equipment. That was the bit he was doing now using his imagination to increase the 105% of max he was lifting to the required amounts with every final rep being a combination of a roar of "YEAH, new world record!", moans of "Oh yes, I felt that!"

True to Steven's word, he completed the session in precisely an hour and stood before me naked, hitting a front double bicep pose, his chest heaving and sweat dripping off him panting "Do you believe me now, sir?"

"If you are able to perform one final test, then I shall believe you!" and with that pointed to the rings in the middle of the gym saying "Are you familiar with the iron cross pose?"

Steven nodded

"Hold that pose for a minimum of thirty seconds without any external reactions and then, maybe, I might seriously think you are this He-Man you say you are?"

Steven's moans as he approached the rings was echoed by his manhood getting longer and harder, but as he pulled himself up, it went flaccid.

"I am ready, sir" he grunted, "ready to prove myself" and as I nodded he lowered himself into the pose and looked straight up.

As I watched his pecs strain, I had to gulp. If Steven was able to perform this then I had agreed before hand with him, I would tell him something I had never told anyone before. The longer he held the pose, the more vascular his pecs became, the more gritted his teeth became and the more the strain began to show. It was only ten seconds but when I said "DROP", Steven's reaction of a most muscular that defied belief, such an unloading of cum that it was clear we would both have to tidy up before we left and a roar that was so loud if it had not been for the fact that the gym was soundproofed I was worried in case the police came calling, but as Steven stood there, puffing, panting, moaning, groaning and orgasming I stepped in front of him and said "You are He-Man, I recognise that now!"

Steven replied with a pec bounce and as he did I took a deep breath and declared "He-Man, I wish to tell you something I have never told anyone before" and with that I looked Steven straight in the eyes and said "Make me as powerful as you are, for I believe I am gay!"

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